Advice to individuals in Germany

Feigen · Graf Rechtsanwälte

Criminal law firm Feigen · Graf Rechtsanwälte clearly fields one of the most established practices for the defence of CEOs and senior employees against white-collar crime and criminal tax law allegations and continuously attracts prestigious instructions in the context of well-known litigation complexes. While its caseload continues to be characterised by tax and cum-ex cases, the team - now consisting of seven partners around renowned name partners Hanns Feigen and Walther Graf - also offers expertise beyond these topics: alongside his criminal tax expertise, Tilman Reichling is also well versed in criminal medical and environmental issues; the highly regarded Bernd Groß has extensive experience in criminal pharmaceutical and environmental law, embezzlement and corruption proceedings as well as criminal tax matters; and Matthias Sartorius further covers criminal employment, pharmaceutical and capital markets law. Moritz Lange (criminal employment, banking, capital markets, corruption and tax law among others) made partner in January 2022.

Practice head(s):

Hanns Feigen; Walther Graf


‘Bernd Groß: Simply perfect.

Outstanding law firm in this field.

Dr. Dörr & Kollegen (GbR)

In 2021, Christian Schubert and Christian Graßie joined the equity partner rank of Frankfurt criminal law boutique Dr. Dörr & Kollegen (GbR) alongside the renowned and still very active Felix Dörr. Consisting of five lawyers, the practice is not only a well-known name in high-profile individual criminal proceedings related to the diesel scandal, cum-ex and Wirecard, but also frequently advises board members, managing directors and employees of medium-sized companies as well as regional banks on the entire spectrum of white-collar crime and criminal tax matters, with the name partner and Graßie being particularly active in the latter segment. Schubert is also regularly involved in matters relating to criminal customs law, environmental criminal proceedings and industrial accidents. Furthermore, the whole team is adept at criminal medical law.

Practice head(s):

Felix Dörr

Other key lawyers:

Christian Schubert; Christian Graßie

HammPartner Rechtsanwälte

As one of the leading criminal law practices, HammPartner Rechtsanwälte is a popular address for complex procedural issues and acts across the entire range of white-collar crime and criminal tax matters. With a focus on individual defence, the team's expertise not only extends beyond national borders in the context of international legal assistance and extradition proceedings, but also covers a wide range of topics: Thomas Richter, for example, is particularly well versed in criminal capital markets law, while Regina Michalke has in-depth expertise in criminal environmental proceedings. Most recently, the team was also frequently instructed with criminal antitrust proceedings as well as in criminal medical law matters. Particularly Rainer Hamm and Jürgen Pauly also enjoy an excellent reputation for their strength in appeal proceedings.

Practice head(s):

Rainer Hamm

kempf schilling + partner PartG

kempf schilling + partner PartG is considered one of the market-leading white-collar crime and criminal tax practices by both competitors and clients, which not only note the three partner's far-reaching professional expertise, but also explicitly the development of its younger generation. While the team continues to receive significant recognition for its representation in cum-ex proceedings, the group also handles matters pertaining to corruption allegations, property crimes and various other criminal tax proceedings; most recently, the team also saw an increase in instructions pertaining to insider trade. The boutique's international competence is reflected in numerous cross-border matters as well as in its expertise in embargo and other criminal foreign trade cases and extradition proceedings. The highly respected Hellen Schilling acts in court and appeal proceedings before national and international courts and Eberhard Kempf has extensive experience in political cases.

Other key lawyers:

Johannes Corsten

Krause & Kollegen

Clients can not only rely on the longstanding litigation experience across all instances of Krause & Kollegen's renowned white-collar crime and criminal tax experts, but also benefit from the team's in-depth forensic expertise in the context of preliminary investigations. Led by five partners, the practice's individual defence prowess ranges from representing members of the liberal professions in occupational disciplinary proceedings to criminal tax, banking and capital markets cases. Alexandra Wagner is also highly versed in matters with an employment and public law background, while the renowned Daniel Krause acts across the entire spectrum of white-collar crime and criminal tax law; Philipp Gehrmann assists with a wide range of white-collar crime issues and also has expertise in criminal data protection law. The firm also regularly assists individuals with parliamentary inquiry committees.

