Hall Of Fame

Public procurement in Norway

CMS Kluge

CMS Kluge is home to ‘an excellent public procurement team, which provides great advice on all stages of a procurement process‘. Complex public procurement disputes are a key driver of work for the group, and the department is very experienced in representing public entities as well as transport, energy, technology and healthcare companies, to name a few areas. Practice co-head Stian Oddbjørnsen is ‘an exceptional individual with great availability, competence and approach‘ and is a key name for transactional matters, and practice co-head Alf Amund Gulsvik has ‘broad experience with practical public procurement work‘. Other key practitioners are firm managing partner Bjørnar Alterskjær, senior lawyer Frederik Nordby and associate Iver Jordheim Brække. Anne Buan joined the practice from Advokatfirmaet Simonsen Vogt Wiig and focuses on the technology sector.

Practice head(s):

Stian Oddbjørnsen; Alf Amund Gulsvik

Other key lawyers:

Bjørnar Alterskjær; Frederik Nordby; Iver Jordheim Brække; Anne Buan


‘Flexible approach, willing to find solutions that are simple/efficient, customer-oriented. Broad experience within the field of public procurement. CMS Kluge is able to do both high-level broad discussions on important/relevant issues and also wide in-depth assessments on more difficult matters.’

‘Stian Oddbjørnsen and Alf Amund Gulsvik are both very knowledgeable, service-minded and efficient.’

‘Stian Oddbjørnsen really stands out. He is very easy to relate to, very accommodating and provides clear advice that it is possible to relate to in practice. Alf Amund Gulsvik is very analytical, clever and very pleasant.’

‘Alf Amund Gulsvik has great knowledge of procurement law and provides high value strategic advice on all stages of a procurement process. He is able to explain complex matters in an easy understandable way to clients.’

‘Anne Buan: Her competence in public procurement is of the highest class. She has steely control over the regulations. She is adaptable. You don’t lose with Anne Buan on your team.’

‘They are all very professional, engaging to work with and result oriented.’

‘Iver Jordheim Brække is an associate who stands out. He understands things very quickly.’

Key clients

Agder Kollektivtrafikk AS

Brakar AS




Norsk Nukleær Dekommisjonering

Nokas Verditransport AS

Oslo Municipality – Water Authority

Ruter AS


The Municipality of Grane

Trondheim Municipality

University of Oslo / Museum of Cultural History

Viken County Municipality

Work highlights

  • Advising Norsk Nukleær Dekommisjonering on all procurement aspects concerning its NOK20bn project to decommission the nuclear reactors in Norway.
  • Advising transport company Ruter on multiple large public procurements.
  • Advising Oslo Municipality Water Authority on its NOK17.7bn procurement of a water supply system.

Advokatfirmaet Haavind AS

Advokatfirmaet Haavind AS‘ ‘strong and broad‘ team has ‘unique knowledge of the public procurement regulatory framework‘, ‘a practical approach to solving issues‘, ‘excellent business understanding‘ and provides ‘fantastic advice‘. The practice is noted for working in conjunction with the firm’s competition, state aid and construction groups in order to assist contracting authorities and suppliers with high-profile procurements projects. Goud Fjellheim, who heads up the team, is ‘a top-tier procurement lawyer with unique competence within the field of public procurements’; he is praised for his ‘commercial mindset and practical approach’ and ability to ‘provide clear and practical advice in complex matters.’ Anne Hesjedal Sending is a key name for disputes, while ‘hard-working‘ senior lawyer Christina Paludan Melson ‘has exceptional broad and deep knowledge of the public procurement legal framework and gives target-oriented and swift practical advice‘.

Practice head(s):

Goud Fjellheim

Other key lawyers:

Anne Hesjedal Sending; Christina Paludan Melson


‘Haavind’s procurement team is highly professional, and delivers great practical advice.’

‘Christina Paludan Melson is outstanding; she gives excellent advice, has a great business understanding and helps to bring cases to a great result. She has huge capacity and is always available for her clients.’

‘Goud Helge Homme Fjellheim is an exceptional lawyer in every respect. His most impressive attribute is his strategic advice and his ability to resolve the matter at hand with a practical approach.’

