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TMT (technology, media and telecoms) > PATMA: Patent attorneys Tier 1

The team at J A Kemp is well versed in cross-border patent prosecution and is particularly active for clients from the US and Japan. In the highly international caseload, the strong EPO practice, and especially the oppositions and appeals caseload, takes pride of place, with the firm continuing to expand its long list of successfully fought proceedings. Between the biotechnology and life sciences, the chemistry and pharmaceuticals, and the engineering and IT teams, clients find an extensive range of experts for patent prosecution needs. With offices in Oxford and Cambridge, the firm is well placed for assisting the respective universities’ technology transfer offices and spin-outs with the development and commercialisation of patent portfolios. The practice heads are: Nigel Price (engineering and IT), Celia Keen (chemistry and pharmaceuticals), Patrick Campbell (biotechnology and life sciences), Ravi Srinivasan (pharmaceuticals), Mark Roberts (medical devices), John Leeming (software) and Samuel Smith (electronics).

Practice head(s):

Nigel Price; Celia Keen; Patrick Campbell; Ravi Srinivasan; Mark Roberts; John Leeming; Samuel Smith

Other key lawyers:

Andrew Bentham; Graham Lewis; Amanda Simons; Ian MacLeod; Toby Hopkin


The team’s client commitment is outstanding. They combine high-level legal expertise with practical and business sense. Great strategic advisers in the field of IP. We typically work with one partner, however the firm has various attorneys on board with specific expertise in certain areas. And these can be swiftly pulled on board – if the case at hand would require so.

The attorneys I have collaborated with are highly skilled and proactive. It saves my time to collaborate with them.

JA Kemp, and in particular Andrew Bentham’s group, brings vast experience in patents related to plant biotechnology and the as-biotechnology space, and is also able to advise from a commercial perspective.

Pat Campbell leads the biotechnology team and is a very knowledgeable European patent attorney. He has broad experience in antibody patenting and other relevant areas of the biopharmaceuticals sector. Pat has an excellent understanding of the industry and proactively addresses industry needs. He is a very nice and approachable person. Graham Lewis is an expert in the field of SPCs. Also, very nice and easy to work with.’

I work with Mark Roberts, a sharp thinker who swiftly takes up new technology. Mark is very dedicated and great fun to work with. We have been working in several opposition proceedings where he has a great track record for our company. He comes well prepared, and adds great value to the in-house team. He works effectively and has prepared alternative scenarios that bring value, which also enable him to swiftly switch gear in proceedings, when need might be.

I have worked with Mark Roberts and Amanda Simons. Both team members are very professional and proactive. You really look forward to give them a new case.

We mainly work with two partners, both are exceptional: Andrew Bentham has a very well-rounded view of IP versus the needs of the business and provides detailed advice that is both legally accurate and tailored to the needs of the business. Ian MacLeod has the ability to perceive complex subject matter quickly and add value through analysis that is very focused on the salient points.

The primary lawyer we deal with at J A Kemp is Ravi Srinivasan. Ravi is an outstanding IP legal professional. His insights and attention to detail are second to none. He and his team are efficient, organised and highly effective.

Key clients






Lockheed Martin

Oxford University

Plymouth Hospitals





Toyota Motor Corporation

University of California


TMT (technology, media and telecoms) > PATMA: Trade mark attorneys Tier 1

J A Kemp‘s deep bench is highly experienced in the management and strategic development of global trade mark and design portfolios, with several new prestigious clients joining the client roster in 2020. In addition to clearance, prosecution, opposition and appeal matters, both in the UK and in the EU, the practice also offers extensive experience in domain name disputes and brand enforcement matters, including anti-counterfeiting matters. The firm’s dedicated IP litigation support team, consisting of solicitors and attorney litigators, is another asset. A significant portion of the caseload consists of instructions from US and Japanese clients, including attorney firms from these jurisdictions seeking advisers for UK and European soft IP matters. In Europe, the group is especially active for clients from Spain, France and the Nordics, while maintaining its strong presence in the UK. The offices in Paris and Munich ensure seamless EU services post-Brexit. James Fish directs the trade mark practice, while Tom Albertini is the head of the design practice.