Practice head(s):

Daniel Krause


LEITNER & KOLLEGEN advises on a wide range of white-collar crime and criminal tax issues: the three-strong Munich practice's expertise is predominantly sought after  by executives and CEOs of companies and financial institutions as well as individuals of public interest. Most recently, the group defended clients against money laundering, tax evasion, breach of trust, corruption and subsidy fraud allegations, as well as in cum-ex proceedings. Martin Wuerfel is also experienced in criminal occupational and medical proceedings, Julia Exner-Kuhn complements the practice with her expertise in European criminal law and Werner Leitner is well versed in occupational law for lawyers. The team is primarily known for its advice to individuals, but also represents companies.

Practice head(s):

Werner Leitner

Other key lawyers:

Julia Exner-Kuhn; Martin Würfel


‘With Werner Leitner as the only partner, the team with Julia Exner-Kuhn and Martin Würfel is tailored to him. This is accompanied by an absolutely efficient team that is completely at the service of the mandate.’

‘Werner Leitner is an experienced partner who approaches the mandates in a very structured manner and has mastered the keyboard of defence. The client gets an absolutely top defense.’

‘From my experience with Leitner & Colleagues I can only say that what makes this practice unique is the combination of experience, talent, strategic judgment and empathy for the client. I was very impressed with how the team was able to empathize with the prosecutors’ thought processes. They are efficient, thorough and at the same time fun to work with, including a good sense of humor at the right moments.’

In my opinion, the team of Werner Leitner and Julia Exner-Kuhn is one of the best I have consulted in Germany for complex criminal cases. The quality stems from a mix of in-depth experience of German (specifically Bavarian) criminal justice, sound, practical, no-nonsense judgment in strategic matters, and a reliability that they deliver what they promise. And in addition very fluent and clear use of the English language.’

For us and our clients, whom we recommend there, the law firm has the advantage of a very concentrated team and area of work, namely commercial criminal law and criminal tax law. The lawyers working there have the highest level of competence, without having to sit across from a partner and five assistants, as in larger units, and above all having to pay everyone. The law firm is intent on finding an economical solution; this can be a quick agreement, which is recommended when the outcome of a procedure appears uncertain and risky. Our clients always feel competently advised and professionally represented there.

Prof Dr. Leitner is of outstanding professional quality, has excellent connections in criminal courts and public prosecutors and is respected as a counterpart. You know who you are dealing with and will behave accordingly towards an accused person represented by Prof. Leitner. If it is necessary to put together a larger team, the necessary contacts are available and competent colleagues are brought on board. That is the reason why he is often mandated in large-scale proceedings.’

Thomas, Deckers, Wehnert & Elsner

With proven expertise in white-collar crime and criminal tax law as well as extensive trial experience, Düsseldorf criminal law boutique Thomas, Deckers, Wehnert & Elsner has an impressive litigation history, which primarily includes the defence of individuals from medium-sized companies, banks and industrial companies as well as of politicians; the team members also act as witnesses before parliamentary investigative committees. Thomas Elsner is well versed in criminal matters relating to foreign trade and war weapons control law, Anne Wehnert excels in capital markets, corruption and property criminal law matters, while Christoph Lepper and Marcus Mosieck have expertise in criminal medical law; the latter also regularly assists with criminal patent and banking cases. The highly renowned Sven Thomas retired in June 2021.

VBB Rechtsanwälte

VBB Rechtsanwälte extensively advises individuals from the industrial and financial sectors on white-collar crime and criminal tax issues across all procedural stages from three German locations. The Essen team recently focused on criminal tax law, and here in particular on cum-ex proceedings, as well as on criminal employment issues, while the Düsseldorf practice received instructions related to criminal foreign trade and environmental law in addition to defending clients in Wirecard proceedings. The group's expertise further includes extradition and appeal proceedings, with the latter representing the focus of of counsel Jürgen Graf in Karlsruhe. Renate Verjans is particularly well versed in criminal property and tax matters, Hjalmar Mahn impresses with expertise in criminal matters pertaining to securities, capital markets and IT and Marcus Böttger is the key contact for matters relating to customs, foreign trade, tax and corruption. Nikolaus Rixe left the firm in March 2021 to found

