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Leading Juniors

Leisha BondSt Philips Chambers ‘Leisha is a formidable and experienced advocate. Her preparation and attention to detail are second to none, ensuring a high level of comfort and reassurance as an instructing solicitor.’ 
Stephanie BrownNo5 Barristers’ Chambers ‘Stephanie is an incredibly intelligent practitioner and formidable advocate. She is equivalent to silk. She is always meticulously prepared.’  
Andrew DaySt Ives Chambers ‘Andrew is an absolute go-to for financial remedy. He has an encyclopedic knowledge of the law. His preparation for hearings is second to none. He is meticulous and robust in his advocacy.’ 
Michael George3PB ‘Michael is a leading junior in this area of work. He understands his subject inside and out. He routinely speaks at seminars concerning complex areas, including pensions. He is collegiate and constructive.’ 
Gareth JacquesSt Mary’s Chambers ‘Gareth is always well-prepared and well-reputed amongst the judiciary. His advocacy skills are brilliant, whether it is cross-examining or providing submissions. He is well-organised and fills in both the lawyers and the client.’ 
Katie LangdonNo5 Barristers’ Chambers ‘Katie is very adept at dealing with complex trust and business structures. She is a great advocate, willing to fight strongly for her client.’ 
Jonathan NosworthySt Philips Chambers ‘Jonathan is always meticulously prepared, incredibly sensible and pragmatic. He is an excellent negotiator and equally effective advocate who always seems to hit the right note with the judges.’ 
Nigel PageSt Mary’s Chambers ‘Nigel is supportive and empathetic to his instructing solicitor, acknowledging the pressures of private practice and client relations. He is a persuasive advocate, remains calm and speaks compassionately, seamlessly and knowledgeably, instilling confidence that he is completely familiar with the facts of the case.’
Nicholas StarksSt Ives Chambers ‘Nicholas builds a very good relationship with the clients and is very good at clearly explaining the law. He is a confident and articulate advocate.’ 
Juliet AllenSt Philips Chambers ‘Juliet is a fighter. She is sensible and pragmatic and will argue her case robustly and persuasively.’ 
Aimee Fox3PB ‘Aimee is thorough and well-prepared. She is conscientious and has a very good eye for detail. She has a very good rapport with clients. She can identify relevant issues quickly and offer clear, realistic, and structured advice.’  
Davinia RileySt Philips Chambers ‘Davinia is very good with clients. She can build rapport quickly and understand their concerns. She is an excellent advocate. She always prepares thoroughly, is calm and reasoned before the court and can make points succinctly and with impact.’ 
Douglas Allen Harcourt Chambers 'Douglas has an innate ability to cut through the noise and deliver excellent advice in any given scenario.'
Amy Beddis3PB ‘Amy is an excellent advocate. Her analytical skills concerning finances are brilliant. She has an excellent bedside manner, which is invaluable when the client feels at their most vulnerable.’ 
Rachel Bloxwich – 3PB 'Rachel is thorough and well prepared. She is proactive and always willing to offer assistance and advice, not just in the lead-up to court hearings. She is very well-organised, and documents are always filed in good time. Her preparation and attention to detail are excellent.'
Nathalie Bull3PB ‘Nathalie prepares submissions extremely well. Her communication is strong with lay clients and solicitors.’ 
Victoria EdmondsSt Philips Chambers ‘Victoria is a remarkable ability to assimilate complex or voluminous information accurately and quickly. She is an extremely competent and robust advocate. She is able to provide excellent client care and reassurance.’

Rising Stars

Eleanor Marsh3PB ‘Eleanor is extremely well-prepared and diligent in her preparation. She is professional and will take time with clients to put them at their ease. She is courteous to her opposition but will stand her ground.’
Luke Nelson – 3PB ‘Luke is straight-talking and exactly what most clients need to keep them focused on their approach to resolving matters. He is careful with his words and always well-prepared.’
Luke TallisSt Philips Chambers ‘Luke is highly motivated, tenacious, and always available to assist at short notice. His manner instils confidence in the clients, and he is fearless in his approach as an advocate to ensure the client’s case is presented as strongly as possible.’

Family: divorce and financial remedy in Regional Bar


3PB is a ‘solid chambers with good barristers’ handling a wide range of matters within areas of financial remedy litigation. Vanessa Meachin KC heads the practice and regularly assists clients in complex matrimonial finance matters, while Michael George is praised for being ‘proficient in all aspects of financial remedy proceedings with his knowledge of the law and practice second to none’. ‘Fierce and robust advocate’ Aimee Fox is another notable name for matrimonial finance work in chambers.


