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Company - Leading Silks

George Bompas QC - 4 Stone BuildingsHe has a magisterial mastery of his subject matter and an ability to express himself clearly.
David Chivers QC - Erskine ChambersDavid is outstanding.
Jonathan Crow QC - 4 Stone BuildingsAn extremely articulate, smooth and persuasive advocate.
Philip Jones QC - Serle CourtHe combines detailed legal knowledge with practical application and invariably presents his advice in a client-friendly manner.
Martin Moore QC - Erskine ChambersAbsolutely first class and without doubt first choice for complex, significant and high-profile corporate advisory and court work.
Alan Steinfeld QC - XXIV Old BuildingsFantastic. Well respected by peers and clients.
Michael Todd QC - Erskine ChambersMichael is a superb heavyweight senior counsel.
David Allison QC - South SquareVery user-friendly and practical.
Robin Hollington QC - New Square ChambersRobin is the go-to QC for shareholder disputes. As well as being the leader in his field, he is a real pleasure to work with.
Terence Mowschenson QCWilberforce ChambersTerry’s judgement in complex commercial matters, particularly those concerning directors duties and shareholder disputes, is second to none.
Catherine Newman QC - Maitland ChambersVery good cross-examiner with steely nerve in court.
Christopher Pymont QC - Maitland ChambersChristopher's courtroom skills are legendary.
Elspeth Talbot Rice QC - XXIV Old BuildingsFew stand comparison with Elspeth in the partnership field. She scares opponents and is loved by clients.
Anthony de Garr Robinson QC - One Essex CourtA class act - he gets into the detail, considers all the angles and gets the right result.
Stephen Moverley Smith QC - XXIV Old BuildingsHe always has a clever perspective to add to any case.
Francis Tregear QC - XXIV Old BuildingsCool under pressure, exceedingly pleasant to deal with regardless of the demands of the case, thoughtful and measured in his advocacy and highly responsive.
Catherine Addy QC - Maitland ChambersA dream to work with: hard working, responsive and alive to commercial considerations of lay clients.
David Alexander QC - South SquareGreat team player, very approachable, accessible and responsive. A client favourite.
Mark Arnold QC - South SquareHis attention to detail is prodigious.
Stephen Atherton QCTwenty EssexExcellent all-round and a pleasure to work with, very adaptable and responsive.
Daniel Bayfield QC - South SquareHe is decisive and tries to balance the legal response with the practical commercial realities of a case.
Matthew Collings QC - Maitland ChambersHe has real knowledge and expertise in shareholder disputes and Companies Court work. He can find novel winning arguments where necessary.
Nigel Jones QC - Gatehouse ChambersHe works tirelessly and is never lost for words.
Edmund Nourse QC - One Essex CourtHe is extremely hardworking and brilliantly clever.
Marcia Shekerdemian QCWilberforce ChambersBrilliantly approachable. Marcia’s depth of experience and wisdom are second to none as is her ability to tell it as it is.
Tom Smith QC - South SquareVery commercial and pragmatic as well as extremely smart and quick to assess complex situations.
Andrew Thompson QC - Erskine ChambersIncredibly bright, thorough, calm, a fantastic advocate, and a pleasure to work with.
Felicity Toube QC - South SquareAt the top of her game - very clever but extremely pragmatic.
Lance Ashworth QC - Serle CourtHis preparation is second to none and you can see that he has taken a careful and analytical approach in the preparation of cases for hearings.
James Bailey QCWilberforce ChambersExcellent on all fronts.
Gregory Banner QC - Maitland ChambersA pleasure to work with; accessible, easy to use, quick to turn around work.
Edward Cumming QC - XXIV Old BuildingsHis knowledge of the law is phenomenal but what sets him apart is his willingness to roll up his sleeves and help in all aspects of the litigation.
Edward Davies QC - Erskine ChambersHis advocacy is truly excellent - clear and to the point.
Michael Gibbon QC - Maitland ChambersHe gets straight to the issue but has a deep understanding of the underlying commercial imperatives.
Thomas Grant QC - Maitland ChambersA very forceful courtroom advocate, easily gains the confidence of the client, and easy to work with.
Blair Leahy QCTwenty EssexA strong new silk who understands the complexities involved in complex cross-border insolvency matters.
Daniel Lightman QC - Serle CourtStrategically excellent, extremely bright and a pleasure to work with.
Bridget Lucas QC - Fountain Court ChambersGreat brain and fantastic advocate. Clients love her.
Max Mallin QCWilberforce ChambersA leading practitioner in shareholder/equity disputes. Vastly experienced in cross-border, complex and multi-party contractual disputes.’
William McCormick QC - Selborne ChambersA seasoned practitioner who inspires instant confidence with the clients.
David Mumford QC - Maitland ChambersExtremely calm and methodical in approach, David considers all aspects of a case at the outset.
James Potts QC - Erskine ChambersAn impressive advocate committed to achieving the best outcome for the client and very good at delivering tough messages.
Stuart Ritchie QC - Fountain Court ChambersA truly excellent all-round Silk, and a superb advocate.

