Leading Silks

Philip Boulding KC – Keating Chambers 'A doyen in his field. He is a gifted and devoted advocate with the highest critical thinking skills and a very strong work ethic. He is a joy to work with.'
Sean Brannigan KC – 4 Pump Court 'A very persuasive, silver-tongued silk.'
Stuart Catchpole KCAtkin Chambers 'A relentless cross-examiner and a very persuasive advocate.'
Anneliese Day KC – Fountain Court Chambers 'Anneliese is a keen litigator with a very good sense of whether the tribunal's sentiments lie. She is a very articulate speaker and incisive thinker with vast experience in infrastructure disputes.'
Chantal-Aimée Doerries KC – Atkin Chambers 'She is very persuasive when addressing the difficult and challenging issues in a case. She holds the tribunal's attention with her clarity of thought.'
Andrew Goddard KC – Atkin Chambers 'A proactive silk, Andrew's submissions are succinct and effective, and he presents complicated issues in a straightforward manner.'
Alexander Gunning KC – One Essex Court 'A very engaging advocate who plainly commands the respect of the tribunal. He has an excellent intuitive understanding of what is important to the tribunal.'
Adrian Hughes KC – 39 Essex Chambers 'Adrian is a very solid advocate and a strategic thinker.'
John Marrin KC – Keating Chambers 'A highly analytical silk.'
Colin Ong KC – The 36 Group 'He is intellectually brilliant, a first-tier advocate and incredibly fast thinker on his feet. His complete mastery of construction law, coupled with his near eidetic memory and incredible strategic plans, puts him well ahead.'
David Thomas KC – Keating Chambers 'David is prepared to roll his sleeves up and get stuck in as part of a team. He is thoughtful and clear in his approach and advice.'
Andrew White KC – Atkin Chambers 'He has an excellent mind, and his advocacy is sharp and eloquent.'
Michael Ashcroft KCTwenty Essex 'His legal analysis is very succinct and practical.'
Serena Cheng KC – Atkin Chambers 'Serena is an effective and impressive cross-examiner.'
Nicholas Dennys KC – Atkin Chambers 'He is highly experienced in handling all kinds of construction disputes.'
James Howells KC – Atkin Chambers 'James is extremely user-friendly and his advice is practical and clear.'
Simon Hughes KC – Keating Chambers 'He is articulate, very energetic and solution-driven.'
Charles Manzoni KC – 39 Essex Chambers 'An extremely bright silk, who analyses and gets to the point quickly. Clients like him.'
Duncan Matthews KC – Twenty Essex 'He is meticulous down to the very minute details of a case.'
David Streatfeild-James KC – Atkin Chambers 'A serene silk who always gets to the root of the key points.'
Marcus Taverner KC – Keating Chambers 'A superb advocate who is always on top of the brief.'
David Brynmor Thomas KC39 Essex Chambers 'He has the ear and respect of his clients.'
Mark Chennells KC - Atkin Chambers 'He is meticulous, diligent and very intelligent.'
Paul Darling KC – 39 Essex Chambers 'An excellent strategic thinker.'
Simon Lofthouse KC – Atkin Chambers 'Simon is sharp and precise on his feet with his excellent advocacy and analytical skills.'
Manus McMullan KC – Atkin Chambers ‘His personable manner and elegant cross-examination style are well-received by the tribunal.’
Jern-Fei Ng KC – 7BRA terrific advocate who is highly astute.’
Michael Nolan KC – Quadrant ChambersHe is highly personable, diligent and thorough.’

Leading Juniors

Samar Abbas Kazmi – Atkin Chambers 'Samar is quick on his feet, pragmatic, and creative. A superb advocate.'
Jonathan Bellamy 39 Essex Chambers 'He really gets into the details of a dispute.'
Peter Brogden – Keating Chambers 'Peter is diligent, motivated and a pleasure to work with. His advocacy style is measured, methodical and persuasive.'
Mathias Cheung – Atkin Chambers 'He is always prepared to go the extra mile for his clients. He never shies away from a fight but is sensible in his assessment of a case.'
Richard Coplin – Keating Chambers 'An industrious and highly intelligent junior.'
Jane Davies Evans – 3 Verulam BuildingsJane is very experienced and gets to the core issues of a case.’  
David Hopkins – 39 Essex Chambers 'A junior with a great client manner.'
Steven Lim39 Essex Chambers 'A consummate lawyer who is always on top of his brief.'
Andrew Pullen – Fountain Court Chambers 'He is a very eloquent junior.'
Robert Scrivener – 4 Pump Court 'Robert has an incredible ability to get to grips with the detail of a complex construction case. He is brilliant at matters of strategy, and is always thinking two or three steps ahead.'
Andrew Stevens – 4 Pump Court 'A highly capable junior.'  

