Clinical negligence: claimant in South West

Barcan+Kirby LLP

Barcan+Kirby LLP is headed by the ‘intelligent, perceptive and thoroughRichard Harries, whose experience involves handling clinical negligence claims arising from obstetric and spinal injuries. The practice is also active in respect to fatal cases and inquests. The firm also acts on claims made on behalf of children with cerebral palsy resulting from negligence at or around the time of birth. Other clients involve elderly and vulnerable clients as well as claimants with severe injuries including those who suffered lower limb amputations and serious orthopaedic injuries.

Practice head(s):

Richard Harries


Barcan+Kirby LLP is exceptional with its depth of knowledge, customer handling skills and ability to bring in the right experts to deliver the case results needed to provide the right support

The practice delivers on time and to the highest quality of result. It remains honest and clear in terms of what can be delivered and by when

This is a well-resourced and well-supported team involving solicitors and senior solicitors with excellent experience in this field

It has real strength in depth which allows it to handle the entire range of clinical negligence cases for claimants. It is an outstanding firm, with the younger members of the firm being well trained and academically bright. This will ensure the firm’s fine reputation to endure for years to come

Enable Law

Enable Law, the standalone clinical negligence practice of Foot Anstey, advises on the settlement of maximum severity cases. Andrew Hannam is experienced in investigating and litigating clinical negligence cases, particularly those linked to birth injury, cerebral palsy claims and brain injuries. The firm also handles clinical negligence claims linked to the management of orthopaedic injuries. The practice acts for parents in cases involving stillbirths and neonatal deaths. Laurence Vick specialises in child cardiac surgery claims.

Practice head(s):

Robert Antrobus

Other key lawyers:

Andrew Hannam; Laurence Vick

Irwin Mitchell

Irwin Mitchell is headed by Julie Lewis, who specialises in birth injury and brain injury cases such as meningitis and cancer, as well as in claims relating to inadequate surgery. The practice is also experienced in handling obstetric cases and those related to a delay in diagnosis leading to severe spinal or brain damage. The practice typically acts in claims against hospitals, general practitioners and other health professionals.

Practice head(s):

Julie Lewis

Work highlights

  • Successfully advised following the suicide of the deceased individual and proved that it could have been prevented with appropriate mental health support and provision.
  • Successfully advised following failings in providing paramedic assistance for six hours during which delay the deceased individual suffered fatal injuries.

Royds Withy King

Royds Withy King handles a wide range of clinical negligence claims, which particularly involves dental negligence claims. The ‘first rate practitionerPaul Rumley has a particular specialism in cerebral palsy, wrongful birth and spinal injury claims. Other areas of expertise involve obstetric and fertility cases as well as claims arising from amputations of limbs due to negligent medical treatment and undetected congenital defects, cardiology claims and delays in the diagnosis of cancer.

Practice head(s):

Simon Elliman

Other key lawyers:

Paul Rumley


The practice has a very successful Dental Negligence department

Highly knowledgeable expert medical negligence team

Each case gets continuous attention from start to finish

The team members of this firm are easily contactable and very helpful

The firm is dedicated to client care with an outstanding professionalism through the clinical negligence team

The team brings real expertise in handling a complete range of medical negligence cases, from lower value and dental negligence claims through to catastrophic brain and spinal injuries

The practice deals with the most complex of cases often involving difficult causation issues and looks for every conceivable angle to ensure the best outcome for its clients

This is one of the leading firms in this field nationally and with particular expertise in catastrophic brain injury claims and obstetric birth injuries. It is a top-ranking firm which deserves its high reputation – excellent

The team at Royds Withy King is exceptional for its strength in depth, its intellectual fire power and for the astonishing quality of its output, extending to every last detail

This is a very organised and knowledgeable team of solicitors.  It has a very good understanding of the issues raised and is very proactive in obtaining the best outcome for the clients

The key strengths of Royds Withy King are its professionalism, competence, integrity and compassion

The firm is always happy to give advice or discuss matters during preparation of reports

Paul Rumley is a leading practitioner whose attention to detail is second to none

Paul Rumley is quite simply the best clinical negligence practitioner in the business. He has an intellectually formidable brain. His determination to get to the right result is irresistible. Not surprisingly, his clients love him

Work highlights

  • Advised on undiagnosed and untreated group B streptococcus meningitis.
  • Advised a child who suffered with quadriplegic cerebral palsy following his birth.
  • Advised on claim arising from the delayed treatment of a rare metabolic genetic condition.
  • Advised on a claim arising from a grade IV sacral pressure sore, leading to a decline in the client’s independence and ability to care for himself.
  • Advised on a clinical negligence claim arising from a delay in the diagnosis and treatment of cauda equina syndrome.

