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Leading Silks

Jonathan Adkin KCSerle Court ‘He is thorough, thoughtful, and inspires confidence in his judgement, which is excellent. His advocacy style is clear, concise and relentless - a firm favourite.’
Alain Choo Choy KCOne Essex Court ‘A favourite silk. He is clever, all over the detail, and has a very commercial approach.’
Jonathan Crow KC4 Stone Buildings ‘Jonathan is a star of the Bar. His reputation precedes him and he has the ear of any tribunal he appears before. His reputation is well earned, as he is a fantastic analyst, a top-notch strategist and tactician, and wonderful with clients and judges.’
Alan Gourgey KCWilberforce Chambers ‘Alan is a heavyweight, polished advocate who is at the top of his game. He has the gravitas, expertise and judgement to hold together a difficult team of lawyers from many different jurisdictions and drive through strategy, as well as to persuade the court on difficult arguments.
Thomas Grant KCWilberforce ChambersAn exceptional barrister, who is widely regarded as the standout fraud expert of our time. His advocacy skills are remarkable, complemented by an unparalleled knowledge of the law.
David Head KC3 Verulam Buildings ‘A charmingly ruthless operator – he gets straight to the nub of the issue and is equally happy and impressive before judges and clients.’
Mark Howard KCBrick Court Chambers 'He is superb in this area.'
Elizabeth Jones KCSerle CourtManages to direct the strategy while having total command of the detail. She is courageous, determined and formidable.
Neil Kitchener KCOne Essex Court ‘Gets to the heart of the real issues in a case and is relentless at advancing them in a highly effective way. He is tireless, and will fight and push his client's case until the end, which solicitor and lay clients appreciate a lot.’
Richard Lissack KCFountain Court Chambers ‘Richard is a powerful and persuasive advocate. He is also a master tactician, who he has the ability to operate as a strong traditional barrister while also plugging into the commercial and client management side of the case. A rare combination.’
Tim Lord KCBrick Court ChambersA forceful and persuasive advocate with huge experience.
Paul Lowenstein KCTwenty Essex ‘An excellent advocate and highly adept at building rapport with judges. He is one of the best barristers to instruct in fast-moving injunctive relief work for the recovery of stolen monies.'
Ali Malek KC3 Verulam Buildings ‘The leading civil fraud KC in London. Ali has seen it all and understands how judges think.
Ewan McQuater KC3 Verulam Buildings ‘Bright, strategic and articulate. A go-to banking, civil fraud and insolvency disputes silk.’
Hugh Norbury KCSerle Court ‘Always on a list of first choices for any fraud case. He has a depth and breadth of knowledge and experience that very few can match, and he has great instincts.'
Andrew Onslow KC3 Verulam Buildings ‘Andrew is a ferocious advocate and highly effective cross-examiner. He is also an incredible court room strategist that knows how to manage long and complex trials to maximum effect.’
Anthony Peto KCBlackstone Chambers 'One of the most instinctive civil fraud silks around. Dogged in his attitude and superb judgement, both on his feet and while providing advice.'
Laurence Rabinowitz KCOne Essex Court ‘At the top of his game and, as such, commands the respect of judges. He has a very good court manner and can be aggressive where needed, but never unnecessarily so.’
Stephen Rubin KCFountain Court Chambers ‘Stephen is simply fantastic on fraud cases. He knows the case law inside out and can come up with original angles. A great member of the team, who rolls up his sleeves and wants to win.’
Joe Smouha KCEssex Court Chambers ‘A master strategist who regularly wins cases through his rigorous cross-examination and incisive legal analysis.
Bankim Thanki KCFountain Court Chambers ‘An outstanding barrister in this space, who is extremely clever and highly persuasive, Judges respect him and opponents fear him. Superb quality.’
John Wardell KCWilberforce Chambers ‘John is a superb strategist who gives clear and confident advice. He is a fantastic advocate who has a magical ability to read judges, which means his advice is always spot-on.’
Tom Weisselberg KCBlackstone Chambers ‘Tom is the heavyweight silk for complex, tricky civil fraud cases. He is unflappable and wonderfully subtle in formulating case strategy.’
David Allen KC7 King’s Bench WalkTough, decisive and clever. It’s good having him on the team.
John Brisby KC4 Stone Buildings ‘A most exceptionally-talented Chancery silk.’
Aidan Casey KCSouth SquareExcellent and persuasive written work – a gifted advocate whose clear presentation resonates with courts and tribunals.
Simon Davenport KC – 4 Pump Court 'Decisive, robust, commercial, and a good motivator and team leader. Gets the bigger picture.'
Charles Dougherty KC2 Temple Gardens ‘An outstanding technical lawyer and a formidable expert in jurisdictional issues.’
Philip Edey KCTwenty Essex ‘Philip is an excellent senior silk, who is clever, decisive and has an excellent court manner. He is also a very good team leader.’
Justin Fenwick KC –4 New Square ‘One of the big beasts of the fraud defence Bar.’
Jonathan Fisher KCRed Lion ChambersHis reputation is second to none. As he practices in a number of jurisdictions, he has an exceptional profile in massive cross-border cases. He is very bright and a super-effective counsel.’
Timothy Howe KCFountain Court Chambers ‘Tim provides thorough and clear submissions.’
Hodge Malek KC3 Verulam Buildings ‘Extraordinarily knowledgeable and highly experienced, fine-tuned by his sitting as deputy judge. Always calm and an advocate whom the court can trust.’
Ian Mill KCBlackstone Chambers 'A very effective advocate with an excellent tactical brain.'
David Mumford KCMaitland Chambers 'Has seen it all and wrote the book. He is one of the go-to barristers for complex civil fraud work, particularly with an offshore element.'
Tim Penny KCWilberforce ChambersTim is an outstanding advocate. He is particularly adept at dealing with enormous volumes of documentary material, which can be a hallmark of complex fraud trials.’
Stuart Ritchie KCFountain Court Chambers ‘Stuart is a supreme strategic thinker and his advocacy is absolutely first rate. He has a fluent eloquence and speaks in a way that judges really appreciate.’
Simon Salzedo KCBrick Court Chambers 'Simon is excellent with clients. He gains their trust and delivers his advice with a clarity and brevity that can disarm even the most frustrated client. Simon is also an extremely talented advocate.'
Charles Samek KCLittleton Chambers ‘Charles is an experienced fraud practitioner, who is fearless in his representation of clients. He will push the boundaries and he is a strong advocate.’
Stephen Moverley Smith KCXXIV Old Buildings ‘Stephen is exceptional - he's the go-to person for BVI disputes, being one of the first lawyers to practice in the area. He is also a very good team player and strategist, and wins a lot of support from judges for his measured and persuasive style.’
Tom Smith KCSouth Square 'A formidable advocate and master strategist with a towering intellect. He is a first choice for complex fraud work; and despite his status, he rolls his sleeves up and mucks in.'
Daniel Toledano KCOne Essex Court ‘Smart, practical and incisive. His oral advocacy is excellent.’
Stephen Atherton KCTwenty EssexAn incredible advocate and a savvy advisor. Stephen is one of the best silks on the market for fraud work.’
Stephen Auld KCOne Essex Court ‘Stephen has an easy and inclusive manner that is rare in top leading counsel, and it is a pleasure to plan and execute case strategy with him. He also has the goods on his feet – calm, methodical, and able to deliver the killer point.’
Andrew Ayres KCTwenty Essex ‘Andrew has an excellent knowledge of the fraud toolkit, and is a great strategic thinker, always looking for alternative strategies. His advocacy is very good – he is always well-prepared, and his calmness helps to put the end-client at ease.’
Camilla Bingham KCOne Essex Court ‘Camilla is a fantastic advocate who is thorough in her preparation and command of all legal issues and facts.’
Graham Brodie KC33 Chancery Lane ‘Graham is an extremely effective advocate. His willingness to go the extra mile for those instructing him, and his ability to deliver in the courtroom, put him one step ahead of his peers.’
Graham Chapman KC4 New Square ‘Graham is scarily bright, excellent on his feet, and commercially savvy. He is one of the true superstars of the Bar.’
Jonathan Cohen KCLittleton ChambersA brilliant advocate, as well as being strong on the law and a good tactical lawyer.’
Steven Gee KCMonckton Chambers ‘Steven knows civil fraud inside out and upside down, so look no further. A true star of the Bar, Steven is a delight to work with, highly user-friendly, and with a knack for cutting straight to the chase.’
George Hayman KCMaitland Chambers ‘Supreme advocacy matched with exemplary client-handling skills. An extremely persuasive advocate, who knows precisely what to focus on in order to achieve a result. One of the very best.’
Justin Higgo KCSerle Court ‘Ruthless, convincing and persuasive. His advocacy is really excellent - he has an uncanny ability to predict what is needed and often what will happen.’
Daniel Jowell KCBrick Court Chambers 'Impressive powers of analysis. Clear and cogent on his feet, and a delight to deal with as an instructing solicitor - always available. Unlike some silks, he's happy to be part of a team and get stuck in.'
Daniel Lightman KCSerle Court ‘Daniel is a master of litigation strategy. His attention to detail and strategic nous are excellent, he is tenacious as an advocate, and judges instantly respect him for his obvious legal and analytical strength in depth.’
Thomas Lowe KCWilberforce Chambers 'An incredibly gifted advocate with unparalleled experience of Cayman Islands insolvency, company law and commercial disputes.'
Stephen Midwinter KCBrick Court Chambers 'Stephen's written advocacy is exceptional - he makes excellent use of parallels that convince people that he must, of course, be right.'
Clare Montgomery KCMatrix Chambers ‘Clare is simply outstanding. Her ability as a cross-examiner is nothing short of breathtaking, and she is phenomenally hardworking and a true team-player.’
Hefin Rees KC3 Verulam Buildings ‘He has excellent research skills and is very thorough. He is an equally careful advocate.’
Steven Thompson KCXXIV Old Buildings ‘Steven is an exceptional advocate who argues the most difficult cases very persuasively, pitching his submissions at exactly the right level for the judge and delivering excellent results every time. He has proved himself in highly complex cases at both first instance and appellate level.’
Felicity Toube KCSouth Square ‘An outstanding advocate: technically brilliant and very responsive.’
Francis Tregear KCXXIV Old Buildings ‘Clear, client-oriented and a mastermind – one of the best KCs around.’
David Alexander KC – South Square ‘No-one is better prepared for any hearing or conference.  He is simply brilliant and one of the best cross-examiners clients can have.’
Lance Ashworth KCSerle CourtAn amazingly eloquent advocate who is fearless against other eminent silks and works well in a team.
Michael Bools KC – Brick Court Chambers 'A cracking opponent. He squeezes every drop of juice he can out of difficult cases, and does it with charm and a smile. A great barrister and a lovely man.'
Edward Cumming KCXXIV Old Buildings ‘A very clever and a calm and clear thinker. He is at the top of his game but also very client friendly.’
Derrick Dale KC – Fountain Court ChambersHe is responsive, easy to work with, and produces excellent work.
Andrew de Mestre KC – 4 Stone BuildingsEasy to work with, very responsive and commercial, and very well informed about complex subject matters.’
Peter De Verneuil Smith KC – 3 Verulam Buildings ‘A brilliant fraud silk, immensely engaging, and a delight to work with in every respect.'
Andrew Fulton KCTwenty Essex ‘Utterly formidable, iron-willed and relentlessly proactive. A superb advocate and committed team player.'
Andrew Green KC – Blackstone Chambers ‘Andrew is a brilliant advocate, who is famous for his command of the court room and ability to persuade the tribunal of the justness of his case.’
Dakis Hagen KCSerle Court ‘Dakis is the consummate advocate. He is excellent with clients and really puts them at ease.'
Alec Haydon KC – Brick Court Chambers 'Alec has fantastic attention to detail and is highly focused, with great skill in absorbing complex information and identifying the key issues.'
Michael Holmes KC – 7 King’s Bench WalkMichael shows good judgement, as well as depth of knowledge of fraud litigation.
Laura John KCFountain Court Chambers ‘A go-to barrister for fraud and related issues, particularly in the art world. She is extremely bright, personable, and a wonderful advocate - confident and compelling.'
Adam Kramer KC – 3 Verulam BuildingsAdam is exceptional. He sees angles that nobody else can, and is frightfully efficient in turning work.
David Lewis KC – Gatehouse Chambers 'David has a rare combination of great intellectual and legal ability, and a real willingness to work with his instructing solicitors as seamlessly as possible. Even as a senior, David is prepared to roll up his sleeves and be part of a larger team.'
Bridget Lucas KC - Fountain Court Chambers 'Incredibly easy to work with and a great team player. She is at ease as an advocate, and adopts a conversational style that judges and clients alike find helpful.'
Harry Matovu KC – Brick Court Chambers 'Powerful advocate - able to cut through bad points and keep focused on the most important issues. Very easy to work with and great with clients.'
Fenner Moeran KCWilberforce Chambers ‘Fenner is excellent all round. He is superb on the technical detail, but also a first-rate advocate and brilliant with clients.’
Matthew Parker KC3 Verulam Buildings ‘Very intelligent and a real strategic thinker.’
Rosalind Phelps KC – Fountain Court Chambers ‘A fantastic advocate, as proved by her elegant submissions and probing cross-examinations. She has exceptional instincts and an uncanny ability to read the court and understand which issues a judge will be most interested in, both at trial and in the proceedings generally.’
Thomas Plewman KCBrick Court Chambers 'Amazing ability to explain complex legal principles in basic understandable terms. Great with clients and fantastic on his feet.'
Philip Riches KC - Twenty Essex 'Philip is very pragmatic and solution focused. He is also very clear in his advice, and understands his audience well.'
Andrew Scott KC - Blackstone Chambers 'An extremely effective advocate, with a striking and unusual style on his feet. He has great judgement of key tactical and strategic issues.'
Sharif Shivji KC4 Stone BuildingsSharif is a tremendously-strong, all-round litigator, who is a clear and strategic thinker. Confident, clear and compelling.
George Spalton KC – 4 New Square ChambersGeorge has an incredible calmness and delivers pragmatic commercial advice, cutting through the issues and grasping the core of the case. His advocacy is incredibly smooth and reassuring, and demands the attention of the court in a unique way.
Robert-Jan Temmink KC  – Quadrant ChambersIncredible work ethic, powerful submissions and killer cross-examinations – the ultimate advocate who also provides great strategic input.
Ben Valentin KC – Fountain Court Chambers ‘Ben is supremely intelligent and phenomenally capable.’
Richard Waller KC7 King’s Bench Walk ‘Richard is a go-to KC. His advice is always extremely clear and of a high standard.’

