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Leading Silks

George Bompas KC4 Stone Buildings ‘George has an excellent legal brain, being able quickly to analyse large quantities of material and provide first-class advice on strategy and merits.’
John Brisby KC4 Stone Buildings ‘John is a ferocious cross-examiner and is on top of the details of a case very quickly.’
David Chivers KCErskine Chambers ‘One of the best company law barristers in the UK, but one who also has a strong social conscience, he works creatively to find strong legal arguments.’
Jonathan Crow KC4 Stone Buildings ‘An excellent advocate with an incredible ability to hold the attention of any judge, incisive and very hard working.’
Richard Hill KC4 Stone Buildings ‘A robust and engaging advocate who commands a courtroom, and an excellent tactician who gets to the heart of a case easily.’
Philip Marshall KCSerle Court ‘An incredibly quick wit and calm under pressure, Philip is a rare individual who combines a deep command of the law with an innate sense of the tactics needed to achieve the client's objectives.’
Martin Moore KCErskine Chambers ‘Martin combines an enormous brain with availability, pragmatism and a sense of humour, and he is very effective when presenting in court.’
Catherine Addy KCMaitland Chambers ‘Catherine is fantastic, a star, the perfect KC as she is great on her feet but also really immerses herself in the detail.’
David Allison KCSouth Square ‘David is extremely clear-minded in his advice, and a masterful advocate for his clients.’
Peter Arden KCErskine Chambers ‘Peter is an absolute guru in the field of insolvency and analyses proposed plans and arrangements from the ground up, starting from base principles.’
Anthony de Garr Robinson KCOne Essex Court ‘Anthony enjoys a mental challenge, his preparation, his advocacy is clear and compelling, he is a formidable litigator on the biggest shareholder disputes.’
Andreas Gledhill KCBlackstone Chambers 'Andreas is an extremely polished, considered advocate, who anticipates and disarms any bombs from the bench well before their fuses are lit.’
Lexa Hilliard KCWilberforce Chambers ‘Lexa is a true heavyweight, highly experienced, amazing with clients, a real fighter but with a real hard work ethic.’
Barry Isaacs KCSouth Square ‘Barry is exceptionally thorough in his preparation, his written advocacy is clear, direct and appropriately concise, and his oral advocacy is always perfectly measured.’
Nigel Jones KCGatehouse Chambers ‘Nigel is very thorough and very good at spotting points which can turn out to be significant.’
Daniel Lightman KCSerle Court ‘Daniel has exceptional experience in shareholder disputes and is incredibly creative, thinking outside the box and coming up with innovative solutions no one else thinks about.’
Stephen Moverley Smith KCXXIV Old Buildings ‘Stephen is a smooth operator whose written and oral advocacy is top-notch, and his calm demeanour is great when interacting with a judge.’
Terence Mowschenson KCWilberforce Chambers ‘With enormous experience in the area, Terry remains a go-to advisor and advocate on complex matters of corporate governance.’
James Potts KCErskine Chambers ‘James is extremely personable and there is almost nobody in the market with more knowledge of shareholder disputes than he has.’
Tom Smith KCSouth Square ‘Excellent responsiveness and technically amazing, he has a brilliant advocacy style, reads the court well and is highly persuasive.’
Alan Steinfeld KCXXIV Old Buildings ‘Marvellously bright, Alan commands respect in and out of court.’
Elspeth Talbot Rice KCXXIV Old Buildings ‘A superb advocate who is eloquent, concise, robust, client-friendly and commands the courtroom.’
Andrew Thompson KCErskine Chambers ‘Frankly masterful, Andrew has deep, deep knowledge of the law and issues surrounding shareholders' and directors' disputes, coupled with calm and persuasive advocacy.’
Andrew Thornton KCErskine Chambers ‘Andrew is a very effective advocate and a leader on transactional work who is a favourite among the leading corporate law firms.’
Michael Todd KCErskine Chambers ‘An excellent barrister with great commercial experience in arbitration, particularly when there is a company law issue.’
Francis Tregear KCXXIV Old Buildings ‘Francis provides precise advice and has an ability to cut through to the main issue.’
David Alexander KCSouth Square ‘David is just excellent, very responsive, positive, clever and calm, the judges love him and he is a client favourite.’
Mark Arnold KCSouth Square ‘Mark is thoughtful, considered and always able to back up with advice with authority, and he holds the court's attention well.’
