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Leading Silks

Michael Ashcroft KCTwenty Essex ‘A superb strategist and a specialist on letter of indemnity cases.’
Steven Berry KCEssex Court Chambers 'Steven is one of the best in this field. He is an excellent lawyer, an entertaining and fearless advocate and it is enjoyable working with him.'
Elizabeth Blackburn KCThe 36 Group ‘Elizabeth has a well-deserved reputation as one of the heavyweights at the Admiralty and Commercial Bar.'
Nigel Jacobs KCQuadrant ChambersA great team player who works with solicitors and clients to draft and present the strongest case whilst always presenting a balanced view about the merits of the case.’
Luke Parsons KCQuadrant Chambers 'Luke is an excellent advocate and stands out for his sense of awareness as how best to present a client's case in court or arbitration. He is a leading strategist in his field of advocacy.'
Lionel Persey KCQuadrant Chambers 'Lionel is extremely knowledgeable and experienced when it comes to wet matters. He is clear and sharp in his thinking. Someone you definitely want in your team if you are going to trial.'
Simon Rainey KCQuadrant Chambers 'His excellent analysis of a case and working out what is important is very good.'
Timothy Young KCTwenty Essex 'Timothy has a fine mind and is a good lateral thinker. He comes up with points that no one has thought of.'
David Allen KC7 King’s Bench Walk ‘One of the best advocates available.'
Timothy Hill KCTwenty Essex ‘Confident, robust and expresses his arguments with clarity.’
Stephen Hofmeyr KC7 King’s Bench Walk ‘Incredibly strong on engineering and technical details. Clear, controlled and effective advocacy.’
Richard Lord KCBrick Court Chambers 'Insightful, gets to the point, a deep understanding of the law but at the same commercial. Also, sound judgement - very well respected by his peers.'
Duncan Matthews KCTwenty EssexAn outstanding silk.’
Sean O’Sullivan KC4 Pump Court 'Sean combines a super forensic brain with silky advocacy skills.'
Vasanti Selvaratnam KCThe 36 Group ‘An absolutely excellent advocate and is hugely respected by judges and arbitrators.’
Robert Thomas KCQuadrant Chambers 'Very approachable and a pleasure to work with.'
Nigel Cooper KCQuadrant Chambers 'He is great and very easy to engage with.'
Charles Kimmins KCTwenty EssexA razor-sharp legal mind who cuts to the heart of the most complex of disputes.’
James Leabeater KC4 Pump Court  ‘A top silk for all things shipping. Very clever and able to break down complex legal issues and give clear and practical advice.'
David Lewis KCTwenty EssexDavid is incredibly bright, calm and collected on his feet, with razor-sharp attention to detail.’
John Russell KCQuadrant Chambers 'He sees through the fog and identifies the key issues and provides excellent advice and support.'
Christopher Smith KCEssex Court Chambers ‘A go-to barrister for whom no issue is too novel or unusual.’
Richard Southern KC  – 7 King’s Bench Walk 'Intelligent and organised. Very good advocacy skills and good at cross-examination.'
Richard Waller KC7 King’s Bench Walk  'Intelligent and organised. Gives very clear advice. Very good advocacy skills and good at cross-examination. Highly recommended.'
Henry Byam-Cook KC –Twenty Essex ‘He is not only able to process a lot of information quickly and to comprehensively advise on the legal issues but is also a commercially astute lawyer.’
Michael Coburn KCTwenty Essex 'Michael is a highly erudite barrister who thinks meticulously about his cases. He has a calm style of advocacy that allows him to develop detailed points whilst maintaining the court's attention.'
Michael Collett KCTwenty Essex 'Extremely calm, knowledgeable and has an air of quiet authority in all he does.'
Michael Davey KCQuadrant Chambers 'He will have assembled the puzzle and told you how the picture looks in the time it takes everyone else involved to find the four corners.'
Julian Kenny KCTwenty Essex 'Stylish written submissions and engaging oral advocacy.'
Stephen Kenny KC7 King’s Bench Walk 'Strong yet didactic drafting style for pleadings and understanding of the lay clients' needs when seeking advice.'
Poonam Melwani KCQuadrant Chambers 'Sagacious, very easy to work with, discerning and clear sighted.'
Guy Blackwood KCQuadrant Chambers 'A superb KC. He is very sharp and among the premier performers in shipping and trading matters.'
Stewart Buckingham KCQuadrant Chambers  ‘Stewart has the ability to untangle knotty issues and present an apparently straightforward position where sometimes, the position is anything but straightforward.’
Philippa Hopkins KCEssex Court Chambers 'Philippa is exceptionally intelligent and has the ability to express this with concision and clarity. She has an excellent grasp of the legal aspects of the disputes we work on. She is a powerful advocate and well prepared.'
Chirag Karia KCQuadrant Chambers 'A very rare combination of tenacious advocacy and academic excellence.'
Jawdat Khurshid KC7 King’s Bench Walk ‘Jawdat is a welcome addition to any legal team – he is an excellent advocate, thinks positively and commercially, and is focused on the big picture.’
John Kimbell KCQuadrant Chambers 'Excellent when it comes to strategy.'
Yash Kulkarni KCQuadrant Chambers ‘Proactive, insightful and quick to identify the key commercial points.’
Thomas Macey-Dare KCQuadrant Chambers 'Thomas is fantastic with any expert heavy litigation. He has a forensic eye for detail and manages to succinctly distil vast quantities of complex material into a number of key issues.'
Sara Masters KCTwenty Essex 'Very sharp intellect. Excellent advocate. Great presence with clients.'
Jern-Fei Ng KC7BR 'Jern-Fei is exceptionally talented. He has first class legal knowledge, tremendous judgment and is a master both of the detail and broader questions of strategy.'
Michael Nolan KCQuadrant Chambers 'Statesman-like and a pleasure to work with.'
Thomas Raphael KCTwenty Essex ‘An excellent advocate who can get a complicated point across very well to arbitrators and judges. Also extremely bright and very knowledgeable on the law.’
Christopher Smith KCQuadrant Chambers ‘A ferociously hard-working KC. Completely on top of the case and documentation, and nice to work with too.’
Nigel Tozzi KC4 Pump Court ‘Very pleasing advocate, takes sensible points and strong on law but keeps it relevant. Very user-friendly and pragmatic.’
Nichola Warrender KCQuadrant Chambers ‘Quick to react, personable and hard working.’

