Consumer goods and food law in Germany

KROHN Rechtsanwälte

Krohn Rechtsanwälte's broad practice is 'extremely creative in finding solutions' and characterized by a wide range of topics and expertise. The team focuses on the food industry and various related areas such as animal feed, tobacco, dietary supplements and packaging, with the team representing clients in fines and criminal proceedings as well as in competition disputes while also offering crisis support and assistance with product recalls. In the food sector, advice ranges from product development to labeling and products advertisement. The diverse client roster ranges from multinational market leaders to young food start-ups. During recent pandemic times, the practice was able to provide its clients with comprehensive support, for example on food-related protective measures or on regulatory issues pertaining to PCR tests. The Hamburg-based team is jointly led by Moritz Hagenmeyer, who has 20 years of experience in the food sector, Carl von Jagow, whose longstanding client relationships are of particular note, and Tobias Teufer, 'a real expert in his field'.


‘Outstanding expertise in the connection of specific European and German laws, in particular health claims law. Ability to describe legally secure structuring spaces and recommendations for legal structuring. Successful process management.’

‘Prof. Dr. Moritz Hagenmeyer: Expert in food law, especially health claims. Renowned standards commentator. Successful litigation. Very short response times to inquiries. Brief, concise, logical and interesting to read briefs. Collaboration is fun.’

‘Krohn Rechtsanwälte always succeeds in finding creative solutions to master legal challenges.’

‘Very competent, highly creative in finding solutions, offers holistic approaches, not only points out risks, but also helps to classify them.’

‘Dr. Teufer is a real expert in his field. He is always available for us, answers incredibly quickly and actually knows a pragmatic answer to everything. Dr. Teufer only provides answers that we can implement directly in practice. This is the outstanding quality that makes working with him so incredibly valuable for us. He has an outstanding understanding of our business and is therefore able to give excellent practical advice. Even written advice is never formulated in an abstract legal way, but always in such a way that it can be passed on to the business in almost the same way. This saves us a lot of work as the legal department. The transparent and fair billing of the hours deserves special mention. Dr. Teufer is the best lawyer we work with in Germany.’

‘Prof. Hagenmeyer: Competent, also looks for creative solutions, keeps an eye on the needs of the customer. Makes an impression on third parties (e.g. authorities) with his publications. Get in touch quickly, well organized.’

‘Dr. Tobias Teufer: Clear consulting focus with substantial expertise; pragmatic approach with clear recommendations from a legal AND economic perspective; communication concise and to the point; very accessible and reliable.’

Work highlights

  • Legal defense of a dietary supplement manufacturer against claims for injunctive relief by a competitor due to health-related advertising claims with market importance before the regional court and the higher regional court.
  • Comprehensive advice on food law to a large system catering provider on the introduction, labeling and advertising of vegetarian meat alternatives.
  • Crisis support and representation of a large Japanese food manufacturer on food safety and EU-wide coordination of product recalls.

KWG Rechtsanwälte

With over 30 years of experience, KWG Rechtsanwälte exclusively focuses on legal issues relating to food and consumer goods. The client portfolio includes retail companies, manufacturers of food of animal origin, fruit and vegetable producers and large bakeries. Advice covers a wide range of legal issues, from competition to trademarks and criminal law. Clients also benefit from the firm's Brussels office with links to the European institutions, as well as from the Food Lawyers Network Worldwide (FLN) which was established by the firm. Food law expert Markus Grube and Gerd Weyland, who is experienced in compliance and risk management among others matters, are the practice's key contacts.

Other key lawyers:

Markus Grube; Gerd Weyland

Meisterernst Rechtsanwälte

The first-class food and consumer goods practice of Munich-based boutique offering Meisterernst Rechtsanwälte covers both contentious and non-contentious advice, which also includes representation in food, competition and public law disputes and proceedings before courts including the ECJ. The team also advises on the conception and distribution of new products, food labelling, advertising and marketing activities as well as product recalls and further stands out for its combination of food and pharmaceutical law expertise which is particularly appreciated by clients who sell both products. The cooperation with experts from the food chemistry and nutritional science field via scientific sister company RDA Scientific Consultants GmbH is also noteworthy. Practice head Andreas Meisterernst is a specialist lawyer for administrative law and has experience in representing clients before German courts, the European Court of Justice and before authorities. Christian Ballke focuses on IP and cosmetics law.

