Real estate and construction in Israel

Arnon, Tadmor-Levy

The real estate group at Arnon, Tadmor-Levy is ‘one of the best teams you will find in Israel’. Following its name-making merger in 2022, the firm fields a significant team of partners with a focus on real estate and its sizeable offering is reflected in a broad practice spanning planning, construction, finance, litigation and property acquisitions and disposals. Key senior names include Hagit Bavly, who is widely recognised as a market leader for her experience in large-scale projects and transactions; Adam Spruch, who specialises in real estate transactions; Sigal Shapira, who maintains a broad practice with niche expertise in urban renewal work; and Asaf Eylon. Naftali Nir and Doron Shacham are also recommended.

Other key lawyers:

Hagit Bavly; Asaf Eylon; Adam Spruch; Naftali Nir; Sigal Shapira; Shoam Keren; Doron Shacham; Goor Koren; Guy Fatal


‘An extremely bright and efficient team. They problem solve on difficult contracts, while keeping us protected constantly by explaining to us exposure levels — and all this within great time frames. It has a unique way of giving us the feeling that it is a boutique firm, but can also bring in other professionals as needed.’

‘Arnon’s real estate team is one of the best teams you will find in Israel. In the area of transactional work lawyers can identify the relevant obstacles in advance and then provide efficient and practical solutions. The Arnon team is very professional, efficient, and very responsive to our needs.’

‘Collaborating with the team has proven to be a truly exceptional experience, both on a personal and professional level. It demonstrates an impressive level of industry knowledge and a keen focus on business objectives. Its proactive, hands-on approach centres around a thorough understanding of client needs.’

‘I think the most important part for a developer is to know that their legal team understands them, as well as the level of risk tolerance. Over time, working intensively with the firm, I have gotten to know the managing partners and the executive team and I am in awe at  the extensive knowledge they have.’

‘Doron Shacham’s ability to gather information and integrate it with legal knowledge enables us to address the various challenges and make strategic decisions in navigating negotiations with different parties involved in the project. He is committed to seeking practical and business-appropriate solutions.’

‘Shoam Keren’s invaluable assistance enabled us to gain a thorough understanding of our standing with the relevant authorities and equipped us with the necessary information to make informed decisions, facilitating effective progress.’

‘Guy Fatal is probably one of the hardest working individuals we know in the industry. He boasts many skills. The one that stands out the most is that we never lost a sale over legal issues and all this is done without compromising our position — isn’t something I can say about all firms we have worked with.’

‘My primary points of contact are Naftali Nir and Goor Koren. I have consistently observed them to exhibit a commendable level of efficiency, professionalism, and unwavering dedication. I am fortunate to collaborate with Naftali and Goor, whom I regard as invaluable assets to my business endeavours.’

Key clients

The Israeli Knesset

Azrieli Group

Bank Leumi

Ofer Brothers – Engineering and Development

The Big Synagogue in Tel Aviv City


Mr. Shlomo Eliyahu (owner of Migdal Group)

Jerusalem-Tel Aviv Investments (JTLV) 2 Equity Fund

Haim Zaken Construction & Investments

Unilever Israel

Michlol Urban Renewal

Afikei Smadar / AfikeiHayarden Group

Kotler Adika Construction

Harel Yizamot Investments

Arazim (Oron Group)

Alulel Construction Company

Migdal Insurance and Financial Holdings

I. Mishal and Sons Entrepreneurship

Zahav Al HaPark (Jerusalem Spirit Project)

Tessera Enterprises and Investments (N.Z.)

Orot/Mofet Movie Theatre

Mitzpor Adomim

Azorim Construction (1965), from the Azorim Group

Bait Vegag GL

Ruby Capital

The Pardes Institute of Jewish Studies

Yakum Development

Y. H. Dimri Construction & Development


Israel Discount Bank

Work highlights

  • Representing Friedman Chachshoori on the sale of the development rights of 600 residential units in the Argazim Neighbourhood Project.
  • Acting for Toboul in an urban renewal project involving the demolition of seven existing buildings and the construction of 14 new buildings, which will include 834 new housing units.
  • Advising Intel on the establishment of a new factory in Kiryat Gat near its existing factory.

Erdinast, Ben Nathan, Toledano & Co

Lauded as ‘a team of deal-makers’, Erdinast, Ben Nathan, Toledano & Co shines across all key areas of real estate law. Alongside its dominant construction practice, where it is notably representing trophy client Shikun & Binui on a raft of large-scale projects, it also shines in planning and zoning, urban renewal, and real estate transactions, among other areas. High-profile sector specialist Dor Shachamserves as an asset in any deal’; he co-heads the department together with planning and zoning expert Haim Waintrob, and Itay Chelouche, who is noted for urban renewal work. Other key names include Ronen YardeniMiriam Donin-Shoob and up-and-coming partner Karin Bresler.

Practice head(s):

Dor Shacham; Haim Waintrob; Itay Chelouche

Other key lawyers:

Miriam Donin-Shoob; Karin Bresler; Ronen Yardeni; Alon Titelboum


‘The team is very professional and well-versed in the satellites of Israeli law. Moreover and more importantly they are a team of deal-makers, where many other lawyers are most of the time deal-breakers.’

‘Dor Shacham is a leader and a good mentor to the team and serves as an asset in any deal.’

‘We value the team for its personal touch and its relentless attitude in order to structure a deal for the client. Dor Shacham, and his team, will fight the client’s fights like its their own.’

‘Alon Titelboum is very hard-working. He is always available and driven. I usually receive what I ask for very quickly, and with good service.’

‘We have worked for years with Dor Shacham and Karin Bresler. The team is very, very professional in a board range of real-estate transactions and financing, very accurate and responsible, with vast knowledge and experience and a unique ability to focus on the substantial factors of each situation.’

‘Itay Chelouche is a genius lawyer, hard-worker and always thinks ahead.’

‘The team is very motivated and I feel it is part of our company, meaning lawyers are very professional, dedicated and loyal. We consult with all areas (HR, real estate, general, M&A and more). Very trusted and dedicated lawyers, who do not compromise with things that can risk our business.’

‘Lawyers are very thorough in order to protect us in every transaction. Alon Titelboum is very independent. After some rounds of discussions with the other side, he met me to go through the commercial issues affecting my decisions, and that way he kept going with the other side until we had a draft to sign.’

Key clients

Shikun & Binui Real Estate + Shikun & Binui Renewable Energy

Kardan Real Estate

Kardan Israel

The Meshulam Levinstein Group

Rubinstein Avraham & Co. Building Co.

Metropolis (P.A.E) 2011 Urban Enterprises

Rotem Shani

Oranim Projects

Shafir Engineering & Manufacturing

Beita Real Estate

Taavura Group

Blue Square Real Estate

Zim Group

EDF-EN Israel

Samelet (Vehicle importer of Ferrari, Alpha Romeo, Fiat and Jeep)

Sufrin Group

Leonardo Group

Henko Group

Netanel Group

The Israel Land Development Company


Reality Investments

Zilbermintz and Son

Weisberg Group

Mor Investment House


Allied infrastructures

Work highlights

  • Represented Kardan Israel, together with Geva Real Estate, in the purchase of land to set up a logistics centre, with an estimated investment of approximately NIS800m.
  • Represented Rotem Shani on the purchase of 50% of the Savyon project in Beit Shemesh, for the construction of 547 residential units, valued at NIS1bn.
  • Acted for Shikun & Binui Real Estate on the construction of 20 residential towers, comprising 2,000 units, in the city of Netanya, with an estimated value of more than NIS6bn.