2022 Silks

Tim Akkouh KCEssex Court Chambers ‘Tim is incredibly pragmatic, hardworking, and commercial in his outlook. He manages to digest a huge amount of information and distil it down to the most important points.’
Matthew Bradley KC4 New Square ‘Absolutely excellent on his feet. Says it how it is and has the ear of the court.’
James MacDonald KCOne Essex Court ‘Hardworking, intelligent and persuasive as an advocate.’
Alexander Milner KCFountain Court Chambers ‘One of the brightest legal minds around - very experienced and convincing.’
Stephen Robins KCSouth Square 'Stephen is a very skilled and persuasive advocate in court and has excellent drafting skills.'
Robert Weekes KCBlackstone Chambers ‘Highly intelligent and a great team player. He has a great command of the law and is a shrewd tactician.’
Victoria Windle KCBlackstone Chambers 'Impressively clear, comprehensive and strategic advice. Highly commercial, incredibly efficient, and very practical.'

2023 Silks

Simon Atrill KCFountain Court Chambers ‘Simon is a brilliant advocate with excellent judgement, and an elegant turn of phrase in writing and in court.’
Adam Baradon KCBlackstone Chambers ‘Very collegiate and responsive, and with a clear written style when advising clients.’
Ruth den Besten KCEssex Court ChambersVery steady pair of hands and an effective cross-examiner.
Alexander Cook KC4 Stone Buildings ‘He is extremely hardworking, very intelligent, and measured in all the work and advice he produces. He has an encyclopaedic knowledge of case law, and his calm manner in court comes across as mature, reliable and persuasive.’
Richard Eschwege KCBrick Court Chambers ‘Hugely intelligent, with unparalleled drafting skills; Richard is able to assimilate vast quantities of complex material and produce outstanding skeleton arguments.’
Dan McCourt Fritz KCSerle CourtVery bright and determined to win.’
Craig Morrison KC - Brick Court Chambers 'A legendary work ethic combined with a real joy and passion for the law - the perfect combination.'
Henry Forbes Smith KCOne Essex Court ‘A brilliant academic lawyer. An intellectual heavyweight with deep knowledge of law and procedure.’

2024 Silks

Richard Blakeley KCBrick Court Chambers 'Richard is an immensely impressive draftsman of written argument - highly focused, and effective and easy to work with.'
Josephine Davies KC - Twenty Essex 'Josephine's intellectual prowess is truly exceptional, and her unwavering commitment to meticulous attention to detail sets her apart. In the realms of crypto fraud tracing and asset recovery, her reputation is enviable.'
David Peters KCEssex Court Chambers ‘An exceptional barrister whose advocacy skills are truly commendable. His ability to present complex legal arguments in a clear and persuasive manner is remarkable.
Nicholas Sloboda KC – One Essex Court ‘An excellent senior junior, and no doubt future commercial silk. He is extremely analytical but combines that with a real command of the bigger, wider picture.’ 

