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Leading Silks

Jonathan Hough QC - 4 New SquareHis advice is always clear, concise and commercial. A good communicator. Always prompt with his advice.
Jonathan Kirk QC - Gough Square ChambersThe predominant silk. An expert of civil and criminal consumer law.
Toby Riley-Smith QC - Henderson ChambersFirst-class practitioner, he has become the benchmark to measure all other barristers and he beats them consistently.
David Travers QC - Six Pump CourtGreat depth of knowledge, very highly respected in the sector, good and timely on paper and good on presentation to the client.
Simon Antrobus QC - Crown Office ChambersHe is fiercely intelligent, very commercially aware and has a brilliant manner with clients. He has a real strength in understanding and simplifying technical and expert evidence for judges and juries alike and is amongst the most polished advocates around. Simon is particularly good at looking at novel arguments and bringing a new way of thinking to the case.
Kevin de Haan QC - Gough Square ChambersExperienced in a broad range of consumer law issues at national and European levels. Helpful and knowledgeable.
Richard Mawrey QC - Henderson ChambersA first-class barrister, with quality work of the highest level.
Mark Watson QC - Six Pump CourtAn incredible appetite for hard work. Fantastic on detail and on paper. A very effective advocate.

2020 Silks

Henry Warwick QC - Henderson ChambersA very hard-working and able barrister. A star silk in the making.

Leading Juniors

Miles Bennett - 5 Paper BuildingsAffable and fun to work with, he reads the courtroom well and is respected by peers.
Jonathan Goulding - Gough Square ChambersVery responsive and pragmatic in his approach and a good team player, very strong on the law.
Richard Heller - Drystone ChambersIt is always a pleasure to instruct Richard. His presentation is impeccable, his delivery impressive and his cross-examination both sharp and probing.
William Hibbert - Henderson ChambersImpresses for his ability to quickly get to the crux of the issue and for the detail of his work.
Iain Macdonald - Gough Square ChambersConsidered and careful. Master of detail. Excellent tactical judgement.
Fred Philpott - Gough Square ChambersHe has seen it all. He can cut through mist and get straight to the key point very quickly.
Simon Popplewell - Gough Square ChambersVery approachable and his advice is clear and business-focused.
Julia Smith - Henderson ChambersJust amazing, an actual superstar.
Denis Barry - 5 Paper BuildingsHas a great way with his clients and a wonderful ability to summarise complex issues elegantly.
Pascal Bates - Six Pump CourtVery thorough preparation, methodical and reliable barrister.
Lee Bennett - Six Pump CourtA talented junior at the top of his game.
Cameron Crowe - Gough Square ChambersExtensive knowledge of the law, extremely incisive and insightful.
Andrew Johnson - 5 Paper BuildingsHas an encyclopaedic knowledge of the law and understands how it is affecting the lay client and how best to assist them when providing advice.
Ian Thomas - Six Pump CourtExtremely intelligent but even more personable and down to earth.
Kate Urell - Gough Square ChambersShe has enormous skill and tenacity which she combines with great client and corporate care. She works with corporate clients in a fantastically personal way to ensure that the result is obtained.
Carolina Bracken - 5 Paper BuildingsCarolina has so many strengths including breaking down technical and complex pieces of law, to bite sizes so the jury understand. She is always approachable, patient and listens. She always grasps the cases quickly and makes sure that the client is always up to date with any progress of the case. Carolina always gives advice when required as she is highly knowledgeable in this area of work.
Daniel Brayley - Gough Square ChambersHis analysis and advice is of very high quality, he is quick and flexible enough to pick up a wide variety of work.
Nazeer Chowdhury - Henderson ChambersHe is technically excellent but also very personable and commercial. He is a pleasure to work with given his human touch and also adds practical commercial judgement given his experience in this field. Naz is very reliable and we know we're in safe hands and will never be let down.
Julian Gun Cuninghame - Gough Square ChambersHas a good practice, thoroughly deserving of recognition.
Charlotte Eborall - 3 Verulam BuildingsSound knowledge of court procedure and practice, and grasp of financial services law.
David Hercock - Six Pump CourtVery good barrister and excellent service. Attention to detail is second to none. Extremely thorough. Very safe pair of hands.
Stuart Jessop - Six Pump CourtA good advocate who displays great attention to detail.
Anna Medvinskaia - Gough Square ChambersAn expert on consumer law issues, and her written and oral advocacy is clear and persuasive.
Gordon Menzies - Six Pump CourtExcellent written work. A strategic mind. Has a very calm manner.
Laura Phillips - Six Pump CourtLaura has the capacity to digest large amounts of material quickly and analyse them logically, she is very knowlegable about the law and extremely inteligent. The clarity of her written work is exceptional.
Theodor Van Sante - 3 Verulam BuildingsGreat ability to simplify a complex and multi-faceted set of facts. Organised, well-prepared, passionate, persuasive and assertive.
Bradley Say - Gough Square ChambersAbility to distil complex issues into a manageable dimension. Calmness and clarity of thought and speech make him an impressive professional.
Charlene Sumnall - 5 Paper BuildingsAn astute cross-examiner who is without fear when presenting her client's case in court.

Rising Stars

Lia Moses - Henderson ChambersDoes a fantastic job nationwide.
Katherine Sage - Crown Office ChambersA rising star who has really strengthened the junior end of her set.

Consumer in London Bar

Gough Square Chambers

A true specialist set, covering all areas of consumer law, Gough Square Chambers has vast expertise in both civil and criminal matters. Consumer credit, financial services, consumer protection and regulatory are the main areas of instruction. Jonathan Kirk QC and Iain Macdonald acted for Tesco in Tesco Stores Limited v Birmingham City Council in a dispute around the use-by date labelling under EU regulation. Jonathan Goulding has been advising on online sales practices, while  Cameron Crowe is noted for trading standards offences. Kevin De Haan QC has long-standing expertise in matters relating to pharmaceutical product safety, as well as Fintech and cryptocurrencies.

5 Paper Buildings

5 Paper Buildings is one of the 'pre-eminent sets in consumer law and related matters in London, if not England and Wales', according to some. The set excels at consumer credit, product safety, environment, health and safety, and food safety matters, and is praised for its 'excellent team ethos and great client service'Miles Bennett and Denis Barry are both noted for criminal regulatory investigations. Also of note, Andrew Johnson's practice revolves around the representation of enforcing authorities and, on a secondary scale, defendants, on matters relating to unsafe products, intellectual property infringements and counterfeit goods.

Henderson Chambers

Henderson Chambers is a 'good set at 360 degrees', with a 'professional and well-organised clerking team.' The barristers are praised for their great expertise in consumer credit, consumer protection, and finance law. Of particular note in chambers, finance houses and banks are often represented by the highly regarded Richard Mawrey QC, while, in trading standards and product liability law, Nazeer Chowdhury is acting in the VW emissions litigation, and Toby Riley-smith QC was instructed by Whirlpool in the inquiry arising from the Grenfell Tower disaster. Chambers' members also act in civil and criminal cases with environmental, health and safety, and food safety, and increasingly on government consumer cases, with a focus on FCA instructions.

Six Pump Court

Six Pump Court is a 'very helpful and efficient' set with a broad spectrum of cases across the consumer law field. The 'really smart barristers' are particularly sought after for their 'prominence in health and safety' and food law, and their 'in-depth knowledge' of the corresponding regulation. David Travers QC acted in a significant liability case for an online retailer, while Mark Watson QC defended Tesco, Iceland, and Nandos in different claims involving food safety and hygiene claims. Also of note, Pascal Bates' recent work included the representation of an overseas importer accused of breaches of consumer protection laws.