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Kantenwein Zimmermann Spatscheck & Partner advises companies on the development of acquisition tax structures in the context of M&A and real estate transactions as well as on other issues at the corporate law interface, which are often handled with practice head and tax advisor Gerhard Widmayer being in the lead. Other key competences include tax audits and company succession issues as well as assistance with criminal tax matters. The client base also includes wealthy private individuals.

Practice head(s):


‘Complete legal and tax capacities including accounting and declaration practice; offers capacities on the respective topic, experience level and cost level. Many tax interfaces such as family businesses and entrepreneurs, succession.’

‘Highly qualified team.’

‘Sven Ceranowski: Exactly, responsive, persistent, sense for solutions.’

‘Gerhard Widmayer is a great team player, outstanding legal knowledge. Extremely reliable, very well thought out and always level-headed and calm.

Work highlights

  • Tax advice to a trading company regarding the conversion of the business model and the service relationships within the group (100 companies).
  • Advising a Canadian listed software company on the processing of tax risks in connection with the acquisition of German companies.
  • Advising a listed US company on acquiring shares in a German biotech company: conducting tax due diligence, advising the SPA, tax advice on the acquisition structure, treatment of tax risks.

Dispute resolution > Financial services: litigation Tier 3

Cum-ex issues and resulting claims for recourse as well as loss sharing form two pillars of Kantenwein Zimmermann Spatscheck & Partner's dispute resolution practice, whereby the team has recently also increasingly acted in insolvency-related matters. The client portfolio includes German and international banks, financial services providers and investors. Practice head and banking and capital markets lawyer Marcus van Bevern has a banking background and therefore also in-house experience. Other key contacts are Carolin Sabel, who is experienced in cum-ex proceedings, and experienced litigator and tax law expert Stefan Hackel.

Practice head(s):

Other key lawyers:

Work highlights

  • Advising and representing a foreign bank in recourse claims in connection with cum-ex transactions.
  • Advising and representing a capital management company in recourse claims in connection with cum-ex transactions.

Dispute resolution > Arbitration (including international arbitration) Tier 4

Kantewein Zimmermann Spatscheck & Partner is strong in arbitration proceedings relating to post-M&A and energy law disputes, where its lawyers act both as party representatives and arbitrators. Annett Kuhli-Spatscheck offers interdisciplinary competence in tax law, while automotive specialist Alexander Kröck heads the group. Nico Köppel is another key contact and has experience in the energy sector and international trade law.

Practice head(s):


‘The team consists of a good mixture of young, senior and very experienced colleagues, who are not only characterized by a very high willingness to perform, but also by a very high level of expertise. Due to the size, communication is smooth and there is no need to fear any loss of efficiency.’

‘Dr. Annett Kuhli is a rarity in the German arbitration market. In addition to excellent knowledge of civil law, she has extensive expertise in tax law. In doing so, she occupies an interface that plays a role in many procedures like few others. She is assertive without being dogged, and is always friendly (whether in the arbitral tribunal or as a party representative).’

‘Dr. Annett Kuhli is an outstanding arbitration and tax lawyer who does excellent work not only as a party representative but also as an arbitrator.’

‘Alex Kröck: Very analytical, good case overview.’

‘Unique combination of expertise in arbitration law, corporate law, tax law, accounting law and auditing; while still making a pleasant and client-friendly medium-sized impression.’

‘Alexander Kröck: Very experienced arbitration expert, calm, thoughtful, very analytical.’

‘Dr. Alexander Kröck is very analytical and aggressive where necessary.

‘Annett Kuhli: Outstanding arbitrator, high assertiveness and still pleasant; distinctive competence also in numerical matters.’

Work highlights

  • Representing an investor in nine parallel arbitration proceedings in connection with a shareholder dispute in a technology company.
  • Presiding Arbitrator in a DIS arbitration in the automotive sector.
  • Presiding arbitrator in ad hoc arbitration proceedings between a German professional sports club and its venue operator.

Germany > Private clients and non-profits Tier 4

Kantenwein Zimmermann Spatscheck & Partner focuses on inheritance tax planning, corporate succession and the structuring of family offices and is also well versed in assisting with matters pertaining to foundation law and non-profit organisations; the client base includes family businesses, wealthy private individuals and foundations. Annett Kuhli-Spatscheck has special expertise at the interfaces of corporate and tax law as well as succession advice and dispute resolution. Of counsel Thomas Kanteenwein is an experienced advisor to high-net-worth individuals on charitable activities.

Practice head(s):


‘Dr. Thomas Kanteenwein: Strategist and excellent mediator.

‘The law firm handles the needs of a charitable foundation for us. The work is done extremely correctly, always on schedule and on budget. Documents are created immediately. The handling is very friendly and cooperative. Rooms are always made available. The professional competence fully meets the requirements.’

‘We appreciate Annett Kuhli-Spatscheck very much.’

Work highlights

  • Succession advice as well as legal and tax advice for a specially founded family office for an entrepreneur and shareholder.
  • Advising a family business on restructuring, in particular due to the initiation of company succession, as well as tax and civil law advice on a change of shareholder with a volume of around €450 million.
  • Advising a wealthy private individual on legal and tax issues including succession and tax structure.

