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Commercial, corporate and M&A Tier 1

The ‘very experienced, knowledgeable and friendly’ lawyers at LOGOS utilise their ‘in-depth understanding of what domestic and international clients want’ in handling complex M&A deals. Ragnar Tómas Árnason and the team assisted Icelandic company Norvik with selling its timber industry companies in a number of jurisdictions. Thorolfur Jónsson advises on complex M&A transactions for clients such as Icelandair Hotels. Highly regarded for his corporate expertise, Guðmundur Oddsson, who is based in London, led on advice to Xantis Pharma on a number of acquisitions. The ‘very knowledgeableHeiðar Ásberg Atlason and Claire Broomhead are also recommended.

Dispute resolution Tier 1

At LOGOS, Helga Óttarsdóttir and senior associate Halldór Brynjar Halldórsson represent Norvik and Byko in the high-profile appeal of the Icelandic Competition Authority's decision regarding an alleged cartel. Practice head Ólafur Eiríksson is leading the team in defending Valitor against a claim regarding a payment gateway, where funds were collected for the whistle-blowing site WikiLeaks. Hjördís Halldórsdóttir represents Síminn in a case against Fjarskipti (Vodafone Iceland) challenging the legitimacy of an injunction in a wider dispute concerning the distribution of a television station owned by the client.

EEA and competition Tier 1

The competition team at LOGOS is jointly headed by the ‘very experienced and knowledgeableHelga Melkorka Óttarsdóttir and the ‘reliableGunnar Sturluson. Assisted by senior associate Halldór Brynjar Halldórsson, Óttarsdóttir is representing Norvik and Byko in an appeal challenging a significant fine for an alleged cartel. Other work includes acting for Síminn in an ongoing case before the Reykjavík District Court, which concerns claims for damages submitted by Fjarskipti for an alleged breach of competition law and involves unprecedented counterclaims.

Maritime and transport Tier 1

The highly experienced team at LOGOS provides legal services in the shipping and transportation sector for high-profile clients including the Icelandic Coast Guard and VÍS Insurance. Practice co-head Einar Baldvin Axelsson is leading the group in defending shipping company Eimskipafélag Íslands against cargo claims regarding the loss of frozen fish during carriage. Specialising in aviation law and aircraft finance, co-head Erlendur Gíslason is another key contact and represented Icelandair and Loftleiðir Icelandic in multiple complex matters.

Real estate and construction Tier 1

LOGOS successfully assisted a high-profile client with contentious issues regarding the construction of a factory and other properties. Benedikt Egill Árnason is acting for leading Icelandic construction company Íslenskir Aðalverktakar on multiple projects, including the expansion of the Keflavík International Airport. Practice head Hjördís Halldórsdóttir is advising on the interpretation of contracts regarding an urgent construction project. Erlendur Gíslason is assisting Jarðboranir (Iceland Drilling) with general matters concerning the company's operations worldwide as well as with negotiations of agreements concerning drilling services provided abroad. Other clients include major aluminium producer Rio Tinto Alcan.

Restructuring and insolvency Tier 1

With its sizeable insolvency and restructuring team, LOGOS acts on unprecedented restructuring matters for a wide variety of clients. Ólafur Arinbjörn Sigurðsson, assisted by senior associate Ari Karlsson, was recently instructed by the municipality of Reykjanesbær to advise on its financial restructuring resulting from debts incurred by the municipality. Heiðar Ásberg Atlason, who jointly heads the department with Guðbjörg Helga Hjartardóttir, leads the team in acting in bankruptcy proceedings involving Sjöstjarnan and Stjarnan, as well as in serving as court-appointed administrator for the estate of SS Hus. The ‘very competentÓttar Pálsson is another key contact.

TMT and IP Tier 1

Appreciated for their ‘ability to reach clients, listen to them and guide them’, the lawyers at LOGOS handle both contentious and non-contentious IP and TMT matters. Department head Hjördís Halldórsdóttir, assisted by senior associate Freyr Snaebjornsson, successfully represented Síminn—the largest Icelandic telecom company— in a landmark case concerning copyrights and media law before the Supreme Court; the dispute concerned the non-linear distribution of the television broadcast of TV station Skjárinn (now Sjónvarp Símans). Ragnar Tómas Árnason acted for Post and Telecom Administration in a case concerning a severe data breach. Specialising in IT and data protection, the ‘pleasant and very thoroughÁslaug Björgvinsdóttir imparts ‘a full understanding of the legal process, all potential outcomes and related costs’ to clients. Árni Vilhjálmsson is another key contact.

