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London Bar > Clinical negligence Tier 1

With a reputation for being 'one of the best and longest established sets tackling medico-legal work', Hailsham Chambers fields an 'excellent selection of leading and junior counsel' and is noted for its 'great strength in depth'. Alexander Hutton QC appeared in the multi-defendant Court of Appeal case of Hewes v West Hertfordshire Hospitals NHS Trust, involving a claim of alleged delayed treatment of cauda equina syndrome, and Dominic Nolan QC acted for the defendant in NKX v Barts Health NHS Trust, a birth injury claim involving issues of causation and breach of duty. At the junior end, newly ranked counsel David Juckes is 'great to discuss tactics with and good with clients'; Nicholas Pilsbury is 'extremely bright, diligent, and a committed team player'; and Thomas Crockett 'has a wonderful no-nonsense approach to cutting through a claim'.

Leading Silks

Alexander Hutton QC - Hailsham ChambersAlex is a brilliant "all rounder" who is technically excellent, a highly skilled and effective advocate who is exceptional at delivering a first class service.
Ranked: Tier 1
Dominic Nolan QC - Hailsham ChambersAlways excellent, thorough, practical, easy to deal with, very much part of a team effort- one of our first choice QCs for this work especially for high value/difficult cases.
Ranked: Tier 1
Ranked: Tier 2
David Pittaway QC - Hailsham ChambersDavid is a thorough and dedicated barrister who provides an excellent service and helpful insights into likely trial outcomes which are informed by his own judicial experience.
Ranked: Tier 2
Andrew Post QC - Hailsham ChambersHe is brilliant at everything.
Ranked: Tier 3

Leading Juniors

Peter Ellis - Hailsham ChambersPeter is the ultimate professional. He is completely unflappable and always manages to get the right result for his client.
Ranked: Tier 1
Jane Tracy Forster - Hailsham ChambersJane is very approachable, sympathetic and immediately puts clients at their ease. She is particularly good with vulnerable or nervous clients.
Ranked: Tier 1
Matthew Jackson - Hailsham ChambersAn excellent senior junior; he is very bright and affable, but with an inner core of steel which is deployed to great effect in settlement meetings, where he achieves great results.
Ranked: Tier 1
Dr Tejina Mangat - Hailsham ChambersA barrister with a brilliant mind, who has extraordinary attention to every detail of the case. One of the best senior juniors in the field.
Ranked: Tier 1
Ranked: Tier 1
Nicholas Peacock - Hailsham ChambersVery thorough in conference in teasing out the issues but with sensitivity to the clinician. Tenacious in settlement meetings and gives pragmatic advice.
Ranked: Tier 1
Catherine Ewins - Hailsham ChambersForensic attention to detail, comprehensive preparation, detailed analysis of medicine and law, dedicated, empathetic, incredibly conscientious, excellent with clients, not afraid to be firm and combative where necessary.
Ranked: Tier 2
Jane Mishcon - Hailsham ChambersJane has a wealth of experience, making her a great trial advocate.
Ranked: Tier 2
Ranked: Tier 3
James Gilberthorpe - Hailsham ChambersJames is very personable, and his down-to-earth approach is welcomed by clients.
Ranked: Tier 3
Henry Bankes-Jones - Hailsham ChambersHe has an analytical eye and hones in on the key issues in a case.
Ranked: Tier 4
Thomas Crockett - Hailsham ChambersAdept and diligent in terms of considering the wider strategy of cases.
Ranked: Tier 4
Eva Ferguson - Hailsham ChambersShe is a mine of clever ideas; a smart, thoughtful and insightful junior.
Ranked: Tier 4
Clementine Coram James - Hailsham ChambersClementine is thorough and tenacious. You always feel that you are in a safe pair of hands.
Ranked: Tier 4
David Juckes - Hailsham ChambersDavid is excellent at unravelling the complexity of causation.
Ranked: Tier 4
Nicholas Pilsbury - Hailsham ChambersGets to the heart of the problem immediately. Identifies very quickly the strengths and weaknesses of the case. Also exceptional at analysing legal issues.
Ranked: Tier 4



Hailsham has a strong reputation for its clinical negligence offering which is well deserved.

