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London Bar > Crime Tier 3

With ‘strength in depth’Mountford Chambers remains a go-to violent crime defence set, representing defendants in such offences as joint enterprise murders, drug executions, kidnapping, blackmail, drug conspiracies and rape and historic sexual offences., Alan Kent KC is representing a man accused of being part of stabbing murder where South East London gangs fought in the street with machetes and ‘zombie knives’. Christopher Henley KC is defending in a retrial a teenager accused of being part of  a gang at-random “postcode” stabbing of a Marks and Spencer employee. William England defends a case after the seizure of a shipment of cocaine disguised as a banana delivery. Laura Paisley from 9KBW arrived in May 2022.

Leading Silks

Alan Kent KC – Mountford Chambers ‘Alan is an excellent advocate, has great client care skills and prepares the case thoroughly. Quite simply is a Rolls Royce KC.’
Ranked: Tier 3
Christopher Henley KC – Mountford Chambers ‘Chris has great tactical insight into the key issues of his cases coupled with an ability to make the unreasonable appear entirely reasonable. He is unflappable under pressure and is rightly highly sought-after in a wide range of serious criminal offences.’
Ranked: Tier 3
Ranked: Tier 3
Colin Aylott KC  – Mountford Chambers ‘Colin is a formidable silk whose advocacy is exceptional. He has an incredible knowledge of the law. 
Ranked: Tier 4
Edward Henry KC – Mountford Chambers ‘Unparalleled attention to details and fights every single point. He’s the person you want in your corner when your back is to the wall.’
Ranked: Tier 4

Leading Juniors

Alexandra Scott – Mountford Chambers 'Alexandra is a very thorough professional with excellent advocacy skills. Her written advice is first rate and guidance during the currency of trials is invaluable.'
Ranked: Tier 3
Joe Hingston – Mountford ChambersJoe is a hard-working counsel, taking his time to find the best solution of clients. Excellent advocate and puts forward measured, well-reasoned legal arguments.'
Ranked: Tier 3
Ranked: Tier 3
Ranked: Tier 3
William England – Mountford Chambers ‘He is an incredible tactician and problem solver.’
Ranked: Tier 4
Ranked: Tier 4
Matthew Buckland - Mountford Chambers 'Matthew is a great jury advocate and has a busy crime practice.'
Ranked: Tier 4



‘Mountford Chambers are a strong set and has strength in depth.’

‘Mountford Chambers are an excellent set with heavy-hitting counsel. There is strength in depth.’

‘Very strong line up throughout.’ 


‘Jordan Wescott is brilliant at his work.’

‘Dean Allen is exceptional.’

‘The clerks room are excellent, particularly Ben Heaviside, Dean Allen and Jordan Wescott.’

London Bar > Fraud: crime Tier 3

‘An emerging set’, the experienced barristers at Mountford Chambers defend and prosecute high-value fraud prosecutions, from civil fraud and money laundering, to cases involving bribery and corruption. For example, Colin Aylott KC is defending a client charged with an Ministry of Defence contract fraud related to the disposal and destruction of ammunition.

Leading Silks

Charles Bott KC – Mountford Chambers ‘Charles is brilliant at cross-examination. Magisterial with difficult clients'
Ranked: Tier 3
Colin Aylott KC – Mountford ChambersColin works incredibly hard and has an ability to reach to the heart of the case with ease. He puts clients at ease even in the most stressful circumstances.'
Ranked: Tier 3

Leading Juniors

Alexandra Scott – Mountford Chambers  ‘Alexandra is a poised advocate, who commands the confidence of the court and her clients. She is respectful, but tenacious.'
Ranked: Tier 3
William England – Mountford Chambers ‘Will is a very experienced leading junior, he puts together well-drafted and well-crafted legal arguments. Very versatile.' 
Ranked: Tier 3
Ranked: Tier 4
Ranked: Tier 4



‘An emerging set.’

‘The crime barristers in chambers are all very capable in this field.’

‘Excellent. Very approachable. The chambers is an array of talented advocates.’ 


‘Ben Heaviside is a proper clerk I would put in a high bracket. A good air of judgement.’