FISCHER (FBC & Co.) is a popular choice for large-scale projects due to its deep team, which draws on a deep bench of real estate-focused partners, and its ‘years of experience in providing top-notch service’. A go-to name for many segments of the industry, department head Amir Chen represents all stakeholders in development projects, planning and zoning matters, property sales and leasing transactions and real estate litigation, among other matters. Additional key contacts include Eldad Koresh, who is recommended for real estate transactions; Anat Sterenlib-Molkho, who possesses ‘deep and diverse knowledge’; Efraim Levy, who combines strength in real estate, and planning and zoning law; and Omri Shilo, who is noted for development projects. Michal FaktorSagi Hammer and next-generation partner Jonathan Tessone are also noted.

Practice head(s):

Amir Chen

Other key lawyers:

Eldad Koresh; Anat Sterenlib-Molkho; Efraim Levy; Michal Faktor; Sagi Hammer; Vered Tzror Jerasi; Boaz Tavor; Moran Rabbia-Perera; Jonathan Tessone; Tal Sasson Ferdman


‘The team displays knowledge and experience in drawing up and then negotiating contracts. It always puts the client’s interests at the top. Lawyers demonstrate determination in negotiations to achieve the best outcome for the client.’

‘The team is very professional. The lawyers show maximum availability, professionalism, extensive knowledge, versatility, and creativity and provide answers and solutions to complex transactions.’

‘We have been working with this excellent real estate practice for more than 10 years. The team not only understands the legal points of each project, but lawyers are also business savvy in a way that helps our legal strategy be in line with the broader goals for our company.’

‘Highly skilled, possessing many years of experience in providing top-notch service. A dedicated team, available at all hours. The service provided is expert, fast, and personable. A pleasure working together and highly recommended.’

‘Efraim Levi is an exceptional legal and business partner. He combines a unique combination of EQ and IQ with vast experience, thoroughness, and the ability to get the deal done. We trust him with our most significant challenges, opportunities, and dilemmas. Priceless for every entrepreneur and company at every stage.’

‘The department has extensive practical experience, combining deep proficiency in both the legal field and the business and commercial field of each transaction. The team works in full co-operation with other departments in the firm, which provides our company with complete and holistic legal advice.’

‘Anat Sterenlib-Molkho is a lawyer who gives her all and invests her heart and soul in the client, regardless of the compensation. Anat is with us through fire and water, doing her job with extremely professional abilities. She is an excellent lawyer in the field of real estate, with deep and diverse knowledge.’

Key clients

Gav-Yam Lands Corp.

Tidhar Construction

AFI Group – Africa Israel Residence and Africa Israel Europe

Reit 1

Hanan Mor Group Holdings 2006 (Kacham Investments Company)

Amot Investments

Tidhar-Harel Menivim Partnership

Reality Fund

Allied Real Estate

Mushlin Group (MASA)

Azrieli Group

The Jewish Agency of Israel

Union Properties

Acro Real Estate

Shikun & Binui Real Estate


Aura Israel – Entrepreneurship and Investments

Landa Group

Clal Industries

Yitzik Tshuva Group

Ram Aderet Group

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Gazit Globe Israel

Margolin Holdings

Sonol Israel – Sonol Real Estate and Investments

The Silverstein Company

White City Buildings, JTLV Fund and Isrotel Hotels

Afula Business Center (ABC)

Nevet Swiry

Ybox Real Estate

Edmond de Rothchild Foundation (IL)


Sufrin Group

Z.F. Building Company

Menora Mivtachim Insurance

Bezalel trade and construction

ORT Israel

Alami Igal & Co

Talshir Group

Bank Hapoalim

United Mizrahi Tefahot Bank

Israel Discount Bank


B.S.R Engineering and Development

Shagrawi Leibovich Development and Building

Trigo Group

Lodzia Rotex Investments

Ungar Properties

Waxman Govrin PLDHI Jerusalem building management co.

Shlomo Sixt


Tsabarim Entrepreneurship, Development and Investments

Zvi Sarfati & Sons Investments & Constructions

Sheled Peled – Enigneering & Assets

Venn City

Grofit Construction Company

Egged Transportation

Baladi Holdings

Koof Dallet Yield Real Estate


Vaiizra Real Estate (E.I.)

Inter Real Estate Company Y.A.

Geva Real Estate

Carden Israel

SolarEdge Technologies

Adis Marina

Aka Real Estate Company

Bat-yam beach co. Entrepreneurship and Development


ECI Telecom

Bezalel trade and construction

Tal.S. Commercial Centers

A group of Private Sellers

LTTC Group

IMI Systems

Leader Top Capital Finance & Consulting

Marathon Real Estate Fund

CPM Group

G City

Rav Shachar Properties Company

Work highlights

  • Representing Amot Investments and Gav-Yam Lands Corp in the Toha projects, and surrounding complexes, totalling billions of NIS.
  • Advising the Tidhar-Harel Partnership on all of its transactions, totalling billions of NIS.
  • Acting for REIT 1 on all of its transactions.

Goldfarb Gross Seligman & Co.

Housing a full-service real estate practice, Goldfarb Gross Seligman & Co. routinely represents major domestic and multinational clients across the full range of real estate transactions, project development and real estate investments. Already ranking among the largest real estate practices in the market, Goldfarb’s recent tie-up with Gross & Co adds further critical mass. The group is co-led by a trio of go-to real estate specialists, namely Levy Amitay, Avi Arad, and Israel Aziel. Other recommended practitioners include Vered Gitterman; Yael Mirone Mezamer; Gabi Drucker; seasoned of counsel Ari Wechsler; and new arrival Patrick Benzimra , whose addition added significant cross-border firepower with the combination of his eponymous boutique, which specialised in representing foreign clients, into the firm.

Practice head(s):

Levy Amitay; Avi Arad; Israel Aziel

Other key lawyers:

Ari Wechsler; Guy Shalev; Vered Gitterman; Gabi Drucker; Yael Mirone Mezamer; Patrick Benzimra; Orna Verhovsky; Sagiv Hanin

Key clients

Property and Building Group

Canada Israel Group

Neve Gad

Aspen Group

Bayside Land Corporation (Gav-Yam)

Azrieli Group

Azorim Investments in Development and Construction Company

Electra Real Estate

Harel Insurance Company – Investment Division

Google (including Waze)


Shikun & Binui Real Estate

Shikun & Binui – Solel Boneh – Infrastructure

Rani Zim Shopping Centers (Zim Urban)

More Provident Funds

Leumi Partners

Strauss Group

BIG Shopping Centers

Zemach Hammerman

Israeli Properties Rental Corporation

Coca Cola Israel (The Central Bottling Company)

O.Z. Yesodot Eitanim Construction

Menivim – The New REIT


Peretz BoneH Hanegev (1993)

Zohar & Zafrir Sharbat

Chen and Itay Gindi Israel

Rami Shabiru Engineering Construction and Investments

Meshulam Levinstein Contracting and Engineering Group

Amot Investments

Ari Real Estate (Arena) Investments

Abu Yehiel – Building Company

The Elad Group

GF Real Estate Group

Dan Public Transportation Co

The Arison Group


Bank Hapoalim B.M.