Lance Ashworth KCSerle Court ‘Lance is very decisive, makes judgement calls and backs them up with hard work and ability.’ 
Stephen Atherton KCTwenty Essex ‘Technically excellent and perfectly suited for big-ticket work, Stephen is brilliant at explaining very complicated legal concepts to lawyers and clients.’
Daniel Bayfield KCSouth Square ‘Daniel is one of the stars of the insolvency Bar, excellent on his feet and able to deal with difficult points when they arise.’
Timothy Collingwood KCSerle Court ‘His technical ability is second to none, but what really sets him apart is how approachable and pragmatic he is.’
Edward Davies KCErskine Chambers ‘Ed is very user-friendly and responsive, and excellent at identifying creative and practical solutions to problems because he is on top of the detail.’
Andrew de Mestre KC4 Stone Buildings ‘Andrew is supremely intelligent, his written advice is clear and articulate, and he provides simple conclusions stripping out the irrelevant and expertly explaining the law.’
Blair Leahy KC – Twenty Essex ‘Blair is one of the most thorough, engaged and responsive silks in the London market, nothing escapes her attention and her ability to communicate in a concise and clear manner is singularly impressive.’
Edmund Nourse KCOne Essex Court ‘At ease with complex commercial litigation and high value arbitrations, he is a first choice for tricky matters.’
Marcia Shekerdemian KCWilberforce Chambers ‘A real powerhouse - technically brilliant and a great tactician who knows how to move cases forward.’
Felicity Toube KCSouth Square ‘Felicity is an absolutely fantastic advocate who brings a cool head and a laser-sharp focus to her practice, and is able to distil complex issues and really get to their core.’
Jonathan Adkin KCSerle Court ‘Jonathan is an incredible barrister, extremely hardworking and not afraid to get stuck in on substantive drafting, he is an absolute pleasure to work with.’
Mark Anderson KC - No5 Barristers' Chambers ‘A go-to counsel for large claims, he provides razor-sharp analysis and clarity in his advice.’
Andrew Ayres KC – Twenty Essex ‘Phenomenally bright, charming on his feet, and a fantastic team player, his judgement and instincts are second to none.’
James Bailey KCWilberforce Chambers ‘James is an outstanding advocate who has the ear of the bench from the moment he steps into the courtroom, and he is tactically brilliant.’
Michael Black KCXXIV Old Buildings ‘Michael is very experienced and procedurally rigorous, but fair.’
Hermann Boeddinghaus KC4 Stone Buildings ‘Hermann is a very astute and bright advocate, who produces top-notch work under intense time pressure and knows when to push the difficult points at a hearing.’
Edward Cumming KCXXIV Old Buildings ‘Ed is a total superstar and he no weak areas, so his advocacy is brilliant as is his service ethos.’
Michael Gibbon KCMaitland Chambers ‘Responsive, intelligent and charming, Michael is a superb operator who shows fantastic attention to detail and is able to distil difficult concepts.’
Thomas Grant KCWilberforce Chambers ‘Tom has no apparent weaknesses, showing an untiring attention to detail, and he is forceful yet amiable on his feet.’
Bridget Lucas KCFountain Court Chambers ‘Bridget's does exceptionally well in distilling years of background and complex legal principles - often with little precedent - and presenting them in a coherent and simple manner with conviction and precision.’
Max Mallin KCWilberforce Chambers ‘An outstanding leader, Max has a smooth manner and is a superb performer.’
William McCormick KCSelborne Chambers ‘William immediately identifies the key issues, focuses on them, charms and impresses judges in equal measure, and frequently makes fifty-fifty cases appear to be straightforward successes.’
David Mumford KCMaitland Chambers ‘David is an immensely intelligent and hardworking advocate who efficiently analyses complex legal issues and provides concise commercial solutions.’
Hugh Norbury KC - Serle Court ‘Technically brilliant, commercially savvy and exemplary with clients, Hugh’s fierce attention to detail and tireless work ethic mean he is an asset in any instruction.’
Stuart Ritchie KCFountain Court Chambers ‘Stuart is one of the current stars of the Bar – extremely intelligent, incredibly easy to get on with and having a genuine weight to his opinion and thoughts.’
Clare Stanley KCWilberforce Chambers ‘Clare is an impressive and forceful advocate, extremely quick-thinking on her feet and an excellent litigation strategist.’
Ben Valentin KCFountain Court Chambers ‘He is a top-notch strategist and advocate, with a clear, calm and direct style that is ruthlessly efficient.’

