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Clinical negligence and personal injury: claimant in Yorkshire And The Humber

Atherton Godfrey LLP

The clinical negligence offering at Atherton Godfrey LLP is co-led by Christopher Noble; head of litigation John McQuater has overall responsibility for both the personal injury and clinical negligence teams. Based in Doncaster, the team is increasingly active in complex, high value cases with recent highlights touching on cerebral palsy, spinal injury and amputation. Notably, the firm has an established reputation for its expert handling of child brain damage cases and holds a legal aid franchise for such claims. The practice is a member of the AVMA lawyers resource service as well as the Society of Clinical Negligence Lawyers. Diane Parker is head of personal injury; that team handles claims concerning industrial diseases, occupational deafness, slips and trips and accidents at work, and has access to colleagues who are fluent speakers in Punjabi, Urdu, Turkish and Polish.

Practice head(s):

Christopher Noble; John McQuater; Diane Parker

Other key lawyers:

Bob Allen


‘Top quality specialist clinical negligence practitioners, with great expertise and great people skills.’

‘A good, solid clinical negligence team with a star performer in its midst: Bob Allen.’

‘They all have attention to detail, care about their clients, and fight hard for them.’

‘Bob Allen cares more for his clients than any lawyer I have ever met.  He works hard, negotiates with honesty and insight and provides a first class service.’ 

Bridge McFarland LLP

At Bridge McFarland LLP, Lorraine Taylor and Leanne Keating are the respective leads of the firm's clinical negligence and personal injury teams. Taylor has experience in matters relating to birth defects, brain damage, cauda equina, gynaecology, pressure sores, inquest representation and infant loss. Keating's reputation has been built on its strength in specialist areas such as maritime and shipping, asbestos and mesothelioma. James Burrell is another key member of the practice.

Practice head(s):

Lorraine Taylor; Leanne Keating

Other key lawyers:

James Burrell; Staci Liversedge; Kerry Smales


‘A very positive aspect of working with this firm is that they communicate well on a personal basis. Communications are answered promptly and politely, and in a friendly manner. They are very professional in terms of turnaround time and quality of interaction. I have not had any problems in getting my invoices dealt with promptly and fully. In my experience they deal sympathetically with claimants and evaluate their claims accurately. Working with this firm has always been a pleasant and enjoyable experience.’

‘Staci Liversedge has been outstanding. Her knowledge, advice and attention to detail have been brilliant. Staci is approachable and easy to communicate with.’

Chadwick Lawrence LLP Solicitors

Based in Huddersfield, APIL accredited clinical negligence specialist Tony May leads the department at Chadwick Lawrence LLP Solicitors. Working solely on behalf of claimants and their families, the team has expertise in catastrophic cases linked to birth injury, brain damage (both adult and child), amputations, cauda equina syndrome, fatalities, cerebral palsy and delays in diagnosis. Associate solicitor Jacqueline Vance is another name to note.

Practice head(s):

Tony May

Other key lawyers:

Jacqueline Vance; Lauren Bullock; Michael Cotter


‘I have worked with many of the team at Chadwick Lawrence’s Huddersfield Office over many years and have found them to be very professional.’

‘They are very lovely and do a good job – professionalism, sensitivity, compassion, support and advice in the face of difficult situations that are stressful for their clients.’

‘Chadwick Lawrence are a very professional law firm, who can be relied upon to provide appropriate and efficient service in medico-legal instructions and ongoing issues arising from medico-legal reporting. They are friendly, supportive and a pleasure to work with at all times.’

‘Lauren Bullock is a kind, empathic solicitor who puts her clients’ needs first. Not only does Lauren do outstanding work as a lawyer, she is also very generous with her time, doing non-chargeable work. Lauren provides training to medics on medical negligence.’

‘Michael Cotter and Jacqueline Vance are both excellent.’

‘Michael Cotter at Chadwick Lawrence has worked with us for many years and has always been supportive and helpful. He is a pleasure to work with.’

Emsleys Solicitors Limited

The personal injury offering at Emsleys Solicitors Limited stands out for its 'Review My Claim' service, which breaks matters down into four distinct categories: under-settled cases, an instance where the client is unhappy with their solicitor, professional negligence issues and those which purportedly have no merit. Designed to ensure accident victims have all the information they need, the firm's approach is overseen by team lead Andrew Greenwood, supported by director John Hutchings and key associate Natalie MousaviClaire Williams was promoted to associate director in early 2020.

Practice head(s):

Andrew Greenwood

Other key lawyers:

John Hutchings; Natalie Mousavi; Claire Williams


‘John Hutchings is a prime example of  dedicated and tenacious pursuer of detail.’

