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Chile > Dispute resolution: litigation Tier 1

Specialist dispute resolution firm Bofill Escobar Silva Abogados houses a sizeable 22-strong team that focuses exclusively on the resolution of complex or cross-border business disputes – frequently with a high profile or of a politically sensitive nature. The practice has experienced notable growth, recently, in litigation before and against public entities (such as the Ministry of Public Works, the Comptroller General, National Economic Prosecutor and the Municipality of Las Condes), in relation to urban developments, infrastructure, antitrust matters and environmental law. The group is jointly led by Jorge Bofill , one of Chile’s most renowned litigators, particularly for white-collar matters; Francisco Aninat , who ‘attends to the needs of clients in a timely and accurate manner‘; and complex disputes and cross-border litigation specialist Sebastián Yanine . Vanessa Facuse , a former litigation division chief at the National Economic Prosecutor, is also highly regarded, as is of counsel Marcela Vega , who acts in commercial, civil, criminal and labour cases, as well as administrative matters concerning public institutions. Notable internal growth includes the elevation of criminal litigation expert César Ramos  (a hire as director from Albagli Zaliasnik in early 2021) to partner in January 2022.

Practice head(s):

Jorge Bofill; Francisco Aninat; Sebastián Yanine


A committed and cohesive team that is professional and technically impeccable – it is capable of providing great legal advice and representation, working together with the client, while strategically addressing the different issues. The partners also work very well with the firm’s associates in their delivery of an excellent service.

The partners are directly committed to the needs of their clients – they provide comprehensive advice, respond in a timely manner, and show a unique concern for the client.

The firm recently focused on deepening its expertise in new conflicts, including areas such as digital technology, movement of international capital and environmental conflicts. Its combination of extensive litigation experience in a wide variety of highly public cases with solid training and constant assessment of future trends means it stands out from the competition.

A well-known firm in Chile, with great professional successes and excellent professionals.

Specialises in dispute resolution both in Chile and in courts of other countries, with an interdisciplinary approach, as well as being focused on business development. Its partners, led by Jorge Bofill, are among the most relevant lawyers in Chile and are constantly sought out by the press and large corporations for comments and analysis.

I would highlight Jorge Bofill and Sebastián Yanine – great lawyers, great prestige, aggressive as litigants, and highly successful.

Francisco Aninat attends to the needs of clients in a timely and accurate manner.

César Ramos is a lawyer with extensive experience in highly complex cases.

Key clients

Sociedad Concesionario Costanera Norte

Inmobiliaria e Invesiones Chicureo

Enel Green Power Chile

Pablo Alcalde

Consorcio Puente Chacao

DLA – Inmobiliaria Nueva El Golf

AMC Networks Latin America

Julio Ponce Lerou


Carlos Ríos

Javier Ríos

Grupo Auguri

Juan Emilio Cheyre


Jonas Gómez Pacheco

Work highlights

  • Defending Sociedad Concesionaria Costanera Norte in a massive tort case, comprising over 40 civil liability lawsuits (aggregate value $300m), which also involves arbitrations, administrative proceedings, and criminal matters.
  • Representing Grupo Auguri (GA) in administrative proceedings before the Chilean Securities and Exchange Commission, as well as proceedings before the civil courts and Court of Appeals, through which defendants seek to assert the jurisdiction of state courts against arbitration promoted by GA, in relation to the $20m Clínica Las Condes case.
  • Acted for Inmobiliaria Nueva El Golf in relation to the illegal suspension of real estate project-related works.

Chile > Dispute resolution: white-collar crime Tier 1

Specialised dispute resolution firm Bofill Escobar Silva Abogados fields a sizeable 22-strong criminal law group that handles a wide range of cases – from complex, white-collar and economic felonies to high-profile investigations involving corruption allegations and crimes committed against Chile’s critical infrastructure during the country’s late 2019 social crisis. The ‘outstanding‘ practice is co-led by highly esteemed name partner Jorge Bofill, a commercial litigation, international arbitration and white-collar crime expert who has longstanding experience in legislative work (such as his participation in the Drafting Committee of the Criminal Procedure Reform bill); and César Ramos  (elevated to the partnership in December 2021), whose recent track record includes successfully representing Chile’s Undersecretary of Health in a criminal investigation related to the spread of the Covid-19 Delta variant in Chile. Ramos and associate Andrea Lema (a late 2020 hire from the public criminal defender’s office) are both ‘very competent‘.

Practice head(s):

Jorge Bofill; Cesar Ramos


A human team that stays close to its clients and is empathetic in relation to their problems – a correct reading of the problems and how to resolve them.

The firm stands out for combining its experience with a top-level team of lawyers who work well together.

The lawyers study the origins of cases and analyse all the variables, and they have the support of experts in relation to ​​judicial and police investigations, and environmental studies.

In their relationships with clients, the lawyers are always receptive and will always consider the opinions of clients and background information supplied.

Lawyers with first-class professional preparation – outstanding in their field at a national level.

