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Personal injury

Leading Juniors

Thomas Challacombe - KBG Chambers 'A very approachable junior who is fantastic with clients. He always delivers sound and practical advice, and his advocacy is very thorough and effective.'
Ranked: Tier 1

Planning and environment

Leading Juniors

Sancho Brett - KBG ChambersSancho advises brilliantly on the technical issues, but also provides fantastic practical advice. He is highly knowledgeable and very adept at reassuring and building strong relationships with clients. Incredibly personable.
Ranked: Tier 1

Chancery, probate, and tax

Leading Juniors

Andrew Willetts - KBG ChambersAndrew is incredibly thorough and well researched. He is also pragmatic, clear-headed, commercially clued up, and extremely knowledgeable - just what an instructing solicitor looks for.
Ranked: Tier 1

Property and construction

Leading Juniors

Rawdon Crozier - KBG ChambersRawdon provides a rare combination of pragmatism with knowledge and approachability. He seems to instinctively know the best approach to take in any given situation. A calm and highly effective advocate.
Ranked: Tier 1

Crime (general and fraud) Tier 3

KBG Chambers in Plymouth has 'a good range of barristers who have exceptional knowledge'. In recent instructions of note, Nicholas Lewin recently defended in the case of a serial rapist in Plymouth, and Ali Rafati defended a 66-year-old care worker who received a suspended sentence after being convicted of causing death by dangerous driving, by crashing her car while transporting an elderly client, who subsequently died in hospital back to her home. Francesca Whebell primarily represents defendants in cases involving drugs, serious violence, and serious sexual offences. Hollie Gilbery is 'a great communicator; her advice is clear and concise and her advocacy skills are excellent'.

Leading Juniors

Ali Rafati - KBG ChambersAn excellent criminal barrister.
Ranked: Tier 2
Hollie Gilbery - KBG ChambersHollie is always well-prepared, and she has the ability to build rapport with each and every client, particularly vulnerable or difficult clients. She is always willing to go the extra mile. She never fails to keep a jury engaged.
Ranked: Tier 3
Nicholas Lewin - KBG ChambersNicholas is tenacious. No matter what the case, he will present the case with the vigour that is demanded and fight for the underdog. His mental acuity is razor-sharp and his experienced hand is second to none.
Ranked: Tier 3
Francesca Whebell - KBG ChambersFrancesca is a remarkable barrister who has very strong knowledge of criminal law, both in terms of prosecuting and defending. She is approachable and has a keen eye for detail.
Ranked: Tier 3



A strong set of chambers with a good range of barristers‘.

Always able and willing to provide a solution, nothing is too much trouble‘.


Colin Palmer is efficient, tirelessly helpful and a pleasure to work with. Lewis Gunn-Colling is always on hand, no matter what is needed‘.

Lewis Gunn-Colling and Colin Palmer are excellent in responding to all queries raised‘.

Family and children law Tier 3

The family team at KBG Chambers has 'real depth and breadth of talent'. The 'fearless advocate' Jonathon Bosanko is 'the to-go-to person for financial dispute resolution', with established expertise in handling a range of matrimonial finance cases; 'a leader in the field', in the words of an instructing solicitor. Daniel Swan acts for local authorities, guardians and parents in complex public children law matters, and Charlotte Ash, who 'works diligently and is so meticulous in her approach', is instructed in complex hearings involving allegations of extremely serious abuse against both parents and children.

Leading Juniors: Child Law (Public and Private)

Daniel Swan - KBG ChambersDaniel is very calm and measured and good with both lay and professional clients. His technical knowledge is sound and he is a safe pair of hands.
Ranked: Tier 2
Charlotte Ash - KBG ChambersShe is tenacious, fierce, and fearless. A real asset to the family Bar.
Ranked: Tier 3

Leading Juniors: Divorce and Financial Remedy

Jonathon Bosanko - KBG ChambersJonathon has an astute, analytical mind. He is eloquent, meticulously prepared, has great rapport with everyone he meets but holds his own in the courtroom.
Ranked: Tier 1



KBG Chambers is a superb set‘.

KBG Chambers is fantastic and always willing to go above and beyond where possible to provide assistance‘.

The family team is well-respected‘.


The clerks at KBG Chambers are a joy to work with. They always go the extra mile to ensure availability of counsel, which at times can be quite a challenge. The clerks provide a smooth streamlined service, their communication is always excellent‘.

Colin Palmer is an approachable and organised senior clerk‘.

Yvonne Simmons is worth her weight in gold and a real asset to chambers‘.

Yvonne Simmons is beyond compare. She is just brilliant and fantastic to deal with‘.

Emily Veitch, Elizabeth Crothers and Yvonne Simmons are all brilliant clerks. They will respond quickly, efficiently and always try and offer practical solutions so that a case can be covered by chambers‘.

Regional Bar > Western Circuit > Planning and environment

Leading Juniors

Sancho Brett - KBG ChambersSancho advises brilliantly on the technical issues, but also provides fantastic practical advice. He is highly knowledgeable and very adept at reassuring and building strong relationships with clients. Incredibly personable.
Ranked: Tier 1

KBG Chambers has 45 members and offers a wide range of specialist advice and representation within its criminal, family and civil groups. Formed as a result of the merger between King’s Bench Chambers, Plymouth and Godolphin Chambers Truro, both well-established sets on the Western Circuit.

Chambers has branches in Plymouth, Exeter and Truro and covers all courts within Devon , Somerset and Cornwall including Plymouth, Exeter, Barnstaple,Taunton and Truro, as well as other parts of the United Kingdom.

Chambers is forward-looking, with a policy of expansion, and aims to offer a service comparable with the best that can be obtained in London or the other major urban centres, across a broad spectrum of disciplines.

Department Name Email Telephone
Senior Clerk Colin Palmer 0845 308 1551
Head family Clerk Yvonne Simmons 0845 308 1551
Head Civil Clerk Jamie Kyte 0845 308 1551
Head Criminal Clerk Lewis Gunn-Colling 0845 308 1551
Head of Chambers Deni Mathews 0845 308 1551
Head of Family Team William Higginson 0845 308 1551
Head of Civil Team Rawdon Croier 0845 308 1551
Barrister Daniel Swan 0845 308 1551
Barrister Gina Small 0845 308 1551
Barrister Jonathon Bosanko 0845 308 1551
Barrister Nicholas Lewin 0845 308 1551
barrister Andrew Willetts 0845 308 1551
Photo Name Position Profile
 Sancho Brett  photo Sancho Brett Sancho is a confident and versatile advocate who appears regularly in the…
Senior Clerk : 1
Family Clerks : 4
Civil Clerks : 2
Criminal Clerks : 2