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Crime (general and fraud) Tier 2

23 Essex Street has a good presence in the South East with members being instructed in Essex, Kent, Surrey and Sussex Crown Courts in cases of a serious nature on both sides. Eloise Marshall QC defended a woman who was convicted of the murder of her husband, who she repeatedly struck a rolling pin, only calling for an ambulance more than 24 hours after his death. Alan Gardner prosecuted unled in the final trial connected to the "Operation Silk" grooming investigation in Oxford; the three defendants were convicted and received sentences totalling 49 years.

Leading Silks

Kate Lumsdon QC - 23 Essex StreetShe is a superstar whose friendly personality belies a steely determination and she is unstinting in the representation of her clients, both when prosecuting and defending.
Ranked: Tier 2
Eloise Marshall QC - 23 Essex StreetShe is an impressive advocate, with a real touch of humanity.
Ranked: Tier 2

Leading Juniors

James Bloomer - 23 Essex StreetHe is a sharp, meticulous and forceful advocate. He stands out for his diligent preparation, superb presentation and obvious talent.
Ranked: Tier 2
Alan Gardner - 23 Essex StreetCalm, balanced, industrious. A star.
Ranked: Tier 2

Stephen Shay  - 23 Essex Street ‘His real strength is a calm and measured approach when Prosecuting which would make even the most experienced defendant unable to suggest there is anything unfair about the process. 

Ranked: Tier 2
Patrick Duffy - 23 Essex StreetHe is frequently the junior of choice in murder and serious fraud cases.
Ranked: Tier 3
Rhodri James - 23 Essex StreetA great advocate who has the ability to absorb forensically dense cases, the capacity to know what is important, the judgement to know how to deploy it and the confidence of the court in his execution.
Ranked: Tier 3

Fraud: crime Tier 2

23 Essex Street is 'well respected in the field of fraud' thanks to 'a strength in depth of counsel who are strong in this area'. Its members have a solid track record in handling Ponzi schemes, boiler room frauds, money laundering, and tax fraud cases, to name but a few areas. Defence work is a core strength for the set, however, the team is also well known for handling prosecution instructions for the Crown Prosecution Service's Specialist Fraud Division. Chambers houses former chair of the Fraud Lawyers Association, Mark Fenhalls QC, who will become Vice-Chair of the Bar in 2021.

Leading Silks

Charles Miskin QC - 23 Essex StreetA silk with charm and panache.
Ranked: Tier 1
Cairns Nelson QC - 23 Essex StreetCairns is a deeply impressive individual - he has an air of calm, measured assurance which tends to puts clients, both professional and lay, at ease and gives him real authority and presence in Court. This is backed up with tremendous ability.
Ranked: Tier 2
Mark Fenhalls QC - 23 Essex StreetAbsolute class performer. Manages client brilliantly and offers clear cogent advice.
Ranked: Tier 3
Paul Ozin QC - 23 Essex StreetHe prosecutes with determination.
Ranked: Tier 3

Leading Juniors

Richard Bentwood - 23 Essex StreetRichard has a masterful command of matters relating to fraud, which includes a forensic eye for the unexpected. He is top of the field in matters which involve large amounts of digital evidence.
Ranked: Tier 3
Tom Godfrey - 23 Essex StreetA barrister who pays attention to detail and prosecutes with determination.
Ranked: Tier 4
Daniel Lister - 23 Essex StreetImpressive on his feet. Approachable. He goes the extra mile for clients.
Ranked: Tier 4

Crime Tier 3

'A good set with quality counsel', 23 Essex Street prosecutes and defends across a wide spectrum of criminal work; recent instructions include drugs conspiracies, people trafficking, and murders. Mark Fenhalls QC successfully prosecuted Shofael Israel who was convicted of the murder of Joy Morgan, following Morgan's disappearance in 2018. On the defence side, Lisa Wilding QC acted for RAF pilot Tim Barry, who was acquitted of the alleged attempted murder of his girlfriend, instead receiving an 18-month community order for assault. Rossano Scamardella QC and Tom Godfrey represented Henry Long in a multi-defendant trial concerning the death of PC Andrew Harper in August 2019; Long pleaded guilty to manslaughter but was acquitted of murder in July 2020. Ahmed Hossain QC was elevated to silk in March 2020.

