Public law in Colombia

Brigard Urrutia

A prominent player in regulatory and transactional aspects, Brigard Urrutia is experienced in advising both local and foreign clients in aspects related to public law matters, including but not limited to public and private procurement procedures in the infrastructure, transport and public utilities sectors. Praised for its multi-disciplined approach, the team works alongside project finance, banking, and mergers and acquisitions practice groups to provide clients with a complete understanding of the regulatory aspects of transactions and projects. Managing partner and department co-heads Carlos Umaña and Claudia Navarro, a specialist in the regulation of the electric energy and natural gas services, have recently led the team in its representation of Electricaribe with regard to the continued provision of the public electric power service on the Caribbean Coast. Recommended senior associate Julián Parra coordinates the practice and is well versed in structuring PPPs in relation to the improvement and development of transportation and mass transit systems throughout Colombia.

Practice head(s):

Carlos Umaña; Claudia Navarro; Julián Parra


The team’s knowledge of public law issues and its experience in different projects generates tranquility and confidence in the concepts and analysis requested. Additionally, the possibility of having an interdisciplinary analysis of situations, projects or issues makes it easier to identify risks or find solutions in a more efficient and holistic way.

The permanent availability of the team and the good service facilitate the relationship with the client. The assigned team is characterised by good treatment and good manners.

‘They are lawyers with a lot of experience in various transactions and academic training.

I highlight the work of lawyers like Julián Parra, who is characterised by the quality of his work and his timely service.

Key clients

Electrificadora del Caribe

Metro Línea 1

Departamento Nacional de Planeación

Puerta de Oro Empresa de Desarrollo Caribe

Hughes Networks Systems

Financiera de Desarrollo Nacional

BMO Sur (owned in equal parts by Fanalca and Transdev)

BMP Sur (owned in equal parts by Fanalca and Transdev)

Perimetral Oriental de Bogotá

Concesionaria Férrea de Occidente (controlled by China Civil Engineering Construction Corporation)

Consorcio Cable Móvil

DDB Worldwide Colombia

Compañía de Medicina Prepagada Colsanitas (Keralty)


Concesión Transversal del Sisga

Consorcio Shanghai – Ingecon 2020

Saur Colombia


Asociación Nacional de Empresarios de Colombia (ANDI)

Work highlights

  • Advised Electrificadora del Caribe, through the Financiera de Desarrollo Nacional, in relation to two sale transactions resulting from the investor engagement process launched to ensure the continuity of the provision of electricity services on Colombia’s Caribbean Coast.
  • Represented China Harbour Engineering Company and Xi’an Metro Company on their joint participation in the prequalification and public tender process conducted by Metro Company of Bogotá.
  • Advised the National Planning Department in the context of a consulting agreement executed with said Department concerning the efficiency and sustainability of Colombia’s ports system.

Durán & Osorio Abogados Asociados

The ‘stand out' team at Durán & Osorio Abogados Asociados is recommended for its strength and experience in structuring complex and sophisticated transactions across a wide variety of sectors, varying from transportation, energy and mining, and housing, to public finance, water and public utilities. Claiming a strong position in the Colombian legal market, the team advises a wide range of public entities and private companies regarding all matters of legal framework, including public contracting, tenders and auctions and PPPs. With unrivalled involvement in some of the most significant public procurement processes in the country, practice head Álvaro Mauricio Durán Leal led the team’s participation in the structuring of a PPP for the new Bosa Hospital and Bogota’s First Metro Line, as well as the PPP to build and maintain the infrastructure for the Bus Rapid Transit of Bogotá City. He is supported by Jorge Gabriel Taboada  who is renowned for his work in arbitration, both as counsel and a highly respected arbitrator; and public law expert Gustavo Osorio, who has more than 20 years’ expertise in public budget and contractual matters. Junior partner Álvaro Gasca and ‘exceptional professional' Carlos Andrés Sánchez García, who is based in the UK, make up the five-strong group who all co-lead the department, with well respected associate support completing the dedicated public law team.

Practice head(s):

Álvaro Mauricio Durán Leal; Jorge Gabriel Taboada; Gustavo Adolfo Osorio García; Carlos Andrés Sánchez García; Álvaro José Gasca Moreno


Their knowledge and experience in the infrastructure sector stands out. Having participated in various public initiatives adds value to their advice.

Knowledge and experience.

A good model and management of meetings, along with good management of online documents, in line with Covid-19 measures.

The team has extensive knowledge in the topics that were discussed, Dr. Taboada is an innovator in corporate governance issues and with extensive experience. During the pandemic, the work was carried out through virtual meetings and the team responded appropriately to it.

I recognise the efforts and work of Nicolás González, who with his short experience does a very good job.

Conceptual clarity based on experience that allows the client to understand situations and jointly envision solutions.

Conceptual clarity and willingness to address customer concerns. Senior associate Felipe Herrera stands out for his experience and excellent disposition to seek solutions and good manner with the client.

The Duran & Osorio team has extensive knowledge of public law and spectacular customer service.

Carlos Sanchez, a partner of the practice, is a very well-prepared person and an exceptional professional, always willing to help and with very good response times.

Key clients

Financiera de Desarrollo Nacional

EDP Renováveis

Servicio Geológico Colombiano


Inter-American Development Bank – Fundación Corona – Swiss Economic Cooperation

Ministry of Transport (Ministerio de Transporte)

Ministerio de Tecnologías de la Información y Comunicaciones (MinTIC)

Findeter – UK Prosperity Fund

Fondo Nacional del Ahorro

Instituto Nacional de Vías

Empresas Públicas de Medellín

Work highlights

  • Advised Financiera de Desarrollo Nacional – FDN on the drafting of all the necessary documentation for the financing of Bogotá’s First Metro Line, as well as ongoing legal support.
  • Advise EDP on the analysis and application of Colombian regulations, environmental and labour requirements, consultations with indigenous communities, licenses and permits for the execution of inland wind farms in La Guajira, Colombia.
  • Legal advisor to Empresa Férrea Regional (EFR) on the performance of the concession agreement executed with Concesionaria Ferrea de Occidente (CFRO), for the construction and operation of the “Regiotram de Occidente” project.

Esguerra Asesores Jurídicos

With particular strength in complex contentious and administrative law matters, public law boutique Esguerra Asesores Jurídicos is noted for advising both state entities and private local and multinational corporations across all main public law regulatory sectors. The highly recommended Juan Carlos Esguerra and Felipe Piquero (who is also an experienced litigator) co-lead a team that advises on all aspects of public law matters – from litigation before the administrative instances and arbitral tribunals, to structuring projects and public bids. Associate director of the public law practice Adriana Nieto has experience advising clients on public procurement processes, the design of public contracts and consulting on infrastructure projects, along with expertise in anti-corruption matters. The team is further instructed by government entities regarding administrative and public law issues and is currently acting as legal advisor to the Ministry of Transportation on the legal structuring of  the new concession that will operate the RUNT project, the largest project structured -and to be entered into- by said Ministry. Since publication, Nieto has been raised to the partnership - effective Janaury 2022.

Practice head(s):

Juan Carlos Esguerra; Felipe Piquero


Availability, teamwork, prestige, recognition and excellent advice, as well as being up-to-date on legal tech issues.

The firm has a large team with the necessary knowledge to advise its clients on matters of public and administrative law. They understand clients’ needs and get excellent results.

I recommend Juan Carlos Esguerra, for his trajectory and knowledge of him solving complex problems, with the best results.

Carlos Lasprilla, has extensive knowledge and seeks solutions to the problems and concerns presented by his clients.

In general, all their professionals are very willing and involved in the relevant aspects of consulting.

Esguerra lawyers have not only the knowledge but also the experience necessary to provide high-level advice. Compared to other firms, its level is higher.