A first class set of chambers for clinical negligence with an excellent selection of leading and junior counsel.

Hailsham has a very experienced clinical negligence team, with great strength in depth. Always able to offer alternatives if my first choice of barrister is not available and never let me down.

Clinical negligence is a real strength of the set’s and the fact that their counsel do both defendant and claimant work is, to my mind, invaluable.


Clerks are very adept and agile.

The clerks at Hailsham are simply superb. Excellent service, straightforward and endlessly helpful.

London Bar > Professional negligence Tier 1

Hailsham Chambers is 'a premier set for professional negligence and liability work, offering suitable high-calibre counsel', and is noted as an 'absolute standout in the field of claims against solicitors'. Derek Holwill is acting for the defendants in Gibson v Farrer & Co and others, a solicitors' negligence claim concerning alleged negligent tax advice arising from the purchase of a painting through a BVI company. Simon Howarth QC is sought after for his expertise in handling financial services-related professional negligence claims.

Leading Silks

Ranked: Tier 1
Michael Pooles QC - Hailsham ChambersMichael is a highly polished performer and a wonderful cross-examiner. He is full of charm but is a smiling assassin.
Ranked: Tier 1
Nicola Rushton QC - Hailsham ChambersNicola is unbelievably brilliant at professional negligence claimant work. She can simplify the most complex of matters,and find a solution that is practical and economical.
Ranked: Tier 3

2020 Silks

Jamie Carpenter QC - Hailsham ChambersHe is exceptionally bright, incredibly user-friendly, very thorough and great on his feet.

2022 Silks

Simon Howarth QC - Hailsham ChambersSimon is technically excellent. He has in depth knowledge of professional negligence particularly in the financial services sector. Very user-friendly, and provides succinct advice.

Leading Juniors

Francis Bacon - Hailsham ChambersA real street fighter whose knowledge of the law is immense. A proper specialist in professional negligence. A keen strategist who is very easy to work with.
Ranked: Tier 1
Derek Holwill - Hailsham ChambersDerek is extremely thorough and gets to grips with all of the issues in the case. His advice is clear and precise. He deals effortlessly with complex and thorny issues, whether factual or legal.
Ranked: Tier 1
Simon Wilton - Hailsham ChambersSimon is incredibly good on his feet. He has an exceptional courtroom manner and an effortless ability to get the judge on side. Outstanding depth of knowledge in all aspects of professional negligence. He is more than ready to be in silk.
Ranked: Tier 1
Imran Benson - Hailsham ChambersHe is an outstanding player in the professional negligence field. An extremely responsive barrister who knows the law inside out and deftly navigates the nuances of the case. He has real tenacity and is very good with clients.
Ranked: Tier 3
Matthew Jackson - Hailsham ChambersMatthew has a very good eye for detail and provides comprehensive advice.
Ranked: Tier 3
Joshua Munro - Hailsham ChambersHis legal analysis is excellent, and he delivers practical advice in a readily approachable way.
Ranked: Tier 3
Dan Stacey - Hailsham ChambersDan has a first-rate legal mind. He is astute and precise, and his advice is invariably spot on and commercial. He always remains level-headed.
Ranked: Tier 3
Henry Bankes-Jones - Hailsham ChambersHe is always reassuring, and his advice is practical and poised.
Ranked: Tier 5
Niamh O’ReillyHailsham ChambersNiamh combines extreme intelligence and an approachable personality. She excels in explaining the most complex legal issues to clients and the court.
Ranked: Tier 5
Nicholas Pilsbury - Hailsham ChambersAn excellent advocate who is calm, composed and clinical. Superb on the details.
Ranked: Tier 5
Jack Steer - Hailsham ChambersA junior who is always very calm, and handles complex matters in a straightforward and sensible way.
Ranked: Tier 5
Richard Anderton - Hailsham ChambersHe is down to earth and practical, with superb drafting skills.
Ranked: Tier 6
Ranked: Tier 6
Heather McMahon - Hailsham ChambersShe is super-sharp and thorough. A good communicator who works very hard.
Ranked: Tier 6
Alice Nash - Hailsham ChambersShe is very responsive and good at getting to the crux of a case. Her advice is clear and concise.
Ranked: Tier 6



Hailsham is a strong set for professional negligence, with a large number of outstanding advocates‘.

