Leading Silks

Simon Croall QC – Quadrant ChambersHe is able to grasp the core elements of the case in a very short time and his advice is always very reliable.
Timothy Hill QC – Twenty Essex‘He is very commercial and quick on the technical issues.’
David Lewis QCTwenty EssexHe is unperturbable on his feet and a go-to barrister for all shipping and commodities disputes.
Luke Parsons QCQuadrant ChambersAn excellent advocate and one of the leaders in the shipping space.’ 
Lionel Persey QCQuadrant ChambersA solid advocate in this field.
Simon Rainey QCQuadrant ChambersAn expert in maritime and shipping issues, especially those concerning transportation and rig engineering.
Robert Thomas QCQuadrant ChambersTechnically excellent with good advocacy skills, which combine an easy style with a quiet confidence, and an ability to cut through irrelevancies to get to the nub of a matter.
Nicholas Vineall QC4 Pump CourtFantastic on technical issues, very calm and great on his feet.’
Michael Ashcroft QCTwenty EssexHe is incredibly meticulous with an excellently structured approach to his work and advocacy.
Nigel Cooper QCQuadrant ChambersHe is always well organised, prepared and can deal with the most challenging tribunals.
Michael Davey QCQuadrant ChambersHe has a very sharp mind, is extremely thorough and is always utterly well prepared.’
Nigel Jacobs QCQuadrant ChambersHis strength is his incredibly detailed and thorough forensic preparation of cases.
Chirag Karia QCQuadrant ChambersHis advice is clear, to the point and his availability is commendable.
Yash Kulkarni QCQuadrant ChambersExcellent at getting to grips with detail.’
Duncan Matthews QCTwenty EssexA superb tactician and excellent in advocacy.
Jern-Fei Ng QC7BR‘Always helpful, user friendly and able to grasp the details quickly.’
Sean O’Sullivan QC4 Pump CourtHe is incredibly smart and has an excellent eye for detail.’
Vasanti Selvaratnam QC – 36 StoneNoted for her impressive written work, strategy and analysis.
Christopher Smith QCQuadrant ChambersHis drafting is first-class; both concise and eloquent.
James Turner QCQuadrant ChambersHis strengths are excellent advocacy skills, technical abilities and cultural sensitivity.
Sara Masters QC – Twenty EssexA first-class advocate who can see the wood for the trees.
Timothy Young QCTwenty EssexCreative, resilient and willing to fight difficult cases.

2020 Silks

Stewart Buckingham QCQuadrant ChambersHe is thorough, commercial and pragmatic.

Leading Juniors

Simon MilnesTwenty EssexA great strategist, a genius in getting the best out of his clients and instructing solicitors in building a case.
Nevil PhillipsQuadrant ChambersHe has a high level of expertise in his area, and is very responsive and has excellent litigation skills and commercial judgement.
Alexander Wright4 Pump CourtHis key strengths are a stellar combination of hard work and intelligence.
Colin Wright36 StoneA strong advocate who has excellent knowledge in this area of the law.
Ravi Aswani 36 StoneHis written work is detailed, accurate and commercially sound.
Tom BirdQuadrant ChambersAn excellent junior, highly intelligent and produces helpful advice on difficult legal issues.
Oliver CaplinTwenty EssexHe has a very calm manner and pleasant disposition, but never misses a trick.
Paul HentonQuadrant ChambersExcellent on his feet and highly strategic.’
Christopher JayQuadrant ChambersHe is fiercely bright, hugely diligent and hard-working.
Susannah JonesTwenty EssexShe has a phenomenal eye for detail and a tremendous work rate.
Andrew LeungQuadrant Chambers‘He has a a first-rate legal mind and a remarkable talent for digesting case materials at speed and providing focused, strategic analysis.’
Gemma MorganQuadrant ChambersAn excellent advocate who instils a strong sense that the case is in the right hands and who fiercely presents and defends a client's position.
Saira ParukQuadrant ChambersShe is very bright and is able to get up to speed quickly on a complex application for permission to appeal.’ 
Andrew Stevens4 Pump CourtHe has a profound understanding of laws in shipping and international trade.
Mary Thomson - 36 StoneBased full-time in Hong Kong and is also well-connected in Singapore.
Paul TomsQuadrant ChambersVery diligent, bright and thorough.