‘Andrew Greenwood has provided exceptional advice and support for over 20 years.’

‘My main contact has been with John Hutchings who is always friendly, knowledgeable and efficient.’

‘Andrew Greenwood brings vast experience in serious injury work, legal ability, and gravitas to a case, along with a great bedside manner.’

‘John Hutchings  is a serious injury specialist who is tremendously efficient at progressing his clients interests and maximising returns for them.’

‘Andrew Greenwood is vastly experience in personal injury and undertakes heavyweight work. He has an excellent manner with clients from all backgrounds and is able to build a strong professional relationship with clients, putting them at ease and guiding and supporting them through often very stressful times.’

‘John Hutchings is a master of efficient case handling. He issues cases rapidly, cracks on with evidence gathering, and invariably manages to obtain a good settlement for his client.’

‘Natalie Mousavi deals with lots of tricky and high value cases beautifully.  She is always on top of her case, both knowing the relevant procedural and substantive law and having a firm grasp of the evidence. She brings cases to a satisfactory conclusion in a calm and sensible manner.’

Graysons Solicitors

The personal injury offering at Graysons Solicitors is led by Sheffield partner Peter Clark. Highly regarded for its expertise in disease matters such as mesothelioma, the team also handles asbestos related concerns and issues connected to industrial deafness. The clinical negligence side of the practice is directed by former midwife Carol Simpson, a specialist in illness or injury resulting from negligent medical care. Notably, the firm utilises scope retainers in lower value cases and has particular knowledge of Erbs, cerebral palsy, spinal, orthopaedic, ophthalmic and GP claims. Other key members of the practice are Belinda Lancaster, Nikki Yavari and Mark Fisher.

Practice head(s):

Peter Clark; Carol Simpson

Other key lawyers:

Belinda Lancaster; Nikki Yavari; Mark Fisher


‘Carol Simpson is a good head of department, dealing with a caseload including difficult and complex matters, and doing so effectively.’

‘Nikki Yavari is thoughtful, thorough and capable of handling complete cases, including fatal claims.’

‘Belinda Lancaster is very efficient and never overcomplicates cases.’

‘Nikki Yavari is a very experienced and highly professional clinical negligence practitioner. She approaches each case with enthusiasm and stops at nothing to get the best outcome for her client. She is friendly and a pleasure to work with, but fearless and efficient when dealing with opponents. She is exactly the kind of clinical negligence solicitor you want, friendly and practical, and fearless in the promotion of her client’s interest.’

‘I work with Belinda Lancaster who is very professional as well as efficient and caring and community focused. Belinda offers advice on a range of cases which may not necessary lead to claims for her. However, this is very important to us as a charity to be able to offer correct independent legal advice.’

‘Belinda Lancaster is great with clients and on top of all her cases.  She is extremely experienced is asbestos litigation, in particular involving miners.  She knows how to get cases over the line and get results for clients.’

‘Belinda Lancaster provides a very client focused approach to her work. Keeps clients up to date, communicates clearly promptly and without jargon.’

‘Mark Fisher is truly excellent at building complex cases. He has a calm thorough tenacious approach to realising the potential of cases, and goes the extra mile for every client. He has excellent client care skills – you are in excellent hands with Mark.’

Harrowells Solicitors

At Harrowells Solicitors, the clinical negligence and catastrophic injury team is led by Richard Wood. Continuing to receive complex instructions, recent highlights touch on spinal cord surgery, the management of pregnancy and birth, specialist procedures such as hip replacement, shoulder surgery and ophthalmology. In addition, the firm's expertise extends to complex head  injuries, the diagnosis and treatment of psychological damage and matters requiring clarification of liability. John Coulson is another key member of the practice.

Practice head(s):

Richard Wood

Other key lawyers:

John Coulson


‘An excellent personal injury department.’

‘Richard Wood is very impressive. At the top end of clinical negligence lawyers and as good as anyone nationally.’

‘The firm were extremely helpful and kept me informed at all stages of the claim. It was long and complex, but they persisted until they got the desired result. The staff were considerate and very helpful.’

Howells Solicitors

Michelle Gyte directs the clinical negligence offering at Howells Solicitors. A specialist in birth injury and fatal accidents, she oversees a team notable for its expertise in niche areas such as prison healthcare, inquests and the interests of secondary victims. Notably, the firm also covers matters arising from mental health care, purported violations of the Human Rights Act and supports families during inquests linked to the coronial process. The firm's personal injury team is led by solicitor Sharon Rinaldi; she is a member of the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers and has two decades of experience in this line of work.

