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  1. Clinical negligence – Leading sets
  2. Clinical negligence – Leading silks
  3. Clinical negligence – 2017 silks
  4. Clinical negligence – 2018 silks
  5. Clinical negligence – 2019 silks
  6. Clinical negligence – Leading juniors

Clinical negligence – Leading silks

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Clinical negligence – 2017 silks

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Clinical negligence – 2018 silks

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Clinical negligence – 2019 silks

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Clinical negligence – Leading juniors

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    • Laura Begley - 9 Gough Square β€˜She is empathetic with clients and a robust advocate – incisive, quick and effective.’
    • Richard Cartwright - Devereux β€˜He is one of the strongest senior juniors at the Bar with a phenomenal intelligence providing fantastic advice on all issues of liability and quantum.’
    • Peter Ellis - Hailsham Chambers β€˜His work as a deputy coroner, and previous role as doctor, means he is outstanding when it comes to inquest cases and understanding complex medical issues.’
    • Jane Tracy Forster - Hailsham Chambers β€˜A very experienced junior, approachable and knowledgeable.’
    • Cara Guthrie - Outer Temple Chambers β€˜Decisive, focused, efficient and excellent with complex cases.’
    • Tejina Mangat - Hailsham Chambers β€˜The hardest working junior, attention to detail is second to none, can get to grips with the most complex medical issues, first rate.’
    • Julian Matthews - 7BR β€˜An outstanding Barrister, fabulous with even the most vulnerable clients.’
    • Fiona Neale - Hailsham Chambers β€˜A leader in the field with a formidable intellectual prowess.’
    • Richard Partridge - Serjeants' Inn Chambers β€˜He is very intelligent and has a good ability to look ahead at how things will pan out.’
    • Lisa Sullivan - Cloisters β€˜Controls and directs the conference with great skill.’
    • Harry Trusted - Outer Temple Chambers β€˜Excellent at identifying issues and giving clear advice and guidance.’
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Who Represents Who

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β€˜Always the first choice’, 1 Crown Office Row is a β€˜reliable set with really excellent counsel’. Members are β€˜as bright as they come, but also have a down to earth, friendly manner’ which β€˜makes them popular’ among both clients and solicitors in high-profile, cutting edge cases. Elizabeth-Anne Gumbel QC and new silk Henry Witcomb QC represented the claimant in ABC v St George’s Healthcare NHS Trust, an important decision on the duty to inform family members in case of life-changing disease.

Hailsham Chambers β€˜is first rate when it comes to clinical negligence’ work. The set offers β€˜very skilled, knowledgeable, high-calibre barristers at all levels of call’ and the β€˜expertise is tailored to the individual client and matter needs’. Alexander Hutton QCand Andrew Post QC have β€˜real appetite’ for complex and high-value cases. Hutton successfully represented the defendant in Gabriele Shaw v Dr Kovac, an important Court of Appeal decision on a potential new head of damages and new cause of action for breach of informed consent to treatment.

Members of the β€˜excellent’ Serjeants' Inn Chambers are β€˜leaders in the field’ and can provide barristers β€˜for all values of claims’. The set is β€˜at the top of its game’ with β€˜great counsel’ at a silk level – Angus Moon QC and John de Bono QC – and β€˜notable juniors’ such as Ranald Davidson and Neil Davy. In resolving claims they are β€˜very forward thinking and innovative’ and β€˜client care is at the heart of what they do’. Cases include claims of utmost severity and medical complexity.

β€˜The approachable’ 2TG – 2 Temple Gardens is a β€˜very strong clinical negligence set’. The chambers has a number of recommended silks such as Benjamin Browne QC and Sarah Vaughan Jones QC and newly appointed silk Bradley Martin QC. Recent work includes cases for incorrect use of medication, birth damage/cerebral palsy, loss of sight, kidney failure, errors in treatment and failure to obtain consent.