Leading Silks

Allison Hunter QC - 23 Essex StreetShe is a classy advocate. She is supremely articulate and devastatingly effective. One of the best cross-examiners at the Bar.
Ranked: Tier 2
Cairns Nelson QC - 23 Essex StreetHe relates equally well with high court judges as he does with lay clients and jury. His attitude to client care is second to none. Many silks can be rather "hands-off" when it comes to interacting with lay clients but this is certainly not true of Cairns who is careful to make his client feel an important part of the process. This natural ability to interact with others translates into him being a most impressive and relatable jury advocate.
Ranked: Tier 2
Paul Bogan QC - 23 Essex StreetHe is a superb advocate and tactician, excellent with juries. He has meticulous attention to detail and is uncompromising in his defence of his clients. He is very much a team player. He is equally attentive to anxious family members as he is to the client.
Ranked: Tier 2
Francis FitzGibbon QC - 23 Essex StreetA highly intelligent silk and a true gentleman.
Ranked: Tier 2
Charles Miskin QC - 23 Essex StreetNot afraid to argue forcefully with the court in the finest traditions of the Bar.
Ranked: Tier 3
James Mulholland QC - 23 Essex StreetApproachable, hardworking and sensible in his approach.
Ranked: Tier 3
John Price QC - 23 Essex StreetA brilliant silk and the pre-eminent silk for prosecuting cases of complexity and sensitivity, particularly where there are difficult questions of law.
Ranked: Tier 3

Mark Fenhalls QC - 23 Essex Street ‘Absolute class performer. Manages clients brilliantly and offers clear cogent advice.

Ranked: Tier 3
Kate Lumsdon QC - 23 Essex StreetKate commands the courtroom with a calm and authoritative air that instills confidence in all who deal with her. She has impeccable judgement and is not afraid to make difficult decisions, which others might shy away from.
Ranked: Tier 4
Eloise Marshall QC - 23 Essex StreetShe prepares a case thoroughly, resulting in a remarkable knowledge of her papers and the strengths and weaknesses in her case – meaning that she is not caught out when presenting it in court, in a conference or during negotiations with an interested party or her opposition. Brilliant at putting clients at their ease and provides succinct, quality advice.
Ranked: Tier 4

Rossano Scamardella QC - 23 Essex Street 'His cross-examination and closing speeches are always of a high standard and impressive.'

Ranked: Tier 4
Lisa Wilding QC - 23 Essex StreetShe genuinely stops at nothing to ensure that she has every detail nailed down and knows the case inside-out and back-to-front. She is unusually generous with her time for and patience with defendants, and her obvious hard work is recognised and rewarded with their absolute confidence in her. She naturally and quickly establishes herself as a reassuring voice of authority and intellect in a courtroom.
Ranked: Tier 4

2020 Silks

Leading Juniors

Tom Godfrey - 23 Essex Street ‘Tom is a strong jury advocate. He clearly commands the confidence of his client.

Ranked: Tier 2
Patrick Duffy - 23 Essex StreetHe can present complicated evidence to a jury with patience, charm and wit.
Ranked: Tier 3
Rhodri James - 23 Essex StreetSimply outstanding when it comes to cross-examining vulnerable witnesses.
Ranked: Tier 3
Nathan Rasiah - 23 Essex StreetHe is very bright and fantastic on his feet. A quick thinker. He prosecutes fearlessly but fairly and is a pleasure as an opponent. He fights his corner very hard. A class act.
Ranked: Tier 3
Jeremy Rosenberg - 23 Essex StreetA real fighter – great at preparing and delivering legal arguments.
Ranked: Tier 3

Madeleine Wolfe - 23 Essex Street ‘Madeleine is a very talented and experienced advocate with extensive knowledge of the most serious and complex cases. A commanding yet calm presence in court, robust in any legal arguments and savvy in cross-examination. She deliveries the most impressive closing speeches.

Ranked: Tier 3

Elisabeth Acker - 23 Essex Street 'Lizzy is hardworking, enthusiastic, and determined. She puts lay clients at their ease and has the confidence of her professional clients, her opponents, and the court.'

Ranked: Tier 3
Lesley Bates - 23 Essex StreetExcellent legal skills applied in a practical and effective way. Very strong under pressure and has complete control and management of cases .Extremely effective advocate. Practical and considerate of others. Tactical and strategic thinker and planner.
Ranked: Tier 3
James Bloomer - 23 Essex StreetMeticulous and details orientated but a fierce advocate in his clients' interests - a highly impressive barrister, never to be underestimated.
Ranked: Tier 3

Crime (general and fraud) Tier 3

Primarily known for defence work in Manchester, 23 Essex Street 'has gone from strength to strength with some really good additions to chambers'. Hugh McKee was a led junior representing the only defendant acquitted, after a submission of no case to answer, in a three-defendant joint enterprise knife murder case in which the two other defendants were convicted. Bob Sastry represented an 18-year-old who received a non-custodial sentence after pleading guilty ABH after glassing her future mother in law in a pub. Daniel Lister appears for the defence in a seven-handed trial related to conspiracy to import cannabis; the case was investigated by the NCA.

