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Brazil > Labour and employment Tier 2

Demonstrating strength in the entire spectrum of labour matters, Mannrich e Vasconcelos Advogados is equipped to represent domestic and international companies in sensitive and high-value labour litigation, including public civil actions and individual claims. Negotiations with labour unions and collective bargaining agreements are other notable areas of practice for the firm, whose diverse client roster operates in a broad range of sectors, including health, insurance, retail, media and manufacturing. Nelson Mannrich stands out for his experience in trade unions-related matters, while Celso Goulart Mannrich takes the lead in labour litigation. Fábio Tadeu de Lima focuses on individual and collective labour disputes, and the ‘always available and knowledgeableRoberto Aguirre Rossetti is well versed in labour consultancy mandates. Other key individuals include Alessandra Barichello Boskovic, Carolina de Santana Neves and Maria Fernanda Tannus Astolphi, all of whom are skilled in judicial and administrative proceedings.

Practice head(s):

Nelson Mannrich; Celso Goulart Mannrich; Fabio Tadeu de Lima; Roberto Aguirre Rossetti


‘Attentive, prepared and well-trained lawyers.’

‘Carolina de Santana Neves is a great lawyer; she is always willing to help us.’

‘Broad availability and knowledge of the subject.’

‘Roberto Rossetti is a professional who is always available and knowledgeable of the issues we face.’

‘The firm has a technical quality and client service incomparable to others.’

Work highlights

Tax > Tax advisory Tier 5

The highly rated team at Mannrich e Vasconcelos Advogados is commended for its ability to combine ‘the technical excellence of legal advocacy with the academic rigour of research'. Contentious matters are a key strength for the group, which regularly appears before municipal, state and federal courts. Co-head Breno Ferreira Martins Vasconcelos is singled out for his 'keen strategic vision’ and 'extensive experience' in the healthcare, chemicals, agribusiness and payment services sectors. Fellow co-leader Thais Romero Veiga Shingai is particularly known for her advice to healthcare clients. Associate Maria Raphaela Dadona Matthiesen is praised for her ‘differentiated critical analysis and advice’ on tax litigation, including proceedings before the Brazilian Supreme Court.

Practice head(s):

Breno Ferreira Martins Vasconcelos; Thais Romero Veiga Shingai


‘M&V offers work of unique quality as it combines the technical excellence of legal advocacy with the academic rigour of research, comparisons and data analysis. It is a unique service in the legal market that adds value to the final product.’

‘Breno Vasconcelos has extensive experience and a keen strategic vision. I also need to highlight Maria Raphaela, who is a young lawyer with very differentiated critical analysis and advice.’

‘The firm manages to combine in-depth technical knowledge and a corporate vision of the issue without leaving aside an academic perspective – they are always very up-to-date on the most recent discussions and current litigation issues.’

‘Breno combines technical tax knowledge with extensive practice in the tax area, always aiming for the most efficient approach. His academic involvement is also noteworthy, as he participates in relevant research and projects on the ongoing tax reform in Brazil, issues related to tax litigation, cooperative compliance and the tax environment – all very current and important topics.’

Key clients

Instituto Sou da Paz

Associação Brasileira de Advocacia Tributária (Abat)

Work highlights

  • Representing Instituto Sou da Paz in a case in the Supreme Court involving the reduction of the customs duty on the import of fire arms.
  • Representing Abat in a dispute before the Administrative Court of Tax Appeals (CARF).
  • Represented Abat in a case in the Supreme Court concerning the defence of the constitutionality of a federal law linked to the criminal prosecution of tax crimes.

Mannrich e Vasconcelos Advogados is a Brazilian law firm highly recognised for its practice in tax, labour and employment law, media and internet and dispute resolution areas. The firm’s attorneys have deep knowledge and wide experience in several industries, especially in civil construction, infrastructure, steel, chemical and food industries, energy, mining, agribusiness, healthcare, international trade, broadcasters, communicators, TMT and logistics. As a result of the experience acquired by its partners at well-known Brazilian and international law firms and law schools, the firm also represents and advises clients in the structuring and implementation of foreign investments and deals in Brazil. The firm has offices in the states of São Paulo, Brasília and Minas Gerais, covering the entire Brazilian territory.

Practice areas
Labour and employment: Structuring of profit-sharing and variable compensation programs; due diligences and strategies to prevent and reduce labour liabilities; negotiations with unions and class agencies, intermediation in collective negotiations and during investigation procedures; assistance in labour health and safety issues; representation of clients in judicial and administrative proceedings, and in labour-related mediations.

