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Chambers of Giles Bain and Christopher Poole
New Court Chambers

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New Court Chambers' members boast expertise in the areas of public law care, adoption, private law children, financial relief, and Court of Protection. The clerking team draws praise for ‘always going the extra mile to find the right advocate’. Paul Bloomfield is the senior clerk and the first junior is James Stammers. Also in the team are second junior clerk Adam Grant and third junior Amie Smith. Offices in: London

Members of New Court Chambers advise and represent clients in all aspects of Family Law, with the majority of members specialising in the demanding area of child protection.

London based but nationally recognised, members of New Court Chambers are regularly instructed in complex cases, including some of the most significant family law cases before the courts.

Loyal clients of chambers include numerous Local Authorities from London and the South East of England as well as solicitors for parents, children and children’s guardians.

Members also represent parents and children in private law matters, including complex cases involving such difficulties as parental alienation and stranding.

On the money side of Family Law, members are ranked for their work in complex and high value money cases including applications under TOLATA and Schedule 1 Children Act 1989.

Given the overlap with the principles familiar in the family courts, certain members advise and represent clients in Court of Protection matters.

 Chambers invests significant time and resources into pupillage training and is proud that the majority of members have joined chambers on the successful completion of in-house pupillage.

A growing number of members are eligible to accept work directly from lay clients as part of the public access scheme.

A team of experienced and supportive clerks ensures there is a seamless working relationship between the members of chambers and clients.

New Court Chambers has forged its reputation on a commitment to provide consistently high standards of advice, representation and clerking services.



Department Name Email Telephone
Senior Clerk Paul Bloomfield
First Junior Clerk James Stammers
Second Junior Clerk Adam Grant
Third Junior Clerk Amie Smith
Adminisstrator Janet Clerk
Giles Bain : 1993
Christopher Poole : 1996
Ann Courtney : 1987
Elissa Da Costa Waldman : 1990
Stephen Coyle : 1998
Dinali Nanayakkara : 2000
Sarah McMeechan : 2000
Andrew Shaw : 2001
Wing Chan : 2003
Stephanie Hine : 2003
Sam Wallace : 2004
Saiqa Chaudhry : 2005
Sally Jackson : 2006
Kyriacos Lefteri : 2006
Nicola Hall : 2006
Sally Homer : 2006
Robert Wilkinson : 2007
Matthew Burman : 2007
Raisa Saley : 2008
Philippa Jenkins : 2008
Laura Harrington : 2009
Kayleigh Long : 2009
Julia Feely : 2009
Jemimah Hendrick : 2009
Sarah Nuttall : 2011
Kathryn Blair : 2012
Katherine Couper : 2012
Sabrina Polak : 2012
Amelia Evans : 2014
Meredith Major : 2014
Sam Prout : 2016
P Niam Daly : 2018
Kezia Kernighan : 2018