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International crime and extradition

Leading Juniors

Iain Edwards - 1MCBUnflappable in court. He puts everyone in the courtroom at ease whilst at the same time remaining focused, thorough and succinct. Mr. Edwards remains at the top of his game and a stalwart in international criminal proceedings.
Ranked: Tier 1


Leading Juniors

Salma Lalani - 1MCBHighly impressed by her meticulous case preparation, strong work ethic and excellent client care. Her approach is one of forensic preparation, precise cross-examination and passionate advocacy.
Ranked: Tier 3

Immigration (including business immigration)

Leading Juniors

Benjamin Hawkin - 1MCBHe goes straight to the core of the matter and provides clear and concise advice.
Ranked: Tier 4
Bernadette Smith - 1MCBBernadette is accessible and enagaged throughout the preparation period, her knowledge in immigration and asylum matters is excellent, she is creative, very bright, and her input is invaluable.
Ranked: Tier 4

Set overviews: England and Wales

Common law set 1MCB has expertise across a broad spectrum of areas, notably in immigration and criminal law. Dangerous dogs and animal welfare matters are a niche area of instruction for members.



‘Excellent. My main dealings are with Adam Brosnan who will always discuss the diary with you, always return your calls and always respond to your emails.’

‘Good service, helpful in respect of finding cover and costs.’

‘I am impressed that they are willing to assist with cases, especially those that may be out of London.’

‘Adam Brosnan is a very reliable and efficient senior clerk.’

‘Mike Alexander and Tim Markham are the main points of call and always willing to assist. Both are diligent and on top of keeping the diary in order and making sure that papers are prepared and in order.’

‘The clerks are very good and respond to us promptly.’

‘The clerks’ room are helpful and try to assist even if they do not have capacity by making inquires of other chambers. They are friendly, professional and accommodating.’

‘The Criminal aspect of chambers is superbly led by Adam Brosnan, the chief clerk. He knows his barristers’ strengths and has often recommended counsel for cases who have been the perfect fit. The clerking team will always go out of their way to provide assistance, including at late notice and unsocial hours, and I can always be sure that they will do their very best to help me whenever I turn to them.’


‘As a solicitor I have instructed 1MCB for many years. They are an excellent set. Notwithstanding the fact that they have very few Silks – they have a reputation for being a tough set of  “fighters”.’

‘Good solid criminal set with helpful clerking.’

‘I have instructed 1MCB chambers for many years and they have handled cases of the most serious nature for me including murders, firearms, conspiracies, kidnapping, drugs and sexual offences. Chambers has a fantastic depth of experience within its Counsel and even if preferred Counsel is unavailable there is invariably a more than suitable alternative to take the case on.’

‘I regularly instruct 1MCB. I instruct several barristers from the chambers and they are all of high quality.’

We work with and for a diverse range of professional and lay clients.  Chambers’ expertise across a wide range of areas, our commitment to excellence, to finding solutions for our clients, and our collegiate working environment means that we are able to share our knowledge between and within areas, be approachable and offer the highest standards of representation.  ​

Chambers is guided by its commitment to the communities it serves.  We strive to support our members’ innovative, and often quiet, efforts to use law both to obtain justice for our individual clients and more broadly as a tool for social change.  We owe much of our ethos to the leadership of Len Woodley QC, the first Afro-Caribbean to become a QC, who was head of chambers for the twelve years from 1988 to 2000.  He was involved in some of the most important race trials in the in the 70s and 80s. His dedication to civil liberties and equality of opportunity was not showy but it was radical and it is this approach that remains evident in Chambers today.

We are a very diverse set of Chambers with a breadth and depth of expertise across a broad range of areas including crime, immigration and asylum, housing and community care, family, actions against the police, public law, international law and civil litigation.  It is important to us that we continue to not only continue to do legally aided work but try to find ways to share our knowledge and offer support; the pressures on legal aid providers, following deep cuts and ongoing funding issues, continues to challenge the sector as well as access to justice.

Chambers supports its members’ strong links with community organisations and charities committed to bringing about structural change and addressing inequality both locally and internationally.  Members regularly provide expert advice and representation for these organisations as well as to representatives and on a direct access basis.