Anne Hesjedal Sending and Christina Paludan Melsom stand out as highly qualified and valued lawyers.’

‘Goud Helge Homme Fjellheim is very intelligent and has a great legal mind. He has an outstanding ability to quickly address the legal issues at hand on complex matters. A key advantage is also his strong commercial and practical focus. Very approachable and pleasant to work with.’

Christina Paludan Melson has excellent knowledge of public procurement law. Very approachable and pleasant to work with. Always available and has a strong customer focus.’

‘The team consists of highly competent lawyers, with a unique knowledge of the public procurement regulatory framework. They have a practical approach to solving issues.’

‘Goud Helge Homme Fjellheim understands what is important for his clients, provides short and clear advice when necessary, and is also good at understanding the level of advice the in-house legal department needs in its work for internal clients.’

Key clients

Sporveien AS

Nye Veier AS

Helse Sør-Øst RHF

Statens Vegvesen (Vegdirektoratet)


Bane NOR

Norwegian National Security Authority

Statnett SF

Sykehuspartner HF

Sykehusapotekene HF

Helsetjenestens Driftsorganisasjon for Nødnett HF


Klagenemnda for Offentlige anskaffelser (KOFA)

Rogaland fylkeskommune

Trøndelag fylkeskommune

Posten Norge AS

The Norwegian Armed Forces

Vestfold and Telemark fylkeskommune

The National Programme for Supplier Development

The Norwegian Agency for Public and Financial Management (DFØ)

Helse Nord RHF

Longyearbyen lokalstyre


Sykehusinnkjøp HF

Work highlights

  • Providing ongoing advice to Sporveien AS on multiple large procurements.
  • Assisted Sykehuspartner HF with the procurement of a new ICT infrastructure for the entire South-Eastern Health Region.
  • Represented Statnett SF in litigation regarding the procurement of a contract for cable tunnel construction in the ongoing ‘Sogn-Ulven’ project.


At Wiersholm, firm managing partner Morten Goller heads up the team, which ‘leads in the field of public procurement‘. The group is well known for providing ‘constructive and responsible advice‘ across the spectrum of complex procurement matters to an established client roster of contracting authorities and suppliers. Contentious mandates remain a key driver of work for the department. Stephan Jervell is a public procurement specialist, and Thomas G Naalsund is ‘one of the top lawyers within the discipline of public procurement and dispute resolution‘. Managing associate Oda Hellenes Ekre is ‘a rising star‘ and ‘always delivers at the highest level‘.

Practice head(s):

Morten Goller

Other key lawyers:

Oda Hellenes Ekre; Thomas G Naalsund; Stephan Jervell


‘High level of professionalism, dedication and commitment.’

‘The team is always welcoming, happy to contribute and seems to really enjoy working together. Morten Goller’s exceptional experience and skills can not be left unmentioned.’

‘Morten Goller is the leading lawyer in Norway in the field. He has full command of the field of public procurement, but is also a fantastic litigator.’

‘The client service is second to none. The lawyers show great commercial awareness and commercial understanding, and they always put the client’s interests first. The team is always very efficient. They have proven to always give us good value for money.’

‘Managing partner Morten Goller has extraordinary knowledge and understanding of all aspects of the public procurement rules and the practical sides of both the tendering process and the procurement process. He has excellent knowledge of all relevant judgements/decisions in Norway and in the EU. Further, he has excellent legal skills in areas adjacent to the law and regulations of public procurement. He also shows great knowledge of the client’s business and always understands the need of the client. His expertise within the discipline of public procurement is second to none, and the same counts for his expertise within dispute resolution.’

Oda Hellenes Ekre has excellent knowledge and understanding of all aspects of the public procurement rules and regulations. She has excellent understanding of the client’s business and always puts the client’s interest first. She is very efficient, and her advice is always excellent and well-founded.’

Thomas G Naalsund has excellent knowledge of all aspects of the rules and regulations and all relevant judgements/decisions in Norway and in the EU. He is very efficient and his advice is always excellent.’

