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Leading Silks

George Bompas KC4 Stone Buildings ‘His strengths are many, although the key one is the provision of sound, well-thought out commercial advice.’
John Brisby KC4 Stone Buildings 'He's a fighter and not afraid to ruffle feathers or be unpopular: he has the ear of the court.'
David Chivers KCErskine Chambers 'David is an outstanding company law barrister. He provides his clients with detailed knowledge of the law and practical analysis.'
Jonathan Crow KC - 4 Stone Buildings 'If you can get him, he is the one you want.'
Richard Hill KC - 4 Stone Buildings 'Excellent judgment and great courtroom manner that combines forensic precision with a robust approach.'
Philip Jones KCSerle Court 'Brilliant brain. Always knows the answer. Always on top of the detail.'
Martin Moore KCErskine Chambers 'Martin is a market leader in company law work. He has enormous experience and knowledge.'
Michael Todd KCErskine Chambers 'Strength in finding solutions to difficult questions and navigating carefully through case law.'
David Allison KCSouth Square 'An exceptionally strong advocate and his experience of acting on schemes of arrangement and restructuring plans is pretty much unparalleled in the market.'
Peter Arden KCErskine Chambers 'Peter is extremely knowledgeable and very thorough.'
Andreas Gledhill KCBlackstone Chambers 'First class advocate. Speaks with outstanding structure and authority.'
Lexa Hilliard KCWilberforce Chambers 'Lexa is a superb lawyer, she is very easy to work with and her written product is very good indeed.'
Barry Isaacs KCSouth Square 'Razor sharp cross examiner. He is like a human calculator when it comes to numbers.'
Nigel Jones KCGatehouse Chambers 'As pragmatic a lawyer as he is a fabulous intellect.'
Philip Marshall KCSerle Court 'Brilliant in court - someone you always want on your side.'
Stephen Moverley Smith KCXXIV Old Buildings 'Stephen has been doing BVI work for over two decades. He knows the law and procedure inside out.'
Terence Mowschenson KCWilberforce Chambers 'Terry is a legend; tenacious, creative and great fun to work with.'
Alan Steinfeld KCXXIV Old Buildings 'Simply one of the best.'
Elspeth Talbot Rice KCXXIV Old Buildings 'Very strong advocate, excellent with clients and cuts through complexity to get to the core.'
Francis Tregear KCXXIV Old Buildings 'Great and clear advocate. Very commercial. Extraordinary mind and very focused.'
Catherine Addy KCMaitland Chambers ‘Catherine is a complete barrister. She works incredibly hard, is enormously clever and is a fantastic advocate.’
David Alexander KCSouth Square 'Responsive, down to earth, works well in a team, clients like him and easy to work with.'
Mark Arnold KCSouth Square ‘Mark is one of the most senior and experienced company/insolvency Silks at the bar.’
Stephen Atherton KCTwenty Essex 'Able to explain the law in a very straightforward and simple way, both orally and in writing.'
Daniel Bayfield KCSouth Square 'One of the most user friendly barristers and is exceptionally bright but able to articulate his points in a way that is understood and grounded.'
Michael Black KCXXIV Old Buildings 'Clever and well prepared.'
Daniel Lightman KCSerle Court 'Daniel has an exceptional attention to detail. He was able to analyse claims and petitions and spot weaknesses others would miss.'
Edmund Nourse KCOne Essex Court 'Forthright and fearless. Charming client manners and extremely knowledgeable.'
James Potts KCErskine Chambers 'James is intelligent, extremely diligent and knows the file extremely well. A star for the future!'
Marcia Shekerdemian KCWilberforce Chambers 'Marcia is thorough, clear and precise.'
Tom Smith KCSouth Square 'Tom has a great client manner and is very easy to work with.'
Andrew Thompson KCErskine Chambers 'Extremely intelligent and excellent feel for the strengths and merits of a case.'
Andrew Thornton KCErskine Chambers ‘He picks up on concepts very quickly and delivers concise and extremely practical advice, underpinned by significant personal experience.’
Felicity Toube KCSouth Square 'She is an intellectual heavyweight and her commercial nous is second to none.'
Jonathan Adkin KCSerle Court 'Jonathan has a detailed knowledge of shareholder appraisal jurisprudence and has an uncanny ability to distil and apply complicated legal principles to the detailed facts of a particular case.'
James Bailey KCWilberforce Chambers 'James has great attention to detail, he is very clear in dealing with clients and is not afraid to take the lead in cases.'
Gregory Banner KCMaitland Chambers 'Forensic to the core. Clients like his easy manner but underneath he is prepared for war and always on top of his brief.'
Timothy Collingwood KCSerle Court 'Tim has great attention to detail, he throws all of his energy and significant intellect into the case.'
Edward Cumming KCXXIV Old Buildings ‘An absolute star performer.’
Edward Davies KCErskine Chambers 'Very good technical lawyer with strong sense of tactics.'
Glen Davis KCSouth Square 'Strengths: work ethic, availability, approachability, persuasiveness.'
Andrew de Mestre KC4 Stone Buildings ‘The man’s a legend. Strong attention to detail and genuine care with clients.’
Lyndsey de Mestre KCXXIV Old Buildings 'Extremely well prepared, very efficient, drafts beautifully and has a brilliant manner.'
Michael Gibbon KCMaitland Chambers 'Cuts to the chase immediately. Very considered and clear thinking.'
Thomas Grant KCMaitland Chambers 'Tom is a superb advocate, straight from the top drawer.'
Blair Leahy KCTwenty Essex 'Blair is very user friendly. She interacts well with clients and fits easily into the advisory team on matters.'
Bridget Lucas KCFountain Court Chambers 'Incredibly thorough and meticulous!'
Max Mallin KCWilberforce Chambers 'Max is an expert in company law issues and able to operate at the intersection with commercial litigation, where he is equally at home.'
William McCormick KCSelborne Chambers ‘William is a phenomenal KC. A mixture of legal giant and rottweiler with a personality all rolled into one!’
David Mumford KCMaitland Chambers 'David has a very strong legal brain and a measured advocacy style which is highly effective.'
Stuart Ritchie KCFountain Court Chambers 'Stuart is exceptionally able, even by the standards of heavyweight company-law barristers.'
Clare Stanley KC - Wilberforce Chambers 'Her tactical and thorough approach is a massive asset and her judgment is spot on.'
Ben Valentin KCFountain Court Chambers 'Very clear advice - brilliant analysis which is always to the point.'
John Wardell KCWilberforce Chambers 'John is exceptional at client management and also at cross examination.'