Practice head(s):

James Fish; Tom Albertini

Other key lawyers:

Ben Mooneapillay; Charlotte Stirling; Aaron Newell


There is a depth of knowledge within the team and clearly expertise running through at every level.

J A Kemp has an amazing trade mark prosecution team. I have found them to be highly professional, prompt, detail-oriented, knowledgeable and to top all this, reasonably priced.

Aaron Newell is great on strategy, ‘thinking round a problem’ and achieving creative solutions which work for us. Selina Chan offers thoughtful and thorough support to Aaron. Both Aaron and Selina are really personable and enjoyable to work with.

Charlotte Stirling is organised, professional, extremely knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with. She’s extremely responsive and has supported us on our trade mark portfolio for many years now. I would highly recommend her to anyone needing assistance with trade mark issues.

Charlotte Stirling is a fantastic trade mark attorney.  She offers real, practical advice, proposing solutions instead of simply identifying problems. The solutions she proposes are consistently great, and save our company’s attorneys significant amounts of time, as often we simply need to sign off on the solution she proactively proposed to the issue she identified.

Ben Mooneapillay is smart, responsive, collaborative, practical and relaxed.  A rare and excellent blend of qualities in a trusted adviser. Would recommend him, and J A Kemp, unhesitatingly.

Aaron Newell is the star performer I have always preferred to work with. I wonder if Aaron ever sleeps! No matter what time of the day or night you send an email, he responds without delay. His opinions are always thorough and leave no gaps.

Aaron Newell is an incredibly hard worker with a great knowledge and creativity. He is able to think out of the box which is a great asset for any of his clients. He is extremely fast and very thorough. Thinks in opportunities and possibilities rather than problems. A joy to work with.

Key clients

Aston Martin Lagonda

Diomed Developments


GW Pharma

Roja Parfums Holdings

Royal British Legion

Sealed Air Corporation



Taylor Made Golf Company

 J A Kemp is one of the largest European patent and trade mark attorney firms, with offices in London, Paris, Oxford, Cambridge and Munich.

The firm prides itself on a pragmatic and strategic approach across all practice areas, supporting its clients’ changing needs at every stage of a project. Drafting; prosecution; opposition and litigation; non-contentious transactions and agreements; searching and assessment of validity / FTO; as well as global portfolio management:  all are handled in-house with the utmost professionalism and attention to detail. J A Kemp attorneys routinely leverage their expertise and experience to propose creative solutions to complex problems in all areas – helping their clients’ businesses to grow.

The firm works for a huge variety of direct domestic (UK and European) and international clients, ranging from startups, spinouts and growing businesses, through to some of the largest corporations and most prestigious academic institutions in the world. Attorney firms in the USA, Japan, China and the Republic of Korea also routinely instruct J A Kemp on behalf of their clients, happy to rely upon the firm’s unparalleled ability to secure intellectual property protection within Europe and elsewhere.

J A Kemp’s patents team is rightly famed for the breadth and depth of its technical expertise in every area of science and technology, boasting over 80 science and technology graduates, including over 45 PhDs. Drawing from three broad client service groups: biotechnology and life sciences, chemistry and pharmaceuticals, and engineering and IT, the firm is adept at assembling cross-disciplinary teams able to handle even complex inventions which sit across technological boundaries. Areas of particular expertise include antibodies and biologics, bioinformatics, chemistry, cleantech, diagnostics and personalised medicine, electronics and electrical technology, engineering, IT and software, manufacturing, materials and metallurgy, medical devices and technology, optics, pharmaceuticals, plant science and agriculture, polymers, regenerative medicine, semiconductors, vaccines and immunology.  J A Kemp has a well-deserved reputation for excellence in patent oppositions and appeals before the European Patent Office, as well as in its specialist team handling supplementary protection certificates (SPCs) across Europe.

