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1ºA CABA - C1186 ADC

Labour and employment Tier 3

The ‘excellent team’ at MBB Balado Bevilacqua Abogados is distinguished by its ‘listening ability’ and ‘personalised client service’. The group is a popular choice for foreign clients looking for local labour and employment advice and brings to bear expertise in both consultancy matters and litigation. Firm founder Mercedes Balado Bevilacqua, who has strong experience in cross-border labour, social security and human resources matters, co-heads the group alongside Analía Durán.


At MBB, the four lawyers we dealt with all knew the details of our case perfectly. Another stand-out feature is their excellent, personalised client service, as well as their anticipation and explanation of all the steps in the process.’

They have perfect knowledge of the law and the precedents, and present different opinions in a case. They simplify the process by explaining the safest and easiest path to take. They set out different options and the possible financial impact.’

‘An excellent team with good communication and follow-up on cases. They are always available and friendly.

In the local context, our office is small, so we do not have internal attorneys. The MBB team has stood out since the beginning of our relationship for the speed of their responses, for the exhaustive detail of the reports and memoranda, for the constant accompaniment in taking the best decision for the company.’

Even in the current crisis caused by Covid-19, they keep constant track of all possible scenarios in a constantly changing framework. Definitely, it compares favourably with other teams with which we have worked.’

We highlight the team’s listening ability, dedication, comprehensiveness in reports, knowledge to bring closer the understanding of the differences in the legal and cultural contexts of Argentina and the US and quick responses.’

Mercedes Balado Bevilacqua, Analía Durán, Cecilia Acosta and Silvina Sesarego are outstanding lawyers.’

Key clients


CBRE Argentina

UPM Raflatac / UPM Kymmenne

IPG Mediabrands

TCT Mobile

Moody’s Corporation / Moody’s Latin America Agente de Calificación de Riesgo

Artsana / Artsana Argentina

Institute For Study Abroad (IFSA)

Michael Page International Argentina / Page Personnel Argentina Servicios Eventuales

Allergan Productos Farmacéuticos

MBB Balado Bevilacqua Abogados is a boutique firm leading on labor and employment matters founded by Mercedes Balado Bevilacqua in November 2012.

We counsel and represent local and international clients, as well as assist international law firms with their matters in Argentina. The firm is recognized for its expertise in complex local and cross-border employment law matters, and has recently expanded its practice to include counseling in corporate, trade, contractual and tax matters, thereby providing comprehensive legal services to minimize clients’ legal risks and liability exposure and help them thrive during challenging times across Latin America legal and socio political complex scenario.

Our firm daily assists clients with designing cutting-edge policies and practices to comply with their legal obligations and enhance workforce management.  From matters relating to health and safety, social security, compensation and benefits, family and medical leaves, hiring and terminations, litigation and settlements, restructuring due to M&As, collective dismissals, collective bargaining agreements, to a myriad of other employment issues. The firm is specially focused in developing successful strategies to prevent harassment and discrimination at workplace and to promote positive interaction in multicultural payroll, gender equality, diversity and inclusion. We also provide clients with specialized and uniquely-tailored counseling and representation to optimize the workplace, keep pace with the current market needs, and protect foreign investments, based on the client’s industry and specific niche.

MBB Balado Bevilacqua Abogados also regularly forms non-exclusive alliances with international law firms across the globe (including the U.S., Canada, Mexico, France, Germany, England, Spain, Denmark, Japan, China, Peru, Brazil, Colombia and other countries in Latin America and Asia) to maximize the benefits and minimize the risks of clients with multinational operations, regardless of the location.

Our main goal is to keep on growing, both, in the national and cross-border legal markets, as well as expanding our areas of knowledge.

Currently, we provide our clients legal counseling within the following industrial sectors, and those are our main target markets:

  • Commercial & Professional Services;
  • Construction & Materials;
  • Consumer Product Manufacturing;
  • Education;
  • Financial Services;
  • Health Care;
  • Industrial Engineering;
  • Insurance;
  • Media;
  • Mining & Metals;
  • Pharmaceuticals & Life Sciences;
  • Private Clients / Individuals;
  • Real Estate & Real Estate Finance;
  • Retail;
  • Software & Computer Services;
  • Technology, Hardware & Electronics;
  • Telecommunications; and
  • Transportation, among others.

The firm’s main characteristic is that we make sure that all of our clients, locals and foreign based, receive a solid, quick and accurate advice. To that end, we analyse in particular the following: i) the client’s business and goals; ii) the foreign law, practices and customs (when applicable); iii) how to make the client’s goals and practices work within Argentine local regulations; iv) and support the client along the process.

In view of the above, we are experts in handling a variety of complex local and cross border legal matters and recognized for our expertise in providing preventive counseling aimed at minimizing clients’ exposure and contingencies, considering our client’s particular needs, and based on our experience in complex local and overseas law matters in employment, corporate, commercial, contractual and tax issues.

Department Name Email Telephone
Union Matters: union conflicts and negotiations to settle framing of employees under a given Collective Bargaining Agreement ("CBA")
Representation of companies before Labour Courts and Administrative authorities, definition of defense strategy, reply to complaints and carry on evidence period
Reply to daily human resources and labour queries. General advice on employment, labour and human resources and corporate matters, including draft of legal notifications, employment agreements, and termination of employees and/or independent contractors
Cross Border and expatriate and migratory matters and non-compete restrictive covenants for top employees
Compensation and Benefits
Corporate and Commercial Matters
Due Diligence
Photo Name Position Profile
 Cecilia Acosta  photo Cecilia Acosta Senior Associate.
 Angel Balado  photo Angel Balado Off-Counsel.
 Mercedes Balado Bevilacqua photo Mercedes Balado Bevilacqua Founding and Managing partner
 Esteban Cattaneo photo Esteban Cattaneo Partner.
 Analía Durán photo Analía Durán Partner.
 Nicolás Scalone  photo Nicolás Scalone Off-Counsel.
 Silvina Sesarego  photo Silvina Sesarego Partner.
 Edgardo  Turner  photo Edgardo  Turner Off-Counsel.
English (fluent)
ABA (American Bar Association)
IBA (International Bar Association)
French Chamber of Commerce