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Dispute resolution: White-collar in Peru

Benites, Vargas & Ugaz

The esteemed white-collar criminal law practice at Benites, Vargas & Ugaz is jointly led by Luis Vargas Valdivia, José Ugaz and Roberto Pereira. Vargas and Ugaz, both founding and name partners, are seasoned criminal litigators and experienced in all matters of criminal law, including experience as ad-hoc prosecutors in the Fujimori–Montesinos domestic corruption case. Fellow head of the practice Pereira specialises in the defence of high-level government officials, as well as the defence of press freedom matters. A senior figure, Carlos Samamé has considerable experience assisting financial clients, while counsel Liliana Calderón specialises in corporate compliance, money laundering and anti-corruption matters; both are additional key contacts in the team. Associates Guillermo Cornejo and Jose Arrieta are also recommended for criminal litigation.

Practice head(s):

Luis Vargas Valdivia; José Ugaz; Roberto Pereira


‘The firm has very good professionals who are committed to the client’s orders and carry out an exhaustive analysis of the documentation and the alternatives for the defense.’

‘Luis Vargas provides personalised attention to his clients, likewise Jose Arrieta and Daniel Loli are always attentive to the details and relevant information of all the cases in which they participate.’

‘The Benites, Vargas & Ugaz law firm has extensive experience and maintains its validity as a leading firm in the local market, thanks to the support provided by its main partners, in the care of the cases entrusted to them.’

Key clients

Hunt Oil Exploration and Production Company of Peru



Lima Expresa



Banco de Créditodel Perú

Corporación Breca

Kallpa Generación

Ayesa Perú

IBT Group Perú

General Electric Healthcare

Veolia Servicios Perú


Pesquera Caral


Ministerio de Transportes y Comunicaciones

Ministerio de Economía y Finanzas

Harvard Management Company Inc.


Copeinca CFG

Tecnológica de Alimentos

Urbanova Inmobiliaria

V&V Bravo Constructora

Citibank del Perú


Hermes Transportes Blindados


Banco Santander

Jockey Club del Perú

Asociación Peruana De Empresas De Seguros

Metro de Lima Línea 2

Rimac Seguros & Reaseguros

Clínica Internacional

AI Inversiones Palo Alto II

Work highlights

  • Advised a transport company as a civilly liable third party in the judicial process followed against a former mayor of Lima and others for alleged contributions made by Odebrecht and OAS.
  • Advised Veolia on the investigations regarding information published on a website in the province of Chiclayo that linked the company to the crime of money laundering.
  • Assisted a client in the context of an investigation by the Environmental Prosecutor’s Office of Puno.

Rebaza, Alcázar & De Las Casas

The practice at Rebaza, Alcázar & De Las Casas is noted for its 'commitment to the client, values, transparency and outstanding technical capabilities'; it is jointly headed by Augusto Loli Carrillo and Hector Gadea Benavides, who lead a team of five associates. Loli is experienced in both domestic and international criminal cases, as well as internal investigations for clients from a range of sectors. Gadea, in addition to similar experience in internal investigations, is also skilled in developing and implementing crime prevention models for clients. Recent work for the practice includes assisting a representative in attempting to dismiss claims of crimes of aggravated collusion or incompatible negotiation, and representing a client in relation to a criminal fraud investigation case filed against it. Senior associates Sergio Mattos, Camilo Clavijo and Pamela Morales, along with intermediate Flavio Puchuri, are also key contacts for white-collar crime and compliance matters. Since publication, Mattos has been raised to the partnership - effective as of January 2024.

Practice head(s):

Augusto Loli Carrillo; Héctor Gadea Benavides


‘Highly knowledgeable professionals in the field.’

‘Very attentive and always willing to help.’

‘The team led by Augusto Loli is extraordinary. They have outstanding technical skills and also a lot of experience in their subjects. In addition, their commitment to the client is unique, they are aware of all aspects. Another important issue in prevention issues is their ability to communicate at the company level.’

Key clients

Intercorp Group


Cobra Perú

Corporacion Enerjet

Compañía Peruana de Radiodifusión

Pöyry Switzerland

Telefónica del Perú

Crosland Automotriz


SIGMA Sociedad Administradora de Fondos de Inversión


DP World Callao

Digital Holdings Perú

Work highlights

  • Represented a high-profile individual in the context of a criminal investigation for money laundering charges.
  • Provided legal counsel to EDPYME Acceso Crediticio’s general managers  in the context of an investigation against them for the alleged commission of aggravated theft, forgery and use of false documents.
  • Represented Mindshare Peru in a criminal proceeding concerning money laundering.

