Advice to individuals in Germany

Feigen · Graf Rechtsanwälte

Feigen · Graf Rechtsanwälte has a fine reputation for representing clients in white-collar crime proceedings and has a strong focus on acting for individuals, but the team also assists companies with various matters including compliance. Well versed in defending executives against various white-collar crime and criminal tax allegations as well as other criminal allegations, Hanns Feigen defended the politician Alexander Alvaro against allegations of negligent homicide and was able to reach a settlement and close the proceedings. He also acted for Karlheinz Blessing, HR director at Volkswagen, in investigative procedures following breach of trust allegations. Other key individuals include Walther Graf and Bernd Groß. The latter defended Fifa’s former secretary-general in proceedings pertaining to tax evasion.

Dr. Felix Dörr & Kollegen

Dr. Felix Dörr & Kollegen is experienced in white-collar crime and criminal tax law matters and is best known for representing individuals. Much of its work pertains to criminal banking and capital markets law but the practice also covers other areas including employment and corruption law matters. Felix Dörr is well versed in guiding clients through criminal and fine proceedings and recently represented Deutsche Börse’s CEO Carsten Kengeter in investigations by the Frankfurt public prosecutor and defended the client against allegations of insider dealing. Christian Schubert is another key individual and frequently handles criminal and fine proceedings involving scientific and technical matters as well as criminal product liability issues. IFlorian Schmidt joined Tsambikakis & Partner Rechtsanwälte in April 2018.

HammPartner Rechtsanwälte

HammPartner Rechtsanwälte has a good track record in criminal defence proceedings and is particularly well versed in representing individuals. The practice covers a wide range of white-collar criminal law work but has particular expertise in constitutional law. The highly regarded Rainer Hamm defended former secret agent Werner Mauss against allegations of tax evasion, resulting in a suspended sentence, and is representing various Jones Day solicitors in proceedings following a raid at its Munich offices conducted by the Munich public prosecutor. Regina Michalke has a good reputation in the market; Thomas Richter and Stefan Kirsch are also recommended.

kempf schilling Rechtsanwälte GbR

Noted for its extensive court experience, the team at kempf schilling Rechtsanwälte GbR assists clients with the full spectrum of contentious and non-contentious white-collar criminal law matters and predominately acts for individuals but also handles work for companies. The highly regarded Eberhard Kempf defended real estate developer Josef Esch against allegations of bribery, corruption and breach of trust, and represented former Volkswagen CEO Matthias Müller in proceedings pertaining to alleged market manipulation. The equally experienced Helen Schilling acts for various investment bankers involved in the cum-ex trading scandal.

Krause & Kollegen

Recognised by clients and peers alike, Krause & Kollegen specialises in white-collar crime matters and criminal law work and acts for individuals in all stages of criminal proceedings, while also providing preventive assistance. Key individual Daniel Krause, who has particular expertise in insolvency criminal law, and Philipp Gehrmann defended former Bank Sal. Oppenheim manager Matthias Graf von Krockow against breach of trust allegations. Alexandra Wagner is another key contact. Daniel Travers joined Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer as counsel in November 2018.

DIERLAMM Rechtsanwälte

Dierlamm Rechtsanwälte’s team focuses on assisting professionals with various national and international white-collar crime and criminal law matters, both contentious and non-contentious, and handles investigations, interim, main and appeal proceedings. Criminal law expert Alfred Dierlamm recently acted for a consultant in cum-ex-related proceedings and defended former employees of arms manufacturer Heckler & Koch against allegations of illegal arms deliveries to Mexico. Eva Racky acted for a client in proceedings pertaining to the stampede at the Love Parade festival in 2010 and defended the client against allegations of negligent homicide. Racky is also experienced in representing auditors in various white-collar crime and criminal proceedings.


Renowned criminal law boutique Leitner & Kollegen acts for several well-known clients, many of whom are individuals. The team acts for defendants in various white-collar crime proceedings including those pertaining to allegations of breach of trust, corruption and fraud. Highly regarded criminal lawyer Werner Leitner defended Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer’s international tax practice head Ulf Johannemann against allegations of aiding tax evasion. Reinhard Michalke left the firm in 2018 to found white-collar crime boutique MichalkeRosskopf Rechtsanwälte PartGmbB. Medical criminal law expert Martin Würfel joined the team.

