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Leading Juniors

Rebecca Cattermole - Tanfield ChambersExperienced, dedicated and knowledgeable in the agricultural field.
Ranked: Tier 1

Property litigation Tier 2

‘By far one of the best property sets’, Tanfield Chambers is ‘consistently recognised as a leader for leasehold enfranchisement’ matters in addition to service charge matters and landlord and tenant disputes. In recent years, the set has also significantly enhanced its reputation for real property, party wall, professional negligence, sale of land, commercial property and mortgage-related disputes. Philip Rainey QC serves as head of chambers; he made yet another appearance in the Supreme Court this year, leading Ellodie Gibbons in the case of Sequent Nominees Ltd v Hautford Ltd. The pair successfully convinced the Supreme Court to overturn the Court of Appeal’s decision that their client, the landlord, has unreasonably withheld consent for a tenant’s planning application. In a further piece of flagship litigation, Andrew Butler QC appeared in the case of Jones v Owen, successfully convincing the Supreme Court to refuse an appeal for a Chancery Division and later Court of Appeal ruling that land transferred to the defendants would be governed by restrictive covenants affecting the remainder of the claimants’ land.

Leading Silks

Philip Rainey QC - Tanfield ChambersHe is incredibly bright and able to address problems from a broad context.
Ranked: Tier 1
Kerry Bretherton QC - Tanfield ChambersShe is very thorough and looks at many different angles, handling difficult clients well.
Ranked: Tier 4
Andrew Butler QC - Tanfield ChambersHe is quickly developing his silk practice.
Ranked: Tier 4
Christopher Heather QC - Tanfield ChambersA fine academic mind yet also pragmatic and commercial in his approach.
Ranked: Tier 4
Timothy Polli QC - Tanfield ChambersVery intelligent, thrives on complex cases and issues, thinking of every possible angle.
Ranked: Tier 4

2019 Silks

Nicholas Isaac QC - Tanfield ChambersHe is a formidable advocate and is fantastic with clients from all backgrounds - managing HNW clients particularly effectively.

Leading Juniors

Michael Buckpitt - Tanfield ChambersAn exceptional advocate who is very clear thinking, analytical and knowledgeable.
Ranked: Tier 2

Carl Fain - Tanfield Chambers ‘He combines first-rate technical know-how with sound commercial judgement and superb client management skills.

Ranked: Tier 2
James Fieldsend - Tanfield ChambersHe plays the long game in complex litigation and ensures the case is set up to be water-tight from the outset.
Ranked: Tier 2

Marc Glover-Tanfield ChambersHe will fight tooth and nail when others would run a mile.

Ranked: Tier 2
Rebecca Cattermole - Tanfield ChambersShe is bright, efficient, and more confident on her feet than many of the incumbents, a serious challenger for property work.
Ranked: Tier 3
Daniel Dovar - Tanfield ChambersHe has a good reputation.
Ranked: Tier 3
Amanda Gourlay - Tanfield ChambersTechnically very capable and has a very detailed knowledge of this area of law.
Ranked: Tier 3
Mark Loveday - Tanfield ChambersHe is technically very strong and experienced, enhanced by his role as a Tribunal Judge on the Southern Panel.
Ranked: Tier 3
Nicola Muir - Tanfield ChambersShe is adept at thinking on her feet and has become a renowned barrister in the field of leasehold enfranchisement.
Ranked: Tier 3
Jonathan Upton - Tanfield ChambersVery knowledgeable and experienced in service charges and enfranchisement.
Ranked: Tier 3
Michael Walsh - Tanfield ChambersResponsive, bright, user-friendly and a tenacious advocate.
Ranked: Tier 3
Ellodie Gibbons - Tanfield ChambersStrong legal knowledge in subject areas, very good on feet as an advocate, blended with commercial common sense and good client relations.
Ranked: Tier 4
Piers Harrison - Tanfield ChambersA master of the subject and one of the top barristers practicing in this field, both a thinker and a doer.
Ranked: Tier 4

