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Leading Silks

Edward Fitzgerald CBE QCDoughty Street ChambersHigh Court judges have admiration for him and his ability to memorise and cite case law when performing in court. In this highly specialised area, he smoothly articulates legal points with great force.
James Eadie QCBlackstone ChambersA stellar barrister and an excellent advocate.
Timothy Otty QCBlackstone ChambersTim is at the top of his game and is a leader in his field. He is a fantastic advocate, gives robust and clear advice and is great with clients.
Lord Pannick QCBlackstone ChambersHis strengths are immeasurable. His skill – in so many areas – is nothing short of masterful.
Dinah Rose QC - Blackstone ChambersIn a class of her own, totally brilliant. She is an exceptional barrister. Clear, authoritative and very co-operative in her working style. She is head and shoulders above the majority of her competitors.
Jason Coppel QC11KBWJason has become one of the pre-eminent public law silks. His particular strength is focus; being absolutely clear on the best points to take, and then being able to present them to the court in a highly persuasive way.
Ben Jaffey QC - Blackstone ChambersHolds the government's feet to the fire on human rights issues. Absolutely brilliant.
Karon Monaghan QCMatrix ChambersShe has great vision and arguments that cut straight through to the point. People underestimate Karon at their peril.
Tim Owen QC - Matrix ChambersHe has superb judgement and knows exactly how to distil a case into a written document. The court really listens to him.
Hugh Southey QC - Matrix ChambersHugh’s breadth of experience in criminal justice issues gives him a unique perspective and very diverse knowledge base.
Robin Allen QC - CloistersAlways responsive, helpful and prepared to go the extra mile for clients. Extremely easy to work with - so personable, thoughtful and kind. Laser sharp intelligence.
Nicholas Bowen QCDoughty Street ChambersA serious thinker on the emerging law on Human Rights, statutory duties and negligence of statutory authorities. He is a highly skilful advocate advancing irresistible arguments.
Paul Bowen QC - Brick Court ChambersHard-working and gets to grips with matters very quickly.
Monica Carss-Frisk QC - Blackstone ChambersGets to grips quickly with the details of a case.
Caoilfhionn Gallagher QC - Doughty Street ChambersCaoilfhionn is fiercely intelligent, with a razor sharp eye for detail. Above all, and what sets Caoilfhionn apart from any other QC I have seen are her outstanding advocacy skills and her strong sense of justice and fairness. The legal profession is a much better place to be because of Caoilfhionn.
Lisa Giovannetti QC39 Essex ChambersLisa is a scintillating and formidable advocate whose mastery of the law and common sense is always highly attractive to the judge.
Jonathan Glasson QC - Matrix ChambersJon is one of the most experienced Special Advocates in the country and a leading choice for work on cases involving the intelligence services.
Ivan Hare QC - Blackstone ChambersExceptionally charming and brilliant at judicial review work.
Stephanie Harrison QCGarden Court ChambersStephanie has unparalleled experience in representing protestors facing injunction proceedings.'
Matthew Ryder QC - Matrix ChambersObviously incredibly able, clever, hard working, concise. His particular skill is to see the wood for the trees - not just legally, but also politically.
Charles Banner QCKeating ChambersVery good at honing in on the nub of a case and what the judges will want to have addressed and explained
Tim Buley QC - Landmark ChambersUncanny ability to locate the key issues in complex cases. Simply the best.
Richard Clayton QCExchequer ChambersAn encyclopaedic knowledge of human rights law, a charming advocate and tackles difficult cases fearlessly.
John Cooper QC - 25 Bedford RowA skilled advocate.
Stephen Cragg QCDoughty Street ChambersStephen has encyclopaedic knowledge of the law on biometric data retention.
Richard Drabble QC - Landmark ChambersOne of the most highly regarded silks.
Diana Ellis QC - 25 Bedford RowTenacious and has vast knowledge on international criminal law.
Shaheed Fatima QC - Blackstone ChambersShaheed is a brilliant lawyer. She has a deep knowledge of the law and enormous attention to detail. She is excellent to work with.
Sir Robert Francis QC - Serjeants' Inn ChambersAn incredibly skilled advocate.
Danny Friedman QC - Matrix ChambersOne of the brightest, 'outside the box' strategic legal minds in the legal profession.
Sam Grodzinski QC - Blackstone ChambersSam is bright, interested in and retentive of detail engaging and fluent in argument and with a strong strategic sense.
James Guthrie QC - 3 Hare CourtHas subtle and tactful manner in tackling sensitive issues in challenging environments.
Raza Husain QCMatrix ChambersA superstar silk in the immigration and civil liberties arena so a go-to to silk in any case with cross-over between these areas. A shining light in the Supreme Court, with the respect and ear of the court.
Schona Jolly QCCloistersSchona is a keen intellect and a practical and yet creative thinker. She is a strong and unwavering advocate with in-depth knowledge and expertise of civil liberties and human rights with the domestic and ECHR frameworks.'
Hugo Keith QC - Three Raymond BuildingsTop of the tree for Extradition and Human Rights. Superb advocate and first-class strategic thinker.
Nageena Khalique QC - Serjeants' Inn ChambersShe is approachable and pragmatic whilst being extremely tactically astute.
Charlotte Kilroy QC - Blackstone ChambersShe has a very good grounding in asylum, human rights law, and jurisprudence, and offers thorough and well-thought through advice.
Samantha Knights QCMatrix ChambersPrecise, respected by peers and can command a room without any suggestion of arrogance. She has a mind the size of a planet.
Maya Lester QC - Brick Court ChambersFabulous leader and team player. Terrific strategic thinker. Unparallelled excellence in drafting. Meticulous preparer of cases and gifted advocate.
Richard Lissack QCFountain Court ChambersExtremely responsive, and highly attuned to client needs. Clients will take him as the last word on any nuanced issue – his judgement is impeccable.
Alison MacDonald QCEssex Court ChambersAn experienced advocate with expertise across international law and human rights.
Thomas de la Mare QCBlackstone ChambersInnovative in his thinking; on human rights matters he has gone out of his way to give value to the clients because he knows he is on the right side and they will not be able to proceed with their fight otherwise.
Jonathan Moffett QC - 11KBWAn impressive advocate.
Aidan O’Neill QC - Matrix ChambersUnparalleled knowledge of the area and utter commitment to the piece of work being carried out. The best QC in this field given the breadth and depth of knowledge.
Fiona Scolding QC - Landmark ChambersFiona is excellent at detail, but keeps a firm eye on the bigger picture. She is particularly skilled at dealing with vulnerable witnesses.
Mark Shaw QC - Blackstone ChambersExcellent technical legal knowledge, clear and concise drafting, highly persuasive advocacy, very personable and down to earth.
Leslie Thomas QCGarden Court Chambers He is extremely bright but down to earth so great with clients. He is a good trial advocate.
Victoria Wakefield QC - Brick Court ChambersVery personable and responsive. Astute on the law and commercially focused.

