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Leading Silks

Michael Ford QC - Old Square ChambersA tenacious advocate - he wants to win, and usually does.

Leading Juniors

Julian Allsop - Guildhall ChambersActs for both defendants and respondents in a wide range of cases.
James Bromige - Queen Square ChambersHe has a very quick mind and an almost encyclopaedic knowledge of employment law and procedure.
Sarah Clarke - 3PBFearless and great at cutting through the irrelevant and focusing her cross-examination on the core issues.
Daniella Gilbert - Pump Court ChambersIndefatigable, she thinks round corners.
Gareth Graham - 3PBVery strong in cross-examination with an ability to think quickly and hone on on the weaknesses of an opponent's witness.
Debbie Grennan - Guildhall ChambersVery impressive on her feet - a joy to watch in action.
Spencer Keen - Old Square ChambersA measured yet persuasive presence in court with experience at every tier of court.
Toby Kempster - Old Square ChambersBrings a highly strategic and pragmatic approach to cases.
Douglas Leach - Guildhall ChambersIn advocacy he is clear, precised and measured - he doesn't miss a trick, and is good with clients too.
Jack Mitchell - Old Square ChambersVery knowledgeable in the area of employment law and whistle blowing.
Heather Platt - Pump Court ChambersDown-to-earth, not too wordy, calm and considered.
Allan Roberts - Guildhall ChambersAn extremely capable and persuasive advocate.
Gary Self - Pump Court ChambersA fountain of knowledge and able to think quickly on his feet, his cross-examinations are outstanding.
Nicholas Smith - Guildhall ChambersSolicitors see the opposition case crumble in the face of his cross-examination.
Mike Blitz - Queen Square ChambersAlways well-prepared, knowledgeable and personable.
Matthew Curtis - 3PBAs an advocate, he is a calm, deliberate and extremely effective persuader.
Tim Dracass - Pump Court ChambersHe quickly gets to grips with the detail of the matter and identifies the key strengths and weaknesses of the case.
Kerry Gardiner - Guildhall ChambersClient-friendly, she is quick to analyse the issues and provide clear and commercial advice.
Barnaby Large - No.18 Barristers Chambers Able to adeptly hone in on the pertinent points of each case.
Kara Loraine - Old Square ChambersAn enthusiastic and conscientious counsel who is unafraid to roll her sleeves up and get stuck in.
Craig Ludlow - 3PBHis advocacy is impressive, deftly executed and instills confidence in the client and, importantly, the judge.
Andrew MacPhail - 3PBVery good with clients.
Melanie Tether - Old Square ChambersAble to digest complex facts into pleadings and related documents of the highest quality.
Mark Williams - Queen Square ChambersCalm and collected, he can convey the key issues to the client in a simple and concise way.
Hilary Winstone - Old Square ChambersRecommended for discrimination law cases.
Stephen Wyeth - 3PBHe has the approach of a silent assassin which works well in the tribunal
Sarah Bowen - 3PBSarah is an excellent practitioner of the highest quality. Very client focused, with care and consideration to all she comes in contact with. She is one of our favourite barristers.
Oliver Isaacs - Old Square ChambersAn impressive junior barrister for employment matters.
Geraint Probert - Guildhall ChambersClear written advice. Persuasive advocacy during employment tribunal hearings. Personable with good client management skills.
Simon Tibbitts - 3PBSimon is an excellent advocate. He has superb attention to detail and is meticulous in his preparations. He is willing to go the extra mile. I have found him always to be a very safe pair of hands and he is able to get to grips with complex cases very quickly.
Ian Wheaton - No.18 Barristers Chambers He is a strong advocate of practical, common sense advice which is tied in to their huge in depth knowledge of all employment law areas.

Employment in Regional Bar

No.18 Barristers Chambers

'A strong, varied and flexible set that offers a variety of technical and people skills', No.18 Barristers Chambers handles both employer and employee work across a range of sectors. Ian Wheaton represented a Southampton taxi firm in a holiday pay case involving issues of employment status, and in a disability discrimination claim brought by a former manager of the firm. Barnaby Large  represented an employer in a discrimination case where the claimant refused to provide his address; the claim was successfully rejected for that reason.

Guildhall Chambers

'A high-quality set', Guildhall Chambers offers 'a good range of employment counsel at various levels of experience, representing an alternative to London chambers in appropriate cases'. Debbie Grennan represented a school subjected to a religious discrimination claim by a former employee, who was dismissed after posting anti-same-sex marriage and anti-gender reassignment messages on Facebook. In a sex discrimination claim, Douglas Leach represented a City of London police officer, who had her London Allowance reduced without there being a mechanism to do so under the Police Regulations when she went on maternity leave.

Old Square Chambers

Old Square Chambers divides its employment talent between London and Bristol. In recent work of note, Michael Ford QC represented the claimant in Brazel v The Harper Trust, which the Court of Appeal found that a music teacher on a zero-hour contract was entitled to a full quota of paid fully-paid holiday irrespective of the amount of time she actually worked throughout the year. Spencer Keen represented the European Union Rule of Law Mission in Kosovo in several cases, including a claim brought by a former British prosecutor, with complex jurisdictional issues.


3PB has a 'strong, client-focused employment group that is able to deliver strong advocates on short notice'. Simon Tibbitts represented the Crown Prosecution Service in defeating a disability discrimination case in which the claimant was unusually subjected to a costs order, while Stephen Wyeth  represented an organic lubricant firm in a claim above the statutory maximum brought by a former director, who changed the company's top-level web domain from .org to .com without permission. Turning to employee work, Andrew MacPhail represented the claimant in Court of Appeal case BMC Software v Shaikh, an equal pay claim.

Pump Court Chambers

Pump Court Chambers has an employment team with 'a range of barristers covering all levels of seniority' and is praised by instructing solicitors for its 'fantastic' employment law seminars. In recent work of note, Gary Self represented an employer in a case concerning the employment status of nightclub promoters. Heather Platt represented an autistic lecturer who brought a successful unfair dismissal and disability discrimination against BPP after resigning following harassing comments and lengthy sickness absence.

Queen Square Chambers

Queen Square Chambers has 'a number of brilliant employment counsel', covering the gamut of work for both employers and employees. In a recent instruction of note, Mark Williams represented the Intellectual Property Office in a disability discrimination claim brought by an autistic litigant-in-person, which required five case management hearings prior to a ten-day hearing; the claims were dismissed in their entirety.