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6th Floor, St Martin’s Court, 10 Paternoster Row

London Bar > Family: children and domestic abuse Tier 1

4PB is ‘a great set of public and private children law barristers’. The set’s members have expertise in all areas of private children’s law, public law proceedings and the international aspects of children’s law. Jo Delahunty KC, who is known for her ‘empathetic, authoritative and persuasive advocacy’. With ‘a firm grasp on the complexities’ and ‘exceptionally good on his feet’, Charles Hale KC handles the most complex and serious child abduction and relocation cases. Turning to the set’s juniors, Jacqueline Renton  is regarded as ‘articulate and persuasive in court’ and is experienced at handling both domestic and international children’s law cases. Simon Rowbotham joined the team in October 2023.

Rising stars

Emma Spruce 4PB ‘Brilliant advocate. Makes excellent judgment calls on her feet. Respected by the Judiciary and opponents for her technical skills and likeable personality. An all round safe pair of hands.’
Ranked: Tier 1
Lucy Logan Green 4PB 'Lucy has a very analytical and forensic approach to cases and is always very well-prepared. She works very hard for her clients and can think carefully about how to ensure that they are fairly and properly represented.'
Ranked: Tier 1

Leading Silks

Jo Delahunty KC4PB 'Jo’s advocacy is empathetic, authoritative and persuasive. She has a firm grasp of the complexities and provides a simple view through the difficult issues.'
Ranked: Tier 1
Charles Hale KC4PB ‘Charles is a powerful and persuasive advocate with considerable emotional intelligence and confidence. He is a go-to in complex children’s matters, particularly with cross-jurisdictional complexities. He is charming and knowledgeable with lawyers in other jurisdictions, leading with significant gravitas and a pearl of worldly wisdom.’
Ranked: Tier 1
Piers Pressdee KC4PB ‘Piers is an excellent advocate and is known as one of the stand-out children’s law silks at the family Bar. He is a fair and friendly opponent.’
Ranked: Tier 1
Henry Setright KC4PB ‘Henry is superb at technically detailed cases and those with complex jurisdictional issues. His knowledge and depth of understanding of international family law are immense, and he is a go-to silk on international cases. He is a great tactician. His style, intellect and persuasiveness always impress.’
Ranked: Tier 1
Alex Verdan KC4PB ‘Alex is always very well-prepared and the clients love him. He has a great bedside manner and is able to explain relatively complex issues in a very easy-to-understand way.’
Ranked: Tier 1
Ranked: Tier 1
Deirdre Fottrell KC - 4PB ‘Deirdre has an incredible capacity to tread a path through litigation that is both sensitive to the issues but strategically robust. She reads the situation and has incisive judgement. A hands-on silk who has the respect of all her peers.’
Ranked: Tier 2
Alison Grief KC4PB ‘Alison’s advocacy is second to none. She advocates with clarity and authority, and her ability to think on her feet to respond to anything her opponent or the judge may say is simply first-rate. Her powers of persuasion in the courtroom are world-class.’
Ranked: Tier 2
Christopher Hames KC4PB ‘Chris is approachable and clearly communicates legal principles. He is quick on his feet and empathetic when dealing with clients in complicated situations. He is very client-focused and willing to go the extra mile to prepare thoroughly.’
Ranked: Tier 2
Sam King KC4PB ‘Sam stands out amongst her peers as a stellar advocate. Her oral advocacy is incisive and compelling. When she cross-examines lay witnesses, there is no escape when she has a particular point to make. When she cross-examines expert witnesses, it is clear that she has an excellent understanding of complex medical issues.’
Ranked: Tier 2
Catherine Wood KC4PB ‘Catherine is a brilliant advocate. She makes everything look effortless. She rolls her sleeves up, listens to the client and solicitors and then gets on with it. Judges listen to her too. She is not afraid of a fight but is so pragmatic.’
Ranked: Tier 2
Cyrus Larizadeh KC4PB ‘Cyrus’ advocacy skills are extremely good, and he goes above and beyond for his clients. He is friendly and approachable and always makes clients feel at ease.’
Ranked: Tier 2
Kate Branigan KC4PB ‘Kate is an exceptional barrister. Her strength lies in her encyclopedic knowledge of the law and medicine, with her empathetic approach to her clients. She is excellent at mastering the most difficult cases and has every page of her papers at her fingertips. Her advocacy is a masterclass in cross-examination.’
Ranked: Tier 3
Barbara Mills KC4PB ‘Barbara is extraordinarily insightful and has an unmatched ability to identify the real issues in a case and address them head-on. Her written and oral advocacy is forceful and persuasive, and she always has the respect and ear of any tribunal.’
Ranked: Tier 3
Cleo Perry KC4PB ‘Cleo has an incredible depth of knowledge which she deploys with razor-sharp precision. Her advocacy is commanding and considered.’
Ranked: Tier 3
Ruth Kirby KC4PB ‘Ruth is a force of nature. She quickly grasps the most complex matters – absorbing the paperwork like a sponge. She goes the extra mile in court to pursue points for her clients, and her advocacy is slick, persuasive and, when needed, fiery.’
Ranked: Tier 4