Construction, energy and infrastructure in Asia Pacific: The English Bar

39 Essex Chambers

39 Essex Chambers is ‘one of the leading sets in the construction and arbitration areas‘. Members remain active in complex, high-value mandates within this space across the Asia Pacific region; in one example, David Brynmor Thomas KC appeared for the claimant in a dispute concerning the supply of drilling services and materials in India, arising from allegations of force majeure during the COVID-19 pandemic. Adrian Hughes KC is very well known for advising clients from the Chinese-speaking world on high-value international arbitration matters. Steven Lim ‘displays great judgement in deciding the best points to take‘ in arbitrations.


39 Essex Chambers is full of legal talents.’

The clerks are a pleasure to deal with.’

The clerks are very efficient and good to work with.’

4 Pump Court

4 Pump Court features a strong team within the construction, infrastructure and energy space, with cases crossing over with shipping matters in this area. Offshore construction matters have been prominent in the group’s recent workload, and the set reports an uptick in renewable energy mandates. Sean Brannigan KC‘s caseload includes handling high-value claims for Korean contractors, and Sean O’Sullivan KC is well known for advising on disputes arising from oil projects. Robert Scrivener has a solid track record in advising on international arbitrations concerning infrastructure and energy projects, and Andrew Stevens is highly regarded for handling disputes from major Asia Pacific arbitral centres.


Clerks are very efficient and responsive and always personable.’

The clerks are helpful, experienced and easy to deal with.’

4 Pump Court has good construction barristers.’

An excellent set.’

Atkin Chambers

A go-to set for any construction dispute‘, Atkin Chambers maintains a strong presence across multiple Asia Pacific jurisdictions, including Singapore, Vietnam, India, the Philippines and Greater China. Chantal-Aimée Doerries KC is noted for her excellent track record in handling disputes arising from LNG and oil field projects, and Andrew White KC garners praise as ‘one of the top barristers in the field of construction and engineering disputes‘. Arbitration expert Stuart Catchpole KC is highly regarded for his ‘very extensive specialist construction expertise‘. Samar Abbas Kazmi continues to act in complex international construction and energy arbitrations, and ‘rising starMathias Cheung is ‘extraordinarily detailed and can assess critical issues quickly‘.


David Barnes is a class of his own at the Bar.’

David Barnes has strong acumen on how to develop the practice, knows well the client’s needs and is always able to recommend a suitable barrister. He runs a tight and solid operation.’

David Barnes is the gold standard.’

Atkin Chambers has a good reputation as a leading construction/engineering set.’

Super construction law set.’

A great set.’

The clerks are a pleasure to deal with.’

The clerks are very responsive and understanding of solicitors’ needs.’

Keating Chambers

Keating Chambers has a reputation as ‘a top notch set for construction litigation and arbitration‘. The set is home to ‘an impressive bench of advocates with a wide range of valuable international experience, and deep technical knowledge in the construction industry across the energy and infrastructure sectors‘. The ‘ferocious cross-examinerPhilip Boulding KC continues to advise on complex construction and civil engineering disputes across multiple Asia Pacific countries, including Hong Kong, Singapore, the Philippines and Macau. Simon Hughes KC‘s ‘advocacy is charming but direct‘ and regularly handles arbitration matters under the SIAC and ICC. In January 2023 Robert Fenwick Elliott retired from practice.


The Keating clerks are attentive, capable and responsive. James Luxmoore and Will Shrubsall are great managers and good company.’

Keating Chambers is fantastic.’

An international leader and force in construction and energy matters.’

They have a wide range of outstanding advocates and in-depth knowledge of construction law.’

A renowned construction set.’

The clerks are very responsive and are a great asset in the smooth running of a case.’

Keating Chambers’ clerks are all very professional.’

Seamless service from the clerks.’

Quadrant Chambers

Quadrant Chambers has been kept busy handling mandates from the energy sector, and reports an uptick in litigation involving the construction of pipelines. Simon Rainey KC is singled out for his excellent track record in advising major oil and energy companies on the construction of drilling and exploration projects. Luke Parsons KC continues to act in arbitrations concerning the construction of exploration and floating storage platforms, pipelines and oil rigs, and arbitration expert Michael Nolan KC has strong links with Singapore.


Simon Slattery is highly recommended.’

The service of the clerks’ room is very professional and provides great support.’

The clerking team is always willing to help.’

Quadrant is a leading set with many top-class barristers.’

The barristers at Quadrant Chambers exhibit a high level of professionalism. They are synonymous with reliability.’

Twenty Essex

Twenty Essex is ‘one of the best chambers for handling complex disputes involving construction law‘. Its Asia practice is focused on Singapore, where the set has an office, with members active in cases involving LNG supply contracts, oil export contractual litigation, force majeure issues and sale and purchase agreements, to name a few. Michael Ashcroft KC has been kept busy handling a wide spectrum of construction contractual disputes, and Duncan Matthews KC has expertise in upstream and downstream disputes in the energy sector. Timothy Hill KC‘s workload includes advising on disputes arising from the construction of oil and gas facilities, among other matters.


Anthony Carroll is a king among clerks.’

Twenty Essex is a great set, with a huge range of talented barristers and a great level of service.’