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Iceland > Banking, finance and capital markets Tier 1

Operating from Reykjavik and London, the banking, finance and capital markets team at LOGOS is jointly led by Thórólfur Jónsson and Óttar Pálsson. Counting Goldman Sachs and Barclays on its client portfolio, the group regularly handles substantial Icelandic DCM and ECM deals and also provides regulatory assistance on funds and borrowing mandates; it also recently established a banking task force which is aimed at lender clients. The practice also advises clients from the energy sector and attracts a significant amount of work from the aviation and technology industries. Securities specialist Guðbjörg Helga Hjartardóttir is another key contact.

Practice head(s):

Thórólfur Jónsson; Óttar Pálsson

Other key lawyers:


‘The team at Logos is one of the best in Iceland in this area. They have extensive knowledge of the topics, are thorough, responsive and solution driven. The partner is hands on and guides the team such that the demands of the clients are met. No other firm in Iceland is better than the Logos team in this area.’

‘Óttar Pálsson is the stand out partner. He is extremely knowledgeable, reliable and thorough. Great work ethic and solution driven. He pushes his team to be the absolute best.’

‘What makes this practice unique is its comprehensive areas of practice, expertise in a wide range of industries, many highly regarded partners and associates, professionalism and its offices in Iceland and London.’

‘Guðbjörg Helga Hjartardóttir provides in-depth work of excellent quality and “best in class” legal advice.’

Key clients

Arion bank


Goldman Sachs International

Deutsche Bank

Alfa Framtak

Crowberry Capital





Novator Partners

Verne Global Data Centres


New Business Venture Fund



Iceland > Dispute resolution Tier 1

Led by company law expert Heiðar Ásberg Atlason, the dispute resolution practice at LOGOS also features EEA and competition specialist Helga Óttarsdóttir as well as experienced litigators Ólafur Eiríksson and Halldór Brynjar Halldórsson. Covering both Iceland and the UK, the team has substantive experience before the Supreme Court, the Court of Appeal, EFTA and the European Court of Human Rights. In particular, the group regularly defends clients in large-scale investigations brought by the tax or competition authorities and bankruptcy claims; it recently advised HSBC on the collapse of LBI and the domestic legal requirements of a cross-border winding-up. The practice attracts a significant amount of work from key players in the banking, telecoms, retail and shipping sectors.

Iceland > EEA and competition Tier 1

Advising domestic and international clients in the retail, telecoms and fishing sectors, the EEA and competition team at LOGOS legal services is jointly led by Helga Melkorka Óttarsdóttir and Gunnar Sturluson. The group handles key issues including mergers, market dominance allegations and unlawful cooperation of undertakings cases, and advises on dawn raids, horizontal and vertical agreements, state aid work and private enforcements. In a notable highlight, the team secured a partial annulment of a fine given to Norvik and Byko relating to allegations of cartel behaviour. Halldór Brynjar Halldórsson is a key contact for competition litigation.

Practice head(s):

Helga Melkorka Óttarsdóttir; Gunnar Sturluson

Other key lawyers:


‘In-depth knowledge of relevant field of law, very good cooperation between partners in complex multi-legal-sector cases, very good understanding of the economy and different business.’

‘Halldór Brynjar Halldórsson. More in-depth knowledge of respective field of law then peers. He is able to find the hidden treasures in all matters and is willing to explore what lies behind the ordinary.’

‘In my opinion the team at LOGOS has extensive knowledge and experience in the field of EEA and competition law. They have been involved in most of the major matters that have come up in Iceland in recent years. They are responsive and solution driven.’

‘Gunnar Sturluson is one of the most experienced EEA and competition lawyers in Iceland. Helga Melkorka Óttarsdóttir also has long standing experience in this field.’

‘Well known and well respected firm in Iceland. They can serve ours needs both for the domestic market and our export market.’

‘Gunnar Sturluson has been our main contact and he has been outstanding in his service to us. Good consultations and deep understanding in our matters.’