Shipping and commodities in Asia Pacific: The English Bar

36 Stone

36 Stone has a ‘long and distinguished history’ in the Asia Pacific region when it comes to shipping and international trade matters. Its members have extensive experience in the full range of shipping disputes relating to contractual documents, as well as regulatory mandates such as collision and environmental issues. Vasanti Selvaratnam QC embraces all aspects of maritime law, including both wet and dry shipping law matters, while Colin Wright maintains a strong reputation in Hong Kong (where he is also a member of Gilt Chambers), appearing in carriage of goods and international trade arbitrations and litigation.



‘Very experienced set with a long and distinguished history, particularly in admiralty and marine insurance law.’

4 Pump Court

4 Pump Court has a ‘strong shipping and commodities presence’ in the Asia Pacific region, and many of its members have considerable experience in representing international firms, trading houses and P&I clubs, notably in Hong Kong and Singapore. Combining its marine and construction expertise, the set represents shipyards and buyers on financing issues in building cases. Nicholas Vineall QC is the driving force of the shipping team and is noted for his expertise in acting for clients in China on shipyard matters, while Sean O’Sullivan QC is recommended for shipbuilding disputes, as well as ship sales issues. Alexander Wright  continues to establish himself in the Chinese shipbuilding community.



‘The experience of working with this chambers is wonderful and I always recommend them to our client. They understand the client very well and they recommend the suitable counsel depending on the case.’

‘4 Pump Court has a strong shipping and commodities presence.’


‘Carl Wall is the main person for shipping and commodities, with many years of experience of working with the primary London and overseas shipping firms and increasingly with the P&I clubs with offices around the world.’

Quadrant Chambers

Praised as ‘market leaders with a reputation for excellence’, Quadrant Chambers provides leading expertise on the full range of shipping and commodities mandates, from dry and wet shipping matters, marine insurance to fraud, finance and other commercial disputes. The set houses ‘strong teams of counsel at different levels of seniority, who are competent in maritime and international commodities disputes’ and are frequently called on to appear in the market’s most high-profile cases and arbitration hearings. The Evergreen Marine v Nautical Challenge matter is worthy of noting, as Simon Rainey QC and Nigel Jacobs QC acted for Taiwanese Evergreen Marine in an unusual collision action heard before the United Kingdom Supreme Court, the first case of its type to be heard by the court since its transformation from the Appellate Committee of The House of Lords. Chirag Karia QC is engaged in arbitral and litigation matters arising from the Hin Leong and Ocean Tankers fraud in Singapore, working with lawyers in Beijing, Hong Kong and Singapore.



‘As always, a very reliable chambers with strong teams of counsel at different levels of seniority, who are competent in maritime and international commodities disputes.’

‘Quadrant are the leading maritime set with experts in every sub-category of maritime law, so you are always assured to get excellent availability.’

‘One of the “go to” shipping and (increasingly) commodities sets.’

‘It is an outstanding chambers that offers first-class expertise in shipping and commodities. The chambers exhibits extensive experience in claims stemming from shipbuilding, charter parties and bills of lading.’

‘Quadrant Chambers are market leaders with a reputation for excellence in their areas of commercial disputes, commodities and shipping.’


‘Simon Slattery is extremely friendly and helpful when it comes to choosing barristers.’

‘Gary Ventura is fast achieving legendary status, the standard by which all clerks are judged.’

‘The clerks are very approachable, and efficient. Simon Slattery is very user-friendly and always eager to help.’

Twenty Essex

Offering great strength in depth’ in the shipping and commodities space, members of Twenty Essex, both silks and juniors, have the ‘sharpest legal minds’. Based in London and Singapore, the set has a strong reputation in handling ship and rig building construction disputes in both international arbitrations and the London courts. David Lewis QC is acting for the tenth defendant in an alleged commodities fraud, ED&F Man Capital Markets Ltd v Come Harvest Holdings Limited and others, in relation to forged warehouse receipts for consignments of nickel in Malaysia, Hong Kong and Singapore. Elsewhere, Michael Ashcroft QC is leading Oliver Caplin on the matter of Trafigura Maritime Logistics Pte Ltd v Clearlake Shipping Pte Ltd, an interim application to obtain an injunction to compel performance of a maritime letter of indemnity, which questions the interpretation of the standard for International Group letter of indemnity.



‘Twenty Essex is a preferred set for shipping and commodities work, offering great strength in depth.

‘Excellent set with strength in depth, availability of counsel and general counsel who are easy to work with.’


‘The clerks have always been helpful and very responsive.’

‘Most efficiently run.’