Partnership - Leading Silks

Philip Jones QC - Serle CourtHe combines detailed legal knowledge with practical application and invariably presents his advice in a client-friendly manner.
John Machell QC - Serle CourtHis technical knowledge is second to none and he combines it with excellence in seeing the whole picture in the litigation.
Alan Steinfeld QC - XXIV Old BuildingsFantastic. Well respected by peers and clients.
Jonathan Cohen QC - Littleton ChambersJonathan is a strong advocate and has a fierce intellect. He is impressive in front of the client and a strong strategist.
Catherine Newman QC - Maitland ChambersVery good cross-examiner with steely nerve in court.
David Reade QC - Littleton ChambersA superb captain of the ship, absolutely on side with first-class advice, drafting, strategic and tactical input all given in a friendly manner.
Elspeth Talbot Rice QC - XXIV Old BuildingsFew stand comparison with Elspeth in the partnership field. She scares opponents and is loved by clients.
Jonathan Adkin QC - Serle CourtAn accomplished and compelling advocate.
David Blayney QC - Serle CourtDavid has an enormous breadth of knowledge when it comes to complex company and partnership matters.
Gavin Mansfield QC - Littleton ChambersI would instruct him on every one of my matters if I could. Gavin is complete quality.
Francis Tregear QC - XXIV Old BuildingsCool under pressure, exceedingly pleasant to deal with regardless of the demands of the case, thoughtful and measured in his advocacy and highly responsive.

2022 Silks

Matthew Bradley QC - 4 New SquareExcellent on paper and fearless in court.
Thomas Munby QC - Maitland ChambersKnows the law inside out and is most eloquent in front of the appellate courts.
Giles Richardson QC - Serle CourtPersonable, professional and a joy to deal with.

Company - 2020 Silks

Sharif Shivji QC - 4 Stone BuildingsSharif is a very strong technical barrister.