2021 Silks

Hermann Boeddinghaus KC - 4 Stone Buildings 'Hermann is an excellent advocate who never misses a detail.'

2022 Silks

Thomas Munby KC - Maitland Chambers 'Thomas is very thorough and across the detail (both factual and the law).'
Giles Richardson KCSerle Court 'Giles is a calm head in a storm, navigating the perils of big ticket litigation with thoughtfulness and expertise.'

2023 Silks

Alexander Cook KC - 4 Stone Buildings 'He is a brilliant advocate, being extremely quick on his feet and immaculately prepared.'
Ruth den Besten KCEssex Court Chambers 'Very cool calm and incisive advocacy. Always on top of her brief.'
Dan McCourt Fritz KCSerle Court ‘Dan is a robust advocate who fights the client’s corner and who inspires confidence from the client and the tribunal.’
Ben Shaw KC - Erskine Chambers 'Ben is very approachable and works very well as part of a team. He explains complex matters very clearly.'

Leading Juniors

Stuart AdairXXIV Old Buildings 'He is very knowledgeable in this area and methodical in the presentation of his case which quickly gains the confidence of the court.'
Christopher Harrison - 4 Stone Buildings 'Impressive attention to detail and knowledge of company law.'
Tina Kyriakides - Radcliffe Chambers 'To use a sporting metaphor, Tina "leaves everything on the field". No barrister will prepare harder or argue more passionately for their client's case.'
Niall McCullochEnterprise Chambers 'He provides sound and pragmatic advice and is a pleasure to work with.'
Nigel DoughertyErskine Chambers ‘Nigel is very bright and tenacious. He is invested in the client’s case and works hard to ensure its success.’
David Eaton TurnerNew Square Chambers ‘There will be few who have a better grasp of the chancery jurisdiction and his careful and measured assessments are sound and greatly valued by clients.’
Ben Griffiths - Erskine Chambers 'Very hard working and wholly reliable.'
David Lascelles - Littleton Chambers 'David is a star; he is has an excellent technical command of complex matter and a keen eye for tactics which gives him the edge over other more senior counsel.'
Tiran Nersessian4 Stone Buildings ‘His expertise and experience in relation to company directors disqualification proceedings is invaluable.’
Simon Adamyk - New Square Chambers 'Simon is able to master the most complex and involved legal documents, and his drafting is absolutely superb.'
Alex Barden - Fountain Court Chambers 'Razor-sharp mind and a tenacious fighter. You definitely want him on your side.'
Christopher Buckley - Radcliffe Chambers 'Authoritative, clear and insightful. He brings superb intelligence and advocacy skills.'
Sarah ClarkeGatehouse Chambers ‘Sarah is wonderful and composed in the court room knowing when to use her tone and language to emphasise to the judge the real issues.’
Gregory Denton-Cox4 Stone Buildings ‘He knows company law inside out, is ruthlessly well prepared and knows exactly how to read the court.’
David DrakeSerle Court 'Outstanding ability and one of the smartest people around.'
Paul Greenwood4 Stone Buildings 'Excellent analytical skills, tactical awareness and drafting qualities.'
Patrick HartyOne Essex Court ‘Patrick is extremely clear minded and gives excellent advice.’
Stephen Horan - Erskine Chambers 'Real strengths are attention to detail, responsiveness and availability combined with acute commercial awareness.'
James Knott - 4 Stone Buildings 'He is very clear in his advice, provides well supported and reasoned solutions.'
Hugh Miall - XXIV Old Buildings 'Excellent technical ability, and timely pragmatic advice.'
