Leading Individuals: LEAD COUNSEL

Chandaka Jayasundere PC
Harsha Cabral PC
Harsha Amarasekera PC
K Kanag-Isvaran PC
Nihal Fernando PC
Romesh de Silva PC
Sanjeeva Jayawardena PC
Shanki Parathalingam PC

Lead counsel in Sri Lanka

President's Counsel (PC) is a professional qualification bestowed by the President of Sri Lanka, which distinguishes eminent lawyers. It replaced the practice of nominating Queen's Counsel (QC) in 1972, when Sri Lanka became a republic. Chandaka Jayasundere PC stands out for his expertise in local and international arbitration proceedings. Arbitrator K Kanag-Isvaran PC garners praise for his strength in banking and finance matters. Nihal Fernando PC is another prominent figure in the finance and corporate sphere. Acclaimed commercial litigator Romesh de Silva PC is noted for his experience in corruption cases brought by law enforcement agencies. The well-regarded Harsha Cabral PC, whose specialisms encompass IP and international trade law, is a member of the ICC International Court of Arbitration. Other highly recommended figures include Shanki Parathalingam PC and Harsha Amarasekera PC, who have wide practices in both the first-instance and appellate courts. Sanjeeva Jayawardena PC is an appeal specialist who undertakes commercial appeal matters in addition to his main area of practice in the Writ Court.