Practice head(s):

Michelle Gyte; Sharon Rinaldi

Other key lawyers:

Jenna Kisala

Hudgell Solicitors

Jointly led by Chris Moore and Vince Shore, Hudgell Solicitors' clinical negligence offering covers a diverse array of matters such as surgical errors, and misdiagnosis. In addition, its expertise extends to the complexities of  delayed diagnosis, GP negligence and errors in dental work. On the personal injury side, the firm's Jane Woodcock oversees a team that handles catastrophic cases and places a strong emphasis on optimum rehabilitative support. The practice contains panel members of national amputee charity, the Limbless Association and works alongside local charity P.A.U.L For Brain Recovery. Chartered legal executive Helena Wood is another key contact for clinical negligence matters.

Practice head(s):

Chris Moore; Vince Shore; Jane Woodcock

Other key lawyers:

Helena Wood


‘Helena Wood is hardworking and able to deal appropriately and sensitively with difficult clients.’

‘Chris Moore and Vince Shore both have huge experience of maximum severity and other claims. They are both a pleasure to work with by dint of their friendly natures and the ease with which they pick up the most complex of issues.’

‘Chris Moore is very empathetic. I knew at once that he would oversee our case to the best of his ability.’

‘This firm has been more efficient than any other solicitors I have dealt with in the past.’

‘The team is great! They are very professional, reliable, transparent! We receive outstanding support. We receive monthly reports on a claim progress both by email and postal. We can call any time if we have any concerns or questions and we get answers on them.’

‘A leading practice in Humberside, with an excellent reputation for getting good results for its clients.’

‘Hudgell Solicitors are a pleasure to work with. They treat their clients (who can be vulnerable, understandably emotional and challenging in other ways) with care, dignity and respect. They communicate well – I would recommend them as a top claimant-friendly clinical negligence firm outside of London.’

‘For me, it is the personal interaction with the team that makes it unique. As we all know, the legal framework can be a difficult to understand and challenging to navigate. I find the team is very adept in simplifying the process and outlining what needs to be done and by when.’

Irwin Mitchell

Irwin Mitchell is in ‘a class of its own in terms of expertise and resources‘ and ‘deserves its reputation as a leader in its field‘. The medical negligence team is co-led by Julianne Moore in Sheffield and Sarah Coles in Leeds. Working with Tom Mather, Sarah Rowland, Rachelle Mahapatra and Rachel Roach, they offer huge expertise in complex, high-value claims and handle birth matters linked to cerebral palsy, spinal conditions, adult acquired brain damage and amputation. The team is described as ‘supremely client-facing, fighting fiercely for their clients but also being supportive and empathetic on a human level’. The ‘absolutely fantastic‘ personal injury team, which ‘handles the full range of cases from the individual to the most complicated group action‘ is jointly directed by Adrian Budgen in Sheffield and Sion Kingston in Leeds. Highly regarded for its work in asbestos cases, it has a substantive number APIL accredited individuals, including fatality experts. Other key members of the firm are Louise Jenkins, Carolyn Heaton, Rachael Aram, Tim Annett, Sallie Booth and Ian Toft.

Practice head(s):

Julianne Moore; Sarah Coles; Adrian Budgen; Sion Kingston

Other key lawyers:

Louise Jenkins; Carolyn Heaton; Rachael Aram; Tim Annett; Sallie Booth; Rachel Roach; Ian Toft; Tom Mather; Sarah Rowland; Claire Newstead; Helen Tomlin; David Withers


‘Julianne Moore is a brilliant leader and is top notch in her ability to engage with clients. She is tactically astute and fosters good working relationships with her opposite numbers.’

‘Rachelle Mahapatra has built up an impressive team by her professionalism and legal acumen, which now ranks as arguably the best in Yorkshire. She is highly approachable and always willing to give her time to help her junior colleagues develop their skills and specialism. Rachelle is recognised as one of the foremost practitioners in the area which has been built on an unending dedication to the interests of her clients. She consistently manages maximum severity litigation with adroitness indicative of a genuine seasoned professional – she is simply one of the best CN claimant practitioners in the country.’

‘Rachel Roach has vast experience  and laser-like intellect that identifies on a case quickly and effectively. She has a commanding presence and is a highly efficient negotiator who is not fazed by the tactics of defendant solicitors. Based on her specialism and broad knowledge, Rachel is a “lawyers’ lawyer”.

‘Louse Jenkins has huge experience and brings good humour and a light touch to all the cases she is involved in. David Withers is a new partner who is really innovative. He is always looking for new ways to bring and advance a claim, resolve difficulties and benefit his clients. He is a great motivator and a very good lawyer.’