2022 Silks

Giles Richardson KCSerle Court ‘Extremely clever, charming and efficient. Clients have been very impressed with his clear advice and frequently ask that many re-instruct him.’
Stephen Robins KC - South Square ‘Intellectually at top of the game, he is a pleasure to watch on his feet, delivering legal arguments in his quietly unassuming but assured and persuasive manner.’

2023 Silks

Alexander Cook KC4 Stone Buildings ‘Alex is extremely thorough and also very hands on, and he grasps complex factual and legal issues with ease.’
Dan McCourt Fritz KCSerle Court ‘Dan is very bright and has a real will to win.'
Ben Shaw KCErskine Chambers ‘Ben is very approachable and works very well as part of a team. He explains complex matters very clearly.’
Ben Shaw KC – Erskine Chambers ‘Ben has a brain the size of a planet and has been around the block enough to know and anticipate both the legal fight and the strategy, and he is calm, trustworthy and seemingly unflappable.’

2024 Silks

James Sheehan KCEssex Court Chambers ‘James is very user-friendly and responsive, his written work is terrific, and his knowledge of conspiracy law in particular is encyclopaedic.’

Leading Juniors

Stuart AdairXXIV Old Buildings ‘Stuart has an encyclopaedic knowledge of the field and combines this will a polished but remorseless approach to litigation.’
Nigel DoughertyErskine Chambers ‘Nigel has a calm and measured manner, in-depth knowledge and experience of company law, and is sufficiently responsive and hardworking to ensure tight deadlines are met.’
Christopher Harrison4 Stone Buildings ‘Christopher’s attention to detail is fantastic, he has excellent forensic skills and his advocacy is balanced and impressive.’
Tina KyriakidesRadcliffe Chambers ‘Tina has encyclopaedic knowledge of company law and procedure, and her judicial work gives her an advantage over her competitors, especially tactically.’
David LascellesLittleton Chambers ‘Exceptionally bright, even amongst very sharp peers, he has a unique blend of street smarts and book smarts, which makes him a formidable barrister and a delight to work with.’
Niall McCullochEnterprise Chambers ‘Niall's written submissions are great and he is very user-friendly and willing to roll his sleeves up when necessary.’
Alex BardenFountain Court Chambers ‘Alex is brilliant on his feet, very accessible and his written work is always very compelling.’
David Eaton TurnerNew Square Chambers ‘David’s experience in company law matters is hard to match, and for tricky judgement calls in the field he is a go-to counsel.’
Ben GriffithsErskine Chambers ‘Ben is thorough, methodical, calm under pressure and thinks around every corner to give clear advice.’
Patrick HartyOne Essex Court ‘Patrick is really clever, strategic, and great on his feet, one of leading juniors on company law.’
Tiran Nersessian4 Stone Buildings ‘Tiran’s analytical skills are excellent, and his vast experience means that he is able to grasp essentials and interpret the fine detail of a matter whilst not losing sight of the bigger picture.’
Simon AdamykNew Square Chambers ‘Simon leaves no stone unturned; his advocacy is calm yet assertive, and he wins the day through intellect and mastery of the detail.’
Tom Braithwaite – Serle Court ‘A formidable advocate whose ability to cut to the chase on complex matters is highly valued and his written and oral advice is always clear and pragmatic.’
Christopher BuckleyRadcliffe Chambers ‘Chris is very meticulous and user-friendly, and a bona fide expert and a clear authority on the relevant case law.’
Sarah ClarkeGatehouse Chambers ‘Sarah’s strength is her ability to distil complex factual matrices into solid coherent and cogent arguments, and she is extremely pragmatic.’
Edward CohenEnterprise Chambers ‘A tremendous barrister, Edward is extremely bright, thorough and provides detailed advice and expertly drafted pleadings.’
Gregory Denton-Cox4 Stone Buildings ‘Greg is an excellent barrister, giving commercial advice underpinned by serious intellectual rigour and knowledge.’
David DrakeSerle Court ‘David is probably one of the smartest people at the Bar and is sought after for the most difficult issues that require super brain power.’
Stephen HoranErskine Chambers ‘A specialist in both company law and sanctions law, Stephen is the gold standard when it comes to technical issues concerning the ownership and control of companies.’
Simon JohnsonEnterprise Chambers ‘Simon works incredibly hard, his energy and stamina were notable, and his advocacy is calm, assured and robust.’
James Knott4 Stone Buildings ‘James has a very nice, calm, style of advocacy, and he is good at picking out only the key points and presenting well to the judge.’
Hugh MiallXXIV Old Buildings ‘Hugh is an exceptional advocate, technically excellent, friendly, responsive, pragmatic and willing to go above and beyond.’
Matthew MorrisonSerle Court ‘Smart, dependable and very happy to roll up his sleeves, Matthew has an uncanny ability to call the outcome correctly from the outset.’
Rebecca PageMaitland Chambers ‘Succinct and precise in her advocacy, Rebecca is unquestionably a leading junior, very thorough and will go the extra mile to achieve the best outcome for the client.’