They are lawyers who constantly listen to us as clients, seek to satisfy our needs and solve our doubts.

Their outstanding partner: Felipe Piquero.

At present, all firms have had to introduce technologies for the development of their work. Esguerra has done it properly.

Key clients

Oleoducto Bicentenario de Colombia (OBC)

Ministerio de Transporte

Banco Davivienda

Seguros Generales Suramericana (SURA)


Aerovías del Continente Americano (AVIANCA)

Fondo para el Financiamiento del Sector Agropecuario (FINAGRO)


Armada Nacional de Colombia – Base Naval Bogotá

Gilat Satellite Networks (Israel) / Gilat Colombia

Work highlights

  • Representing Oleoducto Bicentenario de Colombia (OBC) in an arbitral proceeding against Canadian multinational Canacol Energy.
  • Advising the Ministerio de Transporte on the legal structuring of the new concession that will operate the RUNT project, as well as on the auditing agreement by which an independent party will comprehensively supervise of the concession agreement.
  • Represented Banco Davivienda with regard to the annulment of an arbitration award in the case of Ruta del Sol, a dispute between the National Infrastructure Agency (ANI) and the Concessionaire Ruta del Sol II.

Arrieta Mantilla & Asociados

Public law boutique Arrieta Mantilla & Asociados is well-versed in advising both private companies and public entities in relation to international public law, constitutional and administrative law, and public procurement. The team has been involved in some of Colombia’s most high-profile projects of late; highly recommended practice heads Carlos Gustavo Arrieta, who is experienced in international arbitration proceedings held under the International Court of Justice (ICJ),  and Yady Villaquirán both led the representation of Empresas Públicas De Medellín in judicial, arbitral, disciplinary and fiscal liability processes related to the construction of Colombia’s most important hydroelectric power plant.

Practice head(s):

Carlos Gustavo Arrieta; Yady Villaquirán


Depth, professionalism and seriousness of their concepts; and the commitment and responsibility showed to the client’s cause.

The team is always very willing to attend to requests. They are friendly, and generally deliver consulting products on time. In comparison to the teams of other firms, their resourcefulness to find solutions or consult with their allies and be able to deliver solutions in the face of difficulties stands out, they adapt well to the hostile conditions of projects.

One of the novelties that AMyA has is the ability they have to find allies that adequately complement their strengths. This makes for very strong teams and generates knowledge management and cooperation between law firms (which is unusual).

The human warmth of Yady and Santiago is exceptional; regardless of the circumstances they always had a good attitude and commitment to take the issues forward. Yady’s focus on detail builds trust with clients to defend positions. Santiago’s patience was essential to meet all the client’s requirements. They are an experienced team and, in times of doubt, they know who to consult to get the correct answer. Of course, Dr. Arrieta is always very willing to contribute his knowledge and to reconcile moments of discussion.’

The firm has some remarkable leaders but the whole team has great strength and knowledge. The firm was in close contact throughout the development of the contract. They always looked for a negotiated solution to conflicts.

‘We’d recommend Carlos Gustavo Arrieta for his recognition in the sector; and Yady Villaquiran, for her analysis and deep understanding of the case under her charge.

It is an integrated practice, where articulated team work is clearly in evidence, and which makes use of the partners’ experience and their innovative contributions.

If our experience is that in Colombia there is a very high level of dedication in law firms in terms of customer service and availability, the level of response and availability of this firm’s team is extraordinary. Its understanding of the sense of urgency and availability to attend to our needs has been fundamental in achieving our objectives.

Without a doubt, Carlos Gustavo Arrieta is an authority on the matter and his level of relationship and recognition with the authorities is a very strong point, which is hardly equaled by his competitors. Yady Villaquirán is a key piece in the team, who demonstrates an impeccable handling of jurisprudence, norms and comparative law.

Key clients

Colombian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Empresas Públicas de Medellín (EPM)

Empresa Nacional Promotora de Desarrollo (EnTerritorio)

Clever Leaves

KPMG Advisory Services

Financiera de Desarrollo Nacional (FDN)

Orica Colombia

ICO Medios

Cerro Matoso

British American Tobacco (BAT)

Work highlights

  • Advising KPMG Advisory Services on the legal structuring of the public-private association responsible for the renovation of Colombia’s High-Performance Sports Center (Centro Deportivo de Alto Rendimiento).
  • Advising Financiera de Desarrollo Nacional on matters such as the legal structuring of the Parque Natural San Rafael Cable Aéreo project, where it is acting as contractor.
  • Advising Empresa Nacional Promotora Del Desarrollo Territorial (EnTerritorio), with regard to legal opinions, contractual advisory, judicial representation, and on the structuring of projects.

Castro Leiva Rendón Abogados

Castro Leiva Rendón Abogados possesses an impressive track record advising on complex public law matters, with strength in bidding processes, public contracts and sanctioning procedures. Acting as both co-head of the public law and projects and infrastructure departments, José Ignacio Leiva is frequently called on to advise concessionaries in bus rapid transit systems; most notably, acting as legal advisor to six transport concessions in the project to renovate TransMilenio buses for phases I and II of the transportation system. Marcela Castro, in turn, advises both local and foreign-based companies, as well as public entities, on structuring projects across all stages of development.

Practice head(s):

Jose Ignacio Leiva; Marcela Castro Pineda

Key clients

Cal y Mayor Asociados

Mota-Engil Engenharia e Construção

Doppelmayr Colombia

Ashmore Management Company Colombia

Grupo Metrobus


Concesión Alto Magdalena

Concesión Pacífico Tres

Concesión Desarrollo Vial de la Sabana

Concesión Santa Marta Paraguachón

Grupo SI 18

Autopistas Urabá

Agencia Nacional de Minería

Metro Línea 1


Concesión San Rafael

Consorcio Canales 20

Consorcio Mar 2

PTAP – Tibitoc 20

Consorcio Soacha

Corredor Portuario de Cartagena

Interconexión eléctrica – ISA

Unión Vial Río Pamplonita

WSP Ingenieros


Consorcio Estación Elevadora de Canoas

Egis Group

KMA Construcciones

Consorcio Constructor Perimetral de Oriente Bogotá



Concesión La Pintada

Concesión Ruta al Mar

Construcciones El Condor

Work highlights

  • Advised AYESA on its successful participation in the bidding process for the supervision of the subway project.
  • Advising Electricaribe on the process of signing EPCs and turnkey contracts for the updating of energy services along Colombia’s Caribbean Coast.
  • Advised Mota-Engil on the structuring and execution of public contracts for the development and construction of more than 300 schools in different zones of the country.

Dentons Cardenas & Cardenas

The highly recommended public law practice at Dentons Cardenas & Cardenas has particular strength in contentious disputes, including complex settlement and conciliation agreements. Acting across key sectors of the Colombian economy – from construction and engineering to telecommunications – practice head Ximena Zuleta  leads the group in advising clients across all aspects of the government procurement cycle. Andrés Fernández de Soto offers significant expertise in litigation and arbitration proceedings, while Pablo Jaramillo (who made partner in April 2020) leads the transactional team and its involvement in the structuring, financing and development of projects in various -notably transport- sectors. However, at associate level the practice endured the February 2021 departures of both former senior Maribel Del Valle and intermediate Martín Vásquez, who moved in house at China Harbour Engineering Company (Colombia), and Tul, respectively. Nevertheless, the practice retains key associate support from Laura Streubel, who has former experience as both an advisor to the Vice Minister for Infrastucture and a brief stint at the Agencia Nacional de Infraestrucutra (ANI); and Nicolás Díaz P, who was formerly in house at Transmilenio.

Practice head(s):

Ximena Zuleta


The personalised work of each of their lawyers. They always help us find a solution for any problem that we present to them.