Matthew Morrison - Serle Court 'He is a robust and confident advocate, who is not afraid to put forward a position with vigour.'
Rebecca Page - Maitland Chambers 'Rebecca is clever, organised and responsive. She inspires confidence in clients.'
James Sheehan - Essex Court Chambers 'He is seriously clever but doesn't let that get in the way of planning a good commercial strategy through to the right solution.'
Elizabeth WeaverXXIV Old Buildings 'Advises across a broad range of Chancery and commercial matters. No nonsense but very good with clients.'
Paul Adams - Serle Court 'He is extraordinarily bright, yet never anything other than easy and straightforward to deal with. His advocacy is lucid and persuasive.'
Tom Braithwaite  – Serle Court ‘His written advice is always excellent and his advocacy is robust and very effective.’
Mark HubbardNew Square Chambers 'Devilishly clever and great to work with too.'
Benjamin John - Maitland Chambers 'Incredibly bright and entirely dedicated to the cause.'
Simon Johnson - Enterprise Chambers 'Very bright, grasps issues quickly and pleads them well but succinctly.'
Jonathan Lopian - New Square Chambers 'Jonathan is a fantastic junior. He is highly technical and has a meticulous eye for detail and is highly commercial and innovative in his approach to cases.'
Sam O’LearyOne Essex Court ‘Extremely responsive and an effective strategist.’
Matthew Parfitt - Erskine Chambers 'Precision of thought, attention to detail, personability, clarity of expression and excellent both on paper and in person.'
Jack RivettErskine Chambers ‘Very intelligent but also a real team player. Willing to get into the detail and very good judgment.’
Alastair Tomson - 4 Stone Buildings 'Very commercial and pragmatic in his advice. Sees the bigger picture clearly and offers excellent strategic input.'
Harris Bor - Twenty Essex 'Unflustered, logical, reading the judge well and anticipating what the judge requires focus on.'
Fraser Campbell - Blackstone Chambers 'Fraser is extremely calm and understated most of the time, but is capable of fiery and powerful advocacy when the occasion demands it.'
Sri CarmichaelWilberforce Chambers ‘Packages first class knowledge of the law with commercial nous to give brilliant advice.’
Thomas Elias - Serle Court 'He's a real expert on company law. He's very user-friendly, bright and pleasant to deal with.'
Rosanna FoskettMaitland Chambers 'Rosanna is very impressive: hard-working, thorough and bright.'
Alexander Halban - Littleton Chambers 'Alexander has extreme attention to detail and is extremely helpful.'
Emma Hargreaves - Serle Court 'Emma has no weaknesses. She will find the correct answer to the most difficult legal issues.'
Donald Lilly - 4 Stone Buildings 'Donald is a first rate senior junior.'
Alec McCluskeyMaitland Chambers 'Alec is good on the detail and impressive on his feet. A very capable pair of hands.'
Simon McLoughlin - Selborne Chambers 'Client friendly with good attention to detail.'
Anna Scharnetzky - Erskine Chambers 'Anna is very thorough and can be relied upon to pick up and challenge constructively inconsistences or omissions in an argument.'
Chantelle Staynings - Erskine Chambers 'Very responsive, gives clear advice, identifies any potential problems and provides solutions.'
Daniel Warents - XXIV Old Buildings 'Daniel is a very confident and clever advocate, equally at home with cross examination or submissions.'
William Willson - South Square 'Astute, commercial, very clever and excellent drafting.'