Dell EMC Corporation

Morgal Investments

Profimex Real Estate Management

BST Group

Piedmont Enterprises

Keren Kayemet LeIisrael Jewish National Fund

Netivei Israel – The National Transport Infrastructure Company

EY Israel

The Hatzi Hinam Group

EFI Capital

S.G.S. Building Company

The ILDC Group (Hachsharat Hayishuv)

Representing the developers of the ‘Creation Towers’ project in Tel Aviv

Menora Mivtachim Holdings

The Phoenix Insurance Company

Clal Insurance Company

Kupat Holim Meuhedet

Clalit Health Services

Be’er Sheva Municipality

Ramat Hasharon Municipality

Bat Yam municipality

Holon Municipality, Holon Economic Development Company

Netanya Municipality, Halat – The Netanya Development and Tourism Company

Petah Tikva Municipality, Petah Tikva Development Company

Hadera Municipality and its Economic Development Company

Hadera Founders Co.

Beyond Real Estate Investments

Mivne Group

Magen David Adom

The winners of the tender for the acquisition of the Old Tel Aviv Central Bus Station

Lev Haeer

The Gabay Group

Sharbat Brothers Construction Company

Etz HaShaked Engineering

Kidmat Eden

Mivney Taasia

Ayala Agam Real Estate Consulting

Grofit Construction

Grofit Yesodot

David Shahar

Kadouri (Millennium) Investments & Assets

Morad Yehezkel

Netanya on the Sea

The City People Group

Rozio Group

The Avenue Group

ZIM Real Estate Holdings

S. Bar Development and Investments

B.S.R. Group


Z. F. Building Company

Eshel Israel Urban Renewal

Yossi Avrahami Civil Engineering Works

Avney Hoshen

YUKA Holding 2006

Mashhour Brothers Building and Development

PB Urban Renewal

Kibbutzim College


Naor Holdings

Radco Urban Renewal

D.B. Hotels

REALITY Investments

Adi Zim Holdings

Hoffman Construction Company,

Maslavi Construction Company

Consulat Général de France à Jérusalem

Maison Kayser

System Management Company

The Rashi Foundation

Dunitz Brothers

ISPRO: the Israel Properties Rental Corp

IDB development Corporation


Hewlett Packard

Wolfson Clore Mayer Corp

Inovytec Medical Solutions

Ashdod Bonded

Refael Nadlan (Refael Real Estate Group)

Calcalit Jerusalem

Energix Group

New Reality

Shhakim Real Estate Group

Gad Nazareth Mor

Hizok Plus Part Of The Tama Group 38

Edri & Shahar Entrepreneurship & Construction

Y.D.E. Menivim

Eran YD Entrepreneurship and Construction Group

IPC Jerusalem

M.S.K.S. Cheetah Real Estate Investments

Hotel Eden Nursing Homes in Nahariya

Silon Sport Marketing (1989)

Marine Ties Investment

Kiryat Gat Mall

David Czapnik & Sons

S.I.E. Ashkelon

Establishment Nahal

DTCP Israel

AYM Holdings

Verint Systems


Biolojic Design

MI CompanyB.V

Otonomo Technologies


Gal Nave Real Estate

Ariel Properties, Management

Cooperative Society for Mutual Assistance and Savings of Employees of Clalit Health Services

Nahalat Amir

Canaan Gardens (Ganey Can’an)

Pardes Savings Kadima

Biolojic Design

Otonomo Technologies


Gal Nave Real Estate

Yuval Alon


Ruppin Academic Center

Ariel Properties, Management

Crazy Line

Pardes Savings Kadima

Nea Hotel

Work highlights

  • Representing Canada Israel Group in several large-scale real estate projects and transactions amounting to tens of billions of NIS.
  • Representing developers and tenants in dozens of urban renewal projects across Israel with a combined value of tens of billions of NIS.
  • Advising Clal Insurance Enterprises Holdings and Aspen Group on the acquisition of a 10-acre plot near the Ashdod Port, together with Ewave, for NIS350m, and on the development and management of a logistics centre on the plot.

Gornitzky & Co.

Active in planning and zoning, construction and real estate transactions, Gornitzky & Co.’s real estate group enjoys strong relationships with major developers, property owners, hotel chains and retail clients, among others. The multidisciplinary practice additionally stands out for its supplementary experience in real estate taxation, finance-related matters and litigation. Among the names to note, department head Shlomo Cohen is held up as a ‘go-to guy for complex real estate transactions’; Eyal Marom’s experience spans the real estate, infrastructure, and hotels and leisure spheres; Lior Relevy specialises in commercial and real estate work, including financings; and Shiri Shani focuses on commercial real estate matters, with an emphasis on project development.

Practice head(s):

Shlomo Cohen; Eyal Marom

Other key lawyers:

Lior Relevy; Shiri Shani; Maya Hoftman; Itai Itzkovich; Yoad Cohavi; Dana Suidman


‘The team is very professional and knowledgeable. Shlomo Cohen is very smart and talented and delivers results — my go-to guy for complex real estate transactions.’

‘The team is professional and dedicated to client’s needs and requirements.’

‘Shlomo Cohen and Shiri Shani are head and shoulders above all their peers.’

Key clients

Gav-Yam Land


Property and Building Corp.

Shikun and Binui Real Estate

Ofer Investments Group.

Tshuva Group: Elad Israel Residence; Delek Sea Maagan; Elad hotels; Elad Dead Sea Hotels; Tashluz Poleg and Sharon Tshuva Holdings (2011)


Amdocs Israel

Ramat Hovav Power Station – partnership with Shikun & Binui and Edeltech

The Hagit Power Station – a Partnership between Shikun & Binui and Edeltech

Egged Transportation Company

Phoenix Insurance Company, White City Buildings

Clal Insurance

Dan Public Transportation.

Fattal Hotels

Sugat Industries, Arison Group.

The Etgar Group: Elishar Sab; Agrippas City Commerce; A.R.A. Abrahamian; D.S Hortensia; Ela Eitan Counseling and Entrepreneurship; Briza Ashdod Storage and Logistics

Getter Group

Megureit Israel – Residential Real Estate Investment Trust.

Geva Real Estate

BST Group

S.B.T. Logistics

Iron Nadlan

Baruch Sun-Chen Initiative and Marketing

Simcha Reshef Holdings; Simcha Reshef Properties

The Karta Group: A.R. Karta Center Givat Shaul

Gishmei Chaim

Ofek Sheli Building and Development

Reindeer Energy.

Strauss family: Mr. Adi Strauss and Mrs. Irit Strauss.

Iman J.B. Properties 2010

Nevo Dori Management and Initiative

Amad Real Estate Development and Investments

Naaman Group

A.V.N.R Even Israel Residence

Yitzhak Kibilis, Aryeh Kibilis, Chaya Kibilis Ofek

Bait Bakfar

Nesher: Evron Projects Ltd. and Federman Investment Finance

Matalon Family

Saldan Holdings

Phoenicia Flat Glass Industries

Mishab Housing Construction & Development

Geocartography Institute For Spacial Research

Israeli Hotels Association

Ego Growers

L’eoreal Isael

Shagrawi Building and Construction (SBC)

Bet Elazraki Children’s Home

Delek Motors

Work highlights

  • Represented Melisron in four transactions totalling NIS979.8m, with the corresponding overall projects’ value exceeding NIS3bn.
  • Advised Gav-Yam Land on the construction of a Rav Bariach plant.
  • Represented Delek Group in a suspended agreement where Delek purchased all of Discount Investments’ shares in Mehadrin for NIS250m.

Herzog Fox & Neeman

Lawyers at Herzog Fox & Neemanunderstand real estate at a very high level’. Alongside its work for real estate investors and developers, the group leverages its strong corporate practice to excel in representing multinational corporations on their local real estate needs, including in major lease transactions and construction agreements. Ariel Flavian contributes three decades of experience in representing local authorities and urban corporations across the full range of construction projects. Tsouriel Picard co-heads the department, together with Flavian, and is noted for his expertise in the leasing of large-scale commercial complexes. The team also draws on newly made-up partner Rani Hirsh as well as an impressive pool of associates, including Idan Yehuda and Dan Mandelbaum.

