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FBL Advogados advises on corporate, real estate and private investment law and is also noted for its strength in dispute resolution. It has a close relationship with leading Portuguese firm Abreu Advogados.

Faria de Bastos, Lopes & Associados – Sociedades de Advogados, RL, or simply FBL Advogados, emerged in 2004 as a result of the merger of three offices where experienced and reputable lawyers already pontificate.

Currently, FBL Advogados has a team of approximately 30 lawyers, of which 9 are partners, and has a technical, administrative and auxiliary staff of about 15 people.

History: In 2004, some of the current partners of FBL Advogados decided to merge their offices giving rise to the first law firm in Angola with a way of being in the law and a method of working in everything similar to modern European or American law firms.

On May 1, 2019, FBL Advogados celebrated 15 years of existence, of which its lawyers are very proud, not only for the quality of the services that FBL provides, which are provided with rigor, independence and competence, but mainly due to the fact that FBL Advogados today represents one of the most prestigious and referenced law firms in Angola.

FBL Advogados is totally committed to its clients, constantly looking for ways to provide them with a quality service and an international standard, which is only possible if high levels of technical competence and excellent performance are maintained.

Culture: The culture of FBL Advogados is based on an excellent work environment, in which each of its professionals finds space to perform personally and professionally.

We believe that, above all, these are people, and, therefore, we seek that the objectives of FBL Advogados meet the expectations of its employees. For this reason, we foster a culture of merit, responsibility and commitment of our professionals to work as a team.

With the objective of providing our clients with excellent legal services, we invest in the continuous and specialized training of our lawyers, in Angola, Portugal, South Africa and other countries, through postgraduate courses, LLM and masters funded or attended by the firm. . Thus, we ensure that our lawyers find innovative, creative and up-to-date solutions that respond to the concrete problems of our clients.

We are committed to making our office management more modern and professional, providing FBL Advogados with the most modern information technologies, which allow us to improve the quality of our services.

Aware of its social responsibility, FBL Advogados has a pro bono policy, being an active participant in the community in which it is located and promoting initiatives to assist non-governmental organizations and individuals.

Organization: FBL Advogados is currently structured according to the activity developed by its lawyers, with each practice area (PA) being coordinated and sub-coordinated by a partner lawyer.

Currently existing PAs are as follows:

  • Corporate, real estate and private investment law
  • Financial and banking law
  • Civil and commercial and civil law
  • Collection litigation
  • Criminal litigation
  • Administrative and tax litigation
  • Labor
  • Natural resources law

Each lawyer integrates one or more AP’s, depending on their professional practice and academic specializations, without prejudice to the needs, working groups with a more specialized aspect are created.

From an organizational point of view, FBL Advogados has a board of directors, composed of three members, all executive, whose functions are distributed according to the following areas:

  • Finance and audit;
  • Human resources and administration;
  • Marketing and telecom.

Values: The practice of law at FBL Advogados is guided by a strict ethical code, based on the independence of its lawyers and the refusal of any kind of commitment or commitment of a political, economic, religious or other nature.

We stand out for the rigor of conduct and the quality of the services provided by our lawyers. We always try to apprehend the questions asked by our customers in all their dimensions, in order to find solutions that, in fact, bring them added value.

Our office favors personal relationships with clients and a sponsorship that does not end with the mere provision of technical and legal services, seeking to provide the client with global advice that takes into account a multidisciplinary approach to the questions put to us.

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Mr Rui Alves Machado  photo Mr Rui Alves Machado
Mr Victor Ceita  photo Mr Victor Ceita
Mr Fernando Faria de Bastos photo Mr Fernando Faria de Bastos
Ms Berta Grilo  photo Ms Berta Grilo
Ms Paulette Lopes photo Ms Paulette Lopes
Ms Guiomar Lopes  photo Ms Guiomar Lopes
Ms Neuza Melao Dias  photo Ms Neuza Melao Dias
Ms Tatiana Serrão photo Ms Tatiana Serrão