‘Rachel Aram is absolutely dedicated to the welfare of everyone of her clients.  She has huge experience, and is a leader in her field.’

‘The catastrophic injury team led by Carolyn Heaton is absolutely fantastic – at all levels they outshine other teams and are completely dedicated to getting amazing results for clients. Carolyn is quite exceptional in how she nurtures the team and trains them to a really high standard in every aspect of the work. They are in a class of their own.’

‘Tim Annett is an outstanding lawyer who always made sure I understood the process and took the important decisions. He has an excellent knowledge on medical conditions and the complications that sometimes arise. Tim is compassionate, articulate and makes complex issues appear simple. He was by my side throughout the journey and provided valuable support.’

‘Helen Tomlin was always kind, sympathetic, patient and extremely professional in her dealings with us.’

Work highlights

  • Advised on a group action brought by over 200 former coke workers and the relatives of those who have since died, for various respiratory diseases and cancers.
  • Advised on an asbestos related claim for a client with malignant mesothelioma, an asbestos related cancer, associated with a very poor prognosis/no curative treatment.
  • Advised on a CICA grooming case involving a minor who suffered psychological injury.
  • Acted for a claimant who was born in poor condition with brain damage and developed hemiplegia cerebral palsy, associated learning difficulties and impaired vision as a result of negligence from the defendant.
  • Acted on a case which involved GP failure to diagnose a subarachnoid haemorrhage leading to claimant suffering a brain injury.

Minster Law Limited

The team at Minster Law Limited has particular expertise in road traffic accidents and motor-related personal injury.

Minton Morrill

The highly regarded medical negligence team at Leeds firm Minton Morrill - which 'delivers a Magic Circle quality of service with the comfort and reassurance of a small practice' - is led by the 'hugely experienced and capable' Simon Minton. With expertise in varied and complex matters, the team has a strong record of recovering multi-million pound damages in birth injury claims. Recent highlights have included cases concerning the implications of of an undiagnosed brain haemorrhage, septic arthritis injuries and a contested liability claim regarding serious brain injury. The firm also handles Court of Protection work (Julia Morrill is the name to note) and includes cerebral palsy specialist Sahida Patel and associate Guy Pomphrey, known for his work on cases involving fatal accidents.

Practice head(s):

Simon Minton

Other key lawyers:

Julia Morrill; Sahida Patel; Guy Pomphrey


‘This is a first rate niche practice. The USP for this firm is that in my experience it delivers a Magic Circle quality of service with the comfort and reassurance of a small practice.’

‘Guy Pomphrey is excellent – he has a good eye for detail and is very thorough, Clients love him.’

‘Guy Pomphrey – excellent with clients. Tactically astute. A delight to work with.’

‘Sahida Patel is at the top of her game. She skilfully delivers razor sharp advice with kindness and compassion. She is meticulously organised, measured in her approach and firm but fair with her opponents. I cannot recommend her expertise highly enough.’

‘Sahida Patel was my first point of contact during the initial stage of my case. Being so friendly and approachable made the task in question more manageable, she had a vast knowledge of all the medical and law side of my case which was tremendous.’

‘Simon Minton was friendly and easy to speak to. Extremely knowledgeable and I truly believe without him my case it would not have had the same outcome.”

I now work work with Julia Morrill on a deputyship and she has unquestionably made this daunting task, manageable. Her wealth of experience and knowledge has been invaluable, I hope to work with her for many years to come.’

‘Simon Minton – hugely experienced and capable solicitor dealing with birth brain injury and infant/child meningitis cases. Immaculate preparation, and fantastic client care. If this was your child, you would want Simon on your side.’

Pryers Solicitors LLP

Lisa Swales, Richard Starkie, Carmel Walsh and Robyn Hawxby lead the team at Pryers Solicitors LLP , which has ‘established itself a significant force in clinical negligence in York and the surrounding area.’ A specialist firm acting on behalf of of claimants, it has a strong reputation in matters relating to birth, brain and spinal injuries. In particular, it handles maximum severity cerebral palsy, complex neuro-surgical issues and the negligent execution of hip replacements. The offering also provides advocacy services for bereaved families at inquests and maintains a demonstrable focus on post-settlement support for the most seriously injured clients.

Practice head(s):

Lisa Swales; Richard Starkie; Carmel Walsh; Robyn Hawxby

Other key lawyers:

Tamlin Bolton


‘Richard Starkie is the stand-out partner. He is highly intelligent with excellent judgement. He is diligent in his research of medical literature on points that can turn a case. He is a tenacious advocate for his clients’ interests, and he leaves no stone unturned in pursuit of their claims. He also gives realistic, common sense advice to his clients in terms they can understand despite the complexity of their cases.’