Social housing

Leading Juniors

Rebecca Cattermole - Tanfield ChambersVery thorough, tenacious, excellent advocate.
Ranked: Tier 3
Sam Madge-Wyld - Tanfield ChambersSam is intelligent and incisive. He can absorb complex and voluminous case papers quickly and get to the heart of the matter. Clients are confident when he is at the helm and he always delivers. He has a great rapport with clients who warm to him as soon as they meet him.
Ranked: Tier 4

Family (including divorce and financial remedy)

Leading Juniors

Gerald Wilson - Tanfield ChambersIs insightful and clever and someone who always exercises good judgment. He is excellent at dealing with clients however demanding or challenging they are. His knowledge is wide and detailed and well beyond the confines of family law so very useful to appoint in cases which are not run of the mill.
Ranked: Tier 4

Kerstin Boyd - Tanfield Chambers ‘Kerstin Boyd is an excellent all round family law barrister. She has a calm approach both with judges and clients alike. She is able to understand complex material and ensure that the client's case is properly put forward either during oral or written submissions.

Ranked: Tier 4
Gwyn Evans - Tanfield ChambersGwyn approaches every case as though it were the most important of his career. This leads to utter confidence and reassurance which always impresses clients. Gwyn maintains this approach in negotiations with opponents which regularly leads to successful settlement.
Ranked: Tier 4

Set overviews: England and Wales

Tanfield Chambers is a leading property set, counting landlord and tenant matters, property litigation and commercial real estate work among its key areas of expertise. Marc Glover and Daniel Dovar were both appointed as Deputy Chancery Masters in 2020.



Billy Forecast  is very helpful and a pleasure to work with.

Clerks have always been second to none, available, approachable friendly and efficient.

Billy Forecast goes over and above.

Great clerks – Rich Powell is a quality clerk and super helpful always

Alex Southern, is, in my view, the best clerk I have ever worked with (and I have worked with a lot). His understanding of the law, and ability to relate to Solicitors as a fellow professional, is peerless.

Tanfield are very lucky to have Richard Powell and Billy Forecast as clerks as they have a fantastic rapport with instructing solicitors.

The clerking team, headed by Alex Southern, is as unified and relaxed as the counsel they support: Decisive, efficient and very helpful.

The clerks are very responsive, friendly, and accommodating. They are always at hand to assist in reserving counsel and in working with us to set up the brief for Counsel.

The clerks’ room at Tanfield is extremely responsive and knowledgeable. In particular, Richard Powell, Arin Kaylaci and Kieron Hatwell are helpful, practical and very accommodating. They recommend Counsel tailored to each matter and client needs. We often call in times of need and can rely on the team to help us as best they can.

They are always so helpful and polite. Billy Forecast in particular is always supportive and helpful. He is my “go to” clerk.

The clerks are very responsive and knowledgeable of their barristers’ expertise. They are excellent communicators and very organised.


Chambers are approachable. Offer a competitive fee structure. Its small but capable family team are always able to assist.

It is a quality set and grows from strength to strength overtaking their more well known chambers in terms of service and results.

One of the top property sets. Good choice of well qualified barristers.

Tanfield are a very strong property set. I have no hesitation in both using or recommending them.

Tanfield are by far one of the best Chambers I have used. They have a good range of barristers who cover pretty much any scenario. They have juniors or pupils to take on the more straightforward cases all the way up to QCs for contentious or groundbreaking work.

Tanfield are my go-to set for all property matters. I find them all professional, personable and very knowledgeable.

Tanfield Chambers’ Family Law Team is small but impressive. With huge combined experience in the very close knit team, they are utterly consistent in their work and very, very bright.

The set is excellent in respect of all aspects of property law in which we practice.

They are highly regarded for property work and I believe live up to that reputation.

Very good, friendly chambers with a strong team of counsel from QCs to the more recently qualified barristers in the field of property disputes and enfranchisement.