Ximena Zuleta is the person who has worked with me for many years. She is always ready to help immediately with the best solutions.

‘Dentons Cardenas & Cardenas has a lot of experience in the public sector, they have successfully completed difficult processes that involve technical, financial or technological issues. They have an interdisciplinary team that manages to understand the exact needs of the client.

At a competitive level, they are the equals of the other firms that are recognised in the sector.’

Dentons has as a plus an extensive knowledge of the telecommunications sector in the country and an understanding of public procurement.

They differ from their competitors in the closeness and trust they transmit to establish a stable and lasting business relationship.’

Their main quality is that they use a clear and direct language that allows their client to understand exactly the concepts and thus obtain the relevant information required in the process.’

‘The most outstanding people members of the team are Ximena Zuleta and Maribel Del Valle, together with their colleague Andrés Fernandez de Soto.

‘The major work carried out by my company in conjunction with Dentons was presented just at the time of the pandemic;  we found in Dentons an ally to continue the work plan we’d drawn up despite the difficulties and their support felt like constant accompaniment.

The team’s availability is great. They are always a phone call away to answer any questions one may have.

Pablo Jaramillo and Jorge Neher are two very responsible partners and Lucia Escobar is a great associate who is always available as link between partners and client.’

Our experience was excellent. The team was ready, even to work on new issues in the country. They demonstrated good knowledge not only legal but technical, and good knowledge of responsibilities and procedures in the different entities of the sector.’

‘Infrastructure partner Ximena Zuleta and her team are excellent professionals, with extensive knowledge in their area and a high level of commitment. They always helped us to clarify all our doubts very successfully, they accompanied us to meetings and they proved to be an ideal ally for the development of our project.


Garrigues handles a broad array of bid tenders, public procurement matters, administrative and regulatory procedures and litigation. With a continually growing client base, the firm regularly represents clients in some of Colombia’s leading public projects mandates; most notably, assisting with the development of Bogotá’s first metro line. Managing partner and ‘excellent legal professional’ José Miguel De La Calle, a former Superintendent of Industry and Commerce, co-leads the team alongside Adriana Espinosa, who joined from Arrieta Mantilla & Asociados in March 2020, as head of the infrastructure practice. Espinosa possesses extensive experience across structuring infrastructure projects, tenders, public procurements contracts, management of administrative penalties and judicial proceedings. Among a powerful second tier of principal associates, Ivan Mauricio Fierro, a former project head at the vice-presidency for structuring at the Agencia Nacional de Infraestrucutra (ANI), provides key support.

Practice head(s):

José Miguel De La Calle; Adriana Espinosa


The Garrigues team is characterised by being a professional team that knows how to perfectly balance rigour and practicality. It is a firm of the highest level with the standards required to handle transnational matters. I have been working with the firm for a couple of years now and I hope I can count on their support for many more. Alejandro Acevedo is an extraordinary lawyer, very professional, a tireless worker and with the best possible disposition. His support has been key for me in various projects of the company that I represent.

The service that this Corporation has received from the Garrigues Colombia team is framed by high standards of quality, professionalism and opportunity, in addition to exceptional customer service.’

The attorneys appointed to carry out the work contracted by ONAC have been Dr José Miguel de la Calle, Dr Melissa Rojas and Dr Camilo González, professionals who have been characterised by their fluency, professionalism and expertise in handling the entrusted subjects.

We have received permanent support from Garrigues in the different areas of law in the specific sector that we request, its’ professionals are experts in each sector with profound criteria.

Their availability and profound criteria, Garrigues goes beyond what is requested by the client, the partners are assertive and present, they are not figures in an atrium.’

The collaboration, availability and abilities with people are an aspect to highlight in the professionals of Garrigues.

They are expert lawyers in their subject, they know the procedures in detail, they advise their clients in an effective, efficient and direct way. There is always closeness with the client, seeking the best benefit for them, and with the clarity of the pros and cons of the processes and procedures to be carried out.’

Roberto Borrás: his total empathy and knowledge of the issues, always friendly and with extensive experience, always available, a generous listener and an excellent legal professional. Dr Jose Miguel De la Calle, an excellent legal professional, knowledgeable about the processes, with extensive experience, total dedication to clients. The great professionalism of the firm and of the teams of these two wonderful professionals.’

Experience and knowledge in detail and depth. Interest first for the client and resolve the issues independent of the collection processes that ahead of their fees, never neglect a case, excellent service.

The Garrigues team provides a direct and personal service that allows adequate communication and a clear understanding of the problems that we submit for your consideration. They are professionals with an open mind, who seek solutions to problems with the least possible risk for the company. They are serious, responsible and diligent professionals.’

‘The Garrigues team has highly qualified, multidisciplinary personnel with experience in the infrastructure sector, which allows it to have a broader knowledge and vision of the issues submitted to its consideration.

Key clients

Unidad Administrativa Especial Aeronáutica Civil (Aerocivil)

Organismo Nacional de Acreditación de Colombia

Senda Infraestructuras–OHL

Corporación de Ferias y Exposiciones (Corferias)

Instituto de Desarrollo Urbano (IDU)

Indra Colombia

Fundación SaludMía

Varosa Energy

Empresa Metro de Bogotá

Scania Colombia / Scania Latin America

Asociación Bancaria y de Entidades Financieras de Colombia (ASOBANCARIA)


Quarzo Construcciones

Empresa Nacional Promotora del Desarrollo

Territorial (formerly ‘Fondo Financiero de Proyectos de Desarrollo’)

Superintendencia Nacional de Salud

Compañía de Créditos Rápidos

Beat Ride App Colombias

Secretaría Ejecutiva del Convenio Andrés

Bello (SECAB)

Work highlights

  • Advising Aerocivil on the structuring process of a public tender to select a trust company that will manage the resources of Aeropuerto del Café (Aerocafé), a new airport in the municipality of Palestina in Caldas, and one of the most important regional airports in Colombia.
  • Advised Organismo Nacional de Acreditación de Colombia (ONAC) in a critical dispute concerning the very nature of the organisation and the way it provides its services.
  • Advising OHL in relation to the “Nueva Malla Vial del Valle Del Cauca” project tendered by the National Infrastructure Agency (ANI) as the first of the fifth generation toll road programme launched by the Colombian Government in April 2020.

Palacios Lleras

The ‘outstanding' public law practice at Palacios Lleras is noted for its expertise in advising and representing public contractors in arbitrations and contentious proceedings in Colombia and abroad. At the helm is founding partner Hugo Palacios Mejía whose experience in the highest courts in Colombia, as well as his work as a consultant for public entities is widely recognised by market sources and peers. With significant experience representing clients from multiple industries in constitutional proceedings, procurement contracts and administrative law, senior partner Óscar Gutiérrez, co-leads teh team with Palacios; he is particularly noted for his expertise in the port segement as well as on infrastructure in general. However former partner Ángel Castañeda and associate Pedro Pacheco left for X100 Legal, in April and May 2021, respectively.

Practice head(s):

Hugo Palacios Mejía; Óscar Gutierrez; Pedro Pacheco; Ángel Castañeda


Internal attorneys must have detailed knowledge in legal matters and gas and energy regulation, and must be updated daily of each and every one of the regulations that apply to the case of the gas distribution business as well as in the natural gas transportation business. This knowledge is what differentiates the firm from others.

Dr. Hugo Palacios is the highest authority at the national level on economic public issues.

They are the best firm in the area of ​​public services in the country. Their availability is extraordinary and they are complete in their concepts. Their expertise is difficult to obtain from other firms. They are the best in public services, with great capacity for availability, service.’

The Palacios Lleras team is autonomous, it manages the requirements made by the client promptly, always proposing various alternatives. Undoubtedly, what stands out is that their efforts do not require the client’s insistence on attending to requests, as it does in other cases. The PLL team always handles matters promptly and appropriately.