Key clients

Siminn hf.

Norvik hf.

Byko ehf.

Valitor hf.

Eimskipafelag Islands hf.

Brim hf.

Ölgerðin Egill Skallagríms hf.

Arctic Adventures hf.

Icelandair ehf.

Tempra ehf.

1912 ehf.

Origo hf.

Iceland > Maritime and transport Tier 1

Einar Baldvin Axelsson and Erlendur Gíslason jointly lead the maritime and transport practice at LOGOS legal services, and specialise in shipping and aviation mandates respectively. On the marine side, the team handles cargo and salvage claims, vessel sales and purchases, and international shipbuilding agreements. For its roster of aviation-related clients, which includes Icelandair and Icelease, the group advises on aircraft acquisitions, leasing issues and finance work.

Practice head(s):

Einar Baldvin Axelsson; Erlendur Gíslason


‘Our relationship with LOGOS is about 15 years old and we have been with the same partner at LOGOS all that time. Their knowledge of our business and our firm is a great strength in my opinion, as well as being very responsive to our requests. LOGOS is highly respected in Iceland and it goes without saying that such a reputation is of course a great asset.’

‘Erlendur Gíslason’s support to our business in every way has always been very positive and professional in my opinion.’

‘Without doubt the Logos team is the best in Iceland for maritime and transport. Our experience with them as a customer has spanned years and the service has been at an exceptional standard all those years in various projects and smaller deals – all have been done with a top-standard approach and commercial understanding for the parties in the deal.’

‘Einar Baldvin Axelsson has been our main legal adviser over the years and is by far the best lawyer in his field in Iceland. We have been lucky to work with him in countless projects over the years and his legal assets have without doubt helped us tremendously in many complex cases over the years and have always been executed by Einar Baldvin and his time in best possible way.’

‘Einar Baldvin Axelsson is the leading maritime lawyer in Iceland, outstanding knowledge and excellent record in the courts, and above all great human being with highest respect.’

Key clients

Eimskip Island ehf.

Vatryggingafelag Islands hf.

Icelandair ehf.

The Icelandic Coast Guard

TVG-Zimsen hf.

Tryggingamidstodin hf.

The Shipowners P&I club

The Standard Club

Nes hf.

Air Atlanta

Atlantic Tank Storage ehf.

Air Iceland Connect

Icelease ehf.

Iceland > Real estate and construction Tier 1

Led by public procurement specialist Hjördís Halldórsdóttir, the real estate and construction team at LOGOS legal services handles transactions, property developments, commercial leases, financing work and tax issues. The group also has a strong track record in dispute resolution and successfully represented IAV in court proceedings against the creditor of a bankrupt estate. Benedikt Egill Árnason is recommended for energy sector work, while Erlendur Gíslason is the name to note for debt settlements.

Practice head(s):

Hjördís Halldórsdóttir


‘Very professional service. You will always get a very quick feedback on your requests and the tasks are directed to the people with the proper skills.’

‘Hjördís Halldórsdóttir is our key account lawyer in the firm. She has excellent know how within the Construction business and has been involved in lot of our claim cases as well as general contracting support. Prompt and professional.’

‘They are knowledgeable and accessible. Benedikt Egill Árnason and Hjördís Halldórsdóttir have been my main contacts.’

Key clients

Islenskir adalverktakar hf. (IAV)

Nordural Grundartangi ehf.

Rio Tinto á Íslandi hf.

Jardboranir hf./Iceland Drilling Ltd.

Landsnet hf.

Munck Island ehf.

Ístak hf.

Framkvaemdafelagid Arnarhvoll ehf.

Eignarhaldsfelagid Hornsteinn ehf.

B.M. Vallá ehf.

Björgun ehf.

Sementsverksmidjan ehf.

BS eignir ehf.

Járn verktakar ehf.

Litlafell ehf.

