Fraud: civil in London Bar

Chambers of Ewan McQuater QC and Adrian Beltrami QC

3 Verulam Buildings has an 'excellent blend of barristers and door tenants, and the clerks ensure that the barristers instructed are available when needed'. The set's pedigree in the fraud arena is demonstrated by the caseload of its members, which includes AHAB v Saad Investments Co Ltd, one of the largest fraud claims ever litigated, in which David Quest QC acted for the Algosaibi Brothers. Other notable mandates included Tchenguiz v Grant Thornton, where Adrian Beltrami QC represented the accountants, and Tatneft v Bogolyubov & Ors, in which Ali Malek QC and Peter De Verneuil Smith represented the defendants.

Chambers of Mark Howard QC and Helen Davies QC

Brick Court Chambers is 'an excellent set with some very impressive junior lawyers', according to instructing solicitors. Members can regularly be found on some of the largest fraud cases to hit the London courts. Several members, including Tim Lord QC, are representing the defendants in SKAT v Solo Capital Partners and (160) others in which the Danish Tax Authority is seeking to recover £1.5bn in tax refunds to several international defendants accused of fraud. Arcadia Petroleum v Bosworth also involved various members on either side, including Mark Howard QCFionn Pilbrow QC and Richard Eschwege.

Essex Court Chambers

Essex Court Chambers is 'without question the go-to set for heavy-duty commercial litigation, in particular, fraud'. The set has expanded significantly in this area over recent years, particularly at the junior end, and the recent arrival of tier-one junior Tim Akkouh, from Erskine Chambers, continues the trend. Five members, including Nathan Pillow QC, David Davies, and James Willan  were involved in the nine-week National Bank Trust v Yurov & ors trial, relating to a $800m fraud claim. Paul McGrath QCJames Sheehan, and Ruth den Besten were among those with significant roles on Tatneft v Bogolyubov & Ors.

Fountain Court Chambers

Fountain Court Chambers is a 'top-class set for civil fraud'. The set boasts some excellent juniors and silks, several of whom also have strong expertise in criminal law. Members have been acting on a raft of major cases, and in the Tchenguiz litigation it had two silks, including Stephen Rubin QC, acting on either side of the dispute. Another highlight was SFO v Eurasian Natural Resources Corporation, in which Bankim Thanki QC and Tamara Oppenheimer successfully represented ENRC before the Court of Appeal.

Chambers of Lord Grabiner QC

One Essex Court is a 'go-to set for commercial and fraud work' with 'quality people at all levels' who are 'very enjoyable to work with'. Both juniors and silks are regularly called upon to represent clients on the biggest claims. Notable cases involving multiple members of chambers include Autonomy v Michael Lynch, in which Laurence Rabinowitz QC and Conall Patton are representing Autonomy. Rabinowitz and Patton are also opposing sides to Neil Kitchener QC's team on the Tesco Profit Overstatement litigation, OMERS Administration Corporation & Ors v Tesco Plc.

Serle Court

Stacked with highly experienced silks and juniors, Serle Court has long been one of the leading sets when it comes to civil fraud disputes. Crossover strengths into trusts and offshore claims add to the chambers' offering. Major recent cases include Glenn v Watson, which involved five members including Elizabeth Jones QC and Justin Higgo. In Accident Exchange v McLean and others, a £127m dispute, Hugh Norbury QC and Dan McCourt Fritz represented Keoghs LLP, one of the solicitor defendants.

Chambers of Monica Carss-Frisk QC and Anthony Peto QC

Blackstone Chambers is 'a great set for fraud work' with a 'good number of counsel with experience, knowledge and understanding', according to solicitors. Members regularly work together, or opposite one another; two silks and three juniors acted on PCP Capital Partners LLP and Anor v Barclays Bank Plc, including Tom Weisselberg QC, Robert Weekes and Shane Sibbel. Sabbagh v Khoury was another highlight instruction, with Anthony Peto QC and Andrew Hunter QC appearing on opposite sides of the dispute.

Chambers of Christopher Pymont QC

Maitland Chambers is 'a brilliant set' that 'always has counsel available to assist'. Clients also benefit from the set's Chancery strengths, particularly when it comes to property-related fraud issues. Major recent cases include Tugushev v Orlov and Others, in which George Hayman QC was one of three members representing Vitaly Orlov.

Wilberforce Chambers

Clients praise Wilberforce Chambers for providing 'excellent support' and 'communication which is honest and proactive so that any capacity issues can be properly managed'. The set is becoming 'one of the leading sets in the civil fraud arena' and is also noted for its expertise in overlapping areas, such as offshore disputes. Recently, Tom Lowe QC and John Wardell QC were on opposing sides of AHAB v SAAD, while Alan Gourgey QC and Anna Littler are representing Walid Ghiami, one of the defendants in Libyan Investment Authority v JP Morgan & Ors.

Chambers of Alan Steinfeld QC

XXIV Old Buildings is 'very competitive on rates' and 'great on Chancery matters'. The set fields an impressive range of barristers, and its junior silks are particularly well regarded by instructing solicitors. Members also have an excellent track record in offshore and trust matters, which inevitably feed into the fraud work. Steven Thompson QC and Hugh Miall are representing the defendant in the high profile Arcadia Petroleum & Ors v Bosworth & OrsStephen Moverley Smith QC and Alexander Pelling also had signficant roles in RAK Investments v Bestfort Development.

Chambers of George Bompas QC

4 Stone Buildings is a popular destination for high-end fraud work, and the set's top silks are regularly instructed on some of the City's largest cases. Recent cases have included Autonomy Corporation v Dr Michael Lynch, in which   is leading a team of three members on behalf Michael Lynch. Another highlight is Danilina v Chernukhin in which Jonathan Crow QC is representing the claimant.

South Square

South Square is home to several highly experienced silks and juniors with a strong track record in civil fraud. In many of the cases there is also a strong insolvency and offshore component. Major mandates include Primeo Fund v HSBC, in which Tom Smith QC was lead counsel for Primeo Fund, and Felicity Toube QC 's role in the high profile AHAB v Saad litigation.

Twenty Essex

Driven by its roster of experienced silks and juniors, Twenty Essex has seen huge growth in fraud instructions in recent years. Paul Lowenstein QC and Philip Riches acted on CMOC Sales & Marketing Limited v Persons Unknown & 30 others, which involved the first-ever persons unknown injunction, which will have a huge bearing on cyber fraud and cryptocurrency trade and asset tracing.