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Aviation Tier 1

Seen as a 'go-to firm for aviation finance', Ganado Advocates has significant transaction expertise and provides a fully integrated advisory service. Practice head Daniel Aquilina is 'very responsive and commercial in his approach' to working with international banks, syndicates and aircraft owners and lessors. Senior associate Matthew Xerri handles alternative financing methods while being 'supportive' of the client's aims.

Practice head(s):

Daniel Aquilina


They have been committed to the industry for some time, and this has translated into a position as a firm which comes immediately to mind in Malta in this practice area. Through their close involvement in the industry, they have an understanding of the issues, which is helpful to instructing lawyers, as we can concentrate on the essentials.’

We would consider Ganado to be the go-to firm for aviation finance in Malta. They have a very good understanding of the sector and consistently provide clear advice in a timely, efficient manner.’

Matthew Xerri is responsive, and is supportive of the aims of the client. He strikes a fine balance between the imperative to get deals done on time and the duty to get deals done properly.’

We have been impressed with Daniel Aquilina (partner), who leads the aviation practice. Daniel is very responsive and commercial in his approach. We would also recommend Matthew Xerri (senior associate) and Julian Caruana (associate).’

Banking, finance and capital markets Tier 1

A 'go-to firm in Malta', Ganado Advocates' team is 'easily reachable, responsive and efficient' across all banking and finance activity. Practice head Conrad Portanier acts for Maltese and international financial institutions, with clients describing him as 'a gem', who is 'responsive, diligent and adaptable'. Other expertise includes handling the structuring of investment funds and securities regulation alongside advice on complex debt and equity transactions. Simon Schembri and senior associate Nicholas Curmi 'are very commercial and available', while Catherine Formosa, also a senior associate, specialises in regulatory and corporate governance. Leonard Bonello focuses on derivative contracts and electronic money cases, and is 'always willing to assist even at short notice'.

Practice head(s):

Max Ganado; Conrad Portanier; Andre Zerafa; Matthew Bianchi; Matthew Brincat; Leonard Bonello


Extremely professional in their approach.’

Nicholas Curmi and Simon Schembri are very commercial and available.’

Provides tailor-made advice based on thorough research and knowledge of the market.’

Leonard Bonello and Catherine Formosa are always available and willing to assist even at short notice.’

The teams at Ganado Advocates are divided into various specialised areas with each team being highly technical and very knowledgeable with a deep insight into a specialised field. This is opposed to other law firms which claim to be able to assist in various areas, but it then results in a very shallow understanding. Their ethical standards are very high and clearly state any potential conflict of interest so that this is appropriately managed in line with best practice.’

All of the individuals that I have worked with at Ganado Advocates generally respond in a very short time, with all of the members of the various teams tending to my communications, whether this is by phone or e-mail. They have always been very supportive in their respective roles and I feel very comfortable referring clients, as I can rest assured that any matter will be dealt with, in good timing, by a professional who is an expert in a particular field. I have worked with Andre Zerafa, Adrian Gabarretta, Analise Papa, Stephanie Sciberras, Marina Grech, Karen Camilleri, Nicholas Curmi and others over the past few years. They have all been equally diligent in their respective roles.’

Ganado Advocates is one of the largest law firms in Malta with many areas of expertise across different sectors including insurance, finance, taxation and corporate. We have used their services on many occasions and in different areas and have found Ganado Advocates to be a one-stop shop for our legal needs.’

The individuals we have worked with have been easily reachable, responsive and efficient in providing legal services.

The team has key knowledge and guidance on the expectations of the MFSA.

We have worked closely with Matthew Bianchi and Tanya Causon. They always make themselves available, at short notice if required, and look to work with us for a solution. They set expectations clearly and have a very good understanding of the local market and individuals.

Ganado is the go-to firm in Malta for anyone I know, and has been my go-to firm for every matter involving Maltese law for the past 15 years. The firm is deeply involved not only in the local market but also at the European level. My work with Ganado has been limited to banking, finance, capital markets and insolvency; while I cannot speak to their quality and competence outside these areas, Ganado has been consistently highly responsive and competent in these fields. Some of the firm’s partners also have an excellent sense of the international markets and trends: when it comes to novel approaches and legal structures that involve Malta but also other jurisdictions, a discussion with Ganado can be an eye-opener as to the resolution of issues that are not specific to Maltese law. Last but not least, one of the firm’s partners I regularly work with (Conrad Portanier) is very commercial in his approach, and has been able to work within low budgets while remaining very responsive and absolutely pleasant.

