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Chambers of Howard Stevens KC
3 Hare Court

London Bar > Personal injury, industrial disease and insurance fraud Tier 4

‘A leading set in cross-border personal injury’, 3 Hare Court offers ‘a wealth of experience‘, primarily focussing on claims involving cross-border issues rather than domestic cases. Howard Stevens KC acts for the respondent in Griffiths v TUI UK Limited, a claim concerning food poisoning on a holiday which concerns the status of ‘uncontroverted’ expert evidence. Katherine Deal KC also specialises in such international work; James Hawkins has specialist expertise regarding the applicable standard of care in travel claims. The set is also experienced in claims involving terrorist or criminal incidents abroad. Dan Saxby acts particularly for defendants, including tour operators, insurers, airlines and hotel groups.

Leading Silks

Howard Stevens KC3 Hare Court 'Howard is an excellent advocate - clear, measured and never puts a foot wrong.'
Ranked: Tier 2
Katherine Deal KC3 Hare Court ‘Katherine is an excellent, practical counsel who makes sound commercial judgements and provide honest timely and helpful advice on the management of issues.’
Ranked: Tier 3

Personal injury - Leading Juniors

James Hawkins – 3 Hare Court ‘James is an excellent barrister. His attention to detail is second-to-none.’
Ranked: Tier 4
Andrew Young3 Hare Court 'Good on paper and in court: a strong advocate and good with clients.'
Ranked: Tier 4
Dan Saxby3 Hare Court  'Dan is an excellent advocate and is very persuasive.'
Ranked: Tier 4
Asela Wijeyaratne - 3 Hare Court 'Asela is an exceptional junior. His memory and recall are both impeccable and he provides clear, pragmatic advice.'
Ranked: Tier 4
Michael Nkrumah - 3 Hare Court 'Michael is very personable, has an excellent eye and recollection of detail and can effectively argue against much more experienced barristers'
Ranked: Tier 5


‘Toby Eales is always a pleasure to deal with.’

‘3 Hare Court is a well run chambers and the clerks go the extra mile to accommodate clients. James Donovan, Toby Eales and Simon Hamilton provide excellent support.’

‘3 Hare Court are specialists in travel and are the best set for this field. There are a number of barristers in the set with a wealth of experience.’

‘A leading set in cross-border personal injury.’

‘Clerks always very easy to deal with. Toby Eales in particular is the star of the show, blending old school clerking with modern needs.’

‘The clerks are excellent and always willing to help.’

‘The clerks are always friendly, approachable and reliable.’

‘Strong in cross-border personal injury, with several leading individuals.’

London Bar > Administrative law and human rights

Rising stars

Adam Riley - 3 Hare Court 'Adam is thoughtful, comprehensive and analytical. His attention to detail and command of language is shown through his cogent and thorough arguments.'
Ranked: Tier 1

Leading Silks

Ranked: Tier 3
Tom Poole KC – 3 Hare Court 'Tom is sharp and has great attention to detail. His advocacy commands the room.'
Ranked: Tier 3
Peter Knox KC3 Hare Court 'He is a master of every brief. Knows the law inside out. He knows the judges well and how to handle them. He is a brilliant advocate and a top performer in the court room.'
Ranked: Tier 4

Leading Juniors

Robert Strang3 Hare CourtHe is a no-nonsense lawyer who is able to easily strip away all the frills and technicalities and get to the heart of the matter. He has a simple but effective style of advocacy and is able to easily navigate his way in the court room because he knows his case inside out.’
Ranked: Tier 4

London Bar > Banking and finance (including consumer credit)

Rising stars

Georgia Purnell3 Hare CourtVery user friendly, commercial, and client focused.  Robust in submissions and doesn’t back off a tricky argument.’
Ranked: Tier 1

London Bar > Insolvency

Rising stars

Philip Judd3 Hare CourtPhilip is very approachable and friendly. He has a good knowledge of the law and is good on his feet.’
Ranked: Tier 1

Leading Silks

Tom Poole KC3 Hare CourtTom is a realist. He is a people-person with a real connection with both his instructing solicitors and clients. He is very sharp on the detail and very knowledgeable in commercial law.’
Ranked: Tier 4