2022 Silks

Jeremy Brier KC – Essex Court Chambers 'Enthusiasm, responsiveness, team work - all good!'
Neil Hart KCEssex Court Chambers 'Measured and composed.'
Simon Milnes KCTwenty Essex 'His written advocacy is strong and he comes up with creative arguments. As an oral advocate, Simon can be incisive without being unnecessarily aggressive.'
Alexander Wright KC4 Pump Court 'Sees the big picture and good on his feet.'
Alexander Wright KC4 Pump Court 'Super smart and quick to turn work around.  Also sees the big picture and good on his feet.'

2024 Silks

Oliver Caplin KCTwenty Essex 'Oliver is a superb advocate. He delivers the points that need to be made in a clear and measured way.'
Josephine Davies KCTwenty Essex 'She is not afraid to give a direct view on the merits of a point, without hedging her opinion with unnecessary caveats.'
Paul Toms KCQuadrant Chambers ‘Excellent and thoughtful advocate. His mild manner belies a tenacious approach.'

Leading Juniors

Ravi AswaniThe 36 Group ‘Very clear thinking, thorough preparation and clear, concise advocacy.’
Tom BirdQuadrant Chambers 'Tom gives great attention to detail and is open to ideas.'
Daniel BovensiepenTwenty EssexExceptionally bright.’
Benjamin CofferQuadrant Chambers ‘Has an excellent perception of how the admiralty bench is likely to view a case. Presents clear arguments that are well received in court.’
Mark JonesThe 36 Group 'Mark quickly unpacks the most complex issues in way that makes it straightforward for lay clients to understand the core issues that make up the dispute.'
Marcus Mander7 King’s Bench Walk 'Marcus is extremely approachable and a team player. He is an extremely effective and persuasive advocated, well-liked and respected by judges and arbitrators alike.'
Nevil PhillipsQuadrant Chambers 'Nevil is incredibly intelligent, produces brilliant written work and is able to assimilate information very quickly in order to produce very clear advice. He is very good on the strategic side and at looking at everything with a holistic view.'
Caroline PoundsQuadrant Chambers 'Caroline is incredibly bright, extremely thorough, is a true shipping specialist, and has a phenomenal eye for detail.'
Charles Priday7 King’s Bench Walk ‘Totally reliable.'
Richard Sarll7 King’s Bench Walk 'Very bright and calm under pressure which gives a solicitor a lot of reassurance. Also very pleasant to work with.'
Rachel ToneyThe 36 Group ‘Rachel is a very hard-working, bright barrister with a vast amount of experience in shipping, commodities and commercial disputes.'
David WalshEssex Court Chambers 'He has it all: fiercely bright, hard-working, approachable, accessible and a very nice guy to work with. An effective and attractive advocacy style, with gravitas beyond his years.'
Clara Benn7 King’s Bench Walk ‘Excellent on the law, on the facts, with the clients and with the court or tribunal. One to watch.’
Tom CorbyTwenty Essex ‘Hard working, reliable, and a pleasure to work with.’
Charles DebattistaThe 36 Group 'Charles is an expert and knowledgeable barrister with an outstanding intellect.'
Ben GardnerQuadrant Chambers 'Ben is an persuasive, nimble and incisive advocate. His professional and calm manner always make him a pleasure to work with.'
Gavin Geary7 King’s Bench Walk 'He provides very clear and succinct advice. His ability to spot and focus on the right issues is incomparable. '
Colleen HanleyTwenty Essex ‘Tenacious and prepared to go the extra mile.’
Sandra Healy7 King’s Bench WalkA source of clear and insightful analysis, as well as high-quality drafting.’
Paul HentonQuadrant Chambers ‘Extremely bright, diligent and reliable.’
Gemma MorganQuadrant Chambers 'She is technically highly skilled and persuasive in her advocacy.'
Rani Noakes4 Pump Court 'Rani is a superstar.'
Angharad ParryTwenty Essex 'Excellent, responsive, and easy to work with.'
Peter StevensonQuadrant Chambers ‘He has excellent technical ability, is very responsive, can grapple with complex legal issues with ease, and advises the clients very clearly.’
Adam Turner7 King’s Bench Walk ‘He is extremely bright, drafts well, and also has an admirable work ethic. A future star of the Bar.’
James Watthey4 Pump Court 'An experienced and approachable barrister who is fantastic with clients.'
Sushma Ananda7 King’s Bench Walk ‘Sushma has a very good depth of knowledge and is most thorough. Her written advice is always most comprehensive and well-written.’
