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Intellectual property > Intellectual property: filing/prosecution

Ehrlich Group is regularly sought out by leading high-tech, biotech and pharmaceutical companies for advice on both patent and trademark applications and prosecution. Head of the pharma and chemistry department Revital Green is noted for her expertise in the drafting and prosecution of global patent applications, while practice head Gal Ehrlich specialises in the analysis and assessment of IP portfolios. Maier Fenster is a go-to choice for drafting and prosecuting of patents in the bioengineering and medical devices sectors, areas in which head of the biotech department Hadassa Waterman is also well versed. Roy Melzer is an expert in patent prosecution for computer-related inventions.

Practice head(s):

Gal Ehrlich

Key clients

Stratasys Ltd.

Playtika LTD

Ramot at Tel-Aviv University Ltd.

LipoSphere Ltd.

BrainQ Technologies Ltd.

Kornit Digital Ltd.

SuperMeat the Essence of Meat Ltd.

Tel HaShomer Medical Research Infrastructure and Services Ltd.

Next Silicon Ltd

The State of Israel, Ministry of Agriculture & Rural Development, Agricultural Research Organization

Sakura bio

Protalix Ltd.

Work highlights

  • Assisted Wilk Technologies International in securing patent grants and building an impressive IP portfolio.
  • Represented Stratasys by managing the IP portfolio of a world-leading manufacturer of 3D printers and 3D production systems.
  • Represented BrainQ Technologies and obtained wide IP coverage, overcoming significant challenges including US Patent Office mental steps doctrine as well as uncertainty within the fields of brain/psychiatry.

Intellectual property > Intellectual property: disputes Tier 3

Ehrlich Group is routinely engaged by a deep roster of start-ups and major international companies for its expertise in a variety of IP disputes, most notably high-profile patent and trademark litigation. The team is jointly led by cross-border IP litigation expert Yehuda Neubauer, who regularly represents multinational and Israeli companies from the pharmaceutical and high-tech sectors; IP strategist Roy Melzer; and Amit Ehrlich, known for his specialisation in assisting patent holders in patent monetisation.

Practice head(s):

Yehuda Neubauer; Roy Melzer; Amit Ehrlich

Other key lawyers:

Chamutal Niran; Hila Diller

Key clients

Pfizer Inc.

Aurora Flight Sciences Corporation

TikTok Information Technologies UK Limited

AstraZeneca AB

Karl Lagerfeld

Stratasys Ltd.

Real Madrid football team, FC Barcelona

Bacardi & Company Limited

The Boeing Company

Nikon Corporation

Optibus Ltd.

KIA Motors Corporation

Hyundai Motor Company

Nintendo Co., Ltd.

Playtech Software Limited


Plasson Ltd.

LG Corporation


Wissotzky Tea (Israel) Ltd.


Wenger S.A.

Breitling S.A.

Ralph Laurent

Work highlights

Our roots in IP
Tracing our roots back to 1995, The Ehrlich Group is one of the most prominent Intellectual Property Groups both in Israel and internationally. Founded by Dr. Gal Ehrlich, today the Group comprises three pillars: Ehrlich & Fenster (“E&F”), a Patent & Trademark Attorneys firm; Ehrlich, Neubauer & Melzer (“EN&M”) our boutique IP litigation firm; and IPTrade, an IP monetization platform.

E&F is ranked as a top-tier firm by both reputed international as well as domestic guides. The firm has long been the destination of choice for innovative clients in all areas of science and technology seeking unparalleled expertise in intellectual property protection and prosecution.

The Ehrlich Group offers clients access to some of the finest legal and technical and minds in the industry, with more than 160 employees who have worked as jurists, patent attorneys and technical advisors. Our firm can claim renowned experts in all areas of Intellectual Property, including Patents, Copyrights, Trademarks, Designs, Trade Secrets Plant Breeder’s Rights, Anti-Counterfeiting, Open Source, and much more.

Our cutting-edge clients
As a leading international patent firm, E&F showcases diverse expertise and extensive technical knowledge that has cemented our reputation as a top choice for both Israeli and international clients. This is evidenced by our strong global reputation and proven track record in the filing, drafting and prosecuting of patents all over the world.

For example, it is no coincidence that we have the highest rate of Patent applications derived from inventions developed in the principal Israeli academic institutions (Tel Aviv University, The Hebrew University, Be’er Sheva University, Weizmann Institute and the Technion), as well as Ministry of Agriculture & Rural Development (Volcani Center), Tel Hashomer Hospital, Ichilov Hospital, Hadasit Medical Research Services and Development, Mor Research Applications, Columbia University in the U.S. as well as universities and research institutions from China and the Philippines.

Our global reputation
Our Group drafts and submits new Patent applications, managing their prosecution in Israel and directly in the U.S. for leading multinational corporations and Fortune 500 companies such as IBM, Samsung, Huawei, Monsanto, Salesforce, Pfizer, Philips, Boeing, Microsoft, Plasson, Playtech Software, as well as countless startups, top researchers, developers and inventors in Israel and abroad, some of which are Nobel Prize and Wolf Prize laureates.

Our Group
Through the unique synergy within the other members of the Ehrlich Group, our clients are put at a considerable advantage by the cross-border legal practice and litigation experience of EN&M, which helps resolve any oppositions to IP rights, infringement disputes involving patents, trademarks, designs or copyrights, or many other types of IP disputes. EN&M also bring experience in litigation proceedings before the Patent and Trademark Registrar, as well as before Israeli Courts, including litigation support in foreign countries including the U.S., South America, Europe and the Far East.

The cradle-to-grave offering also taps into the vast industry expertise of IPTrade, a unique platform developed by the Group with a purpose to support its clients with the monetization procedures of their IP assets, based on the experience and knowledge the group has gained and based on its international connections.

Partner with Ehrlich Group, where your ideas are protected, defended, valued and maximized in full compliance with our mission: “Turning Ideas Into Value.”

Department Name Email Telephone
BioTech Dr. Gal Ehrlich
Litigation consultant Dr. Paul Fenster
Medical devices Maier Fenster
Computing Technologies Adv. Roy S Melzer
IP monetization, litigation Adv. Amit Ehrlich
Biotech, immunology, agrotechnology, bioinformatics, biochemistry, canntech Dr. Hadassa Waterman
Pharmacology, chemistry Dr. Revital Green
Physics, electronics, electrooptics Dr. Eran Naftali
Hi-tech Geoffrey Melnick
Litigation, trade marks, designs, copyright, trade secrets Adv. Yehuda Neubauer
Photo Name Position Profile
Gal Ehrlich photo Dr Gal Ehrlich Founder and Managing Director
Amit Ehrlich photo Adv Amit Ehrlich Vice President and Legal Counsel
Maier Fenster photo Maier Fenster Head of Medical Devices Department
Paul Fenster photo Dr Paul Fenster Senior Patent Attorney & Litigation Consultant
Revital Green photo Dr Revital Green Head of Chemistry and Pharma Department
Geoffrey Melnick photo Geoffrey Melnick Head of Hi-Tech Department
Roy Melzer photo Adv Roy Melzer Head of Computing Technologies Department
Eran Naftali photo Dr Eran Naftali Head of Physics Department
Yehuda Neubauer photo Adv Yehuda Neubauer Head of IP Litigation (EN&M), Head of Trademarks and Design Department
Hadassa Waterman photo Dr Hadassa Waterman Head of Biotech Department
Number of lawyers : 60