Conrad Portanier is a gem. Highly responsive, competent, knowledgeable, diligent, adaptable and pleasant. One could not desire better in an outside counsel. Conrad has been at the forefront of the capital markets and banking & finance industry’s cross-border initiatives for many years, and continues to be a key reference for the major industry organisations (ISDA, ICMA, Bankers’ Association, Central Bank of Malta). Working with Conrad always provides an interesting learning experience, and I will continue to go back to him for all my and my clients’ needs in Malta.

Commercial, corporate and M&A Tier 1

The team at Ganado Advocates is highlighted for its 'attention to detail and availability to work to very tight schedules'. Work ranges from corporate re-organisations and joint venture negotiations to cross-border mergers, liquidations and due diligence projects. Senior partner Stephen Attard provides 'clear recommendations', while Simon Schembri is 'a very responsive and time-efficient lawyer' ,who provides 'straight to the point, attentive advice'. Adrian Gabarretta, Nikolai Muscat Farrugia and Christine Cassar Naudi are names of note, with experience in high-value corporate acquisitions and private equity structures and funds.

Practice head(s):

Adrian Gabarretta, Stephen Attard, Nikolai Muscat Farrugia, Christine Cassar Naudi, Simon Schembri


Ganado’s attentiveness to detail and availability to work on very tight schedules, while allowing for a comprehensive and straight to the point advice.’

Simon Schembri from Ganado is a very responsive and time-efficient lawyer that provides the correct and on the spot advice to clients in search of a straight to the point, attentive advice.’

Stephen Attard: reliable in-depth tax analyses, very responsive, clear recommendations, great value added for our clients with connections to Malta.’

The team knows what they are saying and doing and it gives you an extra level of comfort when discussing with the other parties when it comes to an M&A.’

Simon Schembri in particular has expertise in corporate and M&A and having him in the team gives that extra element of comfort.’

Quick and effective service.’

Stephen Attard was very communicative and provided excellent service.’

Dispute resolution Tier 1

Ganado Advocates' dispute resolution practice primarily focuses on commercial, digital and maritime affairs, with a team of specialists from across the wider legal spectrum. The firm is regarded as 'a first port of call' in Malta and is 'well organised' and 'service-minded'. It handles a domestic and international caseload including arbitration proceedings alongside complex litigation. Managing partner Louis Cassar Pullicino is 'thorough and diligent' and 'always accessible', while Antoine G Cremona is a 'skilled and experienced' litigator. Paul Micallef Grimaud specialises in IP and TMT disputes.

Practice head(s):

Louis Cassar Pullicino, Antoine G Cremona, Paul Micallef Grimaud


Ganado’s litigation team is well organised and always dealt with our needs in an expedited and efficient manner.’

We mainly cooperate with Antoine Cremona and Stephan Frendo; both are skilled and experienced litigators.’

The top firm in Malta. Exceptional service in Malta. First port of call.’

The most complete team in Malta. They have expertise in literally every aspect of the law, which was greatly helpful to us. They work closely with the government on the writing of important legislation, making them very knowledgeable about the latest law amendments.’

Managing partner of the firm: always accessible and was willing to take our case personally. A lovely person with incredible knowledge, which helps us tremendously during a tough case. Partners: always available (phone calls, emails, meetings) and willing to give precious advice, even when it clearly meant less business for them.’

Ganado has a hardworking and service-minded team.’

Louis Cassar Pullicino is a thorough and diligent litigation lawyer. Antoine Cremona understands international arbitration.’

Fintech Tier 1

Ganado Advocates' team has 'a high degree of understanding' and 'an in-depth knowledge of the distributed ledger technology regulatory framework'. Led by Leonard Bonello, who 'stands out' in this space and focuses predominantly on blockchain-related projects, the team acts for a number of e-money institutions and cryptocurrency companies. Work includes assisting with payment service acquisitions and obtaining relevant regulatory approval, along with setting up Maltese or cross-border crypto exchanges. Max Ganado is another key name.

Practice head(s):

Leonard Bonello


Their lever of expertise compared to other practitioners. Malta is an important fintech hub. They understand the complicated space and give clarity to legal issues.’