2020 Silks

David Blundell QC - Landmark ChambersDavid is extremely knowledgeable in the areas of international human rights and EU law and has provided solid written and oral advice in respect of complex and politically sensitive litigation.
Aileen McColgan QC11KBWShe distils complicated issues into manageable areas. She has a phenomenal ability to cut through swathes of information to get to the heart of the matter and has a genuine partnership approach.
David Pievsky QCBlackstone ChambersHe is meticulous, engaged, and full of legal insights. He utterly transformed the pleadings. Really strong on the human rights elements of the case and knows more about legal professional privilege than anyone else.
Stephen Simblet QC - Garden Court ChambersA fantastic advocate, smart and quick on his feet with a wealth of case law at his fingertips that he deploys to great effect.

2021 Silks

Jamie Burton QC - Doughty Street ChambersJamie is a strong all-rounder. His advocacy is excellent , he is hard- working and he is very bright. He is extremely committed, energetic and creative in his approach to complex legal issues and very good with vulnerable clients.
Christopher Buttler QCMatrix ChambersChris is undoubtedly a leader in his field. His strategic instincts are second to none and he is exceptional on his feet. In the last couple of years he has appeared in some of the most high-profile discrimination human rights challenges.
Clair Dobbin QC - Three Raymond BuildingsExcellent and incisive drafting skills. Merticulous preperation. Is always fully and completely prepared.
Maya Sikand QC - Doughty Street ChambersVery bright, exceptionally hard working, has a forensic attention to detail and is a pleasure to work with. She isn't afraid to speak her mind, and can hold her own powerfully in any setting. She provides detailed and nuanced advices, and you can totally trust her analysis.
Ben Watson QCThree Raymond BuildingsAn extremely hard-working and capable new silk.

