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Labour and employment Tier 2

Mannrich e Vasconcelos Advogados has a well-respected employment practice, which fields a team of highly experienced lawyers. A leading practitioner in the firm, Nelson Mannrich is well versed in negotiations with labour unions, strike management, remuneration policies, collective and individual dismissals, and outsourcing policies. Other key team members include Celso Goulart Mannrich, Roberto Aguirre Rossetti and Fábio Tadeu de Lima, who are all active in litigation. 2020 saw the firm defending clients against high-profile civil public actions relating to, among other things, illegal outsourcing and health and safety. Senior associate Alessandra Barichello Boskovic is singled out for praise by clients.

Practice head(s):

Nelson Mannrich; Celso Goulart Mannrich; Fabio Tadeu de Lima; Roberto Aguirre Rossetti


‘The firm has an experienced team with high technical capacity, able to meet the most varied labour demands with engagement and strategic planning.’

‘They are specialists in Labour Law in Brazil. They have deepened their knowledge of our business, being able to propose solutions consistent with our need. We have gained cause in all cases defended by them.’

‘A senior team with a high commitment to the result.’

‘Nelson Mannrich is the master of masters.’

‘Celso Mannrich is very available and involved in the projects.’

‘Alessandra Barichello Boskovic is an excellent lawyer, super skilled in Labour Law and always attentive to details.’

Tax advisory Tier 5

Leading companies and trade associations in the healthcare, chemicals, agribusiness and mining industries regularly seek Mannrich e Vasconcelos Advogados' advice in contentious and non-contentious tax matters. The firm has recently been involved in several leading cases before the Supreme Federal Court concerning social security contributions. Breno Ferreira Martins Vasconcelos is a respected academic and lawyer. Thais Veiga Shingai has also established a good reputation in this area.

Practice head(s):

Breno Ferreira Martins Vasconcelos; Thais Veiga Shingai


‘The tax and social security team is extremely skilled, lawyers seek to know the client and offer the best services according to each sector, seeking customised solutions and not only offering ready-made theses.’

‘Breno Vasconcelos: excellent lawyer, very prepared and always tries to understand the client and the problem.’

The office is distinguished by the richness of the analysis. They do not only take into account the legal aspect, but also the practical usefulness of counseling, always accompanying their assessments with documentation and risk mitigation. These are very rich and complete opinions.’

Breno Vasconcelos: He always follows the team closely, not delegating issues without close supervision. He is always present, sending messages about topics that were designed for his clients.

In my opinion, Breno Vasconcelos is the best tax specialist of his generation; incredible technical knowledge, creative and effective solutions, speed, availability, in short, he has everything that a demanding client expects. As if the qualities of the main partner in the area were not enough, the firm managed to assemble a team of “star players”, Thais Shingai, Maria Raphaela Dadona and Carla Mendes Novo. All combine the necessary characteristics to ensure the best possible result for their clients.’

Breno Vasconcelos, Thais Veiga, Maria Raphaela Matthiesen, Carla Novo, Letícia Sugahara and Josy Almeida. For me, they stand out for the following reasons: (i) high technical knowledge, (ii) academic works published in the relevant press and (iii) excellent service to our company. Therefore, we trust a lot in the work carried out by these professionals.’

Key clients

Confederação Nacional da Saúde (CNSaúde)

Associação Brasileira de Advocacia Tributária (Abat)

Mannrich e Vasconcelos Advogados is a Brazilian law firm highly recognized for its practice in labor and employment law, tax, corporate, contracts, media and internet, corporate governance and compliance and dispute resolution areas. The firm’s attorneys have deep knowledge and wide experience in several industries, especially in civil construction, infrastructure, steel, chemical and food industries, energy, mining, agribusiness, healthcare, international trade, broadcasters, communicators, TMT and logistics. As a result of the experience acquired by its partners at well-known Brazilian and international law firms and law schools, the firm also represents and advises clients in the structuring and implementation of foreign investments and deals in Brazil. The firm has offices in the states of Sao Paulo and Minas Gerais, covering the entire Brazilian territory.

Practice areas
Labor and employment: Structuring of profit-sharing and variable compensation programs; due diligence and strategies to prevent and reduce labor liabilities; negotiations with unions and class agencies, intermediation in collective negotiations and during investigation procedures; assistance in labor health and safety issues; representation of clients in judicial or administrative proceedings and in labor-related mediations.

Tax: Representation of clients in judicial and administrative proceedings; structuring and review of compensation plans and benefits (profits sharing plans, stock option plans, retainer fee); tax planning and consulting; participation in leading cases in higher courts and presentation of oral arguments; review of tax procedures and ancillary obligations; draft consultations to the tax authorities in specific cases of uncertainty as to the interpretation of a given tax rule; application for special tax regimes and tax benefits; legal assistance in obtaining certificates of good standing in an efficient and timely manner.