Leading Juniors

Bob Sastry - 23 Essex StreetAn excellent trial advocate with a really good way with jurors and witnesses - he presents excellent closing speeches even in the most difficult cases.
Ranked: Tier 2
Barry White - 23 Essex StreetCompetent and no-nonsense with first-class preparation.
Ranked: Tier 2
Daniel Lister - 23 Essex StreetGreat confidence, judgment, hard worker. Very user friendly. Professional and lay clients trust him.
Ranked: Tier 3
Hugh McKee - 23 Essex StreetHis recent work includes serious fraud, historic sexual abuse and firearms cases.
Ranked: Tier 3

Business and regulatory crime (including global investigations)

Leading Silks

Mark Fenhalls QC - 23 Essex Street 'A compelling advocate.'
Ranked: Tier 3
Paul Ozin QC - 23 Essex Street 'A silk with a meticulous eye for detail.'
Ranked: Tier 3

Professional disciplinary and regulatory law Tier 3

23 Essex Street is 'a really great set', handling amongst other matters some of the most complex work for medical regulators. Tim Grey represented the GMC in a case concerning an alleged sexual assault on a patient during a cancer screening examination, with complex issues of whether it is possible to compel chaperones to give evidence amongst those to be decided; Christopher Hamlet represented the same regulator in a matter concerning a medical academic where the case turned on whether the behaviour was dishonest in the wake of Ivey v Genting.

Leading Silks

Paul Ozin QC - 23 Essex StreetHe is technically brilliant with an unrivalled tenacity.
Ranked: Tier 2

Leading Juniors

Tim Grey - 23 Essex StreetTim is always meticulous in his preparation, combining an acute tactical sense with strong legal analysis. He is a compelling and engaging advocate.
Ranked: Tier 3
Christopher Hamlet - 23 Essex StreetCharming, sensible, reasonable - and completely trustworthy and straight-up. An admirable barrister.
Ranked: Tier 3
Rebecca Vanstone - 23 Essex StreetRebecca has an excellent understanding of the needs of our clients and has an exceptional eye for the detail whilst never overlooking the overarching objective or the big picture.
Ranked: Tier 3

Chancery, probate, and tax

23 Essex Street is an experienced set with a number of leading Chancery counsel and has particularly expertise in the area of contentious probate. Known for building 'excellent rapport with clients' and for being 'accessible and easy to work with', Tom Gosling's practice covers contested probate, claims, promissory estoppel, and claims under the Inheritance (Provision for Family and Dependants) Act 1975. He successfully secured an award for financial provision with life-changing benefits for the claimant in a claim against the estate of his late adopted mother and the sole beneficiary under her will, a Buddhist temple. Praised for providing opinions that are 'detailed, well researched and provide the client with pragmatic advice', Jonathan Smith was recently instructed in a constructive trust/proprietary estoppel claim between father and son over a property valued at approximately £350,000; he also acted in a claim to set aside a will for want of knowledge and approval with possible claims for forgery and family provision.

Leading Juniors

Tom Gosling - 23 Essex StreetVery approachable and down to earth. He builds rapport with clients easily and is extremely technically capable. He is able to adapt quickly to changes in circumstances and to maintain a cool-head and an assured manner in the face of a crisis.
Ranked: Tier 2
Jonathan Smith - 23 Essex StreetJonathan is always well prepared, listens to the client in conference and identifies the main issues of dispute in cases generally. Jonathan has a professional demeanour in Court and his cross examination technique often yields the desired results at trial.
Ranked: Tier 2

Commercial litigation

23 Essex Street's commercial group is 'populated by like-minded and able barristers who pull-together' and are 'gaining a strong reputation in Manchester'. With a broad commercial litigation and arbitration practice, with particular expertise in unjust enrichment, company, insolvency, banking, and sports disputes, Brad Pomfret is praised by solicitors for being 'persuasive; calm and confident. He is a reassuring presence in court. He is accessible; hands-on and liked by clients'. Pomfret is currently acting in a claim for breach of confidence and related actions against former employees who left the claimant and joined a competitor. The set also receives praise for its 'very responsive' clerks who are 'at the forefront with their training offering'.

Leading Juniors

Brad Pomfret - 23 Essex StreetVery attentive. A real team player who is incredibly approachable. He has a sharp brain. He is excellent in cross-examination.
Ranked: Tier 2

Company and insolvency

The Manchester arm of 23 Essex Street is home to 'sharp advocate' Tom Gosling who has a predominantly company law-based practice, advising and representing parties in shareholder and LLP disputes. These include contractual claims, breach of trust or fiduciary duty, winding-up, and unfair prejudice petitions. Recent instructions of note include London Borough of Camden & Preston City Council v Saint Benedict’s Land Trust Limited, the first reported case to consider whether failure to verify a winding-up petition in accordance with rr.7.6,7.7 and 7.9 Insolvency Rules 2016 rendered the petition a nullity. Claire Bunbury also comes highly recommended in the field of insolvency and restructuring.

Leading Juniors

Claire Bunbury - 23 Essex StreetGoes above and beyond in order to find a solution.
Ranked: Tier 2
Tom Gosling - 23 Essex StreetTom is a sharp advocate and very user friendly. He offers sound pragmatic commercial advice and solutions in rapidly moving matters. Tom is readily avaliable and willing. A standout barrister who I am always happy to recommend to clients and colleagues alike.
Ranked: Tier 2

Property and construction

23 Essex Street members undertake both local and national litigation, as well as mediation and arbitration, with a team that combines work on property and business issues. Brad Pomfret specialises in commercial and residential mortgage disputes, acting for lenders. Stephen Pritchett has a wealth of experience in property-related disputes. Recent instructions of note include SHB Realisations Limited v Cribbs Mall Nominee Limited.