2022 Silks

Jude Bunting QC - Doughty Street ChambersQuick to grasp the issues and develop a cohesive approach. He is able to offer in depth analysis of the law. He is always on hand to provide advice and assistance, and provide thorough detailed advice.
Joanne Clement QC - 11KBWUndoubtedly one of the cleverest individuals at the Bar.
Laura Dubinsky QCDoughty Street ChambersAn incredibly astute barrister with many years of experience in the field of human rights and immigration law. She is capable of helping judges understand complex issues and placing them in their context.
Hanif Mussa QC - Blackstone ChambersHanif is a top drawer public lawyer: understated and evidently highly intelligent. A wonderful opponent who is easy to deal with but never to be underestimated. His written work is first class, his grasp of complex issues and his legal analysis are impeccable.

Leading Juniors

Ruth Brander - Doughty Street ChambersTotally authoritative on claims against the police arising from failings to investigate sexual violence. Wonderful with clients and very easy to work with.
Edward Craven - Matrix ChambersReal star qualities, particularly in the civil liberties and human rights arena. A much sought after junior.
Patrick Roche - Garden Court ChambersPatrick brings massive experience and great judgment and understanding to all of his work. He is a very thoughtful, careful and shrewd lawyer. He is an absolute pleasure to work with.
Katherine Apps - 39 Essex ChambersA very strategic thinker and has exceptional in depth knowledge of her field.
Tom Cross - 11KBWExceptionally lucid in oral communication and written argument. Highly collaborative and hardworking and liaises superbly with solicitors and lay client.
Heather Emmerson - 11KBWAn accomplished junior who is the all-round package: her written advocacy is incisive and persuasive and, in person, she is engaging and compelling.
Blinne Ni GhralaighMatrix ChambersBlinne is an outstanding human rights lawyer; she is fiercely intelligent, passionate and has a strong sense of justice.
Anthony Jones - 4 New SquareAnthony is is fantastic. He is efficient, responsive, always available, hard working and exceptionally sharp. His written work is exceptional - always striking to the heart of issue with clarity and ease. He is diligent and meticulous, and utterly reliable.
Helen LawMatrix Chambers 'Her preparation is second to none, her cross-examination skills are fantastic. A barrister who really gets the case and will do a fantastic job.
Steve Broach39 Essex ChambersSteve is a first-class barrister: he has a superb mind, a great work ethic, is good with clients, and understands the bigger picture.
Stephen Cottle - Garden Court ChambersStephen is brilliant with clients and puts them at ease. Always willing to listen to others and will never judge.
Graham Denholm - Doughty Street Chambers ‘ He combines encyclopaedic knowledge of immigration detention powers and policies with sound public law analysis.
Emma Dixon - Blackstone ChambersIncisive and clear thinking in the her approach to complex issues. Grasps the client's concerns and always exceeds expectations combining strong professionalism with good people skills.
Joanna Evans - 25 Bedford RowJoanna is the mastermind when it comes to scrutinizing and dissecting evidence. She is also brilliant in putting the most challenging human rights arguments into a form that is pleasant to read and easy to digest.
Piers GardnerMonckton ChambersPiers is a top notch human rights lawyer who clearly has vast experience in his field and who gives his clients confidence they are in safe hands.
Kirsten Heaven - Garden Court ChambersKirsten is able to break down complex factual issues and formulate convincing legal arguments around those facts. Determined and feisty, Kirsten is not one for backing down or giving up.
Leonie HirstDoughty Street ChambersLeonie is a persuasive and powerful advocate with gravitas. Her legal mind is second to none. She accepts instructions at short notice and gets through vast amounts of paperwork at speed.
Christopher Knight11KBWHis written advocacy is at silk level and his oral advocacy is insightful, easy to follow, and compelling. It is not unusual for his submissions to essentially be adopted as the core of the judgment of the court.
Paul Luckhurst - Blackstone ChambersBrilliant attention to detail and produces thorough, well researched and presented drafting.
Shu Shin Luh - Doughty Street ChambersShu Shin is quite simply an amazing barrister. She has worked on a huge amount of leading and important test cases on rights of migrants, children, care leavers and victims of trafficking.
Claire McCann - CloistersThe ultimate iron fist in a velvet glove. She is able to unravel complex issues and deliver clear, quick and high impact advice with sensitivity.
Alison Meacher - Gatehouse ChambersThorough, hard-working, very accessible, knowledgeable, and tenacious.
Una MorrisGarden Court ChambersUna is truly exceptional. She is unbelievably intelligent, and her drafting is excellent, as is her attention to detail.
Naina Patel - Blackstone ChambersVery bright - the go to individual for advice / representation in relation to matters concerning the Equality Act 2010.
Jason Pobjoy - Blackstone ChambersHe has an extraordinary legal mind and is an unusually fluent and articulate advocate. He is also a very affable and supportive team player.
Jennifer Robinson - Doughty Street ChambersStrong knowledge of the law, clear and succinct ways of communicating and an ability to make complex law and processes understandable to someone without a law degree. Genuine commitment to human rights and a sincerity of compassion for her clients.
Nick StanageDoughty Street ChambersHe has an impressive grasp of emerging issues and is always up to date with the developing case law. He is a probing cross-examiner and a respectful but tenacious advocate.
Iain Steele - Blackstone ChambersIain is obviously an expert in his field. He was hugely productive and pragmatic, able and willing to work collaboratively, and he showed a very high degree of flexibility in terms of fitting in our urgent requests around his other priorities.
Rajeev Thacker - Garden Court ChambersRajeev has excellent drafting skills and produces great quality work. I cannot rate him highly enough, he is one of my favourite people to work with on a case.
Adam WagnerDoughty Street ChambersA creative thinker, who works very hard to get the outcomes for clients and is very committed to the cases. His work is at the cutting edge of civil liberties and human rights.
Can Yeginsu - 3 Verulam Buildings ‘ There is also no-one with better knowledge of the law on freedom of expression, freedom of religion, and arbitrary detention. He is uniquely placed in cases where commercial law or international arbitration meets human rights law.