Practice head(s):

Andreas Meisterernst

Other key lawyers:

Christian Ballke

Key clients



Work highlights

  • Constant advice and representation of Queisser on all food and pharmaceutical law issues. Ongoing representation before authorities and in court in the field of food monitoring and in competition law disputes.
  • Constant advice and representation of Milupa in connection with legal issues relating to infant and young children’s food.
  • Advice and representation of Edeka Südbayern in connection with official complaints related to food law, advice and forensic work; also representation in competition law disputes.

Meyer Rechtsanwälte

With a large and experienced team in food and consumer goods law, Munich-based boutique Meyer Rechtsanwälte is active in a variety of ways: the practice is instructed by companies from the diet industry, leading breweries, milk and cheese companies, various associations and well-known retail representatives. One of the group's specific focuses lays on crisis support through risk assessment and crisis management. The cooperation with its own scientific company GmbH, which provides scientific and regulatory advice, is also of great benefit. The prevention of processes represents the practice's main priority, although the team is by no means unfamiliar with participating in highly relevant proceedings. Alfred Meyer draws on decades of experience and Levke Voß has expertise in innovative product development and product safety issues.

Practice head(s):

Alfred Meyer

Other key lawyers:

Levke Voß

Zenk Rechtsanwälte

The client portfolio of Zenk Rechtsanwälte's food and consumer goods law practice is diverse and ranges from representatives of the beverage and confectionery industries to packaging manufacturers, retail companies as well as cosmetics, animal feed and tobacco industry players. The practice assists with product development, marketing, product complaints and competition procedures as well as crisis and recall management among other matters. In the food sector, the team handles specific topics such as novel foods, dietary supplements, fortified foods or genetically modified organisms. Stefanie Hartwig, Carsten Oelrichs and Sonja Schulz are the key contacts.

cibus Rechtsanwälte

In the food, feed and animal by-products field, Gummersbach boutique cibus Rechtsanwälte, which was founded in 2018, especially focuses on products of animal origin, while its client base also includes companies from the baked goods and novel foods sectors as well as increasingly from the beverages industry. The sizeable, experienced team covers labeling test issues, product approvals, imports and exports and also represents clients in contentious proceedings. Clemens Comans stands out for his expertise in quality and labeling of vegetarian and vegan products, while Sascha Schigulski focuses on meat and meat products. Manuel Immel is particularly strong in consumer information and animal feed law, while Christian Weigel assists clients in the beverage industry, among others.


‘Lawyer Schigulski – we instruct him on food law issues. He works very quickly and always tries to take the client’s interests into account as much as possible.’

‘Fully focused on food law, resulting in an extremely good understanding of the industry. In addition, an internal specialization for ‘pure’ food law, for animal by-products and for animal feed.’

‘We work together with all three partners Sascha Schigulski, Christian Weigel and Clemens Comans. All three are always ‘absolutely involved in the matter’ with their respective focus, you always have the feeling that they have seen respective facts before… In addition, there is a very concrete, realistic and honest assessment of our respective legal position. After all, all 3 are absolutely positive in dealing with each other.’

Key clients

Fressnapf Holding / Fressnapf Tiernahrungs GmbH, Krefeld

Deutsche See

Gothaer Allg.-Vers.-AG, Köln


Genossenschaft Deutscher Brunnen e.G.


Danja Domeier, who draws on longstanding experience, expertise and an excellent network in the relevant sectors, is at the helm of domeierlegal, which specialises in legal advice and representation of companies in the food, cosmetics, animal feed and consumer goods sectors; the practice further focuses on advice to clients from the beverage industry as well on dietary products and food supplements. The assistance with matters related to innovative foods, such as vegetarian high-protein products, represents another mainstay. The practice is increasingly active for clients from the cosmetics and animal feed sectors as well as for foreign companies. In addition to her wide-range non-contentious advice, including crisis support, Domeier represents clients in administrative, criminal, administrative offence and competition law disputes.