Corporate: Corporate restructuring operations, sale of assets; investment in emerging and consolidated companies; corporate documents and governance models; due diligence processes; commercial and civil contracts in general.

Dispute resolution: Representation of clients in judicial and administrative proceedings, settlement negotiations, and alternative dispute resolution methods; review of business practices and client’s potential or incurred liabilities aiming at reducing contingencies; credit renegotiation and recovery; due diligence to identify possible challenges and liabilities; assistance in motions for validation of foreign decisions and arbitral awards.

Media and internet: Guarantees clients their right of free speech, the right to obtain and spread information; Mastering the rules and dynamics of the CONAR – National Council of Self-Regulated Advertising; representation of communication groups, entities that represent trade, advertisers, agencies, the representatives of the internet ecosystem and media in the defense of freedom of expression in civil society, government and, above all, before the Judicial Branch. Assists in issues that involves all communication media, including the internet, out-of-home media, video games and applications; address the numerous aspects of the business, especially those issues connected with the right to inform.

Corporate governance and compliance: Assist companies to embrace all the necessary issues in their power structure, such as dealing with general meetings, boards, directorates, and deal with contemporary corporate themes likewise gender equity, wage inequality, social inclusion in companies, retribution from the company to society and respect for the environment; analyse the best measures that can be established in the company, by knowing every clients’ business, culture and operating mode. Prevent/avoid conflicts that can arise out of the relationship between owners and also between owners and agents; ensure transparency, accountability, compliance and equity, in the company. Investigation and recommending measures regarding compliance.

Department Name Email Telephone
Labor and employment Celso Goulart Mannrich +55 11 3737-7777
Tax Breno Ferreira Martins Vasconcelos +55 11 3737-7777
Labor and employment Nelson Mannrich +55 11 3737-7777
Dispute resolution / Media and internet /Corporate governance and compliance Marco Antonio da Costa Sabino +55 11 3737-7777
Labor and employment Roberto Aguirre Rossetti +55 11 3737-7777
Labor and employment Fabio Tadeu de Lima +55 11 3737-7777
Tax Thais Veiga Shingai +55 11 3737-7777
Photo Name Position Profile
 Roberto Aguirre Rossetti  photo Roberto Aguirre Rossetti Partner
 Barichello Boskovic Alessandra  photo Barichello Boskovic Alessandra Partner
 Marco Antonio da Costa Sabino  photo Marco Antonio da Costa Sabino Partner
 Pedro Beltran de Oliveira  photo Pedro Beltran de Oliveira Partner
 Tiago Cirilo de Queiroz  photo Tiago Cirilo de Queiroz Partner
 Mirella Costa Macedo Ferraz  photo Mirella Costa Macedo Ferraz Partner
 Maria Raphaela Dadona Mathiesen  photo Maria Raphaela Dadona Mathiesen Partner
 João Victor Emile Andrade Safieh  photo João Victor Emile Andrade Safieh Partner
 Breno Ferreira Martins Vasconcelos  photo Breno Ferreira Martins Vasconcelos Partner
 Bruno Galiotto  photo Bruno Galiotto Partner
 Celso Goulart Mannrich  photo Celso Goulart Mannrich Partner
 Wellington Roberto Leite Fonseca  photo Wellington Roberto Leite Fonseca Partner
 Nelson Mannrich photo Nelson Mannrich Partner
 Carla Mendes Novo  photo Carla Mendes Novo Partner
 Natália Molina  photo Natália Molina Partner
 Giovanna Nony Failache da Silva  photo Giovanna Nony Failache da Silva Partner
 Keoma Oliveira Amorim  photo Keoma Oliveira Amorim Partner
 Thiago Pereira Braga de Morais  photo Thiago Pereira Braga de Morais Partner
 Alessandra Roberta Tavollassi  photo Alessandra Roberta Tavollassi Partner
 Letícia Rodrigues Sugahara  photo Letícia Rodrigues Sugahara Partner
 Ricardo Sant’Ana Ramalho Ribeiro  photo Ricardo Sant’Ana Ramalho Ribeiro Partner
 Juliana Schewinsky  photo Juliana Schewinsky Partner
 Caio Cezar Soares Malpighi  photo Caio Cezar Soares Malpighi Partner
 Maria Fernanda Tannus Astolphi  photo Maria Fernanda Tannus Astolphi Partner
 Thais Veiga Shingai  photo Thais Veiga Shingai Partner
 Alice Vieira Zambianco  photo Alice Vieira Zambianco Partner
 Fábio Tadeu de Lima  photo Fábio Tadeu de Lima Partner
 Josy de Oliveira Almeida  photo Josy de Oliveira Almeida Partner
 Carolina de Santana Neves  photo Carolina de Santana Neves Partner
 Mylla Crystina do Nascimento Ferreira Souza  photo Mylla Crystina do Nascimento Ferreira Souza Partner