Rising Stars

Jennifer MacLeodBrick Court ChambersCombining hard work, detailed knowledge of her case and the law, positivity and sheer talent, she generates respect from lay and professional clients, her colleagues and the court.
Emma Mockford - Brick Court ChambersEmma has razor sharp intellect, is incredibly thorough and diligent and also very good to work with.

Civil liberties and human rights (including actions against the police) in London Bar

Blackstone Chambers

Blackstone Chambers is lauded as 'incontrovertibly the stand out public law chambers in the country' and 'packed with talent from top to bottom'. In a landmark case arising out of the Covid-19 pandemic, Naina Patel represented a claimant in R (JCWI) v President of the UT (IAC), resulting in a declaration of unlawfulness of the COVID-19 guidance of the President of the Upper Tribunal of the Immigration and Asylum Chamber, by which the norm of oral error of law appeal hearings was replaced with a default of paper determinations. In another significant hearing, Charlotte Kilroy QC was instructed by the Public Law Project to represent Medical Justice before the Court of Appeal in Medical Justice v Home Secretary, finding that the Home Office’s ‘no-notice’ removals policy, a policy under which around 40,000 removals had been effected between 2015 and 2019, was ultra viresJames Eadie QC continues to be the first port of call for the government in his role of Treasury Devil.



‘Blackstone is an exceptional chambers with talent that represents both government and claimant lawyers.’

‘Undoubtedly one of, if not the, public law sets in London. You can instruct any one of their barristers with the complete confidence that you have one of the best public law practitioners available.’

‘Chambers are excellent, with probably the most talented pool of public lawyers at the bar and members suitable for and capable of representing the most diverse range of clients.’


‘The quality of the clerks’ room is second to none. Nothing has ever been too much trouble. The clerks are all excellent – always meeting all of our needs and always available. Gary Oliver and Danny Compton deserve particular mention.’

‘Clerks room under Gary Oliver – who is a straightforward and totally reliable clerk who says it exactly as it is – are very good indeed.’

‘Very helpful and prompt, technically able.’

Doughty Street Chambers

Doughty Street Chambers is the ‘foremost set for civil liberties, public and international law‘ and ‘boasts astonishing strength in depth‘. The set has a growing claimant side police law practice, which has been bolstered by the arrival of Maya Sikand QC and the appointment of new silks, Adam Straw QC and Jamie Burton QC. Nicholas Bowen QC is ‘highly capable and not afraid to challenge the status quo‘, and regularly acts in appellate cases in actions against the police and public authorities. In Chief Constable of West Yorkshire Police v. Dyer, Straw represented the family of Andrew Hall, a man who died after being restrained by police in custody, in a successful High Court judicial review challenge to the Coroner’s decision that all police officers giving evidence in the case would be hidden from the public by screens. Caoilfhionn Gallagher QC is representing the Equality and Human Rights Commission in R (AB) v Secretary of State for Justice and the Youth Justice Board, a case concerning the compliance of solitary confinement of children in Young Offender Institutions with Article 3 ECHR’s ban on inhuman and degrading treatment. Elsewhere, Edward Fitzgerald QC is representing the claimants in Day v The Government of the Cayman Islands, a challenge to the unavailability of same-sex marriage in the British Overseas Territory under its constitution. In March 2021 Graham Denholm joined from Landmark Chambers.



