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Arbitration (including international arbitration) Tier 4

The lawyers of Kantenwein Zimmermann Spatscheck & Partner's team have remarkable experience both as party representatives as well as arbitrators. Most recently, the group acted for several international energy companies, an area of particular industry expertise. Practice head Alexander Kröck and the 'very committedAnnett Kuhli are also experts in post-M&A arbitration. In addition to her advice to clients, Kuhli is also a board member of the DIS. Associate Nico Köppel is noted for his energy law knowledge.

Practice head(s):

Alexander Kröck

Other key lawyers:


Die Sozietät hat ein hervorragendes Team von Schiedsrechtlern unterschiedlichen Alters. Dabei sind die Partner nicht nur als Counsel, sondern auch als Schiedsrichter eine erstklassige Wahl im Markt.

Kantenwein hat eine gute Mischung verschiedener Kompetenzen. Sie decken viele relevante Gebiete mit großer Erfahrung und Sachverstand ab.

Alexander Kröck impresses with his confident and intelligent negotiations skills. He is also reliable, thorough and very pleasant to deal with.

Annett Kuhli brings along a, in her generation possibly unique, combination of expertise in arbitration and tax law. She has a pleasant way to lead negotiations and is efficient in managing proceedings.

Nico Köppel has impressive detail knowledge without ever losing track; he is good in argumentation and communication.

Financial services: litigation Tier 4

Kantenwein Zimmermann Spatscheck & Partner impresses with the deep practical experience of its team, which is comprised of lawyers with additional tax advisory and auditing qualifications as well as in-house experience, and can therefore offer well-founded assistance. The client base includes national and international financial institutions, capital management companies and investors, which the team represents in liability suits as well as in defence against and enforcement of claims. Practice head Marcus van Bevern is a knowledgeable litigator and arbitrator and is supported by Stefan Hackel, who has expertise in accounting and tax law aspects. Associate Carolin Sabel is another central key contact of the team.

Practice head(s):

Marcus van Bevern

Other key lawyers:


Very broad team with strong individual members.

Non-profit Tier 4

Kantenwein Zimmermann Spatscheck & Partner is frequently instructed by foundations, corporations, private clients and associations. The team is experienced in advising on all aspects of foundation law, especially on matters pertaining to the establishment of foundations and day-to-day operations. Annett Kuhli is well versed in non-profit and tax matters and of counsel Thomas Kantenwein also acts as tax advisor and auditor.

Practice head(s):

Thomas Kantenwein; Annett Kuhli


The team stands out for its technical quality and individual advice, which is always effective, expedient and focuses on the essentials.

The group is competent, always close to the client and outstandingly connected.’

Thomas Kantenwein always finds solutions in the interest of the client and possesses natural authority and charisma.’ 

Annett Kuhli is conscientious, well prepared and informed.’ 

Key clients

Stiftung „Hilfe für bedrohte Tierwelt“


Animus Stiftung für Kinder und Jugendliche

Zoologische Gesellschaft Frankfurt

Commercial litigation Tier 5

Munich-based firm Kantenwein Zimmermann Spatscheck & Partner has particular experience in settling disputes in the energy and banking sectors. Recently, the team has mainly acted in shareholder disputes, but generally covers a broad array of trade-related disputes. Practice head Alexander Kröck additionally focuses on the automotive and insurance industries. Annett Kuhli is another experienced contact and Marcus van Bevern specialises in disputes in the financial services sector.

Practice head(s):

Alexander Kröck

Other key lawyers:


Kantenwein has a young, dynamic and “belligerent” team with experienced lawyers.

Marcus van Bevern is a prime example for a solid and highly effective litigator. He pursues his client’s interests in a circumspect and straightforward manner in the best possible way.

Tax Tier 5

With criminal tax lawyer Rainer SpatschekKantenwein Zimmermann Spatscheck & Partner has solid expertise in criminal tax law, which comes to show when representing clients in judicial and extrajudicial disputes with tax authorities, and when implementing compliance measures. Led by Gerhard Widmayer, the team also deals with the tax aspects of group division restructurings alongside real estate and M&A transactions, including the establishment and dissolution of joint ventures. Individuals and family offices also instruct the team with inheritance tax succession planning matters.

Practice head(s):

Gerhard Widmayer

Other key lawyers:


‘This is a powerful, mid-sized firm combining legal and tax advice, which is a real asset to medium-sized enterprises.’