Key clients

Hurtigruten Group AS

The Ministry of Industry and Petroleum (MPE)

BMO Tunnelsikring AS

Veidekke Entreprenør AS

Veidekke Industri AS

Skanska Norge AS

Boreal Norge AS

Torghatten Nord AS

Statnett SF

ResMed Norway AS

Egencia Norway AS

Norske Tog AS

Harstad municipality

EveryMatrix Software Ltd.

Sotra Link


Arntzen de Besche

The public procurement team at Arntzen de Besche stands out for providing ‘sound legal advice‘ to an established roster of Norwegian and international construction, pharmaceuticals and life sciences companies. The group is recognised for its solid track record in acting for suppliers in large-scale litigation, contractual matters and tender processes, and is also adept at representing contractors across a range of procurement matters. Stavanger-based Gro Amdal is a highly regarded practitioner in the public procurement space; she heads up the practice alongside Oslo-based Svein Terje Tveit, who regularly advises supplier-side entities. In the Trondheim office, Jon Gresseth is a key name for contractual issues, and Tor Kristian Lånke handles construction work. In October 2022, Espen I Bakken moved to Advokatfirmaet Simonsen Vogt Wiig.

Practice head(s):

Gro Amdal; Svein Terje Tveit

Other key lawyers:

Tor Kristian Lånke; Jon Gresseth


‘Committed to the task. Puts oneself in the customer’s point of view.’

‘Gro Amdal is always quick to respond to inquiries, and gives us good advice.’

‘Tor Kristian Lånke is forthcoming, and seeks to work together with his clients to include and ensure he obtains all necessary information and detail.’

‘Gro Amdal is truly a key player within public procurement. Her in depth knowledge of all the small details and variations within the field is astonishing. Her ability to combine the letter of the law with the commercial aspect of public procurement really makes the difference. Her exceptional accessibility has also been a comfort as the field of public procurement often operates with short time frames.’

‘The procurement team in Trondheim has shown flexibility and accessibility at all times. Available for its clients.’

‘Tor Kristian Lånke – after talking to him I always think he raises my bar in smart thinking.’

‘Very competent team. Excellent at understanding our needs, and adapting their methods and advice accordingly. Good at problem-solving and always good at helping us assess the legal risks.’

‘Jon Gresseth: Highly qualified, good at helping us with solutions at different tasks, but always balancing this with legal advice. Making us understand the possibilities, but always making sure we also understand the legal risks.’

Key clients

Abbott Norge AS

Buypass AS

Nye Veier AS

Sykehusbygg HF

Statsbygg AS

Nettparter AS

CSL Behring

Spordrift AS

ASTM /Itinera SpA

Orkla ASA



Work highlights

  • Assisting state-owned healthcare organisation Sykehusbygg HF with the procurement aspects of the construction of two new buildings at Radiumhospitalet.
  • Advising Nye Veier AS on all procurement aspects concerning the construction of four-lane roads in several projects in Norway.

Advokatfirmaet Grette AS

Advokatfirmaet Grette AS ‘has a strong team in public procurement‘ and stands out for its regular involvement in advising private suppliers, public health sector entities and prominent public authorities on procurement processes. Transport and construction sector mandates have been prominent in the group’s recent workload. Marie Braadland is ‘very skilled and knowledgeable‘, and advises public contractors on procurement process issues and dispute resolution. Braadland shares leadership of the practice with the ‘highly experiencedSilje Grimseth Ullebust, who ‘is valued for her practical approach and solid advice‘. Senior attorney Mari Rund Kværnhaug is a key contact.

Practice head(s):

Marie Braadland; Silje Grimseth Ullebust

Other key lawyers:

Mari Rund Kværnhaug


‘The team is highly skilled in procurement law. They co-operate with in-house counsel in an excellent way.’

‘Marie Braadland is a highly experienced and excellent public procurement lawyer. She is available and service minded.’

Silje Ullebust is an outstanding public procurement lawyer.’

Mari Rund Kværnhaug is a very good public procurement lawyer. She is efficient and skilled, and she has a practical approach.’

‘Marie Braadland is down-to-earth.’