Rising Stars

Emma Horner4 Stone Buildings 'Emma combines a grasp of the detail and relevant issues with an ability to place this within the wider strategy.'

Company in London Bar

Erskine Chambers

Undoubtedly top of the league in company law, from the silks down to the juniors‘, Erskine Chambers are the standout set, housing members that cover the range of both litigation and transactional matters. The set were unsurprisingly a key player across various of the market trends this year, one notable area being contested schemes of arrangement. A particular highlight in that respect saw David Chivers KC leading Andrew Blake in hedge fund HBK’s opposition to Caesars Entertainment’s acquisition of William Hill. Martin Moore KC acted on the opposite side in that case and is, along with Chivers, routinely instructed on the highest stakes cases spanning multiple jurisdictions. Michael Todd KC specialises in contentious and transactional advice on company law in the UK and internationally, whereas Peter Arden KC‘s practice has more of an insolvency and restructuring focus. Experienced company and finance litigation expert David Mabb KC is another name to note, and Andrew Thompson KC has a standout practice in both LLP law and shareholder disputes, including representing the five non-executive directors of Carillion in defending directors disqualification proceedings. Experienced senior junior Catherine Roberts also has vast experience in shareholder disputes in England and offshore, and Nigel Dougherty is another highly regarded senior figure.



‘They have a great range of excellent counsel, particularly in the company law field.’

‘Erskine Chambers are the go-to Chambers for company law advice.’

‘Erskine are absolutely top drawer when it comes to corporate matters. A first port of call for complicated corporate type litigation.’

‘Erskine are undoubtedly top of the league in company law, from the silks down to the juniors, and exceptionally well clerked.’

‘The leading company law set with unrivalled strength in depth – a wealth of talent and experience.’


‘Very good indeed. Exceptional service from Chris Reade and Michael Shillingford.’

Serle Court

A wealth of talented barristers at Serle Court excel across the breadth of company law cases but it is in offshore litigation that the set has a particularly stellar reputation. Philip Jones KC is one of the most sought-after names formatters arising in China and Hong Kong; he currently acts for Trina Solar in a Cayman litigation concerning its de-listing from the New York Stock Exchange. Jonathan Adkin KC is a further key figure in offshore company litigation, while Dan McCourt Fritz KC had a standout 2021 in the English courts courts with successful court of appeal appearances. Giles Richardson KC took silk in March 2022, his practice involves complex aspects of company law within Company Court cases and wider, related litigation before the High Court and internationally.