Rodrigo, Elías & Medrano Abogados

Rodrigo, Elías & Medrano Abogados is highly regarded for its work in the field of white-collar criminal law, and the team is led by José Reaño Peschiera, who is experienced in high-profile business crime cases. Reaño and counsel Enrique Piedra León utilise their previous experience working within anti-corruption authorities to conduct corporate internal investigations and create compliance programmes for clients. The team is active across a broad range of white-collar crime matters, such as financial and tax fraud, money laundering, environmental crimes and insider trading, to name a few. Renzo Carrasco is recommended for representing high-level executives and companies in corporate criminal matters, and senior associate Jose Luis Medina specialises in criminal litigation related to white-collar crime and corporate compliance. Associates Nicolás Bellido and Isabel Tello are also key names within the team. José Caro joined the practice in March 2022 from Payet, Rey, Cauvi, Pérez Abogados.

Practice head(s):

José Reaño Peschiera

Key clients

Telefónica Del Perú

Scotiabank Peru

BBVA Banco Continental

Anglo American Peru

Investimentos E Participações Em Infraestrutura

Pluspetrol Camisea

Compañia Minera Antamina

Enfoca Sociedad Administradora De Fondos De Inversión

Southern Peru Cooper Corporation


Cortez Massa & Bello Abogados

The practice at Cortez Massa & Bello Abogados is experienced in white-collar criminal litigation, particularly in cases involving public administration, money laundering, cartels, taxation and environmental matters. The team is headed by Jorge Massa, Luis Felipe Cortez and Christian Bello. Massa and Cortez are experienced in advising companies on criminal compliance matters and acting in matters of economic criminal law, respectively. Bello brings more than 20 years’ experience in white-collar crime advice, and his recent work includes assisting a high-profile individual in relation to sanctions brought against him.

Practice head(s):

Jorge Massa; Luis Felipe Cortez; Christian Bello


‘Cortez, Massa & Bello Abogados is one of the most important criminal law firms in Peru. They are recognized for their knowledge, effectiveness, integrity and customer service.’

‘Jorge Massa and Luis Cortez are lawyers with extensive experience and depth of knowledge relating to criminal law and legal procedure. Both are empathetic, fast and enthusiastic, always ready to provide solutions.’

‘They coordinate in advance the procedures to be carried out. They are lawyers who do not generate fear in clients, but are frank.’

Key clients

Latam Trade Capital

Heaven Petroleum Operators

Servicentro Titi

Freatelli D´Amico Armatori

Hernández & Cía

Hernández & Cía‘s white-collar criminal law practice is headed by well-regarded partner Gonzalo Del Río and is highlighted for its 'great technical knowledge'. The team, consisting of five lawyers, specialises in crisis management, economic criminal law and related regulatory compliance matters, with recent key work including the team’s advice on the Lava Jato corruption case. Associate Edward Calmet is also a key contact in the practice and is experienced in assisting multinational companies involved in investigations surrounding matters such as property and environmental crimes and illicit drug trafficking.

Practice head(s):

Gonzalo Del Río


‘Gonzalo del Río is a genius criminal lawyer. He is brilliant and thinks at a higher than average speed and with creative and grounded ideas.’

‘Gonzalo del Río is a brilliant mind with extensive experience in criminal law and a direct person. I find it easy to work with him.’

‘Great technical knowledge. Great knowledge of the internal processes of judicial entities. They know our business, which means that they can treat cases more efficiently and in accordance with what we need.’

‘In addition to his technical skills, I’d mention the respect that members of the judicial system (Prosecutors and Judges) have for Gonzalo del Río. They even ask him academic questions during hearings.’

Key clients

Aenza Peru


Hudbay Minerals

Procter & Gamble

Hapag Lloyd

Hipermercados Tottus


Azteca Comunicaciones

Scharff Logística Integrada

Work highlights

  • Defended the Graña y Montero group in the investigations and criminal proceedings related to the Lava Jato scandal.