Adam BoardEssex Court Chambers ‘Gives decisive and commercial advice, and good to work with.’
Alex CarlessTwenty Essex 'Alex is excellent across the board. His opinions balance detail and nuance with clearness and accessibility to the reader - and are always on the money.'
Henry EllisQuadrant Chambers 'Henry is quick on his feet and is able to put forth persuasive arguments before a tribunal. Henry is also able to cross-examine effectively.'
Malcolm JarvisTwenty Essex ‘Malcolm knows his subject matter really well. His submissions are well-put and address the issues in question.’
Tim Jenns7 King’s Bench Walk ‘Very user-friendly, good in court, good eye for detail and prepared to make new law.’
Ed Jones4 Pump Court 'Ed is very bright, super hard-working, creative and extremely personable.'
Andrew LeungQuadrant Chambers 'Perspicacious.'
Sarah Martin7 King’s Bench WalkSarah is an outstanding all-rounder – a razor-sharp legal mind combined with commercial acumen and vision.’
Natalie MooreQuadrant Chambers 'Advocacy very clear and persuasive advocacy.'
Saira ParukQuadrant Chambers ‘Saira provides clear and comprehensive advice and guidance on complex matters.’
Jason Robinson7 King’s Bench Walk ‘He is an absolute star.'
Robert Scrivener4 Pump Court ‘Energetic, responsive and with great commercial nous.’
Sean SnookTwenty EssexAn insightful senior junior.’
Andrew Stevens4 Pump CourtVery clever and extremely detailed in his work. Also prepared to be commercial when necessary. A good advocate.’
Thomas Steward –4 Pump Court 'Thomas has a knack for simplifying matters and not sitting on the fence when advising on the merits.'
Jessica Sutherland7 King’s Bench Walk 'Her written advocacy is good and persuasive.'
Frederick Alliott – 7 King’s Bench WalkGreat understanding and grasp of detail, coupled with excellent drafting skills.’
Philip Aspin7 King’s Bench Walk 'Philip is very responsive and efficient.  In terms of advocacy he has a clear and logical way of presenting his position.'
Max DavidsonQuadrant Chambers ‘Good experience in commodities disputes, he provides clear advice.'
Andrew DinsmoreTwenty Essex ‘A brilliant communicator, problem solver and advocate. He is able to find solutions quickly to complex legal and procedural issues.’
Stephen DonnellyEssex Court Chambers 'Very hard working and good on detail on paper.'
Neil Dowers 4 Pump CourtGood eye for detail, hard-working, accessible and conscientious.’
Patrick Dunn-Walsh – Twenty Essex 'Patrick's advocacy skills are very impressive. He is quick on his feet, and presents his arguments in a clear and concise manner. He will certainly be a force to be reckoned with in the years to come.'
Andrew FeldTwenty Essex 'Absolutely excellent. Superb command of the law in international trade.'
Richard GreenbergTwenty EssexClear-headed, writes well and a crisp advocate.’
Charles Holroyd  – 7 King’s Bench Walk 'Charles is very thorough and diligent.'
Francis Hornyold-Strickland  – Monckton Chambers ‘Francis is personable and has a great manner in explaining complicated matters on layman’s terms.’
Elizabeth Lindesay7 King’s Bench Walk 'Elizabeth has a very good understanding of the end goal and she does not lose sight of that as a case develops.'
Karen Maxwell Twenty Essex ‘Karen has a fantastic knowledge of the Arbitration Act and great insight into its application. She is creative in identifying solutions and an excellent, clear advocate.’
Helen Morton – Essex Court Chambers 'Helen is a powerhouse and definitely a force to be reckoned with. Her grasp of the law and of the facts is top notch.'
Bibek Mukherjee  – Essex Court Chambers 'Very bright, responsive and a pleasure to work with. Excellent with clients - firm but polite.'
Andrew Pearson7 King’s Bench Walk 'Responsive, adaptable, strong minded, knowledgeable. Always finds an angle.'
Kishore Sharma – 4-5 Gray’s Inn Square 'Kishore is exceptionally bright and has a very wide knowledge of the various aspects of the shipping and trading industry.'
Gideon Shirazi4 Pump Court 'Gideon has a great grasp of the details.'
Charlotte TanBrick Court Chambers 'Charlotte is tenacious but fiercely rational. She is a true star of the future.'
Craig Williams Quadrant Chambers 'A forceful advocate.'  
Adam Woolnough  – Essex Court Chambers 'Very high quality junior and pleasant to work with.'