‘Carmel Walsh and Robyn Hawxby are the partners I have worked with on difficult cases on which they have both done an exceptionally good job and got fantastic results.’

‘Richard Starkie and Lisa Swales are great partners. Starkie is a great legal brain and a master of product liability litigation. Swales has very good judgment, utterly realistic in her approach to a case, but pushes hard claims forwards and achieves results.’

‘Tamlin Bolton is a name to watch – she is a rising star.’

‘Robyn Hawxby is a long-established partner and specialist in CN who manages a significant caseload with a diversity of cases from birth injuries, oncological and neurological cases. She is highly organised, intelligent, and focused on the needs of the individual client and has impressive client handling skills. Robyn is also a tough negotiator and will stand up for the interests of the client to ensure that there is a beneficial level of settlement for vulnerable clients.’

‘Lisa Swales is a very capable and experienced lawyer, with a great track record of good outcomes for clients.’

Work highlights

  • Represented a deceased client in a medical negligence claim against an NHS Trust for poor management of bowel condition.
  • Represented a client for a dental negligence claim who underwent wisdom tooth extraction surgery without consent.
  • Represented a client for a medical negligence claim against a private surgeon who performed outdated shoulder surgery.

Ramsdens Solicitors LLP

At Ramsdens Solicitors LLP, team lead Natalie Marrison is recognised for her expertise in complex inquest work and abuse law. The team represents claimants who have sustained significant orthopaedic, brain or spinal injuries and has a focus on litigation linked to employers liability, public liability and road traffic collisions. Notably, practice members also act on behalf of survivors of abuse by individuals or institutions and work with survivors of domestic violence to secure awards from the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority. The firm has a growing focus on clinical negligence work, which Marrison also handles, and is building up a strong book of claims.

Practice head(s):

Natalie Marrison

Other key lawyers:

Rachel Sharp


‘Natalie Marrison is exceptional. She is highly motivated, hard working and provides effective leadership to her team. Rachel Sharp has excellent client skills and a quick mind. She is flexible in her approach and always responsive.’

‘Natalie Marrison is a solicitor of note, with a lot of experience across many areas of PI and abuse claims and leads her team diligently.’

‘Rachel Sharp is a fantastic solicitor in the team who really cares for her clients and looks to make a difference.’

‘Rachel Sharp is excellent. Without fail, her cases are thoroughly and professionally prepared with the client’s best interests at heart.’

‘Natalie Marrison and her team demonstrate a passion for ensuring their clients receive the best possible service and achieve their therapy goals. They understand the role of case manager and are always an active member of the multi-disciplinary team.’

‘The team are approachable, professional and diligent.’

‘This is a forward thinking firm. They are innovative and have a real team dynamic. The approach is tactical, collaborative and they are passionate about the work that they do.’

‘The solicitors are enthusiastic, proactive and think outside the box.’

Simpson Millar LLP

The national team at Simpson Millar LLP is led by Geoffrey Simpson-Scott in Teddington, with Kay Barnes heading up the practice in Leeds. Handling a niche caseload of birth, brain and maximum severity issues (including a recent matter regarding demyelinisation), the offering also covers Erb’s palsy, failed cervical screening, delays in cancer diagnosis, spinal injury and amputations.

Practice head(s):

Kay Barnes

Other key lawyers:

Jodie Cook; Julie Dudson; Sarah Holdsworth; Penny Stead


‘Jodie Cook is exceptionally able. I have been consistently impressed by her work. Her analysis, attention to detail and initiative have been absolutely first rate.’

‘Julie Dudson – a thoughtful, intelligent litigator who puts her client first.’

‘Kay Barnes – an effective solicitor and a good negotiator, someone you want on your side.’

‘Julie Dudson – she is a very experienced clinical negligence solicitor who has a great eye for detail. She manages expectations very well and then works hard to deliver a good outcome for a case, applying an excellent base knowledge and navigating the most complicated cases to a successful conclusion.’

Sarah Holdsworth is a thoughtful and considered lawyer. Analyses the medical and factual points brilliantly and identifies the ‘key’ points that unlock the winning cases. She has a particular expertise in claims concerning cancer treatment.’

‘Penny Stead is very informative and understanding.’