Company - Leading Juniors

Stuart Adair - XXIV Old BuildingsStuart has a very sharp mind and a thorough knowledge of the law.
Nigel Dougherty - Erskine ChambersSolicitors are always happy to work with him - he is a silk in all but name.
Christopher Harrison - 4 Stone BuildingsA master of the law who provides clear advice and takes ownership of a case.
Linden IfeEnterprise ChambersReally knows her stuff and gives clear advice . A very good (and punchy) advocate.
David Eaton Turner - New Square ChambersA wise head and assured voice for clients.
Gregory Denton-Cox - 4 Stone BuildingsGreg's encyclopedic knowledge of the leading authorities and deep well of experience in company claims across the common law world, make him our go-to company law junior and undoubtedly a star of the junior company law bar.
Ben Griffiths - Erskine ChambersExcellent written work. Pleasure to deal with.
David Lascelles - Littleton ChambersIncredibly bright, very responsive, very personable and affable, able to articulate complex issues in a very user-friendly way to clients.
Niall McCullochEnterprise ChambersVery personable and easy to work with. Always gives the impression of having time to discuss matters, never rushed and employs a thoughtful approach.
Ben Shaw - Erskine ChambersHe is a clear advocate who speaks with authority and develops a good rapport with the judge.
Simon Adamyk - New Square ChambersSimon is very bright and thorough with an exceptional attention to details.
Christopher Buckley - Radcliffe ChambersChristopher is a diligent, intelligent and a brilliant advocate.
Edward CohenEnterprise ChambersEdward combines first-class legal skills both in drafting and advocacy with a practical and user-friendly approach.
Paul Greenwood - 4 Stone BuildingsStrong on the law, he drafts beautifully and is very easy to work with.
James Knott - 4 Stone BuildingsHis advice is very user friendly and he is excellent in dealing with difficult and demanding clients.
Hugh Miall - XXIV Old BuildingsHugh is a very high-quality advocate on paper and on his feet.
Matthew Morrison - Serle CourtHe is confident and measured before judges. Clients respect him and his judgement.
Rebecca Page - Maitland ChambersAlways pleasure to work with, personable, unfazed by complex legal issues and a persuasive advocate.
Thomas Braithwaite - Serle CourtExtremely intelligent and quick to understand the issues.
Sarah Clarke - Gatehouse ChambersShe provides proactive, commercial advice that cuts through to the central issues whilst also seeing the bigger picture.
Alexander Cook - 4 Stone BuildingsVery thorough.
Dan McCourt Fritz - Serle CourtA great all rounder. He is excellent at drafting as well as advocacy and is an asset to any team involved in this area.
Tom Gentleman - 4 Stone BuildingsHis drafting and legal analysis is very strong.
Patrick Harty   - One Essex CourtA real star of the future.
Mark Hubbard - New Square ChambersMark is very pragmatic in terms of seeing the bigger picture of resolution versus legal possibility.
Simon JohnsonEnterprise ChambersA strong advocate who makes winning points, unafraid to take on heavyweight silks unled.
Jonathan Lopian - New Square ChambersA fearless advocate in court.
Sam O’Leary - One Essex CourtClever, quick, responsive, commercial, practical and a team player.
Adrian Pay - New Square ChambersVery thorough and really knows his field of practice.
Alastair Tomson - 4 Stone BuildingsHe is a trusted advisor who gives clear advice.
Jack Rivett  - Erskine Chambers 'Jack is extremely knowledgeable on company law matters and has very good judgement on how a judge will react to points.'
Harris BorTwenty EssexAlways calm and unflustered, supremely logical, leaves no stone unturned, cares about the client, always has an eye on a commercial solution.
Thomas Elias - Serle CourtThomas has a very clear mind and is excellent at identifying the true issues in a case, however complex the underlying facts and documentation.
Rosanna Foskett - Maitland ChambersA very confident and astute junior.
Emma Hargreaves - Serle CourtImmensely hardworking and clever to boot.
Alec McCluskey - Maitland ChambersGood on detail and on his feet, user friendly and explains things very clearly to clients.
Anna Scharnetzky - Erskine ChambersExtremely thorough, diligent and a highly effective advocate.
Chantelle Staynings - Erskine ChambersChantelle has enormous tenacity and skill and has developed tremendous analytical skills.
Daniel Warents - XXIV Old BuildingsDaniel is unrelenting in ensuring no stone is left unturned when considering the client's best interests.

