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Dispute resolution: Mediation Tier 1

Kennedy Van der Laan’s Eva Knipschild heads the group and is a member of the Mediatorsfederatie Nederland (MfN). Senior associate Simon van IJsendoorn is also registered with the MfN, and is singled out. The group has experience acting as mediators in a wide range of disputes.

Industry focus: Information technology Tier 1

Kennedy Van der Laan is highlighted for its 'fast and in-depth advice, ability to understand business problems, and for offering the right solutions'. In addition to outsourcing and other IT projects, the team also handles  IT disputes, e-commerce mandates, cybercrime, and public procurement matters. Patrick Wit is in demand for his 'negotiation expertise', while other well-regarded partners include Joost Linnemann, Hester de Vries, and Christoph Jeloschek; senior associate Joost Schmaal is also a name to note. The team counts TNT,  McDonald’s and Stichting BKR among its broad client base.

Industry focus: Media and entertainment Tier 1

Kennedy Van der Laan 'has a full spectrum of media knowledge' and a 'clear understanding of ethical issues in media reporting and the EU regulations protecting press reporting'. Team head Jens Van den Brink 'is a smart negotiator and his strategic advice is outstanding. His team brings all aspects you might seek in a media desk. All are great to work with'. Emiel Jurjens is also well rated, especially on account of his track record of winning cases. Counsel Christien Wildeman acts for De Persgroep and is known for her defamation expertise. The team acted for NOS, RTL, and De Persgroep in proceedings before the European Court of Human Rights concerning access to state-held information on the MH17 plane crash.

Industry focus: retail Tier 1

The Kennedy Van der Laan practice 'provides creative solutions, combining expertise in different areas such as IP, distribution, data protection and licensing and also stands out at managing complex projects' and it specifically benefits clients with 'significant expertise in the retail industry'. Martijn van Bemmel and Jelle Blom are 'outstanding' while Martine de Koning is viewed as 'a top lawyer who perfectly knows the retail industry'. Nike, Converse, VodafoneZiggo and Elecosoft UK are among its client list. Of late the team has handled matters including a complex distribution dispute, franchising, and online retailing issues. It also advised Panda Sporthallen Exploitatie in a Court of Appeal case in which it claimed compensation for the early termination of a fitness club franchise format. Counsel Bart-Adriaan de Ruijter and senior associate Isabel van Tuyll van Serooskerken are other team members of note.

Insurance Tier 2

Kennedy Van der Laan 'has a pragmatic approach, focuses on priorities, and is a great partner'. Peter van den Broek is recommended along with  Frits van der Woude and associate Mark Wisse. Senior partners Erik van Orsouw heads the insurance and liability practice and Chris van Dijk has a focus on claims relating to personal injuries. AIG, Zurich, Chubb, and AON are clients and recent work includes advising on large claims in the construction industry; various regulations and advice on insurance and liability issues in connection with the use of asbestos and the insurance implications of product recalls.

Intellectual property: trade marks, copyrights and design rights Tier 2

The 'efficient, well-synced team' at Kennedy Van der Laan 'has excellent communication skills; the advice is pragmatic and it has broad experience in brand protection matters'. Alfred Meijboom and Maarten Schut head the department and offer broad expertise in IP, media, and related technology issues. Schut also coordinates the European brand protection work for Nike.  Counsel Sophie van Loon has a focus on copyright law and advises international media and publishing clients, including on matters relating to collective rights management societies. The team's impressive client roster includes Ikea, Facebook, and Tommy Hilfiger. Highlight work includes continuous assistance to Converse in its fight against counterfeiting in several European countries and wins against Dutch distributors Van Caem and Goeiemode.

Construction Tier 3

Kennedy Van der Laan has a track record in the construction sector, including expertise with architecture, real estate, and procurement law and increasingly large commercial projects. Richard Jan Roks and Nico Jacobs co-head the team; Roks has a strong healthcare client roster and Jacobs has a focus on the leisure industry; he advised Wenzhou Tongyong Locks on the purchase agreement and construction matters in respect of the proposed Olympic Hotel in Amsterdam. The team also advised the Port of Amsterdam on solar matters including the procurement procedure and construction contracts in respect of the installation of rooftop solar panels.

Employment Tier 3

Kennedy Van der Laan is highly rated for the range of HR-related advice it can offer in addition to the handling of contentious cases, especially in the finance and tech sectors. Eva Knipschild, Chris Nekeman and Soo-Ja Schijf are the senior partners who oversee work for clients such as Unisys, VodafoneZiggo and Rabobank. It advises Microsoft on all its employment matters including co-governance issues relating to restructures and reorganisations.