Leading Juniors

Tom FordEssex Court Chambers ‘Tom is an exceptionally gifted lawyer, who works extremely hard. He is a measured, careful and persuasive advocate.’
Nicholas HarrisonSerle Court ‘A brilliant strategist with a great brain.’
Simon HattanSerle CourtAbsolutely top rate - very responsive, thorough and persuasive in and out of court. Goes the extra mile.’
Benjamin JohnMaitland Chambers ‘He is very pragmatic and user friendly. He understands the dynamics of the relationships behind the case and the drivers from the client's perspective, and advises accordingly. On top of that, he is really clever.'
Stuart AdairXXIV Old Buildings ‘He has an encyclopaedic knowledge of the field and combines this with a polished but remorseless approach to litigation.'
Paul AdamsSerle Court ‘A really penetrating intellect - sound strategic judgement and the sort of calm demeanour that really inspires confidence.'
Simon AdamykNew Square Chambers ‘Very knowledgeable, unerringly accurate on the law, but with good tactical skills and a good advocate.’
Marc DelehantyLittleton Chambers ‘Marc is extremely thorough and his attention to detail is invaluable. Moreover, he has a good depth of knowledge of the law in this practice area, and he is strong on his legal analysis.'
Alexander HalbanLittleton Chambers ‘Alexander is a stellar junior. He works equally well on cases on his own right, and also when being led. His quality of work, both written and oral, is first-rate.’
Edward HarrisonBrick Court Chambers 'Very good on the detail. He thinks carefully and creatively around a problem, and is approachable and contactable. His advocacy is clear and persuasive - very able on his feet, and his mastery of the detail and clear explanation of points gain traction with the court.'
Peter HeadBlackstone Chambers ‘Very responsive, pragmatic and bright. Technically brilliant and commercially strategic.’
Philip Hinks3 Verulam Buildings ‘A very user-friendly and highly-skilled junior, and one of the best and most sought-after juniors in relation to fraud disputes. His advocacy is measured and calm, which typically builds a good rapport with judges.’
Anna LittlerWilberforce Chambers ‘Anna shows incredibly good judgement in picking out the winning points on the cases, and is persuasive in getting co-defendants on board with running those points. Anna also assimilates substantial facts very quickly and is very strong on the law.’
Hugh MiallXXIV Old BuildingsCapable of grasping fine detail, while not losing sight of the bigger strategic landscape.
Matthew MorrisonSerle Court ‘Matthew is an excellent practitioner in the civil fraud field, who is well liked by clients and a great team player. His written advocacy is first class and he has a great grasp of the legal issues.’
Michael Ryan7 King’s Bench Walk 'Very experienced in fraud litigation, and combines a good legal brain with strong advocacy.'
Shane SibbelBlackstone Chambers ‘Very thoughtful, careful and creative lawyer, never misses a point, and a pleasure to deal with.’
Ian Smith33 Chancery Lane ‘Ian's attention to detail is second to none, and he insists on each case being investigated to an extremely high standard, meaning that cases are very well put together and no stone is unturned. His advocacy is also excellent.’
Harry AdamsonBlackstone ChambersHarry has a brilliant mind and is able to explain technical concepts to the lay client in a reassuring manner. He can be entirely relied upon to recall every minor detail of a case, and has a strong courtroom presence.
Stuart Benzie - Radcliffe Chambers ‘Stuart possesses a superb intellect. He’s unflappable, to the point, and extremely commercial.’
Yash Bheeroo3 Verulam BuildingsWise beyond his years, and able to master his brief and all details. A calm and persuasive advocate, and a phenomenal performer in all areas.
Alexander BrownOne Essex Court ‘Extremely responsive, and is seemingly always on hand to offer advice, and support. His advice is clear and user-friendly, together with being thorough and authoritative.’
Rory Brown9 Stone BuildingsRory has the advocacy skills of a silk. He is completely unflappable and deals with the most difficult points with poise and equanimity.’
Daniel BurgessBlackstone Chambers ‘Daniel has an excellent eye for the detail and adopts a very hands-on approach. He is also an excellent team player.’
Edward CravenMatrix Chambers ‘Edward is a strong advocate and a good team player.’
Joseph EnglandQuadrant Chambers ‘Joseph is a first-class barrister. His dedication and unwavering work ethic make him an invaluable asset. His expertise in both civil fraud, particularly proprietary claims, and contempt complement each other and often overlap, enabling him to provide sound advice from both a practical and holistic perspective.’
Bobby FriedmanWilberforce Chambers ‘Bobby controls the courtroom while conducting a case, and produces very persuasive oral submissions. He is always challenging barristers with more years of experience than him, and knows how to convince a judge of the merits of his argument.’
Nicholas GoodfellowLittleton Chambers ‘Provides clear, concise advice, and is a tenacious advocate who judges listen to.’
George Hilton – 2 Temple Gardens ‘George is an outstanding junior with a strong civil fraud practice. George is particularly strong in the technical areas of fraud work, particularly trusts, and is a true intellectual heavyweight.
Edward HoBrick Court Chambers 'Incredibly sharp, smart and a very fast thinker. He is responsive and his drafting skills are excellent. On top of that, he has a very calm and persuasive way to deal with the most difficult clients - he finds a way to make them listen to him.'
Mark HubbardNew Square Chambers ‘Mark is very calm and wise. An excellent advocate, but also a great reader of people, so hugely effective in settlement discussions.’
Timothy Killen2 Temple Gardens ‘Hardworking, very commercial, and a great advocate.’
Nico LeslieFountain Court Chambers ‘Nico is very commercial and not shy when it comes to hard work. He is very good at providing strategic guidance to solicitors and underlying clients, and is great in a team setting with other barristers.’
James MatherSerle CourtA real star in civil fraud. Knows the area like few others and has an excellent intellect.'
James McWilliams3 Verulam Buildings ‘James shows great judgement and has strong advocacy skills. He is also very analytical.’
Adil MohamedbhaiSerle CourtAdil has an extremely sharp mind and an encyclopaedic knowledge of civil fraud law. His attention to detail is phenomenal, and he is able to identify issues of fact and law that that may be imperceptible to others.’
Tom MountfordBlackstone Chambers ‘A pleasure to work with. He is very responsive and is on top of the detail, as well as thinking strategically about more long-term client goals.’
Faisal Osman33 Chancery Lane ‘Faisal is impressively smart and incredibly responsive, but his greatest asset is possibly his quick wit, which is always welcome and utterly invaluable during long and hard-fought cases.’
Andrew Pearson7 King’s Bench Walk ‘Andrew is a fearless advocate. He takes on opponents many more years his senior and performs with aplomb. He is very commercial and client-friendly, focusing on achieving the best outcome for the client.'
Samuel RitchieFountain Court ChambersOne of the most naturally gifted advocates of his generation. He has excellent judgement and is a delight for solicitors, leaders and judges.
Joseph SullivanQuadrant Chambers ‘Scarily bright and a first-class advocate. A KC in waiting.’
Sarah TresmanTwenty Essex ‘Sarah is brilliant, prodigiously hardworking, and has a level of attention to detail that is rarely seen. She is an absolute perfectionist, which is brilliant news for her clients.’
Caley WrightMaitland Chambers ‘An outstanding and exceptionally diligent advocate, and he is a winning choice for clients seeking favourable outcomes in complex disputes. His persuasive courtroom presence and meticulous attention to the details of a case set him apart from peers.’
Andrew Dinsmore - Twenty Essex 'Andrew is tenacious, hardworking and well-versed in the law of civil fraud. He expresses himself clearly, in writing and orally, and is able to keep focused and stick to his guns.'
Frederick Alliott  – 7 King’s Bench Walk ‘Fred provided excellent support, with high-quality factual and legal analysis, and impressing when called on to conduct the advocacy at a hearing.’
Robert AmeySouth Square 'Robert gives incredibly clear and quick advice. He is easy to work with and he is very persuasive in court.'
Clara Benn - 7 King's Bench Walk 'Clara is a consummate advocate. Great attention to detail and relishes working through detailed documents concerning underlying transactions in complex fraud cases.'
Ian BergsonFountain Court ChambersIan is a standout civil fraud junior, who is increasingly being instructed in many of the top cases, and is in demand by top firms and silks across the commercial Bar.’
