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Jane Andrewartha at Clyde & Co LLP is β€˜highly efficient, skilled and very adept at handling difficult issues’. She has extensive knowledge of the insurance and reinsurance sectors, as well as the industries serviced by them, including financial services, marine, energy, construction, and aviation. Clients also praise her β€˜tireless efforts to produce the truly best outcomes through delicate handling of seemingly intractable issues’.

Eileen Carroll QC (Hon) at CEDR Solve is widely recognised as a pioneer of mediation techniques in the UK; with over 20 years’ experience as a practising mediator, she is one of the most senior and highly regarded mediators in the country, and β€˜her involvement during mediations is truly invaluable’. Carroll has mediated highly complex disputes involving banks, insurance companies, media entities, multinationals, sovereign states and private individuals, both in the UK and internationally.

Charles Dodson at Independent Mediators is β€˜a sound and pragmatic mediator; he handles tense mediations with professionalism and sensitivity, and is also approachable’. Dodson β€˜is not afraid to try different things and also understands the commercial and legal issues at play; this combination of talent and approach makes him very effective’. Dodson recently acted on professional indemnity, corporate takeovers, insurance and reinsurance cases, as well as tort and contract, and international asset tracing disputes.

Phillip Howell-Richardson at Independent Mediators has over 26 years of experience mediating the most complex cases in the UK and internationally. β€˜His reputation as a top mediator is well deserved and he is a valuable asset to any team; Phillip also has a brilliant legal mind and quickly grasps the core issues of disputes and key interests of parties’. He is also praised for β€˜his genuine interest in the parties and the case’.

For many, Mark Jackson-Stops at In Place of Strife is β€˜the doyen of mediators’; β€˜an exceptionally experienced mediator, with a deft and light touch that enables him to get to the essence of disputes quickly and efficiently’. He is also β€˜an innovative and elegant problem solver, who carries the parties with him in invariably achieving a settlement they are all comfortable with’.

Kate Jackson at Independent Mediators has developed a strong reputation in the banking and finance sector; she also acts in general commercial, professional negligence, property and employment cases, and is β€˜the ideal mediator for complex disputes, bridging unbridgeable gaps without clients feeling pressured’.

The β€˜very effective’ Michel Kallipetis QC at Independent Mediators β€˜has sound knowledge of the legal issues at play in disputes, and his willingness to listen and take on board issues and discuss them with parties is one of his real strengths’. He is also β€˜particularly suited to complex matters and very good at managing difficult people β€” a great skill for a mediator to possess’.

β€˜Among the best of the best’, Jon Lang at In Place of Strife is one of the UK’s busiest mediators, and continues to mediate heavily in IP/IT, construction/engineering, probate and shareholder disputes, as well as in general commercial matters. He β€˜brings to the commercial mediation table a very particular and highly effective combination of commercial astuteness, deftly placed humour, and unerring ability to read a room’.

For large and complex mediations, Mark Lomas QC at Independent Mediators is highly recommended by clients; Lomas mediates regularly in all commercial, common law and related fields, but has a standout reputation for professional negligence cases. He is β€˜very good at exploring innovative approaches to secure a settlement’.

Jonathan Lloyd-Jones at Independent Mediators is β€˜an excellent mediator’ who handles claims for restitution based on fraud, breaches of restrictive covenants by departing employees, and professional negligence claims; he is often involved in insolvency disputes and continues to develop expertise in construction and property matters. β€˜His style combines a rigorous intellectual approach to testing both sides’ cases with a facilitative, encouraging, charming manner that prevents parties from becoming disillusioned or giving up on negotiations’.

One of the best-known commercial mediators in the UK, Karl Mackie CBE at CEDR Solve mediates cases ranging from leading complex class actions and multi-party disputes to commercial and regulatory disputes with national and international implications.

β€˜Rightly regarded as being at the top of the tree’, Bill Marsh at Independent Mediators has been involved full-time in mediation since 1991. He is β€˜patient and willing to work really hard to discover the strengths and weaknesses in each argument presented by parties’. He is also β€˜appreciated for being able to persuade disputants to come up with constructive solutions’. In 2016, Marsh received the Archbishop of Canterbury’s inaugural Hubert Walter Award for outstanding services to reconciliation, which recognises his commitment to conflict resolution at both national and international levels.

Andrew Paton recently joined Independent Mediators from Pinsent Masons LLP. He is β€˜a first-class mediator, and undoubtedly one of the best around’. Clients praise Paton for β€˜his ability to stay on top of the documents at all times; his great eye for detail; and his understanding of issues from both a legal and commercial perspective’.

Nicholas Pryor at Independent Mediators has to date successfully mediated approximately 1,150 commercial disputes. He is β€˜very amiable and empathetic to parties, going above and beyond to build trust with opponents, which enables settlement on the day’. Clients also appreciate Pryor’s β€˜laconic but forceful style, which is very effective’.

For Beverly-Ann Rogers at Serle Court, Chancery disputes remain at the core of her practice; she also regularly mediates commercial, professional negligence, property and employment disputes. She β€˜has a wonderful bedside manner and is sympathetic to clients and their problems’. Rogers is also β€˜very perceptive in her assessment of the legal and factual merits, and is not afraid to explain to clients and solicitors the weaknesses in their claims’.

Stephen Ruttle QC at Brick Court Chambers is β€˜hugely likeable and enthusiastic’. Ruttle has successfully mediated nearly 1000 high-value commercial disputes.