‘Silje Ullebust is an excellent lawyer. Her legal skills are strong.’

Key clients

The Norwegian Parliament

The Norwegian Complaints Board for Public Procurement



Norske Tog AS

The Central Norway Regional Health Authority

The Western Norway Regional Health Authority

The Norwegian Public Roads Administration

Moelven Industrier ASA

Johnson & Johnson

Norwegian Hospital Construction Agency (Sykehusbygg)

Innlandet Municipality

Bravida Norge AS

Avinor AS

Norwegian Customs (Tolletaten)

Bybanen (Bergen Light Rail)


Advokatfirmaet Hjort

The ‘strong‘ team at Advokatfirmaet Hjort is ‘skilled in procurement law, and combines expertise with a practical approach‘. The group provides ‘valuable and to-the-point advice’ on a range of procurement matters to a roster of domestic and international construction, aviation and energy sector clients. Heddy Ludvigsen is ‘an experienced and excellent public procurement lawyer‘; she co-heads the practice with construction law expert Harald Fosse. The ‘available and service-minded‘ senior associate Aleksander Bergby Henriksen is ‘an up-and-coming, excellent public procurement lawyer‘ and advises across the full range of procurement issues.

Practice head(s):

Heddy Ludvigsen; Harald Fosse

Other key lawyers:

Aleksander Bergby Henriksen


‘The team at Advokatfirmaet Hjort DA has a combination of expertise, communication skills and willingness to take the clients’ perspective that makes it stand out with excellence and efficiency.’

‘Heddy Ludvigsen is available and service minded.’

‘Good teamwork. Flexible regarding meetings. Good communication and quick responses to email and phone.’

‘Academically strong. Gets to grips with the issues quickly.’

Key clients

Avinor AS

Avinor Flysikring AS

Agder Energi AS

Work highlights

  • Advising Agder Energi on procurement issues and contractual framework matters relating to the procurement of services and equipment for electricity transformer plants.

Advokatfirmaet Simonsen Vogt Wiig

The public procurement team at Advokatfirmaet Simonsen Vogt Wiig, which acts from within the firm’s wider EU and competition department, is well known for its expertise in handling public procurement litigation and high-profile procurement process mandates. Practice head Anders Thue represents large public sector clients in complex procurement matters and Christian Bjørtuft Ellingsen is well versed in advising energy and transport sector clients on procurements. Senior associate Olav Haukeli is a key name to note. In October 2022, Espen I Bakken joined from Arntzen de Besche , and Anne Buan left for CMS Kluge.

Practice head(s):

Anders Thue

Other key lawyers:

Christian Bjørtuft Ellingsen; Olav Haukeli; Espen I Bakken

Key clients

Baneservice AS


Central Norway Regional Health Authority

Fosen-Linjen AS


The Norwegian Maritime Authority

Go-Ahead Group

KLP Forsikring (insurance)

NordicInfu Care AB

Norwegian Air Shuttle ASA

Sanofi Avensis Norge AS

Statnett SF

Stiftelsen Diakonissehuset Lovisenberg

Stiftelsen Norsk Luftambulanse


The Ministry of Justice and Public Security

The Norwegian Communications Authority (Nkom)

The Norwegian Directorate of eHealth (NDE)

The Norwegian Police

Troms og Finnmmark fylkeskommune

The Norwegian Road Authority

The Norwegian Tax Authority

The Norwegian Directorate of Immigration


Norwegian Government Security and Service Organisation

Sikri AS

Vestland fylkeskommune

Aebi Schmidt Group

The National Program for Supplier Development in Norway

Work highlights

  • Providing ongoing assistance to Central Norway Regional Health Authority regarding the procurement of a new system for patient journals and patient administration (EPJ/PAS).
  • Defended transport company Sporveien AS in public procurement litigation concerning a major rebuild of a railway station in Oslo.
  • Advising public transport company Kolumbus on the public procurement process for high-speed passenger ferries for the Ryfylke region.