Practice head(s):

Tsouriel Picard; Ariel Flavian

Other key lawyers:

Aviv Parienty; Sharon Petel;  Karin Fried; Alon Abcasis; Eliran Doyev; Rani Hirsh; Idan Yehuda; Dan Mandelbaum; Itai Rotem


‘My experience with the team at HFN has been uniformly excellent. It is a pleasure to work with the firm. Dan Mandelbaum is extremely creative, thoughtful and responsive. I would recommend him to anyone doing a complicated real estate transaction in Israel.’

‘My main contact was associate Itai Rotem: he was always responsive and available and good at explaining the issues and looking for solutions.’

‘We work on a regular basis with Herzog. For our office lease agreement we hired the firm to provide professional guidance. We were assigned to Itai Rotem, who studied the agreement, brought his professional knowledge, went into detail, prepared discussion points, and accompanied us to all meetings.’

‘The real estate department in Herzog has been providing my company with the highest level of professional and personal service for many years. The lawyers who work with us understand real estate at a very high level and are also characterized by excellent personal skills.’

‘Tsouriel Picard heads our team. He is one of the most prominent lawyers in Israel in the field of real estate. He has experience, extensive and varied knowledge, and an excellent personal ability to solve complicated cases and compromise between parties even in complex or demanding situations.’

‘We work in many transactions with associate Dan Mandelbaum, who controls the transaction at a detailed level and provides a highly available service. He shares the client’s business aims and supports them in a holistic way, while providing a real feeling of security.’

‘A leading Law firm in Israel. We appointed the team through interviews and a detailed RFP process. It has a good reputation in the market and it was recommended by several industry leaders as one of the best law firms. It has been confirmed during our projects execution that we made the right selection.’

‘Itai Rotem demonstrated strong negotiations skills during many rounds of complex negotiations. Excellent cooperation, responsiveness and very professional legal knowledge and expertise. A very client-oriented approach, making sure that every decision and plan are tailored to the client’s needs.’

Key clients

Intel Israel



WeWork Israel



Reality Investments fund

Rothstein Real Estate

Azrieli Group

Elbit Systems

The Israel Museum

The Phoenix Insurance Company

Rambam Medical Center

Assuta Medical Centers

Menora Mivtachim Insurance Group

Bar Ilan University

Yellow Tree Real Estate

Mivtah Shamir Energy

Dan Real Estate

Asden Group

Farkash Group

Reisdor Group

Tzifha International

New Era Real Estate Development and Project Management ltd.

Igi Izaki Group

Ganey Ben Zvi

Nof Carmel – Shagrawi Group


Baran Group

Luzon Group

Gabay Group

Adama Makhteshim

Balila Group

Nadav B. Logistics

Y.D. Barazani

Reut NPO

Bnei Zion Cooperative Village Agricultural Association

Aviv & Co. Group Real Estate 1963


Mega Or

The Academic Center for Law and Business


Vishay Israel

Paz Oil Company

Levinsky College of Education

Amot Investments

Work highlights

  • Advised Reality Investments Fund on several transactions, including on an agreement for the purchase of rights and a combination agreement regarding a 60-acre property located in Tel Aviv.
  • Represented Intel Israel in a construction agreement with Solel Boneh, according to which Solel Boneh undertook to build Intel’s new campus in Haifa.
  • Advised Rotshtein Real Estate on all its projects and transactions, including on the construction of hundreds of housing units, the construction of logistics centres and numerous urban renewal projects.

Agmon with Tulchinsky Law Firm

Agmon with Tulchinsky Law Firm is distinguished by its track record in representing developers in traditional and urban renewal construction projects, benefiting from its ability to work hand-in-hand with its dominant planning and zoning department. Other practice strong suits include logistic centres, lease agreements, and real estate financings. Ishai Itsikovich spearheads the real estate transactions team and is noted for urban renewal projects. Also recommended are Israel Attar, who leads the group in Jerusalem; Galia Suesskind- Spiegel, who handles an array of real estate transactions; and planning and zoning co-heads Avi Porten and Eyal Mamo.

Practice head(s):

Ishai Itsikovich; Israel Attar; Galia Suesskind-Spiegel; Avi Porten; Eyal Mamo

Key clients


ICR Real Estate Group

Israel land development company

Carel Group

Peak Urban Renewal

Kramin Real Estate

Azorim Investment Development and Construction

Maoz Daniel

Radco Investments

Almog Group

Shufersal Pharma arm (BE)

Clalit Health services

Koach Nadlan

Teva Pharmaceutical Industries

The Caesarea Edmond Benjamin de Rothschild Development Corporation

The Caesarea Edmond Benjamin de Rothschild Foundation

The Caesarea Edmond Benjamin de Rothschild Assets Corp.

Rubin Group

Advanced Vision Technology

MUSA – Eretz Israel Museum Tel Aviv

Pharma Tamar Group

Jem’s Beer Factory

Gan Yavne (landowners group)





ZMH Hammerman

Shoval Tov


Levinstein Nativ

Nativ Real Estate Development


Almog Psagot

Rotshtein Real Estate

Dona Engineering and Construction Company

Levinstein Properties

Work highlights

  • Acting for Azorim in multiple projects, including on the evacuation of residential units and the construction of a residential, employment and commercial area in Bnei Brak.
  • Advising Teva Pharmaceutical Industries on the sale of land in Jerusalem, Ashdod and Petah Tikva, as well as on the sale of real estate assets in Netanya.
  • Representing Rothshtein Construct & Asset in several demolition-construction urban renewal projects in Tirat HaCarmel, Jerusalem, Lod and Holon.

Amit, Pollak, Matalon & Co. Advocates and Notary

Equipped to handle the full range of real estate matters, Amit, Pollak, Matalon & Co. Advocates and Notary is particularly noted for its strength in real estate finance and investment transactions. The team has also been active in project development, planning and zoning, and urban renewal-related matters of late, while it additionally fields complementary strength in municipal tax and litigation. Department head Amitai Erlich is highly sought after by developers and investors, while Ori Avigad specialises in urban renewal transactions. Liora Manzury and Yuval Gal-On are also noted.

Practice head(s):

Amitai Erlich

Other key lawyers:

Ori Avigad; Boaz Edelstein; Moshe Matalon; Ranit Kessous Katz; Yuval Gal-On; Eli Nevo; Liora Manzury


‘The feeling is that the relationship with my attorney is close and personal. The team’s first priority is not to make money, but to make me happy and successful. In particular, Amitai Erlich is my guy.’

‘The team is very dedicated to our needs and our achieving our goals. Lawyers are well-informed and up-to-date with our plans, and work around the clock to assist us. In addition, they actually generate connections to create business for us.’

‘We mostly work with Amitai Erlich and Eli Nevo; they are loyal to us as no other firm could ever be.’