London Bar > Aviation

Leading Silks

Katherine Deal KC3 Hare Court ‘Katherine is an excellent, practical counsel who makes sound commercial judgments and provides honest, timely and helpful advice on the management of issues. She is confident and a fierce advocate on any matter, producing excellent results for lay clients.’
Ranked: Tier 3

London Bar > Commercial litigation

Leading Silks

Peter Knox KC3 Hare CourtPeter falls within the exclusive category of counsel that can speak to the Supreme Court justices on their intellectual level. He understands what they want to hear and how they want to hear it.’
Ranked: Tier 4

London Bar > Employment

Leading Silks

Tom Poole KC - 3 Hare Court 'Tom is responsive, commercially astute and innovative in finding ways to resolve a matter as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.'
Ranked: Tier 4

London Bar > Fraud: civil

London Bar > Crypto and blockchain assets

Leading Juniors

James Gale3 Hare CourtHard-working, in-depth knowledge and understanding of the subject matter. Can look at the matter holistically.’
Ranked: Tier 2

London Bar > Sport

Leading Juniors

Thomas Horton  - 3 Hare Court  'Thomas has a good and practical approach to applying law to the facts.'
Ranked: Tier 4

The English Bar Offshore > The English Bar Offshore Tier 3

Members of 3 Hare Court undertake a broad range of public and constitutional law work in a significant number of non-UK common law jurisdictions, particularly throughout the Caribbean and Gibraltar. Noted for its ‘strength in depth’, the set is known in the offshore market for its involvement in a diverse range of Privy Council cases. One such example saw Thomas Roe KC involved in Chandler v The State, concerning the lawfulness of the mandatory death penalty in Trinidad and Tobago. Rowan Pennington-Benton is known for his Chancery, insurance and insolvency matters in Gibraltar but also receives instructions in the BVI and Cayman Islands, among others.

Rising stars

Ranked: Tier 1
Adam Riley - 3 Hare Court 'He is enthusiastic and articulate on his feet and is particularly impressive before the Privy Council.'
Ranked: Tier 1

Leading Juniors

Robert Strang3 Hare Court 'Robert is extremely user friendly; nothing is too much trouble. He is very pleasant to deal with and to work with and has a high quality mind which is able to read judges' minds and apply the law practically and effectively.'
Ranked: Tier 2
Rowan Pennington-Benton3 Hare Court ‘Rowan’s greatest strengths are his extremely sharp mind and his uncanny ability to quickly and accurately identify the key points in any case. He is an outstanding advocate.’
Ranked: Tier 2
Charles Sorensen3 Hare Court ‘Charles is dedicated, diligent responsive, knowledgeable and has a great eye for detail.’
Ranked: Tier 3


‘I often deal with Darren Whitbread who is approachable, friendly and will always try and assist.’

‘Very strong and very good with international solicitors and international clients, including in government. James Donovan is the standout player.’

‘Excellent strength in depth.’

‘Wide ranging experience in the Caribbean and in the Privy Council.’

‘Top of the tree when it comes to appellate work.’

‘3 Hare Court are a fantastic set. They have some young barristers who are really hungry and very reliable.’

‘Known for their extensive Caribbean and Privy Council footprint.’

‘3 Hare Court have a long track record of representing clients in the Caribbean and in the Privy Council. They are almost unrivalled in this area and have great strength in depth.’

Chambers works as advisers and as advocates across a range of civil and commercial areas of law. Members are recognised for the depth and breadth of their expertise, and for their persuasive advocacy and sound advice.

The set: Described as a leading civil and commercial set, chambers has established a first-class reputation in its fields of practice, providing a wide range of advisory and advocacy services both domestically and internationally in an environment that meets modern business needs.

Types of work undertaken: Work is concentrated in the following areas (listed alphabetically):

  • Civil fraud
  • Commercial (including international arbitrations)
  • Employment
  • Insolvency
  • International work
  • Personal injury and travel/accidents abroad
  • Professional negligence
  • Public, administrative and constitutional law.

Privy Council work is a notable area of expertise; the set is regularly instructed by governments, corporations and individuals in a wide range of cases. A number of cases deal with the written constitutions of Commonwealth countries, as well as commercial and general common law work. Chambers has strong links with the Caribbean, often appearing in those jurisdictions.

Insolvency and restructuring is a growing area for chambers. Work includes liquidations, bankruptcies, director’s disqualifications, administrations, and international and cross-border insolvencies. The set often acts for the main insolvency practitioners.

