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Labour and employment Tier 3

Puente & Asociados' practice has noteworthy experience in contractual advisory matters and works closely with clients' HR departments. Miguel Puente leads the practice, which also advises on health and safety regulations as well as disputes. Guillermo Córdova and Gabriela Pozo defended travel service Iguanatours against claims brought by a former employee relating to alleged outstanding labour obligations.


Puente & Asociados was created with a special emphasis on corporate business law and as an efficient alternative for legal advice. The firm helps to optimize the growth and productivity of businesses and organizations, protecting them from potential legal contingencies, as well as giving them adequate legal advice for different contractual business.

The firm has offices in various cities, such as Quito, Guayaquil and Cuenca in Ecuador; and has two international offices in Bogota, Colombia and Lima, Peru. In addition, it has an extensive network of correspondents worldwide.

Dr Miguel Angel Puente Asquet, an experienced professional who has served in national and international businesses, founded the law firm in 2001. He has been associated with professional experts in the legal field and during the last few years he has consolidated a specialized team to work for clients’ interests.

For 16 years, Puente & Asociados has grown rapidly. In fact it represents a number of local and international organizations due to the agile, personalized and professional services it provides.

Puente & Asociados is a firm with strong values, whose goal is to render legal solutions to legal persons.

Areas of practice

Labor law: thanks to experience acquired in the labor law field, the firm offers legal advice and sponsors companies and organizations in individual and collective labor disputes. Puente & Asociados is a leading firm in labor law with a long history of cases resolved favorably for its clients. Its labor law experts, Dr Miguel Ange Puente and Dr Guillermo Cordova, have wide experience in consulting as well as academic teaching. In addition, they have collaborated in drafting labor legislation.

Corporate law: the firm handles multiple commercial and corporate matters, such as incorporating mercantile companies, opening foreign branches, corporate mergers, capital increases and others.

Civil and litigation: Puente & Asociados’ goal is to avoid legal disputes and lawsuits; but when a matter occurs in the litigation field, the firm’s specialized team represents clients’ interests to reach the best solution for the case. The experience acquired allows the team to negotiate and offer alternative solutions by representing its clients’ needs.

Intellectual property: the firm delivers advice and management of intangible assets, by the registration of trademarks, patents of invention, industrial designs and different IP rights. The legal advice also comprises the management and protection of copyright and related rights, drafting and reaching licenses, agreements and contracts.

Tax law: the firm offers corporate tax advice, protection analysis and business tax planning, and tax controversies sponsorship.

Migration law: the firm provides a comprehensive system of assessment and management of the entire immigration process for local people, and foreigners or expatriates. This process includes relocation services for corporations.

Department Name Email Telephone
Labor Miguel Ángel Puente Asquet E:
Corporate Verónica Meza Aguirre E: veronicam@
Civil/litigation Guillermo Javier Córdova Villegas E: guillermoc@
IP/MIGRATION Geovanna Puente Alarcón E:
Tax Héctor Olivo Martínez E:
Public procurement Marco Emilio Prado Jiménez E:
Other fee-earners : 7
Total staff : 22
Partners : 5