Elizabeth WeaverXXIV Old Buildings ‘Very bright, persuasive and detailed, Elizabeth has a broad range of skills which she adapts ably to all manner of cases.’
Geoffrey ZelinEnterprise Chambers ‘Geoffrey provides very good commercial advice and is very good on his feet.’ 
Paul AdamsSerle Court ‘Superb in every respect, his ability to process vast amounts of complex information and to cut through it to give clear, correct advice is dazzling.’
Sri CarmichaelWilberforce Chambers ‘A ferocious intellect, laser-like attention to detail and a trojan-like work ethic, Sri is a super junior destined to be a super silk.’
Tom Gentleman4 Stone Buildings ‘Tom is an exceptionally strong lawyer, and a fantastic team player whose written advocacy is well structured, clear and persuasive.’
Alexander HalbanLittleton Chambers ‘Alexander is extremely bright and analyses even the most complex of problems quickly and incisively, and his advocacy is well thought out and persuasive.’
Mark HubbardNew Square Chambers ‘Mark is highly skilled technically, offers pragmatic advice, and clients appreciate his experience and diligence.’
Donald Lilly4 Stone Buildings ‘Donald is very user-friendly, works well as part of a team and is highly regarded by clients, as he excels in all aspects of his work – research, drafting and oral advocacy.’
Jonathan LopianNew Square Chambers ‘Jonathan’s attention and quest for every item of detail is astonishing and he can demonstrate a case to the judge very efficiently and thoroughly.’
Sam O’LearyOne Essex Court ‘Sam is extremely clever and able to focus on what is important to achieve the best possible outcome for the case.’
Matthew ParfittErskine Chambers ‘Matthew has forensic skills and is very bright, calm and reassuring for clients.’
Adrian PayNew Square Chambers ‘He has a complete grasp and measure of English company law.’
Jack RivettErskine Chambers ‘Jack is an absolute superstar who can provide insightful, commercial and above all correct advice time and again.’
Alastair Tomson4 Stone Buildings ‘Alastair has a clinical drafting style that is naturally persuasive and inherently logical, and he keeps a very clear and calm head in even the most heavily fought litigation.’
Daniel WarentsXXIV Old Buildings ‘Unbelievably quick, clever, and tactically brilliant, Daniel is a very able and talented barrister who shows great judgement, sound research and good humour.’
William WillsonSouth Square ‘William is a great operator – he has the confidence and skills of a KC, and a great commercial sense without compromising his pure legal knowledge.’
Gregory Pipe - Monckton Chambers 'Very bright with an excellent knowledge of the Companies Act and surrounding case law, he is a truly capable court advocate and a great strategist.'
Andrew BlakeErskine Chambers ‘Andrew is great to work with, considered and commercial in his approach.’
Harris BorTwenty Essex ‘Harris is approachable and incredibly user-friendly, as well as bright and across the legal issues.’
Stephen Brown - Wilberforce Chambers ‘Stephen is a very measured barrister and is able to cut through the complexities of a matter.’
Fraser CampbellBlackstone Chambers ‘Fraser is the consummate advocate, politely withering in court, backed up by a quite exceptional intellect.’
Thomas EliasSerle Court ‘Thomas has a strikingly good eye for detail and his advocacy is perfectly judged, never overplaying a point but always pressing the point home until it lands.’
Daria Gleyze - Three Stone ‘Exceptionally hardworking, very bright and very strong on the law, Daria has very good attention to detail and is able to articulate the issues succinctly.’  
Kavan Gunaratna Enterprise Chambers ‘Kavan has a huge intellect and is really impressive to watch in court.’
Emma HargreavesSerle Court ‘Emma is very bright and a superb barrister who produces fine written work remarkably quickly, has an excellent understanding of procedural and legal issues, and develops a rapid understanding of the facts.’
Daniel Lewis - Wilberforce Chambers ‘Daniel is not only technically astute but very commercially minded, and his advocacy is engaging, thoughtful, well-toned and effective.’
Anna Lintner - 39 Essex Chambers ‘A real star who has outstanding technical ability and enviable advocacy skills that are a match for any opposing counsel.’
Alec McCluskeyMaitland Chambers ‘Incredibly bright and a delight to work with, Alec is an outstanding advocate who goes above and beyond.’
Simon McLoughlinSelborne Chambers ‘Simon consistently delivers the highest standard of work, is effective at quickly getting to the root of a problem, and is very client-friendly.’
Justin Perring - New Square Chambers ‘Justin has an exceptionally analytical brain, is good in persuading judges, and provides comprehensive advice.’
Anna ScharnetzkyErskine Chambers ‘Anna is a skilled and highly competent junior who can assimilate a huge amount of information in a short space of time and cut through straight to the core issues.’
Timothy SherwinXXIV Old Buildings ‘Timothy is clever, thorough and tenacious.’
Chantelle StayningsErskine Chambers ‘Charismatic and smart, Chantelle grasps the brief quickly and argues cases with grace, good humour and steely determination.’