Chambers has particular expertise in personal injury and travel law cases, including serious head and spinal injury, industrial injury and claims relating to accidents abroad where jurisdictional issues arise. Fatal accident work and product liability cases are dealt with.

The commercial work (often acting for foreign clients, and in particular Russian/CIS clients) here also extends to international arbitrations, for and against governments, companies, institutions and individuals throughout the world and chambers has an international reputation for effective advocacy.

The set is strong on languages, with members fluent in Dutch, French, German, Greek, Hindi, Italian, Malay, Punjabi, Spanish, Swahili and Urdu.

Department Name Email Telephone
Head of Chambers STEVENS KC, Howard (1990) howardstevens@3harecourt.com
Members of Chambers STRACHAN KC SC, Mark (1969)
Members of Chambers KNOX KC, Peter (1983) peterknox@3harecourt.com
Members of Chambers GOLDEN KC (HON), Jeffrey ** jeffreygolden@3harecourt.com
Member of Chambers BISHOP KC, Malcolm (1968) malcolmbishop@3harecourt.com
Members of Chambers ROE KC, Thomas (1995) thomasroe@3harecourt.com
Members of Chambers DEAL KC, Katherine (1997) katherinedeal@3harecourt.com
Members of Chambers POOLE KC, Tom (2001) tompoole@3harecourt.com
Members of Chambers FEETHAM KC, Daniel (1994) danielfeetham@3harecourt.com
Members of Chambers YOUNG, Andrew (1977) andrewyoung@3harecourt.com
Member of Chambers EVANS. William (1977) WilliamEvans@3harecourt.com
Members of Chambers JANUSZ, Pierre (1979) pierrejanusz@3harecourt.com
Members of Chambers JUSS, Satvinder (1989) sjuss@3harecourt.com
Member of Chambers PRUDHOE, Tim (1994) timprudhoe@3harecourt.com
Member of Chambers HAPPOLD, Matthew (1995) matthewhappold@3harecourt.com
Members of Chambers SAMUEL, Richard (1996) richardsamuel@3harecourt.com
Members of Chambers SAXBY, Dan (2000) danielsaxby@3harecourt.com
Members of Chambers STRANG, Robert (2003) robertstrang@3harecourt.com
Members of Chambers HAWKINS, James (2003) jameshawkins@3harecourt.com
Members of Chambers CAMPBELL, Richard (2007) richardcampbell@3harecourt.com
Members of Chambers WIJEYARATNE, Asela (2008) aw@3harecourt.com
Members of Chambers PENNINGTON-BENTON, Rowan (2008) rowanbenton@3harecourt.com
Member of Chambers CHANNER, Benjamin (2008) benchanner@3harecourt.com
Member of Chambers NKRUMAH, Michael (2008) michaelnkrumah@3harecourt.com
Member of Chambers LOXTON, Christopher (2009) christopherloxton@3harecourt.com
Members of Chambers HACKETT, Stephen (2011) stephenhackett@3harecourt.com
Members of Chambers SORENSEN, Charles (2011) charlessorensen@3harecourt.com
Members of Chambers POPE-WILLIAMS, Charlotte (2011) charlottepopewilliams@3harecourt.com
Members of Chambers JANDU, Jas (2014) Jasjandu@3harecourt.com
Member of Chambers HORTON, Tom (2015) thomashorton@3harecourt.com
Member of Chambers MOORE, Emily (2016) emilymoore@3harecourt.com
Member of Chambers SIDOSSIS, Alexandra (2016) AlexandraSidossis@3harecourt.con
Member of Chambers GOLDBLATT, Daniel (2017) danielgoldblatt@3harecourt.com
Member of Chambers GALE, James (2017) jamesgale@3harecourt.com
Member of Chambers PURNELL, Georgia (2018) georgiapurnell@3harecourt.com
Member of Chambers MCNEIL, Samuel (2018) samuelmcneil@3harecourt.com
Member of Chambers RILEY, Adam (2018) adamriley@3harecourt.com
Member of Chambers BAILEY, Katharine (2019) katharinebailey@3harecourt.com
Member of Chambers ERRINGTON, Claire (2021) claireerrington@3harecourt.com
Member of Chambers LANCY, Anna (2021) annalancy@3harecourt.com
Member of Chambers TURNBULL, Rory (2021) Roryturnbull@3harecourt.com
Member of Chambers LEAH, Nicholas (2022) nicholasleah@3harecourt.com
Door Tenant ASTAPHAN SC, Anthony*
Door Tenant BARAGWANATH, Sir David*
Door Tenant BUDWORTH, Martin (1999)*
Door Tenant BUTLER, Rupert (1988)*
Door Tenant COOPER-ROUSSEAU, Bertha (1993)*
Door Tenant GODWIN KC, William (1986)*
Door Tenant LLEWWLLYN, Paul (1999)*
Door Tenant MCLEOD, Iain (1969)*
Door Tenant McMILLEN KC, David, (1985)*
Door Tenant MORTARA, Adam*
Door Tenant SMALL, Hugh (1963)*
Door Tenant TIVADAR, Daniel (2005)*
* Door tenants
** Arbitrator
Senior Clerk DONOVAN, James jamesdonovan@3harecourt.com
Chambers Manager MITCHELL, Guy guymitchell@3harecourt.com
Director of Marketing & BD Happe, Lisa lisahapp@3harecourt.com
Photo Name Position Profile
Katharine  Bailey photo Katharine Bailey Katharine’s practice focuses on commercial, employment, insolvency and public/constitutional law. She has…
Malcolm Bishop photo Malcolm Bishop Malcolm joined 3 Hare Court in 2020 after defending in the biggest…