Partnership - Leading Juniors

Roderick I’Anson Banks – Partnership CounselRoderick is renowned as the repository of all knowledge relating to general partnerships.
Jeremy Callman - Ten Old SquareWithout doubt, the most erudite and impressive junior at the Bar on all things related to partnerships and limited liability partnerships.
Jennifer Haywood - Serle CourtVery sharp and able to deliver clear, focused and client-centred advice.
Simon Jelf - Partnership CounselFocused, expert and hugely experienced in partnership and LLP matters.
Mark Blackett-Ord - 5 Stone BuildingsHe is both charming and ferocious (when needed) as an advocate.
Thomas Braithwaite - Serle CourtExtremely intelligent and quick to understand the issues.
Jonathan Gavaghan - Ten Old SquareVery approachable and collaborative and calm in a storm.
James Mather - Serle CourtHe has real intellectual firepower, understands the investment fund environment, covers partnership law and fraud which is a very useful combination.
Gideon Roseman - Ten Old SquareCertainly the person you want fighting your corner in a dispute.
Naomi Winston - Ten Old SquareA pleasure to work with and a true expert in her field.
Edward CohenEnterprise ChambersEdward combines first-class legal skills both in drafting and advocacy with a practical and user-friendly approach.
Helen Galley - XXIV Old BuildingsDetermined and knowledgeable
James Bickford Smith - Littleton ChambersAn intelligent and knowledgeable barrister with a good sense of how a matter is likely to play out.

Company - Rising Stars

Timothy Sherwin - XXIV Old BuildingsAn absolute superstar.

Company and partnership in London Bar

4 Stone Buildings

4 Stone Buildings has an impressive reputation in company litigation relating to directors duties, shareholder disputes and breaches of fiduciary duty. Jonathan Crow QC is a go-to barrister for cases destined for the Supreme Court and Privy Council, with recent highlights involving complex issues at the cross-sector of charity and company law. Supported by Sharif Shivji and Tom Gentleman, Richard Hill QC represented Autonomy founder Michael Lynch, who is defending civil fraud claims of over $5bn, in litigation currently running in parallel with an extradition request from the United States. Mandates often incorporate multiple jurisdictions, regularly with significant offshore aspects; John Brisby QC is assisting EY Bermuda with various investigations and potential claims while Orlando Fraser QC led 2021 silk Hermann Boeddinghaus QC and Eleanor Holland in a 12-day trial in the BVI Commercial Court. Andrew De Mestre QC is sought out for high-stakes trials, having been instructed by the claimants in Travelport v WEX, an expedited trial arising from a $1.7bn takeover affected by Covid-19.



The excellence of their practitioners in company and insolvency law is second to none.

Very good advocates all round.

A leading company law set with deep bench.

The barristers have all been top-notch and easy to get on with.

Very strong in company law.


The clerks are very responsive and easy to work with.

David Goddard runs an excellent team of clerks. They are committed, punctual, commercial and very user friendly.

Old school but the better for it.

Ryan Tunkel is responsive and helpful.

David Goddard is a stalwart of the commercial and chancery bar and is a truly great clerk.

Enterprise Chambers

Enterprise Chambers houses ‘a great range of juniors’ for all matters pertaining to company law. Linden Ife, who ‘takes no prisoners’ in complex shareholder litigation, is particularly noteworthy, having defended oil executive Peter Young against insider trading allegations raised by investment firm FCFM. Niall McCulloch represented the municipality of Mariana in Brazil in a dispute with BHP after the Fundão dam collapse, which involved complex issues of corporate personality. Geoffrey Zelin has a particular interest in directors’ disqualification disputes whereas Edward Cohen’s practice covers both company and partnerships law and is currently representing various claimants in a dispute with an architecture LLP.



Down to earth, very friendly set, always on hand to offer suitable counsel for a variety of work.

Very good set offering insolvency expertise at every level.

A good set in both London and Leeds, with members who , together, cover virtually all of the waterfront relevant to company/commercial disputes.

Strength in depth and availability of trusted counsel is invaluable.


Clerks are always willing to assist and be proactive in offering suitable counsel without being forceful in their recommendations.