Industry focus: healthcare and life sciences Tier 3

Kennedy Van der Laan has a special focus on mergers and joint ventures together with medical liability and disciplinary actions. The team is a member of Biolegis, the pan-European network of independent law firms with a focus on life sciences. Fenna van Dijk heads the healthcare team and Maarten Schut specialises in IP within the life sciences sector. Meltem Koning advises on corporate and private equity matters. The group advised the Oncode Institute, a new ‘super’ institute combining oncology research from numerous academic hospitals and research institutes. It assisted with its set up and governance, funding negotiations, and complex IP arrangements. In other work includes advising on licensing, R&D collaborations, and patent disputes.

EU and competition Tier 4

Kennedy Van der Laan 's team 'works efficiently and is focused on the bigger picture'. It has notable strength handling competition matters in the banking and finance, retail and healthcare sectors. Annemieke van der Beek assisted the Dutch Payments Association during a dawn raid and is acting for the client in an ongoing investigation by the European Commission into its role in the alleged misconduct by Dutch banks surrounding their payment accounts and third party access. Martine de Koning, who is 'very dynamic', and senior associate Martijn van Bemmel are other names to note.

Real estate Tier 4

The real estate group at Kennedy Van der Laan is made up of 'young and very motivated lawyers who are different to the other big firms; their approach is unconventional and so are their legal solutions.' Nico Jacobs and Richard Jan Roks head the team and senior associate Anne-Christine Keuning is identified as a 'skilled negotiator who is positive and efficient in getting deals done'. The team has an established clientele in the hotel, leisure, and healthcare sectors. Recent highlight work includes advising Marriott Hotels International on a range of new hotel projects and also advising Nike Europe on the development of its new European HQ to accommodate more than 2,000 employees.

We are an independent Dutch law firm.

For over 25 years we have serviced market leaders with specialist legal know-how .

We have a broad range of legal expertise. Together with our clients, we look at the business, people and society with an open mind. Thanks to our deep  specialist legal know-how and knowledge of the sectors of industry, we are able to reach pragmatic solutions that help our clients directly.

Our advice is always concise, clear and guiding.

Department Name Email Telephone
Banking and finance Bart de Man +31 20 5506 841
Banking and finance Joris van Horzen +31 20 5506 655
Banking and finance Jan Broekhuizen +31 20 5506 629
Commercial and International Trade Martine de Koning +31 20 5506 639
Competition/European Annemieke van der Beek +31 20 5506 684
Construction and Real Estate Nico Jacobs +31 20 5506686
Labour and Employment Eva Knipschild +31 20 5506 840
Labour and Employment Chris Nekeman +31 20 5506 676
Insurance and liability Frits van der Woude +31 20 5506 879
Insurance and liability Chris van Dijk +31 20 5506 661
Insurance and liability Erik van Orsouw +31 20 5506 878
Insurance and liability Peter van den Broek +31 20 5506 669
Healthcare Fenna van Dijk +31 20 5506 680
Corporate Transactions Meltem Koning-Gungormez +31 20 5506 621
IT Patrick Wit +31 20 5506 642
IT Reinoud Westerdijk +31 20 5506 638
Litigation and Arbitration Christoph Jeloschek +31 20 5506 846
Media and Intellectual Property Jens van den Brink +31 20 5506 843
Media and Intellectual Property Alfred Meijboom +31 20 5506 633
Media and Intellectual Property Maarten Schut +31 20 5506 644
Public Procurement Reinoud Westerdijk +31 20 5506 638
Privacy Hester de Vries +31 20 5506 657
Privacy Nicole Wolters Ruckert +31 20 5506 646
Public Law Jan van der Grinten +31 20 5506 852
Real Estate and Construction Richard-Jan Roks +31 20 5506 650
Mediation Eva Knipschild +31 20 5506 840
IT Christoph Jeloschek +31 20 5506 846
Insurance and Liability Petra Oskam +31 20 5506 685
Privacy Quirine Tjeenk Willink +31 20 5506 615
Real Estate and Construction Richard-Jan Roks +31 20 5506 650
Labour and Employment Soo-Ja Schijf +31 20 5506 832
Real Estate and Construction Eline Goemens +31 20 5506 664
Corporate Transactions Erik Stegerhoek +31 20 5506 627
IT Joost Schmaal +31 20 5506 883
Photo Name Position Profile
Mr Jan Broekhuizen  photo Mr Jan Broekhuizen
Ms Eline Goemans  photo Ms Eline Goemans
Mr Nico Jacobs  photo Mr Nico Jacobs
Mr Christoph Jeloschek  photo Mr Christoph Jeloschek
Ms Eva Knipschild  photo Ms Eva Knipschild
Ms Meltem Koning  photo Ms Meltem Koning
Mr Alfred Meijboom  photo Mr Alfred Meijboom
Mr Chris Nekeman  photo Mr Chris Nekeman
Ms Petra Oskam  photo Ms Petra Oskam
Mr Richard Jan Roks  photo Mr Richard Jan Roks
Ms Soo-Ja Schijf  photo Ms Soo-Ja Schijf
Mr Joost Schmaal  photo Mr Joost Schmaal
Mr Maarten Schut  photo Mr Maarten Schut
Mr Erik Stegerhoek  photo Mr Erik Stegerhoek
Ms Quirine Tjeenk Willink  photo Ms Quirine Tjeenk Willink
Mr Joris Van Horzen  photo Mr Joris Van Horzen
Mr Jens Van den Brink  photo Mr Jens Van den Brink
Mr Reinoud Westerdijk  photo Mr Reinoud Westerdijk
Mr Patrick Wit  photo Mr Patrick Wit
Ms Nicole Wolters Ruckert  photo Ms Nicole Wolters Ruckert
Ms Martine de Koning  photo Ms Martine de Koning
Mr Bart de Man  photo Mr Bart de Man
Ms Hester de Vries  photo Ms Hester de Vries
Mr Chris van Dijk  photo Mr Chris van Dijk
Ms Fenna van Dijk  photo Ms Fenna van Dijk
Mr Erik van Orsouw  photo Mr Erik van Orsouw
Mr Peter van den Broek  photo Mr Peter van den Broek
Ms Annemieke van der Beek  photo Ms Annemieke van der Beek
Mr Jan van der Grinten  photo Mr Jan van der Grinten
Mr Frits van der Woude  photo Mr Frits van der Woude
Number of lawyers : 100
EuroFranchise Lawyers (EFL Group)
Contact : Joost Linnemann, CEO (