Practice head(s):

Renate Verjans

Wessing & Partner

Wessing & Partner's individual defence expertise is traditionally sought after by CEOs and senior executives in the industrial and banking sectors who face allegations of corruption, embezzlement and fraud. In recent years, however, the renowned practice has also increasingly established itself as a powerhouse in criminal medical law matters, with Matthias Dann being the central contact, as well as in criminal cases pertaining to IT and data protection, which is primarily handled by Eren Basar. This focus was further underlined by the appointment of Katharina Schomm as salary partner in 2021; she specialises in criminal medical and data protection matters. Furthermore, the team is continuously involved in cum-ex proceedings. Heiko Ahlbrecht impresses with strong expertise in criminal tax and extradition proceedings.

Practice head(s):

Heiko Ahlbrecht

Work highlights

  • Representing the managing director of an IT forensics company in connection with investigation proceedings against a senior public prosecutor and an entrepreneur in the field of health services regarding bribery and corruption.

DIERLAMM Rechtsanwälte

Criminal law boutique DIERLAMM Rechtsanwälte has particular expertise in white-collar crime criminal tax matters and regularly defends individuals in corruption, tax and accounting fraud proceedings. The renowned Alfred Dierlamm regularly acts for auditors, tax consultants, lawyers and doctors, while CEOs also seek the name partner's in-depth litigation experience; recent highlights included Wirecard proceedings. The Wiesbaden team's expertise also includes criminal matters pertaining to medical, environmental and data protection law.

Practice head(s):

Alfred Dierlamm

Gercke Wollschläger

Based on a 'rarely found combination of excellent legal expertise, pragmatic implementation and excellent strategic advice' , Gercke Wollschläger particularly frequently represents high-ranking individuals from the sports, financial and industrial sectors in white-collar crime proceedings, while the firm's steadily increasing reputation and good contacts also generate instructions in the political sphere. The team, which operates at both national and international level, further demonstrated its criminal tax expertise in numerous cum-ex proceedings and most recently assisted with various proceedings relating to embezzlement, money laundering and criminal data protection issues. Key contacts include Björn Gercke (extensive experience in the coordination of large-scale proceedings and in cross-border criminal proceedings), Franziska Lieb (often representing auditors in disciplinary proceedings) and Sebastian Wollschläger (particularly experienced in appeal proceedings).

Other key lawyers:

Franziska Lieb


‘Björn Gercke: Very strategic, opinionated without being stubborn, very good lawyer, but pragmatic and solution-oriented. Can lead his clients very well with excellent ability to analyze the respective situation. Very high level of commitment. Very wide range of expertise.’

Franksika Lieb: Very good lawyer, very high commitment. Excellent in a team with Björn Gercke. Very wide range of expertise.

In my case, with Dr. Björn Gercke worked together. In addition to the undeniable professional competence, I was impressed by the energy and focus on the subject with which he took on the mandate. Figuratively speaking, you could say he bit down and only let go when the time was right. He was always available and gave me the impression that my case was very important to him.

Very broad expertise in criminal law advice, including advice to parliamentary committees of inquiry. Very good expertise in advising the public sector. A rare combination of excellent legal expertise, pragmatic implementation and excellent strategic advice. Excellent both in advising companies from a wide variety of industries and in advising individuals. The outstanding personality in the law firm is Björn Gercke, but the other partners (Wollschläger, Lieb) are also strong.

Key clients

Bundesminister Jens Spahn

Work highlights

  • Advising and defending a Porsche board member in the German criminal proceedings as well as in the US proceedings of the DOJ in connection with the diesel gate.
  • Representing a businessman in various cum-ex tax criminal proceedings of the Cologne public prosecutor’s office and in money laundering proceedings before the Hamburg Regional Court.
  • Advising and representing Federal Minister Jens Spahn in connection with the mask scandal.

