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Leading Silks

Stuart Catchpole QC  – Atkin ChambersStuart is tremendously intelligent. He is always able to see the wider picture, and his work ethic is ferocious.
Jeremy Cousins QC - Radcliffe ChambersHe is a standout barrister in this field.
Nicholas Davidson QC - 4 New SquareA master of brevity, who sees the whole picture but doesn't miss the detail. The very definition of a legal eagle.
Anneliese Day QC - Fountain Court ChambersA remarkable silk. She is reactive, thoughtful, and strategy-led.
Michael Douglas QC - 4 Pump CourtMichael is a delight to work with.
Ben Elkington QC - 4 New SquareBen's knowledge is exceptional. He is brilliant with clients: he is great at explaining complicated matters and is a calming influence.
Justin Fenwick QC - 4 New SquareA consummate trial advocate.
Jonathan Gaisman QC7 King’s Bench WalkJonathan is a phenomenal advocate.
Jonathan Hough QC - 4 New SquareJonathan exudes confidence, which clients love. Frighteningly intelligent, and very considered in everything he does.
Ben Hubble QC - 4 New SquareA very impressive silk. He is extremely bright, always prepares very thoroughly, and is great with clients.
Graeme McPherson QC - 4 New SquareA silk with a commanding presence. He is great on his feet.
Michael Pooles QC - Hailsham ChambersMichael is a highly polished performer and a wonderful cross-examiner. He is full of charm but is a smiling assassin.
Rebecca Sabben-Clare QC7 King’s Bench WalkRebecca is a uniformly excellent silk.
Simon Salzedo QC - Brick Court ChambersAn outstanding and unflappable advocate, who is very experienced in accountants' negligence claims.
Jonathan Seitler QCWilberforce ChambersHe is fabulous to work with. Highly intelligent and establishes a great rapport with the client.
Mark Simpson QC - Fountain Court ChambersMark is the complete package – easy to work with, down to earth, phenomenal in court. A silk at the top of his game.
Fiona Sinclair QC - 4 Pump CourtFiona is extremely sharp and very commercial. She masters the most complex of cases.
Jamie Smith QC - 4 New SquareHe is utterly brilliant, frighteningly intelligent and a delight to work with.
Nigel Tozzi QC - 4 Pump CourtNigel is a silk quick to grasp the key issues of a case. He is aware of the details without losing sight of the bigger picture.
Thomas Weitzman QC - 3 Verulam BuildingsHe has a tremendous grasp of both the law and the details. A silk with great oratorical skills.
Robert Moxon Browne QC2 Temple GardensA fierce advocate. He is extremely sharp, possessing an encyclopedic knowledge of the relevant law coupled with approachability.
Timothy Dutton CBE QC  –Fountain Court ChambersThe premier silk for thorny regulatory, compliance and solicitor negligence issues. The breadth of his experience inspires confidence in his balanced and pragmatic advice.
Charles Dougherty QC - 2 Temple GardensHe is an accomplished and polished advocate. He is incredibly bright, with a very practical and commercial approach.
Matthew Hardwick QC - 3 Verulam BuildingsMatthew is superb. He's incredibly hard-working and reliable, his drafting is always of the highest quality, his advice is thoughtful, pragmatic and strategic, and he's brilliant in court.
Timothy Howe QC - Fountain Court ChambersHe works prodigiously hard gets into the minutiae of a case. A tough negotiator who takes no prisoners. He has the ear of judges.
Nigel Jones QC - Gatehouse ChambersNigel is fantastic with clients, making even the most convoluted and obtuse legal point appear straightforward. He is exceptionally hard working and incredibly user-friendly.
Tim Lord QC - Brick Court ChambersA combative cross-examiner with an enthusiastic manner.
Siân Mirchandani QC - 4 New SquareSiân is ferociously bright. She is unerringly logical, and nobody can defend a claim with more robust defiance and grit. Her manner and approach inspire confidence, trust and complete reassurance. She was born to be a high flying barrister.
Neil Moody QC - 2 Temple GardensNeil is extremely impressive in court, and certainly has the ear of the judge. He cuts through complex legal and factual submissions with ease.
Alexander Nissen QC - Keating ChambersAlexander is technically exceptional, with a brilliant understanding of judicial thinking.
Ben Quiney QC - Crown Office ChambersA client-friendly silk noted for his clarity of thought.
Dominique Rawley QC - Atkin ChambersShe is a very accomplished, quick-thinking silk.
Paul Reed QC - Gatehouse ChambersAn authoritative silk with a stellar reputation. He is in the top tier of QCs for professional indemnity work for contractors.
Hefin Rees QC - 3 Verulam BuildingsHefin is indefatigable. His rapport with clients is instant. He pursues cases up to and at trial with boundless enthusiasm and vigour. A charismatic, fearsome cross-examiner.
Andrew Rigney QC - Crown Office ChambersAndrew is detail oriented and an excellent communicator. He is also charming; the sort of QC who you want to introduce to clients as you know they will warm to them.
Patricia Robertson QC - Fountain Court ChambersShe is doggedly determined and can run rings around the most experienced advocates.
Keith Rowley QC - Radcliffe ChambersKeith is attentive, incisive and has a fantastic ability to simplify and work through complex issues.
Nicolas Stallworthy QC - Outer Temple ChambersAn exceptionally bright, charming silk. He has an open approach to thorny technical issues and always manages to present new and rich arguments to aid the case. A strong courtroom advocate.
Bankim Thanki QC - Fountain Court ChambersBankim carries an air of calm, analytical confidence which is very persuasive in court. He has excellent tactical judgement.
David Turner QC - 4 New SquareA good advocate; he is intelligent and approachable.
Rachel Ansell QC - 4 Pump CourtA phenomenal advocate with a brilliant work ethic. She is a force to be reckoned with.
Stephanie Barwise QC - Atkin ChambersStephanie has a supreme sense of gravitas and clients immediately trust her. An authority in cladding-related claims.
Adrian Beltrami QC - 3 Verulam BuildingsSuper-clever, measured, authoritative, calm, and has a superb manner when addressing the court.
Sean Brannigan QC - 4 Pump CourtSean is extremely intelligent, practical and well experienced and can turn his hand to any situation. Clients love him as he can speak their language.
Graham Chapman QC - 4 New SquareHe is a tremendous silk.
Serena Cheng QC - Atkin ChambersSerena is a very skilled counsel, who quickly gets on top of her brief.
Aidan Christie QC - 4 Pump CourtAidan embodies the qualities that any lawyer engaging a senior silk looks for.
James Cross QC - 4 Pump CourtHis understanding of the interaction between the construction and insurance markets is unrivalled. Charming and ruthless in equal measure.
Derrick Dale QC - Fountain Court ChambersDerrick is a very talented advocate, able to adjust on his feet to changes.
Michael Furness QCWilberforce ChambersMichael has huge technical knowledge and provides measured, firm advice. Judges listen to him.
Simon Hargreaves QC - Keating ChambersHe is absolutely brilliant on his feet.
James Howells QC - Atkin ChambersA compelling advocate with excellent analytical skills.
Philip Jones QC - Serle CourtA silk you want on your side.
Daniel Lightman QC - Serle CourtDaniel is an extremely determined silk, who has exceptional knowledge of the law.
Lynne McCafferty QC - 4 Pump CourtShe is the complete package: an excellent advocate, responsive, great with clients and produces high quality work.
Manus McMullan QC - Atkin ChambersManus is simply fantastic. He is extremely intelligent yet so user friendly, and clients love him.
Paul Newman QCWilberforce ChambersPaul has incredible experience and knowledge of all pension related matters. Very sound in his advice.
Jeremy Nicholson QC - 4 Pump CourtA first-class, very thorough silk.
Paul Darling OBE QC - 39 Essex ChambersHe has an encyclopedic knowledge of his sector. A clever strategic thinker, able to get inside judges' minds. He cross-examines with devastating effect.
Andrew Onslow QC - 3 Verulam BuildingsA very astute and measured advocate. His judgement is sound. A silk who has the ear of the judge.
Benjamin Pilling QC - 4 Pump CourtAn elegant draftsman with extremely good judgement. He has an easy manner with judges and the ear of the court.
John Ross QC - 1 Chancery LaneA silk with a superb intellect. He is charming and impressive in court.
Nicola Rushton QC - Hailsham ChambersNicola is unbelievably brilliant at professional negligence claimant work. She can simplify the most complex of matters,and find a solution that is practical and economical.
Daniel Shapiro QC - Crown Office ChambersDaniel is exceptionally bright and a master tactician. A sound and persuasive advocate.
Clare Stanley QCWilberforce ChambersClare is a total star. She is a fierce cross-examiner, super-smart, hard working and gets to the key issues instantly. She can quickly break down the most complicated of cases into comprehensible parts.
John de Waal QC - Gatehouse ChambersA silk who provides accessible advice, and has in-depth knowledge of both property and professional negligence law.
Gary Blaker QC - Selborne ChambersGary is calmness incarnate. He has a wealth of knowledge and is able to put clients at their ease. In court he is tenacious but always demonstrates respect.
David Blayney QC - Serle CourtA fantastic advocate who has excellent judgement. A real fighter.
Martin Bowdery QC - Atkin ChambersA well spoken advocate, who is thoroughly prepared and quick on his feet.
Richard Coleman QC - Fountain Court ChambersRichard is a calm and unflappable barrister, who can distill a case to its core issues. He handles his client's case with deadly but always good humoured effectiveness.
James Cutress QC - Fountain Court ChambersHe is hugely knowledgeable. Calm and measured, while forceful and persuasive. Great with clients, who always feel reassured and confident after a conference.
Simon Davenport QC - 3 Hare CourtA very clear, very concise and very helpful silk.
Adam Fenton QC7 King’s Bench WalkAdam has a first-class intellect. His attention to detail is phenomenal.
Andrew George QC - Blackstone Chambers BarristersHe is very user-friendly, and wears his great experience lightly. His advice is always commercial and insightful.
Karim Ghaly QC - 39 Essex ChambersKarim is a leader. A very strategic, innovative thinker with gravitas.
David Head QC - 3 Verulam BuildingsAn excellent advocate and a first-class contractual expert.
Riaz Hussain QC - Atkin ChambersA very supportive silk who always provides great advice.
James Leabeater QC - 4 Pump CourtJames has an exceptional grasp of the facts and is a strong and persuasive advocate.
Ian Mill QC - Blackstone Chambers BarristersIan is a fierce advocate capable of handling any situation. Quick to grasp the details and firm in his advice.
Vincent Moran QC - Keating ChambersA first-class silk with an authoritative approach.
Stephen Moriarty QCFountain Court Chambers 'Stephen wears his brilliance very easily and is delightful to work with.'
Leigh-Ann Mulcahy QC - Fountain Court ChambersA highly intelligent silk, who is a very reassuring presence in conference. She is very easy to work with.
Andrew Neish QC - 4 Pump CourtA very direct silk. On his feet Andrew is first rate and achieves incredible results. He is a pleasure to watch.
Alison Padfield QC - 4 New SquareAlison has a reassuring presence and a calm manner of proceeding.
Fionn Pilbrow QC - Brick Court ChambersFionn is an extremely intelligent and articulate barrister who is a master of his brief and an authoritative and compelling presence in court. Enviably talented.
Adam Robb QC - 39 Essex ChambersAn excellent silk.
Marion Smith QC - 39 Essex ChambersA very experienced and respected silk. She has a serene disposition, even in the most pressured of situations.
Andrew Spink QC - Outer Temple ChambersHe is confident in court and has good strategic acumen.
Steven Walker QC - Atkin ChambersExceptionally bright, with a calm yet authoritative demeanour which helps cuts through the most difficult of issues. Brilliant on his feet.
David Yates QC - Pump Court Tax ChambersDavid has excellent command of the detail without losing sight of the bigger picture. He quickly identifies the key issues and provides clear, practical and strategic advice to the client.

2020 Silks

Jamie Carpenter QC - Hailsham ChambersHe is exceptionally bright, incredibly user-friendly, very thorough and great on his feet.
Chloe Carpenter QC – Fountain Court ChambersShe is extremely pragmatic and solutions-orientated, with a good logical brain.’
Krista Lee QC - Keating ChambersKrista is a born advocate and an astute counsel.
Ben Lynch QC - Fountain Court ChambersBen is extremely impressive on his feet and in conference. A very good tactician.
Tamara Oppenheimer QC - Fountain Court ChambersAn extraordinary barrister. She always thinks strategically and is unafraid to make bold and innovative decisions. She delivers eviscerating cross-examination, that gets at the truth and ultimately wins cases.
Amanda Savage QC - 4 New SquareAmanda is fantastically clever and brilliant in court.
Giles Wheeler QCFountain Court Chambers 'A responsive silk who is a good team player.'

2021 Silks

Clare Dixon QC - 4 New SquareClare is an absolute, standout individual in this field.
Adam Kramer QC - 3 Verulam BuildingsAdam is a team player. He is highly academic and his analysis is beautifully clear.
Claire Packman QC - 4 Pump CourtClaire wins great confidence from the client, through a calm and understated manner which is underpinned by profound intelligence and adroit legal skills.
Tony Singla QC - Brick Court ChambersTony is a natural leader, with a formidable intellect, and is an exceptional advocate. His cross-examination skills, and the thoroughness with which he approaches trial preparation are excellent.
George Spalton QC - 4 New SquareHe is brilliant: down to earth and very good to work with.
Nicholas Trompeter QC - Selborne ChambersClients always feel that he is part of the team, and there with the client all the way.

2022 Silks

Rupert Choat QC - Atkin ChambersVery organised and intelligent. He has a great grasp of the law and the facts.
David E. Grant QC - Outer Temple ChambersHe is very analytical and creative at finding solutions to difficult problems. His advice is concise and clear.
Josephine Higgs QC7 King’s Bench WalkShe is erudite and outstandingly industrious.
Simon Howarth QC - Hailsham ChambersSimon is technically excellent. He has in depth knowledge of professional negligence particularly in the financial services sector. Very user-friendly, and provides succinct advice.
Farhaz Khan QC - 3 Verulam BuildingsFarhaz is very good on his feet, extremely bright and fantastic with clients.
Calum Lamont QC - Keating ChambersHe is astonishingly bright and absolutely brilliant on technically complex cases. He makes sure that he leaves no stone unturned. An absolute star.
Alexander Polley QC - One Essex CourtA remarkable appetite for work, attention to detail and confidence, all wrapped up in a super-bright personality.

Leading Juniors

Scott Allen - 4 New SquareScott has a commercial focus, drive for perfection, and clarity of thought that is welcomed by solicitors and commercial clients. Top of his league.
Francis Bacon - Hailsham ChambersA real street fighter whose knowledge of the law is immense. A proper specialist in professional negligence. A keen strategist who is very easy to work with.
Ivor Collett - Crown Office ChambersA calm and confident advocate who can deal well with difficult cases.
Jason Evans-Tovey - Crown Office ChambersJason is excellent at planning for trial from the outset. His early advice is invaluable for ensuring that key issues are identified and pursued.
James Hall - Gatehouse ChambersAn expert in professional negligence. He has a great manner with clients and really delves into the matter to scrutinise the evidence. A robust advocate.
Derek Holwill - Hailsham ChambersDerek is extremely thorough and gets to grips with all of the issues in the case. His advice is clear and precise. He deals effortlessly with complex and thorny issues, whether factual or legal.
Kate Livesey - 4 Pump CourtKate is hard working, clever, and diligent. She thinks carefully and thoroughly about her cases, exploring every angle, and leaves no stone unturned. Her advocacy is very persuasive.
Shail Patel - 4 New SquareVery calm, articulate, clever and has a good client manner. He is our first choice senior junior counsel for professional negligence cases.
Carl Troman - 4 New SquareAn impressive barrister. Carl delivers high quality advice, and is bright, amiable and extremely good with clients.
Simon Wilton - Hailsham ChambersSimon is incredibly good on his feet. He has an exceptional courtroom manner and an effortless ability to get the judge on side. Outstanding depth of knowledge in all aspects of professional negligence. He is more than ready to be in silk.
Isabel Barter - 2 Temple GardensIsabel is extremely intelligent and hard working. She is also brilliant at putting clients at ease. Capable and authoritative. She is a superstar in the making.
Richard Coplin - Keating ChambersHe is one of the best. He engages with issues and clients to provide clear robust advice on complex issues.
Peter Dodge - Radcliffe ChambersHis advocacy is excellent, and his analysis is always detailed and rational.
Simon Hale - 4 Pump CourtSimon's ability to produce a magician-like flourish in many of his cases is underpinned by hard work, dedication and spectacular brain power.
Miles Harris - 4 New SquareMiles is very able, bright and conscientious. He always delivers on time.
Simon Henderson - 4 Pump CourtSimon's advice on complex matters is intelligible and robust.
Hugh Jackson - Selborne ChambersHe is very hard-working and provides clear and measured advice. Well-respected by clients.
Justin Kitson - Selborne ChambersA formidable advocate. He is always accommodating and goes more than the extra mile to make sure of a first-rate service every time.
David Pliener - Gatehouse ChambersHe is very bright, extremely good with clients and experts, and easy to work with. He masters detail very quickly and thinks commercially and strategically.
Michael Ryan7 King’s Bench WalkMichael is responsive and pinpoints the potential issues in a claim in a clear and concise manner. Easy to work with.
Camille Slow - Atkin ChambersCamille is tenacious and incisive. A quality mind and a successful strategist.
Michael Wheater - Gatehouse ChambersA very bright individual. He is a robust advocate who provides first-class written advice.
Nik Yeo - Fountain Court ChambersNik is fantastically clever, with a superb legal mind.
Imran Benson - Hailsham ChambersHe is an outstanding player in the professional negligence field. An extremely responsive barrister who knows the law inside out and deftly navigates the nuances of the case. He has real tenacity and is very good with clients.
Nicholas Broomfield - 4 New SquareA junior who can be relied on to unpick even the most difficult of cases. His knowledge and robust advice goes down very well with clients.
Omar Eljadi - Atkin ChambersOmar is thorough and gets on top of his area. Excellent written work.
Rónán HannaAtkin ChambersA junior with a very precise eye.
Matthew Jackson - Hailsham ChambersMatthew has a very good eye for detail and provides comprehensive advice.
Jennifer Jones - Atkin ChambersJennifer is responsive, approachable and client-focused, as well as exceptionally technically able. Her advice is always clear and straightforward, and she is extremely engaging with clients.
Joshua Munro - Hailsham ChambersHis legal analysis is excellent, and he delivers practical advice in a readily approachable way.
Elizabeth Ovey - Radcliffe ChambersElizabeth is a fantastic junior with tremendous experience. She is attentive, responsive and incisive.
Peter Ratcliffe - 3 Verulam BuildingsHe is thorough, with a phenomenal attention to detail. A hard working junior who will persevere.
Dan Stacey - Hailsham ChambersDan has a first-rate legal mind. He is astute and precise, and his advice is invariably spot on and commercial. He always remains level-headed.
David Thomas - 2 Temple GardensDavid is beloved by clients and fantastically easy to work with. A real brain, and charming with it.
Benjamin Wood - 4 New SquareCommercial, direct and frank, not just on the legal analysis, but importantly on strategic issues.
Luke Wygas - 4 Pump CourtA team player with a practical, hands-on approach.
Nicola Atkins - Crown Office ChambersNicola always delivers and goes the extra mile. Her ability to grasp and master complex technical issues is exceptional.
Natasha BennettFountain Court Chambers 'Her advice is crisp, clear and well thought through. She has a particular knack for distilling complex and innovative legal solutions into client-friendly advice.'
Elizabeth Boon - Crown Office ChambersElizabeth is an assured and agile advocate. Her approach is sensible and commercial.
Nicholas Collings - Atkin ChambersNicholas is measured and thoughtful. His advice is carefully delivered.
James Goudkamp7 King’s Bench WalkJames is incredibly thoughtful, hard-working and dedicated. He has deep understanding of the law. Responsive and practical.
John Greenbourne - Crown Office ChambersJohn is very approachable. He is a very thorough and considered barrister.
Christopher Greenwood - 4 New SquareA very personable and responsive junior.
Edward Harrison - Brick Court ChambersA master of detail provides clear and concise advice in a user-friendly format.
Nico Leslie - Fountain Court ChambersNico is incredibly bright. He has the ability to immerse himself in the detail of a matter while retaining a clear overview, and is very strategic. He has an innate sense for the right and winning points.
Marc Lixenberg - Atkin ChambersA very personable junior who is robust in court.
Pippa Manby - 4 New SquarePippa is extremely bright and hard working. She demonstrates a dogged pursuit of detail and is a fearsome opponent.
Caroline McColgan - Crown Office ChambersCaroline is a superb lawyer. Very bright, hard working and dedicated. She has great judgement.
William Moffett - Radcliffe ChambersAn excellent advocate with a killer instinct to win. Great with clients and makes them feel at ease.
Sonia Nolten - 2 Temple GardensSonia is first-rate with clients and isn't afraid of addressing the thorny issues in a straightforward, effective yet sympathetic manner. She calls a spade a spade.
Catherine Piercy - Gatehouse ChambersCatherine is an excellent junior. Her written work is first class, her analysis is always spot on and she is an excellent advocate.
Richard Sage - Crown Office ChambersRichard provides insightful analysis. A pleasure to work with.
Ben Smiley - 4 New SquareA very astute tactician and a top quality advocate.
Carlo Taczalski - Crown Office ChambersAn astute and confident advocate who is very robust in his analysis. He is attentive and has a real eye for detail.
Jonathan Titmuss - Gatehouse ChambersHis capacity for difficult and complex work is outstanding. He works through things with ease. He makes clients feel secure in the knowledge he has their backs.
Ebony Alleyne - Gatehouse ChambersEbony is great at assimilating huge amounts of detail, and using it to craft simple and elegant arguments, which are always well thought through, and frequently impregnable.
Mischa Balen - Atkin ChambersMischa is diligent, and has a good manner with clients.
Henry Bankes-Jones - Hailsham ChambersHe is always reassuring, and his advice is practical and poised.
Tom Bell - Gatehouse ChambersHe has an instinctive grasp of the issues, and is good at thinking on his feet in court.
Alexandra Bodnar - 39 Essex ChambersShe is forthright, accessible, and quickly addresses the pertinent points of a case.
Christopher Bond - 3 Verulam BuildingsHe is very knowledgeable yet approachable. Great judgement.
James Bowling - 4 Pump CourtHe has encyclopedic knowledge of case law and provides clear advice.
Lucie Briggs - Atkin ChambersShe is pragmatic, responsive and attentive, and provides clear and concise advice.
Paul Bury - Keating ChambersHe is an excellent barrister.
Mark Cullen - 4 New SquareHis advice is comprehensive and clear, which demonstrates significant attention to detail and a deep rooted understanding of the complex issues.
Jonathan Dawid - Brick Court ChambersHe is highly responsive and a creative thinker who can spot the way through a difficult legal argument.
James Duffy - Fountain Court ChambersA smooth advocate with excellent judgement.
Benjamin FaulknerWilberforce ChambersBenjamin is fiercely intelligent and has a commanding but personable advocacy style.
Nicholas Hill - Outer Temple ChambersNicholas is very bright and very thorough. Excellent with clients. He is hard working and has a calm, assured presence.
Sara Ibrahim - 3 Hare CourtSara’s legal knowledge is exemplary. Her work is thorough and well-researched. She is a respected and steady pair of hands who is well liked by clients.
Anthony Jones - 4 New SquareA dynamic and solutions-driven barrister. His oral and written presentation skills are impeccable.
Saleem Khalid - 1 Chancery LaneA thoughtful junior who sees the nuances of a case.
Christopher Knowles - Fountain Court ChambersAn extremely bright lawyer. Great with clients. He is superb at pleadings, and has a brilliant mind.
David Myhill - Crown Office ChambersDavid is incredibly intelligent, and instills confidence in clients with his manner and reasoned, coherent advice.
Martyn Naylor - 4 Pump CourtMartyn is a very smart junior blessed with sharp intellect and excellent people skills. He is calm, thorough and a very safe pair of hands.
James Newman - Selborne ChambersHe has a great manner with clients and is quick to grasp the key issues of a case.
Seb Oram - 3PBA highly intelligent and articulate barrister who provides superb, insightful advice. A persuasive advocate who is also measured and calm.
Niamh O’ReillyHailsham ChambersNiamh combines extreme intelligence and an approachable personality. She excels in explaining the most complex legal issues to clients and the court.
Elaine Palser - Outer Temple ChambersElaine has near unique expertise in both insolvency law and professional negligence claims, making her our go-to choice for this kind of work. She is very robust, incisive, clear and precise.
Nicholas Pilsbury - Hailsham ChambersAn excellent advocate who is calm, composed and clinical. Superb on the details.
James SharpeCrown Office ChambersJames is a very effective operator – he has good communication skills and knows the law.
Andrew Spencer - 1 Chancery LaneHe is very user-friendly. When you instruct Andrew you know that the service is going to be excellent, the advice will be clear and he will address all the issues you need.
Jack Steer - Hailsham ChambersA junior who is always very calm, and handles complex matters in a straightforward and sensible way.
Richard Anderton - Hailsham ChambersHe is down to earth and practical, with superb drafting skills.
Edward Bennion-Pedley - Selborne ChambersEdward has keen analytical skills and is very persuasive. He provides commercial advice.
Stewart Chirnside - Quadrant ChambersHe has nerves of steel, and the ear of the court, which is a winning combination. A go-to for the tough cases.
Patrick Clarke - Atkin ChambersA very calm, very experienced advocate who provides sound analysis.
Niamh Cleary - Fountain Court ChambersNiamh is astonishingly bright and her analysis is always spot on. She is particularly adept at unravelling knotty areas of law. A junior who fights hard for her clients.
Jack Dillon - Gatehouse ChambersJack has a good technical grasp of the issues and provides practical and clear advice.
Gavin Hamilton - 3PBHe has a sharp legal mind and is very astute. Exceptionally user friendly - responsive, clear and pragmatic. An excellent advocate.
Richard Hanke - 3 Verulam BuildingsExtremely responsive, committed and user friendly. He is very persuasive and has an excellent manner in court.
Emma Healiss - Keating ChambersA rising star - exceptionally methodical, dedicated and cuts through the complex and often opaque issues in a claim with ease, with innovative solutions and commercial advice for the client.
Gideon Scott Holland - Keating ChambersVery approachable and a very good communicator. He is understated but not to be underestimated.
Anna Laney - Crown Office ChambersAn impressive advocate and a formidable opponent. She is very approachable, innovative and forward thinking.
Kyle Lawson - Brick Court ChambersHe is fiercely bright, highly industrious and with strategic vision far in advance of his years. He writes beautifully and has a charismatic presence.
Elizabeth Lindesay7 King’s Bench WalkElizabeth is determined, conscientious, and highly intelligent.
Heather McMahon - Hailsham ChambersShe is super-sharp and thorough. A good communicator who works very hard.
Alice Nash - Hailsham ChambersShe is very responsive and good at getting to the crux of a case. Her advice is clear and concise.
Francesca O'Neill - 1 Chancery LaneFrancesca provides clear and concise advice. She has great commercial awareness and understanding of clients' needs.
Tom Owen - Keating ChambersTom is very well organised and thorough. A real asset on any professional negligence case.
Charles Pimlott - Crown Office ChambersCharles is highly knowledgeable in this area of law and very good to deal with. He is responsive and approachable.
Helen Pugh - Outer Temple ChambersHelen has a fantastic grasp of the intricacies of professional negligence, and an approachable and understanding demeanour which helps to build a quick rapport with clients.
Edward SawyerWilberforce ChambersA fearless advocate. Highly intelligent with an impeccable memory and eye for detail.
Lydia Seymour - Outer Temple ChambersLydia has an ability to grasp complicated legal issues by the horns and deal with them in plain language. As an advocate, she is excellent, delivering a highly skilled cross-examination. She is incredibly thorough and has a sharp mind.
David Sheard - Keating ChambersDavid is a terrifically thoughtful and impressive advocate, with top notch cross-examination skills. He has a superb court manner.
Adam Temple - 3 Verulam BuildingsAdam is thoughtful, intelligent and robust, as well as being practical and commercial. He is great to work with.
Matthew Thorne - 4 Pump CourtA fantastic junior. He is very bright and gets stuck into the details of the case. Very user friendly.
James WalmsleyWilberforce ChambersA brilliant technical and strategic thinker. He is particularly well-suited to large and complex cases and will get on top of the facts quickly.
Harry Wright7 King’s Bench WalkBright, insightful and commercial. Wise beyond his years. Very impressive in cross-examination.

Rising Stars

Michael Harper - Crown Office ChambersMichael is enormously talented and enthusiastic in equal measure. He consumes the facts voraciously and applies the law surgically.
Sophie Shaw - Brick Court ChambersSophie has a rare talent for finding the key point on which the case turns, and then serving it up in the most persuasive manner imaginable. Real star quality.

Professional negligence in London Bar

4 New Square

'A stand out performer in this area', 4 New Square is a 'pre-eminent set for defendant professional negligence work' with 'great strength in depth' - 'the quality of the barristers is second to none'. In a recent highlight for the set, newly appointed silk Clare Dixon QC and Nicholas Broomfield acted for the successful respondents before the Supreme Court in Matthew & Others v Sedman & Others, an accountants’ negligence claim involving the calculation of the limitation period when the cause of action accrues at the stroke of midnight. George Spalton QC was elevated to silk in March 2021.



The best set for professional indemnity work. The depth of skill amongst all level of counsel is perfect to bring confidence to clients‘.

Strong offering across the board‘.

Every barrister has a user-friendly approach, which makes them approachable and makes me want to use them again‘.


First-rate clerks‘.

Very commercial and responsive‘.

Andrew Call and Dennis Peck are superb clerks‘.

Andrew Call will always go the extra mile to help and offer recommendations‘.

4 Pump Court

'Very strong set' 4 Pump Court is 'excellent in professional negligence and construction disputes', with 'very good strength in depth in these areas'. The team of 'high quality barristers' are equally adept at handling claims against telecoms professionals, as well as accountants, solicitors, surveyors, auditors and financial advisers. The set is particularly active in cases involving the construction sector, including matters concerning the use of unsafe building materials. Separately, Nigel Tozzi QC and Kate Livesey are acting for E20 Development in a claim against an international law firm, concerning the drafting of a commercial agreement for the future use of the Olympic Stadium in Stratford. In March 2021 Claire Packman QC was elevated to silk.



4 Pump Court’s barristers are very responsive, hugely knowledgeable and experienced and collaborative‘.

Excellent strength in depth‘.

A formidable range of junior and senior counsel‘.

Excellent chambers with a well deserved leading reputation in dealing with construction disputes‘.


4 Pump Court stands out for its excellent clerking, always ensuring that matters are dealt with by someone with the right experience and level of seniority in a cost effective manner‘.

A strong clerking team which goes the extra mile‘.

Responsive and approachable‘.

Carl Wall, Stewart Gibbs and Billy Griffiths are all exceptionally knowledgeable and helpful‘.

Ollie Miney in particular is a very commercial and safe pair of hands, and a pleasure to deal with‘.

Hailsham Chambers

Hailsham Chambers is 'a premier set for professional negligence and liability work, offering suitable high-calibre counsel', and is noted as an 'absolute standout in the field of claims against solicitors'. Derek Holwill is acting for the defendants in Gibson v Farrer & Co and others, a solicitors' negligence claim concerning alleged negligent tax advice arising from the purchase of a painting through a BVI company. Simon Howarth QC is sought after for his expertise in handling financial services-related professional negligence claims.



Hailsham is a strong set for professional negligence, with a large number of outstanding advocates‘.

A very well respected set with a good number of excellent barristers in the field of professional negligence‘.

A pleasure to work with. Lots of excellent counsel in the professional negligence field‘.

Always delivers a high class service in a user friendly way‘.


Excellent service – Stephen Smith runs a tight ship‘.

Stephen Smith and Michael Kilbey are outstanding in their mastery of clerking‘.

Michael Kilbey is excellent‘.

Michael Kilbey is a consummate professional‘.

Stephen Smith and Stuart Paley are always on hand to help with planning, getting matters into the right hands and keeping matters moving. Very transparent and realistic on availability and cost‘.

3 Verulam Buildings

Viewed as 'a class act', 3 Verulam Buildings is 'a very strong set in financial services'. Members have 'great talent' in handling professional negligence claims in the financial arena, and report an uptick in auditors' negligence claims. Andrew Onslow QC continues to represent multiple claimants in an ongoing claim brought against an independent financial adviser and a tax silk, regarding losses suffered under a film finance tax scheme. Adrian Beltrami QC is sought after for his expertise in handling claims against solicitors, valuers and accountants. The junior end was reinforced by the arrival of Adam Temple from 4 Pump Court in October 2020, while the senior end of the team was recently bolstered with the elevation of Adam Kramer QC and Matthew Parker QC to silk in March 2021.



An excellent set, with tremendous strength in depth‘.

Good range of high-quality barristers‘.


The clerks are very responsive and helpful‘.

They have high quality and friendly people with great commercial sense‘.

Stuart Pullum is excellent‘.

Steve Penson and Stuart Pullum complement each other perfectly‘.

7 King's Bench Walk

The ‘first-class‘ set 7 King’s Bench Walk has ‘a very solid reputation‘ in the professional negligence field.  Claims against auditors and accountants form the cornerstone of the practice, and in a prominent example of the group’s expertise in this area, Jonathan Gaisman QC, James Brocklebank QC, and Rebecca Sabben-Clare QC are appearing for various parties in Carillion v KPMG, an claim against auditors concerning the early 2018 collapse of the construction contractor and facilities outsourcing firm. In another matter, James Goudkamp (‘a fantastic source of knowledge‘) appeared for the successful respondent in Henderson v Dorset Healthcare University NHS Foundation Trust, an appeal before the Supreme Court concerning the illegality defence in a clinical negligence context but with broader consequences.



The quality is second to none‘.

Excellent on insurance issues‘.


Excellent clerks‘.

Excellent service at all times. Thoughtful, flexible and responsive‘.

Gary Rose is an exceptional clerk – he is incredibly knowledgeable, extremely efficient and always very helpful‘.

Gary Rose is always helpful and responsive‘.

Atkin Chambers

Atkin Chambers is 'a very solid professional negligence set' with 'great depth of talent', and due to its reputation as 'a leading chambers for construction and engineering', members have established expertise in handling claims arising from engineering, construction and infrastructure matters. In a recent example, Marc Lixenberg and Katie Powell are acting in Victoria Beckham Limited v Farshid Moussavi Architecture Limited and NJ Richards Project Limited, a claim against the architects of the former Spice Girl's fashion store in London. Members of the set have also been instructed in professional negligence claims against the backdrop of the cladding scandal.



A real powerhouse‘.

An excellent set‘.


The clerks are extremely helpful and responsive‘.

Justin Wilson is always a pleasure to work with: sensible, pragmatic and very knowledgeable‘.

Rob Bryant is excellent. He quickly grasps the issues, and is perceptive, responsive and personable‘.

Andy Burrows is very helpful and pragmatic‘.

Brick Court Chambers

Brick Court Chambers' professional negligence practice stands out for its 'incredibly strong depth of knowledge', and houses 'several go-to silks and senior juniors for big-ticket professional negligence work'. Simon Salzedo QC and Sophie Shaw acted for the defendant accountants in Manchester Building Society v Grant Thornton, a Supreme Court case stemming from advice which caused the society to have to close out negatively-valued interest rate swaps it had purchased. In another matter, Mark Howard QC, Edward Harrison and Kyle Lawson are representing the defendant in the long-running ENRC v Dechert case, one of the most high-profile solicitor-client disputes of recent years. Tony Singla QC took silk in March 2021.



Brick Court Chambers is a first-class operation‘.


An excellent service‘.

Paul Dennison always strives to provide excellent service‘.

Very professional and easy to deal with‘.

James Knapp is always very responsive‘.

Crown Office Chambers

Crown Office Chambers is 'exceptional in professional negligence', and has 'strength at all levels, from QC to newly called'. Construction-related claims are a key area of expertise for the team, however members are equally adept at advising on claims in the insurance and financial arenas. Claims involving solicitors are another area of instruction. Ben Quiney QC, Richard Sage and Caroline McColgan are representing parties in National Trust v Cuffe, concerning a fire in a stately home and allegations of negligence brought against the architect and contractor. In another matter, Daniel Shapiro QC and James Sharpe acted for the defendant firm of solicitors in Hall v Saunders Law Ltd, involving allegations of breach of fiduciary duty concerning the interpretation of a funding agreement. In September 2020 Adam Taylor moved to Kellerhals Carrard in Lausanne, and Michael Harvey QC retired from practice.



A very impressive set offering a high quality service‘.

The set possesses a number of talented individuals across the levels of seniority‘.


Efficient and proactive‘.

Clerks are always prompt to respond‘.

Steve Purse provides a superb client service‘.

Steve Purse is fantastic. He goes above and beyond for every instruction no matter how big or small, and is incredibly personable‘.

Steve Purse and Matthew Solari are excellent. Always very responsive, hard-working and personable‘.

Fountain Court Chambers

Fountain Court Chambers is 'a very strong set', and houses a 'fantastic' team noted for its expertise in handling financial-related professional negligence claims brought against asset managers, accountants, auditors and insurance brokers, among other professionals. Richard Coleman QC, Niamh Cleary and James Duffy continue to act on either side of the high-profile Ingenious litigation, regarding allegedly negligent financial advice on investing in a film finance scheme. Claims against solicitors and barristers are another area of instruction for the group; for example, Anneliese Day QC and Christopher Knowles are acting for over a hundred investors in a claim against a tax QC for alleged negligent tax advice.



Fountain Court Chambers contains a strong stable of barristers‘.

Fountain Court is an excellent chambers with lots of very talented barristers‘.


The Fountain Court clerks are always helpful and eager to accommodate‘.

Excellent clerking, particularly from Sian Huckett‘.

Katie Szewczyk is a star‘.

Keating Chambers

Keating Chambers 'is incredibly knowledgeable in construction law', with 'incredible depth at both QC and junior level'. Construction-related professional negligence cases are the set's cornerstone area of expertise; for example, Marcus Taverner QC and Tom Owen are acting for the claimant in Standard Life v Gleeds and others, a multimillion-pound negligence claim concerning the design of the Parkway retail development in Newbury; the case involves issues of whether a claim can be proven by extrapolation and sampling. In another matter, Krista Lee QC appeared in a multi-million pound TCC-related professional negligence claim relating to alleged defects arising from a newly-patented design of five car parks located at Sainsbury's supermarkets. Bolstering the team at the senior end, Samuel Townend QC was elevated to silk in March 2021.



Keating Chambers understands construction – its in the set’s DNA‘.

The set epitomises strength in depth‘.

Great set with first class barristers‘.


Friendly, prompt service, and can never do enough to ensure a smooth instruction‘.

James Luxmoore and Will Shrubsall are knowledgeable and experienced‘.

Jade Clark is enthusiastic and user-friendly‘.

Wilberforce Chambers

Stellar setWilberforce Chambers garners praise for its ‘quality and strength in depth‘. The ‘top class‘ team stands out for its expertise in handling negligence claims pertaining to pensions and property, and has also been kept busy acting in claims against a range of professionals, including solicitors, barristers, accountants and tax advisers. Jonathan Seitler QC is representing 54 investor claimants in a group action against a firm of solicitors concerning investments in student accommodation in Yorkshire. Clare Stanley QC, ‘an impressive advocate‘ with ‘a compelling courtroom style‘, has established strength in handling cases regarding alleged negligence in relation to the trusts sector. In January 2021, Joanna Smith QC was appointed to the High Court bench.



A user-friendly set‘.


Very efficient‘.

Very personable and provide a great service to their instructing solicitors‘.

The service is very attentive‘.

2 Temple Gardens

2 Temple Gardens handles claims against engineers, barristers, surveyors, solicitors, architects, and financial and insurance services advisers. Neil Moody QC has extensive expertise in insurance-related professional negligence claims, and is also instructed in claims against construction and engineering professionals. Isabel Barter 'gets to grips with the most complex cases amazingly fast' - she is acting for two defendant accountants in CNM Estates (Tolworth Tower) Ltd v Carvill-Biggs and Khalastchi, a claim involving alleged negligence in the sale of a development site.



Very efficient‘.

The clerks are always very helpful. Lee Tyler is very knowledgeable about the members of chambers‘.

Gatehouse Chambers

Gatehouse Chambers' team has 'very good strength-in-depth', and is particularly strong in handling construction- and property-related professional negligence claims. Paul Reed QC provides 'clear, strategic advice, drawing on a level of experience in the field that none can match', and the 'pragmatic' Nigel Jones QC is 'a huge asset to any legal team'. Financial services negligence claims are another area of strength for the team, and the 'very efficient' James Hall is noted for his 'particular expertise in financial services professional negligence'. Hall is acting for the defendants in Oliver v Finnies Accountants Limited & 2 others, involving two linked claims worth £10m concerning alleged negligent investment advice regarding the claimants’ investments in a Qualifying Registered Overseas Pension Scheme (QROPS) domiciled in Cyprus.



An excellent set‘.

Particularly good in relation to professional negligence claims involving property‘.


Clerks are responsive and very reliable‘.

Excellent client-centric clerking‘.

Richard Sumarno is always available and ready to help with queries as to capacity, experience and fees‘.

Radcliffe Chambers

Radcliffe Chambers is noted for its 'strong team' in the professional negligence arena. Members are instructed in defendant- and claimant-side work, with recent matters including claims against solicitors, pensions issues, and claims relating to property transactions. Jeremy Cousins QC appeared in the Supreme Court case of Matthew & Others v Sedman & Others, a claim against accountants (as professional trustees) which reached the apex court on an issue as to the interpretation of midnight deadlines. The 'highly skilled' Peter Dodge has extensive expertise in handling claims against financial services professionals.



Very efficient and helpful‘.

Keith Nagle is always very helpful and responsive‘.

1 Chancery Lane

1 Chancery Lane is 'a very good set for professional negligence', and has noted strength in handling professional negligence claims involving the education sector and local authorities. In recent highlights, Andrew Warnock QC successfully represented the respondent in the Supreme Court case of Stoffel & Co v Grondona, a solicitors' negligence claim which involved issues concerning the applicability of an illegality defence in a conveyancing transaction.



1 Chancery Lane goes the extra mile for you, and expectations are managed in relation to when you will get the advice. The juniors are always excellent, and the depth of experience and knowledge with all the barristers we have used shines through‘.


The clerks are truly excellent and provide a first class service‘.

David Barrow and Clark Chessis are assets to the set‘.

Clark Chessis is extremely responsive and great to deal with‘.

39 Essex Chambers

39 Essex Chambers is ‘a strong set on construction‘ and is regularly instructed in professional negligence claims against construction professionals, including architects, surveyors, engineers and contractors. The ‘highly pragmaticPaul Darling QC ‘provides clear, direct, authoritative and practical advice‘, and is representing the claimant in Blue Manchester v Simpson Haugh, a case concerning the design of a cladding system.



Great strength in depth‘.


A strong clerks room. Niki Merison and Mark Winrow are particular stars‘.

Excellent service and very well managed‘.

Mark Winrow and Niki Merison are brilliant‘.

Outer Temple Chambers

Outer Temple Chambers includes members regularly instructed in negligence cases concerning actuaries, accountants, barristers and solicitors in a range of industries, with a particular bright spot in the pensions space. The 'outstanding' Nicolas Stallworthy QC has 'very deep technical knowledge' and is 'excellent on his feet', and Andrew Spink QC acts for claimants and defendants in complex, multi-party claims regarding in the pensions industry. Elaine Palser has established expertise in insolvency-related professional negligence claims.



A great set of chambers – easy to work with‘.


The clerks are highly professional and easy to work with‘.

Peter Foad and Matt Sale are always very efficient and friendly‘.

Peter Foad is a great clerk‘.

Selborne Chambers

The 'excellent' Selborne Chambers has 'a depth of counsel', with noted expertise in handling professional negligence claims in relation to property transactions. Gary Blaker QC is 'very thorough' and 'his advocacy is very measured, calm and convincing', and has notable expertise in advising on claims involving property identity fraud. Hugh Jackson has extensive experience in multi-party cases, and acts in claims brought against solicitors, surveyors and valuers. Nicholas Trompeter QC was elevated to silk in the 2021 round.



Very responsive and easy to deal with‘.

Good range of counsel‘.


The clerks are all great and very responsive‘.

The clerks are friendly, knowledgeable and practical in their approach‘.

Darren Madle is always on top of matters‘.

Superb, efficient clerking‘.