Charlotte Beynon  – Serle Court ‘Unfailingly impressive and performs beyond her years. Gets to grips with complex cases quickly and is strategically astute. Great with instructing solicitors and clients alike.’
Nathaniel Bird – One Essex Court ‘Incredibly smart, responsive and excellent drafting. A real star in the making.
Joanne Box   –Brick Court Chambers 'Very smart and conscientious. Really gets into the detail of the case and assimilates information very quickly. Very hardworking, team player and a pleasure to work with. Absolute go-to junior for big and complex cases.'
Zahler Bryan - Serle Court 'Very enjoyable to work with and very practical.'
Sri CarmichaelWilberforce ChambersFerocious intellect and laser-like attention to detail. A super junior destined to be a super silk.
Georges Chalfoun – 3 Verulam BuildingsGeorges is a very capable written and oral advocate. A great team player with a phenomenal work rate – always adds value, and will always be in high demand for big-ticket cases.
Stewart Chirnside  – Quadrant Chambers 'Stewart has an excellent ability to assimilate large volumes of materials and to distil them into concise pleadings. His drafting skills are excellent. He also has a strong grasp of the key legal issues for each case and is very client friendly. A go-to barrister for fraud.'
William Clerk - 2 Temple Gardens 'An emerging star and destined for the top. Not only is he ridiculously bright and incredibly meticulous, he is also great to deal with.'
Stuart CribbEssex Court Chambers ‘Stuart is excellent. User-friendly and extremely responsive, and his written advocacy is clear and well thought-out. His oral advocacy is also very impressive.’
Mark Cullen - 4 New Square Chambers 'Mark is very calm under pressure and a real team player. He is unflappable and always adds value.'
Nick Daly - Fountain Court Chambers 'Nick is very bright and with sound commercial judgement - delivers very clear advice and is very user-friendly.'
Pia Dutton – 3 Verulam BuildingsPia brings great energy and determination to a case, and she has excellent knowledge of the law and remedies. Pia combines a good legal brain with solid judgement to deliver results in a client-friendly manner.
Joseph Farmer - Fountain Court Chambers 'Joseph is a very good barrister, who is adept at grappling with tricky factual and strategic situations, and coming up with sensible and commercial solutions that balance the various competing interests.'
Joshua Folkard – Twenty Essex ‘An exceptionally talented junior with exceptional drafting and analytical skills. Easy to work with and always available.’
Sam GoodmanTwenty Essex ‘Sam is outstanding - his legal analysis, judgement and advocacy are all of high quality. He is a star of the future.’
James Goodwin  – Wilberforce Chambers ‘James is extremely hardworking and diligent. His written advocacy in particular is second to none, and it is a pleasure to instruct him on complex commercial litigation cases. especially those involving elements of civil fraud.’
James Goudkamp - 7 King's Bench Walk 'James has a formidable grasp of the law of tort and great persistence. He is able to produce innovative legal arguments.'
Richard Greenberg - Twenty Essex 'Richard is fantastically bright. He gets across his brief with impressive speed and is an excellent strategist.'
Alice HawkerWilberforce ChambersAlice’s assuredness and command of factual detail, as well as deep knowledge of relevant authorities and procedure really stand her apart as a go-to junior.
Gregor Hogan - Serle Court 'Always presents compelling arguments, articulates complex legal concepts clearly and persuasively, and proficiently communicates clients' positions.'
Sophie HolcombeSerle Court 'Sophie has a marvellous work ethic. She's absolutely meticulous in her approach, and she's ferociously clever and dedicated to her clients. Highly recommended for complex and high-value civil fraud litigation.'
Jamie HolmesWilberforce ChambersJamie is exceptionally bright and endlessly hardworking. Tactically astute, he is always three moves ahead.
Richard Hoyle - Essex Court Chambers 'Tenacious and diligent, and a good fighter in court.'
Oliver HyamsSouth Square ‘Very attentive and offers support through the whole instruction. He really knows his subject matter and is very diligent.
Oliver JonesSerle Court ‘On top of complex detail, with great command of the technical, legal, and factual aspects of disclosure.’
Zachary Kell – Radcliffe ChambersAbility to cut through complex and international fraud claims, and focus on the key issues that are relevant to the client’s case. He always goes the extra mile to ensure his advice is provided on time.
KV Krishnaprasad  – One Essex Court ‘Absolutely great. His written word is brilliant and his thought process is very clear.
Luka Krsljanin - Blackstone Chambers 'Luka is deadly during cross-examination. He is across all of the facts and adapts quickly to developments.'
Geoffrey Kuehne – Brick Court Chambers 'Hardworking and demonstrates excellent judgement. He is also extremely user friendly.'
Lisa Lacob – 3 Verulam BuildingsLisa is highly intelligent, great with clients, and passionate in all she does. She goes above and beyond for her clients, and her advocacy and written work are equally impressive.
Liisa Lahti – 3 Verulam Buildings ‘Liisa is a hardworking, driven and diligent junior with excellent powers of analysis and good judgement. Her written work is first rate, and she has impressive skills with clients and instructing solicitor teams.’
Christopher Langley – Fountain Court ChambersVery thorough and thoughtful in his advice.
Elizabeth Lindesay - 7 King's Bench Walk 'Very thorough and detail-oriented. She has the ability to tease out the nuances of the case in order to strengthen clients' positions.'
David Lowe - Blackstone Chambers 'David is exceptionally bright and grasps complex concepts quickly. A go-to junior for civil litigation claims.'
Kristina Lukacova  – Monckton Chambers ‘Very bright and hardworking. She gets to grips with the most difficult issues and is a very able advocate.’   
Tim MatthewsonWilberforce Chambers ‘Always ready to do battle and fight the client's corner. Can grasp difficult issues deftly whilst efficiently peeling back his opponents' arguments.’
Duncan McCombe   – Maitland  ‘Hardworking and easy to work with.
Andrew McLeod  – One Essex Court ‘Andrew is fiercely intelligent but down to earth and approachable. He is particularly skilled at distilling complicated multi-jurisdictional issues into the simple and understandable in both oral and written form.’
Gabriella McNicholasMaitland Chambers 'She is an extremely thorough and diligent junior.'
Belinda McRae – Twenty EssexIn terms of civil fraud, her ability to draw together huge amounts of information to tell a story is impressive. There is no better junior to instruct.
Simon MillsRadcliffe ChambersSimon is exceptionally user-friendly. He can relate to clients and their needs, and he is very easy to deal with. Simon is also very good on his feet in court.
Simon Oakes - Quadrant Chambers 'Simon has a great eye for detail, doesn't make bad points, and knows how to win.'
Guy Olliff-Cooper  – 4 Stone BuildingsGuy is exceptionally bright and thorough, totally on top of the detail, and a forceful advocate.’
James Potts3 Verulam Buildings ‘James is excellent. He is thorough and very hardworking.’
Kendrah Potts4 New Square ‘Very pleasant to work with, great written work, and very solicitor and user-friendly.‘  
Saaman Pourghadiri - 4 New Square Chambers 'Exceptionally strong advocate, who takes a considered and effective approach to his cases.'
Helen Pugh – Outer Temple Chambers ‘Helen is an extremely hard worker. She gets her head down and immerses herself in her clients’ cases, sometimes at short notice.
John Robb – Essex Court ChambersJohn is extremely bright and hardworking. His analysis is always thorough and thought through yet commercial, and his knowledge of civil fraud and tracing is impressive.
Jason Robinson7 King's Bench Walk 'Very strong cross-examiner. One of the best juniors at the London Bar.'
Leonora Sagan  – Fountain Court Chambers ‘Leonora is an extremely impressive junior: A combination of a detail-oriented nature and an unflappable courtroom demeanour means that she wins the confidence of clients and praises of judges alike.’
Emmanuel Sheppard – 3 Verulam BuildingsEmmanuel is extremely intelligent, engaging, responsive, meticulous, and creative. He becomes an expert on the subject matter of the dispute, regardless of how obscure they sometimes are, and gets to grips with issues quickly and effectively.
Carlo Taczalski – Crown Office ChambersCarlo knows his craft extremely well. A very able draftsman and able to turn a phrase in court. His advocacy is fluent and persuasive.
Stephanie Thompson - Serle Court 'Incredibly hardworking, organised and bright. Totally dependable - she always delivers and her work is exceptionally good.'
Ben Woolgar – Brick Court Chambers 'Razor-sharp advocacy and cuts straight to the chase.'