Rising Stars

Matthew Chan – Twenty Essex ‘Matthew is bright, has experience beyond his years of qualification, and is one of the top junior juniors often chosen by silks to assist on matters.’
Michal HainTwenty Essex ‘Michal is incredibly smart and always has the most relevant case, or excellent strategic suggestions on the tip of his tongue.’
Jamie HamblenQuadrant Chambers 'He is very thorough and has a fine and independent mind.'
Anna Hoffmann4 Pump Court 'Anna is very bright and diligent and always willing to go the extra mile as a junior.'
Clementine Makower – 4 Pump Court  ‘Her written-advocacy is first class and she is always on top of the issues and ahead of the witnesses.’
William Mitchell  – Quadrant Chambers 'Will gives clear and pragmatic advice. In written submissions, he is excellent at articulating the client's best case in a concise and persuasive manner.'
Andrew Ng – The 36 Group ‘Andrew has shown an impressive natural talent.'
Tom NixonQuadrant Chambers ‘Persuasive written drafting.’  
Emile Yusupoff – The 36 Group 'For a very junior barrister, Emile has a striking maturity and approaches things a confidence and authority which are beyond his years.'

Shipping in London Bar

Quadrant Chambers

Quadrant Chambers remains one of the leading shipping sets in the market, with its members continuously involved in the biggest cases arising out of the maritime industry. The Eternal Bliss, which was set to go to the Supreme Court in 2023 but settled shortly beforehand, included appearances from Simon Rainey KC  and Tom Bird; the former also acted in the limitation action arising out of the fire on board the Maersk Honam in 2018. Another Supreme Court case was the Herculito Maritime v Gunvor International, dealing with ransom payment to pirates, in which Guy Blackwood KC acted on behalf of the insurers. Stewart Buckingham continued to have another busy year in shipping, with cases including the litigation after the Ever Given ran aground in 2021, obstructing the Suez Canal for six days. Matthew Reeve KC was appointed to silk in 2023, while James Shirley joined the set from The 36 Group.


‘The clerking is really good. Simon Slattery is in particular efficient and a pleasure to deal with every time.’