Thomas, Deckers, Wehnert & Elsner

Criminal law boutique Thomas, Deckers, Wehnert & Elsner acts for clients in all stages of criminal proceedings, drawing on its expertise in corruption and insolvency criminal law matters and product liability issues. The team, which acts for individuals and companies, recently represented the former chairman of Arcandor’s supervisory board (previously KarstadtQuelle), who was convicted of breach of trust and tax evasion. Thomas Elsner is experienced in handling criminal law matters pertaining to foreign trade and war weapons control law and Anne Wehnert is an experienced individual defence counsel. Of counsel Sven Thomas and Rüdiger Deckers are also recommended. Simone Kämpfer joined Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer in February 2018.

VBB Rechtsanwälte

Experienced in assisting individuals and companies, VBB Rechtsanwälte covers the full spectrum of white-collar crime law and has a particular focus on handling tax-related matters while also having a strong profile for compliance work. With the highly regarded Renate Verjans in the lead, the team acted for the former DFB official Wolfgang Niersbach, who is accused of tax evasion in connection with the 2006 World Cup. Other key individuals include Marcus Böttger, Matthias Brockhaus and Hjalmar Mahn. Markus Berndt and Malaika Nolde joined Orth Kluth Rechtsanwälte in January 2018.

Wessing & Partner

The ‘outstanding’ criminal law boutique Wessing & Partner covers a broad field of white-collar crime work and acts for individuals in preliminary, main and appeal proceedings in ‘a pragmatic and solution-oriented way’. Heiko Ahlbrecht represents clients in criminal proceedings but also provides assistance with compliance matters; clients note his ‘accurate advice and extensive experience in dealing with authorities’. Jürgen Wessing is another experienced individual defence counsel but also represents several medical and automotive sector companies. Rainer Biesgen made partner and Matthias Dann is another name to note.

Dannenfeldt & Rumpf Rechtsanwälte

Boutique firm Dannenfeldt & Rumpf Rechtsanwälte specialises in criminal law and also advises on compliance matters. Recognised for its broad offering, the team acts for clients in various criminal proceedings including accessory private prosecutions and provides witness assistance. Eva Dannenfeldt has a focus on handling proceedings concerning corruption and breach of trust allegations, while also having particular expertise in medical and environmental criminal law as well as foreign trade criminal law. She recently defended a client against allegations of tax evasion as part of proceedings involving several former Deutsche Bank employees. Alexander Rumpf is another key individual recognised for his broad expertise; he is particularly well versed in guiding clients through proceedings pertaining to corruption, breach of trust, fraud, customs duty offences and other fraudulent allegations. He defended, among others, a sales representative of a photovoltaic company in proceedings concerning alleged circumvention of the minimum import price regulation.

Freyschmidt Frings Pananis Venn

Freyschmidt Frings Pananis Venn acts for clients in various criminal proceedings including those concerning allegations of corruption, breach of trust and fraud. The firm consists of four partners, who work closely together and who can draw on many years of experience handling criminal law work: Uwe Freyschmidt is well versed in medical criminal law, while Guido Frings frequently handles corruption, criminal tax and financial offence-related instructions. Panos Pananis and Nikolai Venn frequently act for individuals.

Heuking Kühn Lüer Wojtek

Providing ‘excellent advice’, Heuking Kühn Lüer Wojtek PartGmbB’s ‘very reliable’ team regularly acts for executives in criminal and supervisory procedures but also assists companies with internal investigations. The ‘very goodAndré-M. Szesny acted for Metro AG’s board members in a preliminary investigation conducted by the public prosecutor’s Düsseldorf office, in defence against allegations of market manipulation. He also represented a managing director in the catering sector in a preliminary investigation pertaining to alleged tax evasion and embezzlement of social security contributions. The highly regarded Susanne Stauder defended a former bank employee against breach of trust allegations. Criminal tax law expert Gunter Mühlhaus joined the team from Ernst & Young Law in November 2017. Hanno Kiesel is recommended.

Ignor & Partner GbR

Ignor & Partner GbR handles criminal law, constitutional law, extradition law and administrative offence law matters, leading to regular instructions on matters at the intersection between constitutional and criminal law. The team is also experienced in handling political procedures; Alexander Ignor recently acted for the Federal Council in proceedings to ban the NPD. Anke Müller-Jacobsen, who also acts as a judge at the Federal Constitutional Court, is another key name in the team, which was augmented by the addition of Björn Krug from Knierim & Krug Rechtsanwälte, now Knierim & Kollegen Rechtsanwälte; he is particularly well versed in handling criminal tax and corruption matters.

