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PATMA: Patent attorneys Tier 3

Murgitroyd expanded its domestic footprint with the acquisition of IP boutique Chapman IP in Southampton and Cardiff, but continues to stand out through its international presence with offices in Ireland, France, Germany, Italy, Finland and Switzerland, in addition to client service offices in the US and a patent searching facility in Nicaragua. The group offers three patent groups: mechanical, life sciences and chemistry, and high-tech and software, with the Aberdeen-based James D Brown, the Glasgow-based Russell Thom and the Milan-based Guido Zerbi as the respective practice heads. The oil and gas and pharmaceutical sectors account for a significant portion of the caseload, including supplementary protection certificates, designs, utility models, and oppositions and appeal proceedings. Steven Suer joined in Aberdeen from Graham Watt & Co LLP.

Practice head(s):

James D Brown; Russel Thom; Guido Zerbi

Other key lawyers:

Jamie Allan; Wendy Crosby; Niall Hendry; Michael Marchant; Graham Murnane; Steven Suèr


They are a team-driven, dynamic, flexible firm that has grown very quickly, and continues to succeed because they are an organisation that can rise to any challenge. Everyone at Murgitroyd is smart, energetic, and fun to work with. Professional, passionate and love what they do, and it shows in the strong relationships they build with their customers.

Both Wendy Crosby and Steven Suer are knowledgeable, friendly and extremely professional but also responsive, creative and flexible.

Key clients

Bowman Power Group

Elixair International

Freedom Scientific

J.M Huber Corporation

California Institute of Technology

Saint-Gobain Gyproc

Scot Young Research

Spectrum Collections

TCS John Huxley Europe

Wessex International Machinery

PATMA: Trade mark attorneys Tier 3

Murgitroyd expanded its domestic footprint in February 2019 with the acquisition of Chapman IP, adding senior trade mark attorney Rebecca Dobson  in Southampton and Huw Evans, who is also a patent attorney, in Cardiff to its trade mark bench. The media and entertainment, food and beverage, and labelling and packing sectors form the core of the practice. A key standout feature is the group's significant European presence in 15 countries from which it assists a broad spectrum of clients, including small and medium-sized enterprises, large multinationals and several prestigious academic institutions. Mark Hickey directs the trade mark practice, which includes Jacqueline McKay as the head of the Scottish trade mark group.

Practice head(s):

Mark Hickey; Jacqueline McKay

Other key lawyers:

Anne Bashir; Chris Cairns; Mike Vettese; Steve Waine


Very fast and efficient.

Highly professional firm of trade mark attorneys with a high-quality international network of associates for one-stop global representation.

Mike Vettese is professional, thorough and efficient to an outstanding degree.

Key clients

Campbell Soup Company

Candy Hoover

Elixair International

Halma Water Management

La Fée

Scot Young Research

Spectrum Collections

TCS John Huxley

Three Fields Entertainment


From day-to-day filing through to advising on IP strategy and due diligence, Chapman IP offers the full range of patent, trade mark, and design advisory and registration services.

The firm: The firm assists a broad mix of clients, from SMEs to multinational corporations, in obtaining registered IP rights – predominantly patent and trade mark registrations – across the globe. Chapman IP has a strong commercial emphasis and works hard to thoroughly understand its clients’€™ businesses to ensure its clients both protect and profit from their ideas. Its primary goal is to ensure clients obtain the most commercially valuable intellectual property rights.

Established in 2002 by Helga Chapman, Chapman IP has grown to become a highly respected, specialist IP practice. Each client is afforded a team comprising a fully qualified attorney, an associate and a qualified paralegal, ensuring excellent service and responsiveness.

As a specialist intellectual property practice, Chapman IP’s attorneys are all sector experts who have an exceptional level of technical expertise at protecting clients’€™ brands; the speed with which they can understand and assess inventions is often remarked upon. The firm specialises in protecting and defending inventions in complex technologies. Among the areas of particular technical expertise are aerospace, engineering, life sciences, electronics, materials science, medical devices, oil and gas, optics and photonics, and telecommunications.

The firm represents clients in proceedings before the UK Intellectual Property Office (UKIPO), the European Patent Office and the European Community Trade Mark Office.

Types of work undertaken:

Patents: the firm is extremely well-regarded in the field of hi-tech patents, and provides a full spectrum of patent services for clients operating in a wide range of complex technology sectors. Chapman IP helps clients protect and exploit their new technology or ideas by identifying patentable technology and advising on how best to protect new products and processes. The team comprises outstanding patent attorneys and trainees, with most holding doctorate qualifications in their specialist scientific field.

Trade marks: advising on and protecting clients’ trade marks is at the heart of the firm’s activities. Whether a client has developed a new brand, needs to enforce its trade mark rights in an existing product or service, or requires maximum protection for the branding of a new product or service, they can be sure of talking to someone who will understand their commercial goals.

Registered designs: Chapman IP has a growing practice associated with protection of registered designs, mirroring the needs of its client base. The team of attorneys who specialise in this field are highly experienced at identifying designs for which registration should be considered, advising on whether or not design rights exist in a product, and also flagging up potential infringement of the design rights of others.