Government Construction Contracting Agency (Framkvæmdasýsla ríkisins)

Hraunbyggd ehf.

Eykt ehf.

Byggingafélagið Bakki ehf.

Klasi ehf. / Smárabyggð ehf.

Iceland > Restructuring and insolvency Tier 1

The team at BBA//Fjeldco advises clients on corporate restructurings and transactional and contentious insolvency mandates. Jointly led by Einar Baldvin Árnason and Gunnar Thor Thorarinsson, the practice counts Sports Direct, the Turkish Development Bank and Tommi’s Burger Joint on its diverse client roster. In a recent highlight, the group was involved in Icelandair's voluntary restructuring, a process which involved the participation of stakeholders and the national government. The practice recently welcomed Claire Broomhead from LOGOS and Páll Jóhannesson from SKR Legal Services.

The team at LOGOS handles issues relating to payment suspensions, bankruptcy proceedings, and voluntary and compulsory arrangements with creditors. Clients also benefit from the group's experience in advising on insolvent estates, distressed enterprises and the compulsory dissolution of companies, and leverages the firm's additional London office on cross-border matters. Led by contract specialist Heiðar Ásberg Atlason, the practice recently worked on Icelandair's restructuring following the impact of Covid-19.

Practice head(s):

Einar Baldvin Árnason; Gunnar Thor Thorarinsson

Other key lawyers:

Key clients

Eaton Vance Management

Alvotech and Alvogen

TBJ Group

Turkish Development Bank, World Bank

Nox Holding ehf.

Diversis Capital

Kvika bank hf.

Íslandsbanki hf.

ODDEG – Office Djiboutien de Développementde l’Energie Géothermique Retail Limited

The Collectivié de Strasbourg Metropole

Glitnir hf.

Arion Bank hf.

LBI ehf.

Kaupthing ehf.

Byr Savings Bank

Practice head(s):

Heiðar Ásberg Atlason

Other key lawyers:

Ólafur Arinbjörn Sigurðsson


‘This practice is well known and connected in Iceland. The teams consists of individuals with broad knowledge and good experience.’

‘Ólafur Arinbjörn Sigurðsson helped us to reconstruct our equities and debts. He successfully managed meetings with pension funds, banks and other institutions through a very difficult time in our history.’

Key clients

Icelandair hf.

Siminn hf.

Lyf og heilsa hf.



Pension Fund of State Employees

Arion bank


Estate of SS Hus ehf.

Baugur Group Estate

Origo hf.

Landsbankinn hf.

HSBC plc.

Barclays Bank plc.w

1912 ehf.

Iceland > TMT and IP Tier 1

IT expert Hjördís Halldórsdóttir leads the TMT and IP team at LOGOS legal services, which handles trade mark and patent litigation, and also has significant experience in data protection matters. Representing major clients in the entertainment field, the group also assists with copyright issues, counterfeiting disputes and franchising agreements. In a recent highlight, the group represented Síminn in a case filed by IHM claiming that a distribution package exceeded its original terms. Áslaug Björgvinsdóttir is a key contact for European IP legislation.

Practice head(s):

Hjördís Halldórsdóttir

Other key lawyers:

Áslaug Björgvinsdóttir; Steinlaug Högnadóttir


‘My experience is that the team’s knowledge is outstanding in regards to GDPR law. They work efficiently and are professional all the way. Their solutions have been highly regarded by others.’

‘I have been in contact with Áslaug Björgvinsdóttir and her associate Steinlaug Högnadóttir. All their work has been flawless, quick and professional.’

Key clients

Emmessis ehf.

Verne Holdings ehf.

Siminn hf.

CCP hf.


The Icelandic Broadcasting Service, Ríkisútvarpið

Marel hf.

Sigur ros

Arion banki hf.