‘Serle Court’s barristers are brilliant.’

‘The quality of their juniors are a consistent credit to Serle Court’s wider membership.’

‘Serle Court consistently delivers excellent quality and availability of counsel.’

‘Fantastic set – full of talent.’

‘Serle Court are renowned for company and partnership work. They are a go-to set in those areas and have a wealth of options.’


‘Clerks service is generally excellent, responsive and commercial in approach. Nick Hockney and Dan Wheeler in particular are always a pleasure to deal with, although that extends to the clerks as a whole.’

4 Stone Buildings

4 Stone Buildings has ‘carved out a place in the market where it is known for quality‘ and has been a regular fixture at the top of the company law litigation market for a number of years. Head of Chambers George Bompas KC continues a renowned practice involving both advisory work and heavyweight litigation and dispute resolution for a wide range of clients. Jonathan Crow KC was instructed in Avonwick Holdings Ltd v Azitio Holdings Ltd, a substantial case at the appellate level involving complex allegations of deceit, issues of causation, and disputes over choice of law. Orlando Fraser KCHerman Boeddinghaus KC and Eleanor Holland have continued to act in Ma v Incredible Power Limited and others in the BVI, which has now progressed to that jurisdiction’s Court of Appeal.



‘Some excellent practitioners, especially at the very top. Carved out a place in the market where it is known for quality.’

‘The go to set for all company and shareholder disputes.’

‘Responsive, have a wide range of experience and personable and talented barristers.’

‘The set is excellent across the board for chancery company / commercial work. The junior barristers are good value for money and punch above their weight.’

‘They are one of the leading sets for commercial litigation.’


‘David Goddard is brilliant. Ben Lashmar is a senior clerk in waiting.’

Maitland Chambers

Praised for its bench strength and ‘highly technical barristers‘, Maitland Chambers holds company law work as a mainstay of its overall practice. Among its silks, Catherine Addy KC  in 2021 was appointed as Standing Counsel to the CMA to lead their efforts in pursuing company director disqualification orders. Head of chambers Christopher Pymont KC leads counsel to the latter party in Tugushev v Orlov, a high-valued dispute referred to as the “final act” in a long-running shareholder litigation in respect of a series of Russian, Hong Kong and English companies between two Russian businessmen over the Norebo Group fishing company. In this case, Pymont KC leads Benjamin John, one of an impressive crop of juniors that also includes Rebecca Page who stands out in the crossover matters with insolvency law.



‘Maitland have true bench strength and are an exceptional set which improves each year.’

‘Maitland is a strong set with high quality professional and support staff.’

‘Great strength in depth.’

‘Maitland’s service levels are outstanding and the responsiveness and engagement from the team is superb.’

‘Highly technical barristers who are easy to deal with and work well in teams.’


‘Superb. John Wiggs is a real leader and a knowledgeable and helpful port of call.’

South Square

Strong across the bench in all things company and insolvency related‘, South Square has a foundation in insolvency related instructions but also real strength in shareholder litigation, as well as the recently popular area of schemes of arrangement. One of the highlights in that area was a scheme to compromise mis-selling claims against Provident Financial plc, one of the largest ever schemes of arrangement, with more than 428,000 creditors voting at the scheme meeting. Barry Isaacs KC led Adam Goodison and Ryan Perkins advising Provident, with Tom Smith KC acting for the FCA on the opposite side. Members of chambers have also been involved in some of the market-leading shareholder disputes, including Ma v Wong, where David Alexander KC led Perkins for the latter party.



‘Wonderful selection of counsel all operating at the top of their game. Great depth of experience and in particular solid court room experience.’

‘They have a very deep bench of leading advocates from silks to junior level.’

‘The go-to set for restructuring and insolvency matters, though clearly there is material overlap with company law matters and their barristers have a strong and broad range of experience.’

‘Strong across the bench in all things company and insolvency related.’


‘Responsive, adaptable and easy to deal with. Accommodating to any requests and try to find solutions where any issues arise.’

