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Excellent’ common law set 1MCB is well regarded in crime as well as immigration and asylum circles where is has ‘performed consistently for a number of years’ with ‘knowledgeable and experienced’ barristers. The clerks’ room is ‘efficient and helpful’ offering ‘flexible, professional, and reliable’ service. Tim Markham joined chambers in January 2019 as its new senior civil clerk with Julie Clarke becoming chambers manager; Adam Brosnan remains senior criminal clerk at the set. Junior civil and family clerk Charlotte Forey is singled out for being ‘very good and helpful’. Offices in: London

1MCB Chambers was founded over forty years ago with the aim of representing all sectors of the community, and in particular disadvantaged groups. Chambers has since grown and developed to cover many areas of practice, but remains firmly committed to that original principle of ensuring that all members of society can enjoy access to justice through first-class representation.

1MCB is committed to the representation of legally aided clients, which they believe to be critically important at a time when legal aid cuts continue to have a pernicious effect. Many of its members are additionally engaged in pro bono work, both in local communities and internationally.

Chambers has an informal and friendly working environment, and a diverse membership. They strive to be approachable and accessible for both professional and lay clients alike, whilst always ensuring that they offer the highest standards of preparation and representation.

Clerks “often go above and beyond in order to facilitate the instruction of counsel“. Legal 500

1MCB has a “particular strength in acting for legally aided clients.” Legal 500

Niche expertise in areas such as animal welfare, actions against the police, and prison law.” Legal 500

Barristers are “knowledgeable” and “accomplished” in their various areas of practice.” Legal 500

Department Name Email Telephone
Criminal Clerks Adam Brosnan 020 7452 8900
Civil Clerks Tim Markham 020 7452 8900
Civil Clerks Mike Alexander 020 7452 8900
Head of Chambers John Benson QC
Member of Chambers James Cartwright
Member of Chambers Roger Daniells-Smith
Member of Chambers Caroline Gassman
Member of Chambers Moira Sofaer
Member of Chambers Jeffrey Yearwood
Member of Chambers Janette Haywood
Member of Chambers Pamela Rose
Member of Chambers Ignatius Fessal
Member of Chambers Philip Romans
Member of Chambers Jacqueline McIntosh
Member of Chambers James Murray-Smith
Member of Chambers Rajesh Rai
Member of Chambers Neelim Sultan
Member of Chambers David Langwallner
Member of Chambers Jackie Bond
Member of Chambers Shashi Jaisri
Member of Chambers Barnabas Lams
Member of Chambers Raymond Ali
Member of Chambers Rafaquat Hussain
Member of Chambers Benjamin Hawkin
Member of Chambers Shuyeb Muquit
Member of Chambers Salma Lalani
Member of Chambers Shiraz Rustom
Member of Chambers Ranjeet Dulay
Member of Chambers Iain Edwards
Member of Chambers Parveen Judge
Member of Chambers Jemma Levinson
Member of Chambers Tamsin Silver
Member of Chambers Michael Chambers
Member of Chambers Cynthia McFarlane
Member of Chambers Michael Tanney
Member of Chambers Ishan Dave
Member of Chambers Tanya Murshed
Member of Chambers Anna Watterson
Member of Chambers Gwawr Thomas
Member of Chambers Catherine Picardo
Member of Chambers Alex Chakmakjian
Member of Chambers David Parvin
Member of Chambers Bernadette Smith
Member of Chambers Vyaj Lovejoy
Member of Chambers Nick Bano
Member of Chambers Michael Sprack
Member of Chambers Christina Warner
Member of Chambers Michael Peters
Member of Chambers Mike Hollis
Member of Chambers Alex Bennie
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 Raymond Ali  photo Raymond Ali
 Nick Bano  photo Nick Bano
 Alex Bennie  photo Alex Bennie
 John Benson  photo John Benson
 Jackie Bond  photo Jackie Bond
 James Cartwright  photo James Cartwright
 Alex Chakmakjian  photo Alex Chakmakjian
 Michael Chambers  photo Michael Chambers
 Roger Daniells-Smith  photo Roger Daniells-Smith
 Ishan Dave  photo Ishan Dave
 Ranjeet Dulay  photo Ranjeet Dulay
 Iain Edwards  photo Iain Edwards
 Ignatius Fessal  photo Ignatius Fessal
 Caroline Gassman  photo Caroline Gassman
 Benjamin Hawkin  photo Benjamin Hawkin
 Janette Haywood  photo Janette Haywood
 Mike Hollis  photo Mike Hollis
 Rafaquat Hussain  photo Rafaquat Hussain
 Shashi Jaisri  photo Shashi Jaisri
 Parveen Judge  photo Parveen Judge
 Salma Lalani  photo Salma Lalani
 Barnabas Lams  photo Barnabas Lams
Mr David Langwallner  photo Mr David Langwallner
 Jemma Levinson  photo Jemma Levinson
 Vyaj Lovejoy  photo Vyaj Lovejoy
 Cynthia McFarlane  photo Cynthia McFarlane
 Jacqueline McIntosh  photo Jacqueline McIntosh
 Shuyeb Muquit  photo Shuyeb Muquit
 James Murray-Smith  photo James Murray-Smith
 Tanya Murshed  photo Tanya Murshed
 David Parvin  photo David Parvin
 Michael Peters  photo Michael Peters
 Catherine Picardo  photo Catherine Picardo
 Rajesh Rai  photo Rajesh Rai
 Philip Romans  photo Philip Romans
 Pamela Rose  photo Pamela Rose
 Shiraz Rustom  photo Shiraz Rustom
 Tamsin Silver  photo Tamsin Silver
 Bernadette Smith  photo Bernadette Smith
 Moira Sofaer  photo Moira Sofaer
 Michael Sprack  photo Michael Sprack
 Neelim Sultan  photo Neelim Sultan
 Michael Tanney  photo Michael Tanney
 Gwawr Thomas  photo Gwawr Thomas
 Christina Warner  photo Christina Warner
 Anna Watterson  photo Anna Watterson
 Jeffrey Yearwood  photo Jeffrey Yearwood
Clerks : 8