‘Doughty Street Chambers is full of excellent barristers practising in public law and criminal law. They put on excellent training and send round interesting legal updates.’

‘Doughty Street, rightly, have a leading reputation in civil rights/human rights on the claimant side.’

‘They are a strong set with a lot of strength in depth. I have instructed various silks, senior juniors as well as junior juniors. Even the junior juniors have been very impressive. They are often involved in leading cases and have great knowledge across the entire set.’

‘Doughty Street Chambers is the ‘go to’ set for actions against the police. They have an abundance of talent in this field and their expertise is second to none.’


Extremely efficient clerks.’

Sian Wilkins is wonderfully responsive and provides an excellent all round service.’

‘Callum Stebbing is a star; astute, helpful and guaranteed to go the extra mile.’

‘Luke Christmas is personable, knowledgeable and effective. My go to when I need to a solution to a problem.’

Matrix Chambers

Matrix Chambers is considered ‘a leader in many areas relating to civil liberties and human rights.’ In Howard v SSHDPhillippa Kaufmann QC successfully brought a challenge on behalf of a man who moved to the United Kingdom as part of the Windrush generation, which concerned the legislation governing naturalisation on the ground that it discriminates against the Windrush group by failing to disapply the good character requirement in their cases. Elsewhere, Richard Hermer QC and Edward Craven are representing the claimant in Abu Zubaydah v Home Office and Foreign & Commonwealth Office, concerning a civil claim for damages brought by a Guantanamo Bay inmate against MI5 and MI6, who he alleges were complicit in him being tortured and abducted by the CIA. Aidan O’Neill QC, a dual silk in England and Scotland, garners praise for his ‘unparalleled knowledge of the area’.



‘Matrix has an excellent reputation and there are a number of very good senior barristers and silks. You know where you are with Matrix and are never disappointed with the representation.’

‘This is an excellent set.’

‘Matrix is my “go to” chambers; they are brilliant.’

‘A strong set for civil liberties and human rights litigation, particularly in police actions, immigration, the environment and for mass tort litigation.’

‘All the barristers are fiercely bright, and extremely down to earth.’


‘Fantastic clerk room – Alison Scanes is brilliant. They will provide realistic turnaround times and sensible fee notes.’

‘Simon Gardner in particular is very good. Resourceful and a problem solver.’

39 Essex Chambers

39 Essex Chambers is ‘a proficient and excellent set‘, with particular strength in defendant work, however the set has a growing claimant-side practice. Key areas of instruction include protection of right to life and medical treatment, immigration and human rights, right to property and children’s rights. Katherine Apps represented United the Union in a judicial review of North Yorkshire Police’s declaration that picketing as part of industrial action was not “work purposes” under the second round of coronavirus regulations, making it an offence to leave one’s home without “reasonable excuse”. A number of members of the set have expertise in acting as special advocates in closed material proceedings, with Lisa Giovannetti QC particularly notable for her government-side work in national security cases.



‘The best on public law, mental health, discrimination. Measured, consistently brilliant and committed.’

’39 Essex are amongst our go to choice of chambers. They have good clerks and breadth across the public law landscape.’

’39 Essex has a real depth of excellent barristers which makes instructing them a no-brainer. They are very much on top of their game when it comes to providing training.’

‘Easily the top set in mental capacity cases.’


‘The clerks are brilliant. They genuinely understand the work the barristers do and, importantly, that the instructing solicitors do. Because of this they have good relationships with instructing solicitors who trust their judgment, meaning the very capable juniors get exposure to new and good quality work.’

‘A great set and great clerks, especially Hannah Milne.’

‘Very good, in particular Peter Campbell.’

Garden Court Chambers

Garden Court Chambersis excellent, with a well deserved reputation‘ in complex constitutional and high profile administrative, human rights-related public and private law cases. Leslie Thomas QC represented the directors of a private hospital in a malicious prosecution case against Norfolk Constabulary, as part of a broad practice representing those litigating against police forces. Henry Blaxland QC‘s expertise in this space crosses over with his expertise in criminal trials and appeals, and Marc Willers QC is noted for his established track record in handling cases concerning Gypsy and Traveller communities.