‘Thomas Kantenwein is a fantastic grand seigneur.’

‘Alexander Kröck is a pleasant but persistent trial lawyer.’

‘Gerhard Widmayer is a clever and thoughtful advisor.’

The firm: Kantenwein ( is a multidisciplinary firm consisting of lawyers, tax consultants and auditors. The 13 partners are supported by a strong team and they all have many years’ experience, accumulated with major law firms. Our work is based on the principle of the independence of the partners and their responsibility for both content and outcome. We are always available to consult with our clients, whatever the assignment. We either resolve the problem ourselves or we will engage other specialists from our network of approved collaborators, as and when required. So on the one hand the client always has the necessary expertise available and on the other hand the task set is efficiently dealt with. We are regularly consulted by major law firms in case of a conflict of interest and on occasions when supplementary or specific expert advice is sought.

Key activities: In addition to multidisciplinary business law consultancy, the work of the firm focuses in particular on such areas as:

  • national and international tax law, including consolidated tax law (Kirsten Fox, Dr. Gerhard Widmayer, Dr. Annett Kuhli, Sven Ceranowski);
  • criminal tax law, commercial criminal law and tax disputes (Dr. Rainer Spatscheck);
  • commercial dispute resolution (Dr. Alexander Kröck, Dr. Thomas Kantenwein, Marcus van Bevern, Dr. Annett Kuhli, Dr. Stefan Hackel);
  • banking (Marcus van Bevern);
  • auditing (Franz Zimmermann, Dr. Thomas Kantenwein); and
  • commercial and corporate law (Dr. Stefan Hackel).

Clients: The firm’s clients include national and international retail groups, banks, companies in the energy and automotive sectors, German SMEs and wealthy private individuals. We regularly act as a reliable contact for major corporations and their clients in cases of a conflict of interest. Our partners work as arbitrators and representatives of parties in national and international arbitration procedures.

Department Name Email Telephone
Dispute resolution Dr Alexander Kröck
Dispute resolution Dr Thomas Kantenwein (arbitrator)
Dispute resolution Dr Annett Kuhli
Dispute resolution Dr Stefan Hackel
Tax Dr Gerhard Widmayer
Tax Franz Zimmermann
Tax Kirsten Fox
Tax Dr Annett Kuhli
Tax Sven Ceranowski
Audit Franz Zimmermann
Audit Dr Thomas Kantenwein
Banking and finance Marcus van Bevern
Corporate Dr Thomas Kantenwein
Corporate Dr Annett Kuhli
Corporate Dr Stefan Hackel
Succession Dr Thomas Kantenwein
Non-profit organisations Dr Thomas Kantenwein
Non-profit organisations Dr Annett Kuhli
White collar crime Dr Rainer Spatscheck
Photo Name Position Profile
Mr Sven Ceranowski  photo Mr Sven Ceranowski Partner
Ms Verena Fornalik  photo Ms Verena Fornalik Salary Partner
Dipl Kfm Kirsten Fox  photo Dipl Kfm Kirsten Fox Partner
Dr Stefan Hackel  photo Dr Stefan Hackel Partner
Ms Anna Haszprunar  photo Ms Anna Haszprunar Partner
Mr Nico Köppel  photo Mr Nico Köppel Salary Partner
Dr iur Thomas Kantenwein  photo Dr iur Thomas Kantenwein of counsel
Dr iur Alexander Kröck  photo Dr iur Alexander Kröck Partner
Dr iur Annett Kuhli  photo Dr iur Annett Kuhli Partner
Ms Antje Muskulus-Barthel  photo Ms Antje Muskulus-Barthel Partner
Dr Carolin Sabel  photo Dr Carolin Sabel Salary Partner
Dr Rainer Spatscheck  photo Dr Rainer Spatscheck Partner
Mr Benjamin Wagner  photo Mr Benjamin Wagner Salary Partner
Dr Gerhard Widmayer  photo Dr Gerhard Widmayer Partner
Ms Lea Wimmer  photo Ms Lea Wimmer Salary Partner
Dipl Kfm Franz Zimmermann  photo Dipl Kfm Franz Zimmermann Partner
Ra Marcus van Bevern  photo Ra Marcus van Bevern Partner
Number of lawyers : 14
Number of tax advisors/auditors : 24