Rising Stars

Emma Horner4 Stone Buildings ‘Emma is extremely charming, incredibly sharp, very thorough and all over the detail, and she has a strong commercial sense.’
Zara McGlone4 Stone Buildings ‘Undoubtedly a future star of the Bar, Zara is incredibly sharp, extremely charming and her knowledge of company law is impeccable.’
Conor McLaughlin - Erskine Chambers ‘With close attention to detail, he really goes the extra mile and takes time to  prepare comprehensive advice.’
Samuel Parsons - Erskine Chambers ‘Exceptionally bright with an eye to detail, papers are turned around with lightning speed.

Company in London Bar

Erskine Chambers

Erskine Chambers is ‘renowned, deservedly, as the go-to set for complicated corporate law questions’ and ‘a top set for company law disputes with a good selection of barristers at various levels’. Among the set’s many prominent silks is David Chivers KC, who recently handled an appeal to the Privy Council from Antigua to consider the power of directors to enter into poison pill arrangements at common law in IGlobe v Sinovac. Opposing counsel in that case were the set’s own James Potts KC and Andrew BlakeMartin Moore KC, who is widely recognised as a leading voice on transactional matters, advised GSK on contentious issues arising from the demerger of its consumer healthcare division to Haleon plc, and handled a high-value appraisal action in Bermuda on behalf of Jardine Matheson Group. Turning to the set’s juniors, Nigel Dougherty recently acted for directors of the owner of London’s Wolseley restaurant in successfully resisting an injunction sought by MI Squared that would have prevented a proposed £38m rescue package. Mary Stokes has retired from practice.


‘All of the clerks I have dealt with are helpful and friendly, especially Seamus Nixon.’

‘They are all excellent, they know their barristers and the court and are easy to deal with.’

‘The clerks are a delight to work with – the set is smaller than some of the other bigger sets and well served by the clerks who know their team well.’

‘Responsive, helpful and easy to work with. Special mention to Alex Calder.’

‘The clerks are responsive, efficient, and easy to deal with.’

‘Renowned, deservedly, as the go to set for complicated corporate law questions.’

‘Erskine are the go-to set for company work. They have a relatively small team but a good range of juniors. They offer a useful programme of webinars.’

‘Small but perfectly formed. It’s no wonder they are top of the tree and on speed dial when it comes to corporate law. Litigators love the enthusiasm of the barristers to go into court; corporate transaction lawyers love the forensic analysis of the law that enables them to make ‘bet the company’ decisions.’