The individuals that we have worked with have a high degree of understanding of the financial sector and also the fintech space giving clarity to the client and confidence on the work that is being done. They provide clear guidelines and support to grow your business. Understand the needs of the client, even though you are thousands of km away from them.’

The whole fintech industry in Malta is still in its infancy stages admittedly, albeit a wide-encompassing and extensive legal framework has been rolled out in 2018. Ganado is one of the few local firms that offers advisory services covering the fintech legal regime – compared to other law firms we have dealt with, we can confirm that they have demonstrated an in-depth knowledge of the DLT regulatory framework while offering professional advice in a very efficient manner.’

I have personally corresponded directly with Dr Leonard Bonello, the partner heading the fintech department. Besides his extensive knowledge on the fintech industry and his availability to hold calls and discuss in further detail the issue at stake, his pragmatic approach and his ability to always find practical solutions is what makes him stand out as a legal professional in this innovative space.’

Depth of knowledge in local and EU legislation and practical experience.

The availability of offering various alternatives as a solution with supporting analysis.’

Best knowledge in the industry (we are in Finance and Digital Assets space) and they co-wrote the law with the government. Very pragmatic. In practice, this means that Ganado’s team will tell you how to get from A to B as opposed to telling how things cannot be done.’

The organisational design/structure is very progressive and unlike most other competing firms. Participatory management is prominent and effective.’

All individuals of the firm stand out for above average competence, both as subject matter experts, as well as in relationship capabilities.’

Intellectual property Tier 1

Ganado Advocates' practice handles the full range of contentious and non-contentious IP work for clients active in the gaming, tobacco, entertainment and fast-moving consumer goods sectors. It frequently handles matters relating to portfolio restructuring, licensing agreements, breaches of copyright, trade mark rights and disputes, counterfeit goods seizure or destruction, and the registration of EU trade marks. Team head Paul Micallef Grimaud specialises in litigation and arbitration work, both in domestic and cross-border cases.

Practice head(s):

Paul Micallef Grimaud

Investment funds Tier 1

Ganado Advocates is praised for its 'quality of partners and senior associates', who 'get it right, from the start' with clients. The practice handles a wide variety of fund matters, from investment structuring and managing the licensing process with the Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA), to  the acquisition management of fund administrators and the setting up brokerage services. Andre Zerafa jointly heads the 'proactive' department with James Farrugia, who stands out for his 'technical know-how' and 'detailed knowledge of the regulatory environment'. Senior associate Stephanie Sciberras, a corporate specialist, is 'very proficient and reactive' where necessary.

Practice head(s):

Andre Zerafa, James Farrugia


Team is very pro-active and takes ownership of tasks assigned and replies in a timely efficient matter.

James Farrugia – detailed knowledge of regulatory environment, particularly AIFMD, technical know-how and practical approach. Stephanie Sciberras – corporate services, very proficient and reactive to company requests.’

This firm is considered to be the top law firm on the island. They are very much in a league of their own. The breadth of knowledge, their standing in the market, the quality of the partners and senior associates within their respective legal fields all show you why Ganado is the port of choice for any legal advice on this island.

David Borg-Carbott, Andre Zerafa, Conrad Portanier, Nicholas Curmi, Stephanie Sciberras, and of course Max Ganado. They all get it right, from the start!

The firm is the largest in Malta and employ lawyers that work directly with local authorities to understand and give guidance to the authorities in their particular fields.’

They have an extremely good knowledge of their clients’ business modules and can advise accordingly.’

Private client Tier 1

Anthony Cremona leads the 'consistently reliable' team at Ganado Advocates, which is known for its 'depth and efficiency'. Cremona works closely with associate Abigail Galea on matters ranging from succession planning, wills and foundations to a number of litigious cases in the trusts sector – including some with significant cross-border implications – and the creation of structures for both domestic and international high-net-worth individuals. After helping introduce a law concerning the formation of Private Trust Companies (PTCs) acting as private trustees of wealthy families, the firm has recently set up the first PTC structure and is now working on others.

Practice head(s):

Anthony Cremona


In my view there is no other firm in Malta capable of providing advice with such depth and efficiency (in terms of speed of response) than Ganado Advocates. They remain in a league of their own.’