Palacios Lleras lawyers are very close to their clients and are always ready to attend to their needs in the shortest time possible. The warmth and quality of their work makes them outstanding.’

Key clients

Pernod Ricard

Gases del Caribe

Gases de la Guajira

Efigas Gas Natural

Transportadora de Metano

CEO Compañía Energética de Occidente

Kronos Energy


Gases del Oriente







Work highlights

  • Representing Pernod Ricard against the Department of Cundinamarca over claims that cover unfair competition matters, as well as tax issues regarding the monopoly of commercialisation and distribution of imported distilled liquors.
  • Represented various gas companies before the Superintendence of Public Utilities and the Energy and Gas Regulation Comission for the Special and Additional Contribution of the National Development Plan, which has been declared unconstitutional by the Constitutional Court.
  • Advised Drummond Energy regarding the photovoltaic station project connected to substation La Loma.

Philippi Prietocarrizosa Ferrero DU & Uría

Full-service firm Philippi Prietocarrizosa Ferrero DU & Uría boasts ‘extensive experience’ in public law matters, with expertise in transactional and regulatory matters under the direction of practice head Jorge Di Terlizzi . Leading an ‘exceptional team’ focused on administrative law, public procurement and constitutional law, the practice advises both private companies and public entities in a wide array of sectors. Recently appointed a partner of the firm’s infrastructure and projects area, Carlos Padilla has advised local and foreign clients in the structuring and financing of projects in transportation, telecommunications, hydrocarbons, energy and utilities; he has recently been involved in the structuring and financing of several of the most important road concession projects in the country. Senior associate Camilo Forero, who focuses on state contracting and litigation, is also heavily active in the practice and enjoys a growing reputation amongst clients.

Practice head(s):

Jorge Di Terlizzi


The lawyers have abundant legal knowledge and know the needs of their clients well. The advantages: very good lawyers with considerable experience, yet enough time for meetings and 24-hour availability for work.

Excellent experiences with cases and good service. Highlighted: Jorge Di Terllizi and Pedro Valencia.

Compared to other firms, PPU has a very good relationship with clients, always sending invitations by mail to participate in conferences; billing with advance mail notice and then an electronic bill; it is always very helpful with questions and queries at any time.

Unconditional support; it is highly recommended for its handling of issues and scenarios – and has an excellent team in  Jorge Di Terlizzi, Camilo Forero and Carlos Padilla.

An exceptional team, integrity in the handling of the issues, precise and assertive. Electronic invoices, use of technology with the pandemic, collaboration and unconditional support. Super recommended

Very committed and excellent treatment and availability for the client: Carlos Padilla and Pedro Arango.

They have extensive experience in public law. They are fully aware of all the precedents of concession contracts in Colombia (4G, 5G) and have been involved in almost all the large transactions. Carlos Padilla is an exceptional attorney. He is very solution oriented and explains things very clearly.’

Key clients

China Civil Engineering Construction Corporation (CCECC)


China Harbor Engineering Corporation

Banco Agrario de Colombia

Grupo Aeroportuario de la Costa (Barranquilla Airport concessionaire)

Sociedad Aeroportuaria del Caribe (Cartagena Airport concessionaire)

Cintra Infraestructuras

Royal Boskalis Westminster Group

Ruta del Cacao

Aeropuertos de Oriente (North East Airports -5- concessionaire)

Work highlights

  • Advised CCECC during the Regiotram’s State Railway Concession Agreement awarding process.
  • Advised AENA in connection with the private bidding process for the acquisition of the Matecaña International Airport in Pereira, Colombia.
  • Advised China Harbour Engineering Company (“CHEC”) in connection with the unsolicited PPP proposal for the construction of the second tunnel of the so called “La Línea Project”.

Chemás & Asociados

Chemás & Asociados possesses a strong background advising on projects across a wide variety of sectors, including transportation, energy, telecommunications and infrastructure. With a wealth of experience appearing before national and international arbitration tribunals, the firm has built up significant expertise representing clients in high-value complex cases; most notably, the firm’s recent involvement in contractual dispute matters regarding the Hydroelectic Plant of Hidroituango. Committed to maintaining close and effective communication with clients, the practice is led by experienced litigator Jorge Eduardo Chemás, who is lauded for his ‘attention to detail’, while being supported by co-heads Ingrid Soraya Ortiz who specialises in contractual responsibility and Sergio Alejandro Chemás in administrative law and public procurement.

Practice head(s):

Jorge Eduardo Chemás; Ingrid Soraya Ortiz; Sergio Alejandro Chemás


Vast experience and knowledge in construction litigation. Attention to detail and the procedural requirements required to be successful in a process.

Jorge Eduardo Chemás’ highlights: his experience, solid procedural management, attention to detail and deep knowledge about the particularities of the construction / engineering industry.

The Chemás & Asociados team has successfully migrated to virtual interaction and collaboration. It has a diverse and highly trained team.

Key clients

Autopistas de Santander

Grodco Ingenieros Civiles

Centro de Gerenciamiento Doña Juana ESP


Compañía Eléctrica de Sochagota

Concesión Santa Marta Paraguachón

Constructora Andrade Gutiérrez

Elecnorte ESP

Empresa de Telecomunicaciones de Bucaramanga ESP

Expominera ESP

Telefónica Móviles

Impregilo Colombia

Ingenieros Constructores Gayco

Ingenieros Consultores Civiles y Eléctricos (INGETEC)

Inverlink Estructuras Inmobiliarias

Unión Temporal Desarrollo Vial del Valle del Cauca y Cauca (UTDVVCC)

Pavimentos Colombia (PAVCOL)

Yuma Concesionaria S.A.

Work highlights

  • Representing Consorcio INGETEC-SEDIC in the Hidroituango matter, both in the fiscal responsibility proceedings initiated by the Contraloría General de la República for a value of $1.1bn; and the civil responsibility proceedings initiated by Empresas Públicas de Medellín (EPM) before an administrative tribunal for a value of $2.9bn.
  • Represented Unión Temporal Desarrollo Vial del Valle del Cauca y Cauca before an arbitral tribunal proceeding related to one of the concession contracts’ amendment settlements, worth over $250m.
  • Representing Centro de Gerenciamiento de Residuos Doña Juana – CGR Doña Juana in its lawsuit against Unidad Administrativa Especial de Servicios Públicos (UAESP) for damages and economic and financial imbalance in the concession contract, caused by the UAESP’s omissions and breach of terms, for a value of $400m.

CMS Rodríguez-Azuero

CMS Rodríguez-Azuero‘s public law practice is well known for its strength in  procurement management and specialised knowledge of administrative law. The group advises contracting authorities and private companies in relation to public construction, concession and PPP contracts, auditing, public framework, and consultancy agreements. With a broad service offering, the firm’s advice also extends to representing public authorities in arbitration panels. A recent case saw the team advise the Colombian National Planning Department in two important projects related to the assessment of PPPs for roads and railway projects in Colombia. Daniel Rodríguez, whose practice also encompasses finance, compliance and corporate criminal law, leads the seven-strong team that are ‘always ready to go the extra mile'. Key associate-level support comes from senior María Lucía Amador and intermediate Paula Andrea Gutiérrez, who are both names to note.

Practice head(s):

Daniel Rodríguez


The consulting team always showed good availability to develop the consultancy and looked for additional sources of information to complement the information that was difficult to access; most of the analyses carried out as a result of previous experiences yielded valuable conclusions to fulfill the objective of the consultancy.

‘Everyone was very willing to collaborate, with good knowledge of the subject under evaluation in the consultancy.

