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Chambers of Giles Bain and Christopher Poole
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London Bar > Children law (including public and private law) Tier 4

New Court Chambers is an ‘excellent set with excellent clerks’ and has ‘an excellent range of barristers for strength and depth’. The team has vast experience in handling child protection matters involving serious abuse and injury to vulnerable children and adults. Christopher Poole focuses on Children Act proceedings, adoption, wardship and medical treatment cases and jointly heads the chambers with Giles Bain, who regularly instructs leading counsel in child care cases. ‘A widely admired and formidable advocate’ Andrew Shaw regularly appears in public law proceedings on behalf of local authorities, parents and children and carries expertise in cases involving allegations of the most serious abuse of children.

Rising stars

Samuel ProutNew Court Chambers ‘Samuel is exceptionally good with the clients, good at putting the client’s at ease and speaking to them in a manner where they understand. He is sympathetic, and whilst he may have to give unfavorable advice, he gives it in a manner which the client accepts. He is also very good at engaging difficult clients who it is often difficult to engage and to focus them on the issues.’
Ranked: Tier 1

Leading Juniors

Giles BainNew Court Chambers ‘Giles is a good advocate, working hard for his clients.’
Ranked: Tier 4
Ranked: Tier 4
Andrew ShawNew Court Chambers ‘Andrew is an excellent advocate, always faultlessly prepared and so good he often notices matters even other have not previously. He often be asked to prepare documents such as orders, even when he is not the applicant, because the judges or court knows his reputation.’
Ranked: Tier 4
Sam WallaceNew Court Chambers ‘Sam is calm, realistic and straightforward and his advocacy is well paced, delivered and persuasive.’
Ranked: Tier 5



‘New Court is a friendly and pleasant set of chambers.’

‘New Court Chambers provides excellent barristers from junior to senior level.’

‘New Court Chambers has a good pool of talented counsel at all levels, good availability and responsive and helpful clerks.’

‘New Court Chambers is a chamber of the first choice for public and private law children matters. It has a broad range of barristers available for extremely experienced advocates to pupils.’

‘New Court Chambers is the go-to chamber for all public law Children Act matters.’


‘The service of the clerks’ room is excellent. Paul Bloomfield runs a tight ship, and other key clerks are Adam Grant and James Stammers.’

London Bar > Family (including divorce and financial remedy)

Leading Juniors

Sally JacksonNew Court Chambers ‘Sally is incredibly hard working and a brilliant advocate getting results even for the toughest cases.’
Ranked: Tier 4

Members of New Court Chambers advise and represent clients in all aspects of Family Law, with the majority of members specialising in the demanding area of child protection.

London based but nationally recognised, members of New Court Chambers are regularly instructed in complex cases, including some of the most significant family law cases before the courts.

Loyal clients of chambers include numerous Local Authorities from London and the South East of England as well as solicitors for parents, children and children’s guardians.

Members also represent parents and children in private law matters, including complex cases involving such difficulties as parental alienation and stranding.

On the money side of Family Law, members are ranked for their work in complex and high value money cases including applications under TOLATA and Schedule 1 Children Act 1989.

Given the overlap with the principles familiar in the family courts, certain members advise and represent clients in Court of Protection matters.

 Chambers invests significant time and resources into pupillage training and is proud that the majority of members have joined chambers on the successful completion of in-house pupillage.

A growing number of members are eligible to accept work directly from lay clients as part of the public access scheme.

A team of experienced and supportive clerks ensures there is a seamless working relationship between the members of chambers and clients.

New Court Chambers has forged its reputation on a commitment to provide consistently high standards of advice, representation and clerking services.



