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Leading Silks

Lawrence Akka KCTwenty EssexCombines a brilliant legal mind with unparalleled knowledge of the IT sector. Plus he is wonderfully user friendly. Clients love him.'
Alex Charlton KC4 Pump CourtOne of the leading silks in this area of work. Incredibly skilful and knowledgeable, and of course great on his feet. Feels like you have one of the best on your side. Also very user-friendly.
Philip Roberts KCOne Essex Court 'Considered and clear advice. Highly impressive advocacy.'
Mark Vanhegan KC11 South Square 'Good at seeing the big points and presenting an accessible case to the court. Can be forceful with clients when required.'
Michael Douglas KC4 Pump CourtMichael is an accomplished and skilled silk who gets into the detail quickly and spots new angles and solutions based on both the bigger picture and detail.
James Howells KCAtkin ChambersJames is a go to leading counsel. He is commercial and turns matters round quickly and effectively.
Thomas Raphael KCTwenty Essex 'He has an incredible ability to get into the detail and develop powerful arguments, whilst also seeing the bigger picture. He is a great advocate who is both charming and authoritative.'
Graham Read KCDevereuxHe is a very safe pair of hands and is unflappable. His technical brilliance, combined with a very approachable and pleasant demeanour makes working with him an absolute delight.'
Nigel Tozzi KC4 Pump CourtFantastic legal mind, client friendly, thorough, strategic and a fabulous advocate.'
Paul Lowenstein KCTwenty EssexOne of the leading IT barristers at the Bar. Paul understands all the underlying tech and is able to synthesis complexity on his feet for a judge.
Terence Bergin KC4 Pump CourtTerry is an excellent advocate. In particular, he is quick on his feet dealing with a new legal arguments.
Robert O’Donoghue KCBrick Court ChambersRobert is an absolute star. For complex IT and telecoms work, no one is better than him. He is extremely knowledgeable, user-friendly and a great writer. He’s very clear and goes straight to the point.
Nicholas Saunders KCBrick Court ChambersOne of the best KCs for commercial litigation in the technology sector, especially where there is an overlap with IP law. He analyses cases very well but always with the clients overarching strategic objectives in mind.
Jonathan Seitler KCWilberforce ChambersAlways available and approachable. Ferocious at getting to the point, and cutting out the chaff. Jonathan is able to succinctly express his thoughts and comments, without dressing it up in nonsense.
Peter Susman KCHenderson ChambersExceptionally good at seeing the nub of a case right from the beginning. His drafting is economical and always flawless. His advocacy is urbane, eloquent and persuasive.'

2021 Silks

George Spalton KC – 4 New Square 'He can quickly grasp the key factual and legal issues. His cross-examination is both clever and forceful.'

2023 Silks

Matthew Lavy KC4 Pump CourtThe go-to barrister for any complex technology dispute. Matthew has a very in-depth knowledge of technology of all kinds (including new technologies); very good to work with and good with clients.

Leading Juniors

Rory CochraneDevereuxRory is very good on his feet, personable and easy to work with.‘ 
Simon Henderson4 Pump Court 'Proactive, user friendly and focussed.'
Michael HicksHogarth Chambers 'Michael is a great team player. He is bright and hardworking. His writing is clear and focussed. He is a relaxed but effective advocate.  His experience shows, and he is excellent at thinking on his feet.'
Jaani Riordan8 New Square 'Jaani is part-sleuth part-silk-in-waiting: he combines a rare ability to investigate a matter not only from a sophisticated legal perspective but also from a tech angle.'
Jacob TurnerFountain Court ChambersExcellent technical skills. Strong commercial acumen. Very responsive and hard working.'
Shaen CatherwoodDevereuxShaen is technically very good, easy to communicate with and always meets deadlines. He is great to work with and his advice/drafting is tailored to the client and their needs and strategy.
Jonathan Hill8 New SquareJonathan is super smart, strong all round. Clients love him, technically excellent and a great advocate and and surely potential KC.
Iain Munro4 Pump CourtIain is clever, incredibly thorough and very thoughtful. He sees things from all angles and thinks ahead. Good and easy to deal with and often feels like he has experience beyond his years of call. Accessible, very hard working and responsive.'
Richard Osborne4 Pump Court 'Excellent lawyer and technician.'
Gideon Shirazi4 Pump CourtVery bright and articulate. Knows his stuff and gives clear advice.
Guy TrittonHogarth ChambersGuy clearly has the depth and breadth of experience and expertise a silk does. He engages well with the client team and provides input promptly and in a client friendly manner.'
James TiplerFalcon ChambersJames is a truly excellent junior. He is more than just a rising star. He will be utterly brilliant and is more than capable of reaching the very very top of his profession.