An organised, coherent work system, with a clear and defined strategic direction that allows freedom of action and creativity; and the work is coordinated through permanent monitoring and combined visions that enrich each aspect of the issues to be addressed.

The strategic direction and conduct of Jorge Bofill stands out.

Cesar Ramos and Andrea Lema are very competent – great degree of knowledge of the issues and processes that the client must face.

Key clients

Compañía Contractual Minera Candelaria

Pedro Guerra Guerrero

Karen Rojo Venegas

Luis Alberto Yapur

Sociedad Administradora de Casinos y Servicios Aliservice

Empresa de Transporte de Pasajeros Metro

Paula Labra Besserer

Julio Ponce Lerou

High-ranking officers of Empresas Penta

Carlos Capurro


Valeria Ronchera

Work highlights

  • Representing Compañía Contractual Minera Candelaria (and one of its former executives Miguel Troncoso), in an ongoing investigation regarding alleged bribery charges, which involve an agreement with the Municipality of Tierra Amarilla.
  • Acted for Julio Ponce, one of the largest shareholders of SQM, in relation to the Cascadas case, one of the landmark securities criminal cases of the last decade.
  • Represents a company, which is owned by Luis Alberto Yapur and provides food to the national public schools system, in an ongoing investigation concerning the alleged forgery of documents during a bidding process.

Chile > Dispute resolution: arbitration Tier 2

The 25-member specialist disputes boutique Bofill Escobar Silva Abogados (‘far superior to other firms‘), focuses exclusively on significant and cross-border business disputes and frequently acts before both local and foreign courts and arbitrators, governmental authorities and international arbitration tribunals in high profile and or politically sensitive matters. The principal figures are Jorge Bofill, whose track record includes acting before both ICSID and the ICC; Sebastián Yanine, a specialist in both commercial and investment treaty arbitrations; and Francisco Aninat, who focuses on the resolution of complex business disputes, particularly through commercial arbitration and litigation.

Practice head(s):

Jorge Bofill; Sebastian Yanine; Francisco Aninat


The work was tremendously professional, with many hours dedicated to understanding the case, which was not easy – there is no doubt that the lawyers fully understood the problem. These are very professional and serious people.

Permanent communication with the client and good availability to answer questions – a very professional outfit.

The BES team offers something different, particularly its unique combination of white-collar, infrastructure and arbitration professionals.

A small office with excellent professionals.

Far superior to other firms with which I have worked.

Great knowledge of the legal and strategic commercial institutions of the business world, analytical depth and creativity.

Jorge Bofill is a benchmark partner who consistently acts in high-profile cases.

Francisco Aninat has extensive experience in litigation and arbitration matters.

Key clients

Sociedad Concesionaria Salud Siglo XXI

Obrascón Huarte Laín Amodio

Sociedad Concesionaria Costanera Norte

Sociedad Concesionaria Nuevo Pudahuel

Enel Green Power Chile

Consorcio de Salud Santiago Oriente


Carlos Ríos

Javier Ríos

Express de Santiago Uno

Industria Metalúrgica Ursus Trotter

Grupo Auguri


Work highlights

  • Acted for Sociedad Concesionaria Nuevo Pudahuel in an arbitral proceeding against the Ministry of Public Works, which was initiated to obtain full recognition of overhead costs and damages associated with additional works at Santiago’s International Airport.
  • Acted for Enel Green Power Chile (EGPC) in an arbitration claim involving physical and economic damage to EGPC.
  • Acted for Carlos Ríos and Javier Ríos (owners of Inversiones Alsacia and Express de Santiago Uno) in ICSID arbitration against the Republic of Chile for breaching the Free Trade Agreement with the Republic of Colombia.

Chile > Competition and antitrust

Bofill Escobar Silva Abogados' competition and regulated markets practice is led by experienced partner Vanessa Facuse, a former head of the FNE’s litigation division; her private practice is focused on antitrust matters, competition law and regulated markets.

The firm: Bofill Escobar Silva is a leading Chilean law firm that focuses on resolution of complex and cross-border business disputes, before local and foreign courts, governmental authorities and international arbitration tribunals. The firm is currently active in a wide range of high-profile cases, covering almost all industries and markets, including natural resources, energy, mining, construction, finance and securities.

Bofill Escobar Silva also has vast experience advising clients in white-collar and anti-corruption cases, as well as conducting internal investigations or acting as external advisers of corporate investigations that are being carried out by in-house compliance teams.

The firm has distinctive experience with disputes involving highly technical matters; multiple parties, several languages and different applicable laws; numerous jurisdictions, and interrelated litigation; administration of large volumes of data; and working with experts in multiple fields.

The diverse backgrounds and skills of Bofill Escobar Silva lawyers provide a strategic, comprehensive and innovative approach to conflict resolution, which becomes particularly valuable for our clients when litigation is not the best option available.

Bofill Escobar Silva partners’ professional experience is not limited to representing private interests. It also includes designing and implementing public policies and key legislation, serving in high-ranked positions in the national government, and being professors at the best Chilean law schools.

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