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BCL Solicitors LLP

Crime: general Tier 1

BCL Solicitors LLP provides advice to professionals and high-profile clients, drawn from a range of industries, on a range of matters, including murder, manslaughter, motoring offences, historic sexual offences, and grievous bodily harm. Paul Morris heads the team, supported by Rachel Hubbard, Ellen Peart and Mark Haslam.

Fraud: white-collar crime Tier 1

BCL Solicitors LLP advises on fraud, white-collar crime and corporate crime. Clients include individuals such as directors, senior employees and high-net-worth individuals as well as corporations. Head of team Ian Burton focuses on advising individuals, businesses and government bodies on a range of issues nationally and internationally. Harry Travers deals with business crime and regulation. Richard Sallybanks deals with investigations involving allegations of fraud, corruption, sanctions offences, price-fixing, and false accounting. John Binns specialises in financial crime and Julian Hayes handles fraud, insider dealing and market abuse, bribery and corruption, and sanctions. Shula de Jersey is recommended for her experience in dealing with allegations of serious fraud, money laundering, bribery and corruption. Richard Reichman was promoted to partner.

Health and safety Tier 3

BCL Solicitors LLP handles cases relating to corporate manslaughter, fatal accidents and fire safety. Guy Bastable leads the team and advises companies and individuals in inquests and investigations. Other key members of the team include Richard Reichman, who advises on fatal and major accidents, and Tom McNeill, who has acted on cases involving corporate manslaughter, fire safety and coroner's inquests.

Regulatory investigations and corporate crime Tier 3

BCL Solicitors LLP advises corporate and individual clients on financial crime, corporate crime and white-collar crime. The firm advises on anti-corruption, anti-money laundering, compliance procedures, fraud, sanctions, cartels and corporate manslaughter. It often deals with regulators including the SFO, FCA, HMRC and overseas authorities. Head of team Ian Burton advises clients on business crime investigations and prosecutions. Richard Reichman was promoted to partner.

Key clients

Options Energy Resource LLP

Firm Overview:

The firm BCL Solicitors is a market leading firm specialising in domestic and international corporate and financial crime, tax investigations and litigation, financial regulatory enforcement, corporate manslaughter and health and safety offences, disciplinary proceedings, serious and general crime, as well as the associated areas of anti-money laundering and anti-corruption compliance and risk management. BCL provides discreet, effective and expert advice to senior executives, corporations, public bodies, public figures and high profile/high net worth individuals affected by criminal or regulatory investigations and prosecutions. Its lawyers are drawn from specialist criminal law firms and barristers’ chambers, commercial law firms, the main prosecuting authorities and the Government Legal Service.


Principal areas of work:

Corporate & Financial Crime (including Fraud, Corruption, Sanctions Offences & Cartels): BCL has one of the largest and most experienced corporate and financial crime teams in the UK and has been involved in most of the significant cases investigated by the SFO, HMRC, the FCA and the CMA. Its experience in dealing with investigating authorities also means BCL is often engaged by commercial organisations to conduct internal investigations into suspected corporate and financial crime. Its work is often international, reflecting the globalisation of the investigation and prosecution of corporate and financial crime, and BCL is frequently instructed to project manage multi-jurisdictional criminal and ancillary civil litigation in liaison with local law firms in the jurisdictions concerned. The international nature of BCL’s work also means that it has considerable experience in the associated areas of extradition (often for prominent businesspersons where there is a political aspect to the proceedings), international mutual legal assistance and in challenges to Interpol.

Tax Investigations & Litigation: BCL acts in investigations, prosecutions and civil litigation involving HMRC, regularly working alongside eminent tax and accountancy practices. BCL has substantial expertise in litigating allegations of ineffective tax avoidance and tax evasion, negotiating settlements, and monitoring/challenging the use by HMRC of its wide-ranging powers.

Financial Regulatory Enforcement: BCL acts in regulatory investigations and proceedings brought by the FCA in the areas of insider dealing, market abuse, market manipulation and generally in relation to individuals’ regulatory approval.

Corporate Manslaughter/Health & Safety/Environment (including Consumer Protection & Trading Standards): BCL acts in investigations, enforcement action and prosecutions involving corporate manslaughter, health and safety/fire safety/environmental breaches and fatal accidents, including providing emergency advice, undertaking internal investigations, providing representation in interview, challenging enforcement notices, advising on orders for the compulsory provision of information and providing representation at coroners’ inquests. BCL has developed considerable recognised expertise in relation to the corporate manslaughter offence.

Money Laundering & Proceeds of Crime: BCL provides representation and advice in relation to money laundering and Proceeds of Crime Act (POCA) issues, including restraint, freezing, receivership, confiscation, civil recovery and cash seizure/forfeiture.

Compliance & Risk Management: BCL advises corporations, financial institutions, professional service providers and individuals in relation to anti-money laundering and anti-corruption compliance, as well as advising on corporate accountability and risk management relating to the widening range of applicable criminal offences which companies face. It also undertakes internal reviews and investigations into such matters.

Disciplinary Proceedings: BCL acts for individuals facing professional disciplinary action by bodies such as the Bar Council, the Solicitors Regulation Authority, the General Medical Council, the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency, and the British Horseracing Authority.

Serious & General Crime/Motoring: BCL has a long-established reputation as a market leader in the largest and most high-profile serious criminal cases. It offers specialist and discreet advice across the whole spectrum, from homicide to road traffic offences, whether in the police station, the Magistrates’ Court or the Crown Court. Many of its clients are high-profile individuals in the fields of business, industry, entertainment, sport and the media, where discretion and reputation management are crucial.

Department Name Email Telephone
Senior partner Ian Burton
Corporate and financial crime Ian Burton
Corporate and financial crime Harry Travers
Corporate and financial crime Richard Sallybanks
Tax investigations and litigation Harry Travers
Financial regulatory enforcement Richard Sallybanks
Corporate manslaughter/health and safety Guy Bastable
Disciplinary proceedings Ian Burton
Money laundering and proceeds of crime Guy Bastable
Money laundering and proceeds of crime John Binns
Compliance and risk management Guy Bastable
Compliance and risk management John Binns
Serious and general crime/motoring Paul Morris
Serious and general crime/motoring Mark Haslam
Serious and general crime/motoring Ellen Peart
Serious and general crime/motoring Rachel Hubbard
Photo Name Position Profile
 Guy Bastable  photo Guy Bastable
 John Binns  photo John Binns
 Shaul Brazil  photo Shaul Brazil
 Ian Burton  photo Ian Burton
 Michael Drury CMG  photo Michael Drury CMG
 Jane Glass  photo Jane Glass
 David Hardstaff  photo David Hardstaff
 Mark Haslam  photo Mark Haslam
 Julian Hayes  photo Julian Hayes
 Rachel Hubbard  photo Rachel Hubbard
 Greg Mailer  photo Greg Mailer
 Paul Morris  photo Paul Morris
 Ellen Peart  photo Ellen Peart
 Richard Reichman  photo Richard Reichman
 Richard Sallybanks  photo Richard Sallybanks
 Harry Travers  photo Harry Travers
 Shula de Jersey  photo Shula de Jersey
Number of UK partners : 15
Number of other UK fee-earners : 22