Senior Clerk Paul Bloomfieldpbloomfield@newcourtchambers.com020 7583 5123
Deputy Senior Clerk James Stammersjstammers@newcourtchambers.com020 7583 5123
First Junior Clerk Adam Grantagrant@newcourtchambers.com020 7583 5123
Second Junior Clerk Karl SadouneKSadoune@newcourtchambers.com020 7583 5123
Administrator Janet ClarkJClark@newcourtchambers.com020 7583 5123
Joint Head of Chambers Giles Bain (1993)
Joint Head of Chambers Christopher Poole (1996)
Member of Chambers Ann Courtney (1987)
Member of Chambers Elissa Da Costa-Waldman (1990)
Member of Chambers Stephen Coyle (1998)
Member of Chambers Dinali Nanayakkara (2000)
Member of Chambers Sarah McMeechan (2000)
Member of Chambers Andrew Shaw (2001)
Member of Chambers George Lafazanides (Solor 2001) Bar (2022)
Member of Chambers Wing Chan (2002)
Member of Chambers Stephanie Hine (2003)
Member of Chambers Sam Wallace (2004)
Member of Chambers Saiqa Chaudhry (2005)
Member of Chambers Sally Jackson (2006)
Member of Chambers Kyriacos Lefteri (2006)
Member of Chambers Nicola Hall (2006)
Member of Chambers Sally Homer (2012)
Member of Chambers Robert Wilkinson (2007)
Member of Chambers Matthew Burman (2007)
Member of Chambers Raisa Saley (2008)
Member of Chambers Philippa Jenkins (2008)
Member of Chambers Laura Harrington (2009)
Member of Chambers Kayleigh Long (2009)
Member of Chambers Julia Feely (2009)
Member of Chambers Jemimah Hendrick (2009)
Member of Chambers Sarah Nuttall (2011)
Member of Chambers Kathryn Blair (2012)
Member of Chambers Katherine Couper (2012)
Member of Chambers Sabrina Polak (2012)
Member of Chambers Amelia Culverwell (2014)
Member of Chambers Meredith Major (2015)
Member of Chambers Sam Prout (2016)
Member of Chambers Kiran Channa (2016)
Member of Chambers Katelyn Gottschling (2016)
Member of Chambers Meena Fakhri (2017)
Member of Chambers Kezia Kernighan (2018)
Member of Chambers Sam Marks (2021)
Member of Chambers Grace Robertson (2021)
Member of Chambers Michael Connor (2021)
Giles Bain photo Giles BainGiles undertakes all aspects of family work, including children matters in private…
Kathryn Blair photo Kathryn Blair
Matthew Burman photo Matthew BurmanMatthew specialises in public and private law proceedings under the Children Act…
Kiran Channa photo Kiran ChannaAccepts instructions in all areas of chambers specialisms, with a particular focus…
Saiqa Chaudhry photo Saiqa ChaudhrySaiqa is a specialist children law barrister, and skilled practitioner in all…
Michael Connor photo Michael ConnorMichael is a dual qualified lawyer in both Australia and England &…
Katherine  Couper photo Katherine CouperKatherine is a specialist family barrister who maintains a diverse practice spanning…
Ann Courtney photo Ann CourtneyAnn undertakes work in all areas of family law especially public law…
Stephen  Coyle photo Stephen CoyleStephen is a general family law practitioner specialising in both public and…
Amelia Culverwell photo Amelia CulverwellAmelia accepts instructions in all areas of Family Law. She represents local…
Elissa Da Costa-Waldman MCArb photo Elissa Da Costa-Waldman MCArbElissa is an established practitioner in her chosen field.  Using a creative…
Meena Fakhri photo Meena FakhriRegularly instructed to defend and prosecute in criminal cases as well as…
Julia Feely photo Julia FeelyJulia practises in all areas of Family Law, with a particular focus…
Katelyn Gottschling photo Katelyn GottschlingAppeared at all levels up to and including the High Court and…
Nicola Hall photo Nicola HallNicola Hall has a broad practice in family law regularly appearing in…
Laura  Harrington photo Laura HarringtonLaura is building a varied practice, which primarily focusses on Children Act…
Jemimah Hendrick photo Jemimah HendrickJemimah successfully completed pupillage at New Court Chambers. Jemimah practices in all…
Stephanie  Hine photo Stephanie HineStephanie is an experienced family practitioner specialising in public law care proceedings…
Sally Homer photo Sally HomerSally joined New Court Chambers as a tenant in 2012 following successful…
Sally Jackson photo Sally JacksonSally’s practice is primarily focussed on matrimonial finance and cohabitation disputes, as…
Philippa Jenkins photo Philippa JenkinsPhilippa practices in all areas of children work including public law and…
Kezia  Kernighan photo Kezia KernighanKezia accepts instructions in all areas of public and private children law…
George Lafazanides photo George LafazanidesGeorge has a wealth of experience in representing parents and children in…
Kyri Lefteri photo Kyri LefteriKyri has a specialist family practice with particular emphasis on children work.…
Kayleigh Long photo Kayleigh LongKayleigh has a specialist family law practice, covering all areas of public…
Meredith Major photo Meredith Major
Samuel Marks photo Samuel MarksAccepts instructions in all areas of family law, with a particular emphasis…
Sarah McMeechan photo Sarah McMeechanSarah is a specialist practitioner in Family Law. She has particular experience…
Dinali Nanayakkara photo Dinali NanayakkaraDinali has extensive experience in all aspects of family law. In public…
Sarah  Nuttall photo Sarah NuttallSarah specialises in public and private law children cases, including adoption proceedings,…
Sabrina Polak photo Sabrina PolakSpecialist family law barrister with experience in all areas of family law.…
Christopher  Poole photo Christopher PooleAll aspects of the law relating to children including in particular care…
Sam Prout photo Sam ProutSam accepts instructions in all of Chambers’ practice areas.  Notable cases: Re…
Grace  Robertson photo Grace Robertson
Raisa Saley photo Raisa SaleyRaisa regularly represents Local Authorities, parents and children in both public and…
Andrew Shaw photo Andrew ShawAndrew is a specialist children law barrister, and skilled practitioner in all…
Sam Wallace photo Sam WallaceSam specialises in both public and private children law, where he has…
Robert Wilkinson photo Robert WilkinsonRobert specialises in all aspects of the law relating to children. Robert’s practice…
Wing Yan Chan photo Wing Yan ChanWing practises in both public and private children law and the court…

New Court Chambers has a pro-active Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion agenda, implemented and guided by advanced-trained EDOs.

New Court Chambers aligns itself fully with the Bar Standards Board’s Anti-Racist statement (latest of November 2020).

By way of practical steps being taken to ensure and promote diversity and inclusion in 2023:

  • New Court Chambers is a participant in both Bridging the Bar and the 10,000 Black Interns initiatives;
  • New Court Chambers offers unassessed mini-pupillages throughout the year (and continued to do so through recent periods of public health restrictions);
  • Members of chambers take part in outreach work privately and through their respective Inns of Court;
  • Barrister members and staff at New Court Chambers have undertaken comprehensive (Bar Council-devised) Race Awareness training (last in Autumn 2022);
  • The recruitment committee(s) review marking and selection criteria annually (with a particular view to ensuring that aspects of race, identity, and background are not barriers to any prospective pupils or tenants);
  • Impartial work allocation is monitored by EDO (for compliance with the BSB Handbook equality rules) but also as part of Chambers-wide best practice reviews.

Further information/policies can be found at