CLIENT: Steven de Schrijver


TESTIMONIAL: People are very laid back but still very professional. I always get advice within budget, within the time limits requested. So it is very pleasant to work with. The firm is not only after profit, but good client relationships and good quality of work.

CLIENT: Johan Kahn

COMPANY/FIRM: Kahn Pedersen

TESTIMONIAL: I think our view of Kennedy Van der Laan is very inspiring We look to Kennedy Van der Laan for inspiration and motivation.

CLIENT: Brian Newman

COMPANY/FIRM: Vice President International HR, LiveNation Entertainment

TESTIMONIAL: Soo-Ja Schijf has successfully advised us on employment matters within our international business. She is extremely responsive in terms of timing and understands the international context of our entertainment business with different issues and challenges. I value her strong international focus and her pragmatic and very solution-focused approach. With Soo-Ja we are on the right track.

CLIENT: Martin Haas

COMPANY/FIRM: Sales Excellence and Licensing Lead, Microsoft Switzerland

TESTIMONIAL: I have worked with Reinoud Westerdijk on some of the largest and most complex licensing and cloud deals that I have ever been involved in in my 10+ year experience at Microsoft. Reinoud provided excellent support with these global deals, not only in his field of expertise but also as a great sparring partner helping us to shape the business partnerships and the negotiation outcome. This took a lot of hard work and dedication. Reinoud’s highly efficient and professional work-style combined with his positive and constructive attitude made it always a great pleasure for me to work with him.

CLIENT: Monique van Diessen

COMPANY/FIRM: Managing Attorney Nike Europe

TESTIMONIAL: ‘We highly recommend Martine de Koning, first and foremost because of her knowledge and creativity in providing solutions and strategic thinking’. Martine de Koning has worked for sports products manufacturer Nike and Converse on franchise, distribution, agency, procurement and competition law, including litigation and arbitration, for over 15 years.

CLIENT: Sarah Humphries

COMPANY/FIRM: Orange Brand Services Limited

TESTIMONIAL: “Orange has worked with Alfred Meijboom at KVdL for a number of years and very much values his high quality advice.   He consistently obtains the best results for our Orange Brand in the Netherlands”

For us it is a given that the best teams are diverse teams, made up from people from different backgrounds. This is why diversity is a key theme when we source future talent. For our team members we invest in deep knowledge, capability development of hard and soft skills, irrespective of gender, age, nationality, sexual preference, ethnicity, disability, religion or background. We also encourage everyone to train, develop and utilize their experience for the benefit of the wider teams.

We have around 20% of female partners at the top. We signed the letter of intent of the Bar, promising to promote diversity within our profession. Furthermore, we believe that actively promoting diversity means creating an inclusive work environment that allows for personal growth, an environment where everyone has the headspace and opportunity to succeed, and to develop beyond their current field of expertise. This is why we embrace flexible working principles for everyone.