Department Name Email Telephone
Criminal Clerks Adam Brosnan 020 7452 8900
Civil Clerks Tim Markham 020 7452 8900
Criminal Clerks Lauren Hibbard 020 7452 8900
Head of Chambers John Benson QC (1978)
Member of Chambers Caroline Gassman (1974)
Member of Chambers Jeffrey Yearwood (1975)
Member of Chambers Janette Haywood (1977)
Member of Chambers Pamela Rose (1980)
Member of Chambers Ignatius Fessal (1981)
Member of Chambers Philip Romans (1982)
Member of Chambers Jacqueline McIntosh (1987)
Member of Chambers James Murray-Smith (1990)
Member of Chambers Michael Murphy (1992)
Member of Chambers Claire Newton (1992)
Member of Chambers Rajesh Rai (1993)
Member of Chambers Neelim Sultan (1993)
Member of Chambers David Langwallner (1993)
Member of Chambers Jackie Bond (1994)
Member of Chambers Shashi Jaisri (1995)
Member of Chambers Barnabas Lams (1995)
Member of Chambers Benjamin Hawkin (1998)
Member of Chambers Shuyeb Muquit (1998)
Member of Chambers Salma Lalani (1998)
Member of Chambers Shiraz Rustom (1998)
Member of Chambers Ranjeet Dulay (1999)
Member of Chambers Iain Edwards (2000)
Member of Chambers Parveen Judge (2001)
Member of Chambers Jemma Levinson (2001)
Member of Chambers Tamsin Silver (2002)
Member of Chambers Michael Chambers (2003)
Member of Chambers Cynthia McFarlane (2003)
Member of Chambers Michael Tanney (2004)
Member of Chambers Ghazala Hussain (2006)
Member of Chambers Anna Watterson (2007)
Member of Chambers Gwawr Thomas (2008)
Member of Chambers Alex Chakmakjian (2009)
Member of Chambers David Parvin (2009)
Member of Chambers Bernadette Smith (2010)
Member of Chambers Amritpal Bachu (2010)
Member of Chambers Michael Sprack (2014)
Member of Chambers Michael Peters (2014)
Member of Chambers Mike Hollis (2015)
Member of Chambers Alex Bennie (2017)
Member of Chambers Geeta Koska (2018)
Door Tenant Jocelyn Gibbs (1972)
Door Tenant John Dunning (1973)
Door Tenant Peter Mullen (1977)
Door Tenant Allan Williams (1978)
Door Tenant Dr Christa Fielden (1982)
Door Tenant Sylvia Allen (1983)
Door Tenant Nicola Williams (1985)
Door Tenant Lord Paul Boateng (1989)
Door Tenant Rafaquat Hussain (1996)
Door Tenant Jacqueline Lule (1999)
Door Tenant Tanya Murshed (2006)
Door Tenant Ariane Adam (2011)
Photo Name Position Profile
 Amritpal Bachu  photo Amritpal Bachu An approachable barrister, a formidable opponent; Amritpal practises housing and employment law. …
 Soreya Bauwens  photo Soreya Bauwens Soraya is a poised, diligent and personable barrister, combining a busy Crown…
 Alex Bennie  photo Alex Bennie Alex originally joined 1MCB as a pupil. His interests range across crime, social…
 John Benson photo John Benson John Benson QC is a multi-disciplinary silk with expertise and extensive experience…
 Jackie Bond  photo Jackie Bond Jackie specialises in all aspects of immigration and asylum law, including immigration…
 Alex Chakmakjian  photo Alex Chakmakjian Alex has established a reputation for exceptional attention to detail, assiduous client…
 Michael Chambers  photo Michael Chambers Michael has a mixed general criminal and civil practice. His criminal practice…
 Lucy Chapman  photo Lucy Chapman An engaging, creative and tenacious advocate, Lucy combines meticulous case preparation and…
 Ranjeet Dulay  photo Ranjeet Dulay Ranjeet is a highly regarded barrister who specialises in crime, immigration, asylum…
 Iain Edwards  photo Iain Edwards Iain is a seasoned and compassionate barrister specialising in serious crime. He…
 Ignatius Fessal  photo Ignatius Fessal Ignatius’s practice is exclusively criminal defence. He specialises in all areas of…
 Caroline Gassman  photo Caroline Gassman Caroline provides pertinent advice and ruthless advocacy in serious criminal offences. She…
 Benjamin Hawkin  photo Benjamin Hawkin Ben practises in immigration & asylum, mental health, prison law and public…
 Janette Haywood  photo Janette Haywood Janette is a highly experienced practitioner who has always been passionate about…