The lawyers at Ganado operate to an international standard of professionalism, matching the best lawyers in other key commercial centres in terms of speed of response and depth of knowledge. This is why they are such excellent team players in cross border advisory situations. If there is a Malta element, I trust Ganado to pull the advisory element through and I have never been disappointed in them. They are consistently reliable, consistently dependable and always highly efficient.’

The lawyers that we have worked with at Ganado Advocates are forward-thinking, candid in their approach to matters brought to them. They have a variety of strong in-house expertise which can be brought in on short notice if any matters escalate and further opinions are needed. They are well-versed in the latest changes in legislation and discussion points that are relevant to the island and international business. They invest time and resources in training others and hosting workshops and lectures, gathering opinions for experienced professionals which I think is important for the industry and practitioners.’

Anthony Cremona – solution-orientated, makes time to understand the unique situations and is well-versed in his field. Matthew Brincat – he is at the root of implementing legislation which is helpful in ensuring compliance within the practice. Max Ganado – forward-thinking and passionate about how things need to change.’

Real estate Tier 1

The 'experienced' and 'solution-driven' team at Ganado Advocates has 'unique knowledge and expertise' in the real estate domain. Practice head Antoine G Cremona specialises in construction arbitration and litigation, and, along with associate Anselmo Mifsud Bonnici, is noted for his ability to 'foresee a lot of negative outcomes' which has 'a tremendous effect' on case success. It frequently advises on matters pertaining to multi-purpose developments, hotels, office blocks and retirement homes, including drafting commercial lease agreements, as well as assisting construction firms with the negotiation and conclusion of design and build, or build-only, contracts.

Practice head(s):

Antoine G Cremona


We have worked with various legal teams around the world. What makes this practice unique is the dedication and effort they put in for their clients; they make a great team with the client, making us feel really comfortable; their knowledge about their practice is high; their practical know-how; their promptness and quick action-taking – and always making you feel special.’

They do not look at their clients as cases, but look at them as business partners. Each case we have been through with them they grasp as their own and had a lot of positive feedback and action. They are not only commenting and recommending on current status but have a lot of effort on preventative law. They foresee a lot of negative outcomes that can happen during the contract phase which had a tremendous effect on today for our cases. In addition, they put best of their personal efforts and time to make you feel like a whole team as a client, not just like legal team that you are working with. Antoine G Cremona and Anselmo Mifsud Bonnici are the two best associates we have faced and worked with as for aforementioned reasons.’

This practice has a unique knowledge and expertise for the local market particularly with regards to building construction works contracts and service agreements, their interpretation and application. They keep abreast of developments and, for a professional coming from another sector, this is highly refreshing.’

My dealings with Antoine Cremona (partner) and Anselmo Mifsud Bonnici (associate) have been excellent. Their level of engagement is high, immediately upon meeting them and through correspondence; their follow-up is of a very high standard, with the right level of detail and research. They manage to convey seriousness and provide the right level of comfort in often difficult situations.’

Experience, availability, knowledge, solution-driven.’

Very responsive and always having the protection of the client in mind.’

Shipping Tier 1

Ganado Advocates' shipping practice 'provides sufficient, detailed and up-to-date guidance', and has a longstanding reputation for drafting and updating legislation and also stands out for its expertise in ship refinancing and mortgages. Jotham Scerri-Diacono is a 'leading expert'; he frequently handles litigation related to general maritime law. Malta flag issues expert Karl Grech Orr is 'well aware of the needs of a demanding transaction' and provides 'clear guidance'. Christine Cassar Naudi's specialist yachting and tax knowledge is 'exceptional', while senior associate Matthew Attard is an 'outstanding lawyer' and 'a pleasure to work with' on ship registrations and vessel sales and acquisitions. Daniel Aquilina is also noted.

Practice head(s):

Karl Grech Orr, Jotham Scerri-Diacono, Daniel Aquilina, Christine Cassar Naudi


I believe they have an unrivalled relation with the ship registry which helps smoothing closings on time-sensitive transactions. They have also seen all sorts of ship financings, which helps when something is out of the ordinary.

Karl Grech Orr and Matthew Attard are outstanding lawyers, well aware of the needs of a demanding transactions. They do bring solutions and assist even when something is not directly related to their core advice.

They are responsive and give clear guidance.’

Matthew Attard is very experienced and a pleasure to work with.’