‘The clerks are exceptional. They understand the wider market and pressures instructing solicitors operate under. Mike Wright in particular stands out. He is particularly commercial, switched on and practical.’

‘Daniel Westerman is first class. Always approachable, available and prepared to go the extra mile.’

‘Quadrant Chambers have always been excellent and professional.’

‘Quadrant are probably the leading dry and wet shipping chambers just now.’

‘Specialised knowledge, deep knowledge of law and international practice. Counsels are always available irrespective of the surrounding circumstances. Their training programme is excellent.’

‘Quadrant Chambers has excellent breadth and depth and very commercially aware barristers. It is an outstanding chambers with quality across the board.’

‘Quadrant Chambers have a wealth of talented individuals who know their shipping law. The size of chambers means there is generally a good choice of barristers with availability, across different experience levels.’

Work highlights

7 King's Bench Walk

With ‘excellence across the board’, barristers at 7KBW offer clients a diverse set of expertise that covers both wet and dry shipping. The set remains a go-to choice for a variety of stakeholders in the maritime sector, including insurers, charterers, P&I clubs, and shipowners. One of the highlights for Stephen Hofmeyr KC in 2022 was the Argentum Exploration Limited v Silver, a case that decided the Republic of South Africa was not entitled to immunity from the jurisdiction of the court under the State Immunity Act 1978 regarding the salvage of silver from a ship sunk in the Indian Ocean in 1942. Alistair Schaff KC has a strong reputation regarding superyachts, while Dominic Kendrick KC acts in cases relating to sanctions, amongst others. Marcus Mander also had another strong year, acting in SK Shipping Europe PLC v. Capital Maritime & Trading Corp, a case that arose out of the charter of four crude carriers, opposite Christopher Smith KC. N G Casey KC took silk in 2023, and Robert Bright KC (as was) was appointed to the High Court bench at the beginning of the same year.


‘The clerks are very helpful. I have had many dealings with Gary Rose whom I consider particularly friendly, helpful and of great assistance.’

‘Excellent, I trust Gary Rose and Greg Leyden completely – they are some of the best clerks in the market.’

‘Clerks, especially Gary Rose, are superb.’

‘7KBW are a preferred set when it comes to shipping. The counsel there are all very capable professionals and the clerks will do their best to come up with a suitable counsel for the needs of the case.’

‘7KBW offers excellence across the board – there are no weak points. The emphasis on training pupils and more junior members pays off.’

‘7KBW is a stellar set for shipping. The depth of knowledge available is profound, notably across levels of seniority.’

‘7KBW are a preferred set when it comes to shipping. The counsel there are all very capable professionals and the clerks will do their best to come up with a suitable counsel for the needs of the case.’

‘7KBW clerks are known for being straightforward and easy to deal with.’

Work highlights

Essex Court Chambers

At Essex Court Chambers, shipping remains a core area of expertise, reflected in the set’s ongoing involvement in complex and high-profile cases along the full range of maritime disputes. Steven Berry KC continuous to be tied up in a number of major shipping cases including MT Phoenix Vanguard about the collapsed purchase of a crude oil tanker; he leads Bibek Mukherjee in this case, a junior experienced in both wet and dry shipping. The interpretation of contractual force majeure clauses in relation to sanctions lies at the core of MUR Shipping BV v RTI Ltd, handled by Nigel Eaton KC on behalf of the shipowners, where he led Adam Woolnough. Elsewhere, Philippa Hopkins KC represents insurers in The Win Win, a ship that was seized by the Indonesian Navy on allegations that she illegallty entered the country’s waters. David Walsh and Freddie Onslow are juniors with active shipping practices and are both frequently instructed by leading law firms in LMAA arbitrations and before various courts.


‘The chamber is always supportive, efficient and with a kind approach. Top-class service.’

‘A strong commercial, shipping and insurance set. Many good KCs and barristers.’

‘Excellent in terms of quality and expertise.’

‘Top-notch silks.’

Work highlights

Twenty Essex

Lauded as ‘one of the pre-eminent shipping sets’, Twenty Essex’ strengths are well-distributed along the full range of maritime disputes. The charterparty dispute Trafigura Maritime Logistics Pte Ltd v Clearlake Shipping Pte Ltd kept a number of members busy, with Michael Ashcroft KC, Daniel Bovensiepen, and Timothy Young KC all being involved. The latter also led Colleen Hanley in the Shagang Giant, a case dealing with the interpretation of a force majeure clause in light of Covid-19 lockdown restrictions. Damages caused by the detention of a vessel and the subsequent claim for demurrage are central in Rhine Shipping v Vitol, where Patrick Dunn-Walsh is led by Philip Edey KC on behalf of Rhine Shipping.