Practice head(s):

Danja Domeier

Gerstberger Products & Law

Ina Gerstberger's one-woman boutique Gerstberger Products & Law impresses with 'very good specialist knowledge, industry expertise and pragmatic and solution-oriented advice'. Gerstberger covers a very broad spectrum of products, ranging from food and animal feed to cosmetics, biocides/chemicals, tobacco products, food supplements and medical devices to consumer goods. Clients include the largest food companies in Germany and Europe, which she advises on regulatory, competition and contractual issues; Gerstberger also has particular expertise in delimitation issues between different product groups and novel foods, and often assists with cross-border matters in cooperation with firms in other jurisdictions.

Practice head(s):

Ina Gerstberger


‘Very focused and goal oriented, in-depth knowledge.’

‘Very professional client service.’

‘Very specific knowledge of the regulatory area, food law, product labeling and approval in general.’

‘Dr. Ina Gerstberger, responsive, reliable, experienced.’

‘Ina Gerstberger is a very talented lawyer. Her scientific background gives her an exceptional understanding of food law and other life sciences topics. She is very precise and thorough in her analysis. I really enjoy working with her. ‘

‘Very good specialist knowledge, industry expertise and pragmatic and solution-oriented advice.’

‘Ina is communicative, analytical and approachable. I really enjoy working with her.’

‘Extremely competent, very clear in her wording of counter-arguments. Fast information flow and clear announcement to opponents. In individual cases, excellent accessibility is of great importance! Every missed call is returned immediately, even when on holiday. I haven’t experienced this at any law firm before.’

‘Reliability, commitment and dedication with always satisfactory results.’

Key clients

Federation for Nutritional Mushroom Distributors e.V.

Dr. Willmar Schwabe GmbH & Co KG

Work highlights

  • Advising an international tobacco company on the marketing, advertising and labeling of tobacco heaters and specifically the tobacco sticks sold for them.
  • Advising and representing several feed distributors on feed of animal origin and the resulting requirements of animal by-products law.
  • Advice to Dr. Willmar Schwabe GmbH & Co KG on food law issues in relation to a Series A investment in BRAINEFFECT .


CMS' broad practice covers not only the food industry but also tobacco and nicotine replacement products, dietary supplements and cosmetics. The group assists clients with labeling requirements as well as competition and transactional issues among other matters. Cannabis and CBD as well as borderline products, for example between food and medicines, represent a focus for the practice. The team is further increasingly dealing with sustainability matters. Particularly noteworthy is the group's interdisciplinary cooperation with the firm's corporate and antitrust practices. Cologne-based partner Heike Blank heads the practice and assists companies with the whole array of regulatory and competition law issues.

Practice head(s):

Heike Blank

Other key lawyers:

Nikolas Gregor


‘The team works very well together and is well coordinated.’

‘The team is also very competent and performant with their individuals.’

Gleiss Lutz

Gleiss Lutz' practice is headed by Munich-based food, trademark and competition law expert Andreas Wehlau , who clients describe as 'unusually clear in his legal analysis'. The team advises national and international companies in the beverage, general food and tobacco sectors, but also delivery services and advertising agencies. The main areas of focus includes advice on strategic fundamental issues and the preparation of legal opinions on complex food law issues, whereby the team is also active on procedural level, for example with regard to central advertising claims and product qualifications. The team also offers interdisciplinary support with transactions and antitrust issues.

Practice head(s):

Andreas Wehlau


‘Dr. Andreas Wehlau: We work with Dr. Wehlau in the field of food law. He works in a very structured way and is unusually clear in his legal analysis.’

Very approachable, and always offers clear and pragmatic advice. Also very sensible.’

‘Andreas Wehlau is a very helpful and knowledgeable advisor.’