Banking, finance and capital markets Tier 2

LOGOS acts for an impressive list of clients including Domino’s Pizza Group and Deutsche Bank. Helga Óttarsdóttir, who jointly heads the department with Guðbjörg Helga Hjartardóttir and London-based Guðmundur Oddsson, took the lead in assisting Landsvirkjun with its debut US private placement in green bond format. Thórólfur Jónsson advised Kaupthing on the offering of Arion Bank’s shares in Iceland and Sweden. Benedikt Egill Árnason led a team handling complex financing arrangements for Síminn and Nordea Bank.

Employment Tier 2

At LOGOS, the lawyers are highly regarded due to their ‘superb legal skills’ and ‘complete understanding of the needs of national and international clients’. The team handles contentious and non-contentious issues for clients including Icelandair and aluminium supplier Norðurál Grundartangi. Practice head Ólafur Eiríksson advised Actavis on various employment-related issues, including the company's strategy before an imminent general strike as well as the rights of its employees in cross-border M&As. Eiríksson also represents several individuals in the appeal of a complex injunction case brought by their former employer, a large international management software solution company.

The firm: Established in 1907, LOGOS is one of the premier law firms in Iceland and is highly regarded for its international presence. The firm, which specialises in corporate and commercial law, advises both the international business community and domestic clients requiring international legal assistance. The LOGOS London office makes LOGOS uniquely placed as an adviser to both Icelandic businesses in their international relationships and to foreign businesses with interests in the Icelandic market.

Consistently highly praised by its many loyal and longstanding clients, the firm attracts Iceland’s finest legal talent and maintains its competitive edge with continuous investment in training and development throughout every lawyer’s career.

Areas of practice: International work: LOGOS has an outstanding track record in helping clients taking advantage of ever-changing opportunities in a range of industries in Iceland. The firm has also advised its longest-standing clients in relation to M&A as well as their more routine business transactions, outside Iceland.

Banking and finance: LOGOS is highly regarded for its performance in the banking and finance arena. The firm acts for a mix of domestic and international financial institutions as well as for corporate borrowers, providing high-quality advice on domestic and cross-border financing and securitisation, as well as regulatory advice.

Corporate finance and capital markets: with unrivalled experience in this field, LOGOS lawyers have advised a broad range of investors, including investment funds, pension funds and international investors. The firm advises on financing options, securities trading, loan agreements, banking and stock exchange matters, and has been involved in most of the biggest stock market listings and public M&A deals in Iceland to date.

M&A and corporate law: LOGOS advises a diverse range of clients operating across all industries.

Competition: a strong and highly regarded team advises on antitrust issues, including merger activity, an area of particular scrutiny in a small economy like Iceland. LOGOS has also been working on many cases in a related field, namely private enforcement relating to competition cases.

Employment and benefits: LOGOS provides practical employment and pensions law advice and support to corporates and employers, for example in creating syndicate agreements and employment contracts, and by representing clients in disputes with employees and other organisations.

Energy: with vast reserves of geothermal and hydropower energy, Iceland has attracted considerable inward investment and LOGOS has worked for most of the international corporations or financial institutions supporting these projects.

Financial restructuring: LOGOS has successfully advised a diverse range of clients on various restructuring projects, including creditors of Icelandic banks, private equity houses and other firms.

Insurance and tort: a specialised tort and insurance law team at LOGOS offers legal advice, representation and interest protection to its insurance company clients.

IP/IT and telecommunications: the field of intellectual property, information technology and telecommunications is one of LOGOS’ main strengths, and the same applies to data protection.

Litigation and arbitration: LOGOS undertakes all forms of dispute resolution, including complex multi-jurisdictional litigation and arbitration.

Property and real estate: LOGOS regularly acts on acquisitions and disposals of property portfolios, as well as dealing with construction issues arising from new-build projects.

Tax: the LOGOS tax team has unparalleled experience in the market and works on a wide range of matters for investors.

Maritime and transport: in the field of maritime law, LOGOS advises on matters relating to contracts of carriage, bills of lading, charter parties, freight forwarding, shipbuilding contracts, personal injury, cargo claims and cargo and hull insurance.