7BR has β€˜an excellent medical team’ with β€˜extensive range of counsel with wealth of clinical negligence experience’ including Simeon Maskrey QC, Adam Weitzman QC, Derek Sweeting QC and Julian Matthews. Clients are confident there is β€˜a barrister for every occasion’ and they β€˜all are of the same high standard’. Instructions come largely for claimants and are of the highest profile, sensitivity and complexity, such as Darnley v Mayday Hospitals NHS Trust.

Outer Temple Chambers has β€˜great strength in depth’ and is β€˜especially strong at silk level’. Two of its leading juniors have taken silk in the past year – Eliot Woolf QC and Nathan Tavares QC – providing the set with additional strength. Members are β€˜often against leading, recognised counsel’ in β€˜claims of the highest value’, such as birth injury cases.

1 Chancery Lane has β€˜good counsel at all levels and availability’. The set is instructed by both claimants and defendants, including medical defence organisations. Highly regarded members include Simon Readhead QC and Edward Bishop QC, the latter is acting for the defendant in a multi-million pound claim for clinical negligence in the treatment of the H5N1 β€˜bird flu’ virus.

Members of 9 Gough Square are β€˜always reliable when it comes to providing good, sound advice in the area of clinical negligence’. The growing practice includes Andrew Ritchie QC, newly appointed silk Stuart McKechnie QC and leading junior Laura Begley. Typical cases include high-value birth injuries and severe disability, dental treatment, and failed cosmetic surgery.

39 Essex Chambers is β€˜a fantastic set’ that offers β€˜wide range of excellent leading junior counsel skilled in healthcare litigation’ and β€˜very knowledgeable silks’, such as Neil Block QC and Charles Cory-Wright QC. The set deals with full range of claims: minor injuries, catastrophic injury and death, and group litigation; Block and Judith Ayling represented disgraced surgeon Ian Paterson against claims brought by numerous ex-patients and which concerned the liability of the NHS for surgeons providing treatment in the private sector.

42 Bedford Row is β€˜a strong set’ with a β€˜can do attitude’. It predominantly acts for claimants in high-value catastrophic injury claims. Recognised individuals are Richard Furniss who focuses on complex liability and causation cases and Scott Matthewson who specialises in birth injury claims.

Cloisters is β€˜the go-to set for quantum’ issues. It has β€˜a committed and dedicated team’ of β€˜very renowned leaders and a clear sense of excellent juniors coming through’. William Latimer Sayer QC and Patricia Hitchcock QC have a β€˜team-oriented approach’ and handle a β€˜wide range of high-value and complex cases’ including AAA v Secretary of State for Health, where Latimer Sayer recovered one of the highest settlements ever achieved for a cerebral palsy claim.

Crown Office Chambers is a β€˜solid, pleasant and helpful set’ with β€˜good range of counsel and clerks who are willing to assist wherever possible’. Members act in various claims, including obstetrics and gynaecology, cardiology, neurosurgery, neurology, oncology and orthopaedics, accident and emergency medicine, colorectal surgery, ophthalmology, ENT surgery, the contraction of MRSA, the conduct of out-of-hours GPs, and the treatment of epilepsy.

Devereux β€˜has an excellent selection of counsel in the field’ specialising in high-value brain and spinal cases. Members act for defendant NHS Trusts and Health Authorities, in addition to doctors and consultants, dentists and individual healthcare professionals. On the claimant side, the set has expertise in high-value cases and its members regularly act on publicly and CFA-funded matters.

The β€˜innovative’ Doughty Street Chambers is instructed in the full range of clinical negligence work for claimants, including complex liability and quantum claims, cutting edge litigation and group actions.

Old Square Chambers is β€˜a strong set’ with β€˜a good reputation’ in the clinical negligence field. The chambers has β€˜enough strength in depth’ that clients feel β€˜confident that excellent representation will be given’. Mary O’Rourke QCacted for the defendant hospital in Tesheira v Gulf View Medical Centre, a Trinidad fatal accident claim brought by the former minister of finance after her high-profile husband (former captain of the 1974 Trinidad and Tobago football team) died during a prostate operation.

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