London Bar > Proceeds of crime (POCA) and asset forfeiture

South Eastern Circuit > Crime (general and fraud)

Leading Juniors

Rebecca Upton - Mountford Chambers 'Rebecca is thorough in preparation and drafting skeleton arguments and presenting high-quality legal arguments. She quickly grasps the issues in the cases and demonstrates a detailed knowledge which strengthens her examination of the evidence and advice provided to the clients. Her advocacy skills are very strong.'
Ranked: Tier 2
Ranked: Tier 2

Regional Bar > South Eastern Circuit > Crime (general and fraud)

Leading Juniors

Rebecca Upton - Mountford Chambers 'Rebecca is thorough in preparation and drafting skeleton arguments and presenting high-quality legal arguments. She quickly grasps the issues in the cases and demonstrates a detailed knowledge which strengthens her examination of the evidence and advice provided to the clients. Her advocacy skills are very strong.'
Ranked: Tier 2
Ranked: Tier 2

Chambers of Christopher Henley KC.

The Set:
Mountford Chambers is a specialist criminal, regulatory and public law set that is founded on principles of integrity, equality, and representation for all.

Mountford Chambers’ KCs, Barristers and Clerks are united by a shared vision of delivering a client service that is focussed on absolute excellence, assuring clients of forensic, strategic, and vigorous representation that gets to the heart of the case and the minds of judges and juries.

Areas of expertise:
Crime: Mountford Chambers is proud of its highly regarded team of criminal law KCs and barristers, many of whom are leaders in their field. With a reputation for delivering high-quality advice, advocacy and representation, the team appear in many of the high-profile cases of the day. Members of the criminal team are ranked in both the Legal 500 and Chambers & Partners who describe them as ‘Very well run, full of exceptional barristers and KCs” [2021].

Barristers are experienced in a wide range of criminal cases, including terrorism allegations, murder, drugs and sexual offences. They combine first-rate legal knowledge with highly skilled court advocacy to deliver a quality service that’s trusted by clients.

Members are instructed to represent clients in courts throughout the UK, and routinely appear in the Old Bailey. Just as the Crown Courts have evolved into what we know them as today (thanks to the Courts Act 1971), so too have the way our barristers work. Embracing technology to work quickly and efficiently, our barristers deliver a thoroughly modern service that meets the high expectations of both solicitors and lay clients.

Business Crime & Fraud: Mountford Chambers is home to a team of specialist business crime and fraud barristers who are recognised in both the Legal 500 and Chambers & Partners for their notable expertise. Members appear in a wide-range of corporate crime cases, from stock market to banking fraud, to cases involving allegations of bribery and corruption.

“Highly experienced in fraud” Legal 500 [2022], “Members are regularly instructed to represent their clients in SFO, FCA and HMRC investigations, and count several bankers, accountants and brokers among their enviable client base” Chambers & Partners [2020].

Mountford barristers attach great importance to offering a continuity of service – a service which begins in the first days of investigation and gives  clients the confidence of knowing that they have access to expert support and advice at all times – and the highest level of representation in any court proceedings.

Known for being motivated, hard-working and technically skilled, Mountford Chambers’ barristers are also adept strategists, able to plan ahead to deliver the very best advice and representation in these often high-stake proceedings.

Members are routinely engaged at the pre-charge stage of proceedings to provide tactical advice to solicitors and clients with a view to halting proceedings before they have opportunity to imbed.

Professional Regulation:  Members of Mountford Chambers are increasingly in demand to act in cases funded both privately and by insurance, involving allegations of misconduct and fitness to practise impairment brought against regulated professionals.

Their expertise across the spectrum of disciplinary tribunals and public authorities is extensive and substantial. Our professional regulation barristers frequently advise and represent parties at all stages of the process, from giving strategic advice to clients during internal disciplinary investigations, to formal proceedings before regulatory disciplinary panels.

In these cases, organisations and individuals often face significant financial loss, reputational damage and potential civil claims which require expert and delicate handling. We understand that in order to enable clients to make well-informed decisions on how to proceed, they require advice that is thorough, accurate and realistic.

Inquests and Inquiries: Members of Mountford Chambers have expertise in representing interested parties at inquests and public inquiries. They understand the need for sensitivity and compassion in these often emotionally charged and distressing cases.