Across the set, there are individuals who are recognised as being leaders in their respective fields. The team install confidence even in the most complex disputes.

Tanfield Chambers is a specialist property set and a ‘force to be reckoned with’ in real estate litigation. Operating from its own, member-owned premises just outside Gray’s Inn, Tanfield adopts a flexible and ‘unfussy’ approach, and is committed to excellent client care. All members, from its silks to its ‘junior juniors’, pride themselves on being open, friendly and approachable, and are supported by a responsive and helpful practice management team.

Types of work undertaken: The core of Tanfield’s work is real estate litigation, including commercial landlord and tenant, mortgages and securities, contractual sale of land, development agreements, overage, agricultural law, easements, public rights of way, restrictive covenants, boundary disputes, party walls, rights of light, trusts of land, service charges, residential landlord and tenant, leasehold enfranchisement, right to manage and social housing. The work extends into professional negligence, commercial and ADR and administrative law. Under the wing of its main specialism, Tanfield has a thriving private client and matrimonial finance practice and specialists in the Court of Protection.

Members of chambers write and lecture widely on real property issues and related topics. Recent/forthcoming publications include Service Charges and Management: Law and Practice, (4th ed); The Law and Practice of Party Walls; Megarry’s Manual of the Law of Real Property (9th ed) and Residential Possession Proceedings (10th ed).

The majority of members accept direct access instructions in appropriate cases.