The CMS Colombia team is always willing and committed to listen to the challenges that the business faces with various situations that manifest in its operations, and to devise and execute paths that in a practical, effective and legally neat way help to overcome these challenges and achieve favorable results for the company and its business.

They are a team of highly prepared professionals, very capable and always ready to go the extra mile to provide timely responses to any urgent or pressing need, regardless of whether they must dedicate hours of their weekly rest days in order to meet us as clients, that also makes them special. My experience with the following lawyers has been excellent: María Lucía Amador, Paula Andrea Gutiérrez, Natalia Guerrero and partners Daniel Rodriguez and Lorenzo Villegas.’

The free webinars and conferences with current topics of interest to which they invite us are a novelty that both CMS and several other national and international firms have been offering. The CMS invitations have been interesting because of how novel, timely and far-reaching they are.

We are always in great need of knowledgeable counsel in Colombia. CMS Rodríguez-Azuero provides key capability for our operations and local legal concerns. I have always found Daniel Rodríguez exceptionally clear to work with.

Partner Daniel Rodríguez has been an excellent resource for us. Very diligent and responsive and very well informed. He has been great.

I want to note María Lucía Amador, Paula Gutíerrez, Omar Martínez and Daniel Rodríguez.

The CMS team has well-defined roles, but regardless of that everyone has a great disposition to carry out tasks, sometimes beyond their role, in order to help the team objectives be achieved.

The human quality, the professional suitability and above all the commitment; notably Daniel Rodriguez, María Lucía Amador and Paula Gutiérrez.’

The team’s ability to analyse and integrate with other practices. That gives you an advantage over other firms. Their knowledge and interest in solving customer concerns, as well as their permanent willingness to attend to requests.

The use of remote connection caused by the pandemic was not an obstacle to holding meetings and discussions on the points consulted.’

Key clients


Colombian National Planning Department


Agence Francaise de Développement

Hewlett Packard Colombia

Agencia Nacional de Hidrocarburos

Pacheco Estudio de Arquitectura

Interamerican Development Bank

Work highlights

  • Advising Google Colombia in relation with all commercial matters in Colombia, including among others, the viability of entering into several public contracts.
  • Represented the Colombian National Planning Department (DNP) in a public contract to evaluate the application of the PPP scheme in road infrastructure projects structured and/or awarded under Law 1508 of 2012; as well as providing recommendations to the relevant public stakeholders for the projects to be structured under this scheme in the future (5th Generation of Road Concessions).
  • CMS Colombia, Perú, Chile and México entered into a framework agreement with the Interamerican Development Bank to work on Public-Private Partnerships in infrastructure assets and services that will ultimately contribute to economic growth and equity in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Gómez-Pinzón Abogados (GPA)

Gómez-Pinzón Abogados (GPA)‘s public law practice practice focuses on administrative and constitutional law, specialising in matters such as bidding processes, public procurement contracts, and sanctioning procedures. With niche expertise in the state gaming-monopoly, the firm has been legal advisor to the Colombian branch of IGT for over 15 years. Also a partner in the firm’s banking and finance practice, department co-head José Luis Suárez  is coordinating a multidisciplinary team advising Empresa Metro de Bogotá, the biggest infrastructure project in the country, alongside associate practice director Paola Larrahondo, whose experience also covers advising public entities on the creation of standards and regulations. The ‘enthusiastic’ and ‘thoughtful’ associate Juan Antonio Ucrós  provides further state contracting and infrastructure support and brings additional environmental expertise to the group. Since publication, Larrahondo has been raised to the partnership - effective January 2022.

Practice head(s):

José Luis Suárez; Paola Larrahondo


Agile, small, focused team. Able to make recommendations and make decisions quickly and without bureaucratic interference. They rely on other members of the office or external resources when necessary.

Juan Antonio Ucros provided exceptional service. He has the ability to understand and analyse situations in their broadest context (big picture) and at the same time is interested in the details of each facet of a situation. Therefore, his ideas and recommendations are broad, deep and at the same time practical. He anticipates the client’s needs and in addition to main topics, addresses and solves minor issues / problems, even without it being explicitly requested.

‘With their detailed knowledge of Colombia ‘s public law, the team has been able to identify crucial procedures or stakeholders we would have missed. They know the relevant government agencies and how they work, and how to navigate issues of overlapping jurisdiction. They are also just, fundamentally, good lawyers. They track the details, respond quickly, and add value beyond just addressing the Colombia-specific issues.

Paula Samper Salazar leads their work for us. Excellent judgment, very practical, she knows when and how to bring in colleagues with specialized expertise. Very comfortable knowing that we’re in her hands.’

Juan Antonio Ucrós Pinzón is an enthusiastic and thoughtful contributor; he has deep public law expertise, and his environmental law background has also been helpful.’

Key clients

BT Latam (Sencinet)

Partners Telecom Colombia (Novator)

Fondo Nacional del Turismo (FONTUR)

Corporación Andina de Fomento (CAF)

Cenit Logística y Transporte de Hidrocarburos

General Motors

FCC Aqualia



Cables de Energía y Telecomunicaciones (Centelsa)


Betty and Gordon Moore Foundation / World Wildlife Fund (WWF)

Empresa Metro de Bogotá

Egozcue Vidal + Pastorino Pozzolo EV+PP Arquitectos (EVPP)

Aguas de Bogotá


Macquarie Capital


Holland & Knight

Recognised as one of the go-to firms for public law matters related to energy and natural resources, Holland & Knight is well versed in advising various major companies in the mining, oil, energy and infrastructure sectors. Adopting a multidisciplinary approach to administrative and constitutional matters, practice co-heads Alberto Zuleta-Londoño, an arbitration and litigation specialist, and Jose Vicente Zapata, who is an ‘expert on environmental issues’, co-lead a 10-strong team which also advises government agencies both in defining the terms and conditions of regulations and in sensitive international judicial cases. Senior counsel Juan Casallas also plays an active role in the practice, with his recent matters incuding representation of a mining company in several constitutional claims for the protection of fundamental rights before the Constitutional Court. Since publication, Zuleta-Londoño has left the firm with effect from March 2022.

Practice head(s):

José Vicente Zapata


José Vicente Zapata is excellent in handling contracts with the State, especially hydrocarbons. He has excellent business acumen. And he is an expert on environmental issues.

Key clients

Equion Energía

Work highlights

  • Represented oil and gas company, Equion, in more than 200 judicial proceedings related to the discussion of an environmental tax with the National Agency for Environmental Licenses (ANLA).
  • Representation of a multinational group of companies in a fiscal liability proceeding before the Contraloría General de la República in relation to fiscal detriment concerning a project to expand a state-owned asset.

Muñoz Tamayo & Asociados

The team at Muñoz Tamayo & Asociados provides an ‘excellent service’ across pubic law matters in highly regulated sectors such as telecommunications, health, foreign investment, and environment and energy. Managing partner Diego Muñoz Tamayo, a leading expert on public sector privatisations, is regularly sought out by government agencies for consultation on various issues related to infrastructure and projects in Colombia. The firm’s growth in this area has seen it involved in a number of significant projects such as the country’s first renewable energy auction, the Fourth Generation (4G) Road Concessions Programme and the high-profile Bogotá Metro mass transportation initiative. A former advisor on climate change at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, associate director of the environmental practice Silvia Méndez is an additional key contact.

Practice head(s):

Diego Muñoz-Tamayo


The team is interdisciplinary and very good. They provide excellent service and are available at all times. The specialty and quality of their writings stand out compared to other firms.

I’d highlight their specialisation in topics.

Silvia Méndez: she is the leader of the environmental area and is a key contact. She is very capable of proposing solutions in the environmental, urban and hygienic-sanitary areas.’