Richard Campbell photo Richard Campbell Richard accepts instructions on a wide range of civil and commercial matters.…
Benjamin  Channer photo Benjamin Channer Ben specialises in commercial and chancery, property and public law. He is…
Katherine Deal photo Katherine Deal Barrister specialising in personal injury work with a particular focus on travel…
Claire  Errington photo Miss Claire Errington Claire Errington joined 3 Hare Court as a tenant in October 2022…
William  Evans photo William Evans Having practised at the Bar for 9 years, Bill Evans re-qualified as…
Daniel Feetham photo Mr Daniel Feetham Daniel is an experienced courtroom and advisory leader. He specialises in complex…
James  Gale photo James Gale James has a broad commercial, public and civil litigation practice in the…
Daniel  Goldblatt photo Daniel Goldblatt Daniel has a broad practice across Chambers’ core areas of expertise, with…
Jeffrey Golden photo Jeffrey Golden Jeffrey is a specialist arbitrator, mediator and expert with broad experience of…
Stephen  Hackett photo Stephen Hackett Stephen is a commercial and Chancery practitioner. He advises on complex and…
Matthew  Happold photo Matthew Happold Matthew joined chambers in 2020 as a full tenant after several years…
James Hawkins photo James Hawkins James specialises in personal injury, travel law and professional negligence claims. In…
Thomas  Horton photo Thomas Horton Thomas Horton is a commercial and sports barrister who acts in contractual…
Jas Jandu photo Mr Jas Jandu Jas Jandu’s practice ranges from Regulatory Enforcement (with a focus on FCA…
Pierre Janusz photo Pierre Janusz Pierre Janusz’s practice areas cover all aspects of general common law and…
Philip  Judd photo Philip Judd Phil enjoys a broad practice across commercial, insolvency, public and civil law.…
Satvinder Juss photo Mr Satvinder Juss Barrister specialising in constitutional law (including public and administrative law), civil liberties…
Peter Knox photo Peter Knox Peter Knox QC is an extremely experienced advocate in commercial law, with…
Anna Lancy photo Miss Anna Lancy Anna has a civil practice comprising commercial law, civil fraud, international arbitration,…
Christopher  Loxton photo Christopher Loxton Chris’ practice encompasses a broad range of civil work, namely: Aviation and…
Samuel  McNeil photo Samuel McNeil Samuel appears on a weekly basis as sole counsel in County Court…
Emily  Moore photo Emily Moore Emily acts in a wide range of civil and commercial matters with…
Mike  Nkrumah photo Mike Nkrumah Mike specialises in personal injury and travel law litigation, representing both claimants…
Rowan Pennington-Benton photo Rowan Pennington-Benton Rowan practices in two main areas – general commercial/civil law and public…
Tom Poole photo Tom Poole Tom has a broad commercial and commercial chancery practice, with particular specialisms…
Charlotte  Pope-Williams photo Miss Charlotte Pope-Williams Charlotte is an award-winning Barrister with a broad commercial and commercial chancery…
Tim  Prudhoe photo Tim Prudhoe Tim maintains both a Caribbean and London practice. He is admitted in…
Georgia  Purnell photo Miss Georgia Purnell Georgia is a commercial litigator. She specialises in banking and financial services…
Adam  Riley photo Adam Riley Adam Riley joined 3 Hare Court as a Tenant in October 2021…
Thomas Roe photo Thomas Roe Thomas Roe QC has a vigorous and wide-ranging practice encompassing commercial and…
Richard Samuel photo Richard Samuel Barrister practising in general commercial litigation and arbitration. Practice areas include contract…
Dan Saxby photo Dan Saxby Dan Saxby has a substantial common law practice, with a particular speciality…
Alexandra  Sidossis photo Alexandra Sidossis Alexandra is dually-qualified as a barrister in England and Wales and as…
Charles  Sorensen photo Mr Charles Sorensen Charles practises as both an English Barrister and Jersey Advocate. His practice…
Howard Stevens photo Howard Stevens Howard has a broadly based common law practice, including both first instance…
SC, Mark Strachan photo SC, Mark Strachan Mark Strachan QC SC, formerly Head of Chambers, has an international practice,…
Robert Strang photo Robert Strang Barrister specialising in commercial and property litigation; general common law; professional negligence;…
Asela Wijeyaratne photo Asela Wijeyaratne Barrister specialising in travel and personal injury, professional negligence and indemnity and…
Andrew Young photo Andrew Young Andrew Young is the senior junior in chambers and has been a…