Key clients

Ampa Group and Yuvalim Group

Aura Investments

Ayalon Assets and Investments, of the Ayalon Group

Azorim Construction Company and Azorim Living

Bank Hapoalim

Boulevard Fund

Caesarea Investments and the Nassimi family

David Shahar and Sons

Effi Capital Nadlan

Givatayim Local Planning and Building Committee

Infrastructures Ltd & Bonei Hatichon Civil Engineering

Issta lines

Kiryat Shmona Local Planning and Building Committee

Reisdor Group

Rotem Technologies and Ecological Solutions

Salina Group

Sason Hogi Group

Sufrin Weiss

The Gabay Group

The Hebrew University

The Ofer Group

Yaaz Development and Construction

Yigal & Moshe Gindi, & Mr. Avi Zeitouni

Zarfati Zvi & Sons Investments & Constructions

Ampa Yovalim

Ofer Brothers

Yitzhak Ofer Building and Development Company

Valor Byron Real Estate

KanBinuy Urban Innovation

Even Pina Real estate


Ram Mugrabi Arditi


Work highlights

  • Advising Azorim on a range of real estate projects, including a project in Beer-Sheba and two projects in Tel Aviv, which between them total NIS9.55bn.
  • Advising Caesarea Investments on the NIS2bn Savioney Ramat Aviv project in Tel Aviv and on the NIS1.5bn mixed-use Clock Tower project in Jaffa.
  • Advising The Hebrew University on developing a compound with 268,000sqm of hi-tech and research facilities in partnership with Gav-Yam.

Gindi-Caspi, Advocates and Notary

Real estate-focused firm Gindi-Caspi, Advocates and Notary specialises in advising on all aspects of the sector, from land rezoning through to construction projects, sale and purchase transactions, and litigation. The team is arguably best-known for its reputation in the urban renewal field, where recent matters include advising Afik Hayarden on a NIS5bn Pinui Binui project. Recommended names include Ziv Caspi, who heads the Urban Renewal Committee of the Israel Bar Association, and fellow urban renewal specialists Yaacov Gindi and Shay Eliav.

Practice head(s):

Ziv Caspi; Yaacov Gindi; Shay Eliav; Adam Tsesvan; Herut Ben Yair; Liron Rot; Adi Supraski; Sarit Sapir

Key clients

Tzvi Tzarfati & Sons Real Estate Corporate

Gindi Group – Chen and Itay Gindi

Almog Demolish and Build

Almog (C.D.A.I.)

Or Liri – Naveh – Gad Building Development

Zelig Shimshon & Co Contractors

Afik HaYarden

The Dunitz Brothers

Tarya P2P

Africa Israel Investments

The Historic Winery Compound of “Carmel Mizrahi”

Grande Monte

Aura Israel

Partnership of M.G.I.R Management, Tidhar and Akro Real Estate

Oz Yesodot Mishmarot

Ildc group


D.A.L Investments

Africa Urban Renewal

Israel land development – urban renewal

Tidhar Construction

Acro Real Estate

Canada Israel

Gohari Yossi investment

Grande Monte

Work highlights

  • Advised Israel Land Development-Urban Renewal on the establishment of new residential complexes all over the country and urban renewal projects.
  • Advised Gindi Group (Chen and Itay Gindi) on contracting projects across Israel, from the initial stages through to title registration by the buyers, among other matters.
  • Advised Aura Israel on significant projects.

M. Firon & Co Advocates and Notaries

M. Firon & Co Advocates and Notaries’ real estate team possesses significant construction expertise, where it enjoys strong links with major developers. Additionally, it handles a steady stream of real estate finance, investment matters, and transactions involving real estate assets. Itzhak Narkiss is widely admired for his full-service coverage of the industry, with recent experience in international work and domestic urban renewal projects. Also recommended is Tamar Firon Smorodinsky, who combines strength in real estate, infrastructure and project finance, as well as Shay HubermanRonen Maor and Dana Biran.

Practice head(s):

Itzhak Narkiss; Tamar Firon-Smorodinsky

Other key lawyers:

Ronen Maor; Shay Huberman; Sivan Atias; Dana Biran; Ilan Kremer; Nir Markovitz; Zohar Ben Israel


‘We value the team for its high-level service. It is very professional, available and provides all the range of services and legal support required for a company in general and a government company in particular.’

‘The team provides professional advice and always goes the extra mile. Its politeness and willingness to assist are felt, which turns the experience from working with a consultant to working with a work colleague. Particularly outstanding are Sivan Atias and Nir Markovitz for their experience and knowledge.’

‘I am more than happy to recommend the team. Its meticulous attention to detail, comprehensive understanding of the legal intricacies, and ability to navigate complex regulatory frameworks are instrumental in our business.’

‘Its experience is spread over all aspects related to construction, banking and finance, as well as projects, infrastructure and energy, which allows it to give us, the clients, a very broad view and support. In addition they have a strong business affiliation, and they can handle tough negotiations.’

‘The partners we work with ensure that legal issues are identified and addressed in a proactive and strategic manner. Their proactive approach to identifying and mitigating potential issues is particularly impressive, and they demonstrate strong ability to navigate complex legal landscapes with ease.’

‘Tamar Firon-Smorodinsky is the only legal advisor I fully trust for significant projects: she is highly skilled and deeply committed to providing personalized attention and support. She takes time to listen to concerns, understand the goals and objectives, and develop strategies that are fully matched to each project.’

‘The team is excellent and has a lot of knowledge in the areas we need. We work with Itzhak Narkiss and Zohar Ben Israel, both of whom have high availability for answering. They have knowledge of conducting negotiations with positive spirit.’

‘The team is always available and lawyers are always at our side working with us. We trust them on their advice, handling negotiations, and litigating when necessary. I personally think that M. Firon are one of the best legal firms in Israel, and definitely the best firm I have worked with.’

Key clients

Ashtrom Group

Ashdar and Ashdar Boutique

Acro Nadlan

Migdal Insurance Company

Adam Shuster


Hanan Mor Group

The Phoenix Insurance Company



Geshem Lemishtaken

Mizmor LeDavid (David Azoulay civil engineering)



Work highlights

  • Advising Ashtrom Group, one of the largest construction companies in Israel, on various transactions.
  • Representing the landowners in Ludwipol compound in a multifaceted transaction worth over NIS200m.
  • Advising Ashdar on various residential and urban renewal projects across Israel, from the initial planning and zoning stages through the financing stage, up to marketing, sales and rights registration.

Meitar Law Offices

Meitar Law Offices is well-positioned to advise on all core aspects of real estate law, with a focus on real estate acquisitions and disposals, leasing transactions, development projects and financings. The group’s client base is broad and spans lenders, investment funds and corporate occupiers, as well as construction groups. Department head Hanni Avinery contributes over significant experience in large-scale projects, transactions and contentious matters. The team also includes Alon Yoeli, who sits in the real estate and litigation groups, and Ofer Freilich.

Practice head(s):

Hanni Avinery

Other key lawyers:

Alon Yoeli; Ofer Freilich; Nir Lerer

Key clients

Acro Real Estate

Elad Israel Residences

Bank Hapoalim

Shlomo Bruner


Yossef Samuha

M.I. Development Authority (Hares)

Sela Capital Real Estate

Selina Operation Israel

Israel Credit Cards

Roger MItzpe

Hof Lido Ashdod (2004)


Avraham Rubinstein & Co.

Bait Vegag

Mayer’s Cars & Trucks

Zota Holdings

Rav Bariach (08) Industries

JTLV Investments



Arena Star Group

Gazit Globe

Rothschild 22

Ofer Investments


Arcod Gurkan

Bank Leumi

Delek Group

Work highlights

  • Advising Acro Real Estate on a project for the establishment of luxury residential, office and commercial spaces in Da Vinci Street in Tel Aviv, valued at $1.1bn.
  • Advising Elad Israel Residences on the sale of 550 residential units in the Park TLV project in Tel Aviv for $225m.
  • Representing Bank Hapoalim, through its subsidiary, in the purchase of office floors in the Vitania Tower project from Vitania and DMR Assets (1995) for NIS81m plus VAT.

Shibolet & Co.