Key clients

Corporación de los Trabajadores de la Empresa Colombiana de Petróleos Ecopetrol (Cavipetrol)

GeoPark Colombia

Organización Terpel

Altos de Teusacá

Sociedad de Expansión Agropecuaria (Soceagro)

Colombian Academy of Jurisprudence (Academia Colombiana de Jurisprudencia)

Asociación Nacional de Empresas Generadoras (ANDEG)



Work highlights

  • Undertook a public citizen intervention before the Constitutional Court -on behalf of the Colombian Academy of Jurisprudence (Aacademia Colombiana de Jurisprudencia)-within the procedure of automatic control of constitutionality carried out by said court over the Legislative Decree No. 683 of 2020.
  • Advised Colombia’s largest Employee Fund, Cavipetrol, on the administrative process to clarify ownership in the “Arroyo Grande” case, a property  located in the country’s Caribbean region.
  • Assisted Mr Juan Manuel López Caballero with the preparation and presentation of the counter-observations in a complaint against the Colombian State for violation of human rights protected by the American Convention on Human Rights.

Palacio, Jouve & García

Boutique firm Palacio, Jouve & García is highly recommended by clients for its ‘knowledge and experience’ when consulting on public law matters. With a focus on administrative law and government contracting, the firm has amassed a core client-base consisting of private companies, both domestic and foreign, as well as various public-sector entities and contractors. Led by highly regarded founding partners María Teresa Palacio and Antonio Jouve García, and practice head Oscar Hernández Morales, the seven-strong team has been involved in some of the most important public law matters in the country (notably, involvement as part of the legal structuring group of the largest road project in the country, “Ruta del Sol”) and is particularly recommended for its service standards and timely attention. Since publication, the practice group has been notably strengthened with the January-2022 hire of contentious administrative, constitutional and public law specialist, María Lucía Posada, formerly a partner at Posse Herrera Ruiz.

Practice head(s):

Oscar Alfredo Hernández Morales


The lawyers of this firm keep learning and research as part of their advice, their recommendations and assistance, therefore, are current and relevant with the regulatory development of what is being presented in the legal context.

Its practice is very positive, compared to other firms.

We work mainly with Oscar Hernández, Antonio Jouve and Nicolás Turriago, always available, with masterful knowledge in each topic consulted and with academic discipline and research for the best resolution to the problem raised, their treatment is very good and close to the client. They are always very well qualified in the workshops and the firm now advises us permanently on different topics The most important thing, in addition to their timely attention to concepts and recommendations, are the workshops and trainings they undertake for a select public on strategic hiring issues; public servants trust their advice and there really are no other firms that do this, at least not for the ministry.

Their reserve and confidentiality in the handling of information and their knowledge of the subjects.

The humane manner and knowledge of Dr Maria Teresa Palacio.’

The PJG team has professionals with extensive experience in the infrastructure sector, it is a firm that fully knows the company, including its weaknesses and strengths.

The team is constantly updated, since many of them are professors, which gives us certainty regarding the application of the laws and decisions of the highest courts in the country.

The PJG team has professionals with experience and knowledge in the infrastructure sector that allows support and confidence in making decisions by our company.

Very professional in their legal advice and with full knowledge of the legal norms and jurisprudence of public law in Colombia.’

Advanced knowledge of law and, above all, great human beings. Very sensitive to customer needs.

Very advanced in the use of technology. Always ready to attend to our consultation requests in the shortest possible time.’

Posse Herrera Ruiz

With particular strength in advising clients on the tendering process for public sector projects, Posse Herrera Ruiz is noted for its extensive legal knowledge and boasts an impressive client base that includes well known global companies such as Huawei and Diageo. José Alejandro Torres leads the practice, combining multidisciplinary experience with a specialism on energy and real estate matters, alongside Alejandro Turbay who focuses on urban planning and the development of real estate projects. The team was strengthened, recently, with the October-2020 arrival of Cristina Vásquez (from an in-house role at Construcciones El Cóndor), as associate director of the infrastructure practice; she has a deep knowledge advising on road, airport and railroad projects, as well as EPC contract negotiation. Disputes partners Daniel Posse and Carolina Posada also play a key role in the practice. Since publication, Vásquez has been raised to the partnership – effective January 2022.

Practice head(s):

José Alejandro Torres; Alejandro Turbay


What makes the practice of the Posse Herrera Ruiz teams unique is the direct participation of the firm’s partners in dealing with the matters entrusted to them which offers the reassurance that the defence of the client’s interests is backed by the experience and knowledge of the partners.

Isabel Cristina Vásquez stands out for her great practical and legal experience. For clients it is very important that the lawyer not only knows the rules but that this knowledge is backed up with practical knowledge of the sector. I have also had the opportunity to have the support of lawyers Daniel Posse, Carolina Posada and Daniela Corchuelo, who also have extensive legal knowledge and, moreover, sufficient experience so that such knowledge is useful and effective in defending the client’s interests.

In my experience with PHR I have been able to make use of very good tools for video conferencing and for shared file hosting, which offer greater confidence and security. It differs from other offices in which the use of standard tools for such purposes is common.

‘It is a team of professionals that is available and offers personalised attention. It is a human and professional team receptive to clients, and always looking for solutions.’

Key clients




Alianza Fiduciaria

Carlos Enrique Garibello

Construcciones El Condor

Vias de las Americas


Frontera Energy

Carbones del Cerrejon

Flores de los Andes

Zona Franca de Barranquilla


Graña y Montero

Grupo Costanera

AC Capitales


Work highlights

  • Advised Minesa (part of the UAE investment fund Mubadala Group), on the drafting and preparation of an interlocutory appeal against a decision by the National Environmental Agency (ANLA), in which it decided to halt the analysis for the granting of an environmental license for a gold extraction project in a zone that delimits a mining exclusion zone.
  • Advised Diageo in a case against the Department of Cundinamarca as it sought to enforce a monopolistic situation for the local government’s liquor manufacturer, without paying the corresponding damages to the companies that had already made efforts to introduce products into the market.
  • Represented Alianza Fiduciaria in a case initiated by Colombia’s Comptroller’s office against 60 entities (including our client and BBVA Asset Management as part of the Consorrcio FFIE Alianza BBVA), as a consequence of a fiduciary contract signed with the Ministry of Education to manage the resources for the construction of educational infrastructure in the country.

ZULETA Abogados Asociados S.A.S

Dispute resolution and international law are the two pillars of boutique firm Zuleta Abogados Asociados S.A.S whose six-strong public law practice is experienced in project finance, and public procurement and contract law. Recommended partner Miguel Castro co-heads the practice, to which he brings particular expertise in assisting clients with complex PPP and public works projects. Fellow practice co-head Rafael Rincón Ordóñez handles international disputes related to construction, oil, gas and infrastructure matters involving State agencies. The pair, with support provided by noted associate Juan Camilo Artunduaga, have recently provided legal advice to an impressive roster of international and national companies which have invested, or are seeking to invest, in large infrastructure projects in the country.

Practice head(s):

Miguel Castro; Rafael Rincón

Other key lawyers:

Juan Camilo Artunduaga


They are an expert team with extensive experience in litigation, arbitration and public law matters.

Its greatest characteristic is its specialisation.

Associate Juan Ignacio Guerra: he is characterised by being a lawyer attentive to one’s requirements and needs as a client.’

‘Excellent disposition and timely responses.

I recommend Miguel Castro and his ability to make timely recommendations according to the needs and situation.

Juan Camilo Artunduaga stands out for his excellent disposition to work with the client and the timely responses provided.

Good adaptation to Covid-19 and the virtual work format.’