‘Dan Tidman, Patrick Steptoe and Patrick Robson are faultless clerks.’

‘Ian Charlton and his team offer a hands-on approach.’

‘3PB is a strong set of very knowledgeable and confident barristers. They will always go above and beyond to try and find someone available for cases.’

‘3PB is a go-to chamber. It offers barristers with a huge breadth of expertise. Barristers are approachable and client-focused.’

‘3PB is the leading set in Birmingham. It has a huge amount of experience across many areas of law, particularly family law.’

No5 Barristers' Chambers

No5 Barristers’ Chambers is a ‘go-to chambers in the Midland circuit’ for complex matrimonial finance matters involving cohabitee disputes, trust structures, inheritance, and pension issues. Stephanie Brown ‘is a formidable advocate, razor-sharp cross-examination, with the ear of the judge’, and her practice encompasses the full spectrum of work within financial remedy proceedings. Katie Langdon regularly assists clients with pre and post-nuptial agreements, including cases involving trusts and pensions, and garners praise for being a ‘thorough, tenacious, dedicated, and a true professional in her commitment to the client’s case’.


‘Clare Radburn is very helpful.’

‘Adam Wadley and Clare Radburn provide an efficient and impressive service.’

‘No5 Barristers’ Chambers’ family team are a first-choice set. They are very well clerked, offering regular training and networking opportunities.’

‘No5 Barristers’ Chambers always go above and beyond to accommodate the client’s needs. It has some excellent barristers across all levels of seniority.’

‘No5 Barristers’ Chambers offers a strong team of barristers with varying degrees of experience in financial matters alongside divorce.’

St Philips Chambers

St Philips Chambers is ‘a top-notch set’ with ‘a wide range of barristers with varying levels of experience and expertise’, regularly instructed in high-value cases involving a complex company and trust structures, often with international elements. Jonathan Nosworthy leads the team and is highly regarded as ‘a measured, persuasive and immensely talented advocate’ in financial remedy cases involving business structures and pre-acquired assets. ‘Fearless advocate’ Leisha Bond ‘always fights very hard for her clients’ and her practice encompasses the full spectrum of work within financial remedy proceedings. Juliet Allen is ‘an excellent advocate who has a particular strength in financial remedy cases involving businesses, pensions or novel areas of law’.


‘Mark Mansell is always available personally to ensure the best service.’

‘Anthony Burgess is a smashing clerk who excels in his role.’

‘St Philips Chambers are one of the leading chambers in Birmingham.’

‘St Phillips Chambers is an extremely reliable set of chambers.’

‘St Philips Chambers is one of the go-to sets in Birmingham / Warwickshire and nationally. It has a particular strength in financial remedy work.’

St Ives Chambers

St Ives Chambers is ‘a great set of chambers’ ‘offering extremely experienced and impressive barristers across all areas of family law at all levels’. The group is well-known for its excellent track record in handling high-value, complex matrimonial finance cases. Andrew Day is highly regarded for his excellent track record in advising on matrimonial finance matters and being ‘meticulous in his preparation of a case’. ‘A confident and articulate advocate’, Nicholas Starks is regularly instructed in financial relief work involving farms, companies, business structures and inherited assets.


‘David Walters and Scott Goodison are a pleasure to work with and always quick to respond.’

‘David Walters and Scott Goodison are great.’

‘St Ives Chambers is the leading family set in Birmingham.’

‘St.Ives Chamber’s strength in depth with good and reliable barristers.’

‘St Ives Chambers is a fantastic set for family law. It has great strength in numbers throughout.’

St Mary's Chambers

The financial remedy group at Nottingham’s St Mary’s Chambers is regularly instructed in financial relief work involving farms, companies, partnerships and issues of hidden wealth. ‘An excellent advocate’, Gareth Jacques has expertise in handling cases with assets overseas, while Nigel Page is another highly regarded barrister in this space.


‘The clerks are knowledgeable and efficient, particularly Kamla Chall-Bange.’

‘Scott Baldwin is a star. So helpful and friendly.’

‘St Mary’s Chambers is one of the best chambers in the East Midlands for family barristers. It has a good range of junior and senior barristers, who are all very good.’