Quentin Smith (Independent) is recommended for β€˜his very commendable approach and for producing very reasonable outcomes’. Smith is best known for commercial cases, professional negligence and personal injury disputes.

Patrick Walker (Independent)’s client base includes considerable property-related work, but also covers commercial, trust, probate and professional negligence disputes. His β€˜knowledge of the law, as well as his ability to provide practical solutions for achieving settlements, leave clients feeling confident’.

With a background of advising on some of the largest international litigation, Tony Willis of Brick Court Chambers is recommended for a wide range of financial, business and complex mediations in both the UK and overseas.

William Wood QC at Brick Court Chambers has β€˜an excellent reputation for mediations and secures deals, even after the day of mediation has passed’.

Heather Allen (Independent) is β€˜a creative, experienced mediator, who has great commitment and energy, and who can mediate complex matters with a sensitive yet direct approach’. Clients also praise her for being β€˜more committed to genuinely resolving matters than other mediators, and for using creative techniques to help parties overcome personal differences’.

Stuart Chapman (Independent) β€˜can put less sophisticated clients quickly at ease and gain their confidence in a seemingly hostile environment. He quickly latches on to both sides’ strengths and weaknesses and ably bridges gaps as they appear’.

Chris Fitton of In Place of Strife facilitated over 40 commercial mediations in 2015; he was mostly active in professional indemnity, financial services, pensions, insolvency and high-value commercial disputes. β€˜A good and experienced lawyer, he is such a nice person that he can shame parties into behaving sensibly’. Fitton is also β€˜persistent and does not give up on reaching a deal, even when things look hopeless’.

β€˜Go-to mediator’ Andrew Fraley (Independent) is considered one of the pioneers of commercial mediation in the UK. He has mediated in over 2000 cases, including professional indemnity, personal injury, maritime, construction, agriculture, employment and energy disputes.

Edwin Glasgow CBE QC of 39 Essex Chambers is β€˜a highly experienced mediator’. His recent caseload includes construction and reinsurance matters. In 2015, Glasgow was appointed judge of the Qatar Financial Centre Regulatory Tribunal; he is also co-chairman of the board of directors of the Singapore International Mediation Centre.

β€˜Exceptional in fulfilling the role of mediator’, Rosemary Jackson of Keating Chambers is β€˜very insightful, automatically commands respect, and is very committed to making effective use of the time parties devote to mediation in order to get a settlement’.

Paul Johnson of Kings Chambers is β€˜an experienced mediator, who immediately understands and appreciates the complex legal issues and risks facing both parties’. He is β€˜very thorough in his preparation and quickly gains the co-operation of both parties in the mediation process; Paul’s approach is actively to find and explore solutions and to break deadlocks’.

Previously a leading practitioner in property litigation, Jacqui Joyce (Independent) is β€˜a very effective mediator; she has a facilitative approach and is not afraid of getting her hands

dirty!’ Joyce also β€˜always encourages parties to try and be objective about the risks involved in not settling cases and proceeding to court’.

The β€˜hugely impressive’ Lawrence Kershen QC at In Place of Strife β€˜has a friendly, easy but determined manner; he is an interventionist and works hard to keep the parties talking in order to achieve a resolution’.

β€˜Amongst the very best mediators’, Charles Middleton-Smith of In Place of Strife is β€˜an impressive operator; he has a calm approach and obtains the trust of clients’. Middleton-Smith is also β€˜very experienced and has a strong commercial background’.

Christopher Newmark of CEDR Solve leads mediations that involve a broad range of commercial disputes. In addition to mediating in the UK, Newmark has conducted numerous mediations in the US and Canada. He is also a founding partner of law firm Spenser Underhill Newmark LLP.

Nick Pearson at CEDR Solve has acted as mediator (both in the UK and abroad) in over 250 commercial mediations. In 2015, he acted on disputes involving professional negligence, trusts and probate, and shareholder and partnership claims, as well as breach of contract, insolvency, and banking and finance cases.

Charles Powell of Freeths has an active mediation practice that specialises in commercial disputes, including professional negligence, subrogation, banking and finance, and partnership and shareholder issues.

The β€˜approachable and sympathetic’ Alistair Pye at In Place of Strife is β€˜well read on cases’, and is β€˜particularly good at cutting through early posturing and getting parties to focus on the purely commercial aspects of a claim’.

David Richbell of In Place of Strife is one of the UK’s most established mediators, having mediated commercial cases since 1992, a high proportion of those involving international elements. Richbell’s β€˜relaxed, tactful and reasoned style is ideally suited to complex, technical and fraught commercial disputes’. He also β€˜takes the time to understand the parties’ positions fully and the reasons for the entrenchment, while listening to all parties’ suggestions as to how to make a workable deal’.

β€˜A standout mediator in the market whose fees are very reasonable’, Colin Russ (Independent) β€˜has a relaxed approach that puts parties at ease. He is trusted and works hard to reach a resolution; rare is the day that ends without Colin facilitating an agreement’.

β€˜Engaging and extremely pleasant to work with’, John Sturrock QC at Core Solutions Group Limited β€˜prepares thoroughly for mediations; he grasps the issues and is sympathetic to each party’s position, but is not afraid to take a tough line when required’.

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    In the recent case of Newbury v Sun Microsystems [2013], the defendant argued that an offer to settle proceedings was β€˜in principle' only and that a binding contract could not be formed until further terms had been agreed and a formal contract had been signed. It supported this argument by referring to a statement, in the offer letter, that the settlement was to be β€˜recorded in a suitably worded agreement'. 

    - Macfarlanes

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