The clerks are responsive and helpful. I would particularly commend Michael Ireland and Luke Clark.

Very efficient.

First class. Michael Ireland is consistently calm, responsive and reliable.

The clerking team is always on hand to assist.

Erskine Chambers

Erskine Chambers leads the market when it comes to highly technical takeovers and schemes of arrangement matters. Leading silks David Chivers QC, Martin Moore QC and Michael Todd QC are instructed on the highest stakes transactions spanning multiple jurisdictions, from the Netherlands to Dubai. Fully contentious expertise is equally robust. Andrew Thompson QC leads on heavyweight shareholder trials relating to high-value breach of fiduciary duty and professional negligence claims. James Potts QC and Matthew Parfitt successfully defeated numerous claims of unlawful distribution filed by liquidators before the High Court. An increasingly high volume of work involves significant offshore jurisdictional elements, most notably complex shareholder litigation in the BVI and Bermuda. The set is actively engaged in litigation at the cross section of company and partnerships law.



They are the top set for corporate law matters, with a strong bench.

Unquestionably the leading Chambers for company law matters – always on the shortlist and with a strong bench.

Very strong set with great bench strength.

An excellent company law set.

Erskine are an excellent set and one that I would recommend.


Very efficient.

The clerks are always professional and keen to assist.

I dealt with Mark Swallow. He was very responsive and helpful. A pleasure to deal with.

Top class.

Clerks are excellent – user friendly whilst protecting their barristers.

Littleton Chambers

Littleton Chambers continues to impress in high-stakes litigation and arbitration in the partnership space, sitting in parallel with the set's notable employment strength. Head of chambers Gavin Mansfield QC’s diverse practice is deployed on senior partner exits and lateral move disputes, whereas Jonathan Cohen QC represents international professional services firms in sensitive misconduct claims carrying significant reputational risk. Sophia Berry is a junior with a growing reputation, including in regards to whistleblowing claims. On the company law side, David Lascelles specialises in shareholder, boardroom and M&A disputes.



Littleton Chambers is a fantastic set for partnership and employment matters. From the most senior to junior barristers they are our go-to set for our contentious matters; we always know we will find an interested and experienced barrister, even at the last minute.

The set is very user friendly and has excellent available support from juniors when required.

They are top of their game and a pleasure to work with.

Littleton are fast becoming one of our favourite chambers for their specialism in litigation with a company element.

One of the top sets for employment and LLP work.


Fantastic clerk support and can always find us the right barrister.

The clerks are reliable, friendly and approachable and go out of their way to ensure our needs are met. Jason Drakeford stands out for his professionalism and willingness to help.

Excellent clerking. Dan Woodbridge goes the extra mile to give a personal touch to his dealings.

Scott Hersey and Dan Woodbridge are always helpful in any way they can be.

A superb set brilliantly run by Liz Dux.

Maitland Chambers

On the company law side of Maitland Chambers’ 'simply outstanding' practice group, members handle the breadth of shareholder disputes, schemes of arrangement advice on the finer company law points of M&A deals. In an ongoing headline piece of litigation, David Mumford QC continues to act for Tesco in the defense of civil actions filed by various shareholders arising from a high-profile accounting imbroglio. The bulk of mandates for Catherine Addy QC concern unfair prejudice petitions, commonly incorporating Cayman and BVI jurisdictional elements. Certain barristers including Catherine Newman QC, Rosanna Foskett, Alec McCluskey and Matthew Collings act on a mix of company and partnership disputes arising from the asset management industry, while Oliver Phillips handles similar work in the insolvency space.



Stuffed full of talented barristers who are accessible and easy to engage with.

Quite simply outstanding.

A good commercial set with very bright people.

All round excellence from each member of chambers I have used.

A go-to set for commercial chancery work.


Robert Penson is always quick to respond and will go out of his way to find a solution to any issue.