Hüttebräuker Rechtsanwälte

Hüttebräuker Rechtsanwälte is headed by Astrid Hüttebräuker  who is considered a 'leading personality in food law' and advises and represents clients in the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetics sectors. The practice's expertise covers the differentiation of food from medicines, product design, labelling as well as food safety and recalls. In addition to non-contentious advice, Hüttebräuker represents companies against competitors, associations and before authorities; for instance, the firm has experience in court proceedings relating to food for special medical purposes (FSMP). Notably, the practice is very well connected in the market and maintains longstanding client relationships.

Practice head(s):

Astrid Hüttebräuker


‘The team is available at all times, always friendly and solution-oriented.’

‘Consultation is easily possible at any time, appointments can also take place on vacation if necessary. The advice is 100% tailored to the needs.’

‘Small law firm with an extremely competent lawyer and a very friendly and competent legal specialist.’

‘Miss Dr. Hüttebräuker is extremely competent, works very carefully and quickly and responds very promptly to queries/callback requests. In addition, she provides comprehensive and detailed advice.’

‘Excellent interaction between lawyers and assistants.’

‘Dr. Astrid Hüttebräuker: Leading personality in food law, comprehensive brilliant expertise, regularly instructed by well-known large companies despite being more or less a ‘lone fighter’.’

‘Dr. Hüttebräuker is characterized by a structured and efficient way of working as well as excellent knowledge of the industry. The quality of her work is outstanding, fees are fair and transparent.’

Key clients

Dirk Rossmann GmbH, Burgwedel

MCM Klosterfrau Vertriebs GmbH, Köln

Work highlights

  • Advice to Dirk Rossmann GmbH on a variety of topics in the area of ROSSMANN quality brands.
  • Advice and representation of MCM Klosterfrau GmbH & Co. KG on delimitation issues, maximum amounts, health claims.
  • Representation of MBG International Premium Brands GmbH in proceedings before the Higher Regional Court of Hamburg on the subject of mandatory deposits.


Noerr's practice is headed by an experienced trio focused on the food and product compliance area: Evelyn Schulz in Dresden is a life sciences and food expert, the Munich-based Thomas Klindt is experienced in product liability and crisis scenarios, while Arun Kapoor, also in Munich, has expertise in international product recalls and liability disputes. The practice also advises a wide range of clients on regulatory issues, competition issues, criminal sanctions and contracts. Notably, the team is increasingly advising on sustainability issues and is here particularly active for ambitious start-ups; other expanding areas of activity include advice on matters related to cannabis and CBD, while during the Covid-19 pandemic, assistance was also increasingly sought after in relation to the production and distribution of disinfectants as well as with regards to the threat of plant closures.


‘Expert knowledge and cooperation with other departments.’

‘The friendliness, expertise and very short response times to inquiries.’

Key clients

Schoko Winterscheidt GmbH

SPRK Global

Royal Cosun/Rixona B.V.



Zooplus AG


Procter & Gamble



Philip Morris




Work highlights

  • Advice on the media-effective market launch of Joko Winterscheidt’s JOKOLADE.
  • Advising impact start-up SPRK Global on entering the market to fight food waste.
  • Ongoing advice to a home shopping station on various product law issues, including drafting standard contracts for the contract manufacturing (white label/own brand) of food supplements and cosmetics.

REINHART Rechtsanwälte Partnerschaft mbB

Munich boutique offering REINHART Rechtsanwälte Partnerschaft mbB behind Andreas Reinhart and Stephanie Reinhart focuses on food, animal feed, cosmetics, biocides and pharmaceuticals. The practice assists manufacturers, trading companies and international corporations as well as start-ups and medium-sized companies, which in recent years have also increasingly stemmed from the pharmaceutical, cosmetics or catering industries. The team advises on labeling issues, compliance and product development, including assistance with legally compliant market launches in other EU member states. During the pandemic, the group increasingly advised on biocidal products such as disinfectants.