Ignor & Partner GbR

Ignor & Partner GbR's renowned team represents individuals across the entire spectrum of white-collar crime and criminal tax law issues and is particularly regarded for its experience in political proceedings. While the latter are predominantly handled by Alexander Ignor and Anke Müller-Jacobsen in Berlin, the Frankfurt team fields a corruption and criminal tax expert with Björn Krug ; tax issues represent a significant part of the group's caseload, while clients can here also rely on Müller-Jacobsen's criminal tax expertise. Kai Peters has experience in international criminal law and asset recovery. The wide range of advice also includes criminal medical and antitrust issues, procedural support for inquiry committees as well as criminal employment law; in the latter field, it is particularly tax consultants, lawyers, bank employees and brokers seeking advice.

Practice head(s):

Alexander Ignor


With a reputation as an 'excellent white-collar crime boutique with an international reach that goes beyond its size', kipper+durth impresses with broad thematic coverage and extensive experience in cross-border matters; Oliver Kipper in particular is well connected in London. While criminal tax law instructions keep the three-partner practice busy, particularly with regards cum-ex proceedings, the team also frequently defends CEOs and executives against breach of trust and fraud allegations as well as in criminal employment proceedings. Hanno Durth is the key contact for company advice and also has expertise in occupational law, while Stefanie Schott focuses on criminal tax issues and European criminal law.


Very good team player, technically very strong .’

Very experienced advice on commercial criminal matters. Members have the ability to understand complex material quickly and explain it simply. They work well together in a large team. Expert opinions are compiled quickly and are easy for foreign clients to understand.

Oliver Kipper: Very experienced with cross-border issues. He works scientifically accurate and fast.

kipper+durth Rechtsanwälte is characterized by a high degree of reliability and professionalism .’

dr Oliver Kipper: Fast, assertive and just great.

An excellent criminal law boutique with an international reach beyond its size .’

Oliver Kipper is an incredibly respected lawyer with an international reputation. He is regularly consulted by Europe’s best commercial criminal law experts on German law and strategic procedures.

Very experienced lawyers in the field of commercial criminal law. Excellent strategists .’

Work highlights

  • Defending an executive on allegations of aiding and abetting tax evasion in connection with cum-ex arrangements.
  • Defense of an engineer against allegations of fraud due to manipulated exhaust gas measurements.

Langrock Voß & Soyka

With an excellent reputation among competitors, Langrock Voß & Soyka stands out for its 'outstanding legal expertise and collegiality', which the three-strong team regularly demonstrates in preliminary proceedings and trials across the entire spectrum of white-collar crime matters. While the practice is often instructed to assist with criminal accounting, capital markets and foreign trade matters as well as with high-profile large-scale proceedings, its criminal tax expertise also contributes to the practice's consistently high workload; in addition to cum-ex proceedings, self-disclosure advice represents another focus. Marc Langrock, who has in-depth auditing experience, and Marko Voß and Till Soyka, who frequently represent CEOs and senior employees, are among the key contacts.


‘Outstanding legal expertise and collegiality. One of the North’s leading criminal law boutiques. First choice for a base defense in complex criminal proceedings.’

‘Hardly any other unit focuses so consistently on commercial criminal law and criminal tax law, resulting in special expertise at the highest level that is second to none. The partners have an excellent reputation for defending both individuals and companies. Competitors also pay a lot of respect to the entire team. As a special feature, the law firm also covers revisions, which is not a matter of course.’

‘Dr. Till Soyka: Excellent specialist knowledge, pragmatic, quick to react, strategically strong and a very good team player.’

‘A very strong team of very experienced partners who complement each other very well.’

‘The Langrock Voß & Soyka team provides excellent and very professional advice on all questions of commercial criminal law. The partners have extremely deep knowledge of both criminal and civil law.’

dr Marco Voss is very pleasant to work with, also an excellent lawyer .’

dr Marc Langrock: Good cooperation, a lot of experience in main negotiations .’

Marko Voß: Outstanding negotiator as well as professionally and personally very reliable.