A very well respected set with a good number of excellent barristers in the field of professional negligence‘.

A pleasure to work with. Lots of excellent counsel in the professional negligence field‘.

Always delivers a high class service in a user friendly way‘.


Excellent service – Stephen Smith runs a tight ship‘.

Stephen Smith and Michael Kilbey are outstanding in their mastery of clerking‘.

London Bar > Costs Tier 2

Housing 'QCs through to new juniors, all of whom have an excellent understanding of the law of costs' Hailsham Chambers continues to be busy on a wide range of costs cases. CFA and other funding disputes have been common in the market, a prime example seeing Alexander Hutton QC represent the latter party as defendant in XDE v North Middlesex University Hospital NHS Trust at the Court of Appeal. Lawyer-client disputes are also another area of growth and Dan Stacey acted for Augustus Ullstein QC in his claim for payment under a CFA against Taylor Hampton in 2020. Juniors Imran Benson and Joshua Munro have recently acted in notable cases about non-party costs orders, and Andrew Post QC continues his stellar practice in costs and clinical negligence.

Leading Silks

Alexander Hutton QC - Hailsham ChambersHe contributes immense authority with costs cases and his quality of service is golden.
Ranked: Tier 1
Andrew Post QC - Hailsham ChambersAn excellent advocate with no weaknesses.
Ranked: Tier 3

2020 Silks

Jamie Carpenter QC - Hailsham ChambersJamie is a leader in the field of costs law and a real credit to any legal team.

Leading Juniors

Dr Mark Friston - Hailsham ChambersA heavy-weight intellectual with an encyclopaedic knowledge of costs law.
Ranked: Tier 1
Dan Stacey - Hailsham ChambersHis advice is clear and concise - he offers an excellent service.
Ranked: Tier 1
Joshua Munro - Hailsham ChambersJoshua has a good knowledge of all matters costs and is able to explain complex issues to the client in a very straightforward and understandable manner.
Ranked: Tier 2
Imran Benson - Hailsham ChambersApproachable and has a laid-back style which is easy to work with.
Ranked: Tier 3



They know their field and their work is of the highest standard.

The chambers are excellent with one of the best costs team in the country.

Hailsham has an number of specialist Costs Counsel from junior up to senior level.

They have a good depth of very experienced costs counsel and I can always be sure that I will be able to locate an excellent barrister for whatever level of case I am dealing with.

The team ranges from QCs through to new juniors all of whom have an excellent understanding of the law of costs and more importantly how it is applied.


Michael Kilbey responds promptly to correspondence and is pleasant to deal with.

London Bar > Personal injury, industrial disease and insurance fraud

Leading Silks

Dominic Nolan QC - Hailsham ChambersWhat sets Dominic apart is his ability as a negotiator. He combines dogged determination with first-class people skills to achieve excellent results.
Ranked: Tier 2
Julian Picton QC - Hailsham ChambersAlways adopts a detailed forensic approach while never losing sight of the core issues.
Ranked: Tier 2

Personal injury - Leading Juniors

Thomas Crockett - Hailsham ChambersThomas pays great attention to detail and always provides quick and concise advice.
Ranked: Tier 5

London Bar > Inquests and inquiries

Leading Silks

David Pittaway QC - Hailsham ChambersVery good with and supportive of the client, and a superb strategist for the case. Excellent and very useful ability to work with the opponent and co-respondent counsel to good effect for the progress and outcome of the case, and very clear and structured in his advice.
Ranked: Tier 3

London Bar > Professional disciplinary and regulatory law

Hailsham Chambers strives to provide clients with excellent service. The multi-award winning set is frequently praised for its friendly and helpful clerking, the quality of its members’ work and for its reliability.