Vaar Advokat AS

Boutique firm Vaar Advokat AS stands out for providing ‘top-quality advice regarding public procurement legislation, founded on great experience and profound knowledge‘. The department has an excellent track record in handling IT services procurement mandates, and is adept at representing contracting authorities and suppliers in a range of public procurement matters pertaining to, among other areas, defence, construction, healthcare and automobile services. Litigation expert Marianne H. Dragsten jointly heads up the practice with Espen Bakjord, who acts for public and private sector companies on large IT and consultancy procurements. Firm managing partner Thor Beke is also active in the space.

Practice head(s):

Marianne H. Dragsten; Espen Bakjord

Other key lawyers:

Thor Beke


‘A highly professional team, which has the ability to translate complex challenges related to public procurement into actual situations and to provide concrete recommendations for solutions/going forward.’

‘Quick response, good knowledge.’

‘Very good knowledge of public procurement, gives good and very useful advice.’

Key clients

The Norwegian Directorate for Higher Education and Skills

Bodø Kommune

Øvre Romerike innkjøpssamarbeid (ØRIK)

Andøya Space AS

Fauske kommune

Landbruksdirektoratet (the Norwegian Agriculture Agency)

Narvik kommune

Gjøvik kommune

Sunnfjord kommune

NORCE (Norwegian Research Centre)

Nordre Follo kommune

Nedre Romerike Avløpsselskap

The Norwegian Center for Child Behavioral Development

Work highlights

  • Providing ongoing advice to Bodø Kommune concerning complaints being heard before the Norwegian Complaints Board for Public Procurement.
  • Advising a prominent IT infrastructure company on its procurement and tender processes.
  • Providing ongoing advice to Skills Norway in connection with its procurements, as well as assisting with dispute resolution.

Wikborg Rein

Wikborg Rein‘s ‘strong public procurement team has in-depth knowledge of public procurement law‘. The group counts litigation as a core pillar of the practice, and has an excellent track record in advising prominent public sector clients on large-scale procurement mandates. Mads Magnussen is highly regarded for his expertise in competition law; he heads up the department alongside deputy head Hanne Camilla Zimmer, who is well versed in assisting private sector clients with disputes. Other key practitioners are senior lawyer Malene Reinertsen and associate Patrick Oware.

Practice head(s):

Mads Magnussen; Hanne Camilla Zimmer

Other key lawyers:

Malene Reinertsen; Patrick Oware


‘The team have experience and knowledge about public procurement at the highest level. Always available for all kinds of issues.’

‘Malene Reinertsen is always available for big and small issues. Patrick Oware works diligently. Both are great assets for us.’

‘Wikborg Rein’s team is easy to work and communicate with. It provides excellent legal services in all matters of procurement law.’

‘Malene Reinertsen and Hanne Zimmer are excellent lawyers and provide sound, efficient and practical legal advice in all areas of public procurement law. They are always available to assist, even if the deadlines are short.’

Key clients





Norges Bank


Norsk Gjenvinning

Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Lyreco Norway

Work highlights

  • Advised the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on the procurement of DipReg, a digital subject system.
  • Assisted Lyreco Advantage Norway with an interim injunction procurement case, brought against the Norwegian Agency for Public and Financial Management, relating to the application of unlawful award criteria.


The team at BAHR is singled out for advising large private sector companies on the whole life-cycle of public procurement contracts. The group has notable strength in the pharmaceuticals, healthcare, construction, technology, media and energy sectors, and regularly assists government entities. Practice co-head Arne Torsten Andersen is acting for gambling company Norsk Tipping in long-running litigation arising from a claim brought by Maltese-based gaming company EveryMatrix, contesting the client’s award of a NOK1.5bn ID and payment platform contract to Norwegian company BuyPass. Practice co-head Beret Sundet is a key name for competition work, and managing associate Daniel Sipos is also a noteworthy practitioner.

Practice head(s):

Beret Sundet; Arne Torsten Andersen

Other key lawyers:

Daniel Sipos


‘Arne Torsten Andersen is a highly skilled and experienced lawyer within public procurement law. He is always willing to support.’

‘Highly skilled specialist within the field.’

