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Boutique firm Fröberg & Lundholm Advokatbyrå is highly regarded in the market and focuses solely on environment and land law. The team advises clients from the waste management, steel, paper and energy sectors as well as public authorities on a range of matters including cross-border environmental regulatory work. Magnus Fröberg handled the permitting process for Northvolt relating to a new demonstration line and research facility. Mikael Berglund and Mikael Hägglöf are also noteworthy.

The firm

In 2005, demand for environmental law-related services had been on the increase for several years, while the supply side had not really responded. There was an opening in the market for a new legal firm specialising in land and environmental law. In response to this, Fröberg & Lundholm was set up in 2005 by Mikael Lundholm and Magnus Fröberg. The firm, now employing 11 lawyers, provides Swedish and international companies, organisations and public authorities with advice on legal issues relating to the environment.

All lawyers have a solid background in business law and experience of working at Swedish environmental agencies and courts. Consequently, the firm is thoroughly familiar with the business sector’s situation and needs while, at the same time, the law firm understands the motives and aims of the authorities.

Areas of practice

Fröberg & Lundholm is active in all areas of environmental law. The law firm handles permit applications and inspection matters relating to the Environmental Code on a daily basis. Froberg & Lundholm provides advice on how to deal with contaminated areas and investigate liability. Froberg & Lundholm also advises clients regarding the application of other environmental related legislation, such as the Emissions Trading Act and the Act and Order on Measures to Prevent and Limit the Consequences of Serious Chemical Accidents. Since environmental law is strongly influenced by EU and other international law, the lawyers are thoroughly familiar with international rules and regulations. All of the lawyers have experience of EU-related work and most of thems have been involved in major international negotiations.

Some of the lawyers in the firm have particular expertise in issues relating to waste processing, while others specialise in exploitation operations, infrastructure projects or clean-up operations. Froberg & Lundholm also focuses on different industries, eg on the steel, mining, paper and pulp and chemicals industry, and divides the work in such a way that the law firm builds up specific expertise in different sectors. In the area of environmental legislation, industry-specific expertise is particularly valuable since there are many similarities between the environmental issues which arise in a single industry, irrespective of location.

When it comes to commercial transactions, the firm can assist in carrying out risk analyses and risk management (contractual arrangements etc).

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