Reykjanesbaer municipality

Iceland > Commercial, corporate and M&A Tier 2

At LOGOS legal servicesThórólfur Jónsson and Guðbjörg Helga Hjartardóttir lead the team in Reykjavik, while Guðmundur Oddsson heads up the London-based practice. Handling all aspects of commercial, corporate and M&A work, the team also acts on restructuring and refinancing mandates. With a client roster of listed corporates, the group is notably active in the fishing, automotive, technology and life sciences sectors; in a recent highlight, the team advised Klakki on the sale of the largest car leasing business in Iceland for ISK9.3bn.

Practice head(s):

Thórólfur Jónsson; Guðmundur Oddsson; Guðbjörg Helga Hjartardóttir

Other key lawyers:

Gunnar Sturlusson


‘The LOGOS team has exceptional skills and capabilities in all legal areas.’

‘Proven track record, highly skilled team, in-depth sector knowledge. Very scalable practice.’

‘Professional and personal service. Result driven.’

‘The Logos team provides relevant advice in a timely fashion. Besides their legal knowledge they also shows a great interest and understanding of our business and even the PR side when it comes to M&A activities and related regulatory areas.’

‘The managing partner, Thórólfur Jónsson, is most likely the most qualified lawyer in the M&A field in Iceland having managed several large transactions, both domestically and internationally.’

‘Guðmundur Oddsson has been my legal council and is excellent in every manner.’

‘The partner Gunnar Sturlusson has been a great support for us in our local M&A activities. His attention to detail, willingness and ability to understand our business and sound judgement have been much appreciated.’

Key clients

Brim hf.

Icelandair Group hf.

Origo hf.

Goldman Sachs International

Haugen Gruppen Nordic AS

CCP hf.

Verne Global ehf.

Frumtak slhf.

Kerecis hf.

Norvik hf.

Crowberry Capital ehf.

Olgerdin Egill Skallagrimsson hf.

1912 ehf.

Iceland > Employment Tier 2

The employment team at LOGOS legal services is led by litigation specialist Ólafur Eiríksson, and handles contracts, restructuring issues and disputes with employees; the practice also advises on remuneration schemes, work permits and collective bargaining agreements. Key sector strengths for the team include assisting companies in the aviation, fishing, pharmaceuticals, telecoms and finance industries; it recently represented Deloitte in a claim for unfair dismissal. Einar Baldvin Axelsson is the name to note for matters involving maritime workers.

Practice head(s):

Ólafur Eiríksson

Other key lawyers:


‘Ólafur Eiríksson has exceptional insight in all things both commercial and legal. Every aspect of the case was handled in very professional manner.’

‘Ólafur Eiríksson is the go to person for us at Logos.’

‘Total legal services that cover all aspects of the law, and good cooperation between partners in cases covering multiple legal issues.’

Key clients



So Tech

Verne Global


Veritas Capital ehf

Þór hf

Ragnar og Ásgeir ehf

The firm: Established in 1907, LOGOS is one of the premier law firms in Iceland and is highly regarded for its international presence. The firm, which specialises in corporate and commercial law, advises both the international business community and domestic clients requiring international legal assistance. The LOGOS London office makes LOGOS uniquely placed as an adviser to both Icelandic businesses in their international relationships and to foreign businesses with interests in the Icelandic market.

Consistently highly praised by its many loyal and longstanding clients, the firm attracts Iceland’s finest legal talent and maintains its competitive edge with continuous investment in training and development throughout every lawyer’s career.

Areas of practice
International work: LOGOS has an outstanding track record in helping clients taking advantage of ever-changing opportunities in a range of industries in Iceland. The firm has also advised its longest-standing clients in relation to M&A as well as their more routine business transactions, outside Iceland.

Banking and finance: LOGOS is highly regarded for its performance in the banking and finance arena. The firm acts for a mix of domestic and international financial institutions as well as for corporate borrowers, providing high-quality advice on domestic and cross-border financing and securitisation, as well as regulatory advice.