2022 Silks

Joy Brereton KC4PB ‘Joy is a superlative advocate who can take a case by the scruff of the neck and turn it around. She is empathetic, user-friendly and the total package.’
Michael Gration KC4PB ‘Michael is an exceptional barrister who marries natural talent with industry. He is highly respected by the judiciary as he knows his subject inside out. He is able to guide the court on the law. He is also extremely persuasive in the manner that he presents his cases. He very often makes the outcome that he is seeking appear to be the attractive, logical outcome.’

2023 Silks

Dorothea Gartland KC4PB ‘Dorothea is always loved and trusted by clients. Her down-to-earth manner is refreshing and puts clients at ease. She is excellent in court. She is tenacious and will fight her client's corner to the bitter end.’
Judith Murray KC4PB ‘Judith's advocacy is on top of a long list of impressive attributes. She reads the court impeccably and is truly incredible in cross-examination. She is a top choice for complex children cases.’
Mark Jarman KC4PB ‘Mark is straightforward to deal with, gives thoughtful and considered advice that has been strategically very sound and is an excellent advocate. He does not shy away from addressing difficult issues but can present them to the court in a way that makes it clear the solution he puts forward is the obvious route for the judge to follow. He has an excellent legal brain and an exceptional knowledge of international matters. His preparation and organisation are meticulous.’