The clerks give us a first class service. Special mention for the wonderful Danny Wilkinson.

John Wiggs has a knack of making solicitors feel welcomed by the set and builds a rapport.

Always helpful and responsive.

All the clerks I have worked with have provided great service.

New Square Chambers

Strong-all-round Chancery setNew Square Chambers handles the breadth of company law disputes, including those pertaining to civil fraud and insolvency. A particular specialism is unfair prejudice petitions under section 994 of the Companies Act; Adrian Pay conducted a remote 18-day liability trial for the minority shareholders in Faulkner and ors v Vollin Holdings Ltd and ors - in this case it is alleged that that that two of the company's founders were ejected in violation of an obligation of good faith, and other directors appointed by the investors acted in breach of the duties. In addition, Robin Hollington QC is active in shareholder litigation in a number of offshore jurisdictions.



A good set of junior barristers complemented by the more experienced senior barristers who have, over the years, helped with some of the more complex litigation matters.

Very good.

My first port of call for company law advice/shareholder issues.

A strong all round chancery set.


Very user friendly.

Charlie Sherwood is quick and approachable.

John Campbell is doing a good job of raising the set’s profile and is one of the more proactive BD managers at a barrister’s chambers.

Partnership Counsel

As the name suggests, Partnership Counsel is dedicated solely to matters of partnership law, and is recognised as one of the leading sets in the field, receiving instructions on high-stakes litigation and arbitration from international professional services firms and individual partners. Specialisms for leading junior and chambers founder Roderick I’Anson Banks include family and medical partnerships disputes; his representation of veterinary partnership Medivet Group in Lawlor v. Medivet Group is indicative of the latter. Simon Jelf predominantly acts for international law firms and their partners. Both members of chambers are notable for their expertise in Jersey partnership law.

Serle Court

Serle Court is widely regarded as a preeminent chambers for offshore company law litigation. Timothy Collingwood acted for the respondent shareholders in Caldicott v Hector, a BVI case alleging unfairly prejudicial conduct. David Blayney QC has a more domestic focus and is currently engaged in shareholder litigation in the Companies Court. In regards to partnership law, John Machell QC represents professional and financial services LLPs across the breadth of disputes, while Jennifer Haywood advises a number of tech start-ups structured as partnerships.



Serle Court is very strong in the areas of both company and partnership law.

Undoubtedly the leading set for LLP matters – both advisory and contentious issues.

Incredible strength in depth.

Well-regarded set with an excellent team of expert barristers.

The juniors are staggeringly good, many with brains so big that I wonder how there were any brains left for the rest of us.


The clerks at Serle Court are outstanding – especially Steven Whitaker, Nicholas Hockney and Daniel Wheeler.

Excellent, very efficient clerking.

Very responsive. Steven Whitaker and Paul Ballard have been particularly helpful to me over the years.

Very effective. Senior fees clerk Leigh Byas is on top of her game.

I have always found the clerks extremely responsive, patient and helpful.

South Square

Considered as ‘undeniably the leading set of barristers for company restructuring and insolvency law’, South Square is frequently instructed on market-leading restructuring plans and creditor schemes of arrangement. Notable clients for Barry Isaacs QC include Premier Oil, Debenhams and Castle Trust, while David Allison QC advised Virgin Atlantic Airways and PizzaExpress on the first restructuring plans sanctioned under the new Part 26a procedure. The set is active in the offshore jurisdictions, as evidenced by the practices of David Alexander QC and Felicity Toube QC, whose mandates often pertain to shareholder disputes, breach of duty and conspiracy claims across the Caribbean. A representative instruction concerns the defense of unfair prejudice claims in Ma v Wong through the BVI courts.



Very strong team overall – very clearly the go-to chambers when it comes to restructuring and insolvency counsel.

At the top of their trade.

Strong set for commercial insolvency matters, large body of silks and strong clerking team. Excellent quarterly publication also which I enjoy.