Work highlights

4 Stone Buildings

4 Stone Buildings ‘has incredible ability at all years of call’, and one client remarks that it is ‘a leading set for company law and provides top-class service’. Jonathan Crow KC frequently appears in Court of Appeal, Supreme Court and Privy Council cases, a recent example being his work for Jardine Matheson group of companies in a multimillion-dollar appraisal claim brought by investors concerning a substantial corporate reorganisation of the holding company. Among the juniors, Christopher Harrison is a recognised expert in shareholder disputes – in Laxmi BNS Holdings Limited he handled a seven-week trial arising from four connected proceedings concerning the ownership and control of one of the UK’s biggest pharmaceutical suppliers, the B&S Group.


‘Clerks are excellent and always find a way to make it happen, whatever the constraints, time pressures or diary difficulties.’

‘The clerks are uniformly excellent, approachable and available. Ryan Tunkel in particular is a real asset to the set.’

‘Ryan Tunkel is highly responsive and easy to work with.’

‘The service level of the clerks’ room is second to none. They’re highly responsive, professional and always on hand to assist when required.’

‘Great clerks room. Very on top of it and a pleasure to work with. Ben Lashmar and Ryan Tunkel stand out.’

‘For a small set they are undoubtedly the market leaders in all company disputes. They have incredible ability at all years of call.’

‘Our go-to set for this kind of work. There is strength in depth at the junior counsel level and the set attracts well-rounded individuals. Always a pleasure to work with them.’

‘Leading set for company law which is widely used with our firm and has been for many years. Top-class service.’

Maitland Chambers

At Maitland Chambers, company work is a mainstay of the practice, whether domestic or cross-border, and members are frequently active in complex shareholder disputes, unfair prejudice petitions, and claims for breach of fiduciary duty. The set has some standout silks, among them Matthew Collings KC, who successfully defended directors in a multimillion-pound claim for breach of fiduciary duty, TMO Renewables v Yeo - after a lengthy trial it was concluded that defendant had acted in bad faith but had caused the insolvent claimants no loss, so dismissed the claim, and an appeal over costs for one of five defendants was dismissed. Another prominent silk is Christopher Parker KC, who led the defence of a director in Traded Life Policies Ltd v Leach, which concerned alleged dishonest breach of fiduciary duty. Catherine Addy KC recently acted for the respondents to a long-running shareholders’ unfair prejudice petition concerning a large-scale national security company and serious allegations of breach of duty and fraud.

Work highlights

Serle Court

Serle Court is highly-respected for its work on company law litigation, particularly offshore matters, and it has a deep bench of talent at both junior and silk levels. It is ‘one of the most comprehensive commercial Chancery sets in the UK’, and clients remark that it is ‘exceptionally strong, flexible and collaborative, and consistently brilliant’. Philip Marshall KC recently worked with Guernsey advocates for the claimant liquidators of an international construction company in a claim exceeding $1bn for fraudulent trading and conspiracy to defraud. Daniel Lightman KC, who is frequently instructed on many leading and cutting-edge company law and minority shareholder cases, is another standout silk. Tom Braithwaite, who is acting for the defendant in a shareholder dispute concerning the ownership of a hospital, and David Drake are among the vastly experienced senior juniors.


‘In my view the Serle Court clerks room is outstanding, with a culture developed over the last few decades by Steve Whitaker, who retired as Head Clerk in April 2023 after 48 years at the set. Nick Hockney is an experienced clerk who develops an excellent rapport with solicitors, Daniel Wheeler is bright and responsive and Charlie Payne is a risking star as a clerk.’

‘Serle Court has excellent strength in depth, and the clerks consistently go above and beyond to ensure they can identify available counsel.’

‘The clerks are excellent and provide very good service. Make themselves available and ensure they deliver wherever possible. Also very commercial in approach. Nick Hockney, Dan Wheeler and Emma Quin are particularly good.’

‘The Serle Court clerks are excellent. Their mindset is solutions-focused and they are great to deal with over quotes, availability etc; personable and sensible. I have dealt with a range of clerks at the set and have been impressed by all.’

‘Nick Hockney offers great service. He is commercial, user-friendly and extremely responsive.’

‘Serle is a great set with very good depth.’

‘Serle Court are an exceptionally strong set. They are decisive but also flexible and collaborative, consistently brilliant, and I would highly recommend them in this area.’