‘Excellent service, very responsive clerks.’

Wilberforce Chambers

Wilberforce Chambers furthered its ‘excellent strength in depth across all practice areas‘ with the recruitment of Sri Carmichael and Jessica Brooke in November 2021. The set remains a particularly strong choice for matters involving several crossover Chancery practice areas. Clare Stanley KC acts for Sheikh Mohammed Bin Issa Al Jaber defending a £3.5 billion claim for breach of directors’ duty, conspiracy and tracing in a High Court trial to complete in October 2022. Max Mallin KC has a broad commercial and company law practice covering a range of contractual and other business disputes, often with an international element.  Carmichael is another member of the team with a broad practice but is frequently instructed on s.994 unfair prejudice petitions and breach of directors’ duty claims.



‘Excellent strength in depth across all practice areas.’

‘Wilberforce Chambers are one of the preeminent sets in London and the globe. They offer an array of services aimed at sophisticated users looking for a premium service and product.’

‘Excellent set.’


‘Andrew Barnes is a pleasure to deal with. Goes the extra mile for clients and solicitors.’

‘The clerks’ room is excellent. One of the attractions to using others from Wilberforce is the support and responsiveness of the clerks.’

‘Fraser Geddes is outstanding. The service, clarity and responsiveness provided is best in class. He is always willing to go the extra mile and can always find a counsel to take an urgent instruction.’

XXIV Old Buildings

An excellent set with well rounded experience‘, XXIV Old Buildings includes barristers with experience at the High Court in some of the market’s leading company law disputes, as well as being capable of providing teams of counsel in matters that cross several areas of the Chancery Bar. Stephen Moverley Smith KC is noted for cases with international elements and continued to be instructed on matters in the BVI and Cayman Islands, while Edward Cumming KC has provided sole counsel on several disputes arising from acquisitions. 2014 call Timothy Sherwin is fast building a notable company law practice and has a focus on disputes relating to section 994 petitions concerning companies held in trust structures.



‘A go-to set for company and insolvency work.’

‘XXIV Old Buildings are an excellent set with well rounded experience.’

‘Very strong.’


‘Excellent clerks.’

‘The clerks, particularly James Ladbrook, are a real pleasure to deal with.’

‘Paul Horsfield is doing a great job as senior clerk.’

New Square Chambers

Barristers at New Square Chambershave excellent strength and depth in chancery matters‘ with a company law offering that covers both contentious and advisory matters. In Al Assam and nine others v Tsouvelekakis, Simon Adamyk is instructed by the former party in a case involving a number of different systems of law, novel legal issues and complex issues of jurisdiction and enforcement. Mark Hubbard is another experienced junior whose recent highlights include cases in Singapore, the Isle of Man and Guernsey.



‘New Square Chambers have excellent strength and depth in chancery matters, with a good spread of expertise in traditional chancery trusts, company, insolvency, property and increasingly off shore capabilities.’


‘Michelle Greene is exceptional. Responsive, commercial and supremely well organised, it is fantastic that she is now the new senior clerk and the first female, non-white senior clerk at the Chancery Bar.’

‘Very good. Commercial, understanding and able to provide flexibility on fees which is always important to clients. Also highly responsive.’

Enterprise Chambers

A robust team of juniors at Enterprise Chambers is recommended for its ‘great variety of specialisms and call’ in company law where chambers is frequently seen in a broad spectrum of matters. Niall McCulloch has built impressive impressive experience in high-profile matters, receiving a slew of insurance sector instructions following his involvement in cases regarding Eagle Star Insurance. Edward Cohen‘s recent caseload has covered the popular area of shareholder disputes, advice on technical issues of company law, and breach of duty claims against directors.



‘Responsive and good communicators, counsel availability is excellent and any reason for delay is clearly explained.’

‘The set is one of the go-to sets, great variety of specialisms and call. Definite strength in depth.’

‘A go-to chambers, particularly with property matters. The quality of the work and depth of expertise is good.’


‘Raj Lamba provides an excellent service.’

‘Luke Clark stands out.’