Corporate finance and capital markets: with unrivalled experience in this field, LOGOS lawyers have advised a broad range of investors, including investment funds, pension funds and international investors. The firm advises on financing options, securities trading, loan agreements, banking and stock exchange matters, and has been involved in most of the biggest stock market listings and public M&A deals in Iceland to date.

M&A and corporate law:  LOGOS provides legal advice and assistance on all aspects of purchasing and selling companies and businesses, often with a cross-border element. The firm  advises on both public and private mergers and acquisitions and advises buyers, sellers and lenders.

Competition: a strong and highly regarded team advises on antitrust issues, including merger activity, an area of particular scrutiny in a small economy like Iceland. LOGOS has also been working on many cases in a related field, namely private enforcement relating to competition cases.

Employment and benefits: LOGOS provides practical employment and pensions law advice and support to corporates and employers, for example in creating syndicate agreements and employment contracts, and by representing clients in disputes with employees and other organisations.

Energy: with vast reserves of geothermal and hydropower energy, Iceland has attracted considerable inward investment and LOGOS has worked for most of the international corporations or financial institutions supporting these projects.

Financial restructuring: LOGOS has successfully advised a diverse range of clients on various restructuring projects, including creditors of Icelandic banks, private equity houses and other firms.

Insurance and tort: a specialised tort and insurance law team at LOGOS offers legal advice, representation and interest protection to its insurance company clients.

IP/IT and telecommunications: the field of intellectual property, information technology and telecommunications is one of LOGOS’ main strengths, and the same applies to data protection.

Litigation and arbitration: LOGOS undertakes all forms of dispute resolution, including complex multi-jurisdictional litigation and arbitration.

Property and real estate: LOGOS regularly acts on acquisitions and disposals of property portfolios, as well as dealing with construction issues arising from new-build projects.

Tax: the LOGOS tax team has unparalleled experience in the market and works on a wide range of matters for investors.

Maritime and transport: in the field of maritime law, LOGOS advises on matters relating to contracts of carriage, bills of lading, charter parties, freight forwarding, shipbuilding contracts, personal injury, cargo claims and cargo and hull insurance.