The senior professionals leading J A Kemp’s dedicated trade marks team are drawn from major international law firms. The team has the expertise and resources to handle any trade mark matter, with particular expertise in the registration of unusual or otherwise difficult marks, including shape marks and marks that require evidence of acquired distinctiveness. J A Kemp’s trade mark attorneys are experienced in dispute resolution and opposition and related enforcement issues. The firm also offers a range of specialist services to protect clients’ brands online, including domain name monitoring, portfolio rationalisation, domain name disputes, anti-phishing and impersonation, website and social media takedowns, as well as handling all aspects of design protection in the UK, Europe and the rest of the world.

J A Kemp provides support for contentious intellectual property matters in the High Court of England and Wales, the Intellectual Property Enterprise Court, the UK Intellectual Property Office, the European Patent Office and European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO), plus their respective appeal courts. The IP Litigation and Dispute Resolution Support Group combines in-depth knowledge of patents, trade marks and designs. The Group consists of qualified solicitors, patent and trade mark attorney litigators who provide support services in order to achieve successful outcomes for the firm’s clients.

J A Kemp is a client-focused and commercially aware firm with the breadth and depth of expertise to handle any intellectual property matter.

Chair of the management committee John Leeming
Biotechnology and life sciences Patrick Campbell
Chemistry and pharmaceuticals Amanda Simons
Engineering and IT Nigel Price
Trade marks and designs James Fish
Medical devices Mark Roberts
Electronics Samuel Smith
Pharmaceuticals Ravi Srinivasan
Tom Albertini  photo Tom Albertini Partner, European and UK Chartered Trade Mark Attorney, Litigator
Lucy Barnes  photo Lucy Barnes Partner, European and UK Patent Attorney
Guy Brain  photo Guy Brain Partner, European and UK Patent Attorney
Patrick Campbell  photo Patrick Campbell Partner, European and UK Patent Attorney
Dr Andrew Clark  photo Dr Andrew Clark Partner, European and UK Patent Attorney
Dr Anthony Duckett  photo Dr Anthony Duckett Partner, European and UK Patent Attorney
James Fish  photo James Fish Partner, European and UK Chartered Trade Mark Attorney, Solicitor
Kieron Grehan  photo Kieron Grehan Partner, European and UK Patent Attorney
Toby Hopkin  photo Toby Hopkin Partner, European and UK Patent Attorney
Dr Henry Hunt-Grubbe  photo Dr Henry Hunt-Grubbe Partner, European and UK Patent Attorney
Dr Martin Jackson  photo Dr Martin Jackson Partner, European and UK Patent Attorney, Litigator
Tom Leanse  photo Tom Leanse Partner, European and UK Patent Attorney
John Leeming  photo John Leeming Partner, European and UK Patent Attorney, Litigator
Dr Graham Lewis  photo Dr Graham Lewis Partner, European and UK Patent Attorney
Dr Ian MacLeod  photo Dr Ian MacLeod Partner, European and UK Patent Attorney
James Main  photo James Main Partner, European and UK Patent Attorney
Chris Milton  photo Chris Milton Partner, European and UK Patent Attorney
Aaron Newell  photo Aaron Newell Partner, Solicitor
Dr David Power  photo Dr David Power Partner, European and UK Patent Attorney
Nigel Price  photo Nigel Price Partner, European and UK Patent Attorney
Dr Stuart Raynor  photo Dr Stuart Raynor Partner, European and UK Patent Attorney
Dr Joanne Roberts  photo Dr Joanne Roberts Partner, European and UK Patent Attorney
Mark Roberts  photo Mark Roberts Partner, European and UK Patent Attorney
Sarah Roques  photo Sarah Roques Partner, European and UK Patent Attorney
Samuel Smith  photo Samuel Smith Partner, European and UK Patent Attorney
Ravi Srinivasan  photo Ravi Srinivasan Partner, European and UK Patent Attorney, Litigator
Charlotte Stirling  photo Charlotte Stirling Partner, UK Chartered Trade Mark Attorney
Hermione Thompson  photo Hermione Thompson Partner, European and UK Patent Attorney
Number of partners : 41
Number of other fee-earners : 56
Total staff : 218