Dispute resolution > Commercial litigation Tier 5

Kanteswein Zimmermann Spatscheck & Partner offers a wide range of advice on dispute resolution, including commercial and contractual matters, with particular know-how in assisting with disputes in the financial services and energy sectors. Alexander Kröck, who is well versed in liability issues, leads the team, which also includes Stefan Hackel, who is active in corporate and commercial law. Additional skills are provided by energy expert Nico Köppel and Marcus van Bevern, whose predominantly focuses on banking and financial disputes.

Practice head(s):


‘All of the lawyers in the law firm are characterized by a high level of specialist expertise, which is used in a practical and efficient manner for creative solutions.’

‘Dr. Alexander Kröck combines a high level of technical expertise with creativity and tactical and strategic planning. The great objectivity and the openness and honesty in dealing with the circumstances of the proceedings he oversees are convincing. Initiative and determination are self-evident.’

‘It is this combination of empathy and high professional competence that distinguishes the law firm. Added to this is the speed and precision with which the work was done.’

The various lawyers with whom we were allowed to work complemented each other very well and impressed both individually and as a team. Ultimately, this mix also helped us to successfully deal with various issues (contract law, tax law).’

‘I would like to give special mention to Dr. Alexander Krock. In addition to his excellent technical expertise, his special qualities include his negotiating skills. He was often the calming influence in difficult situations: calm, precise in his choice of words, polarizing only where appropriate, balancing and yet consistently keeping an eye on the common goal. His protocols are unsurpassed, which are not only precise in terms of content, but also convincing in terms of language.’

Work highlights

  • Representing a solar company in international proceedings regarding a claim for rescission of a supply contract after the sale of a portfolio of non-performing loans (NPL) to an international hedge fund.
  • Advising and representing a foreign bank regarding recourse claims in connection with cum-ex transactions.

The firm:

Kantenwein (www.kantenwein.de/en/) is a multidisciplinary firm consisting of lawyers, tax consultants and auditors. The 18 partners are supported by a strong team and they all have many years’ experience, accumulated with major law firms. Our work is based on the principle of the independence of the partners and their responsibility for both content and outcome. We are always available to consult with our clients, whatever the assignment. We either resolve the problem ourselves or we will engage other specialists from our network of approved collaborators, as and when required. So on the one hand the client always has the necessary expertise available and on the other hand the task set is efficiently dealt with. We are regularly consulted by major law firms in case of a conflict of interest and on occasions when supplementary or specific expert advice is sought.

Key activities: In addition to multidisciplinary business law consultancy, the work of the firm focuses in particular on such areas as:

  • national and international tax law, including consolidated tax law (Kirsten Fox, Dr. Gerhard Widmayer, Dr. Annett Kuhli-Spatscheck, Sven Ceranowski);
  • criminal tax law, commercial criminal law and tax disputes (Dr. Rainer Spatscheck);
  • commercial dispute resolution (Dr. Alexander Kröck, Dr. Thomas Kantenwein, Marcus van Bevern, Dr. Annett Kuhli-Spatscheck, Dr. Stefan Hackel);
  • banking (Marcus van Bevern);
  • auditing (Franz Zimmermann, Dr. Thomas Kantenwein) and
  • commercial and corporate law (Dr. Stefan Hackel).

Clients: The firm’s clients include national and international retail groups, banks, companies in the energy and automotive sectors, german SMEs and wealthy private individuals. We regularly act as a reliable contact for major corporations and their clients in cases of a conflict of interest. Our partners work as arbitrators and representatives of parties in national and international arbitration procedures.

Commercial dispute resolution, Litigation, Arbitration Dr Alexander Kröck
Commercial dispute resolution, Succession, Audit, Corporate, Non-profit organisations Dr Thomas Kantenwein
Commercial dispute resolution, Tax, Non-profit organisations Dr Annett Kuhli-Spatscheck
Commercial dispute resolution, Corporate Dr Stefan Hackel
Tax Dr Gerhard Widmayer
Tax, Audit Franz Zimmermann
Tax Kirsten Fox
Tax Sven Ceranowski
Banking and finance, Commercial dispute resolution Marcus van Bevern
White collar crime, Tax criminal law, Tax litigation Dr Rainer Spatscheck
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Alexander Kröck photoDr Alexander KröckPartner, Lawyer Main practice areas: Commercial dispute resolution, esp. investigation and advice…
Annett Kuhli-Spatscheck photoDr Annett Kuhli-SpatscheckPartner, Lawyer, Tax consultant, Specialist lawyer for tax law, Member of the…
Antje Muskulus-Barthel photo Antje Muskulus-BarthelSalary partner, Auditor, Tax consultant, Master of Science Main practice areas: Preparation…
Carolin Sabel photoDr Carolin SabelSalary partner, Lawyer Main practice areas: Commercial dispute resolution, esp. investigation and…
Rainer Spatscheck photoDr Rainer SpatscheckPartner, Lawyer, Specialist lawyer for tax law, Specialist lawyer for criminal law…
Gerhard Widmayer photoDr Gerhard WidmayerPartner, Tax consultant, Graduate in business studies Main practice areas: German and…
Lea Wimmer photo Lea WimmerSalary partner, Lawyer, Specialist lawyer for tax law Main practice areas: Criminal…
Franz Zimmermann photo Franz ZimmermannPartner, Tax consultant, Auditor, Graduate in business studies, Authorized to perform peer…
Marcus van Bevern photo Marcus van BevernPartner, Lawyer, Specialist lawyer for banking law and capital markets law Main…
Number of lawyers : 18
Number of tax advisors/auditors : 23
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