IT and telecoms (infrastructure and contracts) in London Bar

4 Pump Court

Considered ‘the best set in the market for IT and telecoms disputes‘, the set at 4 Pump Court often acts in high-value matters, involving regulators, users, and providers of IT services. In BT v Tii Technologies Ltd, Alex Charlton KC led Matthew Lavy KC, acting jointly for the claimant in a dispute surrounding the supply of defective equipment, a claim originally estimated at £80m. Lavy was also instructed by Nigel Tozzi KC in multiple cases involving IBM, including Direct Line v IBM, a claim with respect to the design and construction of an enterprise data warehouse. In addition, Tozzi acted alongside Lavy and Iain Munro in CIS General Insurance v IBM, a dispute regarding the failed implementation of a new IT platform for The Co-operative Group's insurance business following the sale of The Co-operative Bank.



A great IT set – offering a full range of counsel for matters. Market leading.

The best set in the market for IT and telecoms disputes.

Very well run. The market leader for technology disputes.

4 Pump Court are a very strong set.

Many excellent members of chambers. A leading set in this area at all levels.


Well clerked – approachable and understanding clients business and needs.

Stewart Gibbs is responsive, thoughtful and always helpful.

Well run. Commercial.  Make an effort to know solicitors.

Billy Griffiths is friendly and helpful.

Excellent – Stewart Gibbs and Billy Griffiths in particular.

8 New Square

With a ‘good range of barristers‘, intellectual property-led set 8 New Square specializes in work relating to FRAND licensing, with further expertise in telecoms disputes and liability of internet intermediaries. In InterDigital Technology Corp v Lenovo Group Ltd, Mark Chacksfield KC acted on behalf of the claimant, going up against Daniel Alexander KC in a high-profile FRAND dispute focused on the essentiality and validity of a patent in connection with a non-contention based control channel. Jaani Riordan is acting for the defendant in Philips v Xiaomi, an ongoing dispute concerning Philips’ SEP portfolio, focused on determining the correct approach to global FRAND portfolio licenses and questioning a defence based on ETSI licenses under foreign law.



Good range of barristers.

Excellent set and brilliant clerks.


Martin Williams, one of the senior clerks, is fantastic to work with.


Atkin Chambers

Recognized as a ‘go to chambers for technology claims’, the barristers at Atkin Chambers have particular expertise in high-profile IT projects, often crossing over with the set’s expertise in construction work. In British Telecommunications PLC v TII Technologies Limited, Patrick Clarke was instructed on behalf of the defendant, in a claim relating to the supply and performance of connection hardware installed across the BT Openreach network. In addition, David Streatfeild-James KC acted for an insurance company in a dispute concerning IBM’s delivery of an Extract Transform Load framework, forming part of a project aimed at updating and replacing an IT system used by the insurer to manage claims and policy renewals.



Go-to chambers for Technology claims.


The clerks are always helpful and accommodating.

Very collaborative.

11 South Square

The barristers at 11 South Square showcase combined expertise in intellectual property and telecoms disputes, often acting for major clients in cases with a crossover element. Appearing before the Court of Appeal, Michael Silverleaf KC acted for the Ministry of Defence in IPCom v Vodafone, intervening with the agreement of the parties, regarding the crown use provisions of Patents Act 1977; the case involves a technology that can be used to prioritize emergency services users over the mobile phone network. In Philips v Xiaomi, Mark Vanhegan KC represents the claimant in connection with patents declared to be essential to 3G and 4G standards. Vanhegan also went up against Brian Nicholson, who represented the defendant, in Facebook v Voxer, a dispute focused on a patent revocation action.


Active across a range of matters, the members at Devereux act for major local and overseas telecom and infrastructure providers. In BT v TalkTalk Communications Limited, Graham Read KC acted on behalf of BT, seeking £16m of electronic communication service payments allegedly withheld by TalkTalk. Also acting on this case was Rory Cochrane, who further represented BT in a nuisance claim in connection with water damage at a claimant’s basement, alleged to have been caused by one of BT’s chambers. Shaen Catherwood acted for the defendant in Amadeo v BT, a claim for alleged damages in combination with an injunction to restrain acts of trespass and nuisance, targeted at independent sub-contractors on site – a dispute now settled.



Devereux is a go-to set for telecoms work.


The clerking is good, and the clerks are very responsive, particularly Cyrus Biggs.

The clerks are always quick to revert (either by telephone/email) and are very helpful when further information is required.

Three New Square

With expertise in telecoms and IT infringement actions, the barristers at Three New Square represent multinational technology clients, digital service providers and software developers. Guy Burkill KC represented Apple and its distributors in Optis v Apple, a high-profile telecoms patent dispute. Also in Optis v Apple, Joe Delaney represented the defendant, while Thomas Hinchliffe KC acted for Optis. In addition, Delaney successfully acted for the patentee in InterDigital v Lenovo, a dispute revolving around standard-essential telecoms patents applicable to 4G/LTE mobile phone networks.