Clarke Willmott LLP

Clarke Willmott LLP handles cases relating to orthopaedic claims, delays in diagnosis of cancer, as well as clinical negligence cases linked to birth injuries and brain diseases such as meningitis and encephalitis. The practice is also experienced in handling stillbirth and neonatal fatal claims. Another area of expertise is litigations arising from sperm destruction claims and loss of fertility.

Practice head(s):

Chris Thorne; Kerry Fifield


This team take on difficult, complex cases and deal with them to a very high standard with excellent results

A very knowledgeable and competent clinical negligence team

Work highlights

  • Advised on a claim arising from a late diagnosis of a spinal fracture.
  • Advised on a claim for damages for GP’s failure to diagnose and treat symptoms which subsequently led to a major stroke.
  • Advised on damages action arising from a clinical failure to advise properly in relation to the post-operative management of a fracture resulting in failure of repair and permanent damage to growth plate.
  • Advised on a claim arising from a delayed treatment of a cyst which led to cancer.
  • Advising on a clinical negligence claim resulting from a delay in the diagnosis of a femoral hernia.

Thompsons Solicitors LLP

Thompsons Solicitors LLP is experienced in handling litigations and claims arising from cerebral palsy, cauda equina, amputations, fatalities, delayed diagnoses of cancer, as well as negligent childbirth measures and the wrongful treatment of stroke. Other significant cases involve scaphoid fractures, hernia cases and orthopaedic cases such as surgical errors. Key clients include private clients as well as trade union members.

Practice head(s):

Cathryn Davies


Thompsons is a highly experienced firm of clinical negligence lawyers. The team fights hard for justice and is immensely popular with clients.

A strong team that ia well-led. It has an empathetic attitude towards clients.

A very friendly, personable and professional team of knowledgeable clinical negligence practitioners. It is the leading claimant focused clinical negligence team in the south west of England. It achieves great results for clients.

A well established and well-known claimant firm with strong trade union connections and therefore expertise in employers’ liability clinical claims.

As a trade union firm representing claimants as opposed to defendants, the firm understands and shares the goals and aims of unions, delivering robust and expert representation to members. In addition, the firm provides education and support to union members and representatives around the tricky and often complex issue of clinical negligence.

Key clients

Unite the Union


Public and Commercial Services Union

Fire Brigade Union


Royal College of Midwives


Royal College of Nurses

National Union of Journalists

Work highlights

  • Advised on a £150k claim arising from the wrongful treatment of a stroke.
  • Advised on a claim arising from the failure to identify a perforated diverticular abscess leading to colostomy.
  • Advising on the investigation of potential clinical negligence leading to suicide.
  • Advising on a claim arising from substandard surgery.

Tozers Solicitors LLP

Tozers Solicitors LLP is experienced in assisting with injury claims involving brain damage such as meningitis and cerebral palsy caused during birth or in the neonatal period. The firm also handles claims in relation to autism caused by negligence. Other cases involve spinal injury claims such as cauda equina, infection claims and clinical negligence leading to immobility, incontinence, pain and depression.

Practice head(s):

Endurance Arthur; Stuart Bramley

Work highlights

  • Advised on a claim arising from a late diagnosis of shoulder dystocia during birth.
  • Advised on a claim arising from an injury caused during birth.
  • Advised on a claim arising from a delay in diagnosis of cancer.
  • Advised on a claim involving substandard treatment by a respite centre.

Trethowans LLP

Trethowans LLP has expertise in handling spinal injury claims and cases that involve cerebral palsy, birth injury cases, misdiagnoses, delayed diagnoses of cancer, negligently performed surgery as well as negligently treated medical conditions. Other claims are related to amputations as well as multiple fractures. The firm assists with the investigation of the relationship between breach of duty, causation and quantum.

Practice head(s):

Clare Carter

Coles Miller Solicitors LLP

Coles Miller Solicitors LLP advises on brain and catastrophic injury cases, which involve cauda equina, vascular problems leading to amputation as well as mismanaged labour and ectopic pregnancy. The firm also handles cases related to delayed diagnosis of strokes, substandard hysterectomies, delayed diagnosis of appendicitis, as well as bowel, bladder and gastrointestinal injuries. Other claims arise from fertility issues and cerebral palsy.

Practice head(s):

Adrian Cormack; David Simpson


The firm is highly competent at the work it does. It has a good understanding of the issues of a case and what the evidence needs to address. Also, the team is very good at communicating with clients and manages them throughout the case

Work highlights

  • Advised on a £35,000 claim arising from an erroneous treatment of inverted uterus during childbirth.
  • Advised on a £75,000 claim arising from an erroneous knee operation.

Coodes Solicitors

Coodes Solicitors handles claims for families following patient fatalities, as well as misdiagnoses and negligence relating to obstetrics, gynaecology and childbirth. This involves claims relating to cerebral palsy, stillbirths, neonatal deaths and birth injury claims. The firm also handles claims arising from surgical error, substandard midwifery and negligent nursing care. The practice equally deals with inquests involving mental health issues and preventable suicides of psychiatric patients.