Our firm has worked with Ganado Advocates for well over 30 years and our co-operation has been excellent on all kinds of shipping and corporate matters involving business through Malta.’

We have worked with various individuals in the firm but mainly with Dr Karl Grech Orr, who is a partner in the shipping department of the firm and Dr Daniel Aquillina, who heads the firm’s banking ship finance team. We have worked with both gentlemen for many, many years in connection with ship registrations, ship finance and other shipping-related matters and they have shown their expertise every time.’

Ganado’s are attentive to detail. They always provide sufficient, detailed and up to date guidance on any action they undertake on behalf of our shipping company. What is more, they do not leave any room for queries as they keep us updated on all stages of the tasks undertaken, very reliable and excellent in their cooperation.’

Excellent organisational skills, strict abidance by required course of action, reasonable advice always.’

Exceptionally responsive, knowledgeable, always available.’

Dedication, availability, effectiveness, easy to communicate.’

Christine Cassar Naudi: Exceptional knowledge in shipping industry.’

Christine Cassar Naudi: Permanent availability, immediate and competent reactions on queries.’

Ganado Advocates have great experience in shipping matters including but not limited to vessel/yacht sales and purchases, registration of ship mortgages and ship finance. Professionalism and high quality work are their advantages but, what I have valued more throughout our twenty five years co-operation with the shipping team, is the prompt attendance and support on any matter and the solution-oriented advice provided in handling each and every case.’

The members of the shipping team of Ganado Advocates not only have great knowledge of local law and practices and excellent contacts with the Maltese public authorities but they are also well aware of international practices and understand complex transactions which makes our co-operation fruitful. They have always kept me updated promptly of Maltese law or practice changes in areas of my or our common principals interests and they are always there and willing to provide friendly legal advice when needed.’

Shipping team of Ganado Advocates has all the capabilities to provide an integrated service to the clients. With two sub-teams, Shipping Registration Team and Ship Finance Team, Ganado covers every detail of processes clients go through due to the leading experts the teams contain. Also, Ganado Shipping law team has an attentive and swift attitude that comforts clients and helps to provide a vision in their future plans. With a massive amount of knowledge and practice, Ganado Advocates has become an irreplaceable team in the sector of Shipping Law, both locally in Malta and globally across Europe.’

Jotham Scerri-Diacono, one of the partners of the Ganado Law Firm that me and my team had a chance to meet in person and I work with. As leading expert in the shipping registration team, Jotham is a experienced expert that leads the team. Jan Rossi is a promising member of Ganado shipping team, we had a chance to meet and work with. Dr Rossi has an ambition and passion towards shipping law which makes him a great attorney-at-law. With excellent command of shipping law and great talent of communication with clients, Dr Rossi is a key member of Ganado Advocates’ shipping team.’

We as lawyers are accustomed to deal with law firms from different parts of the world. In the particular case of Ganado, our law firm have maintained business relations for decades. The point is simple, they are excellent lawyers, who know their trade and have always provided high quality services/assistance for our clients. Also, they are generally characterised for the quick attention to our clients’ matters, and for keeping us updated on the evolution of said matters. They don’t just limit to the assistance on a specific matter as you instruct them; they provide alternatives as how to make things in a more practical manner, take the initiative to solve situations that might appear during their attention to our clients’ matters, etc.’

The lawyers we have professional relations with provide a person to person service, tailor made, to assist our clients in any need they may have, with a high level of expertise. You don’t end up just receiving legal advice from a distant lawyer, but from a person who could also be a friend. Most of my particular experience with the lawyers of Ganado has been with J. Scerri-Diacono, but there is also K. Grech Orr, D. Vella, R. Vella, A. Borg Cardona and L. Schembri.’

GANADO Advocates is a leading commercial law firm with a particular focus on the corporate, financial services and maritime/aviation sectors, predominantly servicing international clients doing business through Malta. The firm also promotes other areas such as tax, pensions, intellectual property, employment and litigation.

The firm traces its roots back to the early 1900s, and is today one of Malta’s foremost law practices, consistently ranking as a leading firm in all its core sectors. GANADO Advocates has over the past decades contributed directly towards creating and enhancing Malta’s hard-won reputation as a reliable and effective international centre for financial and maritime services. Today, the firm continues to provide high standards of legal advisory services to support and enhance Malta’s offering.