Rising Stars

Ryan Ferro – 3 Verulam BuildingsRyan is an exceptional junior barrister – he works prodigiously hard and his powers of analysis are second to none. Very much one to watch for the future.
Karl Anderson – 4 Stone Buildings ‘Karl is a highly motivated, highly intelligent fraud lawyer, who is already very experienced for his call. He shows excellent judgement and has a rather wonderful polite but firm manner.
Daniel Benedyk – One Essex Court ‘A star of his generation. An extraordinarily hardworking, legally-gifted, self-starter, whose work is of the highest quality.
Joshua Crow – One Essex CourtWorks incredibly hard and is incredibly bright. He is also pragmatic and strategically aware, far more than is ordinarily the case for someone of his call.
Hannah Daly- 4 New Square Chambers 'Ruthless efficiency and attention to detail. Hannah is commercial in her approach, but with the kind of eye for detail and important points that is vital in a civil fraud lawyer at the highest level.'
Nicolas Damnjanovic - Fountain Court Chambers 'Technically and academically outstanding.'
William Day – 3 Verulam BuildingsA hugely impressive junior with a very bright future. Very clever and strategic, but also superb to work with.
Sophia Dzwig3 Verulam BuildingsSophia is absolutely top drawer. On top of her brief and her written work is particularly strong.
Harry Gillow – Monckton ChambersHarry is a very bright and able barrister who provides consistently first-rate support. His written work is of a very high standard, and he is an effective advocate.
Ravi Jackson – 3 Verulam BuildingsRavi is the real deal, able way beyond his year of call, bright as a button, and with excellent judgement for one so junior.
Maria Kennedy – Twenty EssexMaria is a sharp and thorough counsel. She is bright, strategic and tenacious in her approach to cases.
Seohyung Kim – 4 New Square Chambers 'Produces excellent written work under significant pressure and always prepared to go the extra mile for clients.'
Jia Wei LeeWilberforce ChambersA really bright and attentive junior who goes out of his way to accommodate the client. A star in the making.
Owen Lloyd  – Essex Court Chambers ‘Owen is incredibly detail-oriented, yet commercial and strategic in his thinking and advice. His written advocacy is also impressive and persuasive.’
Sam O’Leary – One Essex Court ‘An intellectual barrister who thinks a lot about legal problems and comes up with very interesting ideas.
Samuel Rabinowitz - Fountain Court Chambers 'Sam is a highly intelligent barrister, who pays exceptional attention to detail across all facets of a claim, meaning he can think creatively about arguments and identify new angles within a case.'
Katherine Ratcliffe - Essex Court Chambers 'Katherine is very responsive and gives clear, thought-out advice. She grasps issues very quickly and is calm under pressure.'
Gayatri Sarathy – Blackstone Chambers ‘Gayatri is a very competent barrister, who is all over the detail without losing sight of the overall picture. She is excellent strategically, has incredible intellect, and articulates complicated issues with ease.’ 
Alyssa Stansbury One Essex Court ‘Alyssa is going to be one of the outstanding lawyers of her generation. She is highly intelligent, incredibly hardworking, and very user-friendly.
Aaron Taylor – Fountain Court ChambersVery able – a barrister to watch.
Ryan Turner – Maitland Chambers 'Has a lovely manner in court and his paperwork is consistently excellent.'
Kajetan Wandowicz - 4 Pump Court 'Kajetan is an outstanding junior barrister. He is fantastically smart and has a clear thirst for the work itself, which makes piloting cases alongside him a pleasure.'
Tom Wood – Brick Court Chambers 'One of the Bar's ascendant stars. Besides being a first-rate lawyer, he is articulate, clever, level headed and persuasive. He can vary his tone from aggressive to mild, depending on the needs of the moment, and has a fantastic feel for the mood of the court.'