Practice head(s):

Rachel Pearce


The firm is characterised by effective communication that delivers responsive clarity to the objective

The firm has strong local knowledge and expertise

A very friendly down-to-earth firm that makes one feel comfortable at any level

The practice is emphatic towards the situation that is being dealt with at the time

The firm has excellent communication skills and is very supportive

Work highlights

  • Advised on a claim arising from an incorrectly administered drug.
  • Advised on a fatal claim for statutory bereavement damages and dependency.
  • Advised on a claim relating to unnecessary treatment.
  • Advised on a claim relating to a breach of duty.
  • Advised on a claim against a hospital following complications after avoidable procedures.

Dutton Gregory LLP

Dutton Gregory LLP is experienced in handling litigations and claims arising from vascular injury, negligent nursing care, dental injuries, the delayed treatment of cancer, as well as the negligent treatment of cancer. The firm has also expertise in handling cases relating to head injuries, amputations, spinal injuries and cerebral palsy. Another significant area of expertise is stillbirth and birth injury cases.

Practice head(s):

Carol Maunder


Both lawyers and support staff work hard to provide a good service for their clients by ensuring the expert witness is provided with all the necessary details of the case. They are also very supportive of the medical experts. This firm will follow through with cases where there is a definite case but do not prolong cases and give false hope to their clients

The team works extremely hard for its clients, is friendly and easy to work with, and operates in a very professional manner

A good all-round team that is very good with clients, enthusiastic and ready to take on difficult cases

Dutton Gregory provides an excellent, friendly service to a broad range of personal injury clients.  It has the capacity to deal with everything from low-value claims to those dealing with injuries of the utmost severity.  But whatever the claim, the client always comes first – and the team is conscientious, patient, and compassionate

The firm has always shown a complete understanding of the complexities and problems of working with the agencies such as expert witnesses

The solicitors are very professional whilst at the same time approachable

Work highlights

  • Advised on a £100,000 claim arising from complications leading to brain haemorrhage.
  • Represented on a clinical negligence settlement of £30,000.
  • Represented on a clinical negligence settlement of £700,000.
  • Represented on a clinical negligence settlement of £480,000.
  • Represented on a clinical negligence settlement of £300,000.

NewLaw Solicitors

NewLaw Solicitors has experience in handling claims in the fields of birth injury, child and adult brain injury, oncology, spinal injury and amputation claims. Other claims the practice deals with arise from dental negligence, delays in the diagnosis of cancer, plastic surgery claims and diabetes claims. The firm has a cooperation with the Child Brain Injury Trust, Action against Medical Accidents and the Spinal Injury Association.

Practice head(s):

Nicola Edwards

Other key lawyers:

Tina Ashley

Work highlights

  • Cerebral palsy case following delay in delivery.
  • Substandard management and treatment of a ruptured Achilles Tendon in a professional sportsman.
  • A fatal case following a delay to diagnose acute Promyelocytic Leukaemia leading to premature death.
  • Bowel injury following colonoscopy resulting in permanent stoma.
  • Drug overdose causing the death of a three-year-old boy.

Slee Blackwell

Slee Blackwell assists with claim recovery cases arising from birth and gynaecological injuries, cosmetic surgery negligence, negligent genital operations as well as wrong treatment decisions linked to insufficient communication between patients and the medical team. The firm is also experienced in handling litigations in connection with the poor provision of medical information regarding the risk of specific treatments and operations.

Practice head(s):

Oliver Thorne


Oliver Thorne handles claims diligently and with utmost professionalism.

Work highlights

  • Advised on a £100k claim arising from a premature gynaecological operation.
  • Advised on a £10k claim arising from pancreatitis due to insufficient communication between the patient and the medical team.
  • Advised on a £30k claim arising from the insufficient provision of information regarding the risk of a surgical treatment.
  • Advised on a £45k claim arising from inadequate action taken to decrease the pressure to the back of the patient’s eye.
  • Advised on six clinical negligence claims against one cosmetic surgeon in respect to failed rhinoplasty procedures.

Wards Solicitors LLP

Wards Solicitors LLP advises on claims arising from the delayed diagnosis of cancer, failure to identify and repair nerve and tendon damage to body parts, negligent surgery for haemorrhoids, claims for bowel perforation in surgery, as well as substandard surgeries and treatments leading to death. Other litigations involve cases of inadequate provision of antenatal care, resulting in trauma and development of post-natal depression.

Practice head(s):

Alison Underhill


The firm is committed to client are and offers an efficient management of claims. Alison Underhill is highly recommended.

Work highlights

  • Advising on a claim arising from delayed diagnosis of cancer.
  • Advised on a claim arising from the incorrect reporting of an x-ray.
  • Advised on a claim arising from insufficient protection leading to an assault by a different patient on the claimant.
  • Advised on a claim arising from damages caused by a prescription error.