Asset Forfeiture & Civil Recovery: Members of Mountford Chambers have market-leading expertise in all aspects of restraint, confiscation, and forfeiture proceedings. Our barristers routinely advise and appear on behalf of both the claimant and defendant in civil and criminal asset recovery cases.

Mountford Chambers’ team of established and experienced barristers deliver high-quality advice and advocacy across a broad range of asset forfeiture and civil recovery matters.

Criminal Regulatory: Mountford Chambers’ impressive team of barristers deliver highly specialised and effective representation in a wide range of criminal regulatory cases. Advising both prosecution and defence teams, they are perceptive and accomplished when it comes to working on these often complex and emotionally charged cases.

Criminal regulatory cases typically carry financial and reputational repercussions that can have long-lasting consequences for those involved. Therefore, barristers are meticulous in their approach to the evidence and are sensitive to any associated publicity arising from these cases.

They provide advice during regulatory investigations and enforcement proceedings, working alongside teams to develop strategies that support a clear and pragmatic approach to the case. When it comes to advocacy, Mountford barristers are robust, persuasive, and fearless in their presentation of the case.

International Law: Mountford Chambers is home to a team of accomplished and experienced international law practitioners who have expertise in representing individuals and organisations in international criminal courts and tribunals. Their work often involves extradition, genocide, crimes against humanity, terrorism and war crimes.

Mountford Chambers’ barrister’s expertise in international law means they are frequently asked to support foreign governments and committees with the development of criminal laws and policies. Work is often legally complex, high-profile and involve multiple interested parties that requires exceptional negotiation and communication skills, as well as tactical approach.






