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Founded in 2016, Ulloa & Cía advises on a broad range of tax matters, including domestic and international taxation, corporate restructuring-related tax issues, and tax dispute resolution; other notable areas are family business tax matters and tax compliance. Nicolás Ulloa ('great management of tax issues') is a former PricewaterhouseCoopers Consultores, Auditores y Compañía Limitada partner; fellow founding partner Adriana Zaidan heads up the firm's international tax law department. Further support is provided by senior associate Domingo Godoy, who regularly defends taxpayers before Chile's IRS and municipalities.


The most relevant aspect is the specialism they have in the tax space, as well as the ability to analyse the tax issues applicable to our business, which allows us to receive satisfactory answers to our queries.

Nicolás Ulloa provides great management of tax issues, and adequately understands the real estate sector, which allows him to give us complete advice when we require it.

The firm: Ulloa & Cia Abogados is a tax law firm with high expertise in assisting clients at both national and international levels. The firm delivers a fully-fledged service that includes understanding the client’s issues, developing solutions and implementing them. By accompanying the clients in all phases of the work, the firm’s team is able to follow up on the proposal and verify that the designed plan is the best alternative for the client.

Formed in June 2016 by Nicolas Ulloa and Adriana Zaidan, former PwC partner and manager respectively, the firm has had fast growth with clients that see an opportunity to find excellent work in a more private and boutique environment. Ulloa & Cia Abogados’ clients are mainly family businesses, investment funds, and companies acting in the real estate, financial, engineering and retail sectors. When rendering tax advice to family groups, the firm also provides counsel to high-net-worth individuals in matters concerning their personal as well as their business affairs.

Areas of practice: Ulloa & Cia Abogados’ main areas of practice are the following:

Domestic tax consultancy and corporate restructurings: The firm provides a full range of services in the domestic tax area, from designing and implementing complex restructuring transactions to providing advice in day to day income tax, VAT and inheritance tax issues. The domestic tax team at Ulloa & Cia Abogados analyzes and designs the strategies which are best adapted to its clients’ local business, allowing it to maximize its legal, administrative and tax efficiency within the legal framework.

International tax consultancy and corporate restructurings: In the international tax area, Ulloa & Cia Abogados is recognized in the Chilean market for having a deep understanding of the legal and tax systems of different countries, together with a significant knowledge of tax treaties and other international tax rules. These are key factors that allow the practice to best structure outbound and inbound investments of clients, and to solve their day to day problems.

Specialized tax compliance: The firm has a tax compliance team that works in coordination with the domestic and international tax practices in order to verify that all the strategies and suggested solutions are implemented correctly from an accounting and tax compliance perspective. Ulloa & Cia Abogados also provides tax compliance services to clients with foreign investments and to holding companies.

Tax controversy solutions: The tax controversy solutions practice at Ulloa & Cia Abogados focuses on protecting the interest of taxpayers before the local tax authorities and courts. The main objective of the practice is to make sure that cases are solved at the administrative level, so as to avoid the case becoming a judicial matter.

Family business and governance: The lawyers of Ulloa & Cia Abogados commonly address family business governance issues with the firm’s family business clients, helping them to structure their companies and prepare their business to future generations.

Consultancy in local tax matters and corporate restructurings
International taxation
Specialized tax compliance
Tax litigation
Family business and governance