Key clients

Pavimentos Colombia


Currie & Brown

Torrescámara y Cia de Obras

Aleatica (through project company Autopista Río Magdalena)

Valtalia Investments

Obras y Servicios (COPASA)

Conconcreto / Pactia / Grupo Heroica

CAS Mobiliaria / Conconcreto

KMPG Colombia

Work highlights

  • Advised Pavimentos Colombia and Mario Huertas on the legal structuring of a PPP consisting of the design, construction, operation and management of the Autopista ALO Sur toll-road project, Bogotá.
  • Advised Odinsa and Pavimentos Colombia on the legal structuring of a PPP consisting in the design, construction, operation and management of works on El Dorado Airport’s runways.
  • Advised Obras y Servicios (COPASA) on multiple matters – such as public biddings, prequalification processes for PPP projects and performing complex PPP contracts – as well as in relation to a project involving the largest PPP public hospital under construction in Colombia.

Ariza & Marin

The ‘very competent’ team at Ariza & Marin has experience acting in numerous high-complex cases related to government contracting, expropriation, state liability, class actions, and disciplinary and fiscal actions for clients predominantly in the infrastructure and real estate sectors. Practice head Carolina Ariza advises on the execution of various infrastructure contracts such as road concessions and public works, as well as consulting, design and auditing contracts. Most notably, she has been involved in complex litigation within the concession contract under the Public-Private Partnership scheme of the Antioquia-Bolivar road.

Practice head(s):

Carolina Ariza


The personalised and careful attention given to clients and the investigative capacity of the staff to find possible solutions to the legal problems that clients present to them.

It is a firm that remains at the forefront of technology, they have managed to adapt exceptionally to the challenges that the Covid-19 pandemic has brought to judicial practice.

They are people with excellent training and very judicious in investigating cases to offer excellent alternatives to clients.

They have an ideal and very professional team. They offer solutions according to the needs using all the resources available for it. Kind and empathetic.’

The Ariza & Marin team is a highly qualified team. In my case, I required their services for the negotiation of a property that had numerous processes that prevented the negotiation of it. Ariza & Marin Abogados handled the matter with great skill, intervening on our behalf against the counterpart, achieving a highly satisfactory agreement in our favour. It is worth highlighting the highly personalised relationship with the client, which allows establishing a necessary nexus of trust in these matters. Ariza & Marin is far superior in its performance compared to other firms.’

Ariza & Marin is a modern law firm in terms of its infrastructure and, in addition, made up of highly efficient and human-quality lawyers (Dr Carolina Ariza Zapata). It has other highly efficient and very young professionals, a matter that contributes to adding dynamism and an air of renewal in traditional law practices It is gratifying to see new talents in the practice of law being given the opportunity to take action by hiring outstanding young people in the field.’

The complete availability with the client to clarify their concerns, their permanent support, their human qualities, their efficiency and their transparency when making clear the prospects of success or not success in relation to the entrusted case, are exceptional qualities that make Ariza & Marin Abogados, a firm far superior to its competitors.’

People have a homogeneous culture in terms of their concern to understand and work hand in hand with the client. They are always open to receive comments on the subject under analysis. The content of the final documents or deliverables are characterised by being clear, using an appropriate combination of legal and non-legal language to convey ideas. With respect to the other firms, they have a more open and up-to-date mentality about the positions and concepts of the authorities in the matter. They are quite practical and do not limit themselves to listing the set of applicable standards without any appreciation.’

They stand out for their excellent attitude and willingness to attend to any request. The relationship, interaction and communication are very close and human: Carolina Ariza, Camilo Marin, Juanita Arbelaez.’

They have a very solid and legally strong team. Very competent. They capture customer needs very well and deliver very successful concepts. The lawyers are very courteous with great professionalism.

Key clients

Concesión Ruta al Mar (Corumar)

Inmobiliaria Mercantil (en liquidación)

Walter Bridge Company

Valores Simesa

Idom Consulting, Engineering, Architecture



Mejía Acevedo

Comercializadora S&E

Caja de Compensación Familiar de Antioquia (Comfama)

Work highlights

  • Successfully represented the owners of the largest natural pyramid in the world, known as Cerro Tusa, in the process of its sale to the Colombian State.
  • Successfully represented mining trading company Carboantioquia in a judicial expropriation proceeding in which it obtained compensation for damages of $2m from the Colombian State.
  • Defended the contractor of the Bello WWTP (Aguas Claras), HHA Consortium (Acciona y Hyundai), against the imposition of a fine of $3.9m.

Baker McKenzie S.A.S.

Recommended for its fully integrated offering across all public law matters, Baker McKenzie S.A.S. is highly specialised in public bidding and government contracting and constitutional and administrative law. Alejandro Mesa, who also leads the firm’s energy law practice, co-heads the department with associate practice director María Montejo, who is experienced in commercial contracts, public procurement and infrastructure projects. Further associate support comes from Paula Melendro, with the three-strong team recently advising on significant transportation and infrastructure projects.

Practice head(s):

Alejandro Mesa; Maria Montejo

Key clients

Sistemas Operativos Móviles (“Somos K”)



Bonus Banca de Inversion


Work highlights

  • Advising investment bank Bonus, which specialises in infrastructure projects, on the structuring of two public initiative PPP projects for the construction, refurbishment, operation and maintenance of roads in the Colombian department of Valle del Cauca and its surrounding area (approximately 750 kilometres).
  • Represented Sistemas Operativos Móviles (“Somos K”) in the successful bidding process for the financing, procurement and delivery of 377 electric buses to Trasmilenio.
  • Advised a subsidiary of the Financiera de Desarrollo Nacional, on the definition of the regulations applicable to the company, taking into account its nature as a second-degree mixed economy company.

Cuberos Cortés Gutiérrez Abogados

Transitioning from a boutique to a full-service law firm, Cuberos Cortés Gutiérrez Abogados has focused on strengthening its public law offering with an emphasis on the transportation sector. Led by partner Edwin Cortés Mejía, the team represents major public transportation providers and operators of Bogota’s BRT system in government procurement procedures for the execution of concession contracts, the negotiation of concession agreements, and the renegotiation of existing contracts.

Practice head(s):

Edwin Cortés Mejía


We perceive a committed and competent work team to address our concerns.

Unlike other firms, CCG has a high understanding of our environment and the ability to suggest good practices for our businesses.

‘Alba Malagon: provides excellent personal attention that generates a warm and professional atmosphere.

Efficient and agile teamwork that allows us to be attended to quickly and with very high standards of professionalism.’

The legal team is highly professional not only in academic training but also in experience in the exercise of litigation and advisory activities, they have a methodology that allows them to fully identify the client’s needs and precisely structure the legal problems to be solved.’

‘Compared to other legal teams, their attention, study and punctual follow-up of cases make the difference.

I’d also highlight their specialised management of issues, since they have legal teams that specialise in addressing individual matters without losing sight of the overall legal perspective; before taking on a matter they carry out an in-depth study and present it in a matrix of impacts in various aspects accompanied by various legal specialties (and other disciplines), which allows the client to receive satisfaction from comprehensive advice.

‘In public law, Dr Edwin Cortés Mejía plays the most prominent role in our cases.

They demonstrate advanced knowledge in the exercise of law, and introduce legal figures or institutions that allow them to resolve cases before the courts or administrative authorities from the current state of law, innovating – in many aspects – their exercise of the profession and advisory practice.

Key clients

Organización Suma (in reorganisation)

Vivitar Construcciones S

Gmóvil S

TN Colombia

Grupo Posso

Pacific Geotech Systems

Sistema Integrado de Operación de Transporte SI18

Sistema Integrado de Provisión de Flota SI2018

Fundación Salud Medicina Gestionada e Integrativa

Fideicomiso Santa Sofia

Químicos Industriales Asociados

Work highlights

  • Represented Organización Suma in a multilateral negotiation for the renovation of its bus fleet under the company’s concession agreement with Transmilenio.
  • Represented Vivitar Construcciones in 30 public contracts for the construction of more than 5,000 rural social housing units in Colombia, as well as in economic claims against the public agency.
  • Advising Pacific Geotech Systems on negotiation regarding the adoption of  mining software ANNA by the National Mining Agency of Colombia, for the purpose of improving the centralisation of data and information about the mining industry in Colombia.