Key clients



Eli Lilly




Fortum Oslo Varme

AV Form





Discovery Networks Norway

Nordic Entertainment Group

Reitan Convenience

Cushman Wakefield

Ministry of Transportation

Bane NOR


Stamveg AS

Norconsult Informasjonssystemer AS


Norsk Tipping AS

Hav Eiendom AS

Nobina Norge AS

Troms Holding AS /Troms Kraft AS

Statnett SF

Norwegian Federation of Industries

Work highlights

  • Assisting Statsbygg, the Norwegian Government’s property developer, with public procurement issues arising from the NOK6bn development and construction of the National Museum of Norway.
  • Acting as counsel to engineering consultancy Norconsult on public procurement matters, especially tender procedures.

Advokatfirmaet Føyen AS

Advokatfirmaet Føyen AS‘ ‘sharp‘ team has ‘a high level of knowledge of the regulations for public procurement‘. Construction, IT and infrastructure sector mandates form the backbone of the practice, and the group has an excellent track record in acting for municipalities in a range of procurement work. The department is jointly led by Thomas Oskar Strömbom, who is ‘an expert when it comes to handling complex building and construction procurements‘; disputes expert Jørgen Myhre; and Vera Hovelsen, a public procurement law specialist. Senior associate Ragnhild Lunner and associate Marius Torsteinsen Grønnbakk are also key names to note. Harald Evensen left the firm in June 2022.

Practice head(s):

Thomas Oskar Strömbom; Vera Hovelsen; Jørgen Myhre

Other key lawyers:

Ragnhild Lunner; Marius Torsteinsen Grønnbakk


‘Jørgen Myhre is first of all a highly competent lawyer, but his greatest strength is being able to make his clients understand and follow complex legal matters.’

‘Great focus on the customers’ requirements and satisfaction.’

‘Thomas Strömbom has in-depth knowledge of procurement regulations and he combines it with valuable experience from working with construction law cases and considerable knowledge of the industry. It is this combination that makes him stand out from the rest. We have greatly appreciated his knowledge and strategic advice.’

‘The Føyen team consists of highly qualified and goal-oriented lawyers who are passionate about their profession.’

‘Thomas Strömbom always goes the extra mile to take care of our needs.’

‘Quick understanding of the issues at hand. Responsive. Good understanding of the public sector. Ability to see the whole picture and find good solutions.’

Vera Hovelsen has extensive knowledge. She has solid work capacity and great authority when meeting others.’

‘Service minded, easy to speak with and has splendid expertise and competence.’

Key clients

County Governor of Vestland (Statsforvalteren i Vestland fylke)

Movar IKS

Municipality of Aurskog Høland

Municipality of Bamble

Municipality of Drangedal

Municipality of Hamar

Municipality of Indre Østfold (prev. Askim)

Municipality of Kragerø

Municipality of Lørenskog

Municipality of Oslo

Municipality of Porsgrunn

Municipality of Sandnes

Municipality of Siljan

Municipality of Skien

Municipality of Ullensaker

Municipality of Vinje

Municipality of Volda

Municipality of Ås

Norsk Luftfartssenter Bodø AS

Nasjonalt kommunesamarbeid for 110-sentralene IKS

Norwegian Environment Agency (Miljødirektoratet)

Norwegian Nuclear Decommissioning

Norwegian Public Roads Administration

NSW Arkitektur AS

Nye Veier AS

OsloMet – Oslo Metropolitan University

Remiks Husholdning AS

Remiks Miljøpark AS

Remiks Næring AS

Østfold Avfallssortering IKS

Renovasjon i Grenland IKS

Reno-Vest IKS

Senja Avfall IKS

Stavanger Utvikling KF

Studentsamskipnaden Oslo

The National Insurance Court

Vestfold Avfall og Ressurs AS (VESAR)

Ø M Fjeld AS

Øst-Finnmark Avfallsselskap AS (ØFAS)

County Governor of Oslo og Viken

Municipality of Nordre Follo

Work highlights

  • Acting as sole counsel to the Norwegian Public Roads Administration on all public procurement issues arising from large PPP road building projects.
  • Providing ongoing advice to the Municipality of Oslo concerning the public procurement process for the establishment of new nursing homes.
  • Advising the Norwegian 110 Fire and Rescue operational divisions on the procurement of a new command & control/computer assisted dispatch system for the municipality of Hamar.