‘Serle Court remains the friendliest set out there, but also a highly capable one.’

South Square

South Square is perhaps best known for insolvency and restructuring work in the corporate field, but members are frequently involved in high-value directors duties cases and other matters concerning the intricacies of company law, including having status of ‘the go-to set for offshore insolvency work’ with ‘a strong company practice, including incredible strength in depth’. David Alexander KC is currently acting for Incredible Power in a high-value shareholder litigation concerning claims of unfair prejudice, just and equitable winding-up, breach of fiduciary duty and conspiracy. David Allison KC’s strong company law practice saw him lead the counsel team for Nostrum Oil and Gas plc in a matter that raises novel issues concerning the impact of sanctions arising from the war in Ukraine. William Willson is a highly regarded senior-junior commercial Chancery practitioner.


‘The clerks at South Square provide an excellent service.’

‘Good sensible clerking with reasonable fees. Chris Filby is very helpful and responsive and no nonsense or exaggerated brief fees that need to be heavily negotiated.’

‘The clerks at South Square are excellent. They are highly professional, yet accommodating to commercial needs and practicalities. They are a pleasure to work with. Of particular note are Dylan Playfoot and Marco Malatesta.’

‘Without a doubt my favourite clerks room. Pragmatic, commercial, reasonable, friendly, responsive, flexible. Everything that you could wish for. Dylan Playfoot and Marco Malatesta stand out but all are excellent.’

‘Clerks are fast and helpfully reactive. One can be open with them about the client’s needs and will be dealt with effectively and professionally.’

‘It is the go-to set for offshore insolvency work.’

‘South Square is unquestionably the top chambers for restructuring and insolvency, with a strong company practice, including incredible strength in depth.’

‘There are some truly excellent juniors coming up through the ranks and still several Silks at the top of their game.’

Work highlights

Wilberforce Chambers

Wilberforce Chambers has ‘strength-in-depth in all areas to the highest standard’ for insolvency and company law matters. The set has ‘a wide range of amazing juniors all the way up to the KCs, but particularly a phenomenal stable of mid-level juniors – you can’t go wrong’. Members are sought after for both domestic and cross-border company law work, including financial assistance, shareholder disputes and directors’ duties matters. Lexa Hilliard KC recently acted for the defendant in Titanium Capital Investments Limited, Philip Falzon Sant Manduca & Others v. Jonathan Hughes, Hughes Group Limited & Others, a high-value dispute between former partners of a business selling Covid tests. In Re Zaha Hadid, the vastly experienced Terence Mowschenson KC conducted an inquiry into corporate governance at the architectural practice of the late Dame Zaha Hadid. In 2022, the set recruited Thomas Grant KC from Maitland Chambers, who handled Wells v Hornshaw, Re Transwaste Aggregates for the claimants, which resulted in a fifteen-day High Court trial in respect of an unfair prejudice petition. Outstanding junior Sri Carmichael is frequently instructed on s.994 unfair prejudice petitions and breach of directors’ duty claims.


‘Andrew Barnes, Fraser Geddes and Danny Smillie all deserve special mention for their excellence and are genuinely a pleasure to deal with. The clerking team as a whole is fantastic and very easy to use. They are open and honest in their dealings, are approachable and genuinely nice people.’

‘Antonia Matthew is very helpful and good. She knows her job very well.’

‘The clerks provide all the support you could reasonably expect. Danny Smillie has been a great help over the years in recommending particular counsel and assisting whenever required.’

‘Fabulous trustworthy clerks who really understand the service and how to deal with solicitors. Andrew Barnes, Fraser Geddes and Antonia Matthew are all really good at their jobs.’

‘User-friendly, accessible and flexible. Everything you should expect from a modern set is there.’

‘A pleasure to work with from the clerks to the counsel. Always looking to assist wherever they can. Counsel is always available to assist. A wide range of amazing juniors all the way up to the KCs.’

‘The set contains a high number of highly skilled and effective barristers.’

‘Strength-in-depth in all areas to the highest standard.’