Leading Juniors

Justine Johnston4PB ‘Justine is always incredibly well-prepared and clear and direct in her advice. She knows the law and procedure inside out and strives to achieve the best possible outcome for all her clients.’
Ranked: Tier 1
Jacqueline Renton4PB ‘Jacqueline is a phenomenal and extraordinary barrister. She is hugely supportive of clients and strives to achieve the best outcomes for them. She has excellent judgement, and invariably her call on the case is where it lands.’
Ranked: Tier 1
Sally Bradley4PB ‘Sally has excellent forensic analysis of the evidence and the relevant law. She is hard-working and thoughtful, with great communication skills. She has the ear of the judge and is eloquent but down-to-earth, sensible yet creative, and judges respond to her very well.’
Ranked: Tier 2
Michael Edwards4PB ‘Michael is an astonishing tactician. He is measured and thoughtful, thorough and knowledgeable. He does not need to be aggressive because he is always one step ahead of the other side. He is kind, sensible and straight talking. Clients and judges love him.’
Ranked: Tier 2
Samantha Woodham4PB ‘Samantha has amazing insight into a case very quickly. She has the ear of the court and makes meaningful submissions which land will with tribunals. She is very empathetic with clients and gives difficult advice in a way in which they feel hugely supported and able to make decisions. She is focused on the settlement but not at all costs. She has huge attention to detail and is a wonderful advocate.’
Ranked: Tier 2
Rebecca Foulkes4PB ‘Rebecca is a master tactician. She is robust - she always stands up for the client in court and helps clients to be realistic. Her advocacy is clever, strategic and insightful.’
Ranked: Tier 2
Chris Barnes4PB ‘Chris is academically sharp, thoughtful and insightful with his cases. He relishes the law and is committed to making sure it progresses to reflect society. He is excellent to work with as part of a team - pleasant yet oozing confidence.’
Ranked: Tier 3
Brian Jubb4PB ‘Brian is a calm and pragmatic approach. He is knowledgeable and well-prepared. He has excellent advocacy skills and a safe pair of hands.’
Ranked: Tier 3
Andrew Powell4PB 'An expert on surrogacy and the modern family. Andrew's preparation is stellar - his notes show a mastery of the law and facts. Judges hang on his advocacy, which balances persuasion with an empathy for the cases he deals with.'
Ranked: Tier 3
Paul Hepher 4PB ‘Paul is an exceptional barrister who is very adept in his field. He delivers his statements and submissions confidently and comprehensively. His examination in chief and cross-examination skills are excellent. He provides impressive verbal and written advice, which adds invaluable insight into a case.’
Ranked: Tier 3
Ceri White4PB ‘Ceri is a logical advocate. She is concise and pulls out the finite details to enhance the client's position methodically and how the court will balance the client's evidence whilst adopting a sympathetic yet robust manner.’
Ranked: Tier 4
Charlotte Baker4PB ‘Charlotte is a tenacious and formidable advocate while possessing the skills to understand and empathise with her clients. She has a phenomenal knowledge of the law. Her advice and input into a case are always invaluable. As an advocate, she is fearless. She is always well-prepared and strategic in her approach, her cross-examination is meticulous, and she leaves no stone unturned.’
Ranked: Tier 4
Chris Stevenson –4PB ‘Chris is an exceptional advocate and always has the ear of the court. His submissions are informed, well-researched, and his ability to get to the heart of the issues in cross-examination is always impressive.’
Ranked: Tier 4
Francesca Dowse4PB ‘Francesca is a very strong advocate. She is tenacious and strongly makes her client’s case. She is incredibly personable, and clients love her because she installs great confidence in them.’
Ranked: Tier 4
Baljinder Bath  – 4PB ‘Baljinder is a fearless advocate who fights for her client's best interests. She is able to see to the heart of complex matters quickly and easily providing practical and helpful advice. He is a meticulous advocate with a detailed knowledge of the law.’
Ranked: Tier 5
Kate Van Rol4PB ‘Kate is an extremely tenacious advocate. She argues her client's position robustly and forcefully in court. She is well-prepared and good with clients.’
Ranked: Tier 5
Miriam Best 4PB ‘Miriam is meticulous in her preparation and skilled in dealing with complex children's matters, including serious allegations of domestic violence. She approaches every case with empathy. She is very thorough in her preparation of cases and an excellent advocate.’
Ranked: Tier 5
Rhiannon Lloyd4PB ‘Rhiannon is incredibly capable. She has an excellent ability to think on her feet, and she instils immediate confidence in clients facing very challenging issues. She robustly fights clients' corners, and her preparation is superb.’
Ranked: Tier 5
Julia Townend4PB ‘Julia is extremely smart, tactically very astute and always knows the papers inside out. She has an excellent eye for detail and is an excellent negotiator. Her client care is impeccable, and her advocacy is focused and laser-sharp, which judges appreciate.’
Ranked: Tier 5
Katie Wood4PB ‘Katie is a persuasive advocate. Her preparation and written work are second to none, and her eye for detail is outstanding. She is always the first-choice barrister.’
Ranked: Tier 5
Harry Nosworthy  – 4PB 'Harry is an excellent barrister. His preparation and written work are of an extremely high quality. He has superb client management skills and is a skilled and canny advocate.’
Ranked: Tier 6
Charlotte Georges  - 4PB ‘Charlotte is extremely capable, focused on detail, excellent client manner-realistic advice whilst being on side and confidence building. Her advocacy is also exceptional under pressure.’ 
Ranked: Tier 6
Greg Davies 4PB 'Greg is a fantastic advocate. He has meticulous attention to detail, particularly in cases where there is complex medical evidence. He has a commanding presence in the courtroom, and judges listen carefully to his submissions. He develops an excellent rapport with lay clients.'
Ranked: Tier 6
Mani Singh Basi 4PB 'Mani is very committed and passionate about assisting clients. He is always willing to go the extra mile to ensure that the client receives the best possible advice and service. He is reliable and extremely knowledgeable in respect of private children's cases. He has excellent advocacy skills, particularly in cross-examination.'
Ranked: Tier 6
Simon Rowbotham –4PB ‘Simon is very caring over his clients and cases. His attention to detail is second to none. His written work is very strong and detailed. He is a very strong advocate.’ 
Ranked: Tier 6


‘Josh Patel is extremely helpful and capable of finding answers for clients.’

‘Michael Reeves runs a tight ship, and under his leadership, his clerk’s team provides an excellent and efficient service. Each team member is also extremely personable. Paul Hennessey, Kenny Martin, Jamie Byrne, and Glenn Bennett deserve to be singled out amongst the best clerks.’

‘4PB are an excellent set. The range of experience and skill it has at the Bar make it a go-to for children’s law work.’

‘4PB is excellent in family law area as a whole, and a depth of knowledge which is almost unrivalled for family law.’

‘4PB is a go-to set for children’s cases. The range, depth and quality of counsel are impressive.’

Work highlights

London Bar > Family: private FDR judges and arbitrators Tier 1

London Bar > Family: divorce and financial remedy Tier 2

4PB  is an ‘exceptional and first-rate family set, with expertise in all areas’ of divorce and financial remedy. ‘Superb, persuasive and powerful advocate’ Charles Hale KC successfully acted on behalf of a wife seeking proceedings from the English divorce of a Moroccan marriage in the case Boughajdim v Hayoukane, while ‘brilliantly bright and tenacious advocate’ Judith Murray KC who was appointed as silk in 2023 is notable for her involvement in large-value cases. Other key members of the team include ‘brilliant advocate’ Samantha Woodham and Henry Clayton , who is praised for his ‘immense attention to detail’.