Tax: Representation of clients in judicial and administrative proceedings; structuring and review of compensation plans and benefits (profits sharing plans, stock option plans, retainer fee); tax planning and consulting; participation in leading cases in higher courts and presentation of oral arguments; review of tax procedures and ancillary obligations; draft consultations to the tax authorities in specific cases of uncertainty as to the interpretation of a given tax rule; application for special tax regimes and tax benefits; legal assistance in obtaining certificates of good standing in an efficient and timely manner.

Dispute resolution: Representation of clients in judicial and administrative proceedings, settlement negotiations, and alternative dispute resolution methods; review of business practices and client’s potential or incurred liabilities aiming at reducing contingencies; credit renegotiation and recovery; due diligence to identify possible challenges and liabilities; assistance in motions for validation of foreign decisions and arbitral awards.

Media and internet: Guarantees clients their right of free speech, the right to obtain and spread information; Mastering the rules and dynamics of the CONAR – National Council of Self-Regulated Advertising; representation of communication groups, entities that represent trade, advertisers, agencies, the representatives of the internet ecosystem and media in the defence of freedom of expression in civil society, government and, above all, before the Judicial Branch. Assists in issues that involves all communication media, including the internet, out-of-home media, video games and applications; address the numerous aspects of the business, especially those issues connected with the right to inform.

Department Name Email Telephone
Labour and employment Celso Goulart Mannrich +55 11 3737-7777
Tax Breno Ferreira Martins Vasconcelos +55 11 3737-7777
Labour and employment Nelson Mannrich +55 11 3737-7777
Dispute resolution / Media and internet /Corporate governance and compliance Marco Antonio da Costa Sabino +55 11 3737-7777
Labour and employment Roberto Aguirre Rossetti +55 11 3737-7777
Labour and employment Fabio Tadeu de Lima +55 11 3737-7777
Tax Thais Veiga Shingai +55 11 3737-7777
Labour and employment Alessandra Barichello Boskovic +55 11 3737-7777
Tax Nina Pencak +55 11 3737-7777
Photo Name Position Profile
Luiza Aguiari Menna photo Luiza Aguiari Menna Partner
Roberto Aguirre Rossetti photo Roberto Aguirre Rossetti Partner
Alessandra Barichello Boskovic photo Alessandra Barichello Boskovic Partner
Gustavo Brentzel Askinis photo Gustavo Brentzel Askinis Partner
Beatriz Carvalhal Moura Ghilardi photo Beatriz Carvalhal Moura Ghilardi Partner
Maria Raphaela Dadona Mathiesen photo Maria Raphaela Dadona Mathiesen Partner
João Victor Emile Andrade Safieh photo João Victor Emile Andrade Safieh Partner
Breno Ferreira Martins Vasconcelos photo Breno Ferreira Martins Vasconcelos Partner
Daniel Franco Clarke photo Daniel Franco Clarke Partner
Bruno Galiotto photo Bruno Galiotto Partner
Guilherme Gasbarro Loureiro photo Guilherme Gasbarro Loureiro Partner
Victor Gasparoto Mallofré Segarra photo Victor Gasparoto Mallofré Segarra Partner
Celso Goulart Mannrich photo Celso Goulart Mannrich Partner
Gabriela Jurema Nardy photo Gabriela Jurema Nardy Partner
Nelson Mannrich photo Nelson Mannrich Partner
Carla Mendes Novo photo Carla Mendes Novo Partner
Ariane Morais dos Santos photo Ariane Morais dos Santos Partner
Keoma Oliveira Amorim photo Keoma Oliveira Amorim Partner
Marina  Resende Muniz photo Marina Resende Muniz Partner
Thais Romero Veiga Shingai photo Thais Romero Veiga Shingai Partner
Maria Eduarda Russo Migliorini photo Maria Eduarda Russo Migliorini Partner
Ricardo Sant'Ana Ramalho Ribeiro photo Ricardo Sant'Ana Ramalho Ribeiro Partner
Elisa Saraiva Pacheco e Silva photo Elisa Saraiva Pacheco e Silva Lawyer
Felipe Tabet Oller do Nascimento photo Felipe Tabet Oller do Nascimento Partner
Maria Fernanda Tannus Astolphi photo Maria Fernanda Tannus Astolphi Partner
Valentina Xavier Soares Echeverrigaray photo Valentina Xavier Soares Echeverrigaray Partner
Marco Antonio da Costa Sabino photo Marco Antonio da Costa Sabino Partner
Camila  de Barros Monteiro  photo Camila de Barros Monteiro Partner
Fabio Tadeu de Lima photo Fabio Tadeu de Lima Partner
Carlos Henrique  de Oliveira photo Carlos Henrique de Oliveira Partner
Josy de Oliveira Almeida photo Josy de Oliveira Almeida Partner
Carolina de Santana Neves photo Carolina de Santana Neves Partner