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Leading Silks

Jonathan Kirk KCGough Square Chambers ‘A Rolls Royce silk in the consumer law field. A joy to watch and always impressive.’
Toby Riley-Smith KCHenderson Chambers ‘He has a calm yet effective courtroom style which allows him to achieve the right result for his clients.’  
David Travers KCGough Square Chambers ‘A master of his craft. His wit, detailed knowledge of consumer law and tenacious approach makes it a pleasure to work with him.’
Mark Watson KCSix Pump Court ‘Mark is particularly knowledgeable of consumer safety matters – one of the best in this area.’
Anneli Howard KCMonckton Chambers 'Anneli is incredibly responsive, thoughtful and creative. She is great on her feet: calm and confident.'
Henry Warwick KCHenderson Chambers ‘Henry is highly astute, and deadly in cross-examination.’

Leading Juniors

Miles Bennett5 Paper Buildings 'Miles is a doyen of the consumer law world.'
Jonathan GouldingGough Square Chambers 'Jonathan is a very skilled advocate.'
Richard Heller2 Hare Court ‘He is an expert in consumer law and has an encyclopaedic knowledge of the relevant regulations. He has a brilliant mind and gets to the heart of a matter instantly. Clients adore him.'
Iain MacDonaldGough Square Chambers ‘A senior junior operating at the level of a silk. He is extremely pragmatic, very responsive and very good at managing client expectations.’
Fred PhilpottGough Square Chambers ‘A very sharp and efficient junior.'
Simon PopplewellGough Square Chambers 'Simon is a very accomplished and very practical barrister.'
Cameron CroweGough Square Chambers ‘Cameron’s expertise in consumer law is astounding. He is a barrister you really want on your side.'
William HibbertHenderson Chambers ‘William is fantastically responsive and available. His advice is always clear.'
Andrew Johnson5 Paper Buildings ‘Andrew commands attention by his succinct and calm tone, and being persuasive and sensitive when required.’
Robin KinghamGough Square Chambers ‘Robin is calm, engaging and methodical before a court. His advice is clear, concise and always practical.'
Jonathan Lewis –Monckton Chambers ‘He brings a meticulous eye to consumer cases, and is a really safe pair of hands. He is excellent in court.’  
Anna MedvinskaiaGough Square Chambers ‘Anna is a compelling advocate.’
Julia SmithHenderson Chambers ‘Julia is very efficient and responsive on time-sensitive instructions. Her technical expertise is clear from her advice, and she has a very logical approach.’  
Ian ThomasSix Pump Court ‘He is very client-friendly and unbelievably responsive, with excellent attention to detail.'
Carolina Bracken5 Paper Buildings 'A very formidable barrister in court.'
Nazeer ChowdhuryHenderson Chambers 'A junior with great commercial acumen.'
Lee FinchGough Square Chambers ‘Lee is dedicated, reliable, personable, and a real pleasure to work with.’
David HercockSix Pump Court ‘David is very good on the details and technical arguments.’
Stuart Jessop –Gough Square Chambers ‘Stuart is a go-to barrister for any regulatory case. Excellent on the papers and on his feet.’
Lia MosesHenderson Chambers ‘Lia's knowledge of consumer law is second to none.'
Kate UrellGough Square Chambers ‘Kate provides insightful, commercially focused advice on highly technical areas of law in a user-friendly manner.’

Consumer in London Bar

Gough Square Chambers

Gough Square Chambers is ‘a premier chambers for consumer law work‘. Jonathan Kirk KC is ‘a top-class silk‘ and David Travers KC is ‘an outstanding lawyer‘. Recent instructions for the team include Iain MacDonald acting as co-counsel in Soleymani v Nifty Gateway LLC, involving a challenge to the enforceability of the sale of NFT artwork by auction. The claim involved issues arising from conflict of laws and the applicability of the Consumer Rights Act 2015 to the transaction, as well as jurisdictional issues. Simon Popplewell is sought after for his expertise in advising on all aspects of the Consumer Credit Act 1974. Stuart Jessop joined the team in July 2023.


‘Jack Bradshaw is excellent – a real gem.’

‘Bob Weekes, Richard Bryant and Jack Bradshaw are very helpful.’

‘Jack Bradshaw is extremely easy to deal with. He is very efficient.’

‘The clerks’ room, well-led by Bob Weekes, is professional, responsive and knowledgeable.’

‘Chambers’ expertise in this area is beyond compare.’

‘Gough Square Chambers cannot be matched for consumer work. A long-term leader in the field. Quality throughout the set.’

‘Gough Square Chambers is the leading set for consumer work.’

The clerks are fantastic and provide a brilliant client focused service.’

Henderson Chambers

Henderson Chambers garners praise as a ‘leading set of consumer finance regulatory barristers‘, however members are instructed by local authorities, private individuals and government entities across a wide spectrum of consumer law work. Toby Riley-Smith KC is ‘incredibly diligent and hard-working; he puts in enormous effort to ensure that all aspects of the case have been thoroughly considered and that no points are forgotten‘. Henry Warwick KC is a specialist in consumer finance matters, and William Hibbert is very experienced in advising on consumer credit and consumer protection regulatory issues.


‘Joe Sutton is very hard working and does his best to accommodate urgent last minute instructions.’

‘Dan Kemp, Joanna Johnstone and Joe Sutton are excellent.’

‘Joe Sutton is a friendly and helpful presence. He is highly responsive and ready to offer alternative counsel when necessary.’

Talented barristers.’

Excellent in every way.’

Six Pump Court

Six Pump Court is well known for its expertise in handling regulatory matters, and fields a team with strength in advising on a broad range of consumer law issues. Mark Watson KC has a solid track record in prosecuting and defending in food safety cases, and Ian Thomas‘ ‘technical knowledge of the law on food safety and allergen labelling is excellent‘. Pascal Bates is a key name for environmental or safety-related consumer matters. David Hercock regularly defends national and multinational organisations against actions brought by regulatory bodies, such as the Food Standards Agency.


‘Richard Constable, Ryan Barrow and Michael Hearn are stand-out names.’

‘Michael Hearn works incredibly hard to provide an excellent service to all clients of the chambers.’

‘Richard Constable and Ryan Barrow are excellent.’

‘The service was excellent.’

‘The set is very knowledgeable on all regulatory matters.’

5 Paper Buildings

5 Paper Buildings' 'powerful consumer law group' is very experienced in handling prosecution and defence work, and has established strength in acting for and against regulatory entities. Miles Bennett is 'a consummate advocate, possessing courtroom flair, balanced judgement and shrewd persuasion in equal measure'. Andrew Johnson 'builds rapport with all within a court room' and 'has a strong, determined style of advocacy that the courts enjoy'. Charlene Sumnall has expertise in consumer rights law, and has particular strength in representing clients from the entertainment sector.


‘Dale Jones is a brilliant senior clerk.’

‘Dale Jones is first class and highly experienced.’

‘Dale Jones knows the practice inside out. A gem.’

‘A very strong set.’

A leading consumer law set.’