PARK Wirtschaftsstrafrecht

PARK Wirtschaftsstrafrecht's advice to individuals includes the whole array of white-collar crime matters, while criminal capital markets proceedings and international criminal law represent clear mainstays of its established practice. In line with market developments, the team has been increasingly representing senior employees and executives in criminal tax proceedings, enabling the practice to continuously demonstrate its expertise in this field; Ulf Reuker and Tido Park are particularly active here, while Malte Cordes is the key contact for criminal employment matters. Tobias Eggers is particularly well versed in cross-border issues related to corruption and data protection.

Practice head(s):

Tido Park

stetter Rechtsanwälte

In recent years, stetter Rechtsanwälte strongly established its market presence through involvement in high-profile criminal law complexes such as the diesel affair and cum-ex and also stands out for the international nature of its caseload. In addition to criminal tax and accounting law, the expertise of Sabine Stetter's team also includes criminal employment, foreign trade, medical and environmental law issues.

Practice head(s):

Sabine Stetter

Beukelmann | Müller | Partner

With its two name partners, Beukelmann | Müller | Partner fields 'outstanding criminal law experts who are used to working internationally and to looking for pragmatic solutions'. The highly respected team frequently advises CEOs and directors of high-profile industrial and financial companies on embezzlement, corruption, money laundering and fraud matters, and also regularly assists with cum-ex proceedings and witness support. Stephan Beukelmann acts across the entire spectrum of white-collar crime and criminal tax law and impresses with expertise in both individual and company representation, while Maximilian Müller, who also covers a broad range of relevant topics, particularly stands out for his international competence; he further has expertise in extradition proceedings.

Other key lawyers:

Eckhart Müller


The law firm’s partners are experienced practitioners with academic standards and excellent contacts in the Munich judiciary. With the merger, what has belonged together for a long time and shapes the practice of criminal defense grows together. Well positioned after the merger for large and complex mandates. Always at the forefront!

dr Stephan Beukelmann: A reliable competitor, strategically and professionally, even in the new constellation. The namesake have a wealth of experience in the field of international criminal law and company-related white collar crime that can hardly be matched. It is precisely the combination of these two focal points that can only rarely be found in terms of their orientation and qualitative substance. The reliability and straightforwardness in the cooperation while strictly observing professional boundaries is particularly noteworthy.

dr Beukelmann: He is characterized by strong analytical and strategic thinking. He always includes the special circumstances of the individual mandate in his defence. As a result, his approach is characterized by both science and practical wisdom.

Mr. Müller is not only an extremely pleasant colleague to deal with, but is also able to effortlessly master legal challenges. His open and at the same time character-strong demeanor always make working together a pleasure. This is rounded off by his involvement in the area of European criminal law.

The practice has Prof. Dr. Müller about one of the criminal law specialists who represented companies in criminal proceedings from the very beginning. He passed this knowledge on to his son Maximilian Müller, who was able to continue the practice successfully. With Stephan Beukelmann, the practice could be expanded at the level of the eponymous partner and successfully handed over to the next generation.

Maximilian Müller and Stephan Beukelmann are excellent criminal law specialists who are used to working internationally and looking for pragmatic solutions.

Max Müller: Very strong in communication with the court/public prosecutor ‘s office.’

The team convinces with its structure of partners and associates. It is able to put together a flexible work organization from different professionals for any scope of proceedings, with which any size of case can be handled. The working atmosphere is always very collegial, open and the way of working is precise and very dogmatic. This sets it apart from many other law firms in the field of white collar crime and criminal tax law.

Work highlights

  • Representation of an Audi manager in the Stadler process.
  • Representing a VW manager in proceedings relating to the emissions scandal.

Freyschmidt Frings Pananis Venn

Board members, managers and managing directors in particular draw on Freyschmidt Frings Pananis Venn's white-collar crime expertise, which the five-partner, Berlin-based team applies in national and cross-border matters along the entire spectrum white-collar crime. In addition to multiple cum-ex proceedings – Nikolai Venn in particular is very active here – and diesel affair cases, the firm recently also defended individuals in criminal data protection and capital markets proceedings, among other matters. In the latter area, Panos Pananis is the key contact, Uwe Freyschmidt has extensive expertise in criminal medical law matters and Guido Frings is particularly well versed in defending clients against corruption and property crime allegations. The team members also frequently appear as witness counsel in investigative committees.