Department Name Email Telephone
Banking and finance Ottar Palsson
Banking and finance Thorolfur Jonsson
Capital markets Benedikt Egill Arnason
Capital markets Gudbjorg Helga Hjartardottir
Competition Gunnar Sturluson
Competition Helga Ottarsdottir
Construction Erlendur Gislason
Construction Hjordis Halldorsdottir
Contracts Aslaug Bjorgvinsdottir
Contracts Gunnar Sturluson
Corporate finance Gudbjorg Helga Hjartardottir
Corporate finance Gudmundur J Oddsson
Insolvency Olafur Arinbjorn Sigurdsson
Insolvency Heidar Asberg Atlason
Insurance Einar Baldvin Axelsson
Insurance Olafur Eiriksson
IP/IT Hjordis Halldorsdottir
IP/IT Ragnar Tomas Arnason
Labour Olafur Eiriksson
Litigation (civil) Heidar Asberg Atlason
Litigation (civil) Olafur Eiriksson
M&A Benedikt Egill Arnason
M&A Thorolfur Jonsson
Litigation (criminal) Helga Melkorka Ottarsdottir
Litigation (criminal) Ottar Palsson
Restructuring Bjarnfredur Olafsson
Restructuring Olafur Arinbjorn Sigurdsson
Transport Einar Axelsson
Transport Erlendur Gíslason
Tax Jon Elvar Gudmundsson
Tax Bjarnfredur Olafsson
Photo Name Position Profile
Ms Elva Thora Arnardottir  photo Ms Elva Thora Arnardottir Main practice areas include Insurance and Torts, Employment and Benefits and Competition…
Mr Benedikt Egill Arnason  photo Mr Benedikt Egill Arnason Main practice areas are banking and finance, corporate law, corporate finance and…
Mr Ragnar Tomas Arnason  photo Mr Ragnar Tomas Arnason Main practise areas are corporate law, construction and real estate, financial restructuring,…
Mr Hrafnkell Asgeirsson  photo Mr Hrafnkell Asgeirsson Main practice areas include banking and finance, corporate and competition law.
Mr Heidar Asberg Atlason  photo Mr Heidar Asberg Atlason Main practice areas are banking and finance, corporate finance and capital markets,…
Ms Svanhvit Axelsdottir  photo Ms Svanhvit Axelsdottir Main practise areas are administrative and development law, employment and benefits, insurance…
Mr Einar Baldvin Axelsson  photo Mr Einar Baldvin Axelsson Main practise areas are maritime and transport, insurance, tort, litigation and financial…
Mrs Aslaug Bjorgvinsdottir  photo Mrs Aslaug Bjorgvinsdottir Main practice areas are IT law, including data protection and e-commerce, IP…
Mr Sigurbjorn Bernhard Edvardsson  photo Mr Sigurbjorn Bernhard Edvardsson Main practice areas are EU/EEA law, corporate and commercial law, tax law…
Mr Olafur Eiriksson  photo Mr Olafur Eiriksson Main practice areas are litigation, employment and benefits, financial restructuring and insolvency,…
Ms Linda Iris Emilsdottir  photo Ms Linda Iris Emilsdottir Main practice areas include corporate and commercial law, corporate finance and capital…
Ms Kristin Edda Frimannsdottir  photo Ms Kristin Edda Frimannsdottir Main practice areas include EU/EEA law, data protection, IP/IT law and Construction…
Mr Erlendur Gislason  photo Mr Erlendur Gislason Main practice areas are aviation law, construction and real estate, financial restructuring…
Mr Jon Elvar Gudmundsson  photo Mr Jon Elvar Gudmundsson Main practice areas are tax law, including corporate direct and indirect tax…
Ms Katla Lovisa Gunnarsdottir  photo Ms Katla Lovisa Gunnarsdottir Main practice areas are Corporate law, IT and IP, media and entertainment,…
Mrs Hjordis Halldorsdottir  photo Mrs Hjordis Halldorsdottir Main practice areas are adminstrative and development law, banking and finance, corporate…
Mr Halldor Brynjar Halldorsson  photo Mr Halldor Brynjar Halldorsson Main practice areas are administrative and development law, competition law, corporate law,…
Mr Arnar Sveinn Hardarson  photo Mr Arnar Sveinn Hardarson Main practice areas include EU/EEA law, Financial Regulation and Administrative law.
Mrs Gudbjorg Helga Hjartardottir photo Mrs Gudbjorg Helga Hjartardottir Gudbjorg has extensive experience in providing a wide range of legal services…
Mrs Steinlaug Hognadottir  photo Mrs Steinlaug Hognadottir Main practice areas are Data protection and EU law
Mr Fannar Freyr Ivarsson  photo Mr Fannar Freyr Ivarsson Main practice areas are administrative and development law, banking and finance, corporate…
Mr Kristofer Jonasson  photo Mr Kristofer Jonasson Main practice areas include banking and finance, corporate finance and capital markets,…
Ms Marta Jonsdottir  photo Ms Marta Jonsdottir Main practice areas include banking and finance, corporate and EU/EEA Law.
Mr Thorolfur Jonsson  photo Mr Thorolfur Jonsson Main areas of practice are banking and finance, corporate finance and capital…
Mr Gunnar Jonsson  photo Mr Gunnar Jonsson Main areas of practice are administrative and development law, competition law, corporate…
Mr Elvar Jonsson  photo Mr Elvar Jonsson Main practice areas are Corporate and commercial law, Tax law and Competition…
Ms Erna Leifsdottir  photo Ms Erna Leifsdottir Main practice areas include corporate and commercial law, banking and finance, corporate…
Mr Gudmundur J Oddsson  photo Mr Gudmundur J Oddsson . Partner, Head of London Office
Mr Bjarki Olafsson  photo Mr Bjarki Olafsson Main areas of practice are corporate law, and litigation and arbitration.
Mr Hlynur Olafsson  photo Mr Hlynur Olafsson Main areas of practice are banking and finance, competition law, corporate finance…
Mr Bjarnfredur Olafsson  photo Mr Bjarnfredur Olafsson Main areas of practice are administrative and development law, corporate law, financial…
Mrs Helga Ottarsdottir  photo Mrs Helga Ottarsdottir Main areas of practice are corporate finance and capital markets, competition law,…
Ms Yr Sigurdardottir  photo Ms Yr Sigurdardottir Main practice areas are IP and Copyright Law, Insurance Law, and Contractor-…
Mr Olafur Arinbjorn Sigurdsson  photo Mr Olafur Arinbjorn Sigurdsson Main areas of practice are banking and finance, corporate finance and capital…
Mr Freyr Snaebjornsson  photo Mr Freyr Snaebjornsson Main areas of practice are administrative and development law, corporate finance and…
Mr Gunnar Sturluson  photo Mr Gunnar Sturluson Main areas of practice are competition law, construction and real estate, corporate…
Mr Vilhjalmur Herrera Thorisson  photo Mr Vilhjalmur Herrera Thorisson Main practice areas are Corporate Law, Competition Law, European Law and M&A.
Ms Hrafnhildur Sæberg Thorsteinsdottir  photo Ms Hrafnhildur Sæberg Thorsteinsdottir Main practice areas are banking and finance, corporate and commercial law, corporate…
Ms Sigfrid Elin Thorvaldsdottir  photo Ms Sigfrid Elin Thorvaldsdottir Main practice areas including corporate, banking and finance, construction and real estate…
Mr Tomas Aron Viggosson  photo Mr Tomas Aron Viggosson Main practice areas include EU/EEA law, Insurance and torts and employment and…
Mr Arni Vilhjalmsson  photo Mr Arni Vilhjalmsson Main areas of practice are competition law, corporate law, energy law, European…
Number of lawyers : 54
Lex Mundi
Contacts : Thorolfur Jonsson (managing partner)
Contacts : Gudmundur Oddsson (head of London office)
Other offices : London