‘Kay Barnes: a brilliant, empathic, strategic, tenacious litigator, with perfect command of the technical medical issues in clinical negligence cases (she’s a former midwife). Clients love her: she really cares. Particular expertise in complex, high value birth injury cases. ‘

Stewarts Law LLP

At Stewarts Law LLP, clinical negligence matters are overseen by the 'hugely experienced and tactically excellent' Frank Pinch ; the team is known for delivering 'a true Rolls-Royce service'. With a strong reputation for its work on spinal cord, brain damage and other serious matters, this department is known for securing early interim payments to support clients with their rehabilitative needs. 'Phenomenal' Leeds office head Daniel Herman leads the 'exceptionally able and talented' personal injury team, which handles a range of domestic and international cases concerning loss of limbs/amputation, severe burns, orthopaedic issues and neurological cases. Ben Townsend, Warren Maxwell, senior associates Amy Fielding, Gabrielle Ross, Anna Higham, Chris Smith and legal director Rebecca Hill are other names to note.

Practice head(s):

Frank Pinch; Daniel Herman

Other key lawyers:

Warren Maxwell; Amy Fielding; Gabrielle Ross; Rebecca Hill; Chris Smith; Anna Higham; Ben Townsend


‘The only PI firm in the country that truly provides a Rolls-Royce service to its clients. Led by the formidable Dan Herman, with outstanding support from his other partners – particularly Ben Townsend and Warren Maxwell.’

‘The team are excellent litigators.  They achieve top results for their clients and take them on the litigation journey with a human touch.’

‘Stewarts are unique in the claimant clinical negligence marketplace, only taking on cases of maximum severity. As a result of focusing on high end work only, all of their team are hugely experienced in dealing with complex cases and the fee earners are able to dedicate all their energy to a smaller caseload rather than being overrun.’

‘Amy Fielding lives, eats and breathes her cases. Anna Higham has a sharp mind combined with an accessible manner.’

‘Warren Maxwell is a most highly regarded partner. He has wide experience in involved high value PI claims. He works tirelessly for his clients. He has wonderful client care skills and achieves remarkable results.’

‘Dan Herman – a phenomenal litigator. Also a great leader of the Leeds office.’ ‘Ben Townsend is able to see the bigger picture in a case but also knows that the detail counts. Chris Smith’s easy manner and hard work, together with a great relationship with clients, makes him a popular choice with many.’

‘Frank Pinch – the consummate clinical negligence lawyer: hugely experienced; tactically excellent.’

‘Gabrielle Ross is outstanding – she has a vast knowledge of spinal injuries, so is very good at explaining what the different terminologies mean both in law and what apples to your specific spinal injury.’

‘Rebecca Hill is really good on the numbers and technical claims. Always has a real eye for the detail.’

Work highlights

  • Representing a 72 year old who was left paraplegic after spinal surgery. A six-figure interim payment was obtained.
  • Representing a client in her early 50s who suffered a significant spinal cord injury after delay identifying and treating a spinal infection. The client has received spinal rehabilitation at a private centre funded through interim payments.
  • Representing a client who attended hospital with symptoms of an infection and back pain. After a number of hospital attendances, the client started to show signs of neurological impairment. An MRI scan showed an epidural abscess causing spinal compression. Secured interim payments for the client to be able to make adaptations to their property, and reached a favourable settlement.
  • Instructed to represent a 43 year old man, who was a passenger in a taxi which was involved in a high speed collision. Although liability was admitted at an early stage, the defendant’s insurer went into liquidation and so the case proceeded against the Financial Services Compensation Scheme. A settlement of more than £10m settlement was achieved.
  • Represented a 21 year old man who sustained a spinal cord injury. Periodical payments were agreed in addition to a lump sum, and the settlement was valued at in excess of £7.5m.

Switalskis Solicitors

At Switalskis Solicitors, Suzanne Munroe leads the clinical negligence team, which 'has developed into a major force in Yorkshire'. Mark Hollinghurst leads the brain injury and serious injury unit, while David Greenwood is head of child abuse claims. The clinical negligence team expertly handles cases involving neurological issues, Erbs palsy, still birth, amputation and inquest cases. The firm's expertise also covers traumatic brain damage, orthopaedic matters, amputations, fatal claims and Criminal Injury Compensation Authority applications. Other areas of specialism include road traffic collisions, cycling accidents and workplace incidents. Director Janet Baker, who is highly regarded for cases involving cerebral palsy, leads a specialist medical negligence team in the Sheffield office; director Sarah Tipton Walker and chartered legal executive Sian Morris are other key names to note.

Practice head(s):

Suzanne Munroe; Janet Baker; Mark Hollinghurst; David Greenwood

Other key lawyers:

Sarah Tipton Walker; Sian Morris


‘The team at Switalskis are hardworking and seem to do everything with a client focused and high ethical standard. They are champions for those who have been abused and mistreated. They speak truth to power and seek justice for those who have been harmed by the powerful.’