Work highlights

XXIV Old Buildings

XXIV Old Buildings is ‘the supreme set for trust and commercial work and anything offshore, with an excellent roster of counsel at all levels’. The set has built a solid reputation for company law work, which typically arises from its highly regarded practices in Chancery and offshore matters. Head of chambers Elspeth Talbot Rice KC remains a standout silk for domestic and cross-border company matters. Stephen Moverley Smith KC’s highlights include long-running case Re Genmar Resources Ltd, concerning winding up and unfair prejudice claims in relation to an oil trading business, with allegations of asset misappropriation. Stuart Adair remains a standout junior in this field, his recent work including unfair prejudice proceedings for the claimant in Excess Reserves Limited v Patel and others.


‘The chambers and their clerks always have a good range and availability of Counsel.’

‘Paul Horsfield is doing a great job since taking over. He is very responsive and commercial.’

‘The XXIV clerks are practical and commercial, with a keen eye on the market.’

‘The clerks are all very responsive – particularly Paul Horsfield.’

‘Always helpful, easy to come to an agreement on fees.’

‘XXIV remain the supreme set for trust and commercial work and anything offshore. With an excellent roster of counsel at all levels, you know you will get good quality work and that junior/newbie barristers will be well-supported.’

‘Great set, packed with great performers.’

‘XXIV Chambers continues to offer a great range of experience and specialisms across the Commercial and Commercial Chancery disputes. I always enjoy working with its barristers, who are down to earth but with superb depth in their respective areas, which often includes ones that are otherwise hard to find the right expertise in.’

Work highlights

Enterprise Chambers

Enterprise Chambers is ‘strong for company disputes and insolvency’ and clients regard it as ‘a very friendly set with a real team spirit’. Members cover all aspects of litigation and advisory work involving companies, directors and shareholders, including unfair prejudice claims, derivative actions, claims against directors and directors’ disqualification matters. Top-rated junior Niall McCulloch was recently instructed in Bouchier, Williams and Bell (Liquidators of Tiuta International) v Booth and Nicholas, on behalf of the liquidators of an insolvent company, regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, regarding a £70m fraud perpetrated on an unregulated investment fund and its investors. The ‘fiercely intelligentSimon Johnson is also sought after for cross-border disputes.


‘The clerks are excellent, and particular mention goes to Michael Ireland, Raj Lamba and Kenya Mendoza. They are quick to respond and very helpful, although Simon Johnson was quite happy to correspond directly.’

‘The clerks are very on the ball and efficient and Michael Ireland is really excellent.’

‘Accommodating and responsive clerks. They’re always there to help.’

‘Efficient and pleasant to deal with from my experience.’

‘Enterprise Chambers is strong for company disputes and insolvency.’

‘Enterprise is a very friendly set with a real team spirit. There are excellent barristers at all levels, but some of the senior juniors are hidden gems and exceptionally good.’

‘Enterprise is an excellent set, with strength in depth, and a variety of counsel who can make themselves available.’

‘Affable and approachable chambers with a variety of people to instruct for different years of call.’

Work highlights

New Square Chambers

At New Square Chambers, ‘counsel is always available at short notice’ and clients describe a ‘very friendly and reliable set with strong legal knowledge and a hands-on approach’. The set has ‘very strong corporate capability and excellent strength and depth’ for both contentious and advisory matters. Robin Hollington KC led Simon Adamyk in Process Holdings Ltd v Lismore Capital Ltd, a high-value unfair prejudice, breach of warranty and fraudulent misrepresentation claim, in which a BVI joint venture company sought to enforce a multibillion-dollar arbitration award against a sovereign state.


‘The clerks are very proactive and capable. They run chambers very well and from an administrative perspective they manage case loads very well. I predominantly deal with Michelle Green, who even as a junior clerk was extremely capable and efficient.’

‘Cameron Grant was very responsive and I find him very easy to work with.’

‘Exceptional – Charlie Sherwood in particular gives first-class service.’

‘Charlie Sherwood is Brilliant – very knowledgeable, reliable and friendly. He is always willing to go the extra mile to assist.’

‘Excellent service from the entire team. Charlie Sherwood and Nathan Hitchman stand out in particular.’

‘Chambers have a very strong corporate capability and are my go-to set for corporate law issues; contentious and non-contentious. Aligned to this is a strong capability on insolvency related issues.’

New Square Chambers is an excellent set, who we regularly turn to for assistance on a range of offshore matters.’

‘Excellent strength and depth with juniors filling gaps.’

Work highlights