CLIENT: Annabel Clark – Partner

COMPANY/FIRM: Keystone Law

TESTIMONIAL: 3 Hare Court is my first port of call for any civil or commercial advice I need from Counsel. I have used them for 3 decades and have a strong relationship with their excellent senior clerk James and many members of chambers. Excellent team.

CLIENT: Kamal Aggarwal – Partner

COMPANY/FIRM: Thomson Snell & Passmore LLP

TESTIMONIAL: I have worked with the clerks and barristers at 3 Hare Court for roughly 30 years. The clerking team is quite exceptional – friendly, responsive and commercial. The barristers are, without exception, top tier. They are not only extremely clever people but just as important they client friendly, commercial, practical and effective.

CLIENT: Keith Barrett – Partner

COMPANY/FIRM: Fieldfisher

TESTIMONIAL: I have instructed 3 Hare Court chambers for over 15 years now. To me, they are THE number one set in travel litigation in London. I would describe them as my “go to” chambers and a chambers who stand out from the competition. 3 Hare Court is a truly exception set of chambers in this area of law. It is a strong set consisting of barristers who are extremely knowledgeable, always accessible and willing to offer specialist advice. This set goes from strength to strength. 3 Hare Court is truly blessed with barristers such as Katherine Deal QC, Christopher Loxton and Asela Wijeyaratne to name but a few. I cannot finish without adding a comment about the impressive clerking room led by the highly experienced James Donovan assisted by the impressive Toby Eales.

CLIENT: Katherine Allen


TESTIMONIAL: For many years now I have regarded 3HC as one of the “go to” sets for travel litigation work. A set blessed with stellar advocates together with a strong and always helpful clerking team, I have worked with them for so long that I know their telephone number by heart! I have worked with the brilliant Katherine Deal QC, and her superb former pupil Asela Wijeyaratne time and time again. Recent experience of Sam McNeil has been excellent.

CLIENT: Rico Dexiades

COMPANY/FIRM: Thomson Snell & Passmore LLP

TESTIMONIAL: I have been very impressed with 3 Hare Court throughout the years I have used them, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic by going the extra mile to assist on matters, and making it easy to send instructions and

documents electronically to progress matters without delay. My first port of call is Darren Whitbread, followed by Duane Hitchman who are both proactive and very helpful.

CLIENT: Olivia Taylor-James

COMPANY/FIRM: Pinder Reaux

TESTIMONIAL: Working with 3 Hare Court never fails to be anything other than efficient and reliable. The clerks’ abilities to propose appropriate and adept Counsel for the matter in hand are flawless. In particular, Darren Whitbread, shows true professionalism and expertise and is always willing to go above and beyond to accommodate the needs of clients. Overall, a delightful, quality and very skilled set to work with.