‘The team is led by Suzanne Munroe, who is wonderful and leads by example. The whole team is professional, hard working and approachable .The staff – from legal administration to paralegals and associates – are all wonderful.’

‘Suzanne Munroe is a highly respected team leader, and whose team has now developed into a major force in clinical negligence in Yorkshire. The team has excellent diversity and collaborates really well together, as the senior partners ensure that the more junior lawyers are well trained and gain as much experience as possible early on in their careers.’

‘Mark Hollinghurst is completely dedicated to his clients. Always in command of the detail and following up avenues that others might not.’

‘Fantastic client focused team who really deliver for their clients.’

‘Sian Morris is extremely capable in handling big and complex claims quietly and efficiently, but with great precision, and deft client management.’

‘Janet Baker is a without a doubt the most skilled and experienced specialist in cerebral palsy work in Yorkshire, if not nationally. She continues to run and win the most difficult cases.’

‘The Sheffield office is superb. It has gone from strength to strength during the pandemic and has retained its sense of purpose and cohesion.’

Taylor & Emmet LLP

Taylor & Emmet LLP fields specialist teams covering both clinical negligence and personal injury on behalf of claimants - the firm is regarded as 'a beacon of quality in a world of increasingly commoditised personal injury litigation'. The clinical negligence team led by Sheffield based partners James Drydale and Paul Fouad and draws on the firm's wider probate department to arrange trusts, wills and Court of Protection orders on behalf of clients. The personal injury team is led by Jonathan Stittle and handles a broad spectrum of matters concerning fatal accidents, industrial diseases and crime. In April 2020 Kathryn May joined from Sternberg Reed, where she was head of clinical negligence.

Practice head(s):

James Drydale; Paul Fouad; Jonathan Stittle 

Other key lawyers:

Kathryn May


‘Taylor & Emmet stand out as a beacon of quality in a world of increasingly commoditised personal injury litigation.’

‘Jonathan Stittle is poised, calm and authoritative. A skillful, knowledgeable and modest lawyer with excellent judgement and tactical awareness for whom client care is first and foremost.’

‘James Drysdale and his team have been fantastic since day one for taking on my father’s case. I have had clear communication and guidance throughout the whole case and no decision is made without my consent.’

‘A conscienscious team of lawyers – the recent arrival of Kathryn May has the potential to push them significantly upwards in terms of energy and flair, and commitment to clients.’

‘James Drydale and Paul Fouad are great.’

James Drydale heads up the clinical negligence team in the Sheffield office of and he brings a lot of experience, leadership and guidance. Paul Fouad is one of the up and coming stars of the team. I would not hesitate in recommending them in this area.’

Work highlights

  • Secured a settlement for a client who was misdiagnosed, resulting in a missed terminal cancer.
  • Acted in a case involving inadequate consent in relation to gynae mesh, resulting in further surgeries and significant ongoing pain.
  • Settled a case for £3.75m for a client in his 70s who suffered multiple orthopaedic and neurological injuries when he was crushed between a trailer and a moving vehicle, leaving him wheelchair–bound for life.
  • Acted in a claim for £500,000 loss of earnings (past and future) after the client suffered multiple leg fractures as a result of a very dangerous ‘tackle’ during a friendly football match.

The Asbestos Law Partnership LLP

The team at specialist firm The Asbestos Law Partnership LLP is made up of number of very experienced experts, all of who are APIL accredited occupational and disease specialists. Dealing exclusively with asbestos litigation, the practice works in collaboration with Mesothelioma UK and is known for being 'willing to take on difficult cases'. Paul Glanville, Fozia Hussain and Helen Wilson are the key figures at the practice - they are known for working together to 'ensure that the client gets the best service possible.'

Practice head(s):

Paul Glanville; Fozia Hussain; Helen Wilson


‘You could not find a better team for an asbestos disease matter.’

‘Paul Glanville, Helen Wilson and Fozia Hussain work very closely together as a team. Individually they bring flair and great skill to asbestos disease cases, and collectively they support each other and as a team ensure that the client gets the best service possible. Unsurpassed.’

‘Helen Wilson is so compassionate and helpful – nothing was any trouble. Always asked us before she did anything.’

‘Helen Wilson was always available and supportive. Providing sound advice and readily visited when needed to update on case progress.’

‘Fozia Hussain was both compassionate and highly competent and she consistently displayed strong character by displaying transparency in her methodology and decision making. Among other qualities, Fozia was friendly, empathetic, organized, and displayed a keen knowledge of the issue at hand. She was an excellent listener and asked questions in a tactful, considerate and gentle manner to ensure that she was getting all the information she needed.’