Areas of practice: Financial services: Our financial services and regulatory practices are internationally renowned as country leaders. This practice grouping encompasses the firm’s industry-focused teams servicing asset managers and their funds, banks, insurers and reinsurers, pension schemes and funds, investment firms, payment service providers, e-money institutions, fintech operators, trade finance institutions and other operators in the financial services sphere, with an increasing focus on blockchain and cryptocurrency related work. The practice covers all corporate, regulatory and transactional work and, in conjunction with lawyers from other practice areas, litigation, dispute resolution, tax and regulatory.

Corporate, M&A and capital markets: The firm regularly advises on major corporate and capital markets transactions in Malta, for the benefit of international corporate groups and private equity firms. This practice provides the full range of transactional corporate legal services, having long standing experience in assisting foreign clients in establishing local presence across all commercial sectors. The firm also operates a Corporate Services and Governance team focused in particular on supporting the boards of both regulated and non-regulated businesses.

Shipping, yachting and aviation: Ship registration, ship finance and admiralty law are at the heart of the firm’s maritime law practice. The firm was a pioneer in this field and its specialist maritime lawyers hold leading industry expertise and provide dependable support and advice, making the firm amongst the most established in this area. While very active in the yacht and superyacht space, the firm was also a prime mover in the development of local aviation law; today it regularly advises aircraft financiers, owners, lessors and operators.

Litigation and dispute resolution: Traditionally prominent in commercial and civil litigation, we have represented clients in some of the largest and most complex commercial and maritime litigation in Malta. This includes arrests and judicial sales of vessels, salvage and other maritime disputes, corporate and financial services, and insurance claims. Today, we also offer highly specialised litigation in the fields of corporate disputes, insolvency, intellectual property, public procurement, competition law, funds, press law and international arbitration.

Corporate finance and tax: GANADO Advocates has one of the largest and longest-established tax practices amongst Maltese law firms. The firm’s multidisciplinary team of legal and tax specialists regularly advises corporate and individual high net worth clients, both international and local, on all aspects of Maltese tax legislation and their impact, whether at structuring stage, transactional or on an ongoing basis.

Private client, trusts and foundations: Regularly involved in structuring and providing general legal advice on trusts and foundations, the firm actively provides ongoing assistance to various Maltese based (local and international) trustees, administrators of foundations and other fiduciaries on regulatory aspects of their fiduciary activities. It regularly assists private clients with their various legal needs, ranging from estate planning to setting up the appropriate trustees for them (which includes Private Trust Companies). This includes, where required, the acquisition of Maltese citizenship as a second citizenship in terms of the Maltese citizenship by investment programme.

Labour and employment: This practice encompasses the full range of employment services, including advice on litigious and non-litigious employment law matters, industrial relations, employment benefits and pensions.

Environment, energy and renewable energy: GANADO Advocates has been at the forefront of the significant developments in this dynamic and ever changing sector in Malta and advises a wide variety of clients on both regulatory and commercial issues, including drafting and negotiating power purchase agreements, assisting with public procurement, implementing EU Directives into local law and advising on ship-sourced pollution issues. The firm has also experienced increasing interest from industry stakeholders acting as intermediaries in the recycling of hazardous waste on account of Malta’s central Mediterranean location, its ratification of the most important environmental Conventions and an efficient and proactive regulator.

Intellectual property, media, entertainment and technology: We advise clients on the full range of contentious and non-contentious issues in the technology, media and entertainment space. Services include the registration of trademarks, advice on and drafting of IP agreements, and representing clients in IP infringement lawsuits. The firm leads a project for the Government of Malta bringing together the various Malta-based legal and advisory service providers with a view to overhauling the current IP legal framework and providing solid and innovative legislative solutions to the IP industries, not least involving blockchain and digital currencies. The team also leads the firm’s privacy law practice, assisting all clients on their ongoing GDPR requirements, including data subject requests and investigations by the Information and Data Protection Commissioner. In the media space, the team regularly advises and assists, including through the legal representation in Court, key local players on legal matters relating to journalistic freedoms, freedom of information and defamation.

Competition/european law: Our competition and EU law practitioners have gained substantial recognition in this field, advising clients and public authorities in all industry sectors serviced by the firm and frequently also engaging in privatisations and public procurement processes. Besides regularly providing advice on antitrust issues affecting agreements between undertakings and abuse of dominance, merger control and State aid law, we often represent undertakings in competition investigations and litigation as well as merger notifications.