‘There are some excellent shipping counsel working at Twenty Essex Street – it is one of our go-to sets.’

‘Very helpful clerking team. Arron Zitver is a joy to work with.’

‘Brilliant chambers. Leaders in their respective fields.’

‘Arron Zitver is always a pleasure to deal with and ensures that queries are dealt with promptly and thoroughly.’

‘Twenty Essex is an excellent set with many fine barristers in it. I have always enjoyed working with and against its members and have spotted no weak links.’

‘One of the pre-eminent shipping sets. Barristers work on some of the top cases and there are some excellent silks and senior juniors.’

‘Twenty Essex is the ‘go-to’ chambers in London for maritime disputes.’

‘Clerks are always helpful and alive to diversity requirements.’

Work highlights

4 Pump Court

4 Pump Court fields an in-depth shipping practice, which sees members of the set regularly appear in arbitration and litigation concerning substantial disputes in relation to shipbuilding, commercial shipping, as well as yachts. James Leabeater KC and Sean O’Sullivan KC are two of the group’s leading silks, with the latter appearing in and leading Rani Noakes in Havila v Hijos de J Barrerras, a shipbuilding dispute about two LNG powered ferries. Nick Vineall KC also continues to have a strong practice, having been instructed in a case arising out of a drill ship construction which went to the Supreme Court on appeal. The highly publicised Eternal Bliss was scheduled for the Supreme Court but ultimately settled beforehand; Alexander Wright KC acted in this case about demurrage on behalf of the charterers.


‘An excellent set for shipping work with a deep selection of KCs and juniors. 4PC barristers stand out for their commercial and practical approach which goes down well with clients.’

‘Worked with Paul Bloxham – very cooperative and helpful.’

‘The shipping team has gone from strength to strength, recruiting new members and increasing its profile with the big shipping firms and the clubs.’

‘Always responsive. Paul Bloxham is an institution. James Tanner very attentive.’

‘James Tanner has provided an excellent service throughout the duration of the matter. He is diligent, responsive and very efficient.’

‘4 Pump Court is our first port of call when it comes to shipping work. The clerks are helpful and prompt and have had great results with a number of their counsel.’

‘Very good strength in depth in these chambers – across all areas of maritime work.’

‘4PC is very focussed on providing a service, with a fantastic clerking team who ensure that the client gets what they need at the right price.’

Work highlights

The 36 Group

Hailed as ‘an excellent shipping set with real depth‘, The 36 Group is noted for its strengths across shipping, where the set’s capabilities extend to issues arising out of contracts, transactions, as well as collisions and salvage.  Elizabeth Blackburn KC continues to have a vibrant practice, with cases including the infamous Ever Given. A collision in the Singapore Strait was at the centre of The Wilforce, which saw involvement from Vasanti Selvaratnam KC and constituted the first time that liability for a collision in a precautionary area was considered. Mark Jones features in the Polar, a long-running case arising out of the hijacking of a vessel by Somali pirates that has been granted permission to appeal by the Supreme Court in 2022. Turning to more junior names,  Emile Yusupoff and Andrew Ng are being led by leading silks or acting as sole counsel in shipping arbitration and litigation.


‘Sam Medlock is a great junior clerk who is going places.’

‘Reiss Nott is the excellent senior clerk, highly experienced, gives great client service and is very effective when it comes to strategic direction and practice management.’

‘Billy Brett and Sam Medlock are both excellent supporting clerks. Billy has particular marketing skills and Sam is of particular importance to those members who also act as arbitrators, and I have found him to be of great assistance in running my cases as an arbitrator.’

‘Excellent – the clerking team led by Reiss Nott is reliable, responsive and commercial.’

’36 Stone is an excellent shipping set with real depth. Members have extensive experience in both dry and wet shipping work.’

‘The 36 Stone Group stands out in the shipping industry due to its extensive and expert team of barristers who are able to provide high-quality representation to clients in shipping-related work.’

’36 Stone have a great breadth and depth of experience.’

‘Very helpful and very strong set; very adaptable.’

Work highlights