Department Name Email Telephone
Chambers director Eamonn Kelly
Head of Chambers RAINEY QC, Philip (1990)
Members of Chambers MITCHELL QC, Iain (2012)
Members of Chambers BRETHERTON QC, Kerry (2016)
Members of Chambers HEATHER QC, Christopher (2017)
Members of Chambers BUTLER QC, Andrew (2018)
Members of Chambers POLLI QC, Timothy (2018)
Members of Chambers ISAAC QC, Nicholas (2019)
Members of Chambers GUY, David (1972)
Members of Chambers MONKCOM, Stephen (1974)
Members of Chambers DENCER, Mark (1978)
Members of Chambers BOYD, Kerstin (1979)
Members of Chambers JOSEPH, Charles (1980)
Members of Chambers REID, Sebastian (1982)
Members of Chambers BAILEY, Michael (1986)
Members of Chambers LOVEDAY, Mark (1986)
Members of Chambers BAMFORD, Christopher (1987)
Members of Chambers BUCK, John (1987)
Members of Chambers BUCKPITT, Michael (1988)
Members of Chambers MAYNARD, Christopher (1988)
Members of Chambers WILSON, Gerald (1989)
Members of Chambers ALIKER, Phillip (1990)
Members of Chambers MACLAREN, Catriona (1993)
Members of Chambers GALLAGHER, Stan (1994)
Members of Chambers JONES, Karen (1995)
Members of Chambers BOWKER, Robert (1995)
Members of Chambers DOVAR, Daniel (1997)
Members of Chambers FIELDSEND, James (1997)
Members of Chambers HARRISON, Piers (1997)
Members of Chambers POLLI, Timothy (1997)
Members of Chambers FRAME, Stuart (1997)
Members of Chambers MUIR, Nicola (1998)
Members of Chambers HORMAECHE, Alex (1998)
Members of Chambers CARR, Adrian (1999)
Members of Chambers GIBBONS, Ellodie (1999)
Members of Chambers GLOVER, Marc (1999)
Members of Chambers CATTERMOLE, Rebecca (1999)
Members of Chambers FAIN, Carl (2001)
Members of Chambers MURPHY, Olivia (2001)
Members of Chambers CARPENTER-LEITCH, Tom (2002)
Members of Chambers HAMMOND, Tim (2003)
Members of Chambers GOURLAY, Amanda (2004)
Members of Chambers UPTON, Jonathan (2004)
Members of Chambers de CORDOVA, Gemma (2006)
Members of Chambers LEAR, Estelle (2006)
Members of Chambers WALSH, Michael (2006)
Members of Chambers EVANS, Gwyn (2007)
Members of Chambers JABBARI, Sara (2007)
Members of Chambers MADGE-WYLD, Sam (2008)
Members of Chambers DOLIVEUX, Diane (2011)
Members of Chambers ALFORD, Richard (2011)
Members of Chambers HAMERTON-STOVE, James (2012)
Members of Chambers GRANBY, Richard (2012)
Members of Chambers GRAY, Katie (2013)
Members of Chambers CUNNINGHAM, Robyn (2014)
Members of Chambers BEETSON, Will (2015)
Members of Chambers CASTLE, James (2015)
Members of Chambers SHERIDAN, Chloe (2015)
Members of Chambers BLAKENEY, Edward (2017)
Members of Chambers HAYDEN-COOK, Mitchell (2016)
Members of Chambers EDMONDS, Ceri (2017)
Photo Name Position Profile
 Richard Alford  photo Richard Alford Employment; general commercial litigation; company law
 Phillip Aliker  photo Phillip Aliker His practice comprises multi-jurisdictional commercial contractual disputes for corporations and governments of…
 Michael Bailey  photo Michael Bailey Michael qualified in 1986 and has always had a wide ranging common…
 Christopher Bamford  photo Christopher Bamford Christopher’s practice focuses on personal injury and employment, as well as gaming…
 Will Beetson  photo Will Beetson Having established a busy practice at another leading set, Will was recruited…
 Edward Blakeney  photo Edward Blakeney Edward joined Chambers in September 2018, having been supervised by Timothy Polli QC, Mark…
 Robert Bowker  photo Robert Bowker Robert Bowker has nearly 20 years’ experience in property-related work. He was…
 Kerstin Boyd  photo Kerstin Boyd Kerstin has three principal areas of practice: private client, clinical negligence and…
 Kerry Bretherton photo Kerry Bretherton Kerry’ s work Is in the field of commercial and residential property…
 John Buck  photo John Buck Junior Counsel
 Michael Buckpitt  photo Michael Buckpitt Property litigation in particular: Real property – all issues concerning real property…
 Andrew Butler  photo Andrew Butler All aspects of commercial and property litigation, with a particular emphasis on…
 Tom Carpenter-Leitch  photo Tom Carpenter-Leitch Tom has built up a niche area of expertise within Insolvency law,…
 Adrian Carr  photo Adrian Carr Adrian has broad experience in all aspects of landlord & tenant, real…
 James Castle  photo James Castle James Castle accepts instructions in all areas of property law, with a…
 Rebecca Cattermole  photo Rebecca Cattermole All aspects of commercial and residential property litigation (including agriculture and housing).…
 Christopher Coney  photo Christopher Coney In addition to general common law and Chancery work, all areas of…
 Robyn Cunningham  photo Robyn Cunningham Robyn Cunningham completed pupillage at Tanfield Chambers under the supervision of Adrian Carr, Piers…
 Mark Dencer  photo Mark Dencer Mark Dencer is Counsel of choice for a variety of London and…
 Diane Doliveux  photo Diane Doliveux Diane joined Tanfield in September 2015 on successful completion of her pupillage.…
 Daniel Dovar  photo Daniel Dovar Specialising in real property and leasehold law with an emphasis on landlord…
 Ceri Edmonds  photo Ceri Edmonds Ceri Edmonds joined Chambers in September 2019 on successful completion of her…
 Gwyn Evans  photo Gwyn Evans A member of the private client team at Tanfield Chambers, Gwyn specialises…
 Carl Ian Fain  photo Carl Ian Fain Property and chancery practice with a focus on landlord and tenant. Work…
 James Fieldsend  photo James Fieldsend Landlord and tenant (both commercial and resldential): property ownership (legal and equitable);leasehold…
 Stuart Frame  photo Stuart Frame Stuart Frame has a Real Property practice based on neighbouring land disputes…
 Stan Gallagher  photo Stan Gallagher Practice is exclusively in the field of real property and related areas,…
 Ellodie Gibbons  photo Ellodie Gibbons Property litigation (including property-related professional negligence). Particular expertise in leasehold enfranchisement, right…
 Marc Glover  photo Marc Glover All aspects of property, commercial and company litigation.  Within property, a particular…
 Amanda Gourlay  photo Amanda Gourlay All areas of landlord and tenant, with particular emphasis on residential and…
 Richard Granby  photo Richard Granby Richard Granby’s practice encompasses all of Chambers’ core practice areas spanning the…
 Katie Gray  photo Katie Gray Having completed pupillage in Chambers, Katie became a junior tenant in 2014…
 David Guy  photo David Guy Every type of commercial and common law case in the High Court…
 James Hamerton-Stove  photo James Hamerton-Stove James has a busy practice in the full range of Chambers’ work.…
 Tim Mark Hammond  photo Tim Mark Hammond Property – litigation; property – landlord and tenant.
 Piers Harrison  photo Piers Harrison Piers’s practice covers all areas of property law. He has a particular…
 Mitchell Hayden-Cook  photo Mitchell Hayden-Cook Mitchell Hayden-Cook commenced his third-six pupillage at Tanfield in September 2018, having…
 Christopher Heather photo Christopher Heather Landlord and tenant (commercial, residential, and enfranchisement) real property and associated professional…
 Alejandra Hormaeche  photo Alejandra Hormaeche
 Nicholas Isaac  photo Nicholas Isaac As a property litigator with extensive experience in all aspects of property…
 Sara Jabbari  photo Sara Jabbari Sara Jabbari joined Chambers in 2011 and developed a specialist property practice…
 Karen Jones  photo Karen Jones As former chief legal adviser to the Country Land and Business Association…
 Gareth Jones  photo Gareth Jones Gareth is an associate tenant at Tanfield and  focuses his practice on…
 Charles Joseph  photo Charles Joseph Commercial and business law; real property and related areas; arbitration; bankruptcy and…
 Estelle Lear  photo Estelle Lear Estelle has experience in all areas of family law and has appeared…
 Mark Loveday  photo Mark Loveday Property law, with a particular emphasis on enfranchisement, service charges and management,…
 Catriona MacLaren  photo Catriona MacLaren Catriona’s practice divides between private client and employment law.  Private Client Within…
 Sam Madge-Wyld  photo Sam Madge-Wyld All aspects of residential and commercial landlord and tenant and real property…
 Christopher Maynard  photo Christopher Maynard Specialist advice and advocacy, principally in the field of property litigation, for…
 Iain Mitchell photo Iain Mitchell Iain G Mitchell QC was called to the Scottish Bar in 1976,…
 Stephen Monkcom  photo Stephen Monkcom Stephen has been included as an expert in licensing, particularly betting, gaming…
 Nicola Muir  photo Nicola Muir All aspects of residential and commercial property litigation including landlord and tenant…
 Olivia Murphy  photo Olivia Murphy Olivia Murphy has been a specialist Family practitioner since pupillage. She has…
 Timothy Polli  photo Timothy Polli Real property disputes concerning boundaries, adverse possession, easements and restrictive covenants (for…
 Philip Rainey photo Philip Rainey All aspects of commercial and residential property litigation (including social housing); also…
 Sebastian Reid  photo Sebastian Reid Civil common law with occasional forays into matrimonial finance and children. Main…
 Chloe Sheridan  photo Chloe Sheridan Chloe Sheridan is developing a broad property and commercial practice. In March…
 Jonathan Upton  photo Jonathan Upton Jonathan specialises in property disputes.  He has been recognised as a Leading…
 Michael Walsh  photo Michael Walsh Michael’s practice encompasses all aspects of the law of property and associated…
 Gerald Wilson  photo Gerald Wilson Gerald Wilson specialises in family and property law, focusing on matrimonial finance,…
 Gemma de Cordova  photo Gemma de Cordova Property litigation (commercial and residential); business and commercial; general chancery; mediation. Gemma…