On the construction side, Shibolet & Co.’s real estate group advised on a significant volume of urban renewal projects over the past year. Moving towards more conventional projects, the team is well-versed in real estate finance, investment deals and land acquisitions, among others. The group is co-led by transactional real estate specialists Michal Gottesman-Barak and Ofer Zuzovsky, together with Yair Salomon, who has a strong record in advice to municipalities, and Eran Balint.

Practice head(s):

Michal Gottesman-Barak; Ofer Zuzovsky; Eran Balint; Yair Salomon

Other key lawyers:

Amir On; Omer Elimelech; Inbal Puny; Rotem Vartenfeld

Key clients

Meitav Finance Fund

IBI Investment House

Y. A. Habonim


Eden E.C.M

Gindi Holdings

ICR- Israel Canada Rem Residence

Shaked Partners

Kedar Mivnim

Ashtrom Group

Kibbutzim College

Itzhaki Group

Harel Insurance Company

Bank Hapoalim

Discount Bank

Hachshara Insurance Company

Clal Insurance Company

Yochelman Group

Poalim Equity


Hanan Mor Group-holdings

Almog group

Oron group

Leader Top Capital


Gindi Chen & Itai Group

Harel Insurance Company

Netanael Group

The Israel Land Development Company

The Phoenix Insurance Company

S. Shlomo Insurance Company LTD

Archimedes Engineering Projects Management

Almog Psagot Urban Renewal

Mekorot, Israel national water co.

Tel Aviv Municipality

Ramat Gan Municipality

Jerusalem Municipality

The Yosi Hogi Group

Work highlights

  • Representing ICR- Israel Canada Rem Residence in an urban renewal project in Jerusalem, involving evacuating 138 residential units and constructing around 500 residential units.
  • Advising Gindi Holdings on multiple transactions, including on the purchase of lots and on large-scale real estate projects.
  • Representing Yochelman Group in urban renewal projects.

Weksler, Bregman & Co., Advocates

Real estate lawyers at Weksler, Bregman & Co., Advocatesadd value to any discussion’, according to sources. Well-weighted between development projects and real estate transactions, the full-spectrum team acts for a mix of entrepreneurs, construction companies and lenders across all key real estate fields, including residential, commercial, shopping malls, infrastructure and hotels. Widely acknowledged as a market leader, practice head Avi Ben-Yaacov is ‘involved in the process until the desired result is achieved’. Revital Reuven, Tomer Tzadok and Orel Bar Dayan are also noted. Idan Matlin recently left to join Shufersal Real Estate.

Practice head(s):

Avi Ben-Yaacov; Revital Reuven; Tomer Tzadok; Orel Bar Dayan


‘The firm’s real estate and construction team, led by Avi Ben-Yaacov, is professional, available and involved in the process until the desired result is achieved.’

‘Avi Ben-Yaacov, and his team, are available for any question, and add value to any discussion.

Key clients

Africa Israel Residences

AFI Properties

Africa Israel Investments

Tel Aviv Beach Plaza

Orbit Communications Systems

Israel Discount Bank

Gav-Yam Property & Building Corp. of IDB Group

IGI Investments (Izaki Group – Renanot Enterprises and Investments)

Bank Leumi le-Israel

G CITY (former name – Gazit Glob)

Matrix It

Work highlights

  • Acting for Africa Israel Residences and its partners on several real estate projects valued at billions of NIS, including land purchases for hundreds of residential units as well as finance and sales.
  • Advising Aharoni Group on several real estate projects, including on the construction of multiple buildings in Lod, Netivot, Rishon LeZion and Bat Yam.
  • Advising Israel Discount Bank on multiple financing transactions with real estate entrepreneurs, and also on various matters regarding its properties, including on the construction of its new campus located in the 1,000 Complex in Rishon LeZion.

AYR – Amar Reiter Jeanne Shochatovitch & Co

The ‘dedicated, smart and always available’ real estate team at AYR – Amar Reiter Jeanne Shochatovitch & Co is primarily recognised for its thriving urban renewal practice, where it counts entrepreneurs, apartment owners and condominium representatives among its clients. Other areas of expertise encompass sales and purchase transactions, municipal taxation, and hotels. Key contacts include head of the firm and real estate expert Amir Amar; real estate lead Omer Gadish; urban renewal specialist Eli Eshel; and Ohad Zalevsky.

Practice head(s):

Amir Amar; Yacov Cohen; Omer Gadish; Igal Doron; Eli Eshel; Ohad Zalevsky; Vered Halperin

Other key lawyers:

Aharon Barda; Amnon Kolback


‘We value the team for its speed, it is a quick and super-professional legal practice. Lawyers are real pro’s — excellent in each and every aspect — and are highly appreciated.’

‘A dedicated, smart and always available team that goes over and above for its clients and provides out-of-the-box solutions and strategies.’

‘Lawyers are smart experienced and personable and provide you with great comfort and the feeling that you are in the best hands in the world! I have worked with a few top firms around the globe and this team is a stand-out by far.’

‘We recommend the team for its professionalism and service.’

‘Eli Eshel is a leader for his commitment and accessibility. He knows how to make a deal and to be a beneficial factor in the room.’

Key clients

Gindi investment & Gindi Tower Tel Aviv

Cnaan Group

Big Shopping Centers

Allied Real Estate

Shriki Group

America Israel Investments

Etz HaShaked

Ewave Real Estate

Delek – The Israel Fuel Corporation

Delek Israel Properties D.P.

The Dunitz Brothers

Eshkol Residence

Ofek holdings


Shapir Industries

Aspen Group

Yuvalim group

The Levinstein Group

PHI Networks (partnership of Partner Communication and HOT Mobile)

Bank Hapoalim

Histadrut Ha’Ovdim Be’Israel (Israel’s Employees Union)

Shikun & Binui

ICR -Israel Canada and Reem Projects

Work highlights

  • Advising Gindi Tower Tel-Aviv on a housing project in the old wholesale market in the centre of Tel–Aviv, involving approximately 1540 housing units in four towers.
  • Representing the Israel Diamond Exchange on the planning process for obtaining additional construction rights for approximately 235,000sqm of land.
  • Advising Cnaan Group on the Alma Project, an urban renewal project in Kiryat Ono.

Epstein Rosenblum Maoz (ERM)

Epstein Rosenblum Maoz (ERM)’s real estate practice finds favour for providing ‘top legal counselling but within a boutique-style friendly environment’. The team draws together extensive experience in the urban renewal and hotel segments, while it also handles real estate finance transactions on behalf of banks, institutional lenders, and private equity funds. Gilad Maoz, Yoav Zahavi and Erez Gurion co-lead a team that is ‘comprised of deal-makers, not deal-breakers’.

Practice head(s):

Gilad Maoz; Yoav Zahavi; Erez Gurion

Other key lawyers:

Tal Leibusher Dahan; Golan Laihtman; May Fima


‘A strong and professional team, responds quickly and efficiently and to the point. We work mainly with Tal Leibusher Dahan, who is excellent: highly professional, pleasant and hospitable, and available like no other.’

‘The team is professional, with fast response times. Lawyers know how to negotiate very well.’

‘A one-stop-shop, super knowledgeable and connected, offering top legal counselling but within a boutique-style friendly environment. The team is comprised of deal-makers, not deal-breakers. Gilad Maoz, especially, but all of them, really.’