Key clients

Anton Hübner GmbH

BHI BioHealthInternational

Börlind GmbH


Dr. Theiss Naturwaren

GNT Europa GmbH

Hauser Weinimport

IQ Pharma GmbH

Kneipp GmbH

Laverana GmbH & Co. KG

Hübner Naturarzneimittel GmbH

Life Light Handels GmbH

mibe GmbH Arzneimittel

Perfetti van Melle

Phamos Natur Green Luxury GmbH

Philosophy Brands GmbH

pro medico GmbH

Pumperlgsund GmbH

Rocka Sports GmbH

Silesia Gerhard Hanke GmbH & Co. KG

St. Leonhards Quelle GmbH & Co. KG

Trommsdorff GmbH & Co. KG

Vitrasan GmbH

Weleda AG

Seubert GmbH & Co. KG

Leobellvis GmbH

European Pet Pharmacy

core2 partners UG

CARE COS Kosmetik GmbH

2AM Lifestyleprodukte UG

Martin Bauer Group

ERWO Pharma GmbH

Kia-Charlotta GmbH

just ideas GmbH

Sanguinum GmbH


minimals GmbH

Sterilius GmbH

SnS Commerce GmbH

SeiAktiv Vertriebs GmbH

Colour Flash GmbH

The Ceutics Company GmbH

Robert Meyer Catering GmbH

Chairos AG

IWEST Tierernährung Dr. Meyer GmbH & Co. KG


Zuegg Com Deutschland GmbH

DiReg Solutions GmbH

Casida GmbH & Co. KG

Groowth Factor

Kaffeerösterei Bad Aibling GmbH

YXO Cosmetics GmbH

Verkaufswerk AG

Dentaclean E. U.


O³ Group GmbH

Extravit s.r.o.

Susanne Kaufmann Kosmetik GmbH


B.M.P. Bulk Medicines & Pharmaceuticals GmbH

Pets Deli Tonius GmbH

IndustryMix GmbH & Co. KG

Succi recentis officinalis

Plantaroma Duft & Rauch

wellbeing products GmbH

Bionic Nature GmbH & Co. KG

Animagus GmbH

Linde Eckstein GmbH & Co. KG

Gertraud Gruber Kosmetik GmbH & Co. KG

TMA Germany GmbH

Dr. Massing Cosmetics GmbH

Ralf Schmidt GmbH

Work highlights

  • Comprehensive legal advice and representation of Kneipp GmbH in relation to food supplements and cosmetics.
  • Comprehensive legal advice and representation of Anton Hübner GmbH & Co KG in relation to food supplements and cosmetics. Ongoing representation before authorities and in relation to warnings.
  • Advising GNT Europa GmbH on the creation of a practice code at EU level regarding coloring food. In addition, advice on securing the status of coloring food at Codex level (worldwide) and in individual third countries.

Arnecke Sibeth Dabelstein

Arnecke Sibeth Dabelstein's food and consumer goods practice assists food, beverage and feed manufacturers as well as numerous companies in the cosmetics, dietary supplements and novel foods sectors with a wide range of topics and in relation to official complaints or court proceedings; for instance, the team obtained first judgments on the distinction between biocides and food in relation to dual-use products. Frankfurt-based practice head Thomas Körber advises clients comprehensively, for example on market entries, product development, product approvals and labelling.

Practice head(s):

Thomas Körber

Key clients

Big Hug Nutrition GmbH

Vitamin Well AB/ No Carbs Company AB

The Very Good Food Company

B&S International B.V.

Stada Arzneimittel GmbH

Dr. Theiss Naturwaren GmbH / Allgäuer Latschenkiefer GmbH / Pasta Roma GmbH

Werner & Mertz GmbH  and tana-Chemie GmbH

erdbär GmbH

Biohof May

tana-Chemie GmbH

Badgequo Deutschland GmbH und UK Ltd.

Hans Koeberle, Weissachmühle e.K./Marstall GmbH

HSH Chemie GmbH

Theo Sasse e.K./Lagerkorn GmbH

Work highlights

  • Comprehensive and long-standing advice to Werner&Mertz GmbH on competition issues with a focus on environmentally-related advertising, chemicals law and the labelling of cleaning agents and other consumer goods. Obtained numerous fundamental judgments in these areas, most recently on the distinction between cleaning agents and food in the case of so-called dual-use products and the applicability of the Biocidal Products Ordinance to products placed on the market as food.
  • Regular advice to Vitamin Well AB/ No Carbs Company AB on questions relating to the marketability of fortified foods and the labelling of various products. Defense against official complaints.
  • Support for The Very Good Food Company, a leader in plant-based meat and cheese substitutes in Canada and the United States. Comprehensive advice on their market entry in Europe and assumption of the role of lead counsel. Coordination of sales and web shop in all European jurisdictions and in the UK as well as testing of a large number of individual products and goods boxes in accordance with food law requirements.