‘Paul Glanville is a leading light in occupational disease work with a long track record of success for his clients. Unparalleled expertise in asbestos disease litigation.’

‘Fozia Hussain is a determined and resourceful specialist disease lawyer. Hard working.’

Work highlights

  • Acted for the claimant in a reported case concerning the correct assessment of provisional damages in an asbestosis claim.
  • Acted for a Canadian client who developed mesothelioma after asbestos exposure with a Leeds based factory in the 1960s and 1970s. The claim was concluded within six months ensuring the client could have access to potentially very expensive medical treatment in Canada if necessary.
  • Successfully concluded a mesothelioma claim within three months of instruction with the client now receiving private immunotherapy treatment being paid for by the defendant insurers.

Thompsons Solicitors LLP

The key names at Thompsons Solicitors LLP in Yorkshire include Helen Shakespeare, Marion Voss, Phil Kyte and Mark Allen. Exclusively committed to the injured and mistreated, the firm is principally known for its work for trade unions – it has a commitment to never act for employers or the insurance industry – and has particular experience with industrial deafness and passive smoking cases, as well as a strong track record in asbestos matters and frequently acts on high-value claims pertaining to brain and spinal injury.

Practice head(s):

Helen Shakespeare; Marion Voss; Phil Kyte; Mark Allen


‘A very committed team who use their experience to optimize results for their clients. They are proactive with their case plans and have excellent systems in place to identify problems as they arise and resolve them.’

‘The PI team in Leeds is packed with experienced and skilled practitioners. They work incredibly hard to secure the best outcomes for their clients. The team work well together and have – as many have had to – adapted their style of working to the post-Covid world.’

‘Helen Shakespeare is very quick to identify and anticipate problems in clients cases, and take appropriate steps to deal with them.’

‘Phil Kyte is a real star and the person I would recommend to a member of the family or friend if they suffered serious injury. You know your case is in safe hands. He has an excellent client friendly demeanour and immediately puts a clients at ease. He is bright and takes the right points in litigation. He is a formidable opponent and runs a heavy caseload successfully with the minimum of fuss.’

‘Marion Voss gets great results for her clients.’

Wake Smith Solicitors Limited

Wake Smith Solicitors Limited's clinical negligence team has a track record of work on cases concerning neuro-disability, fatalities, cancer, cosmetic surgery, surgical injury and breaches of the European Convention on Human Rights. The firm is particularly experienced in all aspects of alternative dispute resolution and places a strong emphasis on mediation. Led by Royal Society of Medicine fellow Terry Regan, the team also includes group litigation specialist John Vallance, key associate Kate Lax and APIL member Scott Haslam, who was promoted to director in October 2020.

Practice head(s):

Terry Regan

Other key lawyers:

John Vallance; Holly Dobson; Kate Lax; Scott Haslam


‘Scott Haslam is an experienced and effective solicitor who has experience of a wide range of cases and is particularly adept at handling cases involving alleged negligence in care/nursing homes. He is respected by clients and opponents alike for his realistic and down-to-earth approach.’

‘John Vallance is an extremely experienced and knowledgeable clinical negligence solicitor. I have always found him to be extremely thoughtful, tactically astute and extremely thorough in his preparation of the case. John is also very calm, sensible and inspires confidence.’

‘Kate Lax was brilliant. She really took the time to understand our case and worked hard to ensure we understand all points she raised. She was able to recommend things to us that we hadn’t even considered and allowed us to receive some closure on a painful and sad experience. She was professional at all times whilst being friendly and empathetic. I am so pleased we chose to work with her.’

John Vallance: impressively diligent and conscientious solicitor, a delight to work with.’

‘Scott Haslam – a very bright, knowledgeable and hard working solicitor with a great sense of humour. He never gets flustered and always adheres to the highest standards of practice. Scott really is a stand out star in this area of practice. He is one to watch out for now and in the future. He has gained considerable experience and is able to readily handle cases of the utmost complexity.’

‘Kate Lax – very bright and hardworking but also very down to earth. Kate is a formidable opponent and is a pleasure to work with on complex clinical negligence cases.’

‘Scott Haslam is a pleasure to deal with.’

‘Terry Regan is impressive.’

Work highlights

  • Succeeded in recovering damages of £12m in an action against an NHS Trust for a claimant who suffered cerebral palsy as a result of negligence.
  • Advised a claimant and successfully recovered damages of £17m.
  • Succeeded in a multi-million pound claim for a claimant experiencing an amputation of the leg.