I have the highest regard for South Square Chambers.

My go-to chambers for special administrations.


I never cease to be impressed by the clerking at South Square. In particular, I would single out Dylan Playfoot, Jim Costa, Marco Malatesta and Michael Killick. They are all excellent, responsive, friendly and very helpful.

Excellent service, very responsive clerks.

Clerks are strong across the board – very responsive and pragmatic.

Superb – really go the extra mile to ensure things are seamless.

Ten Old Square

Ten Old Square is well equipped to handle private equity, accountancy, PATMA and law firm bust ups through the expertise of the ‘tenacious advocateGideon Roseman, the ‘very approachable and collaborative and calmJonathan Gavaghan and 'undisputed leader' Jeremy Callman. One niche for the set is its handling of farming and estates partnerships disputes; Naomi Winston is key for such mandates. Regular instructions are also received from medical partnerships, including doctors, dentists and veterinarians.



A very reliable set with real strength in depth and undoubtedly a first port of call for us on partnership- and LLP-related matters.

Excellent set. Their partnership offering as a whole is very strong.

Very efficient, responsive and obliging.

Ten Old Square is without doubt the leading set in the law of partnerships and LLPs.


Keith Plowman is the senior clerk and is a pleasure to work with. He is creative, proactive and provides and excellent service to all clients and customers of Ten Old Square.

Excellent. Helpful, pleasant and efficient.

I have a great relationship with the clerks including especially Marc Schofield. The service is quick and efficient, as it needs to be.

Wilberforce Chambers

As a set, Wilberforce Chambers is prominent in the company and insolvency law spheres and takes on cases relating to directors duties, breaches of fiduciary duty and boardroom disputes. Marcia Shekerdemian QC leads the representation of Jabac Finances in complex claims and cross claims under the Companies Act section 994 comprising a listed 22-day trial involving a breach of statutory duty claim and two minority shareholder petitions.Among others, Lexa Hilliard QC acts on significant directors’ disputes incorporating offshore elements. In a substantial transactional mandate for the set, James Bailey QC was instructed on the company law elements of the Racing Point Formula One team’s rebrand to Aston Martin, following team owner Lawrence Stroll’s purchase of a minority stake in the motor manufacturer.



A great set.

Wilberforce is one of the leading chambers in the sphere of shareholder/equity disputes and contractual claims.

There is always availability or counsel willing to pick up a matter when capacity is an issue.

Excellent set with a lot of talented individuals.

Top notch.


Great team, builds lasting relationships.

The clerks are first rate. The gold standard that every chambers should seek to achieve.

Their service level and responsiveness are excellent.

Fraser Geddes is top notch and goes above and beyond.

Great clerks team right across the board.

XXIV Old Buildings

Appearing in substantial company and partnerships law matters in equal measure, XXIV Old Buildings is a go-to set for trials before the High Court and abroad. Alan Steinfeld QC is highly rated senior silk across both disciplines, described as a ‘tour de force’ by an instructing client. A considerable bulk of mandates for the set involve international and offshore proceedings, particularly Stephen Moverley Smith QC’s practice, whose recent highlights included directors’ disputes in the BVI and Cayman courts. Stuart Adair maintains a strong reputation in representing energy companies across the CIS region, notably in regards to contentious joint venture fallouts. Helen Galley is currently handling a spate of farming partnerships disputes.



I believe XXIV is a great set for all chancery commercial work.

XXIV is an extraordinary set. They work well as a team offering good QC and junior combinations thus providing the client with real value.

A strong set with a lot of talent across the board.

XXIV Old Buildings as a whole provides excellent options for counsel, with many juniors punching way above their weight. Counsel have good availability and the clerks go beyond their way to accommodate tight timescales and work collaboratively with solicitors.


Very efficient.

Very amenable and proactive.

Excellent service on a timely basis.

They were thoroughly sympathetic, commercial and generally excellent.