CLIENT: Theo Solley


TESTIMONIAL: 3HC are a fantastic set. James Donovan heads a great clerking team, and with a positive experience across all the barristers, this is a set to return to for a top quality service everytime

3 Hare Court is committed to the promotion of equality and diversity in Chambers and to providing equality of opportunity and a fair working environment so that members and staff can flourish regardless of their socio-economic background.

Chambers has a dedicated and proactive Equality and Diversity Committee, including members who have completed the Bar Standards Board’s Advanced Equality and Diversity Awareness training. The Committee oversees our Equality Action Plan and continually considers equality, diversity and inclusivity issues in the context of fair allocation of work, social mobility initiatives, mentoring, wellbeing, marketing, and diversity monitoring (including in recruitment).

Current policies
3 Hare Court has in place the following policies, whose drafting and implementation the Equality and Diversity Committee regularly reviews:

  • Equality and Diversity Policy
  • Flexible Working Policy
  • Anti-harassment Policy
  • Reasonable Adjustments Policy
  • Equal Access to and Fair Allocation of Work Policy

Other initiatives and commitments
3 Hare Court and its individual members and staff are proactively involved in various initiatives and charities that promote the furtherance of equality and diversity as well as access to the legal profession and to the Bar. Some examples include:

  • Women in Law pledge: 3 Hare Court is a proud signatory to the Women in Law Pledge created by the Bar Council of England and Wales, The Law Society, and the Chartered Institute of Legal Executives (CILEx). We are committed to the progress of equality and elimination of sex discrimination and pledge to make positive change for the legal profession. To view our Women in Law Pledge Action Plan please click here
  • Anti-Racist Statement: Chambers is committed to being an anti-racist organisation and to continually review how we can do things better to embed an anti-racist culture and bring positive change. To view our Anti-Racist Statement please click here
  • IntoUniversity: Chambers works with IntoUniversity, mentoring students and providing work experience days to support those from disadvantaged backgrounds who wish to consider a career as a barrister
  • Bridging the Bar: Chambers is a Sponsor and Partner of Bridging the Bar, a charity working to promote diversity and equal opportunities at the Bar
  • BLAGG and LGBT+ Network for Barristers, which provides a support network for LGBTQ+ persons at the Ba
  • Education and Employers and Inspiring the Future, a charity which connects volunteers from various professions with schools in order to inspire and improve the career opportunities of young people
  • Greener Litigation Pledge: 3 Hare Court is pleased to announce that it is a founding signatory to the Greener Litigation Pledge, a commitment by solicitors’ firms, barristers’ chambers and other disputes professionals to take action to reduce the environmental impact of dispute resolution. More information on the Greener Litigation Pledge can be found at www.greenerlitigation.org.

Chambers strives to achieve diversity among its members, pupils, mini-pupils and staff. Recognising those that are typically underrepresented at the Bar, we encourage and welcome applications from women, individuals with Black, Asian and minority ethnic backgrounds, those with disabilities and those who are LGBTQ+, as well as those from other groups that tend to be underrepresented in the legal profession.
Applicants will always be assessed using objective and fair criteria, and without discrimination based on their socio-economic background.
In relation to pupillage applications:

  • Candidates’ applications are assessed and scored strictly by reference to defined objective and fair criteria.
  • Applications are blind marked at the sifting stage, with only the candidate’s number (each candidate is allocated a number) being visible to the assessor. The assessor does not know any of the candidate’s personal information that would identify sex, gender identity, age, ethnicity, or other protected characteristics, save insofar as such information is disclosed by the candidate in their answers to any questions.
  • At the interview stage, candidates’ performances are again assessed and scored strictly by reference to defined objective and fair criteria.
  • Members involved in the selection process are trained in fair recruitment and selection processes.
  • Chambers collects and reviews anonymised diversity data for pupillage applications through to offers and such data informs Chambers’ ongoing efforts to attract and encourage applicants from groups that are underrepresented at the Bar.

Diversity data
In accordance with the Bar Standards Board’s equality and diversity rules, 3 Hare Court has conducted a survey of its members, staff and pupils in order to collect and publish equality and diversity data. The survey was conducted anonymously and in accordance with the BSB rules. Participation was voluntary. To view 3 Hare Court’s diversity data results for 2021, please click here.