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Coimbra & Chaves
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Corporate and M&A Tier 6

The 'very productive' group at Coimbra & Chaves is split across the firm's São Paulo and Belo Horizonte offices and is 'technically prepared and always available'. In 2018, the team worked with a range of new and longstanding clients, including companies operating in the food and beverage, natural resources, engineering and tech sectors. 2018 also saw growth at the associate level, with the arrivals of Rayssa Thainá Moreira Dolabella and Ronalt Duarte Batista from Melo Campos Advogados Associados S/C. Eugênia Aguiar Siqueira and associate Loni Mellilo Cardoso are highly recommended. Founding partner Paula Andrade Ribeiro Chaves is an additional name to note.

Tax Tier 7

Paulo Roberto Coimbra leads the 'business-oriented' tax department at Coimbra & Chaves; he is 'very professional, and always thinking of new ideas to support the client's business'. The highly-qualified team also includes Alice de Abreu Lima Jorge, Mauricio de Saraiva Abreu Chagas and Fabiano Almeida Rodrigues.

Coimbra & Chaves, founded in 2012, is a comprehensive law firm with national coverage servicing the most diverse sectors of the economy, but specializing in  Tax Law and business structuring through its M&A, Corporate and Contracts area.

Our practice areas are regarded as reference in their respective fields and distinguish themselves by their extensive experience and the results achieved for our clients, making CCA a market leader in innovative tax and corporate transactions management.

Servicing the most diverse sectors of the economy, it provides clients with the best solutions adding both value and safety to corporate results.

Coimbra & Chaves introduces a new and advanced concept in legal consulting and advisory services. Personalized service and customized solutions are the cornerstones of our organizational structure. This differential is reflected in the strong engagement in, commitment to and involvement with the legal and corporate matters of our clients.

The lawyers and consultants at Coimbra & Chaves are dedicated to continuous training in their fields of expertise in addition to possessing a detailed knowledge of their clients’ business and operations. The Firm has an ample and structured group of accredited and associated firms.

Our contemporary and sophisticated vision of the exercise of the legal profession is coupled with strict compliance with the law and the permanent observance of ethical conduct.

Coimbra & Chaves offers both consulting and litigation services. The different practice areas of the Firm work in an interdisciplinary way so as to reduce to the furthest extent possible any risks and maximize economic and financial results for our clients. The legal team is supplemented by specialized consultants, among them accountants and engineers. Our main objective is to present clients with commercially advantageous and legally safe solutions in accordance with the law.

The lawyers of Coimbra & Chaves have experience from working at international law firms and diligently dedicate themselves to the study of foreign law. As a result, the Firm has been retained by businesses and organizations investing in Brazil as well as domestic corporations doing business abroad.


The firm represents clients in the automotive, mining  and metals, financial, energy and natural gas , agribusiness, commerce, industry, infrastructure, technology, service, education, third and healthcare sectors. More specifically, over 50% of all steelmakers in Brazil, more than 54% car producers in Latin America, 2 of the 3 largest money transport firms in Brazil and 5 of the 50 largest companies in Brazil are clients of Coimbra & Chaves.

Social Responsibility:

Our office further takes its social responsibility very seriously and support Third Sector organizations, which help children in vulnerable situations through donations of more than R$ 1 Million in the last two years helping more than one thousand children and teenagers.

Department Name Email Telephone
Tax Paulo Coimbra
Tax Litigation José Henrique Guaracy
Tax consulting Paulo David Ferreira
Tax Innovation Onofre Alves Batista Jr.
Business law and litigation Paula Chaves
Corporate, M&A and Commercial contracts Paula Chaves
Corporate, M&A and Commercial contracts Eugênia Siqueira
Photo Name Position Profile
 Guilherme Bagno  photo Guilherme Bagno Partner
 Onofre Alves Batista Júnior  photo Onofre Alves Batista Júnior Counsel Partner
 Mauricio de Saraiva Abreu Chagas  photo Mauricio de Saraiva Abreu Chagas Partner
 Paula Andrade R. Chaves  photo Paula Andrade R. Chaves Founding Partner – Head of Corporate, M&A and Commercial Contracts
 Paulo Roberto Coimbra  photo Paulo Roberto Coimbra Founding Partner, Head of Tax
 Janaína Diniz F. de Andrade  photo Janaína Diniz F. de Andrade Senior Partner
 Paulo David Ferreira  photo Paulo David Ferreira Senior Partner
 José Henrique Guaracy  photo José Henrique Guaracy Senior Partner
 Alice de Abreu Lima Jorge  photo Alice de Abreu Lima Jorge Counsel Partner
 Flávia Noronha  photo Flávia Noronha Senior Partner
 Filipe Piazzi  photo Filipe Piazzi Senior Partner – in São Paulo (SP)
 Fabiano Almeida Rodrigues  photo Fabiano Almeida Rodrigues Counsel Partner
 Eugenia Aguiar Siqueira  photo Eugenia Aguiar Siqueira Counsel Partner
Total staff : 107
Partners : 46