Miranda & Amado

Miranda & Amado‘s white-collar criminal law practice is jointly headed by Rafael Díaz and José Luis Velarde, who were both promoted to partner in January 2022 and each have more than 15 years of experience in criminal law. The team covers criminal matters including environmental crimes, fraud – in particular, issues relating to banks – corruption and money laundering. As well as assisting domestic clients in the mining, retail and construction industries, the practice is also experienced in advising global clients in industries such as IT, banking and renewable energy.

Practice head(s):

Rafael Díaz; José Luis Velarde


‘It is a highly professional team with a lot of experience. I consider it one of the best dispute resolution teams, since they are agile, effective and with a high sense of vision towards the client.’

‘The team provides you with agile and effective solutions. Rafael Diaz is a very professional lawyer, with fast, effective responses and great vision towards the client. José Luis Velarde is a very professional lawyer with quick and effective responses.’

DLA Piper Perú

The white-collar criminal law practice at DLA Piper Perú benefits from the firm’s expansive global network, with practice head José Marcelo Allemant leading a team of four lawyers in Peru. Allemant specialises in preventative strategies for private companies, as well as the defence of preliminary investigations and criminal proceedings. Senior associates Marco Antonio Bustinza and Danae Beteta are experienced in corporate criminal law and economic criminal law, respectively. Associate Espitz Beteta specialises in criminal defence and the prevention of crime, and junior associate Jhoel Julca is another key contact for white-collar criminal law matters.

Practice head(s):

José Marcelo Allemant

Key clients

Cooperativa de Ahorro y Crédito

Rico Pollo




Concesionaria Peruana de Vías

BD Capital

American Tower Perú


CC Metro Lima

Importaciones Hiraoka

Caja Huancayo

Grupo Norte

Caja Cusco

Work highlights

  • Advised on a money laundering case before the Organised Crime Prosecutor’s Office.
  • Advised an ex-manager regarding an accusation of misappropriation of a company’s assets.
  • Advised a client on complex organised crime, money laundering, corporate governance fraud and other financial crimes.

Estudio Olaechea

Estudio Olaechea‘s white-collar crime practice is headed by Diego Abeo, who specialises in criminal law, criminal procedure and corporate compliance, and often represents corporate clients in criminal litigation. The practice is experienced in cases related to fraud, financial crime, environmental crime and misappropriation, among other issues. Recent work includes advising clients on filing complaints in regard to improperly issued cheques, and assisting clients in matters involving employees committing illicit appropriation. Other key team members include senior associate Maria Fernanda Gutierrez, who advises a number of the department's key clients.

Practice head(s):

Diego Abeo


‘They always keep us informed about regulatory changes. Direct involvement of the main lawyer in the case or consultation, not only in the first meeting but for the duration of the assignment. Another aspect to highlight is that the criminal team shows interest in learning about the company’s operations and, based on this, identify possible contingencies.’

‘Immediate attention. I can call them at any time and day and they are always available. They are always in direct contact with me or any employee of the company, giving good legal strategies for our requirements, as well as being very reliable when there are criminal investigations. The main lawyer who attends us is Diego Abeo Sabogal.’

‘The knowledge of each member makes the team consolidate the legal knowledge of the firm, therefore, the services provided are reliable.’

Key clients

ACS Solutions

Agronegocios La Grama

Clorox Peru

Desarrollos Terrestres

Draeger Peru

Inversiones 2055


Peruvian Andean Trout

San Fernando

Universidad Pacífico

Silva Palma Victor Juan

Viña Tacama


Clínica Internacional

SGS Del Perú

Hytera Mobilfunk

Asociación Civil Religiosa Diospi Sullana

Rímac Seguros y Reaseguros


Agrícola La Venta

Nokia Solutions and Networks Peru

Caterpillar Leasing Chile

Mar Andino

Inmobiliaria Huanwil

Supermercados Peruanos

Work highlights

  • Advised Nokia on a complaint filed against a former employee who used the company’s resources and appropriated 159 high-value cell phones.
  • Advised San Fernando on an investigation initiated against the company for the commission of the crime of usurpation against a third party.
  • Advised Asociación Civil Religiosa Diospi Suyana in a case in which two of its doctors were denounced for the commission of malpractice for the death of a patient.