Bird & Bird LLP

Under the leadership of the Düsseldorf-based Uwe Lüken and with strengths in IP, Bird & Bird LLP's practice advises nationally and internationally known brands from the beverage, food and cosmetics industries. Among other matters, the team advises on novel foods and novel tobacco products and also has expertise in cannabis products in the pharmaceutical and food industry. The practice's multidisciplinary team enables it to offer clients a full range of legal services, including competition law, consumer law, corporate law, dispute resolution and dispute prevention as well as trademark administration.

Practice head(s):

Uwe Lüken


‘Competence and availability.’

‘Dr. N. Lutzhöft, high level of expertise, creative solutions, trusting cooperation.’

‘Extremely business-focused and pragmatic and always available. We see them very much as part of our team and not as ‘outsiders’.’

Key clients

Dr. Loges + Co. GmbH

Elixinol Global Ltd

Hello fresh

JuicePlus + Company


Philip Morris GmbH

Procter & Gamble

Schwarze & Schlichte

Société des Produits Nestlé

The Juice Plus Europe GmbH

Work highlights

  • Food law advice to Elixinol Global Ltd. in relation to the takeover of leading German CBD company, CannaCare Health GmbH by a Dutch subsidiary.
  • Support for JuicePlus + Company in preliminary injunctions regarding false statements about the client’s products on part of SWR and Saarländisches Rundfunk.
  • Defending Schwarze & Schlichte against a claim brought by MBG International Premium Brands as well as representation in several preliminary injunction proceedings.

Forstmann Büttner

Practice head(s):

Thomas Büttner

GvW Graf von Westphalen

Ronald Steiling, who focuses on food, animal feed and animal welfare law, and administrative lawyer Carsten Bittner are both based in Hamburg and jointly head GvW Graf von Westphalen's team. The group maintains a constantly growing client base that benefits from the firm's full-service approach and easy access to industry-relevant civil law expertise, in particular in warranty and commercial law, as well as its experience in industry-specific arbitration. Particularly notable is the group's experience in matters related to seeds, especially in contentious proceedings. Advice on media communication in crisis scenarios in the food industry represents another practice pillar.

Key clients

Alnatura Produktions- und Handels GmbH

Südwestdeutsche Salzwerke AG

Harmsen Utescher

Harmsen Utescher, who has been active in the IP field for over 125 years, offers clients 'professionally excellent', versatile assistance with matters ranging from product development support to competition and IP law assessments to complaints procedures. The very international client portfolio includes manufacturers and distributors of food and beverages. Rainer Kaase has strengths in patent and medical device law, Till Lampel is considered an expert in competition and trademark issues and John-Christian Plate is particularly well versed in the pharmaceutical and food sectors.


‘Harmsen Utescher is technically excellent, very well organized, keeps all appointments, takes us seriously and treats us as equals.’

‘Mr. Lampel impresses with clarity, professional competence and very good availability. His back office functions are working in line with Mr. Lampel.’

Key clients

Dovgan GmbH

Amecke GmbH & Co. KG

Newlat GmbH

Intersnack Group


Columbus Drinks

Hogan Lovells International LLP

Hogan Lovells International LLP's practice focuses on regulatory requirements for products, services, advertising and marketing, including the design and restructuring of distribution systems. The practice's internationality as well as the firm's internal industry sector focus is particularly noteworthy as are the group's various legaltech applications available to clients, such as the Product Lifecycle Analysis, a tool for the product development phase. Thomas Salomon in Hamburg advises clients on competition proceedings as well as supply and service contracts and jointly leads the team with Florian Unseld, who is based in Munich and Düsseldorf and assists with innovative acquisition and sales models.