Fraud: civil in London Bar

3 Verulam Buildings

3 Verulam Buildings has ‘a strong civil fraud practice, particularly for cases involving banking fraud‘. The set was recently particularly active in litigation surrounding several very high-value frauds involving the Covid-related furlough scheme and business loans. In other areas, David Head KC is defending Dimitrios Tsouvelekakis against a substantial claim, which alleges that he acted fraudulently in relation to advice on discretionary investment trusts. In a multi-jurisdictional dispute over Russia’s largest fishing business, Hodge Malek KC defended Vitaly Orlov, CEO and co-founder of the Norebo Group, against complex fraud and conspiracy claims brought by Alexander Tugushev. Elsewhere in chambers, Ewan McQuater KC is leading a substantial counsel team that includes David Quest KC and rising star William Day, in defending the interests of Dubai Islamic Bank and Noor Bank, further to the 2020 collapse of the NMC Healthcare group, which is said to have been the subject of a massive fraud by its management. Juniors building notable fraud practices include Sophia Dzwig, Ryan Ferro and Ravi Jackson.


Best in London. Stuart Pullum goes out of his way to help, no matter the size of the brief.

Steve Penson is very user friendly and commercial.

James Kelly is excellent in fixing hearings and arranging things with the court.

3VB has a strong civil fraud practice, particularly for cases involving banking fraud.

The whole clerking team is incredibly pragmatic and commercially minded.

Excellent – responsive and commercial.

3VB offers a cornucopia of talent – brilliant minds but also brilliantly normal. There is always a specialist to help.

A very good and trusted set. Clients are very impressed with 3VB generally.

Work highlights

Blackstone Chambers

A go-to set for complex fraud matters‘, Blackstone Chambers is able to leverage the chambers’ associated strengths in commercial litigation and regulatory expertise, particularly in the financial services sector. Robert Anderson KC and Andrew Hunter KC co-lead the representation of Ukraine’s PrivatBank, which alleges a $2bn fraud by its former owners, the trial adjourned owing to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine making a fair trial impracticable. Andrew Green KC is currently defending HSBC against a £1bn-plus Commercial Court claim arising from an alleged fraudulent conspiracy involving a failed film finance scheme. Over in the junior ranks, Leona Powell acted as key junior counsel for the defendants in HMRC v Delancey Real Estate & Ors, a high-stakes tax dispute concerning complex misrepresentation allegations; and Timothy Lau represents a global steel producer as claimant in a $1.5bn dispute that involves conspiracy to evade payment of a foreign arbitral award. Recent silk-level growth for the set includes the 2023 elevation of Adam Baradon KC.


‘Blackstone’s clerks are incredibly efficient. Special mention goes to Derek Sutton, who is highly responsive and provides invaluable assistance.’

‘Adam Fuschillo is very responsive and helpful, while Marc Armstrong is amongst the best clerks in London.’

‘Danny Compton is simply excellent – there is no nicer, nor more helpful, clerk in the business.’

‘Gary Oliver and his team are best in class – responsive, innovative, and with great knowledge of the market.’

‘Blackstone is a great set. The strength in depth of the counsel team is remarkable.’

‘They never let clients down – always impresses as a set, particularly in the quality of their KCs and juniors.’

‘Blackstone is a go-to set for complex fraud matters. It is home to the best legal minds in the country.’

‘Top drawer for civil fraud type work. Really impresses.’

Work highlights

Brick Court Chambers

Brick Court Chambers‘ members are consistently sought out to act in the market’s most high-stakes civil fraud cases. Mark Howard KC repeatedly acts in complex fraud matters with offshore elements and sums at stake exceeding $1bn; while Tim Lord KC is representing three defendants in SKAT v Solo Capital Partners, a multi-party claim by the Danish tax authority, which seeks to recover £1.5bn paid out through withholding tax refunds, the claim including fraud and conspiracy allegations and involving complex issues of public international law. Craig Morrison KC, who recently led the successful defence of a £30m-plus construction dispute that involved allegations of serious dishonesty; and Richard Eschwege KC, currently representing the two principal defendants in a $330m civil fraud claim involving oil trading in West Africa, were both raised to silk level in March 2023. Among the juniors, Sophie Shaw regularly acts in heavyweight civil fraud cases, while Tom Wood is another name to note among the set’s juniors.


‘Highly responsive and efficient,  Paul Dennison in particular.’

‘Led by Tony Burgess and Paul Dennison, the clerking is really top notch. Jo Francis is also very good.’

‘Paul Dennison is a lovely man and nothing is too much trouble for him.’

‘Clerks are impressive – Paul Dennison and Philip Wilkes are both excellent.’

‘Luke Carvalho is a standout presence in the clerks’ room.’

‘The level of service from Brick Court is first class.’

‘A go-to set for complex or high-value matters.’

‘Brick is outstanding at all levels. Expensive, but market leading and very accommodating.’

Essex Court Chambers

With ‘a deep roster of highly-skilled barristers‘, Essex Court Chambersboasts remarkable strength-in-depth, allowing it to handle a wide range of complex cases with expertise and confidence‘. The set’s members consistently appear in the largest fraud cases before the Commercial and Chancery Courts, and at appellate level, both at home and abroad. In Suppipat v Narongdeg & Ors, reportedly the largest Commercial Court case of 2022, Anna Dilnot KC acted for Khunying Boonyachinda, Golden Music and Cornwallis in defence of contempt proceedings, against a backdrop of an alleged conspiracy to defraud the claimants of over a billion dollars of shares in a Thai wind farm company. In a $800m claim arising out of the alleged bribery of the former Kuwaiti social security fund head, David Davies KC is defending a former senior partner of Swiss private bank, Banque Mirabaud. In March 2023, Ruth Den Besten KC, who recently successfully defended Balda Foundation and Nysco Management Corporation, against a $1.2bn fraudulent misrepresentation and conspiracy claim concerning a mining venture in Guinea, took silk. Turning to the set’s juniors, Owen Lloyd and Katherine Ratcliffe also maintain active civil fraud practices.


Essex Court Chambers excels in litigation and advocacy.

Joe Ferrigno is a class act.

Jac Sexton and David Banks are helpful and a pleasure to deal with.

Demi Woolger and Tom Gannon are commended for their exceptional professionalism and dedication to their roles. They excel in their respective fields, demonstrating outstanding organisational skills, prompt responsiveness, and an unwavering commitment to providing top-notch client service.

Demi Woolger and Tom Gannon’s proactive approach, attention to detail, and ability to manage administrative tasks effectively contribute significantly to the smooth running of cases.

With a deep roster of highly-skilled barristers, the chambers boasts remarkable strength in depth, allowing it to handle a wide range of complex cases with expertise and confidence.

Clients benefit from the availability of counsel, ensuring prompt and personalised attention throughout the legal journey.

The barristers from Essex Court Chambers do an excellent job in civil fraud matters.

