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Leading Silks

Alex Charlton KC4 Pump Court ‘Alex is a very confident and highly effective advocate with excellent cross-examination skills. His written work is equally impressive. He is personable and easy to work with, and also very good with clients.’ 
Philip Roberts KCOne Essex CourtPhil is an outstanding advocate. Excellent with clients and superb in court. He has an amazing brain and is a top choice for complex disputes.’ 
Mark Vanhegan KC11 South Square ‘Very on the ball. Cooperative. Able to ask the key questions in cross-examination.’
Michael Douglas KC4 Pump Court ‘Michael has an excellent brain and from the detail can articulate clear and convincing arguments not just in paperwork and in conference but thinking on his feet in court. He is an excellent advocate.
James Howells KCAtkin ChambersVery bright, strategically astute and provides clear advice. A brilliant tech sector barrister who is user-friendly and top of his game.’ 
Graham Read KCDevereux ‘Graham is a go-to counsel for all things telecoms. He is very approachable, engaging, will work with the client, incisive and excellent in analysing the arguments.’
Nigel Tozzi KC4 Pump Court ‘He manages to combine huge strategic nous with an incredible eye for detail. He effortlessly commands the respect of the court or arbitral tribunal, and is a highly effective cross-examiner.’ 
Sarah Ford KCBrick Court Chambers 'A very effective advocate.'
Thomas Hinchliffe KCThree New Square 'Tom is excellent to work with, very much a team player and someone who is keen to understand the details, to ensure they present the best case possible.'
Roger Stewart KC4 New SquareHe has an incredible grasp of strategy and big-picture points.
Lynne McCafferty KC4 Pump Court ‘Effective on her feet in a very measured and understated way – a nice change of pace from a lot of other senior counsel. Clear in her advice.’
Terence Bergin KC4 Pump Court 'Good IT expertise and experience.'
Douglas Campbell KCThree New Square 'A hugely impressive all-rounder and great team player.'
Mark Chacksfield KC8 New Square 'Mark's advocacy is very polished and he is stepping up from the junior silk into a more senior role nicely. He has a very calm yet powerful style of advocacy and reads the bench well.'
Robert O’Donoghue KCBrick Court Chambers ‘Excellent all round – sharp intellect, incredibly responsive and always superbly prepared. A very persuasive advocate who is able to think clearly and quickly on his feet. His ability to explain what can be very complex concepts and arguments in a clear, digestible and affable manner is something often appreciated by clients and judges alike, and invariably works to his clients’ advantage.’
Jonathan Seitler KC – Wilberforce Chambers ‘Jonathan is a brilliant advocate with a real creative flair. He finds a way out of even the trickiest of corners and frequently breaks new ground with his arguments. He does it all with his own unique brand of humour which puts clients and judges at ease. He is a joy to work with.’ 
Peter Susman KCHenderson Chambers ‘Peter must be one of the most experienced IT silks in England, his expertise in drafting, advocacy and advising clients in conference is second-to-none. When assessing a case, he is able to get to the heart of a matter quickly and is able to put clients at their ease, and is always supportive.’

2023 Silks

Matthew Lavy KC4 Pump Court ‘Matthew is an extremely talented barrister, with a superb legal mind and an exceptional knowledge of all things technology related. He takes a commercially sharp approach to matters and is proving to be a formidable advocate on his feet, he is an absolute joy to work with.’
Matthew Lavy KC4 Pump Court 'Matthew is an extremely talented barrister, with a superb legal mind and an exceptional knowledge of all things technology related. He takes a commercially sharp approach to matters and is proving to be a formidable advocate on his feet.'