Work highlights

  • Individual defenses in cum-ex proceedings at three different public prosecutor’s offices.

Grub Brugger

Due to its good reputation and thematically extensive coverage of white-collar and criminal tax law, Grub Brugger's lawyers are a familiar presence in high-profile criminal law cases, while the team not only offers individual criminal defence but also longstanding experience in preliminary investigations and preventive criminal law risk analysis. While the practice's broad expertise also includes criminal employment and foreign trade law as well as criminal product liability, it further stands out for its interdisciplinary expertise with regards to directors' liability and other liability issues. Most recently, the team around the renowned Norbert Scharf also represented various senior employees of international investment banks in cum-ex proceedings and was further increasingly active in international criminal tax matters.

Practice head(s):

Norbert Scharf

Heuking Kühn Lüer Wojtek

Heuking Kühn Lüer Wojtek primarily represents managing directors and board members in investigations and criminal proceedings resulting from property crime and capital markets offence allegations. Here, practice head André-M. Szesny is particularly active but also regularly assists with cum-ex proceedings. The team’s expertise further includes criminal environmental law issues. Anna Coenen, who is based in Düsseldorf and well versed in white-collar crime as well as criminal tax issues, made non-equity partner in January 2021.

Practice head(s):

André-M. Szesny

Other key lawyers:

Anna Coenen

Klinkert Rechtsanwälte PartGmbB

Klinkert Rechtsanwälte PartGmbB fields 'a strong, committed team with outstanding expertise across the entire spectrum of white-collar crime law and experience in very complex proceedings', which the group recently applied in numerous cum-ex, diesel and Wirecard proceedings . The team's multifaceted caseload, which often entails international aspects, also reflects its longstanding experience in corruption, embezzlement, fraud and criminal environmental cases across all procedural stages, while the practice has further expertise in assisting with matters pertaining to industrial accidents and tax evasion offences. Founding partner Marijon Kayßer leads the team, which also includes Stefan Kirsch, who is often commended for his international expertise.

Practice head(s):

Marijon Kayßer


‘Stefan Kirsch is particularly well connected thanks to his international contacts. His defense is very thoughtful and efficient. Ricarda Schelzke is increasingly managing to position herself alongside Stefan Kirsch.’

‘Excellent combination of criminal law background and understanding of economic and tax law contexts.’

‘Dr. Schelzke is an extremely versatile defense attorney with experience in forensic practice and commercial criminal law advice.’

‘The white collar crime team at Klinkert has an impressive quality from associate to senior partner. In the joint defence, these qualities are reflected in the careful preparation of the facts, the always forward-looking strategic planning of the defense and the legally first-class briefs.’

‘Marijon Kaysser convinces with her outstanding knowledge of the law as well as with her fine feeling for the aspects that can make the difference in a situation. Her demeanor towards colleagues is incredibly personable. Your presence vis-à-vis investigating authorities is impressive. In both cases, their behavior is always respectful and correct.’

‘Strong, dedicated team with outstanding expertise across the entire spectrum of commercial criminal law and experience with very complex proceedings (diesel, cum-ex).’

‘Prof. dr Stefan Kirsch: Outstanding lawyer and lawyer, very dedicated, internationally connected, speaks very good English, very experienced in the main criminal hearing.’

‘Dr. Marijon Kayßer is highly competent, very experienced and collegial in the cooperation. Prof. Dr. Kirsch is a renowned individual criminal defense attorney in Germany. dr Ricarda Schelzke is becoming increasingly visible on the market. Not only is she brilliant in her field, she is also characterized by her extraordinarily high level of commitment.’

Knierim & Kollegen Rechtsanwälte

Knierim & Kollegen Rechtsanwälte uses its wide-ranging white-collar crime competence to represent companies as well as individuals in white-collar crime and criminal tax matters. At individual level, the highly regarded team frequently acts for board members, managing directors and employees as well as politicians, with matters recently spanning allegations of embezzlement, money laundering, insolvency delays, tax evasion and occupational law proceedings. Anna Oehmichen is well versed in European and international criminal law, Thomas Knierim is experienced in insolvency, criminal food and criminal occupational law, and Christian Rathgeber, who also covers the entire spectrum of white-collar crime, has expertise in criminal occupational and antitrust law, among other matters.