Work highlights

Fountain Court Chambers

Obviously one of the top sets in the market in this area‘, Fountain Court Chambers‘ members are routinely instructed in high-stakes civil fraud cases, both in the UK and overseas. Recent workloads encompass banking and finance sector disputes, as well as cases with international elements. Africa-related civil fraud work is a notable growth area for the set, which is also particularly active in Asia, Middle East and Russia & CIS matters. In arguably one of the largest fraud claims of 2022, Rosalind Phelps KC acted for the defendant in the high-profile Republic of Nigeria v JP Morgan, which involved a $870m claim that concerned an allegedly corrupt oil deal and issues of the Quincecare duty. March 2023-appointed silk Simon Atrill KC, led by Timothy Howe KC, represented Credit Suisse in a substantial claim involving bribery and undue influence allegations, in relation to Libya’s placement of substantial investments with Western banks. Aaron Taylor, Nicolas Damnjanovic and Samuel Rabinowitz are notable juniors in chambers.


‘Excellent clerks, particularly Luke Diebelius.’

‘The clerks are excellent, particularly Alfie Harper who is very good at striking the right balance between serving client needs and demands, and protecting his barristers and allocating their capacity appropriately.’

‘Excellent – rightly regarded as one of the top sets in London.’

‘The clerks are prompt and responsive, and are able to offer suitable barristers at very short notice for urgent hearings.’

‘Clerks are very responsive and assist with the preparation of cost estimates, which is much appreciated by clients.’

‘Keen to help and responsive.’

‘Fountain Court is excellent and has good depth.’

‘Fountain Court is obviously one of the top sets in the market in this area.’

Work highlights

One Essex Court

One of the standout London commercial sets‘, One Essex Court fields ‘a great collection of top-end silks‘. The set’s members handle a sizeable number of cases that involve civil fraud elements, as well as allegations of bribery, conspiracy, deceit, misrepresentation, unlawful means, corruption or dishonesty. In one of the largest and most complex cases to come before the Commercial Court, Laurence Rabinowitz KC and Jamie Goldsmith KC represent SKAT, the Danish tax authority, in a high-profile £1.5bn claim against over 100 defendants, which concerns an alleged international conspiracy to deceive the Danish tax authority through “cum-ex” strategies. Sonia Tolaney KC‘s recent highlights include acting for Vale, a Brazilian multinational mining conglomerate, in a $2bn mining rights-related claim for fraudulent misrepresentation and conspiracy to defraud. Henry Forbes Smith KC, who is routinely instructed in major fraud disputes, is at silk level since March 2023; and rising star Alyssa Stansbury is currently part of the counsel team for a high-profile Ukrainian businessman, in PrivatBank v Kolomoisky, Bogolyubov & Ors, which concerns the allegation that approximately $2bn was misappropriated from Ukrainian bank PrivatBank. Nathaniel Bird joined the team in October 2023.


‘Rob Smith is particularly helpful and always a pleasure to deal with.’

‘Rob Smith is worthy of particular praise – always transparent and his court relationships can be invaluable.’

‘Genuine strength in depth, led by the charming Darren Burrows.’

‘The clerks at One Essex Court work seamlessly with barristers and solicitors, and are responsive, enthusiastic and extremely professional. Darren Burrows and Rob Smith deserve particular praise.’

‘Very strong set, with a great collection of top-end silks.’

‘The best in the business.’

‘Overall probably the Bar’s strongest set of barristers.’

‘One Essex Court is a first-class chambers.’

Work highlights

Serle Court

An excellent set with a roster of formidably intelligent, yet approachable and user-friendly barristers‘, Serle Court‘s members consistently appear in the Commercial Court and Chancery Division’s most substantial civil fraud actions. Head of chambers Elizabeth Jones KC has longstanding experience in handling litigation involving fraud, breaches of fiduciary duty and other wrongdoing. In Joannou Paraskavides Overseas Limited (in liquidation) v Joannou, Philip Marshall KC represents an international construction company’s claimant liquidators, which are bringing claims of over $1bn for fraudulent trading and conspiracy to defraud. Meanwhile, in a $3bn bribery action before the Commercial Court, Jonathan Adkin acts for the Republic of Mozambique against a number of banks and an Abu Dhabi-based shipbuilder, in relation to allegations that state guarantees were procured by massive bribes to bankers and state agents. Dan McCourt Fritz KC, who took silk in March 2023, routinely acts in a broad range of fraud litigation; while at a junior level, Gregor Hogan‘s civil fraud practice spans multiple jurisdictions, including England, the DIFC, BVI and the Isle of Man.


Serle Court provides very good coverage, particularly for civil fraud claims.

Daniel Wheeler, in particular, is a superb clerk. Commercial, approachable and with a can-do attitude that guarantees excellent service every time.

Emma Quin and Charlie Payne are fantastic.

Serle Court offers tremendous depth of resources on cases.

Very impressive depth of expertise.

Excellent from top to bottom.

The clerks at Serle Court have long been the front-runners in providing a great service to solicitors.

Serle Court is an excellent set with a roster of formidably intelligent, yet approachable and user-friendly barristers.’

Work highlights

Twenty Essex

Twenty Essex‘s civil fraud members are able to leverage the chambers’ complementary expertise in financial services and terminology. Paul Lowenstein KC is a go-to silk for injunction and jurisdiction work, both in England and offshore Caribbean jurisdictions. In the long-running PJSC National Bank Trust v Mints case, Philip Edey KC, leading Sarah Tresman and Richard Greenberg, is defending businessman Boris Mints against claims by two Russian banks for alleged fraudulent conspiracy involving loan restructuring. In the same matter, former chambers head Duncan Matthews KC and represents fourth defendant Igor Mints, his son. In a novel cryptocurrency case, unled Josephine Davies KC acted for Fetch.Ai in obtaining worldwide freezing orders against the hackers of its trading account, along with information orders against Binance entities.


‘Sam McDowall is highly professional and demonstrates impressive efficiency. His ability to address any administrative matters swiftly and provide timely assistance is commendable.’

‘Anthony Carroll does a fantastic job in keeping clients happy and in arranging for counsel schedule.’

‘Anthony Carroll serves as a constant point of contact, which is appreciated, especially when members of the clerking team may change from time to time. Hands on and a personal service that is straightforward.’

‘Arron Zitver provides a quality service to clients and is great to deal with.’

‘Excellent service from all, with Christopher Theobald standing out.’

‘Exceptionally strong chambers. Clerks can always find an alternative barrister of a high quality.’

‘Swift and responsive clerking, able to offer a good range of counsel (often at short notice), and sensible on fees.’

’20 Essex is one of the leading sets, particularly for international arbitration but also with an increasingly strong commercial litigation and civil fraud offering.’

Work highlights

7 King's Bench Walk

7 King’s Bench Walkhas a growing reputation in civil fraud, with a number of members building a strong reputation in the area‘. The set’s expertise encompasses the pursuit and defence of a range of high-value and cross-jurisdictional fraud claims. In one of the most important civil fraud judgments of 2022, David Allen KC and Jason Robinson defended businessman George Logothetis and his companies against allegations of fraudulently inducing the claimants into making shipping market investments of over $14m. Elsewhere in chambers, Elizabeth Lindesay was part of the junior counsel team instructed on the $1.5bn claim by the Libyan Investment Authority against Société Générale, which was alleged to have paid bribes of $58m; and Clara Benn defended the Bank of Cyprus against a fraudulent claim brought by a property developer, the matter involving allegations of dishonesty and forgery on both sides.


A great set of chambers.

The clerking of the set is very good and commercial, with real knowledge and expertise in listing battles.

Gary Rose is the one to go to.

Gary Rose is efficient and very pleasant to deal with.

The clerks are super-friendly.

7KBW has a growing reputation in civil fraud, with a number of members building a strong reputation in the area.

The clerks are efficient and clients are very happy with their service.