Leading Juniors

Rory CochraneDevereux ‘Rory is a fantastic barrister. He has excellent judgement and good creative ideas, is very on top of the detail, very smart and extremely hard-working. He has a fantastic team ethos and is a pleasure to work with.’
Simon Henderson4 Pump CourtBright and focussed.'
Thomas Ogden4 New Square 'Very clear thought; hard working and extremely pleasant. Tremendous barrister; good advocate and gets his point across with ease; highly recommended.'
Jaani Riordan8 New Square 'Very thorough and extremely thoughtful; extremely good advocacy. He goes further than the intructions and really looks even into the technical aspects of the dispute.'
Jacob TurnerFountain Court ChambersJacob is undoubtedly one of the leading legal minds in the area of AI. His stunningly lucid advice is second-to-none, he is personable, client-focussed and obsessed with contextualising advice into business-friendly contexts. He is politically sensitive and always strikes the right tone in guiding clients through difficult issues.'
Nik YeoFountain Court Chambers ‘Nik is able to get up to speed on most important aspects of a technical complex case exceptionally fast. He is super responsive and proactive, both in relation to reviewing certain procedural correspondence, reviewing and commenting on the draft submissions and expert report, as well as advising on the overall case strategy.’
Shaen CatherwoodDevereuxShaen is very impressive, insightful, commercial, user-friendly and creative. His advocacy skills are second-to-none and show incredible common sense. His drafting of his advice and pleadings is detailed and analytical – he clearly has a great grasp on the matter at hand.’ 
Jonathan Hill8 New Square ‘Technically excellent, personable and gives great strategic advice: clients love him.’    
Iain Munro4 Pump Court 'Iain is a highly analytical and intelligent junior - his grasp of detail and superhuman levels of recall is very impressive, he is an ideal junior for document-heavy cases and will leave no stone unturned. As an advocate he is measured but quietly effective.'
Gideon Shirazi4 Pump Court 'He's really strong on technology and IT disputes. He has a very perceptive mind, and he will look at disputes from every angle, identifying innovative arguments and differing ways of solving problems.'
Jonathan WillsLandmark Chambers ‘Jon is unflappable, creative, commercial and good with clients. His written work is also excellent.’

Rising Stars

Rebecca Keating  4 Pump Court ‘Rebecca is excellent: efficient, detailed and commercial. A brainbox when it comes to any and all IT and cyber disputes – she operates beyond her years.’

IT and telecoms (infrastructure and contracts) in London Bar

4 Pump Court

4 Pump Court is ‘a true IT specialist set’ with ‘excellent IT disputes counsel at all levels’ covering the full breadth of technology and telecoms matters, including artificial intelligence, IT outsourcing matters such as syndicated services, software licensing and developing agreements. Alex Charlton KC acts for the claimant, leading Iain Munro in Topalsson GmbH v Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Ltd, a TCC dispute in relation to a failed project implementation for visualisation sales systems, raising issues of unlawful termination, misrepresentation, and damages – Terence Bergin KC and Matthew Lavy KC appeared for the carmaker. Charlton KC also appeared for the claimant in IBM v LzLabs & Others, which includes claims for breach of licensing agreements and injunctions in relation to mainframe software, while Lavy and Gideon Shirazi are instructed as opposing counsel. Lynne McCafferty KC is appointed advisor on the independent advisory panel concerning the Post Office Horizon scandal, alongside Charlton KC and Benjamin Pilling KC.


‘The clerks are excellent across the board. Billy Griffiths is a particular stand-out – he is incredibly responsive, really goes the extra mile to ensure good service, and I trust his recommendations.’

‘A very strong, well-resourced and commercially astute clerks’ room. Stewart Gibbs has been clerking in the technology and telecoms space for many years and has a deep and wide understanding of the market, as does Will Jackman who focusses on the intersection between commercial and technology disputes.’

‘High quality set with many excellent barristers doing top quality work.’

‘4 Pump Court is a very strong set in the IT and telecoms sector, with a breadth of talent across multiple levels of call. Its members are involved in many of the largest IT and telecoms cases to hit the courts and arbitration. Its members are known not only for core IT project disputes, but also cutting-edge technology issues such as crypto asset disputes and AI. Several of its members contributed to the book ‘The Law of Artificial Intelligence’.’

‘For IT matters, 4 Pump Court is one of the strongest and most impressive sets.’

‘4 Pump Court are at the top of their game for tech work, including crypto work. All barristers from there in the past 12 months have been exceptional. ‘

‘They are rightly perceived as the ‘go to’ set for technology disputes.’