Lloreda Camacho & Co.

With a strong background in government procurement and infrastructure, Lloreda Camacho & Co.’s ‘extensive knowledge’ has resulted in its recent involvement in some of the key infrastructure projects in Colombia, including the Bogota Metro and the Regiotramt light-rail line. Demonstrating a ‘proactive’ approach, Andrés Hidalgo leads the public procurement and infrastructure practice in conjunction with associate director Carlos Carvajal, who offers additional support with infrastructure projects as well as the execution of government contracts and real estate matters.

Practice head(s):

Andrés Hidalgo; Carlos Carvajal


We have been attended in the vast majority of cases by one of the partners, who works in coordination with the other lawyers considered necessary to meet our legal needs.

I highlight the direct attention of the partner, who organizes his staff. Once the case is understood, they can apply their knowledge and experience in the interests of the client.

They have been very proactive and have implemented their experience in similar cases, highlighting the possibility of identifying and / or eliminating risks.’

The partners are personally and directly involved in support and advice, demonstrating extensive knowledge in the practice of public law; notably,  Andrés Hidalgo and Carlos Carvajal.

The support provided during the Covid-19 pandemic has demonstrated the firm’s ability to provide virtual support without losing quality and effectiveness.

Key clients

Alstom Mexicana

Enel Group

Alexion Pharma Colombia

Comcel (America Movil)

European Dredging Company (EDC – sucursal Colombia)

Gaming Laboratries International

Oracle Corporation

Thales Colombia

Kma Construcciones

Ortiz Construcciones y Proyectos

Work highlights

  • Advised Ortiz Construcciones y Proyectos in a bid for the construction and maintenance of electrical centrals of the department of Atlántico
  • Advised Alstom Transport on a joint venture in relation to the Metro de Bogotá concession.
  • Advised Oki Data on the tendering process opened by the Colombian agency for public procurement (Colombia Compra Eficiente) for renting printing devices.  

Pinilla González & Prieto Abogados

With experience before judicial and administrative authorities, Pinilla González & Prieto Abogados is recommended for its public law litigation expertise across the real estate and urban sectors. Partner David Garzón leads the team and has extensive knowledge of  litigation, and administrative and constitutional law. The six-strong group represents investors and some of the biggest construction companies in Colombia in relation to the development of significant commercial, hospitalitiy, residential and urbanisation projects in Colombia.

Practice head(s):

David Garzón Gómez


Their high level of knowledge and expertise in the public field, focused on the real estate and urban sector. They are at the forefront of regulations and encourage, through strategic allies, the regulatory changes that are necessary to ensure legal stability in the sector.

Their positioning in the sector as a leading brand; similarly, their ability to be updated on the latest regulatory, jurisprudential, doctrinal changes every day, and the almost immediate analysis of them, to determine their applicability in clients’ cases. I recommend David Garzón.

PGP has a diversified team with professionals specialised not only in relation to legal issues but also technical ones, and can count on a team that assists them from the technical perspective so as to give an answer or integral concept that unites relevant  legal issues with an expanded vision in relation to the different aspects involved in real estate development (environmental, architectural, land, etc).

PGP ranks highly compared to other law firms / offices.

As the firm handles different branches of law, its response to complex processes is very agile (there is no need for additional external consultants).

They are highly recognised in the sector in which we have hired them (Real Estate). Felipe Pinilla, Juan Manuel González, Cesar González and David Garzon all stand out.

The “alert” system to manage the processes is very satisfactory.

Communication is fluid and fast.

The billing system is in accordance with the service proposals and very orderly.’

Key clients

Arias Serna & Saravia


Inversiones Alcabama

Hitos Urbanos

Proyectos Urbanísticos Gutiérrez



Canales Desarrolladores


Fundación Saldarriaga Concha

Grupo Contempo

Inversiones Reserva La Sabana

Constructora Bolívar

Work highlights

  • Acting on behalf of both Arias Serna and SaraviaTorortiz in relation to the lifting of an injunction that barred any construction permit in the rural land of the Municipality of La Calera.
  • Represented Hitos Urbanos in a case where a local Court denied an injunction that would have prevented the developers fulfilling the requirements established for the completion of the construction of a housing project in the island of San Andrés.
  • Advised Amarilo on obtaining the annulment of the administrative decision that liquidated and ordered payment of a property tax in Bogotá; this ruling explicitly sets a binding precedent regarding these kinds of cases in Colombia.

Pombo Caballero Abogados S.A.S.

With a sole focus on public law matters including public procurement and infrastructure, Pombo Caballero Abogados S.A.S. has a strong background in advising both public entities and private companies under the leadership of founding partner Rodrigo Pombo. Head of the consulting team, María Paula Caballero, stands out in leading the team in the execution of various concession projects, alongside Juliana Fajury Patarroyo who is experienced in advising clients in relation to administrative law matters. Following the departure of Johana Zapata, state-contracting specialist Diego Felipe Guzmán Fajardo was promoted to associate director of litigation in February 2021.

Practice head(s):

Maria Paula Caballero Duque; Diego Felipe Guzmán Fajardo; Juliana Fajury Patarroyo


Efficient in their advice and services.

Very good indeed: Rodrigo Pombo Cajiao.

Key clients

Instituto Colombiano de Bienestar Familiar

Agencia Nacional de Defensa Jurídica del Estado

Ministerio de Justicia y del Derecho

Jan de Nul


Restrepo y Uribe


AFA Consultores y Constructores

Ingeniería y Consultoría -INGECON-

Consorcio PTAP Tibitoc 20

Consorcio Metroandina

Ingeniería de Proyectos

Carvajal Tecnología y Servicios

Brinks de Colombia

Parex Resources Colombia

AP Plus Colombia

Arquitectura y Concreto

Waterleau Group

Work highlights

  • Advising the Ministerio de Justicia y del Derecho on the analysis, adjustment, formulation, follow-up and processing of initiatives related to the justice sector.
  • Representing AFA Consultores y Constructores with regards to a supervision contract awarding it responsibility for the technical, economic, financial, accounting and legal supervision of the concession contract for the construction of the “Cúcuta – Pamplona” Road.
  • Representing Jan de Nul in the execution of a public works contract, in relation to executing maintenance and improvement dredging of the access channel to the Buenaventura port.

Valbuena Abogados

Led by founding partner and former Superintendent of Industry and Commerce, Gustavo Valbuena, competition boutique Valbuena Abogados is well-versed in handling nullity lawsuits and the restoration of rights against administrative decisions issued by both public and private entities. With an impressive roster of clients including GlaxoSmithKline, Conconcreto, Tecnoquimicas, the Colombian Football Federation and Comcel, the five-strong practice group is experienced in advising on specialised contentious work across a a broad array of industries.

Practice head(s):

Gustavo Valbuena

Key clients


Constructora Conconcreto

Federación Colombiana de Futbol




Frontera Energy Colombia

Glaxosmithkline Consumer Healthcare Colombia





Uniphos Colombia Plant

Caja de Compensación Familiar (COMFENALCO) Antioquia



Sociedad Portuaria Regional de Buenaventura

Work highlights

  • Represented Comcel in a $27m public bidding contract related to the Última Milla Móvil (Last Mobile Mile) project to provide internet connectivity and mobile voice service to 165,000 students and  women of strata 1 and 2 involved in enterprise who have been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.
  • Represented Caja de Compensación Familiar Antioquia in a nullity suit issued by the The Ministry of Health and Social Protection against administrative decisions.