Department Name Email Telephone
Banking and finance Ottar Palsson
Banking and finance Thorolfur Jonsson
Capital markets Benedikt Egill Arnason
Capital markets Gudbjorg Helga Hjartardottir
Competition Gunnar Sturluson
Competition Helga Ottarsdottir
Construction Erlendur Gislason
Construction Hjordis Halldorsdottir
Contracts Aslaug Bjorgvinsdottir
Contracts Gunnar Sturluson
Corporate finance Gudbjorg Helga Hjartardottir
Corporate finance Gudmundur J Oddsson
Insolvency Olafur Arinbjorn Sigurdsson
Insolvency Heidar Asberg Atlason
Insurance Einar Baldvin Axelsson
Insurance Olafur Eiriksson
IP/IT Hjordis Halldorsdottir
IP/IT Ragnar Tomas Arnason
Labour Olafur Eiriksson
Litigation (civil) Heidar Asberg Atlason
Litigation (civil) Olafur Eiriksson
M&A Benedikt Egill Arnason
M&A Thorolfur Jonsson
Litigation (criminal) Helga Melkorka Ottarsdottir
Litigation (criminal) Ottar Palsson
Restructuring Bjarnfredur Olafsson
Restructuring Olafur Arinbjorn Sigurdsson
Transport Einar Axelsson
Transport Erlendur Gíslason
Tax Jon Elvar Gudmundsson
Tax Bjarnfredur Olafsson
Photo Name Position Profile
Mr Heidar Asberg Atlason  photo Mr Heidar Asberg Atlason
Ms Svanhvit Axelsdottir  photo Ms Svanhvit Axelsdottir
Mr Einar Baldvin Axelsson  photo Mr Einar Baldvin Axelsson
Mrs Aslaug Bjorgvinsdottir  photo Mrs Aslaug Bjorgvinsdottir
Mr Agust Bragi Bjornsson  photo Mr Agust Bragi Bjornsson
Mr Olafur Eiriksson  photo Mr Olafur Eiriksson
Mrs Aldis Geirdal Sverrisdottir  photo Mrs Aldis Geirdal Sverrisdottir
Mr Erlendur Gislason  photo Mr Erlendur Gislason
Mr Jon Elvar Gudmundsson  photo Mr Jon Elvar Gudmundsson
Ms Katla Lovisa Gunnarsdottir  photo Ms Katla Lovisa Gunnarsdottir
Mr Halldor Brynjar Halldorsson  photo Mr Halldor Brynjar Halldorsson
Mrs Steinlaug Hognadottir  photo Mrs Steinlaug Hognadottir
Mr Fannar Freyr Ivarsson  photo Mr Fannar Freyr Ivarsson
Mr Elvar Jonsson  photo Mr Elvar Jonsson
Mr Thorolfur Jonsson  photo Mr Thorolfur Jonsson
Mr Gunnar Jonsson  photo Mr Gunnar Jonsson
Ms Helga Hronn Karlsdottir  photo Ms Helga Hronn Karlsdottir
Mr Gudmundur J Oddsson  photo Mr Gudmundur J Oddsson
Mr Bjarki Olafsson  photo Mr Bjarki Olafsson
Mr Hlynur Olafsson  photo Mr Hlynur Olafsson
Mrs Helga Ottarsdottir  photo Mrs Helga Ottarsdottir
Ms Yr Sigurdardottir  photo Ms Yr Sigurdardottir
Mr Freyr Snaebjornsson  photo Mr Freyr Snaebjornsson
Mr Vilhjalmur Herrera Thorisson  photo Mr Vilhjalmur Herrera Thorisson
Mr Arni Vilhjalmsson  photo Mr Arni Vilhjalmsson
Number of lawyers : 54
Lex Mundi
Contacts : Thorolfur Jonsson (managing partner)
Contacts : Gudmundur Oddsson (head of London office)
Other offices : London

When it comes to human resources LOGOS appreciates diversity. The firm boasts of a diverse group of a strong, hard working and interesting employees who are determined and ambitious in their work. Our goal is to create a working environment where everyone has the chance to grow and prosper in their work and where there is space for different personalities.

LOGOS puts emphasis on continuing professional development and encourages employees to increase their knowledge and skills by attending courses, seminars and conferences. Employees are also diligent in sharing information, knowledge and experience within the firm.

LOGOS is a family friendly workplace. The aim of a family friendly workplace is to minimise the negative effects of pressure from work and increase flexibility, which makes the employees more capable of handling the demands of both work and family.