Senior Clerk Ben Heavisidebenheaviside@mountfordchambers.com0207 936 6300
Deputy Senior Clerk Dean Allendeanallen@mountfordchambers.com0207 936 6300
Clerk Jordan Wescottjordanwescott@mountfordchambers.com0207 936 6300
Clerk Lily Reevelllilyreevell@mountfordchambers.com0207 936 6300
Chambers Administrator Orla O'Sullivanorlaosullivan@mountfordchambers.com0207 936 6300
Head of Chambers Chris Henley KC (1989) Silk (2015)chrishenleykc@mountfordchambers.com0207 936 6300
Member of Chambers Charles Bott KC (1979) Silk (2008)charlesbottkc@mountfordchambers.com0207 936 6300
Member of Chambers Nigel Lambert KC (1974) Silk (1999)nigellambertkc@mountfordchambers.com0207 936 6300
Member of Chambers Alan Kent KC (1986) Silk (2009)alankentkc@mountfordchambers.com0207 936 6300
Member of Chambers Colin Aylott KC (1989) Silk (2017)colinaylottkc@mountfordchambers.com0207 936 6300
Member of Chambers Edward Henry KC (1988) Silk (2018)edwardhenrykc@mountfordchambers.com0207 936 6300
Member of Chambers Peter Corrigan (1972)petercorrigan@mountfordchambers.com0207 936 6300
Member of Chambers Barry Kogan (1973)berrykogan@mountfordchambers.com0207 936 6300
Member of Chambers Isabelle Gillard (1980)isabellegillard@mountfordchambers.com0207 936 6300
Member of Chambers Simon Molyneux (1986)simonmolyneux@mountfordchambers.com0207 936 6300
Member of Chambers Ben Hargreaves (1989)benhargreaves@mountfordchambers.com0207 936 6300
Member of Chambers Tony Ventham (1990)tonyventham@mountfordchambers.com0207 936 6300
Member of Chambers William England (1991)williamengland@mountfordchambers.com0207 936 6300
Member of Chambers Paul Crampin (1992)paulcrampin@mountfordchambers.com0207 936 6300
Member of Chambers Richard Furlong (1994)richardfurlong@mountfordchambers.com0207 936 6300
Member of Chambers Alphege Bell (1995)alphegebell@mountfordchambers.com0207 936 6300
Member of Chambers Jim Tilbury (1996)jimtilbury@mountfordchambers.com0207 936 6300
Member of Chambers Cathy Ryan (1997)cathyryan@mountfordchambers.com0207 936 6300
Member of Chambers Matthew Buckland (1998)matthewbuckland@mountfordchambers.com0207 936 6300
Member of Chambers Rebecca Upton (1999)rebeccaupton@mountfordchambers.com0207 936 6300
Member of Chambers Houzla Rawat (2001)houzlarawat@mountfordchambers.com0207 936 6300
Member of Chambers Hugh O’Donoghue (2004)hughodonoghue@mountfordchambers.com0207 936 6300
Door Tenant Laura Hocknell (2005)laurahocknell@mountfordchambers.com0207 936 6300
Member of Chambers Daniel Frier (2005)danielfrier@mountfordchambers.com0207 936 6300
Member of Chambers Joe Hingston (2007)joehingston@mountfordchambers.com0207 936 6300
Member of Chambers Tom Edwards (2008)tomedwards@mountfordchambers.com0207 936 6300
Member of Chambers Sophie Evans (2010)sophieevans@mountfordchambers.com0207 936 6300
Member of Chambers Alexandra Scott (2010)alexandrascott@mountfordchambers.com0207 936 6300
Member of Chambers Sebastian Winnett (2011)sebastianwinnett@mountfordchambers.com0207 936 6300
Member of Chambers Mark Watson (2011)markwatson@mountfordchambers.com0207 936 6300
Member of Chambers Stephanie Panchkowry (2011)stephaniepanchkowry@mountfordchambers.com0207 936 6300
Member of Chambers Fiona Clegg (2013)fionaclegg@mountfordchambers.com0207 936 6300
Member of Chambers Benjamin Brown (2013)benjaminbrown@mountfordchambers.com0207 936 6300
Member of Chambers Jim Olphert (2014)jimolphert@mountfordchambers.com0207 936 6300
Member of Chambers Laura Paisley (2015)laurapaisley@mountfordchambers.com0207 936 6300
Member of Chambers James Lloyd (2017)jameslloyd@mountfordchambers.com0207 936 6300
Member of Chambers Charles Hannaford (2017)charleshannaford@mountfordchambers.com0207 936 6300
Member of Chambers Chloe Birch (2018)chloebirch@mountfordchambers.com0207 936 6300
Member of Chambers Vanessa Reid (2018)vanessareid@mountfordchambers.com0207 936 6300
Member of Chambers Silas Lee (2018)silaslee@mountfordchambers.com0207 936 6300
Member of Chambers Anisha Kiri (2020)anishakiri@mountfordchambers.com0207 936 6300
Member of Chambers Anthony James (2021)anthonyjames@mountfordchambers.com0207 936 6300
Member of Chambers Anna Renou (2022)annarenou@mountfordchambers.com0207 936 6300
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Chloe Birch photo Chloe BirchA tenacious and charismatic Court room advocate with exceptional client care. Known…
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Benjamin Brown photo Benjamin BrownBen is instructed as a led junior and junior alone. He has…
Matthew Buckland photo Matthew BucklandAn advocate described by Criminal Law and Justice Weekly as “masterful” and…
Fiona Clegg photo Fiona CleggA persuasive and personable advocate with experience in a broad range of…
Peter Corrigan photo Peter CorriganPeter is a leading junior counsel with considerable expertise across  a wide…
Paul Crampin photo Paul CrampinPaul Crampin is a leading junior and is instructed in a variety…
Tom Edwards photo Tom EdwardsTom is instructed in cases of significant seriousness, weight and complexity. Tom…
William England photo William EnglandWilliam practices in serious organised crime, with particular emphasis on business and…
Sophie Evans photo Sophie EvansSophie has a wealth of experience across the full spectrum of criminal…
Daniel Frier photo Daniel FrierDaniel Frier is recommended by both the Legal 500 and Chambers and…
Richard Furlong photo Richard FurlongRichard Furlong has a mixed criminal and civil practice. He undertakes mainly…
Isabelle Gillard photo Isabelle GillardIsabelle is an accomplished barrister whose expertise covers a broad range of…
Charles Hannaford photo Charles HannafordCharles is a dedicated criminal defence advocate who is meticulous in his…
Ben Hargreaves photo Ben HargreavesBen is a highly skilled and capable criminal law barrister with over…
Christopher Henley photo Christopher HenleyChris is one of the busiest criminal silks in the country, highly…
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Joe Hingston photo Joe HingstonJoe Hingston is a hugely experienced junior criminal law barrister. In recent…
Anthony James photo Anthony JamesA no-nonsense advocate with an eye for technical legal arguments, Anthony’s spirited…
Alan Kent photo Alan KentAlan Kent KC is the Head of Crime and Head of Pupillage…
Alan Kent KC photo Alan Kent KCAlan Kent KC is the Head of Crime and Head of Pupillage…
Anisha Kiri photo Anisha KiriAnisha is a charming advocate who relentlessly fights for her clients. She…
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Hugh O'Donoghue photo Hugh O'DonoghueHugh O’Donoghue concentrates on a strong commercial and chancery practice. He projects…
Jim Olphert photo Jim OlphertJim has a broad practice across several of Chambers’ key practice areas.…
Laura Paisley photo Laura PaisleyLaura has developed an impressive criminal defence practice, and is regularly instructed…
Stephanie Panchkowry photo Stephanie PanchkowryStephanie is a fierce, engaging and passionate advocate. Stephanie is renowned for…
Houzla Rawat photo Houzla RawatAn exemplary junior barrister who is consistently instructed in challenging and complex…
Vanessa Reid photo Vanessa ReidVanessa specialises in criminal defence and regulatory law. She has secured successful…
Anna Renou photo Anna RenouAnna is an experienced advocate who specialises in criminal law. She has…
Cathy Ryan photo Cathy RyanHighly experienced defence counsel with particular expertise in serious sexual offences and…
Alexandra Scott photo Alexandra ScottAlexandra is an incisive, engaging and persuasive advocate. Specialising in criminal defence,…
Jim Tilbury photo Jim TilburyPraised by clients as being “a rare talent” and “a joy to…
Rebecca Upton photo Rebecca UptonRebecca practises in the Crown Courts of the South East of England…
Tony Ventham photo Tony VenthamTony came to the Bar after spending twelve years as a front-line…
Mark Watson photo Mark WatsonMark’s practice is divided into business crime, general crime, and regulatory proceedings.…
Sebastian Winnett photo Sebastian WinnettSebastian has a busy practice in serious fraud and is frequently instructed…
Clerks : 4
Administrator : 1