Key clients

The Fattal Hotels Group

The Brown Hotels Group

AMPA Capital


ILDC (Israel Land Development Company)

Ken HaTor

Marathon Real Estate Enhancement Fund

The White City

Israir Airlines

Mercantile Discount Bank

Leny Group

Bank Leumi

Bank Hapoalim

Discount Bank

Migdal Insurance

Ayalon Insurance

Altshuler Shaham

Bareket Capital

Archimedes Real Estate Finance

The Tshuva Group

Gazit Globe

Plaza International

Rotshtein Real-Estate

Avnei Derech

The Mivne Group

Dor Chemicals

B.S.R Group

Ruby Capital

Bait Yerushalmi


Canadian Yizum

Erez Alon Entrepreneurship and Construction

Eshkol Investments & Financing

Premium Capital Group

Nes Ammim organization

Lifestyle Group

Yuval Yarin Dead Sea

M & D Real Estate

Pereh Hotel

Shikun & Binui

Leader Top Capital

Work highlights

  • Advising RIA Investments on all real estate matters connected to the planning and building of a high-rise building in Jerusalem, and also on a long-term management and licence agreement with the Marriott Group.
  • Advising White City Group on the formation of a joint venture with Phoenix Insurance Company and Isrotel, connected to the acquisition, renovation and operation of six hotels in Rome, for a total investment of NIS1.7bn.
  • Advising Israir Airlines on all of its international transactions, including on the acquisition of 25% of the share capital and bonds of nine Greek companies owning and operating five hotels in Greece.

Lipa Meir & Co

The growing real estate practice at Lipa Meir & Co added a raft of new clients over the past two years. The group stands out for its activity in urban renewal and hotel-related work, as well as in niche areas such as kibbutzim, where it leans into the firm’s expertise in co-operative societies, and agriculture. Erez Tik, Roy Aiz, and Yariv Shalom co-lead a department that also includes next-generation partner — and ‘deal-maker’ — Dor Avinery.

Practice head(s):

Erez Tik; Yariv Shalom; Roy Aiz

Other key lawyers:

Dor Avinery


‘I worked with Dor Avineri on a specific and significant transaction. I was very impressed with him. Dor is a deal maker! He is very professional and, with his pleasant attitude, he knows how to get his way. He is very dedicated, and I have enjoyed working with him.’

Key clients

Electra Investments (1998)

Minrav Nadlan

The Israel Land Development Company

Prashkovsky Group

Big Shopping Centres

Kardan Real Estate Enterprise & Development

Migdal Insurance and Financial Holdings

Yachin Group

Bonei Hatichon Civil Engineering and Infrastructure

Sufrin Group

Astral Hotels

E.F.I. Nativ Development

Gilad Mai

Avgad Holdings


Magen Engineering and Construction

Massad Oz Investments

O.Z. Yesodot Eitanim Projects

Asum Construction company

the Park Company for Innovation and Life Sciences

Work highlights

  • Acting for Israel Land Development Company on a broad range of real estate matters, including on the demolition and reconstruction of the Beit Maariv office building owned by the Maariv newspaper.
  • Advising Kardan Real Estate on the purchase of several land plots in Afula from different owners for the construction of approximately 1,850 residential units, and the creation of a new neighbourhood.
  • Advising Migdal Insurance Group and the Park Company on the establishment of an innovation and health-tech park adjacent to Sheba Hospital, one of the country’s flagship hospitals.

Naschitz, Brandes, Amir & Co.

Oriented towards project development work, Naschitz, Brandes, Amir & Co.’s real estate group acts for a mix of landowners, entrepreneurs, and residents on a wide range of commercial, urban and residential projects, with notable activity in urban renewal matters. On the transactional front, the team handles land acquisitions and disposals and real estate finance. Department head Shmuel Lechnerpossesses a business-mindset’, according to sources. Also recommended is Erez Sapir, whose practice spans land taxation, planning and construction, and administrative law.

Practice head(s):

Shmuel Lechner

Other key lawyers:

Erez Sapir; Sarit Hauschner-Raphael; Adi Ben Enosh


‘Shmuel Lechner is a well-known figure in the real estate legal sphere in Israel. The partners beneath him are very independent and capable. Adi Ben Enosh is a great lawyer, with the correct blend of knowledge, negotiation capabilities, the right temper and diligence.’

‘I have received professional, comprehensive, and in-depth assistance from the team pertaining to the internal operations of the company, the development of internal regulations, and a wide range of issues within the realms of real estate, planning, and construction.’

‘A good team headed by Shmuel Lechner, comprised of good partners that compliment each other. ’

Key clients

Mivne Real Estate


Carasso Nadlan

Ofer Investments

Gazit Globe

Gabay Group

Katav Group


Rami Dunietz


Yaacobi Universal

Ezra & Bitzaron

Ram Mugrabi Arditi

Etgar Nadlan In collaboration with Property and Building Corp.




Netivim Darom

Yakuel Project Company

Builders & Contractors Organization Tel Aviv

Amirey Zichron Yaacov

Saliah-Rothschild Group



ZHG Group


Sufrin Weiss



ISR – Israel Canada

Avraham Lalum & Co. Law Offices

Avraham Lalum & Co. Law Offices has a focus on urban renewal projects, where it acts for developers, construction groups, local authorities and purchasing groups, among other stakeholders. Name partner Avraham Lalum steers the practice; he specialises in real estate transactions and real estate taxation.

Practice head(s):

Avraham Lalum; Racheli Vizer Peled; Elad Ofek; Asaf Zakman

Key clients

Azorim Investments in Development and Construction Company

Ayalon Insurance Company

Yuvalim Group

EXON Capital Group

Eco City S.L Entrepreneurship and Construction

KDD Group Ukraine

Eddi Caspi

Netanel Group

Lahav L.R & Tel Dan

R&M Investments

K.B.Y. Holdings


Hadar Group

HERTZIG Real Estate Group

Almog 38

Gamliel Group

Engel on the Park

Halman Aldubi

Ofek Shely Initiation and Construction

Almogim Holding

Bonei Hatichon

Lev D.A

Platinum Fund

Acro Real Estate

Bait VeGag

Yahad real estate and Holding

Ella real estate


Work highlights

  • Acted for Eco City Urban Renewal in a Tama 38 project for the demolition and rebuilding of three buildings.
  • Advised Ofek Shely Initiation and Construction on the acquisition of eight residential units.
  • Advised SR Accord on a significant real estate project financing.

Barnea Jaffa Lande & Co.

Barnea Jaffa Lande & Co. is praised for its ‘in-depth knowledge of the local real estate sector’. Handling sizeable projects in the residential, commercial and industrial sectors, the team demonstrates extensive experience in the urban renewal and kibbutzim spheres. Terry Almozlino Arnon anchors a group that includes kibbutzim specialist Hagit Ben Moshe, up-and-coming partner Alon Wolner, and Eldar Adato.

Practice head(s):

Terry Almozlino Arnon

Other key lawyers:

Eldar Adato; Hagit Ben Moshe; Alon Wolner


‘The team has supported us in several real estate projects. It is excellent! Lawyers demonstrate in-depth knowledge of the local real estate sector and they are committed.’

‘Terry Almozlino Arnon is a league of her own for complex real estate projects; her inputs are invaluable. Alon Wolner has excellent business understanding. He is a rising star and we love working with him.’

Key clients

Azrieli Group

Aviv Real Estate Development and Management, controlled by Melisron and the Aviv Group

Aspen Group

Giron Group

350 apartment owners in an urban renewal project in Ashdod

Israel Natural Gas Lines

ARI Real Estate

Landowners’ in an urban renewal project in Bar Yochai, Jerusalem

Gindi Holdings

850 landowners in a vacate and reconstruct project in the Yoseftal Complex in Ramla

Work highlights

  • Representing Azrieli in ongoing legal matters and M&A amounting to hundreds of millions of NIS.
  • Representing Aviv Real Estate Development and Management, a company controlled by Melisron and the Aviv Group, on its transactional activity.
  • Advising Aspen Group on its rentals in malls and shopping centres.