‘Garden Court Chambers has a wide selection of extremely competent barristers, who are extremely passionate and approachable. The chambers offers free training on legal developments, and is often involved in cutting edge litigation within the field.’

‘They are a strong set with a lot of strength in depth. I have instructed various silks, senior juniors as well as junior juniors. Even the junior juniors have been very impressive. They are often involved in leading cases and have great knowledge across the entire set.’

‘Garden Court Chambers are my go-to for experienced counsel in all areas of immigration and asylum law. The chambers is deservingly highly regarded in the sector for its expertise and quality representation.’


‘Garden Court Chambers clerks are professional, responsive and accommodating of the variety of requests that come their way in the course of legal representation. They are an absolute joy to deal with.’

‘Emma Nash is excellent. She is very responsive, friendly and always tries to help.’

‘Tim Hempstead is absolutely brilliant. Responds to emails quickly and resolves issues efficiently.’

‘Sam Carter is an asset.’


11KBW ‘are able to take on any human rights issue and do it with panache‘, with notable strengths in immigration, social care and mental health matters. Jason Coppel QC represented the claimant founder of the Brexit Party in Banks v HMRC, who alleges that the lack of inheritance tax exemption on minor political parties was discriminatory under the European Convention on Human Rights. Tom Cross was leading counsel for the claimant in Phillimore v College of Policing, a case concerning a police policy of recording “non-crime hate incidents”. Alongside claimant work, multiple members of chambers are active in government work for national and local authorities.



’11KBW are able to take on any human rights issue and do it with panache. They have top rate barristers at all levels of call.’

’11 KBW is right at the top of the game for employment and public law.’

’11KBW are a go to set for public law and discrimination issues. I have been continually impressed by the quality of counsel and their analysis.’


‘Lucy Barbet and Mark Dann are brilliant.’

‘Excellent service from Tom Street, again a pleasure to work with.’

‘Chris Smith is extremely helpful.’

Brick Court Chambers

Brick Court Chambers handles the full gamut of EU law, public law and human rights cases at all levels of the domestic and international courts. The team is particularly well-versed in handling claimant work. Paul Bowen QC represented the Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants in a judicial review concerning its failure to produce diversity statistics for the EU Settlement Scheme, while Maya Lester QC is representing a number of British residents in a race discrimination claim against Metrobank, which is alleged to have racially discriminated against customers with familial connections to Iran by suspending their accounts without notices or explanation.



‘Solid choice for commercial human rights cases.’

‘Superb across all levels for commercial, competition and public law.’


‘The clerks were very helpful (particularly Luke Carvalho), and they never promised something they could not deliver.’

‘Very strong clerk team’

Landmark Chambers

Landmark Chambers has a well balanced claimant, defendant and intervener practice, and is active on nationally significant and high profile civil liberties and human right cases. David Blundell QC defended a challenge to the Secretary of State’s decision to establish an ex gratia scheme to assist Syrians displaced in the Middle East, but excluding other nationalities previously resident in Syria (such as Palestinians), in R (Turani) v. Secretary of State for the Home Department, which was brought by Palestinian refugee claimants formally resident in Syria, and displaced to Jordan, citing unlawful discrimination. In R (W (A Child)) v Secretary of State for the Home Department (Project 17 intervening) [2020] 1 W.L.R. 4428, Alex Goodman acted for the successful claimant contending that the Home Office policy imposing “no recourse to public funds” was incompatible with article 3 ECHR and the common law ‘law of humanity’. Tim Buley QC has expertise in acting as a special advocate. In March 2021 Graham Denholm moved to Doughty Street Chambers.  



‘I would not hesitate to work with Landmark again.’

‘Fiercely intelligent approach to cases, able to keep sight of the bigger picture and offer pragmatic and realistic advice.’


‘Engaged directly with Richard Bolton, who has provided a prompt and effective service in respect of fees and other matters.’

Monckton Chambers

Monckton Chambers is particularly adept at handling cases with an overlap of commercial, regulatory litigation and human rights, and the protection of commercial interests through international human rights proceedings. In the Supreme Court, Ian Wise QC acted for the claimants in R(Z) v Hackney LBC and Agudas Israel Housing Association, a case concerning positive discrimination in the provision of housing specifically adapted for the use of Orthodox Jews. Eric Metcalfe successfully represented the government in R (Michael) v Governor of HMP Whitemoor, concerning a convicted murderer who argued that his right to a fair trial was impeded by his presence at a civil case by video link.