Work highlights

8 New Square

Telecoms and IP disputes form the core focus of the barristers at 8 New Square which offers market leading expertise for cases involving FRAND rate determinations and liability of internet intermediaries. Recent trials to determine FRAND rates include Optis Cellular Technology LLC v Apple Retail in which Mark Chacksfield KC was instructed to act for the successful claimant. Jaani Riordan was instructed to act for the defendant in Nokia v OPPO, a multi-patent multi-trial action relating to mobile telecoms patents for 4G/5G functionality and FRAND rates. Riordan also appeared for Swiss/UK developers of a software defined mainframe platform in a claim defending allegations of breach of a customer agreement – the case raised novel issues concerning the interface between IT contract terms. Jonathan Hill acted for Hanger Holdings in a High Court Claim seeking to recover ownership of a domain name, in which the court determined for the first time in English law that a domain name is an item of property.


‘Excellent service. Could not be better.’ 

‘8 New Square are an excellent chambers who really go the extra mile on everything from fee arrangements to finding the right listing dates. Second to none.’

‘For telecoms cases, 8 New Square is the best set.’

Work highlights

Atkin Chambers

Building on its status as one of the pre-eminent construction sets, the members of Atkin Chambers are well-placed to act in disputes related to the systems underpinning large-scale facilities including airports, train networks, power stations and hospitals. David Streatfeild-James KC is acting for a supplier of renewable source electricity and energy solutions in a £40m termination dispute pertaining to the allegedly negligent design of a new billing and data management system raising issues of breach of contract, limitation of liability and possible fraudulent misrepresentation – a four-week trial is set for 2024. Patrick Clarke acts for the defendant in TCC proceedings concerned with a claim for £1m in connection with the engineering of an automated manufacturing process for fighter jet countermeasures. Peter Land, as a former engineer, is experienced in transport systems disputes, James Howells KC has an international practice in this space.


‘The Atkins clerk are second to none. They are consistently available, helpful and commercially sensible.’

‘We use Atkin almost daily. A great set.’

‘First port of call for technology work.’

Work highlights

11 South Square

Members at 11 South Square have extensive experience in high-level technology disputes and are frequently instructed to act in disputes at the intersection of IP and IT law. With a combination of decades of experience in the field and technical backgrounds, members are particularly well-placed to handle complex disputes acting for high-profile technology clients. Mark Vanhegan KC appeared for LzLabs in IBM UK Limited v LzLabs, a dispute relating to alleged breaches of agreements pertaining to mainframe computer systems and raising issues about software copyright and reverse engineering.




‘One of the top IP chambers. Always on my list of ones to look to for high quality advocates.’ 

Work highlights


Members of Devereux act for major communications and infrastructure providers, as well as smaller entities and international telecoms companies. Graham Read KC continues to act for major client BT, leading Rory Cochrane, in its proceedings in the Commercial Court seeking £16m of payments for electronic communications services which it alleges TalkTalk has withheld.


‘Glenn Billeness is excellent.’

‘Clerks have always been helpful.’

‘Excellent telecoms expertise.’

Work highlights

Three New Square

The barristers at Three New Square are regularly instructed to act on behalf of technology and software developers and telecoms clients, smartphone sector clients in particular. With highly technical expertise, Guy Burkill KC continues to have a busy IP and IT practice, often instructed in high-value telecoms patent infringement actions. Most recently acting for Apple in the long-running piece of litigation in relation to Optis’ patent portfolio and Apple’s failure to pay any royalties in respect of it. Thomas Hinchliffe KC acted as leading counsel for Optis in the fourth of the technical trials. Joe Delaney successfully represented Nokia in the first of a number of technical trials involving Nokia’s standard essential patents pertaining to 3G, 4G and 5G technology in Nokia v OnePlus & others. Douglas Campbell KC acted in a case relating to computer software and financial trading strategy in which breach of confidence, copyright and contract was alleged.


‘The service and the clerks are usually excellent and reliable.’

‘A good set of knowledgeable barristers who make themselves available to meet client needs.’

Work highlights