Miller & Co. Law Office

A ‘team that works harmoniously and synergistically’, Miller & Co. Law Office possesses a thriving urban renewal practice, where it counts ICR- Israel Canada Rem Holdings and Israel Land Development Company among its clients. Founding partner Yossi Miller covers the full gamut of real estate matters, with a focus on urban renewal projects.

Practice head(s):

Yossi Miller

Other key lawyers:

Hila Mirmovich


‘A wonderful team that works harmoniously and synergistically, which leads to the achievement of the goal and the implementation of the deal.’

‘We highlight the team’s dedication and willingness to work, including responding to any need that arises and accompanying every detail of the transaction. Especially Hila Mirmovich and Yossi Miller — and the rest of the team.’

Work highlights

  • Represented Zarfati Zvi & Sons in a series of projects in the field of real estate and urban renewal.
  • Represented the Israel Land Development Company in an urban renewal project in the city of Karmiel.
  • Acted for the Haifa Economic Corporation and Mivne Group on the establishment of a life science park in Haifa.

S. Biran & Co

S. Biran & Co’s real estate practice brings together strong skill sets in planning and zoning, urban renewal projects and general construction matters. Department head David Amid is highly regarded for his ‘broad and professional understanding in the real estate field’. Meir Porges is also noted.

Practice head(s):

David Amid

Other key lawyers:

Meir Porges; Eran Plaschkes; Ron Shiloni


‘The firm’s team, led by Meir Porges and David Amid, is professional, available and involved in the process until the desired result is achieved.’

‘Meir Porges and David Amid are available for any question, and add value to any discussion until reaching the desired result.’

‘The team is very professional. The people are very very helpful and nothing is too small or not important. I recently used their knowledge on a fairly complicated issue and they dug into it and a good solution was found.’

Key clients

Shapir Housing and Building


Blue Square Real Estate

Wholesale Market Company [Landowner of the Tel Aviv Wholesale Market]

Amot Investments

Shikun & Binui

Clalit Health Services

Israel Ports – Development & Assets Company

Dor Alon Energy

Summit Real Estate Holdings


Caesar Hotels

Gazit Globe



Union Properties

Kibbutz Glil Yam


Work highlights

  • Representing Shikun & Binui and private landowners in relation to rezoning and improvements of land intended for the construction of a residential neighbourhood of approximately 2,500 housing units in Hadera.
  • Acting for City Tech Herzliya (1995), as the rights holder and main initiator, on a residential, transportation, commercial and office project, put forward by the municipality of Herzliya.
  • Representing a group of landowners on promoting a 180,000sqm plan, estimated at NIS2.5bn, in central Tel Aviv.

S. Horowitz & Co

Over the past year, S. Horowitz & Co kept busy advising on a range of real estate transactions, new development projects and urban renewal work. The firm’s signature litigation expertise also lends itself well to planning and zoning disputes. Avigail Kastiel ‘is a master in negotiation’ and co-heads the team alongside Leor Nouman.

Practice head(s):

Avigail Kastiel; Leor Nouman

Other key lawyers:

Moshe Zilberberg


‘The service given is of the highest level. The first thing to point out is its uncompromising professionalism, coupled with the highest level of skill and competence. The team also has deep knowledge both of all the relevant legal issues and of the business environment in which we operate.’

‘Avigail Kastiel is a brilliant lawyer. She has enormous knowledge in commercial law and is a master in negotiation.’

‘The team has a lot of experience and knowledge. Lawyers are people you can consult with, provide good advice, have good manners, and are loyal and professional, particularly Leor Nouman and Moshe Zilberberg.’

‘The team provides quick responses and original methods to close the deal. They possess vast knowledge and are respected by peers.’

Key clients

260 of Kikar Hamedina landowners and the Committee of Landowners in Kikar Hamedina in Tel Aviv

Strauss Group

Paz Oil Company

BST Group

Readymix Industries (Israel)

Hadassah, The Women’s Zionist Organization of America, Hadassah Medical Relief Association

Bank Hapoalim B.M.

Scientists of The Weizmann Institute of Science.

Zohar & Zafrir Sharbat

ICL Group

ICR Israel Canada Reem Holdings

Tomer Coco Investments

A. Lofo Entrepreneur Supervision & Construction

Rights holders in the Railway Complex in Tel Aviv known as Complex3 in a Portion of Parcel25 in Block6950

The Cohen brothers

Representing the rights holders in land located at Goldin Street in Rehovot

China State Construction Engineering Corporation (Israel Branch)

The rights holders in existing buildings located at 17 and 21 Smuts Street in Tel Aviv

Work highlights

  • Representing more than 260 rights holders in relation to the NIS5 bn joint development of the Tel Aviv square, Kikar Hamedina.
  • Representing Bank Hapoalim in various proceedings related to the collection of debts amassed by the Kahtan real estate group totalling more than NIS1bn.
  • Advising Paz Oil Company on establishing a dedicated real estate company, by founding a subsidiary to which its properties will be transferred.

Shoob & Co. Law Offices

Real estate work is a mainstay at Shoob & Co. Law Offices and the boutique firm recently cemented its commitment to the area through a 2023 merger with fellow real estate niche, Tzvi Shoob. The group now draws on seven partners and covers the full range of commercial and project development matters for high-profile clients such as Electra Investments and Africa Israel Residences. Shmuel Shoob spearheads a group that leverages ‘extensive experience in the field leading big projects’.

Practice head(s):

Shmuel Shoob

Other key lawyers:

Naama Schiff; Aviad Shoob


‘The team demonstrates an excellent attitude, proficiency and knowledge.’

‘Shmuel Shoob is professional, available and involved in the process until the desired result is achieved.’

‘Shmuel Shoob is available for any question and adds a lot of value to any discussion until reaching the desired result.’

‘I have been a client of the firm for almost a decade and I remain very pleased with how professional the team is. I work directly with Shmuel Shoob and his team.’

‘Excellent knowledge, professional lawyers and deep knowledge of the laws and regulations.’

‘A great team with professional attitude. Lawyers bring to bear extensive experience in the field leading big projects.’

Key clients

Electra Investments, part of the Electra Group

Zemach Hammerman

Armonot Hen

Chen & Itay Gindi Group

Africa Israel Residences

Carasso Real Estate, a division of the Carasso Group

Meorot Assets

Merhavey Development

Thousands of private landowners in large-scale development complexes across the country

White City Buildings

Urban Renewal Projects – Expertise

Compilation of private landowners in various real property transactions

A group of landowners in a combination agreement with Kardan Real Estate

Ramgor Investments

Purchase Groups of Real Property

Zarfati Zvi & Sons

Prashkovsky Group

A group of owners of land in Bat Yam, the largest one of the group being Shlomo Zevida Assets, Re the Bursekai Complex

Mador Bachrach

Mr. Eran Glick

Kuperley & Shalom Investments

Work highlights

  • Represented Electra Investments in the planning, building and construction of 5,759 residential units across 25 different projects.
  • Advised Chen & Itay Gindi Group on the planning, building and construction of nine projects consisting of 1,068 residential units, with a combined value of NIS3.2bn.
  • Handled 27 urban renewal projects covering all types of schemes, including vacate and build, demolition and re-build, NOP 38 and more, involving the construction of 5,300 residential units with a combined value of NIS15.9bn.