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Ehrlich Group

Intellectual property > Intellectual property: filing/prosecution Tier 1

Ehrlich Group is a market-leading firm in all areas of IP filing; the firm manages the portfolios of a great number of multinational companies from various sectors. On the trade marks side, Yehuda Neubauer advises beverages companies on the protection of their brands in Israel. The patent group, many of whom have engineering or scientific experience, works with clients from the pharmaceutical, telecoms and AI sectors on the filing and prosecution of their inventions. Firm founder Gal Ehrlich, who leads the team, focuses on patent matters.

Practice head(s):

Gal Ehrlich; Yehuda Neubauer

Other key lawyers:

Paul Fenster; Maier Fenster; Amit Ehrlich; Hadassa Waterman


The high quality work, understanding of complex technical fields and out of the box patent strategies really stand out.’

We find the firm is extremely innovative in terms of great mix of technical and legal people they have, as well as their billing practices, which are extremely client-friendly and predictable.’

Very professional and up to the details team.

Key clients, inc.

IBM Israel Science & Technology Ltd.

Pfizer Inc.

Google LLC

Amdocs Development Limited

Philips International B.V.

Stratasys Ltd.

Yeda Research and Development Co. Ltd.

Syqe Medical Ltd.

International Rice Research Institute (IRRI)

Intellectual property > Intellectual property: disputes Tier 3

Ehrlich Group has quickly developed a reputation as highly capable firm in IP litigation, representing household names from the pharmaceutical, aviation and technology sectors in opposition and cancellation proceedings before the registrar, as well as in infringement litigation in the courts. Trade mark specialist Yehuda Neubauer leads the disputes practice, while managing partner Amit Ehrlich advises on patent disputes, in addition to helping inventors monetise their designs.

Practice head(s):

Yehuda Neubauer

Other key lawyers:

Roy Melzer; Amit Ehrlich; Hila Diller


‘The team is very professional and helpful, always available and reacting swiftly giving you the full personal attention.’

‘In my dealing with Yehuda Neubauer I found an open mind thinking outside the box, something I early see in my work with another firms.’

‘They are a full service firm that can help in all kinds of IP matters and they do help indeed, very professional, competent and cost-efficient. ’

‘Yehuda Neubauer is a very experienced and competent trade mark attorney, who knows exactly what to do in a certain situation. He will tell you when you are on the wrong way and provide a honest opinion’

‘Ehrlich is a very professional firm, we have been working for the last three years. They have a deep knowledge of IP, are reliable, very client oriented and responsive.

‘Our contact point is Yehuda Neubauer. The quality of his advice always exceeds expectations. he has been utterly superb throughout our relationship.’

Key clients

Real Madrid Football Club


Bacardi & Company Limited


Nikon Corporation

The Polo/Lauren Company, L.P. (Ralph Lauren)


Boeing Company


Wenger S.A.

The firm: Ehrlich Group houses more than 140 highly experienced IP professionals. The firm provides clients with a complete range of services, from filing and registering a large raft of patents, trade marks and designs, to protecting copyrights and plant breeders’ rights, defending any IP infringement in court and representing all parties to IP litigation. By combining the patent agents and patent attorneys of Ehrlich & Fenster (E&F) with the litigators of IP law firm Ehrlich, Neubauer & Melzer, Ehrlich Group is able to service all of its clients’ IP needs.

Ehrlich, Neubauer & Melzer (EN&M), law firm was founded in 2017 in order to meet the legal needs of the clients of Ehrlich Group in the field of intellectual property.

Ehrlich, Neubauer & Melzer (EN&M), headed by head of IP litigation Yehuda Neubauer, handles the following: patents; trade marks; designs; copyrights; trade secrets; anti-counterfeiting; due diligence; litigation support; plant breeders’ rights; non-disclosure agreements; open source; regulatory and compliance and patent term extensions (PTE).

Areas of practice: Every year, the firm files thousands of patent applications for Israeli and international clients alike throughout the world, justifying its recognition as the top PCT Filing Firm in Israel by Managing IP – Global PCT Leaders Report. Additionally, each year the firm files more than 1,000 patent applications in the US alone. The firm’s global reputation of filing and prosecuting US patent applications before the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) is the result of the immense knowledge of its patent attorneys, around a quarter of whom are licensed to practise before the USPTO. Many gained experience as patent examiners in the USPTO and all are directly involved with the USPTO.

This in-depth knowledge of US legislation and procedure secures the firm a very high allowance rate. The firm continues to prepare and file the largest amount of inventions generated by the five leading prestigious universities in Israel for the last ten years,  including  The Hebrew University, Tel Aviv University, the Technion, Weizmann Institute of Science, Ben-Gurion University. (By PatBase data)

The firm advises inventors, universities, medical centres, start-ups and mature companies, public and private, such as IBM, Samsung Electronics, Huawei,  AstraZeneca, Bacardi, Polo Ralph Lauren, Monsanto, Harmen, Oxford University, Amdocs, Israel Ministry of Health, Sanofi, University of Maryland, Cheetah Medical,Ceragon Networks Ltd., Elminda Ltd., Mobli Media Inc,  Playtech Software Ltd, Kaiima Ltd., Syqe Medical Ltd. and many more.

In addition to these clients, the firm is the first port of call for top-tier IP firms from Germany, the UK, Korea, India, Spain, Portugal, Italy and China seeking services in Israel, as well as in the United States.

Department Name Email Telephone
Breeders rights Dr. Gal Ehrlich
Litigation consultant Dr. Paul Fenster
Medical devices, cleantech Maier Fenster
Computer software, information systems, telecommuniciations, business methods Adv. Roy S Melzer
IP monetization, litigation Adv. Amit Ehrlich
Biotech, immunology, agrotechnology, bioinformatics, biochemistry, canntech Dr. Hadassa Waterman
Pharmacology, chemistry Dr. Revital Green
Physics, electronics, electrooptics Dr. Eran Naftali
Hi-tech Geoffrey Melnick
Litigation, trade marks, designs, copyright, trade secrets Adv. Yehuda Neubauer
Photo Name Position Profile
Dr Gal Ehrlich  photo Dr Gal Ehrlich Founder and Managing Director
Adv Amit Ehrlich  photo Adv Amit Ehrlich Legal Counsel, Partner and CEO
 Maier Fenster  photo Maier Fenster Head of Medical Devices Department
Dr Paul Fenster  photo Dr Paul Fenster Senior Patent Attorney & Litigation Consultant
Dr Revital Green  photo Dr Revital Green Head of Chemistry and Pharma Department
 Geoffrey Melnick  photo Geoffrey Melnick Head of Hi-Tech Department
Adv Roy Melzer  photo Adv Roy Melzer Head of Software, Information Sys. Department
Dr Eran Naftali  photo Dr Eran Naftali Head of Physics Department
Adv Yehuda Neubauer  photo Adv Yehuda Neubauer Head of IP Litigation (EN&M), Head of Trademarks and Design Department
Dr Hadassa Waterman  photo Dr Hadassa Waterman Head of Biotech Department
Number of lawyers : 42