When it comes to human resources LOGOS appreciates diversity. The firm boasts of a diverse group of a strong, hard working and interesting employees who are determined and ambitious in their work. Our goal is to create a working environment where everyone has the chance to grow and prosper in their work and where there is space for different personalities.

LOGOS puts emphasis on continuing professional development and encourages employees to increase their knowledge and skills by attending courses, seminars and conferences. Employees are also diligent in sharing information, knowledge and experience within the firm.

LOGOS is a family friendly workplace. The aim of a family friendly workplace is to minimise the negative effects of pressure from work and increase flexibility, which makes the employees more capable of handling the demands of both work and family.


LOGOS is the largest law firm in Iceland. It advises numerous domestic and foreign companies on all aspects of corporate law, from the establishment of a company to its dissolution.

As a full-service premier law firm, with a dedicated team of employees working together to provide quality services for our clients and over 50 attorneys covering a broad range of practice areas, we can put together the team that best matches our clients’ needs in any situation. The competitive edge of the firm is the result of the systematic recruitment of Iceland’s finest legal talent and continued investment in training and development. LOGOS’ success is rooted in passionate commitment to our clients, as well as providing high-quality legal advice and services.

LOGOS has an outstanding track record in assisting clients in utilizing the ever-changing opportunities in a range of industries.

The firm has long standing experience in international corporate work, finance and M&A, aviation, shipping and regulatory matters such as competition law and tax, and both domestic tax and international tax restructuring. Through our 100-year history, we have built up international experience and work with leading law firms all over the world.

The experience and stability that we have gained over the years has allowed us to rapidly adapt to today’s business environment and will serve as a solid foundation to confront the challenges ahead.