Julian Clarke, Chambers Manager

Julie Clarke, 1MCB Chambers, explains how an individual, multi-disciplinary and efficient service is central to what chambers does

What do you see as the main points that differentiate 1MCB Chambers from your competitors?

Our professional and lay clients benefit from the fact that we are a close and genuinely multi-disciplinary team, and a team that is strongly committed to representing all sectors of the community.  That means that a particular barrister’s advice and representation has often been informed by discussion with, and input from, barristers across our practice areas.  That leads to a breadth of knowledge and innovative thinking, and it is particularly advantageous when clients’ difficulties intersect different practice areas.

We also value our members’ individualism. We have an extraordinarily diverse team, and this weaves through all that we do. It particularly helps us to understand clients’ particular circumstances and to tailor legal arguments in the best way. We support all those in society by offering both private and legally aided funding. We also have reach into the wider community through voluntary legal support in the UK and overseas, and through our own membership’s diverse backgrounds.

Which practices do you see growing in the next 12 months? What are the drivers behind that?

We envisage that we will continue to develop in crime, immigration, housing, family, employment and other general civil work. We enjoy an excellent reputation in areas of work that were traditionally publicly funded.

What’s the main change you’ve made in the firm that will benefit clients?

We continue to focus on responsiveness, always answering queries quickly and efficiently and ensuring that we see through more complicated questions to conclusion. Recently, we have invested in a few areas of our business. Firstly, in our staff, so that we now have an even more highly experienced, well-trained and extremely helpful clerking team. Secondly, in our technology. We now have the ability to exchange documents via a GDPR compliant platform that can be shared with solicitors. As for those enquiring about direct access, they can now complete an enquiry form online and we will respond promptly setting out how we can help and providing transparency on our fees.

Is technology changing the way you interact with your clients, and the services you can provide them?

Our dedicated clerking team finds that clients require a mixture of email and phone communications. For larger cases, we can also offer a platform to exchange documents. Additionally, we seek to provide fee notes promptly to solicitors so that the whole process is completed efficiently.

Can you give us a practical example of how you have helped a client to add value to their business?

The best thing that we can do is communicate well and be efficient. If a barrister is briefed on a case, then we understand that, as well as the pre-requisite of good client relations and solid legal advice, solicitors want to know the outcome of the court hearing and a follow up backsheet and fee note quickly. It is through the competence of our clerks and our use of technologies that we efficiently support solicitors in this way.

Are clients looking for stability and strategic direction from their law firms – where do you see the firm in three year’s time?

Although we have been offering legal advice and representation for over forty years and will continue to do so in three years’ time, I can foresee that focus will continue to be on technological advances. We would expect to see the courts  adopting their own efficiencies, which will in turn change the practices of barristers. For us it is important that whilst embracing these technological innovations, we hold onto the value of individualism and offer a bespoke individual service to our own clients.