Schiller & Kollegen

Schiller & Kollegen is recognised for its broad offering, advising on proceedings pertaining to allegations of breach of trust and corruption, tax evasion and fraud alongside criminal employment law matters. Wolf Schiller recently defended a construction manager in proceedings concerning the collapsed Cologne city archives. He also formed part of the team defending several board members and employees of DB’s subsidiary Schenker against bribery allegations.

Compart & Schmidt GbR

Compart & Schmidt GbR defends clients against allegations of breach of trust, corruption, money laundering and fraud, while also assisting with environmental criminal law and antitrust law proceedings. Eddo Compart acts for individuals in criminal and administrative fine preliminary and main proceedings and is experienced in providing witness assistance, while Konrad Schmidt is a key contact for criminal tax law matters. As well as representing individuals, the team also receives regular instructions from automotive and manufacturing sector companies.

Eisenmann Wahle Birk & Weidner

The team at Eisenmann Wahle Birk & Weidner handles a wide range of white-collar crime matters and is particularly active in proceedings pertaining to corruption and insolvency matters and most notably those involving supplementary penal provisions and administrative offences, while also handling compliance matters. Criminal lawyer Eberhard Wahle has substantial experience in disciplinary law and criminal employment law-related proceedings. He recently represented a Porsche manager in proceedings concerning allegations of market manipulation. Uwe Holzapfel defended a client in the Mexico firearms export trial involving the German arms manufacturer Heckler & Koch. Olaf Hohmann also acts for companies and banks.

Gercke Wollschläger

Gercke Wollschläger’s team is jointly headed by name partner Björn Gercke and Sebastian Wollschläger, who have criminal law and administrative offence matters at their core and frequently defend individuals against allegations of fraud and breach of trust. In recent work, Gercke defended Porsche’s research and development division head Michael Steiner against allegations of fraud and misleading advertising. He also acted for the former head of Arcandor’s monitoring board Friedrich Carl Janssen, who was accused of breach of trust. Kerstin Stirner represented an organiser in proceedings pertaining to the stampede at the Love Parade festival in 2010.

Knierim & Kollegen Rechtsanwälte

In addition to advising companies on compliance matters, Knierim & Kollegen Rechtsanwälte also represents individuals in various stages of white-collar crime, accounting and criminal tax law procedures including investigations, criminal and fine proceedings before various authorities. Thomas Knierim is noted for his extensive experience acting as criminal defence lawyer and for his expertise in handling automotive, construction and financial services-related matters alongside issues concerning the medical technology and pharmaceutical industries. Astrid Lilie-Hutz is also noted. Former name partner Björn Krug joined Ignor & Partner GbR in April 2018.

PARK Wirtschaftsstrafrecht

The team at Park Wirtschaftsstrafrecht handles a broad range of white-collar criminal law work, which frequently includes cross-border elements, and focuses on capital markets criminal law and criminal tax law matters, while also receiving regular instructions on compliance issues and internal investigations. Ulf Reuker recently defended a Bottrop-based pharmacist against accusations of having deliberately used an insufficient dosage of cancer medication. Tido Park and Tobias Eggers acted for Volkswagen’s CEO, who is under investigation for suspicion of market manipulation. Eggers also defends several clients in proceedings pertaining to the stampede at the Love Parade festival in 2010.

Prof Dr Salditt

The one-man practice at Prof Dr Salditt revolves around the eponymous criminal lawyer, who has many years of experience in representing clients in proceedings concerning allegations of breach of trust, fraud and corruption. He also advises individuals and companies from the manufacturing and financial sectors on tax, accounting and tariff law matters. He recently acted for former secret agent Werner Mauss, who was accused of tax evasion.

Fachanwälte für Strafrecht am Potsdamer Platz

With a focus on corruption, criminal tax and medical criminal law matters, the team at Fachanwälte für Strafrecht am Potsdamer Platz assists clients with various white-collar crime proceedings and also provides advice on compliance issues and internal investigations. Niklas Auffermann recently handled money laundering prevention instructions and acted for Volkswagen’s HR manager in a preliminary investigation, in defence against allegations of breach of trust and violation of the Works Constitution Act. In other significant work, he represented three managing directors in a procedure concerning subsidy fraud. Rainer Frank scored a notable success, having partially concluded investigative procedures against client and former KBV chairman Andreas Köhler. Sebastian Vogel is rated for his expertise in medical criminal law.