Work highlights

Maitland Chambers

An excellent set of highly intellectual, experienced and street-smart barristers‘, Maitland Chambers‘ members are regularly sought out to act in civil fraud proceedings at all court levels. Richard Morgan KC recently acted for the claimant in defending an appeal brought in Bermuda by Credit Suisse in relation to a $607.5m judgment concerning life insurance premium-related frauds committed by an employee of the bank. Offshore, David Mumford KC is defending two prominent Ukrainian political figures against claims before the BVI courts that they fabricated a BVI trust, and then used it to seize control of several hundreds of millions of dollars of assets. In one of the most high-profile claims to be issued in the High Court in recent years, civil fraud junior Duncan McCombe represents the British Bankers’ Association in its defence to a US federal agency claim that the BBA and nine of the world’s largest banks) rigged LIBOR the former benchmark interest rate.


‘John Wiggs is an asset.’

‘John Wiggs runs a very responsive and successful operation.’

A genuinely entrepreneurial set that has its fingers on the pulse of the market, and wants to get out there and do its best for clients.

Reliable and top quality across the board, always fielding good candidates.

Excellent set of highly intellectual, experienced and street-smart barristers.

Incredibly helpful clerks who know their clients and preferences really well.

Work highlights

Wilberforce Chambers

A ‘wonderful full-service set that engages in a modern and commercial way with instructing solicitors‘, Wilberforce Chambers‘ civil fraud work is closely aligned to the set’s enviable offshore practice. In Bourlakova v Bourlakov, Alan Gourgey KC acts for the principal defendant in a high-profile claim concerning ownership of approximately $3bn of assets. John Wardell KC represented a shopping centre magnate in his defence of a €55m claim brought against him by the Bank of Ireland, which claimed that he had lied about his assets and liabilities in a statement of affairs. Clare Stanley KC also routinely acts in major fraud cases; and in a boost to chambers, Thomas Grant KC, an expert in obtaining and defending freezing and related interim orders, joined from Maitland Chambers in October 2022.


‘Andrew Barnes is at the top of the clerking game and is on top of all the detail of the cases he manages and his barristers’ practice areas.’

‘Stewart Cameron is particularly impressive but the whole team is a delight to work with. Commercial and sensible.’

‘Conor Michaels and Nancy Lee are always very helpful and diligent.’

‘Excellent all round. Conor Michaels has been consistently helpful in often difficult situations.’

‘The clerks are approachable and solution focused.’

‘The clerking room is very engaged and skilled.’

‘They have some very good practitioners in this area at silk and senior junior level.’

‘Wilberforce is a wonderful full-service set that engages in a modern and commercial way with instructing solicitors.’

Work highlights

XXIV Old Buildings

A go-to chambers for civil fraud work involving complex, multi-jurisdictional disputes‘, XXIV Old Buildings also has a consistent flow of domestic fraud work, and is widely esteemed for its expertise in trusts and insolvency-related civil fraud matters. Elspeth Talbot Rice KC is currently acting in a claim that funds were stripped out of a company to render it judgment-proof; and in an important decision on the principles to apply in determining a forum challenge involving foreign law expert evidence, Stephen Moverley Smith KC represented various defendants in a claim to recover $50m of alleged bribes that were paid to an agro-chemical company’s chief executive. At the senior junior end of chambers, Stuart Adair is defending an individual who is alleged by the claimants to have induced them to invest in start-up technology company, Seed Media, by making multiple fraudulent misrepresentations.


‘Paul Horsfield is always helpful and easy to come to an agreement with on fees.’

‘Paul Horsfield is excellent – very professional and approachable.’

‘Paul Horsfield, Perry Brown and Tommie Drury all know what clients need and provide an excellent service. James Ladbrook is also singled out.’

‘XXIV Old Buildings is an excellent chambers.’

‘XXIV is an exceptional chambers. They always manage to provide high-quality advice.’

‘A number of good barristers there who are doing very good work. Excellent availability of counsel and perfect cooperation with instructing solicitors.’

‘XXIV is a go-to chambers for civil fraud work involving complex, multi-jurisdictional disputes.’

‘Clever, astute and easy to work with. The chambers and its clerks always have a good range and availability of counsel.’

Work highlights

4 New Square Chambers

4 New Square Chambers is ‘a strong set with some stellar individuals among its ranks‘. In a complex $2bn fraud claim brought by a Thai businessman, Justin Fenwick KCGeorge Spalton KC and Kendrah Potts acted for the claimant, who alleges that one of Thailand’s largest financial institutions, together with its CEO, engaged in a fraudulent conspiracy to deprive him of his interest in a renewable energy company. Elsewhere in chambers, Daniel Saoul KC represents the Serious Fraud Office, KPMG, Harbour Litigation Funding, Quantuma, and a law firm in the high-stakes Orb litigation, which involves the rights to assets that are worth over £100m and the proceeds of complex frauds.


‘The clerks are first-class, particularly Lizzy Stewart, who is excellent.’

‘Dennis Peck and Lizzie Stewart do a great job.’

‘Lizzie Stewart, Alex Dolby and Dennis Peck are probably the strongest clerking team around. Very commercial and astute at steering useful juniors in the client’s direction.’

Very good. They have some real stars, who are not only brilliant but user-friendly and loved by clients and judges.

Some extremely capable KCs and juniors.

Very professional and responsive clerks.

A strong set with some stellar individuals among its ranks.

The clerking is excellent – responsive, highly-skilled in managing barristers, and very commercial.

4 Stone Buildings

With ‘excellent barristers and strength in depth‘, 4 Stone Buildings has particular experience in acting for liquidators, administrators, directors, creditors, bondholders, bond trustees, and shareholders in cases that frequently incorporate international aspects, such as worldwide tracing claims and cross-border insolvency issues. In recent highlights, Alexander Cook KC, who took silk in 2023, acted for the claimant in a  large-value fraud dispute in the BVI Commercial Court and the Eastern Caribbean Court of Appeal; and in the senior-junior ranks, Christopher Harrison is acting in one of the highest profile corporate disqualification proceedings currently making its way through the courts, the matter concerning a well-known public relations firm. Rising star Karl Anderson is particularly focused on civil fraud matters involving both the UK and overseas.


‘Excellent. David Goddard and his team are responsive and very practical.’

‘Ben Lashmar is very personable.’

‘Ryan Tunkel, in particular, is a real asset to the set.’

‘Ben Lashmer and Ryan Tunkel are extremely efficient and helpful. They rank as among the best in the business.’

4 Stone Buildings is excellent, offering significant expertise across a range of practice areas.

The clerks provide an excellent service.

4SB is a great set. A really strong bench.

4 Stone Buildings has excellent barristers and strength in depth. If a preferred barrister is unavailable, clients can be assured that they are getting the same quality of service. Chambers also has an excellent group of juniors, who are able and ready to assist when called upon.

Work highlights

South Square

Comprising ‘great barristers‘ and providing ‘great service‘, South Square‘s recent track record includes large fraud claims commenced both in London and several offshore jurisdictions. Felicity Toube KC‘s broad practice covers civil fraud work, and she regularly appears in the Cayman Islands and BVI, as well as Bermuda, in high-stakes matters. In recent highlights, Tom Smith KC represented technology investment firm Softbank, in relation to claims made by Credit Suisse further to the collapse of supply chain finance business, Greensill; and at junior level, Robert Amey acted as sole counsel in the Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court, defending an alleged $50m fraudulent transaction. 


South Square is one of my favourite sets all round.

Dylan Playfoot is very good.

Great barristers and great service.

Very business minded and commercial.

Bright and dedicated across the board.

Wide skill sets, including civil fraud.

Work highlights