Practice head(s):

Thomas Knierim

MELCHERS Rechtsanwälte Partnerschaftsgesellschaft mbB

Embedded within medium-sized firm MELCHERS Rechtsanwälte Partnerschaftsgesellschaft mbB, the highly regarded white-collar crime and criminal tax practice is headed by Konrad Schmidt and Hanja Rebell-Houben and continues to focus on the representation of individuals in preliminary and main proceedings in addition to advice to companies. Alongside representations pertaining to the diesel affair and cum-ex, the team was recently also active in defending clients against allegations of breach of trust, accounting fraud, tax evasion as well as capital market crimes.

Schiller & Kollegen

Schiller & Kollegen's Wolf Schiller has more than 40 years of experience in white-collar crime issues, which he continues to regularly apply for individuals in extensive high-profile proceedings. While the wide range of advice includes expertise in matters pertaining to breach of trust, fraud, tax evasion and corruption allegations, the name partner has a particularly good reputation for his experience at the interface to liability law, in the context of which he frequently advises company managers on white-collar crime aspects of property liability insurance; this is also a focus for Astrid Lilie-Hutz. Saleh Ihwas specialises in criminal data protection and capital markets matters.

Practice head(s):

Wolf Schiller

Other key lawyers:

Astrid Lilie-Hutz; Saleh Ihwas

ADICK LINKE Rechtsanwälte

ADICK LINKE Rechtsanwälte, an internationally well-connected firm, advises private individuals, employees and managing directors on a wide range of white-collar crime and criminal tax matters. Breach of trust, fraud, corruption, insider trading and criminal foreign trade law often represent the focus of instructions from Germany and abroad, but Markus Adick and Leonie Linke are also known for their in-depth expertise in criminal tax law; both have been involved in various cum-ex proceedings.

Practice head(s):

Markus Adick; Leonie Linke


‘The team meets the highest technical and organizational requirements and is able to adapt to the individual defense situation in a sensitive and trusting manner.’

‘For many years I have been working with Dr. Markus Adick and recommend him regularly. He combines expertise and experience with sovereignty and speed. Adick is extremely clever, empathetic and assertive. Always thinks several steps ahead and finds the right tone. He’s excellently connected.’

‘The team of Dr. Adick and his colleague Ms. Linke is characterized by his ambitious handling of mandates at the highest professional level.’

‘High competence, very team player, absolutely top class.’

‘I mainly know Markus Adick. He is a very team player and works qualitatively clean. His experience in large law firms is very helpful because he thinks outside the box of the individual defense attorney without being asked and has an understanding of the relevant context. I really like using him in defense bases, especially in criminal tax proceedings.’

‘Very smart and well coordinated team.’

‘Dr. Adick: Very committed and always easy to reach. Leonie Linke: It’s becoming more and more visible.’

FS-PP Berlin Part mbB

Alongside its advice to companies, FS-PP Berlin Part mbB's wealth of experience also benefits board members, managing directors and executives who are facing criminal prosecution. The team, which broadly covers white-collar crime and criminal tax law, is regularly involved in investigations into breaches of trust, corruption, tax evasion, environmental crimes and in cum-ex proceedings, with matters relating to money laundering allegations representing a particular mainstay for the practice; this is also the main focus of Niklas Auffermann. The firm has an excellent reputation for its criminal medical law practice, which particularly attracts instructions by doctors seeking defence and represents the main responsibility of newly appointed partner Sebastian Vogel. Other key contacts include David Albrecht, who also made partner in July 2021 and, in addition to white-collar crime, further covers compliance, as well as Rainer Frank (criminal law, administrative offences and criminal compliance).

Other key lawyers:

Sebastian Vogel; David Albrecht


The firm is in an excellent position to defend individuals. A sufficiently large number of associates and employees ensures that the resources are available for a larger mandate.’