SANDS‘ ‘solution-oriented‘ team is well versed in assisting construction, healthcare and government entities with a range of contentious and non-contentious procurement matters. Based in Bergen, department head Åshild Fløisand ‘is extremely knowledgeable of public procurement law and not afraid of fighting tricky cases – she provides high-quality advice‘. ‘Very knowledgeable‘ senior associate Eirik Rise and ‘efficient‘ senior lawyer Mari Moe Haahjem are also key names in the Bergen office. Litigation expert Kjersti Holum Karlstrøm and senior associate Lars Sørensen are key individuals in the Tromsø office.

Practice head(s):

Åshild Fløisand

Other key lawyers:

Kjersti Holum Karlstrøm; Eirik Rise; Mari Moe Haahjem; Lars Sørensen


‘Great team which is easy to contact. Gives good advice, always to the point. Efficient. Great know-how about the latest news in public procurement. Also well respected in the market.’

‘Mari Moe Haahjem: Efficient. Solves our requests quickly. Rising star within her field.’

‘Åshild Fløisand is considered a top lawyer on public procurement. She has a unique practice and great knowledge within this complex area.’

‘Åshild Fløisand understands the essence of the problem immediately, quickly has a good idea of how the problem can be solved, and has unique knowledge of the law. This gives the client a sense of security.’

‘The team is to the point. In addition to knowing the law inside out, the team has solid knowledge of the industry’s dynamics and challenges and is therefore a valuable adviser for our company.’

‘Åshild Fløisand is a very experienced lawyer. She is genuinely engaged in her clients and cases.’

Senior associate Eirik Rise is up and coming.’

‘Kjersti Holum Karlstrøm has excellent understanding and knowledge of the public procurement framework. As a client this translates to solid advice that makes our decision-making easy.’

Key clients

Helse Bergen

Helse Stavanger

Bardu kommune

Haugesund kommune

HS Bygg AS

Plug Ålesund AS

Consto Group

Perpetuum Group

Asplan Viak AS

Bedriftssystemer AS

Rambøll Norge AS

Nærings- og fiskeridepartementet (Ministry of Trade, Industry and Fisheries)

A Markussen AS

Work highlights

  • Acting as legal counsel to Perpetuum Miljø AS on long-running procurement litigation arising from a dispute over an alleged unlawful annulment of a procurement procedure.
  • Advising regional health department Helse Bergen on all procurement issues linked to the construction of a children’s hospital in Bergen, worth €565m.

Advokatfirmaet Schjødt

At Advokatfirmaet Schjødt, recent work for the ‘highly skilled‘ team includes assisting Motorola Solutions Norway with filing a complaint in connection with an ongoing tender procedure; practice head Thomas Nordby led on this matter. Contentious procurement mandates have been prominent in the group’s recent workload. Senior associate Johanne Førde is ‘a rising star within procurement- highly skilled and to the point.’

Practice head(s):

Thomas Nordby

Other key lawyers:

Johanne Førde


‘A good and strong team. Good quality work.’

‘Solid understanding of governmental procurement processes and related agreements.’

‘Rapid understanding of key issues, risks and strategies.’

‘Johanne Førde is a rising star within procurement. Highly skilled and to the point.’

Key clients

Selecta AS

Implenia Norge AS

Nordic Unmanned AS

Achilles Systems AS

Norges Juristforbund

Motorola Solutions Norway AS

Med-el Nordic AS

Ricoh Norge AS

SAS Scandinavian Airlines Systems

Airbus Defence and Space Norway AS

AJ Produkter AS

Betsson Services Ltd.

Kindred Group

Norges Rederiforbund


Euromaint Rail AS

Bodø Municipality

Work highlights

  • Providing ongoing assistance to Selecta concerning several tender competitions in Norway.
  • Acting for Bodø Municipality in an ongoing NOK90m claim for compensation concerning an alleged breach of Norwegian public procurement regulations.