Mountford Chambers is committed to equal treatment and diversity.

It is Chambers policy to ensure that no member of Chambers, pupil, employee, contractor or user of our services receives less favourable treatment on the grounds of age, race colour, ethnic or national origin, nationality / citizenship, social background, gender or gender identity, sexual orientation, marital status, disability, HIV/AIDS status, religious or political persuasion, whether by way of direct or indirect discrimination, harassment or victimisation.

Chambers has an active Equality and Diversity Committee, which comprises of eight members of Chambers (barristers) and one member of staff who are responsible for delivering the Equality and Diversity policies and procedures.

Initiatives include a podcast series which includes an episode for budding pupils with an emphasis on encouraging applicants from diverse backgrounds. Chambers also take on one Pupil each year as part of their involvement with the Bermuda Bar Association.

Mountford Chambers are also actively involved in external equality and diversity initiatives including Bridging the Bar which aims to make the bar accessible to everyone regardless of race sex, class or other characteristics and the 10,000 Black Interns Scheme which aims to create opportunities for underrepresented talent.

Chambers acknowledge that there are significant gaps in the provision of legal representation and are keen to promote initiatives which provide access to justice. Members works closely with a number of non-profit organisations to provide advocacy and advice, including APPEAL, Advocate (formerly the Bar Pro Bono Unit) and Reprieve. Annually, we participate in the London Legal Walk, which raises awareness and funds for charities that provide life changing legal advice to those in need of legal representation that is beyond their means.

We also contribute to the important work of local grassroots charities in our communities, from the Citizens Advice Bureau to law clinics and drop-in centres.

Members have also contributed to discussions about the impact of the criminal justice system on marginalised groups, including women offenders, youth offenders and offenders who have experienced a traumatic brain injury (TBI).