The set: Established more than 100 years ago and today offering 54 barristers, nine of whom are silks, Hailsham Chambers contains many of the most sought-after barristers at the London Bar. The set’s progressive thinking and use of modern technologies help Chambers to run efficiently and to offer clients choice and flexibility.

Types of work undertaken: Chambers acts for claimants and defendants, providing advice and representation before all levels of courts and tribunals throughout the world, in the specialist areas of:

Professional negligence: in cases involving lawyers, accountants, auditors, surveyors, valuers, financial professionals and trustees, as well as advising about professional indemnity insurance coverage points.

Clinical negligence: acting for patients and their relatives and dependants, trusts, doctors, dentists, healthcare professionals, health authorities, private hospitals and clinics in civil litigation, at inquests and in the Court of Protection.

Costs litigation: involving points of principle and advising in disputes between solicitor and client, retainers, funding arrangements, DBAs, CFAs and costs budgets.

Professional discipline: advice and advocacy before tribunals and regulatory bodies, both medical and non-medical.

Personal injury: acting for claimants and defendants and their insurers in RTA claims and claims based upon employer’s, occupier’s, public and product liability, with an emphasis on cases of high value and complexity.

Commercial litigation: acting in general commercial matters, such as insurance claims, fraud and partnership disputes.

To find out about the availability of counsel, please contact Hailsham’s clerking team by telephone (0)20 7643 5000 or email clerks@hailshamchambers.com.

Senior clerk Stephen Smith0207 643 5000
Deputy senior clerk Michael Kilbey0207 643 5000
Head of Chambers PICTON QC, Julian (1988)0207 643 5000
Members of Chambers POOLES QC, Michael (1978)0207 643 5000
Members of Chambers PITTAWAY QC, David (1977)0207 643 5000
Members of Chambers NOLAN QC, Dominic (1985)0207 643 5000
Members of Chambers FLENLEY QC, William (1988)0207 643 5000
Members of Chambers POST QC, Andrew (1988)0207 643 5000
Members of Chambers HUTTON QC, Alexander (1992)0207 643 5000
Members of Chambers RUSHTON QC, Nicola (1993)0207 643 5000
Members of Chambers CARPENTER QC, Jamie (2000)0207 643 5000
Members of Chambers TRACY FORSTER, Jane (1975)0207 643 5000
Members of Chambers MISHCON, Jane (1979)0207 643 5000
Members of Chambers NEALE, Fiona (1981)0207 643 5000
Members of Chambers HOLWILL, Derek (1982)0207 643 5000
Members of Chambers JACKSON, Matthew (1986)0207 643 5000
Members of Chambers BACON, Francis (1988)0207 643 5000
Members of Chambers HOWARTH, Simon (1991)0207 643 5000
Members of Chambers MANGAT, Dr Tejina (1990)0207 643 5000
Members of Chambers WILTON, Simon (1993)0207 643 5000
Members of Chambers PEACOCK, Nicholas (1992)0207 643 5000
Members of Chambers CHRISTIE-BROWN, Sarah (1994)0207 643 5000
Members of Chambers EWINS, Catherine (1995)0207 643 5000
Members of Chambers STACEY, Dan (1996)0207 643 5000
Members of Chambers FRISTON, Dr Mark (1997)0207 643 5000
Members of Chambers ELLIS, Dr Peter (1997)0207 643 5000
Members of Chambers FERGUSON, Eva (1999)0207 643 5000
Members of Chambers MUNRO, Joshua (2001)0207 643 5000
Members of Chambers GILBERTHORPE, James (2002)0207 643 5000
Members of Chambers MACKINNON, Lucy (2003)0207 643 5000
Members of Chambers BENSON, Imran (2005)0207 643 5000
Members of Chambers NASH, Alice (2006)0207 643 5000
Members of Chambers BANKES-JONES, Henry (2004)0207 643 5000
Members of Chambers O'REILLY, Niamh (2007)0207 643 5000
Members of Chambers McMAHON, Heather (1999)0207 643 5000
Members of Chambers BAILEY, Stephen (2006)0207 643 5000
Members of Chambers JUCKES, David (2008)0207 643 5000
Members of Chambers MEILAND, Justin (2010)0207 643 5000
Members of Chambers PILSBURY, Nicholas (2008)0207 643 5000
Members of Chambers CROCKETT, Thomas (2009)0207 643 5000
Members of Chambers CAMPBELL-CLAUSE, Nicola (2010)0207 643 5000
Members of Chambers ANDERTON, Richard (2010)0207 643 5000
Members of Chambers CORAM JAMES, Clementine (2012)0207 643 5000
Members of Chambers TEW, Alicia (2012)0207 643 5000
Members of Chambers STORY, David (2012)0207 643 5000
Members of Chambers STEER, Jack (2013)0207 643 5000
Members of Chambers COLEMAN, Jake (2013)0207 643 5000
Members of Chambers PATRICK, Michael (2014)0207 643 5000
Members of Chambers ELLIOTT, Clare (2015)0207 643 5000
Members of Chambers ECHLIN, Alexander (2017)0207 643 5000
Members of Chambers ARNOLD, Simon (2017)0207 643 5000
Members of Chambers TAYLOR, Lucile (2018)0207 643 5000
Members of Chambers STAFFORD, Tom (2018)0207 643 5000
Members of Chambers COOKE, Christopher (2018)0207 643 5000
Members of Chambers DOCHERTY, Joe (2019)0207 643 5000
Members of Chambers BRUNEY, Measha (2017)0207 643 5000
Richard Anderton  photo Richard Anderton During pupillage Richard gained extensive experience in claims against solicitors, particularly claims…
Simon Arnold  photo Simon Arnold Simon is a true professional liabilities specialist.  He initially qualified as a…
Francis Bacon  photo Francis Bacon Francis specialises in professional negligence, commercial insurance and commercial litigation. He has…
Stephen Bailey  photo Stephen Bailey Stephen specialises in professional liability, medical law, commercial disputes and costs. He…
Henry Bankes-Jones  photo Henry Bankes-Jones Described by Legal 500, 2021 as “fantastic. He always delivers his work on…
Imran Benson  photo Imran Benson Imran is an experienced litigator who is well known for a robust…
Measha Bruney  photo Measha Bruney Measha joined Hailsham as a tenant in October 2021 following the successful…
Nicola Campbell-Clause  photo Nicola Campbell-Clause Nicola has a busy practice and specialises in claims arising out of…
Jamie Carpenter  photo Jamie Carpenter Jamie specialises in costs and professional and clinical negligence. Leading firms of…
Sarah Christie-Brown  photo Sarah Christie-Brown Sarah specialises in medical law, clinical negligence, inquests and disciplinary work. She…
Jake Coleman  photo Jake Coleman Jake has a busy practice spanning the full range of Chambers’ core…
Christopher Cooke  photo Christopher Cooke Christopher accepts instructions in all areas of Chambers’ practice. He acts in…
Clementine Coram James  photo Clementine Coram James Clementine’s main areas of practice are personal injury, clinical negligence and professional…
Thomas Crockett  photo Thomas Crockett Thomas specialises in clinical negligence, professional negligence, and personal injury law. He…
Joe Docherty  photo Joe Docherty Joe accepts instructions in professional negligence, clinical negligence, personal injury, and regulatory…
Alexander Echlin  photo Alexander Echlin Alexander accepts instructions in professional negligence, clinical negligence, costs, and commercial disputes.…
Peter Ellis photo Peter EllisDr Peter Ellis joined Hailsham Chambers in January 2018. He is ranked…
Catherine Ewins  photo Catherine Ewins Catherine acts on behalf of both claimants and defendants in clinical negligence…
Eva Ferguson  photo Eva Ferguson Eva is a determined and meticulous advocate who wants to win and…
William Flenley photo William FlenleyWilliam Flenley QC practises in the fields of professional liability, insurance, regulatory…
Mark Friston photo Mark FristonDr Mark Friston is a leading expert on the law of costs…
James Gilberthorpe  photo James Gilberthorpe James gravitated from a general common law practice towards a practice in…
Derek Holwill  photo Derek Holwill Derek Holwill specialises in professional negligence and clinical negligence claims. He is…
Simon Howarth QC photo Simon Howarth QCSimon concentrates on professional negligence. His work principally involves lawyers, accountants, and…
Alexander Hutton photo Alexander HuttonAlexander’s practice is focused in two fields: clinical negligence, for claimants and…
Matthew Jackson  photo Matthew Jackson Matthew specialises in clinical negligence, professional negligence, personal injury and general insurance…
David Juckes  photo David Juckes David has a broad practice including clinical and professional negligence, professional discipline,…
Lucy MacKinnon  photo Lucy MacKinnon Lucy specialises in all aspects of medical law including clinical negligence claims…
Tejina Mangat photo Tejina MangatBefore being called to the Bar, Tejina worked as a junior doctor…
Heather McMahon  photo Heather McMahon Heather’s areas of practice are professional liability, commercial law, professional discipline and…
Justin Meiland  photo Justin Meiland Justin specialises in medical law, professional liability, and professional discipline. He offers…
Jane Malca Mishcon  photo Jane Malca Mishcon Jane’s principal areas of practice are medical law (specialising in clinical negligence…
Joshua Munro  photo Joshua Munro Joshua is a leading junior in costs, professional negligence, construction, commercial litigation…
Alice Nash  photo Alice Nash Alice’s practice is primarily focused on professional liability, medical law, costs and…
Fiona Neale  photo Fiona Neale Fiona’s extensive clinical negligence experience includes acting for claimants and defendants in…
Dominic Nolan photo Dominic NolanDominic’s practice principally comprises complex clinical negligence and high-value, catastrophic personal injury…
Niamh O’Reilly  photo Niamh O’Reilly Niamh specialises in professional liability matters with particular experience in claims against…
Michael Patrick  photo Michael Patrick Michael joined Chambers in September 2017, following successful completion of his pupillage under…
Nicholas Peacock  photo Nicholas Peacock Nick specialises in clinical negligence work, regulatory and disciplinary work (particularly GDC,…
Julian Picton photo Julian PictonJulian specialises in professional indemnity, clinical negligence and personal injury claims. He frequently…
Nicholas Pilsbury  photo Nicholas Pilsbury Nicholas specialises in professional and clinical negligence. He also acts in commercial…
David Pittaway photo David PittawayDavid Pittaway QC was Head of Chambers for a number of years,…
Michael Pooles photo Michael PoolesMichael Pooles QC’s principal area of practice is that of professional indemnity…
Andrew Post photo Andrew PostAndrew undertakes clinical negligence, healthcare and disciplinary cases, and has particular expertise in dealing…
Nicola Rushton photo Nicola RushtonNicola specialises in professional negligence and commercial claims, especially those with a…
Dan Stacey  photo Dan Stacey Dan Stacey is a senior junior barrister who specialises in professional indemnity…
Tom Stafford  photo Tom Stafford Tom joined chambers in 2019, after the successful completion of his pupillage…
Jack Steer  photo Jack Steer Jack joined Chambers in September 2015 after the successful completion of pupillage…
David Story  photo David Story David’s areas of practice are professional negligence, commercial law, medical negligence, inquests,…
Lucile Taylor  photo Lucile Taylor Lucile joined Chambers in 2019, having successfully completed pupillage under the supervision…
Alicia Tew  photo Alicia Tew Alicia’s practice spans professional negligence, commercial, insurance, regulatory, medical law, public law…
Jane Tracy Forster  photo Jane Tracy Forster Jane specialises in medical law including clinical negligence claims and applications in…
Simon Wilton  photo Simon Wilton Simon is a highly experienced junior barrister specialising in professional negligence, professional…
Clerks : 6
Support team : 6