‘Thanks to a former public prosecutor on the team, the law firm has a particularly sharp and clear view of the investigators’ thoughts and actions. Due to the high level of expertise in the compliance area, especially in the area of money laundering prevention, the lawyers as defenders always have the right view of possible sanctions against companies and how they can be avoided (e.g. by implementing a suitable CMS). Very strong in socket defense and in larger defending teams.

dr Nikas Auffermann: Simply brilliant. Technically excellent, strategically outstanding. Very good team player. Always very fast and reliable. Can be excellently integrated into larger teams. Brilliant through always perfect appearance at the client. One of the very few colleagues I would want to defend myself from immediately.’

‘Dr. David Albrecht: Young, very efficient partner, technically excellent as well. Main hearing experience, which not many younger colleagues in commercial criminal law firms have. Very reliable and fast. Establishing a good reputation in the market.

My primary contact is Dr. Rainer Frank: Highly competent, calm and, in the best sense, calming and empathetic when dealing with clients in a criminal prosecution crisis. Well networked and highly recognized by the investigative authorities, which, where possible, makes it much easier to carry out a criminal prosecution without a main hearing. The pleasant opposite of a ‘riot defender’ .’

In the Berlin market of law firms specializing in commercial criminal law, FS-PP now occupies a top position. The partners impress with their ability to work in a team and assertiveness .’

In particular, Dr. David Albrecht shines in the mandates with a razor-sharp mind and is a real asset to the team.

Work highlights

  • Defense of an employee of the Luxembourg Clearstream unit/ Deutsche Börse in the cum-ex investigation of the Cologne StA (StAin Brorhilker).
  • Defense of the former VW HR manager against allegations of infidelity and violation of the Works Constitution Act.
  • Defending the managing director of Trockland in the so-called Check Point Charlie proceedings on suspicion of money laundering (in particular alleged financing via the niece of an Eastern European despot).

Rosinus Partner

White-collar and criminal tax boutique Rosinus Partner represents both defendants as well as damaged individuals in a remarkably high number of cross-border matters, including issues pertaining to breach of trust, insider trading, insolvency delays, corruption and environmental offences. In addition to its presence in proceedings relating to the diesel affair, the practice also stands out for its involvement in numerous cum-ex processes, which also reflects its widely regarded expertise in criminal tax matters. Christian Rosinus is particularly renowned in the latter segment and jointly heads the practice with Michelle Wiesner-Lameth, who is also a certified fraud examiner. Mathias Grzesiek, who is well versed in criminal IT and medical matters, joined from Tsambikakis & Partner Rechtsanwälte in April 2021.

Other key lawyers:

Mathias Grzesiek


Great team strength for a boutique after just a few years.

dr Rosinus: An extremely sympathetic, humorous and brilliant mind, who may well be underestimated by his counterpart. Analytical, clear, fast, efficient and successful!

dr Wiesner-Lameth: Personally always very engaging, analytical and always convincing.

I know Dr. Rosinus mainly as an individual defense attorney, but I have also seen him occasionally as a corporate lawyer. He is professionally convincing, confident in appearance and also able to lead defender base. With the increasing size of his law firm, he will also be able to provide the necessary resources for medium-sized and larger proceedings.

Rosinus benefits greatly from his experience in large law firms and can therefore also incorporate pre-criminal law issues into his procedural strategy. Motivated, goal-oriented young team, with excellent knowledge and a great deal of experience – also international – which they bring to the advice in an extremely client-oriented and unpretentious manner .’

dr Christian Rosinus: Smart as a flash, approachable, clear and convincing, close to the client and extremely pleasant as a consultant and/or colleague in the mandate.

Extremely creative, very goal-oriented, very focused.

Work highlights

  • Representing a shareholder against criminal allegations of breach of trust and fraud in several jurisdictions with alleged damage in the three-digit million range, including the coordination of the international team of lawyers and defense counsel.
  • Representing an internationally active, high-net-worth private individual as a victim in an international, highly complex fraud and breach of trust case with an expected loss of €45 million.
  • Assistance to a credit institution CEO during the questioning in the Wirecard investigative committee of the Bundestag.