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Chambers of Ayesha Hasan

London Bar > Private client: trusts and probate

Leading Juniors

Luke Barnes3 Dr Johnson's Buildings ‘Luke has real attention to detail. His pleadings are second to none. He is extremely knowledgeable in trusts law and leaves no stone unturned. He is realistic in his advice and presents it in a clear and succinct manner.’
Ranked: Tier 4

London Bar > Children law (including public and private law)

Leading Juniors

Lisa Peacock3 Dr Johnson's Buildings ‘Lisa is a well respected advocate who does everything in her power to ensure her client’s case is fairly presented. She is client focused and sensitive to the delicate issues in case and excellent for parents in need.’
Ranked: Tier 5

This set of chambers has an illustrious history extending back to the 19th century, including famous barristers and trials. Two amongst  former members are Edward Carson, who became a Law Lord, and Mr. Justice Darling. For many years Woodfall on the Law of Landlord and Tenant was edited here. Building on this eminent tradition, we are a forward-thinking set which prides itself on combining excellence and high standards with pragmatism and helpfulness.

Our barristers practise in courts at all levels throughout the country representing a wide range of individuals and institutions. Our clients range from small, high street solicitors, large City firms and local authorities, to members of the public, who instruct us directly on a Public Access basis. Members of Chambers offer foreign languages and expertise in foreign law, including Islamic law

All our barristers have formidable legal skills – which they complement with being approachable and friendly. Our team’s legal strengths, diverse backgrounds and healthy gender balance combine to offer services appreciated by our many different clients.

We offer particular expertise in the interaction between civil and family law. Our ‘open door’ policy enables every member of Chambers to consult with colleagues appropriately when a case presents overlapping areas of law.

For any enquiries please feel free to phone our clerks on 020 7353 4854 or email us at clerks@3djb.co.uk


Ayesha Hasan (Head of Chambers)AHasan@3djb.co.uk
Jeremy RussellJFJRussell@3djb.co.uk
Bernard Limbreyblimbrey@3djb.co.uk
Simon Birkssbirks@3djb.co.uk
Richard BudworthRBudworth@3DJB.co.uk
Judith Maxwelljmaxwell@3djb.co.uk
Norman Mossnmoss@3djb.co.uk
Victoria Tegginvteggin@3djb.co.uk
Suki Johalsjohal@3djb.co.uk
Lisa Peacocklpeacock@3djb.co.uk
Matthew Hellensmhellens@3djb.co.uk
Catherine Le Quesneclequesne@3djb.co.uk
Sandra Fishersfisher@3djb.co.uk
Jessica Redfordjredford@3djb.co.uk
Russell Steadmanrsteadman@3djb.co.uk
Luke Barneslbarnes@3djb.co.uk
Mark Jonesmjones@3djb.co.uk
Philip Squirepsquire@3djb.co.uk
Adrian Daviesadavies@3djb.co.uk
Judith Mayhewjmayhew@3djb.co.uk
Neil Kerrnkerr@3djb.co.uk
Catherine Piskolticpiskolti@3djb.co.uk
Peter Wilkinsonpwilkinson@3djb.co.uk
Emily Beerebeer@3djb.co.uk
Saiful Islamsislam@3djb.co.uk
Briony Palmerbpalmer@3djb.co.uk
Jessica Brindlejbrindle@3djb.co.uk
Ben Birtchnellbbirtchnell@3djb.co.uk
Amy Stoutajstout@3djb.co.uk
Ruth HitschmannRHitschmann@3DJB.co.uk
Anushka KangesuAKangesu@3djb.co.uk
Katherine GittinsKGittins@3DJB.co.uk
Laura WakefordLWakeford@3djb.co.uk
Haroon RanaHRana@3djb.co.uk
Elizabeth WarkEWark@3djb.co.uk
Adiba BassamABassam@3djb.co.uk
Senior Clerk : James Doble
First Junior : Peter Adkins
Second Junior : Catherine Farmiloe
Fees Clerk : Lee Colmer
Third Junior : Connor Collins
Junior Clerk : Emily Waller