Leading Silks

Charles Hale KC4PB ‘Charles is exceptionally strong in his practice. His client management skills and ability to judge a tribunal are second to none. He is the best counsel to work with in terms of client confidence. His advice is pragmatic, full of good sense and strategic- all delivered in a way that a client can understand and support.’
Ranked: Tier 2
Christopher Hames KC4PB ‘Christopher is professional, knowledgeable, driven, confident, disciplined and able to analyse complex facts and lots of information within a limited timeframe. He is excellent at keeping the client focused.’
Ranked: Tier 4

2023 Silks

Judith Murray KC4PB ‘Judith is very calm, puts the client at ease, provides clear, straightforward advice and gets straight to the heart of complicated issues, distilling them down and focusing on the key issues to present a persuasive case to the court succinctly and directly.’

Leading Juniors

Henry Clayton4PB ‘Henry is the most detailed, intelligent and forensic mind. He is exceptionally hard-working and utterly commercial in his outlook. There is no case too complex for him, and he is a match for any Silk in terms of his preparation, understanding and advocacy.’
Ranked: Tier 1
Samantha Woodham4PB ‘Samantha is an intelligent and persuasive advocate. She is deeply committed to her clients and always well-prepared. She remains calm under pressure and builds rapport with her clients. She is fantastic to work with and extremely supportive of her instructing solicitors.’
Ranked: Tier 1
Francesca Dowse4PB ‘Francesca is a powerhouse when it comes to financial work. She gets to the heart of the case immediately and knows where to take the case.’
Ranked: Tier 3
Nicholas Fairbank4PB ‘Nicholas is one of those rare lawyers at the Bar, constantly evolving. He is very bright, more tactical and has a phenomenal memory. He is a go-to for financial claims.’
Ranked: Tier 3
Harry Gates4PB ‘Harry has a calm manner and gives clear and sensible advice. He is good with difficult clients and able to get them to focus on the real issues.’
Ranked: Tier 3
Rhiannon Lloyd4PB ‘Rhiannon possesses a high level of skill and attention to detail that is second to none. She has assisted me with complex cases, demonstrating her sharp analytical mind in complex financial remedy cases.’
Ranked: Tier 3
Sophie Connors4PB ‘Sophie is at the top of her game and the best of her generation. She is incredibly bright and has a unique combination of exceptional client manners and impressive, tenacious advocacy. She is a strong opponent and fights when a case needs a fight but knows when to advise on settlement and pragmatism. She is a star in both money and children's work.’
Ranked: Tier 4
Stephen Lyon4PB ‘Stephen is thorough, articulate, and excellent in preparation and presentation.’
Ranked: Tier 4
Harry Nosworthy4PB ‘Harry has a calm manner. He is self-assured and has gravitas above his level of call. He is extremely well-prepared, strong and confident in his advocacy.’
Ranked: Tier 4
Kate Van Rol4PB 'Kate is the consummate performer with an eye for detail. She is able to distil complex legal concepts into succinct and powerful advocacy. She is pragmatic and reasonable, always fearless in her advocacy if the case requires it.'
Ranked: Tier 4
Julia Townend4PB ‘Julia is a superb advocate with a great eye for detail, meticulous in her preparation and quick on her feet. She is calm, reassuring and pragmatic with clients.’
Ranked: Tier 4
Katie Wood4PB ‘Katie is cool, calm and collected and can put the client immediately at ease. She is well prepared and brings that coolness to her advocacy where nothing phases her. She can present and argue the case with ease.’
Ranked: Tier 4


‘Michael Reeves is a legend and one of the best clerks around. Paul Hennessy and Kenny Martin are top-notch and will go the extra mile to try and help.’

‘Paul Hennessey is always very helpful and accommodating.’

‘4 Paper Buildings is a superb set with a huge array of talent.’

‘4 Paper Buildings is a reliable and solid set, providing top quality legal expertise.’

‘4 Paper Buildings is the standout family set in the UK.’

‘4 Paper Buildings is an excellent set of barristers, with fantastic children and finances advice.’

‘4 Paper Buildings is an incredibly reliable set. It has a huge number of skilled family law barristers across all sub-disciplines.’

‘4 Paper Buildings has strength and depth across all areas of family law.’

Work highlights

South Eastern Circuit > Family: divorce and financial remedy

4PB is a long-established leading family law set which has expanded rapidly in recent years to become one of the largest family sets in the country. Members of chambers are regarded as leaders in the field of family law.

The set: 4PB houses a friendly group of specialist barristers providing excellent, expert, commercial and practical advice, advocacy and dispute resolution services in all areas of family law. Alex Verdan KC is Head of Chambers, with great ambitions to lead the set to the very pinnacle of family law client service. Michael Reeves leads a highly experienced dynamic clerking team which is recognised throughout the Family Bar as one of the strongest and best-organised clerks’ rooms. Furhana Mallick, chambers manager, ensures that the operations of chambers remain smooth and efficient, so that barristers and clerks can concentrate on offering absolutely the best client service to those who use 4PB’s barristers.

Former members of chambers have gone on to be specialist and distinguished family judges in the High Court and County Court. Current members sit as Deputy High Court Judges, Recorders, Deputy District Judges and tribunal chairs.

Types of work undertaken: 4PB’s barristers are family law specialists. Members practice in the fields of divorce and civil partnership dissolution, jurisdiction disputes, financial remedies on matrimonial and civil partnership breakdown, disputes between former cohabitants, marital, civil partnership and cohabitation agreements, financial arrangements for children, protection from domestic abuse, international family relocation disputes, child abduction, forced marriage, public children law, public inquiries, radicalism cases, private children’s arrangements, surrogacy (national and international) and assisted conception, medical cases and court of protection work.

4PB is primarily known for its expertise in children law, whether public, private or international. Its reputation in these fields is pre-eminent. 4PB has a similar reputation for excellence in family financial work. The holistic approach of many of its barristers means that chambers is pleased to be able to offer an all-round service on family law matters so that the client receives continuity of representation in all aspects of their situation, with no artificial distinction between children and financial matters requiring separate counsel.

Many of the most complex, serious and sensitive family law matters arising nationally and internationally are handled by members of 4PB, who travel to assist clients all over the country.

Clients of 4PB recommend the set for its ability to provide a formidable array of talents at all levels of call in all specialisations of family law, ensuring a seamless team approach to even the most complex and demanding of matters.

Chambers also provides a wide spread of services by way of dispute resolution (DR), in particular mediation, collaborative law, early neutral evaluations, private FDRs and family law arbitration, and has 53 barristers available for direct public access.

Department Name Email Telephone
Senior Clerk Michael Reeves mr@4pb.com 020 7427 5200
Chambers Manager Furhana Mallick frm@4pb.com 020 7427 5200
Joint Head of Chambers HALE KC, Charles (1992) csh@4pb.com 020 7427 5200
Joint Head of Chambers MILLS KC, Barbara (1990) bm@4pb.com 020 7427 5200
Members of Chambers SETRIGHT KC, Henry (1979) hs@4pb.com 020 7427 5200
Members of Chambers BRANIGAN KC, Kate (1985) kb@4pb.com 020 7427 5200
Members of Chambers DELAHUNTY KC, Jo (1986) jd@4pb.com 020 7427 5200
Members of Chambers VERDAN KC, Alex (1987) av@4pb.com 020 7427 5200
Members of Chambers STERNBERG KC, Michael (1975) mvs@4pb.com 020 7427 5200
Members of Chambers PRESSDEE KC, Piers (1991) pcp@4pb.com 020 7427 5200
Members of Chambers WOOD KC, Catherine (1985) cw@4pb.com 020 7427 5200
Members of Chambers HOWLING KC, Rex (1991) rh@4pb.com 020 7427 5200
Members of Chambers GUPTA KC, Teertha (1990) tg@4pb.com 020 7427 5200
Members of Chambers HAMES KC, Christopher (1987) ch@4pb.com 020 7427 5200
Members of Chambers GRIEF KC, Alison (1990) ag@4pb.com 020 7427 5200
Members of Chambers TUGHAN KC, John (1991) jt@4pb.com 020 7427 5200
Members of Chambers LARIZADEH KC, Cyrus (1992) cl@4pb.com 020 7427 5200
Members of Chambers KING KC, Sam (1990) sk@4pb.com 020 7427 5200
Members of Chambers PERRY KC, Cleo (2000) cpp@4pb.com 020 7427 5200
Members of Chambers KIRBY KC, Ruth (1994) rk@4pb.com 020 7427 5200
Members of Chambers BRERETON KC, Joy (1990) jb@4pb.com 020 7427 5200
Member of Chambers GRATION KC, Michael (2007) mg@4pb.com 020 7427 5200
Members of Chambers JUBB, Brian (1971) bj@4pb.com 020 7427 5200
Members of Chambers RAYSON, Jane (1982) jvr@4pb.com 020 7427 5200
Members of Chambers JOHNSTONE, Mark (1984) mj@4pb.com 020 7427 5200
Members of Chambers PERKINS, Alistair (1986) agp@4pb.com 020 7427 5200
Members of Chambers MUNRO, Fiona (1986) fm@4pb.com 020 7427 5200
Members of Chambers LYON, Stephen (1987) sjl@4pb.com 020 7427 5200
Members of Chambers SHAW, James (1988) jns@4pb.com 020 7427 5200
Members of Chambers JARMAN, Mark (1989) mcj@4pb.com 020 7427 5200
Members of Chambers BRADLEY, Sally (1989) sb@4pb.com 020 7427 5200
Members of Chambers BROWN, Joanne (1990) jb1@4pb.com 020 7427 5200
Members of Chambers BEDINGFIELD, David (1991) db@4pb.com 020 7427 5200
Members of Chambers AGEROS, Justin (1993) ja@4pb.com 020 7427 5200
Members of Chambers LITTLEWOOD, Rob (1993) rl2@4pb.com 020 7427 5200
Members of Chambers HEPHER, Paul (1994) pah@4pb.com 020 7427 5200
Members of Chambers PAPAZIAN, Cliona (1994) cp@4pb.com 020 7427 5200
Members of Chambers MURRAY, Judith (1994) jm@4pb.com 020 7427 5200
Members of Chambers FAIRBANK, Nicholas (1996) nf@4pb.com 020 7427 5200
Member of Chambers BATH, Baljinder (1996) bb@4pb.com 020 7427 5200
Members of Chambers JOHNSTON, Justine (1997) jj@4pb.com 020 7427 5200
Members of Chambers COPLEY, James (1997) jec@4pb.com 020 7427 5200
Members of Chambers CHEETHAM, Lucy (1999) lc@4pb.com 020 7427 5200
Members of Chambers FOULKES, Rebecca (2001) rf@4pb.com 020 7427 5200
Members of Chambers GATES, Harry (2001) hg@4pb.com 020 7427 5200
Member of Chambers LLOYD, Rhiannon (2002) rl@4pb.com 020 7427 5200
Member of Chambers WOOD, Katie (2001) kw@4pb.com 020 7427 5200
Member of Chambers WHITE, Ceri (2002) caw@4pb.com 020 7427 5200
Member of Chambers VAN ROL, Kate (2002) kvr@4pb.com 020 7427 5200
Members of Chambers MEHTA, Anita (2002) am@4pb.com 020 7427 5200
Member of Chambers PERSSON, Matthew (2003) mp@4pb.com 020 7427 5200
Member of Chambers DOWSE, Francesca (2004) fd@4pb.com 020 7427 5200
Member of Chambers GARTLAND, Dorothea (2004) dsg@4pb.com 020 7427 5200
Member of Chambers DAVIES, Greg (2005) gd@4pb.com 020 7427 5200
Member of Chambers WOODHAM, Samantha (2006) sw@4pb.com 020 7427 5200
Member of Chambers MORLEY, Laura (2006) lm@4pb.com 020 7427 5200
Member of Chambers WALLACE, Nicola (2006) nw@4pb.com 020 7427 5200
Member of Chambers RENTON, Jacqueline (2007) jcr@4pb.com 020 7427 5200
Member of Chambers CLAYTON, Henry (2007) hc@4pb.com 020 7427 5200
Member of Chambers POWELL, Andrew (2008) ap@4pb.com 020 7427 5200
Member of Chambers BARNES, Chris (2008) cmdb@4pb.com 020 7427 5200
Member of Chambers CONNORS, Sophie (2009) stc@4pb.com 020 7427 5200
Members of Chambers STEVENSON, Chris (2009) cs@4pb.com 020 7427 5200
Member of Chambers PORTER, Joanne (2010) jep@4pb.com 020 7427 5200
Member of Chambers EDWARDS, Michael (2010) me@4pb.com 020 7427 5200
Member of Chambers NOSWORTHY, Harry (2010) hn@4pb.com 020 7427 5200
Member of Chambers CHISHOLM, Rachel (2010) rc@4pb.com 020 7427 5200
Member of Chambers EVANS, Jonathan (2010) je@4pb.com 020 7427 5200
Member of Chambers TOWNEND, Julia (2011) jft@4pb.com 020 7427 5200
Member of Chambers KUMAR, Indu (2012) ik@4pb.com 020 7427 5200
Member of Chambers RUSTIN, Jonathan (2013) jmr@4pb.com 020 7427 5200
Member of Chambers SANGER, Pippa (2015) ps1@4pb.com 020 7427 5200
Member of Chambers BAKER, Charlotte (2014) cnb@4pb.com 020 7427 5200
Members of Chambers GODFREY-LOCKWOOD, Rosanne (2014) rgl@4pb.com 020 7427 5200
Member of Chambers CAMERON-DOUGLAS, Adele (2015) acd@4pb.com 020 7427 5200
Member of Chambers BASI, Mani (2014) msb@4pb.com 020 7427 5200
Member of Chambers BEST, Miriam (2015) mvb@4pb.com 020 7427 5200
Members of Chambers LANGFORD, Harry (2014) hl@4pb.com 020 7427 5200
Members of Chambers SPRUCE, Emma (2017) es@4pb.com 020 7427 5200
Members of Chambers LOGAN GREEN, Lucy (2018) llg@4pb.com 020 7427 5200
Members of Chambers MARNHAM, Ralph (2019) rm@4pb.com 020 7427 5200
Members of Chambers WIGODER, Clarissa (2019) cw1@4pb.com 020 7427 5200
Members of Chambers WILSON, Alexandra (2018) aw@4pb.com 020 7427 5200
Members of Chambers SLATER, Klara (2019) ks@4pb.com 020 7427 5200
Members of Chambers SHAMA, Frankie (2020) fs@4pb.com 020 7427 5200
Members of Chambers COMBONI, Anna (2021) ac@4pb.com 020 7427 5200
Members of Chambers GAUNT, Olivia (2019) og@4pb.com 020 7427 5200
Members of Chambers BROGER-BAREHAM, Katherine (2021) kbb@4pb.com 020 7427 5200
Photo Name Position Profile
Justin Ageros photo Justin Ageros Barrister specialising in adoption; care proceedings; child abduction; Children Act proceedings; international…
Charlotte Baker photo Charlotte Baker Member of Chambers
Chris Barnes photo Chris Barnes Chris specialises in proceedings relating to children whether public, private or international.…
Baljinder Bath photo Baljinder Bath Baljinder specialises in the law relating to children.
David Bedingfield photo David Bedingfield Barrister whose specialist practice areas include adoption; care proceedings; Children Act proceedings;…
Miriam Best photo Miriam Best Year of Call: 2015 Miriam has a busy practice in all areas…
Sally Bradley photo Sally Bradley Barrister whose specialist practice areas include care proceedings; private law Children Act…
Kate Branigan photo Kate Branigan Specialist areas of law include adoption, care proceedings, Children Act proceedings, divorce,…
Joy Brereton KC photo Joy Brereton KC Specialist family practitioner whose work is predominantly in the High Court. Particular…
Joanne Brown photo Joanne Brown Children, including care proceedings, residence and contact disputes.
Adele Cameron-Douglas photo Adele Cameron-Douglas Called 2015
Lucy Cheetham photo Lucy Cheetham Barrister specialising in care and adoption proceedings. Lucy is frequently instructed to…
Rachel Chisholm photo Rachel Chisholm Rachel is a specialist family law barrister with a particular interest in…
Henry Clayton photo Henry Clayton Henry’s practice focuses on the financial consequences of divorce and the breakdown…
Sophie Connors photo Sophie Connors
James Copley photo James Copley Barrister specialising in civil procedure; company and commercial; child abduction; employment; Children…
Greg Davies photo Greg Davies Barrister
Jo Delahunty photo Prof Jo Delahunty Children Act proceedings (public and private). Public law: Specialises in contentious and…
Jo Delahunty photo Prof Jo Delahunty Children Act proceedings (public and private). Public law: Specialises in contentious and…
Francesca Dowse photo Francesca Dowse Francesca undertakes all matrimonial finance, Inheritance Act and Schedule I (financial remedies)…
Michael Edwards photo Michael Edwards Family law.
Jonathan Evans photo Jonathan Evans Practises in the full range of private and public children’s law. Family…
Nicholas Fairbank photo Nicholas Fairbank Matrimonial finance; Schedule One Children Act; ‘tolata’/cohabitation disputes; inheritance act claims; private…
Rebecca Foulkes photo Rebecca Foulkes Barrister specialising in children-related matters, including public law care proceedings, private law…
Dorothea Gartland KC photo Dorothea Gartland KC Dorothea specialises in the law in relation to children. In private law…
Harry Gates photo Harry Gates Barrister specialising in all areas of family law, including ancilliary relief, Children…
Rosanne Godfrey-Lockwood photo Rosanne Godfrey-Lockwood Called 2014
Michael Gration KC photo Michael Gration KC Family law practitioner with a particular interest and developing specialism in cases…
Alison Grief photo Alison Grief Specialist Private and Public law children practitioner: Alison is a highly experienced…
Teertha Gupta photo Teertha Gupta International children cases: child abduction, relocation and recovery. Forced marriage: children and…
Charles Hale photo Charles Hale Barrister, specialist family practitioner with expertise in all aspects of matrimonial finance…
Christopher Hames photo Christopher Hames Barrister practices in family law, specialising in both financial remedies and international…
Paul Hepher photo Paul Hepher All aspects of family law, including private and public law Children Act…
Rex Howling photo Rex Howling Rex enjoys a broad family practice. He has most recently gained a…
Mark Jarman KC photo Mark Jarman KC Specialist barrister in international children cases, including abduction, relocation and issues as…
Justine Johnston photo Justine Johnston Barrister specialising in family law, particularly complex private Children Act proceedings, often…
Mark Johnstone photo Mark Johnstone Practice is predominantly matrimonial financial provision, although he has significant experience in…
Brian Jubb photo Brian Jubb Barrister whose specialist practice includes adoption, care proceedings and private law proceedings,…
Hassan Khan photo Hassan Khan Established practice in international children/vulnerable adult cases. In particular he advises and…
Sam King photo Sam King Barrister specialising in adoption; care proceedings; medical treatment (children and patients); and…
Ruth Kirby photo Ruth Kirby Family law specialist. All areas of family law including private law, international…
Indu Kumar photo Indu Kumar Called 2012
Harry Langford photo Harry Langford Called 2014
Cyrus Larizadeh photo Cyrus Larizadeh Cyrus’ main areas of expertise are (i) complex private law children cases…
Rob Littlewood photo Rob Littlewood Called 1993
Rhiannon Lloyd photo Rhiannon Lloyd Barrister specialising in matrimonial finance, private law children, claims between cohabitees and…
Lucy Logan Green photo Lucy Logan Green Called 2018
Stephen Lyon photo Stephen Lyon Barrister whose specialist practice areas are inheritance and family provision; and matrimonial…
Ralph Marnham photo Ralph Marnham Called 2019
Anita Mehta photo Anita Mehta Called 2002
Barbara Mills photo Barbara Mills Specialist family practitioner with an emphasis in complex children’s cases in the…
Laura Morley photo Laura Morley Laura specialises in private law children cases, representing parents and guardians in…
Fiona Munro photo Fiona Munro Called 1986
Judith Murray KC photo Judith Murray KC Barrister specialising in family law.
Harry Nosworthy photo Harry Nosworthy Called 2010
Cliona Papazian photo Cliona Papazian Cliona Papazian specialises in all aspects of law concerning children- particularly with…
Alistair G Perkins photo Alistair G Perkins Alistair has now amassed over 30 years experience of court work involving…
Cleo Perry photo Cleo Perry Cleo is a specialist children’s law barrister and public law barrister, who…
Matthew Persson photo Matthew Persson Specialises in family law, particularly Children Act proceedings; care proceedings; adoption; child…
Joanne Porter photo Joanne Porter Called 2010
Andrew Powell photo Andrew Powell Specialises in all aspects of family law related to children, with a…
Piers Pressdee photo Piers Pressdee Piers practises exclusively in the field of children law, with a predominantly…
Jane Rayson photo Jane Rayson Family law – L v Bexley [1996]; Southwark v D [1998]; M…
Jacqueline Renton photo Jacqueline Renton Family law practitioner who has a specialist interest and experience in the…
Jonathan Rustin photo Jonathan Rustin Called 2013
Pippa Sanger photo Pippa Sanger Called 2015
Henry Setright photo Henry Setright Barrister.
James Shaw photo James Shaw Barrister specialising in adoption; care proceedings; care standards tribunal; child abduction; Children…
Mani Singh Basi photo Mani Singh Basi Mani specialises in all areas of family law disputes. He is often…
Emma Spruce photo Emma Spruce Called 2017
Michael Sternberg photo Michael Sternberg Barrister dealing with all aspects of family and family-related law particularly all…
Julia Townend photo Julia Townend Julia practises in all areas of family law, with an emphasis on…
John Tughan photo John Tughan QC whose specialist practice area relates to children. That practice includes the…
Katherine Van Rol photo Katherine Van Rol All aspects of family law including: financial remedies and divorce; Children Act…
Alex Verdan photo Alex Verdan Specialist practice areas include adoption; care proceedings; Children Act proceedings; medical treatment…
Nicola Wallace photo Nicola Wallace Called 2006
Ceri White photo Ceri White Specialist family practitioner covering all areas of family law, including complex public…
Clarissa Wigoder photo Clarissa Wigoder Family law: public, private and international children disputes and financial remedy proceedings.
Katie Wood photo Katie Wood Katie is ranked as a leading junior barrister in the Legal 500…
Catherine Wood photo Catherine Wood Barrister dealing with all aspects of family law relating to children. Arbitrator…
Samantha Woodham photo Samantha Woodham Barrister specialising in financial remedy and private law children proceedings. Samantha is…