Leading Juniors

Brad Pomfret - 23 Essex StreetExcellent on his feet.
Ranked: Tier 2
Stephen Pritchett - 23 Essex StreetHe is an excellent all-rounder who is quick, detailed, good on his feet and great fun to work with. Good tactician; sound knowledge of law and procedure.
Ranked: Tier 2

Set overviews: England and Wales

London and Manchester-based 23ES has recently moved from its London home of Essex Street to 1 Gray’s Inn Square. 23ES has also announced the launch of a Small Claims Arbitration Service to resolve disputes with a value below £10,000, as well as a new Online Arbitration and Online Mediation Service. In other chambers news, Ahmed Hossain  took silk and Alan Blake, formerly of Thames and Chiltern CPS, joins chambers as of 26 October 2020; Blake, along with Alan Gardner , Daniel Fugallo , and Hannah Kinch  have been appointed Recorders with effect from 12 October 2020, all being assigned to the South Eastern Circuit. Mark Fenhalls QC has been elected vice-chair of the Bar 2021, with Kate Lumsdon QC appointed deputy head of chambers; Flora Page  has been appointed to the Legal Services Board for a four year term with effect from 1 August 2020; Paul Ozin QC has been elected the new chair of the Association of Regulatory & Disciplinary Lawyers.



Wayne King is a highly dedicated and motivated clerk who has breathed a new life and strength into 23ES since his arrival. The ethos of chambers is impressive as is the attention to the career paths of individual counsel – which has doubtless helped to attract some of the talented newer members.

Wayne King has a very clear vision for chambers and I have no doubt he will achieve it. He recognises the importance of engaging with counsel, working with them to improve and establish connections and career pathways.

Adam Chapman is the supremo of the clerks’ room and can handle anything the criminal justice system throws at him.

Sean Hulston and Kevin Ambridge in Manchester provide a service that goes above and beyond that provided by many other sets. If you need a hearing covering at short notice they will take that stress from you, sort out the cover and then let you know. For a very busy criminal defence firm this is a most reassuring and time saving service. The clerks are approachable and reliable.

Sean Hulston is an exceptional clerk who is always willing to go out of his way to make sure counsel’s dairies run smoothly. Mr Hulston’s communication skills are priceless and this allows instructing solicitors to manage client’s expectations accordingly if required.

Sean Hulston is the senior clerk of the Manchester Annex Chambers. The service provided by the clerks is excellent. They are pro-active in dealing with cases and assist at short notice when required. This takes a serious amount of stress away from the instructing solicitor.

The clerking team is always helpful when you contact them either by telephone or email. Colin Perrin is a particularly helpful clerk. He responds quickly and will re-arrange diaries where he can to assist all parties involved. Nothing is ever too much trouble and I have always managed to book counsel with no issues.

Colin Perrin is an excellent clerk, always available and willing to help; a credit to the barristers he assists and his chambers.

The clerks room is excellent and has striven and succeeded in maintaining an excellent service during the Covid crisis. Adam Chapman is an impressive clerk who is well respected by members of chambers and clients alike.

The clerks’ room is great. Headed by Wayne King, Adam Chapman and Jack Shah are particularly good. They are responsive and efficient.

The clerks are very responsive. They are at the forefront with their training offering. They are gaining a strong reputation in Manchester, notwithstanding they are a relatively new entrant.


23 Essex Street are a chambers who pride themselves in the integrity and professionalism of all of their members. An impressive set with an array of excellent barristers. Leading Members are regularly instructed to prosecute and defend in some of the highest profile cases at any one time.

23 Essex Street Chambers is a set that I have used extensively in respect of fraud, money laundering and confiscation cases. They have a good depth of very capable barristers in these areas.

23 Essex Street has a good calibre of barristers, which means there is always someone to instruct. The clerking team are also approachable, encourage a rapport to build relationships and will assist where they can.

23 Essex Street possesses barristers of the highest calibre, who both prosecute and defend the most serious of criminals matters. They have a reputation for excellence that is founded in fairness and hard work.

As a solicitor I have found dealing with the chambers so easy. No hassles. Attendance notes always arrive quickly, communication is excellent and any problem is resolves quickly. They are a chambers you can rely on. A depth of barristers of all years of call.

Each member of the set who I have engaged has demonstrated real expertise as would be expected but with a down to earth approach. This is a really great set.

I would perhaps say this, but 23 Essex Street houses some absolutely top quality briefs.

Since instructing 23 Essex Street we have been impressed at their strength in depth but also the approachability of both the advocates themselves and the clerking staff. We have also been provided with the opportunity to engage in training programmes provided, without cost, by chambers.

The Chambers are an experienced set, particularly in the area of contentious probate. I have instructed a few Counsel in this Chambers and they are knowledgeable in what they do. We have been to a few lectures which they have put on which were informative and useful.

The commercial arm of Chambers is situated in Manchester but still offers national coverage, making it a one stop shop for all matters rating related. The Clerks are personable and knowledgeable, ensuring that Counsel has all the required papers and is in the right place at the right time. The team make it quick and easy to find out who is available to attend any particular hearing at any venue on a given date with an ability to suggest alternatives where appropriate. An all round stellar outfit.

The set has gone from strength to strength in Manchester with some really good additions to chambers. The members can be trusted to look after your clients and provide a great service to those instructing them. If it is that a particular barrister that you wish to instruct is not available then you can be guaranteed to be offer somebody of equal or more senior call.

Regional Bar > South Eastern Circuit > Crime (general and fraud) Tier 2

23 Essex Street has a good presence in the South East with members being instructed in Essex, Kent, Surrey and Sussex Crown Courts in cases of a serious nature on both sides. Eloise Marshall QC defended a woman who was convicted of the murder of her husband, who she repeatedly struck a rolling pin, only calling for an ambulance more than 24 hours after his death. Alan Gardner prosecuted unled in the final trial connected to the "Operation Silk" grooming investigation in Oxford; the three defendants were convicted and received sentences totalling 49 years.

Leading Silks

Kate Lumsdon QC - 23 Essex StreetShe is a superstar whose friendly personality belies a steely determination and she is unstinting in the representation of her clients, both when prosecuting and defending.
Ranked: Tier 2
Eloise Marshall QC - 23 Essex StreetShe is an impressive advocate, with a real touch of humanity.
Ranked: Tier 2

Leading Juniors

James Bloomer - 23 Essex StreetHe is a sharp, meticulous and forceful advocate. He stands out for his diligent preparation, superb presentation and obvious talent.
Ranked: Tier 2
Alan Gardner - 23 Essex StreetCalm, balanced, industrious. A star.
Ranked: Tier 2

Stephen Shay  - 23 Essex Street ‘His real strength is a calm and measured approach when Prosecuting which would make even the most experienced defendant unable to suggest there is anything unfair about the process. 

Ranked: Tier 2
Patrick Duffy - 23 Essex StreetHe is frequently the junior of choice in murder and serious fraud cases.
Ranked: Tier 3
Rhodri James - 23 Essex StreetA great advocate who has the ability to absorb forensically dense cases, the capacity to know what is important, the judgement to know how to deploy it and the confidence of the court in his execution.
Ranked: Tier 3


23ES is a modern, innovative, approachable set of barristers, with a leading reputation in crime, fraud, a range of regulatory and disciplinary matters and more recently commercial law. John Price QC and Cairns Nelson QC were elected as joint head of chambers in November 2015. Under their collective stewardship chambers has continued to grow and is a national criminal set in London and Manchester.

The set: Chambers has a genuine commitment to teamwork, supported by both its formal training programme and its inherent culture, which ensures important recent experience is shared across chambers. This experience is broad, with members of chambers undertaking the entire range of mainstream criminal law, as well as associated regulatory and civil work. Within this, chambers has set up a number of specialist teams, offering a strong portfolio of barristers who are effective at all levels, to harness and develop expertise in certain niche practice areas.

Members regularly appear in high-profile cases in all levels of court in England and Wales as well as other jurisdictions, including the International Criminal Court and the European Court of Human Rights.

Chambers is supported by a motivated clerking team that are committed to delivering a first-class service to clients and members alike.

Types of work undertaken: Chambers deals with Crime, Financial and Corporate Crime, Regulatory and Professional Discipline work , Inquests and Inquiries,  Civil and Commercial work. Specialist areas include corporate and financial regulatory, healthcare discipline, police discipline, environmental crime, IP crime and trading standards. Chambers also undertakes Court Martial, Prison Law,  Property Law, Sports Law and direct access work. Chambers also has a strong track record in international work with members appearing in human rights cases involving genocide, war crimes, and international terrorism.

Crime: 23ES is one of the largest and strongest sets of criminal barristers in England and Wales. Chambers currently has over 100 barristers. The size and national presence of chambers enables it to offer a genuine depth and expertise across the full spectrum of criminal law. Chambers not only defends at the highest level, but is also instructed by all of the major prosecuting agencies including the Serious Fraud Office,  Organised Crime Division, the Complex Casework Units and BEIS, on a national level. The general crime team also have a particular expertise in sexual offences involving vulnerable witnesses, and county-lines drug offences.

Financial and Corporate Crime: 23ES continues to enjoy a superb reputation in this field, with talented and sought after Members prosecuting and defending in many serious and notable fraud cases both in the UK and other common law jurisdictions. Chambers has significant and growing experience in advisory and investigation work in fraud related HMRC tribunal work. Alongside the financial crime practice, runs the civil fraud team comprising commercial law specialists with expertise in civil consequences of fraud such as insolvency. Many of the juniors undertake secondments at the key financial regulators, including the FCA, HMRC and SFO, enhancing chambers knowledge and experience.

Professional regulatory and discipline: Chambers continues to present the most serious of cases on behalf of various regulators, including appellate and public law work. These include healthcare regulators (GMC, GDC, GCC, GOC, NMC, RCN, SRA, HCPC), financial regulators (notably ACCA and CIPFA), police work and niche work regulators, including the British Psychoanalytical Council and the Forensic Science Regulator.

Chambers services cross-over criminal/regulatory work from BEIS, FCA, Environmental,Trading Standards and CMA. There is strength across call bands, including the junior members of chambers have a depth of experience beyond their call built on secondment posts with the regulators.

Commercial: The team offers barristers of differing seniorities and styles, with specialisms ranging from traditional chancery areas such as trusts, wills, probate and real property, company law, partnership, Inheritance Act claims, charities and taxation to general commercial litigation, sale of goods and professional negligence. It also has considerable expertise in corporate and personal insolvency.

Additionally, a number of members of the team have significant experience in banking and finance matters, acting for a number of large lenders as well as borrowers on areas ranging from securities to the Consumer Credit Act 1974.

Education and training: Members of chambers are involved in all stages of education and training at the Bar. Chambers is proud to have provided several chairmen of the Criminal Bar Association as well as a leader of the South Eastern Circuit and many members of the committees of these and other organisations; thereby contributing to the sustainability and growth of the bar. Paul Ozin QC co-authors a leading practitioners text on the Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984 and was co-ordinating editor of 23 Essex Streets Financial Crime Update in Butterworths Journal of International Banking and Financial Law. The general editor of Archbold and Criminal Law Week, James Richardson QC, remains a door tenant having practised from chambers and members regularly contribute to a range of legal periodicals. 23 Essex Street is a recognised leader in the field of legal training, running its own continuing education seminars and a well renowned pupillage training programme. Chambers commitment to education and training is ongoing.

Tenancy: Applications should be addressed to the director of tenancy, Rossano Scamardella QC. All applications will be treated in the strictest confidence. Please see the website for further details.

Pupillage: Applications are advertised on the website –

Mini-pupillage: A limited number are available.

Correspondence regarding mini-pupillages should be made via the email address

London:  1 Grays Inn Square, London, WC1R 5AA

Manchester:  Waterhouse, 2nd Floor, 41 Spring Gardens, Manchester M2 2BG Tel: 0161 870 9969 DX: 303434 Manchester



Department Name Email Telephone
Joint Head of Chambers PRICE QC, John (1982)
Joint Head of Chambers NELSON QC, Cairns (1987)
MISKIN QC, Charles (1975)
Enoch QC Dafydd (1985)
FitzGibbon QC Francis (1986)
BOGAN QC, Paul (1983)
MULHOLLAND QC, James (1986)
ALI QC, Zafar (1994)
FENHALLS QC, Mark (1992)
OZIN QC, Paul (1987)
HUNTER QC, Allison (1986)
CLARK QC, Tim (1993)
LUMSDON QC, Kate (2018)
MARSHALL QC, Eloise (2018)
SCAMARDELLA QC, Rossano (2018)
MACHIN, Charles (1973)
MULHOLLAND, Michael (1976)
HARRISON, Michael (1979)
HORNSBY, Walton (1980)
MCKEE, Hugh (1983)
RILEY, John (1983)
BROWN, Roy (1983)
SHAY, Stephen (1984)
WILLIAMS, Brian (1986)
PRITCHETT, Stephen (1989)
FORGAN, Hugh (1989)
SMITH, Jonathan (1991)
AMIS, Christopher (1991)
MOORE, Richard (1992)
MILNE, Richard (1992)
O'CONNOR, Ged (1993)
MCCRINDELL, James (1993)
BENTWOOD, Richard (1994)
WATKINS, Adam (1994)
CASELLA, Bart (1995)
HARGAN, Carl (1995)
MCGRATH, Francis (1995)
HOSSAIN, Ahmed (1996)
MORRIS, Sarah (1996)
SASTRY, Bob (1996)
BRODY, Saul (1996)
HOPE, Ian (1996)
GARDNER, Alan (1997)
ROYLE, Charles (1997)
SANDYS, Neil (1998)
WOLFE, Madeleine (1998)
FUGALLO, Daniel (1999)
SMITH, Graham (1999)
BATES, Leslie (1999)
DUNKIN, Oliver (1999)
GREY,Tim (1999)
HUSBANDS, Abigail (2000)
HAMLET, Christopher (2000)
BLOOMER, James (2000)
POVALL, David (2000)
HARRIS, Adrian (2001)
FARLEY, David (2001)
EAGLESTONE, William (2001)
KHAN, Aisha (2002)
DYE, John (2002)
JAMES, Rhodri (2002)
HILL, Rina-Marie (2002)
SAUL, Sonya (2002)
BANKS, Nathan (2003)
COMMON, Hamish (2003)
GODFREY, Tom (2003)
POMFRET, Brad (2004)
GOSLING, Tom (2004)
UPTON, Alexander (2004)
MOHAMMED, Rashad (2004)
BUNBURY, Claire (2006)
TEMPLETON, Joseph (2006)
VANSTONE, Rebecca (2006)
MORGAN, Iestyn (2006)
RASIAH, Nathan (2007)
DUFFY, Patrick (2007)
WHITE, Barry (2007)
ROSENBERG, Jeremy (2009)
SAYNOR, Richard (2009)
CABRAL, Carolina (2009)
LISTER, Daniel (2009)
WHEELER, Rupert (2010)
ACKER, Elizabeth (2010)
DUONG, Helena (2010)
GAINZA, Victoria (2010)
MCINTYRE, Sarah-Kate (2011)
SMITH, Robert (2011)
TOLSON, Asa (2012)
MILLS, Alex (2012)
TREFGARNE, Sam (2012)
MURPHY, Micheal (2013)
DAINTY, David (2013)
O'DONOGHUE, Daniel (2013)
AYOO, Arnold (2014)
QUEFFURUS, Sasha (2014)
WHITE, Tom (2015)
CYPLES, Kelly (2016)
TEALE, Josephine (2016)
CLEGG, Amelia (2017)
STEWART, Caroline (2017)
HODGETTS, Matthew (2017)
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 Paul Bogan photo Paul Bogan Paul Bogan acts exclusively for the defence in both serious fraud and…
 Roy Brown  photo Roy Brown A heavyweight defence advocate with a loyal client following, Roy has a…
 Carolina Cabral  photo Carolina Cabral A persuasive and conscientious advocate, Carolina is fast developing a practice beyond…
 Bart Casella  photo Bart Casella Bart is a member of the Civil Team and the Commercial and…
 Tim Clark  photo Tim Clark Tim Clark has acted as leading junior for the defence and the…
Miss Elizabeth Cobb  photo Miss Elizabeth Cobb
 Hamish Common  photo Hamish Common Hamish Common practises in all areas of crime, tending towards more serious…
 Wayne Cranston-Morris  photo Wayne Cranston-Morris Wayne is experienced in all areas of criminal law, both for the…
Mr David Dainty  photo Mr David Dainty David is regularly instructed in the Crown Court appearing in a range…
 Patrick Duffy  photo Patrick Duffy Patrick is an experienced defence barrister, whose instructing solicitors know to be…
 Oliver Dunkin  photo Oliver Dunkin Oliver Dunkin has been a member of chambers since Pupillage. A Grade…
 Helena Duong  photo Helena Duong Helena both prosecutes and defends in all criminal courts. She is experienced…
 John Dye  photo John Dye John Dye is regularly instructed to defend across the calendar of criminal…
 William Eaglestone  photo William Eaglestone William Eaglestone is a criminal and regulatory lawyer, whose practice extends to…
Mr David Farley  photo Mr David Farley
 Mark Fenhalls photo Mark Fenhalls Mark is ranked as a leader at the bar in both crime…
Mr Francis FitzGibbon photo Mr Francis FitzGibbon
 Hugh Forgan  photo Hugh Forgan Hugh Forgan is a highly experienced criminal law barrister. He was called…
 Daniel Fugallo  photo Daniel Fugallo Daniel Fugallo, who prosecutes and defends, is an advocate with a gift…
 Victoria Gainza  photo Victoria Gainza Victoria is a conscientious and skilled advocate, whose main areas of interest…
 Alan Gardner  photo Alan Gardner Alan is an experienced and highly regarded junior who prosecutes and defends…
 Tom Godfrey  photo Tom Godfrey Tom Godfrey has built up an impressive Crown Court practice and recent…
 Tim Grey  photo Tim Grey Tim is an advocate with a wide ranging experience across several sectors.…
 Christopher Hamlet  photo Christopher Hamlet Chris specialises in professional disciplinary and regulatory work. For Regulators: Drawing upon…
 Adrian Harris  photo Adrian Harris Adrian works in all areas of criminal law, but his main focus…
 Michael Harrison  photo Michael Harrison Michael prosecutes and defends in all areas of crime with an emphasis…
Ms Rina-Marie Hill  photo Ms Rina-Marie Hill Rina is instructed in the most demanding, complex and high profile cases…
Mr Matthew Hodgetts  photo Mr Matthew Hodgetts
 Ian Hope  photo Ian Hope Ian is an experienced trial advocate (CPS Grade 4 and Rape Specialist). …
 Walton Hornsby  photo Walton Hornsby Walton has both prosecuted and defended major crime for a number of…
 Ahmed Hossain  photo Ahmed Hossain A highly recommended trial advocate with a particular focus on complex conspiracy…
 Allison Hunter  photo Allison Hunter Allison is routinely instructed to prosecute and defend in cases of significant…
 Abigail Husbands  photo Abigail Husbands Abigail Husbands is a specialist Rape panel and Grade 3 CPS advocate.…
 Rhodri James  photo Rhodri James Over the last year, Rhodri has acted in the following trials; attempted…
 Aisha Khan  photo Aisha Khan A criminal defence specialist, Aisha Khan is instructed in a broad range…
 Hannah Kinch  photo Hannah Kinch Hannah prosecutes and defends, as a led junior or alone, in cases…
 Daniel Lister  photo Daniel Lister Daniel has experience in all areas of criminal law. He is a…
 Kate Lumsdon  photo Kate Lumsdon Kate Lumsdon QC has recently taken silk following a successful career defending…
 Eloise Marshall  photo Eloise Marshall A highly-skilled and polished advocate, Eloise stands out for her exceptional trial…
Mr James McCrindell  photo Mr James McCrindell
 Francis McGrath  photo Francis McGrath Francis is an exceptional practitioner with a high level of expertise in…
Ms Sarah-Kate McIntyre  photo Ms Sarah-Kate McIntyre Sarah-Kate Prosecutes and Defends daily in the Crown Court in all areas…
 Alex Mills  photo Alex Mills Alex has appeared in the youth, crown and magistrates’ court. He has…
 Richard Milne  photo Richard Milne Richard’s methodical but creative intellect, ensures him a steady flow of significant…
 Charles Miskin photo Charles Miskin In the last four years the leading directories have said that Charles…
 Rashad Mohammed  photo Rashad Mohammed Rashad has a national criminal and fraud practice appearing in major cases…
Mr Iestyn Morgan  photo Mr Iestyn Morgan
Miss Sarah Morris  photo Miss Sarah Morris
Mr James Mulholland photo Mr James Mulholland
 Cairns Nelson photo Cairns Nelson Over the years, Cairns has acquired considerable expertise in the field of…
 Ged O’Connor  photo Ged O’Connor Ged O’Connor’s practice covers all areas of the criminal law, and he…
Mr Daniel O'Donoghue photo Mr Daniel O'Donoghue Daniel joined 23 Essex Street in October 2015 after successful completion of…
 Paul Ozin photo Paul Ozin Paul has particular expertise in white-collar crime cases (including company, business, revenue,…
 David Povall  photo David Povall David Povall practises across all areas of criminal law including fatal violence…
 John Price photo John Price ‘Extremely capable and a very skilled cross-examiner.’  Legal 500, 2015 : Crime…
Miss Divya Puri  photo Miss Divya Puri
Ms Sasha Queffurus  photo Ms Sasha Queffurus Sasha regularly appears in Magistrates’ Courts, Youth Courts and Crown Court. She…
 Nathan Rasiah  photo Nathan Rasiah Nathan has experience in all areas of criminal law. He is a…
 John Riley  photo John Riley John Riley has experience in all areas of criminal law, both prosecuting…
Mr Michael Roques  photo Mr Michael Roques
Mr Jeremy Rosenberg  photo Mr Jeremy Rosenberg eremy has a deep understanding of all types of financial crime. Jeremy…
 Charles Royle  photo Charles Royle Charles has an established practice in complex and serious cases. He primarily…
 Neil Sandys  photo Neil Sandys Neil is much in demand as both a Prosecution and defence Advocate.…
 Sonya Saul  photo Sonya Saul Sonya Saul is a junior of 12 years call, who prosecutes and…
 Richard Saynor  photo Richard Saynor Richard is a highly regarded and sought after practitioner with a busy…
 Rossano Scamardella  photo Rossano Scamardella With a reputation for sound judgment, thorough preparation and fearless advocacy, Rossano…
Mr Stephen Shay  photo Mr Stephen Shay Stephen Shay is a senior junior called in 1984, who is regularly…
 Graham Smith  photo Graham Smith Graham defends and prosecutes in all areas of serious and organised crime,…
Miss Caroline Stewart  photo Miss Caroline Stewart
Miss Josephine Teale  photo Miss Josephine Teale
 Joseph Templeton  photo Joseph Templeton Joseph has appeared in the Crown Court, the High Court and the…
 Sam Trefgarne  photo Sam Trefgarne Sam prosecutes and defends in all areas of criminal law, including sexual…
 Alexander Upton  photo Alexander Upton Alex has established an excellent reputation as a confident and persuasive trial…
Miss Rebecca Vanstone photo Miss Rebecca Vanstone
Mr Carl Wheeler  photo Mr Carl Wheeler
Mr Rupert Wheeler  photo Mr Rupert Wheeler Rupert is a criminal barrister with substantial expertise in related public law…
Mr Thomas White  photo Mr Thomas White
Mr Barry White  photo Mr Barry White Barry has a vast 23 years experience of Criminal Law, procedure and…
Miss Madeleine Wolfe photo Miss Madeleine Wolfe
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