Construction: The firm has one of the leading international construction law practices in Malta with specialist focus on FIDIC contracts and construction arbitration. Lawyers practising in this area have specific academic qualifications in international construction contracts and construction dispute resolution. The firm has assisted developers, financiers, contractors and engineers in a significant number and across a wide range of large scale construction projects in Malta, from major infrastructural works, to waste management and recycling plants, hospitality, residential and marina developments. We also regularly assist in all matters relating to real estate and in the design and execution of procurement models for major construction works.

Department Name Email Telephone
Financial Services; Fintech and Blockchain Max Ganado +356 2123 5406
Insurance and Pensions Matthew Bianchi +356 2123 5406
Investment Services and Funds; Capital Markets Andre Zerafa +356 2123 5406
Banking and Finance Conrad Portanier +356 2123 5406
Investment Services and Funds; Fintech and Blockchain James Farrugia +356 2123 5406
Employment and Pensions Matthew Brincat +356 2123 5406
Banking and Finance; Fintech and Blockchain Leonard Bonello +356 2123 5406
Corporate and M&A Adrian M Gabarretta +356 2123 5406
Corporate Finance and Tax Stephen Attard +356 2123 5406
Corporate and M&A Nikolai Muscat Farrugia +356 2123 5406
Corporate and M&A; Fintech and Blockchain Simon Schembri +356 2123 5406
Shipping Karl Grech Orr +356 2123 5406
Shipping; Environment, Energy and Renewable Energy Jotham Scerri-Diacono +356 2123 5406
Shipping and Aviation Daniel Aquilina +356 2123 5406
Yachting; Corporate Finance and Tax Christine Cassar Naudi +356 2123 5406
Litigation and Dispute Resolution Louis Cassar Pullicino +356 2123 5406
Litigation and Dispute Resolution Stefan Frendo +356 2123 5406
Litigation and Dispute Resolution; Construction; Competition/European Law Antoine G Cremona +356 2123 5406
Intellectual Property, Media, Entertainment and Technology; Litigation and Dispute Resolution Paul Micallef Grimaud +356 2123 5406
Private Client, Trusts and Foundations Anthony Cremona +356 2123 5406
Number of partners : 20
Number of lawyers : 75+
Total number of staff : 150+
Lex Mundi

We at GANADO Advocates have always striven to connect and strengthen our ties with the Maltese community through varied initiatives. We feel it is our duty and our responsibility to give back to the community while earning our livelihood. Our values of integrity and excellence permeate this enterprise just as they are ever present in the professional engagements we take on. All of our professionals and members of staff participate in our commitment to the community with efforts being most often centralised to our Corporate Social Responsibility Committee.

We support a host of non-governmental players in their local and foreign initiatives by assisting them, on a pro-bono basis, with projects requiring legal advice or input. By conducting firm-wide fundraising events and initiatives we are also able to raise much needed funds which the firm often matches and contributes to community projects geared at a gamut of initiatives including the advancement of culture, arts and national heritage, the betterment of the quality of life of the vulnerable, infirm and less fortunate, the education of the community and, last but certainly not least, the safeguarding of the environment and of animal welfare. Our efforts also often take us physically outside of the office on various initiatives such as participation in external community fundraisers and environment clean up campaigns to name but two.

Our assistance, whether legal or in the form of financial contributions, has most recently also extended to aid in the education of underprivileged children abroad. We will, going forward, continue to ensure that our dedication to the community will not only focus on local needs but will also extend beyond our shores as it has done to date.

We are excited about what we do and about the future and also pride ourselves on being at the forefront of legal developments in Malta often proposing legal reform and also assisting Government with its implementation. We are also committed to assisting in the education and training of other lawyers and professionals. Ganado Services Limited, an affiliate of GANADO Advocates, founded the Institute of Legal Studies which has been enrolled as a Voluntary Organisation and is geared towards meeting the growing demand for information about law among the legal and commercial communities in Malta.

We all acknowledge that the range of human experience each one of us possesses embellishes our relationships with each other and with our clients. Our team is therefore open to people from all backgrounds and beliefs as we strive to create a diverse and inclusive professional environment. We ensure that as part of our daily interaction we treat each other with respect and welcome each others’ views and contributions.

Further details on our commitment to Corporate Responsibility could be found here: