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Leading Silks

Tom Adam KC –Brick Court ChambersTom is a force of nature. He has the most incisive brain of any barrister, and his advice is always robust and powerful.’
Stuart Catchpole KC  – Atkin ChambersStuart has an excellent command of professional negligence. He is a ferocious cross -examiner and very hard working.’
Jeremy Cousins KCRadcliffe ChambersJeremy is very thorough and a pleasure to work with.’
Nicholas Davidson KCHailsham Chambers ‘Nicholas has a brilliant mind, his knowledge is second to none, but it is his ability to impart that, both in writing and orally, which sets him apart.'
Anneliese Day KCFountain Court Chambers ‘Anneliese has a calm and reassuring manner, gives sound advice in conference and is very approachable and yet is a fearsome advocate.’
Michael Douglas KC4 Pump CourtMichael is a go-to KC for insurance professional negligence work. His advice is full of clarity and common sense.’
Timothy Dutton CBE KC – Fountain Court ChambersAn excellent advocate who provides clear advice.’
Ben Elkington KC4 New Square ‘Ben is excellent and turns round matters quickly. He is always reliable and a very strong advocate; an excellent cross examiner who gets to the heart of issues.'  
Justin Fenwick KC –4 New Square ‘Justin has an astonishing grasp of figures and facts. He has very sound judgement  and gives very clear advice.’
William Flenley KCHailsham Chambers ‘Clear, considered, detailed and well structured advice, both written and in conference. Understanding and considerate of views of clients. Always fabulously well prepared. Respectful and never too busy to discuss.'
Jonathan Gaisman KC7 King’s Bench Walk ‘One of the best, if not the best, advocate at the Bar. Always supremely well-prepared for trial.’
Jonathan Hough KC4 New SquareJonathan is very easy to work with for solicitors and very clear and reassuring to clients. His written work is clear and precise.’
Mark Howard KCBrick Court ChambersMark has an Olympian court presence. He exudes authority. Many people regard him as the best in the business.’
Ben Hubble KC4 New Square ‘Ben is a phenomenal lawyer a KC of choice for professional negligence matters. He is calm and unflappable in times of high stress, cuts through impenetrable detail easily and always impressive on his feet.’
Patrick Lawrence KC4 New Square 'Patrick gives you the feeling of a really top class service in every aspect of his work, including dealings with the client and other parties. Having him on board gives you the winning edge.'
Graeme McPherson KC4 New SquareGreat team player - gets stuck in.  Clients trust him and he's a well organised and nimble advocate.'
Andrew Onslow KC3 Verulam BuildingsIncredibly easy to work with and understands what the clients want. Tremendous presence in court. Manages his team really well.'
Michael Pooles KCHailsham Chambers ‘One of the leading professional negligence barristers. Great advocacy and very user-friendly.’
Ben Quiney KCCrown Office ChambersA brilliant advocate and excellent with clients.
Rebecca Sabben-Clare KC7 King’s Bench Walk 'Rebecca is a no-nonsense barrister- she delivers clear, practical and helpful advice from the perspective of the client.'
Simon Salzedo KCBrick Court Chambers ‘Simon is an excellent strategist, who thinks through every move carefully. He is first rate for disputes involving finance issues.'
Jonathan Seitler KC – Wilberforce Chambers ‘Jonathan is a leading barrister in the area of professional negligence and has a razor-sharp focus on the issues that matter in a case.’
Mark Simpson KCFountain Court Chambers ‘Mark is an inspiring, constructive, driven leader who leads his teams well, and is always willing to listen to ideas, and gives his team members opportunities to shine at whatever level.’
Jamie Smith KC4 New Square 'Jamie is a joy to work with. He is incredibly diligent and careful in the advice he provides. One is never in doubt that Jamie cares deeply about getting the best result for the client.'
Roger Stewart KC4 New Square 'Roger is a formidable and pugnacious opponent, but with clients he is helpful and practical. His work is obviously excellent, and despite how busy he is, he is good with deadlines.'
David Streatfeild-James KCAtkin Chambers 'Exceptionally clever and considered - extremely good advocate, persuasive and clear and very commercial and strategic whilst being the ultimate team player.'
Marcus Taverner KCKeating Chambers 'Marcus has boundless enthusiasm for his subject matter, tempered by a deep understanding of the dispute and a steely eye for what really matters.'
Nigel Tozzi KC4 Pump Court - 'Nigel has been a pleasure to work with - providing constructive and highly pertinent guidance, cutting to the key issues and conveying them in appropriate terms for his audience - be it senior or junior team members or directly client-facing.'
David Turner KC4 New Square 'David is exceptionally able, focused and clear. As an advocate he does not waste words and is realistic about the strengths and weaknesses of his case.'
John Wardell KCWilberforce Chambers 'John is a formidable advocate and a real star in court. He provides exceptional strategic advice to clients while also able to get to grips with the details of the matter and focus on the important issues.'
Thomas Weitzman KC3 Verulam Buildings 'Tom is rightly a very successful and popular barrister. He is very technically-adept, but he combines that skill with very sound judgement as to strategy and an ability to explain his views clearly to the client and win them over.'
Rachel Ansell KC4 Pump Court ‘Rachel is definitely a team player. She does not sit on the fence with her advice and is very supportive of her instructing solicitors. She is an effective and measured advocate and analytical skills are second-to-none.’
Sean Brannigan KC4 Pump Court 'Strategically and tactically savvy.  A strong litigator.  Good under pressure and an impressive advocate.'
James Brocklebank KC7 King’s Bench Walk 'James is easy to work with, responsive, and really excellent.'
Robert Moxon Browne KC2 Temple Gardens ‘Bob is a long-term favourite with insurers for professional negligence work. There’s no situation he hasn’t encountered over the years.’
Charles Dougherty KC2 Temple Gardens 'Very easy to work with and extremely able lawyer, advocate and jurisdiction specialist.'
David Halpern KC4 New Square ‘David has useful insight into how judges are likely to approach questions of law and evidence. An astute tactician who holds sound judgement and is strong on the law.’
Matthew Hardwick KC3 Verulam Buildings ‘Matthew is a brilliant advocate who is incredibly impressive to watch. He is all over the details and the law. He is a highly persuasive advocate and a true champion of the commercial Bar.’
Charles Hollander KCBrick Court Chambers ‘Tenacious and bullish. You feel as though he is completely committed to the cause.’
Timothy Howe KCFountain Court Chambers 'Tim is an excellent trial advocate and cross-examiner. He is thorough and relentless.'
Nigel Jones KCGatehouse ChambersNigel is incredibly intelligent and accurate but also able to make complex policy explanations clear and friendly. He is also great with clients in conference.'
Tim Lord KCBrick Court ChambersExcellent leader of the team, great people skills, excellent in court, particularly in cross-examination, has a good commercial sense and gives incisive and realistic advice.'
Siân Mirchandani KC4 New Square ‘Siân is an excellent advocate. Very clear and persuasive. Her advice is always excellent gets to the nub of the issue. She provides practical solutions to complex issues.’
Neil Moody KC2 Temple GardensNeil is known for his tactical acumen and his ability to see the bigger picture and path to success in any particular case. His advocacy is powerful and authoritative but measured – judges love him.’
Alexander Nissen KCKeating Chambers 'Superb judgement and refined advocacy skills.'
Ben Patten KC4 New Square ‘Ben is extremely thorough is giving his advice and has an excellent feel for the merits of difficult points. An extremely strong advocate, he is a go-to for complex professional negligence claims.’
Dominique Rawley KCAtkin ChambersDominique is a very accomplished advocate and a very safe pair of hands. She has a good sense of what to include and not to include.’
Paul Reed KCGatehouse Chambers ‘An insightful advocate, intense in depth knowledge of the subject, agile and alive to the moment in cross examination.'
Hefin Rees KC3 Verulam Buildings ‘Hefin is a clear thinker who has excellent drafting skills and is easy to work with.’
Andrew Rigney KCCrown Office ChambersExceptional advocacy which is very clear, concise and persuasive. Very nice manner and easy to work with, reliable and available.'
Patricia Robertson KCFountain Court ChambersPatricia is the go-to silk – the one person you need on your side if you are in trouble. A force of nature.’
John Ross KCDeka Chambers ‘John is great listener, strategist, and an excellent all round Silk who is ahead of the curve and reads the situation and what’s coming over the horizon.'
Keith Rowley KCRadcliffe Chambers ‘Keith is a very experienced pensions professional negligence silk. He had deep knowledge of the pensions authorities and can read a court in a way that few others can. Judges listen carefully to him.’
Nicolas Stallworthy KCOuter Temple Chambers 'Good with clients; amazing brain; finds solutions to problems.'
Bankim Thanki KCFountain Court Chambers ‘Very wise, calm manner and excellent at taking difficult decisions. Fights the client’s corner hard in court.’
John de Waal KCGatehouse ChambersJohn is very practical, pragmatic and user-friendly.  John demonstrates good in-depth knowledge of professional negligence in the property sector.’
Andrew White KCAtkin ChambersExcellent attention to detail, capable of managing large volumes of information, very bright indeed.’
Mark Anderson KCNo5 Barristers’ ChambersRazor-sharp analysis and clarity provided within his advice. Delivered with complete calmness and always finds the answers. Mark is very responsive and works very collaboratively.’
Stephanie Barwise KCAtkin Chambers ‘Outstanding - Stephanie provides game-changing advice.’
Adrian Beltrami KC3 Verulam Buildings ‘Adrian is an excellent, imperturbable advocate that commands the attention of everyone in the court including the judge and his peers. He is extremely client friendly and instils confidence in all those he speaks with.'
Jamie Carpenter KCHailsham ChambersOutstanding technical legal analysis with practical advice, superb advocacy.'
Chloe Carpenter KC – Fountain Court ChambersChloe is deeply impressive, with strong subject area knowledge and vast experience. She quickly identifies the best strategy and then pro-actively drives her client’s case forward.’
Graham Chapman KC4 New SquareGraham is tremendously clever, lightning fast on his feet, well-liked by judges and clients, a brilliant legal mind and thoroughly commercial – in short, the complete package.’
Serena Cheng KCAtkin Chambers ‘Very bright and hardworking, Serena turns instructions round quickly, gives first rates legal advice and is commercial and easy to deal with. She is also an excellent advocate.’
Aidan Christie KC4 Pump Court - 'Aidan has an encyclopaedic knowledge of insurance law and cases. He is authoritative whilst being collaborative, creative with arguments, and hugely patient.'
James Cross KC - 4 Pump CourtHis understanding of the interaction between the construction and insurance markets is unrivalled. Charming and ruthless in equal measure.
Derrick Dale KCFountain Court Chambers ‘Excellent advocate and always a pleasure to work with.'
Nicholas Dennys KCAtkin Chambers 'Able to quickly grasp issues and provice pragmatic, helpful advice.'
Michael Furness KCWilberforce ChambersReally bright, very calm, very user-friendly - tries his hardest to find a solution.'
Thomas Grant KC – Wilberforce Chambers ‘Tom has an untiring attention to detail, is meticulous in his preparations for hearings and is forceful yet amiable on his feet. Put quite simply, he is the pinnacle of the London Bar.’
Simon Hargreaves KCKeating Chambers ‘Simon in immensely knowledgeable, enthusiastic and hands-on. Great at getting stuck in and brings a calm authority. He is also terrific fun to work with.’
Neil Hext KC4 New SquareNeil is very thorough, hard-working, bright, an excellent lawyer, and a very good cross-examiner – a tough opponent whom it is a pleasure to be against.’
James Howells KCAtkin Chambers ‘A strategist who provides clear, focussed advice.’
Riaz Hussain KCAtkin ChambersA strong advocate who very persuasive and doesn’t give up.’
James Leabeater KC4 Pump Court 'Very thorough. Provides sensible and coherent advice that is applicable to the commercial realities of the matter.'
Richard Liddell KC4 New SquareRichard is flexible, easy to work with, and accessible.’  
Daniel Lightman KCSerle Court ‘Daniel is a true pleasure to work with. He has an extremely able mind and is often able to see the wood for the trees when others cannot. He is a skilled black-letter lawyer with an incisive intellect.’
Ben Lynch KCFountain Court ChambersBen is meticulously detailed and very knowledgeable in the field. He has a very impressive attention to detail, yet at the same time is able to grasp complex issues seemingly effortlessly, and very quickly.'
Ali Malek KC3 Verulam Buildings ‘A persuasive advocate who gets straight to the point.’
Lynne McCafferty KC4 Pump Court ‘Lynne is an excellent barrister, her cross examination skills are second to none and certainly not to be underestimated. She is especially gifted at very complex and detailed cases with an ability to quickly absorb a lot detail and hone in on the critical issues.'
Manus McMullan KCAtkin Chambers ‘Manus has many strengths. He is a fierce cross-examiner and a highly articulate advocate. He excels at complex cross-examination of expert witnesses.’
Paul Newman KCWilberforce Chambers ‘Hugely knowledgeable and innovative thinking. Good client skills too.’
Jeremy Nicholson KC4 Pump Court ‘Jeremy is a top class construction silk. He retains fantastic attention to detail and precision in his drafting, whilst getting the big strategic decisions right.’
Paul Darling OBE KC39 Essex Chambers ‘Paul is an exceptional advocate. He combines razor sharp analytical skills and sound commercial judgement. He has all angles covered.’
Tamara Oppenheimer KCFountain Court ChambersVery pragmatic and sensible written advice. A strong advocate who is on top of the detail.’
Fiona Parkin KCAtkin Chambers ‘Fiona is a very tenacious litigator and persuasive advocate.’
Benjamin Pilling KC4 Pump CourtA superb all-rounder. A fantastic advocate, calm under pressure and with the ear of the court, because he has the ability to pick out the key points and present them in simple terms to the judge. Lovely drafting too.’
Thomas Plewman KCBrick Court Chambers ‘Very sharp and clever, he cuts to the chase and doesn’t waste time on non-issues. He is easy to work with, flexible and generally available and good on his feet.’
Nicola Rushton KCHailsham ChambersNicola is a superb barrister with a no-nonsense attitude. Brilliant with clients.’
Daniel Shapiro KCCrown Office Chambers ‘Danny is bright, exercises good judgement, is approachable, pragmatic and practical where necessary, knows his law and is very easy to deal with. He is liked by clients and his solicitors team and is a fearsome opponent.’
Andrew Spink KCOuter Temple Chambers ‘Very experienced and a compelling advocate, both on paper and on his feet. His advice is clear and well-reasoned, and he does not lose sight of the client’s commercial objective.’
Clare Stanley KCWilberforce Chambers ‘Clare is a brilliant advocate, who excels at building a rapport with the bench and adapting on her feet as a case develops. She is extremely impressive in cross-examination, and dealing with complicated facts and subject matter.’
Andrew Warnock KCDeka Chambers ‘Andrew has an unfailingly calm and authoritative approach, which obviously comes from his deep knowledge and experience in inquiries. His ability to identify and maintain a clear strategy is invaluable to our clients, as well as his approachability and his skill as a concise and persuasive advocate.’
Geraint Webb KCHenderson Chambers ‘Geraint’s ability to assimilate large quantities of technical information within a short amount of time and cut straight through to the core issues is hugely impressive. He is also highly personable and client friendly.’
Peter De Verneuil Smith KC3 Verulam BuildingsPeter always understands the clients’ needs and the risks they face. He is a great advocate and truly is willing to make big calls.’
Jonathan Selby KCKeating Chambers 'Jonathan is a brilliant advocate - in a trial, there cannot be many better.'
Lucy Garrett KC – Keating Chambers 'Lucy is a complete star. She has an outstanding legal mind and is adept at dealing with the most complex legal and technical disputes as well as providing sound advice on strategy.'
Claire Packman  - 4 Pump Court  'Claire is responsive, a team player and a pleasure to work with. Great with clients and complete mastery of the technical detail of a case.'
Zoë Barton KCWilberforce Chambers 'Zoe is straight to the point and realistic about the chances of success.'
Gary Blaker KCSelborne Chambers 'Gary is a master-strategist and his advocacy and cross-examination in particular are exceptionally well planned to draw the judge to compelling conclusions.'
David Blayney KCSerle CourtDavid is always measured as an advocate, and his submissions are always meticulously well-thought-through, particularly those involving the financial dealings and share valuations.’
Martin Bowdery KCAtkin ChambersExcellent advocacy and tactician in developing a strategy that best fits the clients' interests and the nature of the case. He has a good way with clients who tend to have confidence in his approach and his advice.'
Andrew Butler KCTanfield Chambers ‘Andrew gives confident and robust advice. He is clear and definitive in his advice to clients explaining very clearly where he thinks they have a good or bad case. This makes it easy for clients to make decisions as to how to proceed.’
Richard Coleman KCFountain Court ChambersRichard is razor-sharp and able to succinctly summarise very complex points with ease. Highly recommended.’
Michael Curtis KCCrown Office Chambers ‘He has a tenacious work ethic and provides clear advice. He is very personable and has an ability to tailor his advice to his audience, whether they be lawyers or laypeople. He has a forensic eye for detail.’
James Cutress KCFountain Court Chambers ‘James is friendly and approachable. He is able to distil complex issues and give purposeful advice. His input is always helpful and constructive.’
Simon Davenport KC - 4 Pump Court ‘Decisive, robust, commercial and a good motivator and team leader. He gets the bigger picture.’
Clare Dixon KC4 New Square ‘Clare is really approachable and good with clients. She communicates with clarity, is responsive and always has time for questions.'
Edward Faulks KC  – Deka Chambers 'Insightful, analytical and is exceptional in being able to cut through the evidence to understand the crux of the claim.'
Adam Fenton KC7 King’s Bench WalkAdam is a hands-on silk. His attention to detail and ability to remember all key facts and dates are very impressive.'
Andrew George KCBlackstone Chambers ‘Andrew is a measured, charming, and hugely effective advocate.’
Karim Ghaly KC39 Essex Chambers 'Karim is a wonderful advocate, with a particualarly methodical and devastating cross-examination. His ability to learn a complex case, break it down into the key issues on which the matters actually turn and devise effective strategy is also particularly impresive.'
David Head KC3 Verulam Buildings 'David is always very clear, no nonsense and to the point on his feet. Very responsive and excellent with the clients.'
Lexa Hilliard KCWilberforce ChambersLexa leaves no stone unturned and will not be phased by the opponent's guerilla tactics. She is a very persuasive advocate and will always have solid advice for the client. It is a pleasure to work with Lexa.' 
Isabel Hitching KC – Crown Office Chambers ‘Isabel has an innate ability to drill down to the main points and weed out irrelevant issues, from which instructing solicitors can then draw up a strong strategic approach which usually gets us to where the client wants to be.’
Krista Lee KCKeating Chambers 'Absolutely outstanding. Very focused, able to get to grips with a large amount of very technical material; totally on top of the factual evidence and the legal issues.'
Shantanu Majumdar KCRadcliffe Chambers ‘Intellectually way ahead of the crowd and a superb written advocate. His court room style is equally impressive. An excellent trial lawyer and cunning cross-examiner. Clients love him.’
Ian Mill KCBlackstone ChambersWith great judgement and a great client manner, Ian is excellent in front of any judge and truly has the ear of the court.’
Paul Mitchell KC4 New Square ‘A very skilled, knowledge and effective advocate. Very user friendly and pragmatic.’    
Andrew Mold KCWilberforce Chambers ‘Andrew is a model, all-round high-performing barrister. He is smooth and confident, without any trace of superiority. He is at the top of his game.’
Vincent Moran KCKeating Chambers ‘Vincent is a very good KC. He demonstrated an ability to manage very difficult and complex high value litigation. He has a good tactical insight.’
Stephen Moriarty KCFountain Court ChambersStephen is one of the most collaborative senior silks going. He is always interested in the thoughts of the client and instructing solicitors. He is not only brilliant but he also provides very thoughtful and clever strategic advice.’
Leigh-Ann Mulcahy KCFountain Court ChambersA delight to work with, calm in con and a very good advocate.'
Andrew Neish KC4 Pump Court 'Andrew is very knowledgeable in this field - he is highly intelligent and very experienced. He gets right to the point and identifies what matters early on. He is very good on his feet and is a very strong cross examiner. He is also very good with clients.'
Alison Padfield KC4 New SquareAlison is an absolute pleasure to work with. She is always prepared, calm and unflappable and has a very easy manner that puts clients from all walks of life entirely at their ease. Not only is she intellectually outstanding, great on tactics, but you can always rely on the fact that she will work with you seamlessly as part of the team.'  
Howard Palmer KC2 Temple Gardens ‘Very hard working, Howard is a great leader in any team tackling a heavy professional negligence case.’    
Fionn Pilbrow KCBrick Court ChambersVery experienced barrister at the top of his game. His written work and oral advocacy are incisive and extremely effective. He uses his knowledge of civil procedure to supplant a clear litigation strategy which gets results. A real pleasure to work with.'
Daniel Saoul KC4 New SquareHe provides clear, commercial and pragmatic advice.’
Amanda Savage KC4 New SquareExcellent. Bright, hard working, realistic, frank in her advice, a good team player and a pleasure to work with.  She is particularly good at team working with the associates on her cases.'
Tony Singla KCBrick Court Chambers ‘Tony is definitely a future star at the commercial Bar. He is brilliantly clever yet he has a delightful manner and can cut through complexity with ease.’
Marion Smith KC39 Essex Chambers ‘Very persuasive and great with clients.’
George Spalton KC4 New Square Chambers  ‘George is a highly accomplished performer. His skill on the professional negligence side of pensions litigation fills an essential need in these types of high value claims.’
Peter Susman KCHenderson Chambers 'One of the most experienced silks still practising in London. Very comfortable with technical matters. Advocacy second to none. Great interpersonal skills with clients.'
Samuel Townend KCKeating Chambers 'Thoughtful approach, tactical, very personable.'
Nicholas Trompeter KC – Selborne Chambers ‘Nick knows his stuff and is very clever. His advocacy is very impressive – calm, relaxed but also forceful and gets his point across very clearly.’
Andrew Wales KC7 King’s Bench Walk 'Great attention to detail and an ability to assimilate complex facts. Not afraid to give clear and direct advice which is welcomed.'
Steven Walker KCAtkin ChambersVery thorough and reliable, and always delivers clear, and succinct, advice. Very smart and a pleasure to deal with - a fantastic advocate.'
Giles Wheeler KCFountain Court Chambers 'Giles is meticulous in his analysis and quick identifies the strengths and weakness of the case.'
Crispin Winser KCCrown Office Chambers ‘Extremely knowledgeable and pragmatic, explains clearly and concisely. Not just the law itself but strategically how to reach the desired objective.’
David Yates KCPump Court Tax Chambers 'David is incredibly sharp and so is able to get to the nub of the claim really quickly.'

2022 Silks

Calum Lamont KCKeating Chambers ‘A tenacious and highly effective cross-examiner.’
Josephine Higgs KC  – 7 King’s Bench Walk  ‘Josephine is very intelligent and extremely hard-working, with a real ability to get quickly to the heart of any dispute. She is a great team player, and is also an excellent advocate. In short, she is a joy to work with.’
Helen Evans KC –4 New Square Chambers   ‘Helen is very sharp. She is always on top of the detail and produces clear, precise and user-friendly drafting. She is a pleasure to work with.’
Simon Howarth KC  - Hailsham Chambers 'Extremely knowlegable in professional negligence litigation. Excellent drafting skills and clear advice. Tactically very good and a pleasure to work with.'
Rupert Choat KCAtkin ChambersSharp and extermely attentive to details.'
Helen Evans KC4 New SquareHelen is very hands on and approachable. Her technical skills are exceptional. She is able to make the judge see exactly what she wants.’
Josephine Higgs KC7 King’s Bench WalkShe is hard-working and extremely bright, with a meticulous eye for detail  and a firm grasp of the big picture. Her advice is succinct, commercial and articulate. She has an excellent technical knowledge of accounts, and great tactical nous. She is an accomplished and persuasive advocate.’
Simon Howarth KCHailsham Chambers ‘Excellent pleadings, advices and advocacy.'
Farhaz Khan KC3 Verulam BuildingsFarhaz is very persuasive both on paper and orally. He identifies the key issues quickly and has a very confident court manner.'
Alexander Polley KC –One Essex Court  ‘Alex is outstanding. His intellect is second to none, and never ceases to amaze – and yet he is somehow incredibly user-friendly. Finally, he works very hard, and always responsive.’
Alexander Polley KCOne Essex CourtAlex is incredibly responsive and almost immediately grasps key issues.  He has always added value when feeding into conversations and work products, and endears great confidence.'  

2023 Silks

N G Casey KC7 King’s Bench Walk  ‘Knowledgeable, practical, down to earth and easy to work with. I would recommend him.’
Sonia Nolten KC2 Temple GardensAbsolutely excellent in all areas. Thorough, responsive, great on her feet, very good on paper, technical expert and commercially astute.'   
Catherine Piercy KCGatehouse Chambers 'Catherine is well liked by clients, for good reason. She is able to explain complex legal arguments clearly to lay clients and help them understand the relative merits of the same, which is invaluable for them to make informed commercial decisions.'
David Pliener KCGatehouse Chambers 'Great analytical skills, a real relaxed style and way of putting a complex point across which goes down well with clients. Good tactician.' 
David Pliener KC  – Gatehouse Chambers ‘Great analytical skills, a real relaxed style and way of putting a complex point across which goes down well with clients. Good tactician.’

2024 Silks

James Duffy KCFountain Court Chambers ‘A great advocate who makes powerful submissions.’
Anna Laney KCCrown Office Chambers 'Highly experienced and knowledgeable. A formidable advocate and negotiator. Excellent at explaining to instructing solicitors and clients in a clear, accessible way.'
Brendan McGurk KCMonckton Chambers 'Quietly impressive, always available and humble.'
Tom Owen KCKeating Chambers 'Tom is very eloquent and persuasive. He makes the right points at the right time and in a way that cuts to the heart of the key issues. He also keeps on top of the detail and often drives the work in the background, which is particularly helpful in complex and acrimonious cases.'
Shail Patel KC4 New Square ‘Forensic, very clever, strategic and knowledgeable. Great with clients and one of the best juniors to work with.’
Camille Slow KCAtkin Chambers 'Constructive approach and clear advice.'
Michael Wheater KCGatehouse ChambersSensible and amiable in client conferences and able to think quickly. Great on his feet, better in writing and approachable.’
Simon Wilton KCHailsham Chambers ‘Simon is first-class on paper and in the court room - he writes very well and presents clearly with authority. He is incredibly efficient and incisive, charming and approachable, and has a formidable ability to get the judge's attention on the most difficult of cases.'

Leading Juniors

Scott Allen4 New SquareA fighter.’
Francis BaconHailsham Chambers ‘Francis is very easy to deal with, a good team player and always on top of the detail.'
Isabel Barter4 New Square Chambers ‘Isabel is an absolute star. Her attention to detail and grasp of the issues is exemplary, and she is calm and reassuring with clients.’
Ivor CollettCrown Office ChambersIvor is very good in conference and likes to get into the detail. He is very good with clients.'
Hugh Evans4 New Square ‘Hugh is an all rounder with strengths in advocacy and drafting but in particular his knowledge of authorities is unbeatable. He is a walking encyclopedia.'
Jason Evans-ToveyCrown Office Chambers 'Jason is excellent. He gives clear advice from the outset and does not waiver. At trial, he is at his most polite when being utterly damning of the opposition's case, it is a delight to watch.'  
Simon Hale4 Pump Court ‘Simon is excellent to work with.  He is extremely bright but very personable and great to put the clients at ease as well as being great on his feet.'
James HallGatehouse Chambers 'James is top class - commercial, approachable and knowledgeable - and is to my mind one of the best senior juniors in this area.'
Derek HolwillHailsham ChambersExcellent forensic analysis of cases.’
Kate Livesey4 Pump Court ‘Kate has excellent judgement, is forensic and determined. She is also an excellent advocate – well-prepared, and with a real feel for the temperature of the court and the views of the judge.’
Charles Phipps4 New Square ‘Charles' attention to detail is exemplary.  He knows the law and his papers inside out.  He is proactive and commercially aware.  He has a very good manner with the client.'
Michael Ryan7 King’s Bench Walk ‘Very experienced in fraud litigation despite still being relatively junior, Michael combines a good legal brain with strong advocacy.’
Carl Troman4 New Square 'Carl is clever and very direct and clear in his advice. He is easy to work with and very responsive.'
Imran BensonHailsham Chambers ‘In cross-examination, Imran is exemplary at asking the right questions at the right time and is super reactive to the answers; knowing when to press further and when to steer matters seamlessly in a different direction.’
Tim Chelmick4 New Square ‘Tim is a delight to work with.  He is thorough, confident and knowledgeable.’
Richard CoplinKeating Chambers ‘He is friendly, creative and sensible -  a go-to on construction.’
Peter DodgeRadcliffe Chambers 'Excellent advocate, excellent drafting skills and a pleasure to work with.'
Miles Harris4 New SquareMiles is extremely bright and he gives practical advice in relation to complex cases.’
Simon Henderson4 Pump Court ‘Deep IT expertise, with excellent client skills, impeccable judgement and pleasure to work with.’
Hugh JacksonSelborne Chambers 'Hugh has an impressive attention to detail and ensures that all times scales are met. His advice is always on the button. He is a thorough and tenacious advocate, but not in any way that prejudices the best interests of the client.'
Justin KitsonSelborne ChambersJustin has an unparalleled eye for detail. He is able to assimilate large amounts of information, from multiple sources, quickly without fuss or fluster. He communicates brilliantly at all levels to provide sound and valuable advice to clients, putting them at ease and giving them a clear path as to options in the litigation.’  
Dan StaceyHailsham ChambersDan is a cool, calm and collected barrister. He is very astute, thoroughly prepared and tenacious when he has to be. His bedside manner with clients is wonderful.'
David Thomas2 Temple Gardens 'Reliable and helpful. Good drafting skills and effective in court, on what are often sensitive cases where the claimant has very strong views.'
Nik YeoFountain Court ChambersAn absolute star. Thorough, responsive and drafts beautifully. Clients are always delighted to have Nik in their corner.
Ebony AlleyneGatehouse ChambersEbony is simply phenomenal. Forensic attention to detail, comprehensive and meticulously thorough in her analysis. Could not recommend her more highly.’
Michael Bowmer4 New SquareMichael is meticulous in approach, very good on law and has great judgement about cases.
Nicholas Broomfield4 New SquareAll over the detail, great tactical mind, assured and very user friendly. Would recommend highly.'
Suzanne ChalmersCrown Office Chambers ‘Suzanne's advice is very clear, straight to the point and very easy to follow. She is a good listener and very sympathetic.’
Lucy Colter4 New Square 'Brilliant. Works hard to cover every angle. Lucy is one to watch.'
Omar EljadiAtkin Chambers 'Constructive approach and clear advice.'
James Goudkamp7 King’s Bench WalkJames has a razor-like intelligence, is conscientious, thorough and a delight to work with.'
Rónán HannaAtkin Chambers ‘Rónán provides excellent service and advice. He always makes himself available and cuts through complicated issues swiftly and clearly. His submissions are well-structured and very persuasive. He is highly regarded by lay clients and colleagues.’
Edward HarrisonBrick Court ChambersEd is very good on the detail. He thinks carefully and creatively around a problem and is approachable and contactable. His advocacy is clear and persuasive.'
Matthew JacksonHailsham Chambers ‘Matthew is an extremely experienced barrister who has advised on a very wide-ambit of professional negligence matters in all courts. Matthew is able to understand and advise on all of the necessary issues that go-to the core of a case so it is possible to decide whether a case should be defended or settled.’
Jennifer JonesAtkin Chambers 'Good attention to deal, very hard working, gets on well with clients and with instructing solicitors. Advocacy is calm and effective.'
Saleem KhalidDeka Chambers 'Saleem is tenacious and can see through smoke and mirrors thrown up by the other side. He is also very hardworking.'
Caroline McColganCrown Office Chambers 'Easy to work with and responsive.'
Joshua MunroHailsham Chambers 'Excellent grasp of the law.'
Andrew Nicol4 New Square ‘Very considered and thorough, concise and to the point. A popular person to work with.’
Elizabeth OveyRadcliffe Chambers  'Technically strong, clear and concise advice and commercial approach.'
Katie PowellAtkin Chambers ‘Katie is very sharp. She is also friendly and responsive.’
James SharpeCrown Office Chambers 'Hard working, pragmatic, approachable, clever, meticulous, insightful.'
Ben Smiley4 New Square ‘Ben is fantastic – he is easy to work with, great with clients, clear and responsive in his advice. Clients really appreciate his strategy input as well as his drafting and technical work, and find him to be commercial and tuned-into the requirements of clients. He has fast become my number one choice at senior junior level.’  
Jonathan SteinertHenderson Chambers ‘Jonathan is highly personable and client friendly.’
Kate Vaughan-Neil4 Pump Court ‘Kate is technically proficient, user friendly and helpful throughout.’
Benjamin Wood4 New Square ‘Ben is unique in my view and standout. He lives and breathes the principles of active case management forged from a deep understanding of the workings of the court and his experience on both sides of the bench: a contribution that is, frankly invaluable and unrivalled, amongst his peers.’
Luke Wygas4 Pump CourtA sensible, reliable barrister who responds very quickly.  Luke can cut through the noise and get to the heart of the issues very quickly.'
Michael Walsh - Serle Court  ‘Very smart, commercial and pragmatic. His advocacy is incredibly impressive, often outshining KCs. A real pleasure to work with.’
Daniel Edmonds  – Fountain Court Chambers ‘Dan is proactive and will go above and beyond to find the case-winning argument in the depths of the documents. Someone you want in your corner on high-value and high-stakes litigation.’
Tom Asquith4 New SquareTom is a fantastic barrister. He is very easy to work with, his drafting is impeccable and he feels a part of the legal team offering concise, candid and practical advice.'
Nicola AtkinsCrown Office Chambers 'Nicola is a calm and measured advocate. Very hands on, willing to roll up her sleeves and super committed to the cause.'
Tom BellGatehouse ChambersVery technical, concise, team player. Thoughtful with his input, but will not sit on the fence. Excellent written work .'
Natasha BennettFountain Court Chambers 'Natasha is fantastically bright, her written product is absolutely superb and she is incredibly responsive; a definite star in the making.'
Elizabeth BoonCrown Office Chambers 'Fantastic with clients. A straight talker, balanced with a uniquely personable approach. Extracts and advises on key issues with total clarity and precision.'
Nicholas CollingsAtkin ChambersNicholas’ strength is his ability to clearly and concisely explain technical points of law to lay clients. Further, his written advocacy is extremely well drafted, persuasive and effective.’
David DrakeSerle Court ‘David is a genius, who revels in the complexity and nuance of professional negligence disputes.’
Doré Green2 Temple Gardens 'Incredibly thorough and can always be trusted to leave no stone unturned when advising on complex matters.'
John GreenbourneCrown Office Chambers ‘John is one of the most thorough and hard working barristers I have come across. He has a fantastic eye for detail and he does not cut corners. He will spot any issues which need to be dealt with, and he is able to grasp the key issues of any case quickly and then deal with them pragmatically.’
Christopher Greenwood4 New SquareChris’s attention to detail is excellent, as is his drafting. His advocacy is good and he is a pleasure to work with.’
Stephen Innes4 New Square ‘Very easy to work with and very personable. First rate knowledge and application of the law and a pragmatic approach.'
Kyle LawsonBrick Court ChambersKyle is an impressive barrister. He has a calm, easy, and sure manner with clients. His written work is well researched and keenly targeted.'
Nico LeslieFountain Court Chambers ‘Nico absorbs evidence quickly and provides advice in a concise and measured fashion.' 
Marc LixenbergAtkin ChambersCalm, organised and excels at planning strategy. Understands procedural aspects that can be a headache for solicitors and is happy to help.’
Pippa Manby4 New SquareVery well prepared and happy to take on work in new areas that expand on her already good knowledge.'
Sarah McCannGatehouse Chambers 'Sarah is excellent on detail and working with technical experts to ensure often extremely complex technical issues and presented in the most effective way. A pleasure to work with.'
William MoffettRadcliffe ChambersWilliam has the skill of explaining the arcane in understandable terms. He is a fluent and polished advocate.'
Edmund NeubergerAtkin ChambersVery good attention to details, excellent advocacy skills, and a team player.'
Thomas Ogden4 New Square  'Thoughtful with a very good client manner.'
Paul Parker4 New Square  ‘Paul is hugely experienced and a calming presence in conference.  His advice is always lucid and well-reasoned.’
Nicholas PilsburyHailsham ChambersNick is a fantastic advocate. Extremely clear and persuasive. His advice is always excellent’
James Purchas4 Pump CourtJames is very easy to work with. A great team player whose attention to detail and analytical skills really make him stand out from the pack.'
Peter Ratcliffe3 Verulam BuildingsPeter is very focussed on the detail and misses nothing. He is a go-to on complex insurance and brokers’ professional indemnity matters.’
Richard SageCrown Office Chambers 'Richard is very easy to work with - friendly for both instructing solicitors and clients. Richard is pragmatic and able to cut through complicated legal concepts to the crux of issues and prepare persuasive pleadings.'
Sophie ShawBrick Court Chambers ‘Sophie is a fabulous junior - highly intelligent, dedicated, exercises good judgement, is personable and has a great attention to detail. She has been involved in many large matters which bodes well for her future. She is excellent on paper and has great client skills.'
Tom Shepherd4 New SquareTom’s cross-examination is brilliant – well thought out, well put and forceful without being aggressive.’
Carlo TaczalskiCrown Office ChambersCarlo is an excellent advocate – a real fighter. He is very tenacious and not afraid to pursue difficult points. He is able to persuade courts very effectively. His written advocacy is also of a very high standard.’
Jonathan TitmussGatehouse Chambers ‘Jon is a tenacious advocate with an eye for detail for each matter. His knowledge of the law is exceptional but he also possesses a strong commercial sense to seek to get the best for the client. He is my counsel of choice for most matters.’
Timothy Killen  - 2 Temple Gardens  'Tim is very responsive and pragmatic when it comes to dealing with such big ticket, complex claims. He has a solid grasp of the subject, but always has a clear sight of the end goal, something which counsels sometimes get lost on when dealing with high volume matters.'
Mark Cullen  – 4 New Square 'Mark is prompt, responsive and hard-working. His advice is comprehensive and pragmatic. He is a pleasure to work with.'
Thomas Crangle  – 4 Pump Court  ‘Tom is responsive and easy to use and get on with. He is pragmatic and exhumes confidence which the clients love. He is very good on his feet and judges listen to him.’
Jessica Sutherland7 King’s Bench Walk 'A star junior ticking all the boxes - brilliant on paper and on her feet.'
Theo Barclay  – 4 New Square Chambers ‘Theo is a slick and accomplished trial advocate, always prepared for every eventuality with an uncanny ability to read the court room. He is destined for greatness.’
Mischa BalenAtkin ChambersMischa is an outstanding advocate and a formidable opponent. His written work devastates the other side.’
Henry Bankes-JonesHailsham Chambers ‘Very calm and measured - always reassuring. Absolutely fantastic on technical points.'
Alexandra BodnarKeating Chambers 'Alex is a brilliant barrister who provides intelligent comment and sensible solutions throughout her involvement in any matter. She is extremely efficient and reliable.'
Christopher Bond3 Verulam BuildingsChris is an excellent advocate and sharp thinker, with a very strong all-round legal mind. His written pleadings were clever and persuasive.’
James Bowling4 Pump Court 'James is extremely reliable for honest and thorough advice. He is easy to work with and is open to collaborative discussions relating to the matter.'
Lucie BriggsAtkin Chambers 'Good attention to deal, very hard working, gets on well with clients and with instructing solicitors. Advocacy is calm and effective.'
Paul BuryKeating Chambers 'Excellent team player - getting into the detail and working well with instructing solicitors. Strong written advocacy.'
Patrick ClarkeAtkin ChambersPatrick provides comprehensive and thoughtful advice.’
Brenna Conroy – Keating Chambers 'Brenna is able to get to grips with complex factual and technical information quickly and efficiently. She provides excellent commercial and tactical advice to clients and is always happy to discuss any issues arising in a case.'
Jonathan DawidBrick Court ChambersExceptionally bright and always willing to tackle a problem from a different perspective.'
Alexander Echlin  – Hailsham ChambersAlex is always calm, his writing style is clear and concise, and his advice is always pragmatic, commercial, and to the point. Solicitors are always happy to recommend him to lay clients.’
Benjamin FaulknerWilberforce ChambersA fabulously clever junior.’
Benjamin Fowler4 New Square ‘Benjamin is extremely thorough in his work, and is very user friendly and commercial with his advice, cutting through the most difficult points on a case to get to the crux. He is a stand-out amongst his peers.’
Gavin Hamilton3PBGavin is very good on detail, explaining issues clearly to clients and a good advocate on his feet in court, very experienced.'
Emma HealissKeating Chambers ‘Excellent attention to detail. Emma picked up on new points, which were really helpful.'
Nicholas HillOuter Temple ChambersNick is simply a star of the Bar. Good-humoured, commercial, clients absolutely love him.’
Gideon Scott HollandKeating Chambers ‘Gideon is a very calm and thoughtful barrister. He never wastes a word - you can always be confident in his judgement.’
Sara IbrahimGatehouse Chambers ‘Sara is extremely thorough, thoughtful and friendly. She has innate empathy for the predicament of a client and the skill to transfer that into well-honed legal argument in their favour.’    
Anthony Jones4 New SquareAnthony’s oral and written advocacy skills are first-class. He is a creative thinker who thinks of the most fantastic arguments, always with an eye on how best to win the case.’
Christopher KnowlesFountain Court Chambers ‘Chris is good at getting up to speed quickly with difficult factual and legal issues. He readily sees the issues and formulates good arguments for his client.'
Gary LidingtonRadcliffe Chambers 'Commercially minded, aware of market pressures and calm under pressure.'
David MyhillCrown Office Chambers 'Brilliant in providing very clear advice and cutting through to the central issues. Expert in preparing suites of documents and works very hard to deliver what the client needs.'
Martyn Naylor4 Pump CourtMartyn has fantastic attention to detail and the ability to produce high quality pleadings and written submissions against very tight deadlines. He has the ability to distil very complex or extensive facts down to a few pertinent points and is a highly effective and persuasive advocate.'
James NewmanSelborne Chambers ‘James is very pragmatic, concise and always keeps sight of the bigger picture.’
Rachael O’HaganKeating Chambers 'Easy to work with; thorough and conscientious.'
Francesca O’NeillDeka Chambers 'Francesca identifies the details and takes into account the whole picture, even if vague, when advising. Her advocacy is strong and convincing.'
Seb Oram3PBClever, thorough, to the point, very good with clients, excellent in court with good presentational skills and persuasive approach, and very good at cross-examination.'
Niamh O’ReillyHailsham Chambers ‘Niamh is always a delight to work with. She is very thorough in her preparation and an exceptional advocate.’
Laurence Page4 Pump Court ‘Laurence is approachable and responsive.’
Elaine PalserOuter Temple Chambers 'Calm, direct, an excellent advocate, personable.'
Helen PughOuter Temple Chambers 'Very good at communicating with and working collaboratively with solicitors.'
Theodor van Sante3 Verulam Buildings 'Theo's attention to detail and ability to recall detail in a long-running matter is impressive. His advice is always commercial. He is a calm, composed and highly effective advocate.'
Lucas Fear-Segal2 Temple Gardens  ‘A very knowledgeable, reliable and reassuring presence to have on your team. Lucas is also a very effective and confident advocate.’
David SheardKeating Chambers 'David has an incredible eye for detail, he is very thorough and has built an excellent rapport with the client.'
Andrew SpencerDeka Chambers ‘Andrew is exceptionally good on his feet and especially in cross-examination.’
Jack SteerHailsham ChambersTop choice of counsel for tricky interlocutory hearings and strike out applications against difficult litigants in person.’
Simon WilliamsRadcliffe Chambers 'Simon breaks down the complicated in to simple and clear ways for the lay client to understand the merits of its case and likely prospects. As an advocate Simon does not get wound up but rather remains calm and concise.'
Harry Wright7 King’s Bench Walk 'Bright and tenacious.'
David McllroyForum Chambers ‘Very, very bright, and applies the law in a pragmatic and commercial no-nonsense approach. He is exceptional on his feet and considers angles on complicated financial and regulatory matters that other barristers would not have even considered.’
Lisa Lacob  – 3 Verulam Buildings 'Lisa is an outstanding advocate who has a personal touch and who is well liked by clients as a result.'
Simon Goldstone  – 4 Pump Court ‘Simon has a forensic attention to detail, and prepares meticulously.  As a leader, he is calm and authoritative, and never afraid to interrogate and adapt his own position where appropriate.'
James Hatt  – 4 Pump Court  ‘He is unflappable, thoughtful and has a good manner with clients.’
Hannah Daly4 New Square Chambers  ‘Very user-friendly, excellent attention to detail. Hannah can advocate to challenging clients effectively and efficiently – a future star without doubt.’
William Harman  – 4 New Square Chambers ‘Will is meticulous, and I am always confident he is on top of the detail. He is also a very good advocate.’
James Hatt   – 4 Pump Court  ‘He is unflappable, thoughtful and has a good manner with clients.’
Diarmuid Laffan 4 New Square Chambers  ‘Diarmuid provides clear and strategic advice. His legwork while preparing for arguments in outstanding.’
Peter Oliver 4 Pump Court  ‘Peter is a go-to barrister for professional negligence work. He is always responsive and builds a good relationship with the team that he is working with, including the client.’
Saaman Pourghadiri4 New Square Chambers ‘Very good at swift and accurate views on matters and his assessment is accurate and reasonable. In particular, his mastery of the figures and how to use them is crucial, though his skills go far beyond that.’  
Sushma Ananda7 King’s Bench Walk ‘Sushma has a very good depth of knowledge and is most thorough. Her written advice is always most comprehensive and well-written.’
Richard AndertonHailsham Chambers 'Richard's advice and paperwork is of high quality. He is very responsive and also cost-effective, which is a rarity nowadays.'
Stephen BaileyHailsham Chambers 'Very precise and thorough, and able to think laterally. Stephen is a good advocate, articulate and always well prepared.'  
Edward Bennion-PedleySelborne Chambers 'Professional and calm. Always well prepared. Presents concise arguments in a persuasive manner.'
Stewart ChirnsideQuadrant Chambers 'Stewart is incredibly responsive and quick and has an impressive attention to detail. His calm and measured approach makes him easy to work with.'
Niamh ClearyFountain Court Chambers ‘Niamh is approachable, bright and always willing to go the extra mile.’
Jack DillonGatehouse Chambers 'Jack is an extremely promising junior whose expertise in the twin disciplines of property litigation and professional negligence make him an ideal choice for property based negligence claims. He is highly proficient and has a persuasive and effective writing style. He is also very hands on and easy to work with.'
Kort Egan  - Gatehouse Chambers 'Kort's drafting skills are first-rate. His written submissions are always very persuasive.'
Joshua FolkardTwenty Essex ‘His written work is of a consistently exceptional standard. He is inordinately careful and leaves no consideration unaddressed in his analysis of a matter.’
Richard Hanke3 Verulam Buildings 'A very strong performer. Richard is incredibly bright and his written work is of the highest quality. Strongly recommended.'
Michael HarperCrown Office Chambers 'Technically brilliant and very able in complex matters.'
David Johnson Atkin Chambers ‘David is very responsive, detail orientated, a team player and provides practical and timely advice.’
Simon Kerry  – Gatehouse Chambers ‘Responsive, very thorough and good on his feet. Also good with clients. Simon’s expert guidance is invaluable.’
Elizabeth Lindesay7 King’s Bench Walk 'Liz is incredibly thorough and conscientious. She gives 100% to every case.'
Heather McMahonHailsham Chambers ‘Heather is an exceptionally talented, client-friendly, very capable thorough. She is measured and calm, very organised and on her feet she is very impressive.'
Jennifer MeechSerle Court  ‘Rigorously analytical and good at managing clients.’
Alice NashHailsham ChambersSensible, pragmatic solutions and clear advice. Quickly gets to grips with the issues.'
Charles PimlottCrown Office Chambers 'A team player and very responsive. Excellent drafting skills and attention to detail. Measured and effective advocate.'
Adam Rushworth One Essex Court  ‘Adam is easy to work with, responsive, and really excellent.’
Edward SawyerWilberforce ChambersGood with clients and with an amazing brain. Edward really listens to questions and is very polite to all - he is calm and provides really wise advice.’
Jonathan Scott  –Brick Court Chambers  ‘A very gifted junior, quick responsive and brilliant.’
Lydia SeymourOuter Temple Chambers 'She is excellent at distilling very complicated matters into plain language. She provides not only great technical legal advice but commercial pragmatic options for the client. She is also very good with the clients. No weaknesses.'
Adam Temple3 Verulam BuildingsAdam is extremely intelligent. He thinks outside of the box and offers realistic and pragmatic solutions.’
Alicia TewHailsham ChambersClear and smooth delivery of arguments to the judge, and a good understanding of the nuances of the case law allowing her to quickly rebut opposing arguments.'
Matthew Thorne4 Pump CourtMatthew is prompt at responding to communications and always keeps his clients updated on his progress.’
James WalmsleyWilberforce Chambers 'James is a fantastic advocate, particularly where there is a pensions angle. He is great with clients and is a pleasure to instruct. He is not afraid to express his opinion and guides the client down the right path from the word go.'
Helena White  – Gatehouse Chambers ‘Very good with clients. Good drafting and attention to detail.’
Rosa Zaffuto  –Chambers of Rosa Zaffuto ‘Rosa is able to rapidly grasp the essential elements of the most complex matters and displays great wisdom in providing her clients with clear advice. Her dedication to acting fairly but incisively in the best interests of her clients is highly effective, not just because it brings clarity but also in terms of saving them significant amounts of time and hence costs.’
Louis ZvesperGatehouse Chambers 'Excellent both in writing and with clients.'

Rising Stars

Tom Coulson   – Keating Chambers ‘In a team of very talented barristers, Tom stands out as exceptional. His grasp of the facts and the issues is excellent, his written work is excellent and he is a real team player.’
Jennie Gillies – 4 Pump Court ‘Jennie is very sharp. She is always on top of the detail and produces clear, precise and user-friendly drafting. She is a pleasure to work with.’

Professional negligence in London Bar

4 New Square Chambers

4 New Square Chambers is one of the market leading sets in this area, straddling both white-collar areas and the construction industry, including work for defendant clients without the backing of insurers. Justin Fenwick KC has experience in all areas of professional negligence; he currently acts for the administrators in a £250 million claim whereby the liquidators of a company allege that the administrators negligently sold the assets of the company at a substantial undervalue. Ben Hubble KC specialises in professional negligence claims against many financial and legal professionals; he recently successfully acted for a former partner of EY Dubai against the main EY head company whereby the former partner alleged that EY colluded with the regulator in Dubai to suppress the audit findings which the claimant had uncovered.



‘The clerks are prompt, helpful, and efficient. We have dealt with Dennis Peck for many years and find him excellent. We also get good service from Jack Crowhurst.’

‘Excellent modern chambers, with flexibility on fees and a great clerking team.’

‘The clerks do an exceptional job. I am confident that whoever I speak to, I will get the same level of service. They should be super proud of their team. They are great.’

‘Very responsive and helpful service from the clerks at all levels.’

‘The clerks are responsive and we have a good relationship with them.’

‘Very good chambers. Top chambers for professional negligence.’

‘The top set in the country by a country mile for insurance work.’

‘Good all round quality and good value compared with many other leading sets.’

Work highlights

4 Pump Court

4 Pump Court is a leading professional negligence set with a strong line-up of silks and juniors who handle professional negligence cases in areas such as energy, construction, engineering, infrastructure, and information technology. Michael Douglas KC has strong experience concerning technology and construction-related professional negligence, while Nigel Tozzi KC acts primarily for defendants, with strong experience in acting for professional indemnity insurers. Tozzi KC represented the company that manages the former Olympic Stadium in Stratford in a claim against a Magic Circle law firm concerning the allegedly negligent drafting of an agreement concerning the use of the venue by West Ham United. Rachel Ansell KC specialises in high value and technically complex construction and engineering professional negligence cases – she currently acts on cases arising out of the Beetham Tower in Manchester concerning allegedly failed glazing units.




‘Sam Penny is an outstanding clerk who is extremely approachable and passionate in his work. Nothing is too much of an ask for Sam and his responses and follow ups on matters are quick.’

‘The clerks are courteous and efficient. We deal mainly with James Tanner.’

‘The clerks’ room is professional and responsive: they go out of their way to get information to you in a timely manner, and are good at being proactive in managing diaries and any issues that may arise.’

‘Very happy with the clerks.’

‘Clerks are good.’

‘Very strong on construction professional negligence and on insurance too.’

‘Top Chambers for construction/professional negligence.’

‘Chambers hosts a number of valuable seminars and its information newsletters are very useful. There is a good mix of experience across the sectors for which 4 Pump Court has built its reputation.’

Work highlights

Brick Court Chambers

Brick Court Chambers is an excellent firm with a strong team of barristers who conduct some of the highest value and most complex cases in the professional negligence market. Tom Adam KC recently successfully defended a tax silk in McClean v Thornhill KC, a case notable for delineating the duties owned by advisors in that space, as well as the magnitude of the failed tax schemes concerning investments in LLPs investing in films. Additionally, Simon Salzedo KC  is currently defending PwC against British American Tobacco in a £600 million claim arising out of disputed dividends paid by a BAT subsidiary to Sequana Plc and historic US pollution liabilities.


‘A top tier set with good clerking and a can-do attitude.’

‘Very strong clerking team – organised and commercial.’

‘Excellent: responsive and understand the market and the work, not just a postbox.’

‘The clerking at Brick Court was efficient.’

‘Strong clerking team – as is expected from one of the leading commercial sets.’

‘The level of service is first-class. It is my go-to set for complex or high value matters.’

‘Stellar set with amazing strength and depth at all levels.’

‘Extremely high quality in everything they do. Juniors are all very strong.’

Work highlights

Fountain Court Chambers

Fountain Court Chambers is a leading set which treats professional negligence as one of its core areas of practice. The set hosts barristers who are regularly instructed in professional negligence matters concerning white-collar professions, including the Bar itself and legal services professionals. In the Cayman Islands Court of Appeal, Mark Simpson KC recently successfully defended an offshore law firm in Arnage Holdings v Walkers, a claim against them filed by a member of a Brazilian banking dynasty, concerning the collapse of Banco Rural in circumstances connected to the mensalão scandal. Additionally, Anneliese Day KC currently acts for Alvarez & Marsal, who are the administrators of JD Classics, against PwC for allegedly failing to spot fraud resulting in losses of over £41m.


‘Alex Taylor has led and built a very modern, diverse, enthusiastic, approachable and responsive clerks’ room. The new radical physical space they’ve put in there reflects the culture he’s built – they’re doing things very differently compared to the traditional commercial Bar approach, and it’s paying dividends.’

‘The clerks are very responsive and personable. I am particularly impressed with Sian Huckett.’

‘Fountain Court are fantastic at all levels from the most experienced silks to the clerking team and the support staff. Really impressive.’

‘Clerks are user-friendly and efficient.’

‘The clerks are all open and approachable, wanting to build long term relationships with law firms.’

‘A strong set for professional negligence and regulatory matters.’

‘Very good set, some very bright juniors.’

‘One of the best professional negligence sets at the Bar.’

Work highlights

Hailsham Chambers

Hailsham Chambers is a leading professional negligence set with, ‘a huge number of specialists, their KCs are absolute market leaders’. William Flenley KC recently acted in Salter v PCL – a claim against a planning KC and planning consultant concerning whether they acted negligently in their advice on technical issues of planning law. Additionally, Michael Pooles KC recently completed a five-week trial whereby the claimants brought a £40m claim against a firm of solicitors – the claimants alleged that as a result of the solicitors’ conduct they had been deprived of a high-value business opportunity in the motor trade.


‘I have always found the clerking team very helpful and responsive.’

‘The clerks are excellent and very helpful.’

‘All of the clerks that I have worked with have been most helpful and responsive, even on short notice.’

‘Clerks are fine and very accessible. It’s a smooth operation that has never caused any issues.’

‘The clerks are excellent, always prompt in their response.’

‘The set is generally excellent. They have particular expertise in solicitors negligence.’

‘Hailsham Chambers have a long-established pedigree in professional negligence claims. They are also very willing to offer training to our firm on relevant areas of interest and new cases. They are quick to publish a case note on new decisions of interest.’

‘Hailsham are my go-to chambers. They are great to work with. The clerks are always courteous, helpful, and fast. The barristers are always good quality, pleasant to work with, with realistic and up-front pricing. We get far fewer unexpected fee notes with Hailsham.’

3 Verulam Buildings

3 Verulam Buildings has a strong specialism in commercial related professional negligence claims. Andrew Onslow KC acts for the claimants in a case where hundreds of former customers of Clydesdale Bank have sued Clydesdale and its parent company, National Australia Bank, for fraud and negligence, alleging that they were misled about their liability to pay swap breakage costs to Clydesdale on early termination or restructuring of business loans. Additionally, Ali Malek KC currently acts for one of the defendants, ED&F Mann Capital Markets Limited, on a £1.5 billion claim brought by the Danish Customs and Tax Administration, which claims professional negligence and negligence concerning allegedly fraudulent application for the refund of dividend withholding tax - the matter is against the backdrop of the dispute between SKAT and Solo Capital Partners, concerning what is alleged by the Danish authorities to be a "cum-ex" fraud.


‘Excellent team led by Steve Penson. They are working in a way that should be a model for other clerks in the market to follow.’

‘Excellent clerking team – very responsive and helpful. Special mention to the fantastic Steve Penson and Richard Ansell who are both very responsive, resourceful and make excellent recommendations.’

‘The clerks are very helpful and work together with leading and junior counsel’s chambers to arrange meetings and provide joint availability.’

‘Good clerks, good counsel, great to have as part of a legal team on all sorts of complex commercial disputes.’

‘The clerks have always been responsive to requests and have looked to find a suitable match for cases we wish to involve their barristers on.’

‘Chambers have been brilliant in servicing our needs. There has always been good availability of counsel, including senior and junior counsel.’

‘Wide ranging professional negligence experience, with market leading financial services specialism. Great range of experience across all levels.’

One of my go-to sets. Good clerks, good counsel, great to have as part of a legal team on all sorts of complex commercial disputes.

Work highlights

7 King's Bench Walk

7 King’s Bench Walk is a set with particularly extensive experience in representing accountants and auditors. Jonathan Gaisman KC acts as leading counsel in a team defending KPMG in both ongoing disciplinary proceedings and an ongoing professional negligence claim concerning its role as auditor of Carillon. Additionally, Rebecca Sabben-Clare KC recently acted in an audit negligence claim brought by Manchester Building Society against Grant Thornton; the case raised an issue of principle about scope of duty, specifically concerning the extent of damages recoverable following professional negligence.


‘Very helpful clerks.’

‘The clerks are excellent to deal with and go out of their way to give us the best service.’

‘The clerks are excellent: friendly, knowledgeable, efficient. All of the senior clerks are top rate.’

‘The clerks are extremely responsive and helpful in relation to finding availability and co-ordinating diaries.’

‘My go-to set for insurance and professional liability disputes. Their bench strength at senior and junior levels is getting better and better.’

‘Pre-eminent set in insurance matters. KCs are supported by excellent juniors. Very responsive and prepared to roll their sleeves up and work as a team with instructing solicitors.’

‘My favourite set for insurance and professional liability disputes. Their bench strength at senior and junior levels is getting better and better.’

‘The defining characteristic of set is the strength of its members at all levels. Their members have been involved with many of the most high profile professional negligence cases, including Carillion, Cattles, and Equitable Life.’

Atkin Chambers

Atkin Chambers is a ‘market-leading’ construction set, with this expertise being relayed into a professional negligence practice concerning the built environment. Members of the set are regularly involved in the TCC and arbitration in disputes arising out of loss suffered as a result of negligent advice from a wide range of construction professionals. David Streatfeild-James KC recently acted for a contractor in a £115m dispute concerning alleged design defects in the Cambridgeshire Guided Busway, a high-profile infrastructure project in Cambridgeshire - proceedings included negligence claims against the structural and geotechnical engineering subcontractor that designed the works.


‘I generally find their clerks are helpful and responsive. I have known Justin Wilson for many years and he is always available to assist and great at finding the right barrister.’

‘The set has a deservedly high reputation for the quality of its counsel. The clerks are particularly good at understanding whether particular individuals might be better suited to a given matter.’

‘Excellent range of counsel, clerking always been very good.’

‘Service from the clerks is always good.’

‘The clerks are really responsive and very good at understanding the strengths of particular counsel and suitability for a matter.’ 

‘Atkin Chambers is market-leading in construction. They have a good range of counsel at all levels of seniority and they are experienced in appearing before the full range of courts and tribunals concerning construction disputes.’

‘Strong on professional negligence work in the construction sector.’

‘Very good chambers, our go-to set for construction counsel.’

Work highlights

Crown Office Chambers

Crown Office Chambers is an ‘all round excellent’ set which regularly takes instructions from major law firms and insurers. In NGS v Covea & Riverdale, Ben Quiney KC acted for the insured in a claim arising from a fire at a salt manufacturing plant. This case involves complex issues as to the cause of the fire, coverage, and the rule of insurance brokers. Additionally, Isabel Hitching KC handles a number of cases concerning technology and construction; she recently worked People Per Hour v Go Up, acting for the defendant in what is thought to be the first case on the duties of providers of search engine optimisation services.


‘The clerks provide an excellent service. Steve Purse stands out.’

‘Availability of counsel is good, clerks very helpful and knowledgeable, fees are competitive. Seniors and Juniors work together seamlessly.’

‘A very well rounded and capable set, with a good range of juniors and KCs and very good clerking.’

‘Crown Office clerks are great team. Always go above and beyond.’

‘Availability of counsel is good, clerks very helpful and knowledgeable, competitive fees. Seniors and Juniors work together seamlessly.’

‘First rate. A strong offering across may sectors.’

‘Very strong set for construction professional indemnity work.’

‘Excellent set – training programme of a high standard.’

Work highlights

Gatehouse Chambers

Gatehouse Chambers specialises in claims concerning commercial, property financial services, insurance, and insolvency. Nigel Jones KC has twenty-five years of experience, particularly with claims concerning auditors and accountants; he acted in Sidhu v LAS & Ors, a professional negligence claim arising from advice given in relation to a spread-betting tax avoidance scheme called Alchemy. Additionally, in RFU & RSA v FM Conway & Others, Paul Reed KC acts for the Rugby Football Union in a construction negligence claim concerning damage to Twickenham Stadium which was caused during construction of additional infrastructure for the 2015 Rugby World Cup.


‘Clerks are good and training sessions also good.’

‘The clerks room has gone through some changes this year but those changes have been seamless and I still receive the same high standard of service. If I am not sure who to instruct in a particular matter the clerks will offer a number of barristers for me to decide who is most appropriate.’

‘The Clerks are friendly and helpful with suggestions for counsel and fee estimates are accurate.’

‘Clerks are very approachable and helpful.’

‘The clerks are diligent and organised, as well as being amiable. Their service is faultless.’

‘Chambers are always very accommodating. I have attended a number of webinars provided by the Chambers, which are always very informative and well run.’

‘Gatehouse are at the top of their game right now and our go-to set on construction and insurance. They field a really high quality selection of barristers at all levels.’

They are very experienced and effective in analyzing varous construction related as well as insurance related issues. Their availability is generally good and their response was almost always made in timely manner.’

Work highlights

Keating Chambers

Keating Chambers is considered a go-to set for construction disputes, with a natural consequence being its members handling a wide range of professional negligence cases concerning national and international projects. The set is heavily involved in post-Grenfell building safety and cladding instructions and disputes. In Martlet Homes v Mulalley, Jonathan Selby KC acted in the Court of Appeal and High Court concerning a contractor’s alleged failure in designing the building’s cladding fire safety. Outside of cladding, in Northumbria Hospitals NHS Trust v Lendlease, Vincent Moran KC acted for the contractor, Lendlease, in a £120 million defects claim in the TCC concerning a new hospital.


‘The service I receive from the clerks at Keating is excellent. They always respond in a timely manner, deliver what I need when I need it. Amy Barrie and Jade Clark have been particularly helpful.’

‘Keating have a deserved reputation as a leading set in construction and engineering law. From top to bottom, the set is packed with brilliant minds, and there are a number of juniors who will undoubtedly go on to great things in future. A special mention has to go to the marketing team, led by Marie Sparkes, who are fantastic in assisting with training and events, particularly for junior fee earners and barristers.’

‘Keating is the go-to set for construction disputes. Fantastic experience through out – great clerks, formidably intelligent counsel across the set and a pleasure to work with.’

‘The clerks are always available and respond promptly to any enquiries.’

‘Over the years I have dealt with Keating Chambers the clerks have all been excellent.’

‘I find, and have always found, the service and the clerks room at Keating Chambers to be excellent. I cannot comment on any particular clerk because I find them all to be very through, responsive and helpful.’

‘Keating’s reputation in construction is well known, and deservedly so. The advice I received from all members at Keating from senior silk to middle level junior has always been unparalleled – clear, concise, pragmatic and commercially focused. I know I will always get a helpful answer, no matter how difficult the question.’

‘Keating Chambers has always offered an excellent service with outstanding barristers.’

Work highlights

Wilberforce Chambers

Wilberforce Chambers is a leading set which combines dedicated experience in professional negligence with their overall impressive knowledge in the areas of finance, legal, construction, and insurance. In the case, Persimmon, Taylor Wimpey v Osborne Clarke, Jonathan Seitler KC acts for 54 claimants in a group action against solicitors in relation to the claimants’ investments in student accommodations, where the investors lost money as a result of factors which it is said the solicitors ought to have reported. Additionally, Ian Croxford KC successfully acted for Mischon de Reya LLP in Aurium Real Estate London Ultra Prime Ltd v Mishcon de Reya LLP – Aurium claimed that the solicitors had provided Aurium negligent advice in respect to its legal rights concerning a building being demolished.


‘The clerking team as a whole is fantastic and very easy to use. They are open and honest in their dealings, are approachable and genuinely nice people.’

‘The clerks are all very competent.’

‘Clerks are responsive and helpful.’

‘The service is great and the clerks are always very responsive and willing to work with you on fees.’

‘Excellent clerking.’

‘Impressive property litigation set with barristers covering a number of more niche aspects of the discipline. We have received training from a number of Wilberforce barristers, which has been extremely useful.’

‘A truly a full-service set with experience in pretty much every area at the bar. They have an exceptionally strong team in commercial litigation, civil fraud, tax and trusts and professional negligence.’

“Great set. They are always on my shortlist.’

Work highlights

2 Temple Gardens

2 Temple Gardens act in claims both for and against professionals across the piece, with cases often overlapping with their principal practice groups, which includes insurance, property damage and other areas. Neil Moody KC acted for the defendant in the case – London & Quadrant Housing Trust v Amtrust Europe Limited, a case concerning the allegedly negligent design of tower blocks and defective cladding. Charles Dougherty KC has a strong reputation in the areas of insurance and fraud; he is acting on behalf of Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea in professional negligence claims arising out of the Grenfell Tower fire and the extent to which various professionals including architects, fire safety consultants and building inspectors failed in their duty, and were responsible for the fire which occurred.


‘The clerks are very helpful. Lee Tyler has been there for many years and is very familiar with all aspects of the chambers.’

‘The clerks led by Lee Tyler are very professional and they ensure that communication between the various clerks, members of chambers and solicitors is well maintained.’

‘Lee Tyler is the nicest and the most helpful clerk that I have ever come across in over a decade. He runs an excellent team.’

‘The clerks are experienced and knowledgeable about the professional indemnity market. I would single our senior clerk Lee Tyler and one of his deputies, Billy Hammond, as particularly able and well-regarded by our clients.’

‘The set has a very broad range of professional negligence practitioners, including exciting areas of technological development.

‘The set is strong in professional negligence. They are reliable with a good range of counsel focussed on delivering results.’

‘Very good. They have good availability of counsel with insurance expertise at all levels of call. They offer various training days throughout the year.’

‘The set provides a very good service to its instructing solicitors. The members of Chambers offer a wide set of skills, particularly relating to insurance matters. The training provided by members of Chambers is well organised and seminars are offered on relevant topics.’

Work highlights

39 Essex Chambers

39 Essex Chambers has members active across all areas of professional negligence with an emphasis on work concerning construction professionals, including architects, designers, engineers, and so forth. Almost all the set’s cases are subrogated claims funded by professional indemnity insurance. Paul Darling KC is one of the highest profile senior silks at the Construction Bar; he acted for the claimant in Blue Manchester v NWGR, a claim against an architect in relation to the design of a cladding system on the Manchester Hilton. Adam Robb KC recently acted for Northumbria Specialist Emergency Care Hospital NHS Trust in a £100m claim against a design and build contractor concerning multiple, interacting design breaches at the Northumbria Specialist Emergency Care Hospital.


‘Excellent chambers and my go-to for all public law and commercial litigation matters.’

‘Chambers as a whole are very responsive and have a wide range of exceptionally skilled barristers.’

‘The set is quite generalist which means they have barristers to fit most disputes. The depth of quality is impressive.’


Work highlights

Deka Chambers

Deka Chambers has a large professional negligence team, which draws experience from their other legal practices, including personal injury, insurance, travel and construction. The set has good relationships with a broad range of professional indemnity insurers across others. Andrew Warnock KC recently acted for the defendant in the case Miller v Irwin Mitchell LLP. The case concerned the extent of the duties owed to a prospective client who used a legal helpline run by the defendant firm, and in particular whether the scope of the duty extended to advising the prospective client to notify the prospective defendant’s insurers of the accident in which she had sustained personal injury.


‘David Barrow has yet to fail us in finding someone appropriate. He keeps his calm, deals with things quickly without any fuss and just gets the job done. He is extremley approachable.’

‘Exceptional history and ongoing practical experience and training in professional negligence cases, serviced by helpful clerks.’

‘The excellent and efficient clerks provide a seamless service throughout and always go the extra mile. This helps to make Deka my go-to chambers.’

‘The clerks are highly efficient and very responsive to clients. They act immediately and demand a first class service from their barristers.’

‘Extremely helpful and responsive clerks.’

‘Deka has a very good range of barristers at every level, with strong counsel availability.’

‘Professional and a good range of experience.’

‘Always very helpful, happy to organise training on request.’

Work highlights

Outer Temple Chambers

Outer Temple Chambers is active in professional negligence work concerning legal professionals and financial professionals in specific financial and regulatory contexts, particularly concerning pensions. James Counsell KC,  Nicolas Stallworthy KC and Lydia Seymour  are also active in claims against solicitors, administrators, and actuaries who advise on pensions schemes – Counsell KC being notable for his claimant-side work in this space.


‘I’ve always found the clerks friendly and responsive.’

‘They have strength in depth in professional negligence, especially for pensions related claims.’

‘They have increasing strength and depth, particularly for professional negligence claims with a chancery or pensions element.’

Work highlights

Radcliffe Chambers

Within professional negligence, Radcliffe Chambers specialises in solicitor and financial professional negligence areas. Elizabeth Ovey recently acted for the claimant in the Toyota Material Handling UK Limited v Mercer Limited case, in which the principal employer and trustees brought professional negligence proceedings against their former benefit consultants in respect of advice to enter into a Deed of Amendment purporting to cap existing liability; failure to advise that previous advisers were or might have been negligent and there was a claim against them; and failure to advise of their own earlier claim negligence.


‘Clerks are always responsive and professional especially Vince Carter.’

‘The clerks are responsive, Lee Wright is very helpful.’

‘Clerks respond very quickly and super helpful.’

‘A super friendly, pensions-specialist set which is excellent at finding enthusiastic, dynamic barristers.’

‘Radcliffe are a leading set of exceptional barristers.’

‘Good set, I have been working with them for over ten years.’

‘A very strong set with great resources, lots of free webinars and events.’

‘Broad set and quality always guaranteed.’

Work highlights

Serle Court

Serle Court  undertakes professional negligence across the financial and legal sectors for both claimants and defendants. Daniel Lightman KC is instructed to defend a former director of BHS in a professional negligence and wrongful trading claim brought by the company’s liquidator for a value of £160 million. Additionally, Philip Jones KC is acting in a professional negligence claim against solicitors which alleges that negligent drafting of a subcontract for the provision of asylum seeker accommodation resulted in losses of over £100 million.