 Mike Hollis  photo Mike Hollis Mike prosecutes and defends in the Crown Court on a range of…
 Ghazala Hussain  photo Ghazala Hussain Ghazala is a strategic and tenacious barrister dedicated to the needs of…
 Shashi Jaisri  photo Shashi Jaisri Shashi was called to the Bar in 1995 by Lincoln’s Inn and has…
 Parveen Judge  photo Parveen Judge Parveen is an experienced barrister who believes in representing her clients fearlessly…
 Geeta Koska  photo Geeta Koska Geeta practises in all areas of housing, actions against the police and…
 Salma Lalani  photo Salma Lalani Salma specialises mainly in criminal defence work and has developed a highly…
 Barnabas Lams  photo Barnabas Lams Barnabas is a barrister specialising in immigration and asylum law and related…
 David Langwallner photo David Langwallner David is an experienced advocate in a broad range of legal practice…
 Jemma Levinson  photo Jemma Levinson Jemma is an experienced criminal defence barrister who regularly represents defendants charged…
 Cynthia McFarlane  photo Cynthia McFarlane Cynthia is particularly favoured by both the professional and lay client for…
 Jacqueline McIntosh  photo Jacqueline McIntosh Jacqueline provides advice in family, crime and immigration work. She now specialises…
 Shuyeb Muquit  photo Shuyeb Muquit Shuyeb is a highly regarded practitioner specialising in the fields of immigration,…
 Michael Murphy  photo Michael Murphy Michael’s career at the Bar has involved a number of high profile…
 James Murray-Smith  photo James Murray-Smith James has wide experience of practice at the Bar. For many years…
 Claire  Newton  photo Claire  Newton Claire Newton is currently on sabbatical.
 David Parvin  photo David Parvin David specialises in all areas of criminal law, both prosecution and defence,…
 Michael Peters  photo Michael Peters Michael is a dual qualified solicitor and barrister. He was admitted to…
 Rajesh Rai  photo Rajesh Rai Rajesh specialises in Public Law with emphasis on Human Rights, Immigration, Nationality…
 Philip Romans  photo Philip Romans Philip has prosecuted and defended, but now exclusively defends, in all areas…
 Pamela Rose  photo Pamela Rose Pamela Rose is known for representing her clients fearlessly and with unwavering…
 Shiraz Rustom  photo Shiraz Rustom As a barrister of considerable experience in criminal and civil as well…
 Tamsin Silver  photo Tamsin Silver Tamsin started her career with a broad general practice, including crime, family,…
 Bernadette Smith  photo Bernadette Smith Bernadette has a busy practice with a focus on immigration, asylum and judicial…
 Michael Sprack  photo Michael Sprack Michael has a busy junior practice, combining housing, employment law and criminal…
 Neelim Sultan  photo Neelim Sultan Neelim is an established practitioner in criminal and public law children cases.…
 Gwawr Thomas  photo Gwawr Thomas Throughout all areas of her practice, Gwawr is dedicated to promoting human rights…
 Anna Watterson  photo Anna Watterson Anna has a busy and varied practice. This allows her to maintain…
 Jeffrey Yearwood  photo Jeffrey Yearwood Jeffrey practises exclusively as a defence advocate in the Crown Court, principally…

1) 1 MCB Chambers is committed to promoting equality of opportunity for all barristers, employees, applicants and clients.

2) 1 MCB Chambers does not discriminate against its barristers, staff, applicants or clients on the basis of age, disability, gender reassignment, marital or civil partner status, pregnancy or maternity, race, colour, nationality, ethnic or national origin, religion or belief, sex or sexual orientation (‘protected characteristics’).

3) 1 MCB Chambers confirms that members have adopted a written Equality and Diversity Policy. Further, barristers are under a professional duty to ensure that they comply with the Equality Rules contained within the Bar Handbook.