Other key lawyers:

Christiane Alpers

Key clients

Fifth Generation

Fox Factory

Moet Hennessy

Schwartauer Werke

Work highlights

  • Regular advice to a leading manufacturer of premium beverages on all ongoing commercial and distribution issues, including commercial contracts, ongoing representation in contract negotiations, advice on innovative marketing concepts and the drafting of corresponding contracts, as well as advice on the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic.
  • Advising a food producer on the market launch of novel meat substitutes under the EU Novel Food Regulation and on approval proceedings for additives for the manufacturing of such products.
  • Comprehensive advice to a leading online retailer on regulatory, competition law and contract law aspects of online food retailing. Monitoring of the strategic implementation of upcoming EU regulations in connection with the Green Deal and the UTP Directive in a large number of EU member states.

King & Spalding LLP

Headed by Frankfurt-based life sciences expert Ulf Grundmann, King & Spalding LLP's practice advises leading global manufacturers in the food, pharmaceutical and dietary supplement sectors on regulatory and competition law issues as well as in court proceedings. Health-related advice, particularly at the interface between food law and pharmaceuticals, represents one central pillar of the practice as well as disputes pertaining to the health claims regulation. Frankfurt's cooperation with the firm's Washington office as well as its strong transatlantic food law practice is also of note; clients are also often supported across European borders.

Practice head(s):

Ulf Grundmann

Key clients



GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare GmbH & Co. KG (GSK Consumer Healthcare)

Famous Brands GmbH

Angelini Pharma Deutschland GmbH

Pfizer Consumer Healthcare

Amy’s Kitchen

Gamers Only GmbH

Dr. Willmar Schwabe GmbH & Co.KG

Teva Deutschland GmbH

Teva Pharmaceuticals B.V.

Deutsche Homöopathie-Union DHU-Arzneimittel GmbH & Co. KG (DHU)

Chemische Fabrik Kreussler Co. GmbH

Daizu GmbH

Dr. Kade Pharmazeutische Fabrik GmbH

VSM Geneesmiddelen B.V.

SGF International e.V.

Eckes- Granini Group

Truw Arzneimittel Gmb

biomo-vital GmbH

Work highlights

  • Representation of GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare GmbH & Co. KG (GSK Consumer Healthcare) in competition law disputes regarding OTC products in connection with food, drug and medical device law.
  • Advising Amy’s Kitchen on food law in the EU and the US.
  • Advising Famous Brands on food law and regulatory issues and representation in a competition law dispute in connection with a melatonin-containing food.

Squire Patton Boggs

Squire Patton Boggs' client portfolio consists of various food companies with a focus on spirits, breweries and beverage manufacturers; in a recent highlight, the group obtained a favourable ruling on the legality of German balsamic vinegar before the ECJ. With over 30 years of experience in the food sector, Frankfurt-based practice head Christofer Eggers advises on competition and regulatory law, IP and copyright and is valued for his 'quick perception'. Trademark and copyright specialist Reinhard Lange is another key contact.

Practice head(s):

Christofer Eggers


‘Quick perception, wonderful sparring partner for ideas and open-hearted exchange over the phone. Everything can be used directly. The written explanations are always 100% directly usable. Optimal efficiency. Thinks for the client. Sees itself as part of the whole. Optimal support.’

Key clients

Andros Deutschland

Ankerkraut GmbH


Beam Suntory Deutschland GmbH

Campari Deutschland GmbH

Chocoladefabriken Lindt & Sprüngli GmbH

Fuchs Gewürze GmbH


Krombacher Brauerei Bernhard Schadeberg GmbH & Co. KG

Schweppes Deutschland GmbH

Zott SE

Zott SE & Co. KG

Work highlights

  • Represented Andros Germany in the sugar cartel lawsuit.
  • Advising spice manufacturer Ankerkraut GmbH on food and trademark law issues.
  • Represented BALEMA GmbH in court proceedings on the question of whether German balsamic vinegar is allowed (Federal Court of Justice and European Court of Justice) – much-discussed consulting success worldwide.