Estudio Ugaz Zegarra

The white-collar criminal law practice at Estudio Ugaz Zegarra has acted for high-profile individuals and businesses, with recent examples including its advice to former President Martín Alberto Vizcarra Cornejo in relation to corruption charges. The team of four lawyers is led by founding partner Fernando Ugaz Zegarra, who is experienced in representing politicians and high-level figures in criminal litigation. Associates Erwin Siccha Perez and Jonathan Correa are also recommended; Siccha leads the forensic audit department and is experienced in advising clients on complex crimes against the public administration, while Correa leads the tax and finance crime department and specialises in litigation.

Practice head(s):

Fernando Ugaz Zegarra


What sets the firm apart is their knowledge of the Peruvian legal system and the type of follow-up they do in a country where the legal system is very complex.’

Fernando Ugaz is a professional with a lot of experience who tries to cover all fronts. Another outstanding professional is Cristina Aranda for her continued commitment and follow-up.’

Their strengths are given by the seriousness and commitment they use in the development of the cases they face.’

Key clients

Martín Alberto Vizcarra Cornejo

Corporación Textil Gate

Chung & Tong Ingenieros

Constructora CRD-Sucursal Perú

Work highlights

  • Advised former Peruvian President Martin Vizcarra, who has been charged with several alleged corruption charges, on several criminal proceedings.
  • Advised a former executive officer of Banco de Crédito del Perú who was charged and convicted of a bank robbery against the said bank.
  • Advised Chung & Tong Ingenieros on several complex criminal cases nationwide involving charges of fraud, false statements made on public biddings, forgery of documentation, and illicit association to prejudice the public administration.

CMS Grau

CMS Grau‘s white-collar crime department is jointly headed by Luis Alberto Linan and senior associate Romario Ramirez, who are both highly experienced in criminal litigation. The practice is adept at handling the full spectrum of criminal matters, from advising clients on prevention to prosecuting before the courts. The practice is also able to advise international clients by virtue of the firm’s cross-border network.

Practice head(s):

Luis Alberto Liñan; Romario Ramirez

Key clients

Tiendas de Mejoramiento del Hogar

Schlumberger del Perú

Minera Las Bambas

Dreams Corporation

Hannan Metals Perú

Autopista del Norte

NTT Data Spain BPO SLU Sucursal del Perú

Saga Falabella

Elevar Equity

Hipermercados Tottus

Work highlights

  • Assisted Minera Las Bambas in obtaining a ruling from the Supreme Court that the company had not been incorporated as a responsible third party in a criminal proceeding.
  • Advised Schlumberger in relation to a general manager who was involved in a complaint for allegedly having unduly favoured the company in commercial relationships with third parties.
  • Assisted Dreams Corporation in initiating criminal proceedings against individuals who had been attacking the company, economically and digitally.

Estudio Linares Abogados

Boutique firm Estudio Linares Abogados specialises in dispute resolution, with the firm’s white-collar crime practice headed by Augusto Linares Muñoz, whose industry specialisms include construction, mining and insurance. The department also assists clients with defence in corruption cases, filing criminal complaints for destruction of boundaries, and counselling clients in relation to investigations over environmental crimes. Associates Aldo Cárdenas Peña and Sophia Icaza Izquierdo are recommended alongside junior associates Karla Cárdenas Veintemilla and Alexandra Vargas, who specialise in criminal law and criminal procedure.

Practice head(s):

Augusto Linares Muñoz


‘The firm provides personalised advice, is concerned with knowing the details of the cases in which it will represent us. Likewise, it is always available to attend to any query related to the cases, and responds to queries in a timely manner. The team cares about the client and provides insights into the regulations in this area, through a summary or comment.’

‘People who inspire confidence, are clear in the messages they give us about the cases. Timely and immediate attention.’

Philippi Prietocarrizosa Ferrero DU & Uria

Philippi Prietocarrizosa Ferrero DU & Uria‘s experience in white-collar criminal law covers financial, corporate and environmental crime and money laundering, with industry experience encompassing sectors such as food and beverage, shipping, mining, aviation and banking. The practice is led by associate director Daniel Ramos, who is adept at assisting clients through criminal trials and providing advice in relation to prevention strategies against white-collar crime. Since publication, Ramos has been raised to the partnership - effective as of December 2023.

Practice head(s):

Daniel Ramos