IP strategy, litigation, filing and prosecution: many of Chapman IP’s clients require advice and support which extends beyond the core activities of filing and prosecuting patents, trade marks and designs. The firm’s attorneys have considerable experience of working in and with corporate IP departments, both in multinational companies and hi-tech start-ups. As a result, the firm recognises and understands the commercial realities of intellectual property. Its IP strategy and commercial services include portfolio reviews and IP audits, helping clients reduce their tax burden through patent box tax relief, identifying protectable inventions/brands/designs, helping clients develop an IP filing strategy, training clients’ staff and raising awareness of IP within the company, advising on IP-related transactions (transfers and licences) and conducting due diligence, preparing infringement and validity opinions, opposing European patents at the EPO and supporting IP-related litigation.

Renewals and formalities: a dedicated, experienced renewals team professionally manages payment of renewal fees for clients’ patents, trade mark registrations and registered designs around the world. The service is personalised and tailored, and provides competitive and transparent costings for maintaining IP rights.

Offices: Southampton, Munich and Cardiff.


Department Name Email Telephone
Managing director Helga Chapman 023 8000 2022
Director Dr Catherine Bonner 023 8000 2022
Director Thomas L Lederer 023 8000 2022
Director Dr Thomas Gibb 023 8000 2022
Senior Patent Associate Dr Vicky Pugsley 023 8000 2022
Senior Trade Mark Associate Rebecca Dobson 023 8000 2022
Patent and Trade Mark Consultant Huw Evans 029 2009 9999
Photo Name Position Profile
 Mark Hickey  photo Mark Hickey
Number of UK partners : 4
Number of other UK fee-earners : 6

Murgitroyd is one of Europe’s largest and most respected firms of patent and trade mark attorneys. Operating from 15 offices across the UK, France, Germany, the Irish Republic, Italy, Finland and Switzerland, together with two client liaison offices in the US and an office dealing with patent searching in Nicaragua, it handles all types of intellectual property work across a wide range of industry sectors. With over 70 IP professional staff among a total of 300 employees, Murgitroyd offers an exceptional team of talented attorneys in an array of disciplines.

The firm: Its strong international client base includes a number of global companies in the chemical, electronics and telecommunications sectors, as well as multinational firms and small and medium-sized enterprises in all industrial sectors, including: engineering, electronics, medical devices, energy and biotechnology. The firm also has significant expertise and experience working with the university sector in the UK and the US.

The firm has a progressive approach to serving clients and has an established reputation for providing practical, commercially relevant and technically accurate advice. It places great emphasis on superior service, anticipating potential areas of difficulty and resolving problems effectively. The firm’s systems and procedures are based on a quality management system accredited under ISO 9001:2015. Together with rigorous external reviews, this underlines the firm’s commitment to maintaining the highest technical and quality standards.

Types of work undertaken: Murgitroyd has the resources to provide a full range of services, including filing, prosecuting, licensing, assigning and renewing all types of patents, trade marks and designs, as well as advising on copyright and confidential information.

Murgitroyd is able to provide clients with direct representation rights at the European Patent Office (EPO), European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO), World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) and a variety of national intellectual property offices in jurisdictions including Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Monaco, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland and the UK.

Patents: the firm is particularly experienced in drafting and prosecuting patent applications and undertakes patent drafting for a number of multinational companies on a pseudo-in-house basis. The firm regularly provides infringement opinions, IP due diligence reports and patent agent reports.

Murgitroyd has its own patent searching and analysis service after recently acquiring a search operation in Managua, Nicaragua, so can carry out any required searching in-house in a time and cost-effective manner.

Murgitroyd’s IP Portal service is focused to enable high-volume users of the patent system to achieve exceptional value, while retaining quality, when undertaking direct national filing and PCT national stage entry. The firm also utilises its pan-European presence and in-house translators to streamline the processes involved in validating European patents to provide value for its clients.

Oppositions and appeals: the firm has an experienced team and an active office in Munich to allow effective representation in such proceedings.

Trade marks: the firm’s expertise in trade mark selection, searching, clearance, use, protection, licensing, maintenance, sale and acquisition, and understanding of commercial pressures faced by businesses in today’s climate, allows it to provide commercially focused and sensible advice in cost-effective ways. Trade mark work is undertaken for a wide range of clients covering the personal care, clothing, food and drink, tobacco, pharmaceutical, chemical and oil industries, as well as the service sector, sport, entertainment and retail sectors.

Expertise is provided in unregistered as well as registered designs. Copyright expertise covers literary, musical and artistic works, including written text, graphics, artwork, drawings and sketches, data compilations and software. Trade secret expertise includes providing procedures for keeping information confidential and confidentiality agreements.

Murgitroyd aims to maintain its leading position in all its areas of expertise and focus on providing service of the highest quality.

Department Name Email Telephone
Chief executive Edward Murgitroyd
Chief financial officer Keith Young
Chief operations officer Gordon Stark
Chief of practice Malcolm Main
Chief marketing officer Jamie LeLiever
Patents – chemistry and biotechnology Russell Thom
Patents – electronic engineering and software Guido Zerbi
Patents – mechanical engineering James Brown
Trade marks Mark Hickey
Designs Wendy Crosby
Number of directors : 35
Number of other fee-earners : 21
Total staff : 290
Irish Gaelic
Chartered Institute of Patent Attorneys (CIPA)
Chartered Institute of Trade Mark Attorneys (CITMA)
American IP Law Association (AIPLA)
Licensing Executive Society (LES)