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The firm: Santarelli’s primary mission is to establish and protect the IP rights of its clients. Professionalism, responsibility towards clients and close interaction with them are the goals of the firm’s practitioners.

The reputation of Santarelli is grounded in its expertise in defending clients’ IP rights and in its multi-disciplinary approach to the defence of (i) patent rights (including drafting and prosecution of patent applications, bringing and defending oppositions, patent and related unfair competition litigation, validity/infringement opinion work, licensing and assignments), (ii) trade mark rights (including clearance searching and opinions, drafting and prosecuting applications, bringing and defending oppositions, trade mark and related copyright and unfair competition litigation, licensing and assignments), as well as contentious and non-contentious industrial design, copyright, domain names practice and related computer and internet law.

Santarelli provides services to all public and private sectors, from the most traditional fields to cutting-edge technologies. Santarelli has a very diverse clientele, ranging from SMEs to multinationals, and including start-ups, venture capital initiatives and research and other public entities.

Its attorneys place particular importance on their availability to clients and a proactive approach to IP legal services in the development of clients’ projects. Their professionalism, interaction with clients and strong sense of responsibility towards them are especially appreciated.

Areas of practice: The firm represents clients from a wide range of industry sectors: aeronautics, biology and biotechnology, chemistry, electricity, electronics, information and technology, materials science, mechanical engineering, pharmaceuticals, physical sciences and semi-conductors.

Santarelli’s patent and trade mark attorneys are fully qualified and experienced in the following fields:

Patents: Santarelli’s patent attorneys review inventions, and draft and prosecute patent applications in French and in English. All of the lawyers started their careers as graduate scientists and engineers, and assist and advise each client, regardless of size or field of activity, in securing and exploiting patent rights.

Trade marks: Santarelli’s trade mark practitioners handle all aspects of trade mark law, including: clearance searching and availability analysis; trade mark protection strategies; trade mark application and renewal procedures for all jurisdictions; drafting, vetting and negotiating trade mark agreements; trade mark and related unfair competition opinion work and litigation; auditing trade mark portfolios for investors; IPOs; and mergers and acquisitions.

Industrial designs: Santarelli provides a full range of services for the protection of industrial designs. A first step is to establish with each client a protection strategy, with or without involving design registration. This, in particular, involves studying the nature of the creation, the aspects susceptible to being protected, choosing the means for protection through registration and the type of applications in the countries concerned.

Domain names: Santarelli takes charge of the formalities for reservation of international top-level domain names (such as .com and .net) and/or national top-level domain names (such as .fr, .mo or .be). It also provides monitoring services, reservation and maintenance services.

Department Name Email Telephone
Patents +33(0)1 40 55 43 43
Trade marks +33(0)1 40 55 43 43
Industrial designs +33(0)1 40 55 43 43
Domain names +33(0)1 40 55 43 43
Photo Name Position Profile
Mr Thierry Caen  photo Mr Thierry Caen
Mrs Lecornu Hélène  photo Mrs Lecornu Hélène
Mr Laurent Kurtz  photo Mr Laurent Kurtz
Mr Eric Le Bihan  photo Mr Eric Le Bihan
Mr Augustin Le Tourneau  photo Mr Augustin Le Tourneau
Mr François Lepelletier-Beaufond  photo Mr François Lepelletier-Beaufond
Mrs Sophie Marc  photo Mrs Sophie Marc
Mrs Nathalie Rey  photo Mrs Nathalie Rey
Mr Luc Santarelli  photo Mr Luc Santarelli
Mme Hélène Stankoff  photo Mme Hélène Stankoff
Mr Ghislain de Tremiolles  photo Mr Ghislain de Tremiolles
Number of lawyers : 43
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